50 reasons Pakistan needs Musharraf

Published: October 9, 2010

The General is poised to return

Prime Minister Gilani said at the National Assembly session to leave former president Pervez Musharraf to himself and let him exercise his right to a political career in Pakistan. President Zardari said that if Musharraf wants to return, he will have to cross the same bumpy road as him to get to the presidency or premiership. Nawaz Sharif, Chaudhry Shujaat and the remaining politicians, including religious parties, want him tried for treason, Dr Aafia’s case and introducing extremism in the country.

Since the launch of his party on October 1, Musharraf has been on a political offensive. He has talked about the deal with Nawaz Sharif and Benazir Bhutto. He has also reportedly accepted that the military trained jihadis to force India to the discussion table to resolve the Kashmir issue – a statement which he has now backtracked from.

His opinions and speeches have led most of his opponents to start wondering what he’s been smoking!

However, these are just some of the achievements of the man when he was in and out of uniform.

1.       Nine world class engineering universities were developed and 18 public universities further developed.

2.       Pakistan was ranked third in world banking profitability.

3.       The IT industry was valued at around $2 billion, including $1 billion in exports and employed around 90,000 professionals.

4.       The CNG sector attracted over $70 billion in investment in the past five years and created 45,000 jobs.

5.       The telecommunications sector attracted around $10 billion in investments and created over 1.3 million jobs.

6.       Industrial parks were set up throughout the country for the first time.

7.       Mega projects such as the Saindak, Rekodiq, marble production, coal production, mining and quarrying were pursued.

8.       Foreign reserves increased from $700 million to $17 billion.

9.       The Karachi stock market went from 700 points to 15,000 points.

10.   The literacy rate improved by 11 per cent.

11.   Poverty decreased by 10 per cent.

12.   Four dams were built: Mirani, Subakzai, Gomalzam, Khurram, and Tangi,

13.   Seven motorways were completed or were under construction,

14.   Gwadar, an advanced sea port, was developed,

15.   650 kilometres of coastal highways were constructed.

16.   A historic 100% increase in tax collection (amounting to Rs1 trillion) was observed.

17.   Large scale manufacturing was at a 30-year high, and construction at a 17-year high.

18.   Copper and gold deposits were found in Chagai, worth about $600 million annually if sold.

19.   A new oil refinery with the UAE that could process 300,000 oil barrels a day was established.

20.   The industrial sector registered 26 per cent growth.

21.   The economy was the third fastest growing economy after China and India .

22.   The Institute of Space Technology was established.

23.   Sardar Bahadur Khan Women University Quetta was established.

24.   The University of Science and Technology, Bannu, was established.

25.   The University of Hazara was founded.

26.   The Malakand University in Chakdara was established.

27.   The University of Gujrat was established

28.   The Virtual University of Pakistan was established

29.   Sarhad University of IT in Peshawar was established

30.   The National Law University in Islamabad was established

31.   The Media University in Islamabad was established

32.   University of Education  in Lahore was established

33.   Lasbela University of Marine Sciences, Baluchistan, was established

34.   Baluchistan University of IT & Management, Quetta (2002)

35.   The Pakistan economy was worth $ 160 billion in 2007

36.   GDP Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) was $ 475.5 billion in 2007

37.   The GDP per Capita in 2007 was $ 1000

38.   Revenue collection in 2007/08 was Rs1.002 billion

39.   Exports in 2007were worth $18.5 billion

40.   Textile exports in 2007 were worth  $11.2 billion

41.   Foreign direct investment in 2007 was $8.5 billion

42.   Debt servicing in 2007 was 26 per cent of the GDP

43.   The poverty level in 2007 was 24 per cent

44.   The literacy rate in 2007 was 53 per cent

45.    Pakistan development programs in 2007 were valued at Rs520 billion

46.   The Karachi stock exchange in 2007 was $70 billion at 15,000 points

47.    Exports in 2007: $18.5 billion

48.   Pakistan now has a total of 245,682 educational institutions in all categories, including 164,579 in the public sector and 81,103 in the private sector, according to the National Education Census (NEC-2005).

49.   There are now more than 5,000 Pakistanis doing PhDs in foreign countries on scholarship. 300 Pakistanis receive PhD degrees every year, in 1999, the number was just 20.

50.   In total, 99,319 educational institutions increased in Musharraf’s era!

This was some of the good Musharraf delivered to Pakistan during his martially-democratic rule from 1999 to 2008. Strange how quickly we forget his foreign policy efforts, which helped elevate the image of Pakistan globally added acceptance value to our green passports. Even the Indians next door were ready to discuss Kashmir for a solution and praised the man for his sincerity, honesty and amicable handling of the issues.

Of course, he has the right to tell his opponents, “tameez say baat karo, warna munh toor jawab millayga” and it is true that most of them are keeping quiet since he said this in a recent  interview with Express TV.

I feel he knows more than what he has already said so far, and may explode if not “handled with caution”. This goes for all the politicians cum armed forces of Pakistan. Hence, be careful everyone, the General is coming back as a civilian!


Syed Ali Raza Abidi

A businessman who writes on politics and civic issues. He completed his masters in business administration from Boston University. He tweets @abidifactor.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • http://facebook Mirza Taymoor Baig

    I am Taymoor Mughