50 reasons Pakistan needs Musharraf

Published: October 9, 2010

The General is poised to return

Prime Minister Gilani said at the National Assembly session to leave former president Pervez Musharraf to himself and let him exercise his right to a political career in Pakistan. President Zardari said that if Musharraf wants to return, he will have to cross the same bumpy road as him to get to the presidency or premiership. Nawaz Sharif, Chaudhry Shujaat and the remaining politicians, including religious parties, want him tried for treason, Dr Aafia’s case and introducing extremism in the country.

Since the launch of his party on October 1, Musharraf has been on a political offensive. He has talked about the deal with Nawaz Sharif and Benazir Bhutto. He has also reportedly accepted that the military trained jihadis to force India to the discussion table to resolve the Kashmir issue – a statement which he has now backtracked from.

His opinions and speeches have led most of his opponents to start wondering what he’s been smoking!

However, these are just some of the achievements of the man when he was in and out of uniform.

1.       Nine world class engineering universities were developed and 18 public universities further developed.

2.       Pakistan was ranked third in world banking profitability.

3.       The IT industry was valued at around $2 billion, including $1 billion in exports and employed around 90,000 professionals.

4.       The CNG sector attracted over $70 billion in investment in the past five years and created 45,000 jobs.

5.       The telecommunications sector attracted around $10 billion in investments and created over 1.3 million jobs.

6.       Industrial parks were set up throughout the country for the first time.

7.       Mega projects such as the Saindak, Rekodiq, marble production, coal production, mining and quarrying were pursued.

8.       Foreign reserves increased from $700 million to $17 billion.

9.       The Karachi stock market went from 700 points to 15,000 points.

10.   The literacy rate improved by 11 per cent.

11.   Poverty decreased by 10 per cent.

12.   Four dams were built: Mirani, Subakzai, Gomalzam, Khurram, and Tangi,

13.   Seven motorways were completed or were under construction,

14.   Gwadar, an advanced sea port, was developed,

15.   650 kilometres of coastal highways were constructed.

16.   A historic 100% increase in tax collection (amounting to Rs1 trillion) was observed.

17.   Large scale manufacturing was at a 30-year high, and construction at a 17-year high.

18.   Copper and gold deposits were found in Chagai, worth about $600 million annually if sold.

19.   A new oil refinery with the UAE that could process 300,000 oil barrels a day was established.

20.   The industrial sector registered 26 per cent growth.

21.   The economy was the third fastest growing economy after China and India .

22.   The Institute of Space Technology was established.

23.   Sardar Bahadur Khan Women University Quetta was established.

24.   The University of Science and Technology, Bannu, was established.

25.   The University of Hazara was founded.

26.   The Malakand University in Chakdara was established.

27.   The University of Gujrat was established

28.   The Virtual University of Pakistan was established

29.   Sarhad University of IT in Peshawar was established

30.   The National Law University in Islamabad was established

31.   The Media University in Islamabad was established

32.   University of Education  in Lahore was established

33.   Lasbela University of Marine Sciences, Baluchistan, was established

34.   Baluchistan University of IT & Management, Quetta (2002)

35.   The Pakistan economy was worth $ 160 billion in 2007

36.   GDP Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) was $ 475.5 billion in 2007

37.   The GDP per Capita in 2007 was $ 1000

38.   Revenue collection in 2007/08 was Rs1.002 billion

39.   Exports in 2007were worth $18.5 billion

40.   Textile exports in 2007 were worth  $11.2 billion

41.   Foreign direct investment in 2007 was $8.5 billion

42.   Debt servicing in 2007 was 26 per cent of the GDP

43.   The poverty level in 2007 was 24 per cent

44.   The literacy rate in 2007 was 53 per cent

45.    Pakistan development programs in 2007 were valued at Rs520 billion

46.   The Karachi stock exchange in 2007 was $70 billion at 15,000 points

47.    Exports in 2007: $18.5 billion

48.   Pakistan now has a total of 245,682 educational institutions in all categories, including 164,579 in the public sector and 81,103 in the private sector, according to the National Education Census (NEC-2005).

49.   There are now more than 5,000 Pakistanis doing PhDs in foreign countries on scholarship. 300 Pakistanis receive PhD degrees every year, in 1999, the number was just 20.

50.   In total, 99,319 educational institutions increased in Musharraf’s era!

This was some of the good Musharraf delivered to Pakistan during his martially-democratic rule from 1999 to 2008. Strange how quickly we forget his foreign policy efforts, which helped elevate the image of Pakistan globally added acceptance value to our green passports. Even the Indians next door were ready to discuss Kashmir for a solution and praised the man for his sincerity, honesty and amicable handling of the issues.

Of course, he has the right to tell his opponents, “tameez say baat karo, warna munh toor jawab millayga” and it is true that most of them are keeping quiet since he said this in a recent  interview with Express TV.

I feel he knows more than what he has already said so far, and may explode if not “handled with caution”. This goes for all the politicians cum armed forces of Pakistan. Hence, be careful everyone, the General is coming back as a civilian!


Syed Ali Raza Abidi

A businessman who writes on politics and civic issues. He completed his masters in business administration from Boston University. He tweets @abidifactor.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • YLH

    Ridiculous article about a tinpot dictator. Recommend

  • iqbal baig

    I can say Musharaff is loyal and patriotic to Pakistan,he was always loyal and patriotic to Pakistan, did not robbed Pakistan like others.I think a common man was more comfortable and felt secured,I fully support Musharaff.Recommend

  • Ahsan

    Is it just me or has this just become the longest comment thread at Express tribune???Recommend

  • N b

    Pakistan does not trash like that. The man simply ruined our country and then left it in the hands of a daku. He sold his people to FBI for money and alloewed USA do drone attacks on his own people. As if all this was not enough when he left took all state gifts as his own. He is a low life who needs to be tried for his criminal acts and hung.Recommend


    HOW SAD?

  • zeeshan

    well i read the comments all of my fellows and brothers,what i conclude is that:

    I am a very Common Man of Pakistani Nation and i was unepmloyed even after having the degree in Engineering i got the job in Musharaf Tenure i started my own business in musharaf tenure.I really do not understand the stats and all of these economic datas, what i understand is that being a common man i get the prosperity in Musharaf Government.if Pakistan gets the foreign investment or AID in Musharaf Tenure then i would like to say that Musharaf is Lucky for Pakistan.So why dnt we given him a chance again,even i knew personally many people which are studying aborad on the scholarship and doing their Phd,

    No Doubt He is good Recommend

  • syed Ali Hashmi

    inshallah Musharrf will be the next primeminsterRecommend

  • Ali Zaidi

    Turning a blind eye to the injustices and tyranny our people have faced, for economic gains, no matter how small or big, will only seal our fate among the damned in history.

    Musharraf may have done some good things for the prosperity of the country, but that he was a corrupt puppet playing at the hands of his ruthless masters, ready to kill for them and bailed out by them, should be a forbidding enough reason not to let him back in.

    You wouldn’t re-employ someone who kills some of your children, makes some of them very rich, educates a few and robs the rest blind, as a servant at your house. Why make him your national leader?Recommend


    Good Work!!!!
    Syed Ali Raza Abidi
    musharraf came once for 9 years
    while present corrrrupt govt,came many and many times ,they every time promote corruption
    today inflation is very high,
    Robert orben quotes;;;
    Inflation is bringing us true democracy for the first time in history,luxuries and necessities are selling at same price

    dobt-e ko tnk-e ka sahara,Allah k bbaaad wo sahara PAKISTAN ARMY HI dety hae,
    PAK FOJ ZINDA BAD………………Recommend



  • ali rehman
  • Muhammad Sarfraz Abbasi

    The current rulers and opposition should dare to bring him under the law and punish him for the hundred reasons…Recommend

  • manzoor Ahmad

    If you just want your homeland’s prosperity, then try the same formula which succeeded earlier. We had PPP three times and every time it was the same. No growth of economy, shortages, hyperinflation and nepotism. Nawaz Sharif may have been slightly better but again no prosperity as his priorities were not right. He believed in grand schemes but nothing for the welfare of masses. So far only Musharraf had the best track record. We need to give him another chance.Recommend

  • Naseem

    Wel dear a nice research but just tel me if US president take over pakistan and lead it to Progress, can we accept his rule?
    If Indian Prime Minister take over Pakistan and take Pakistan to the Heights of Progress can we accept him as ruler only because of progress?

    The answer may be ” NO ” , beacuse there will be no leagality and justification of illigitimate rulers.

    Musharaf was only a 22 grade Govt servant and has no right to take over the Govt of Pakistan as President, he was illigitimate so he cannot be accepted,

    But now he is civillina nad has the right to take part in politics and can became president.

    So simple, progress is something else and the to be ligitimate is another thing.Recommend

  • ahmed

    musharaf is history.. he is nothing without his uniform just like all the military dictators. in my opinion mush should be prosecuted for his 2 military coups and the damage they caused to pakistan.

    Also i think pakistanis should say no to all the people who live outside in exile and hope to return one day to rule.. vote for those whose interests lie in this county and who will rise and fall with itRecommend

  • Ahsan

    gr8 article… keep it up.. keep it rollinRecommend

  • Sameer baloch

    I Love you MR.MUSHARRAF and i solute you SIR MUSHARRAF.
    We want you back sir musharraf plz come back sooner plz and save PAKISTAN.
    And the most important thing is that i am one of your’s party member.Recommend

  • Hassan Kamran

    @Syed Nadir El-Edroos: The gold and copper deposits were found because he approved exploration for themRecommend

  • http://natashasuleman.wordpress.com Natasha Suleman

    Ill give you ONE why we do NOT need him.

    He’s lost it.

    Thank you.Recommend

  • Muhammad Abass

    we pakistanis as nation have very short memory as well very short sighted. We are appreciating a person who started his crimes by de-railing the country with martial law.

    This story of reasons to bring back musharaff”s rules in the country. we all know that if the foundations are based on lie that do not stand long. The 1 reason mention in this article is the biggest lie , which says 9 engineering universities of international standard. If any one tell a a single university of international standard raised in the whole musharaf tenure.

    in other point that 17 billion dollars were in the foreign reserves but it will be very surprising that the day musharraf and his supported government left there were more the 1000 billion PKR payments were in pending just to suppport his lies.

    The crown of tenure is the disharmony among the provinces and hatred among the people, which is resuling in the killing of innocent people in karachi and in balochistan.

    More then 1000 baloch youth has been kidnaped by the diiferent law enforcement agencies to stop the agetitation against the killing of Nawab Akbar Bugti and incustody killings of baloch youth.

    That was mushraf who threatened Benazir Bhutoo and in the end she was killed in his rule.

    The increase in terrorism in the country just beacuse of his polices not beacuse of internation sitauation.

    The sacking of chief justice and dishonring.

    All the politican supported him were those who were forced to obey him as NAB has registered case against them.And intrestingly they were given the position with the size of their crupt record. Zaffrullah Jamli , Aftab Sherpaoo, Arbab Rahim, Ch Perviaz Illahi, Mulana Fazlur Rehman and Shukat Aziz.


  • Amanullah Khan

    As retired military man I was happier and proud of my countrie’s achievements during Musharraf’s time than these illiterate who have made our country a failed state.Recommend

  • Aftab

    You are right aNu. We shoud copare 1999-2007 period with 2007-2011……… very simple Salute to gr8 MusharafRecommend

  • Asif Ali

    Mr. Pervaiz Musharaf is the best among all dramatic politician’s except Mr. Imran Khan in Pakistan, as we dont deserve a good ruller being a Paksitani, so this is why we dont like him due to unawarness/lacking of knowledged, anyway Mr. Musharf is the saviour and a good person after Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, thou not more than 10 % peoples are known about Mr, ZAB but we only heard and those who have worked with of servived in his tenure say that he was the saviour on that time allas or if he exists today, but we are actually unfortunate who call or think about the Great ZAB but we can live or even think about the Great Mr. Pervaiz Musharaf, who is living with us like, and can come in Pakistan to resolve our all kind of issues, of we are true Pakistani than we have all to think for each others & for our beloved country,

    [MUSHARAF ZINDABAD !][1]Recommend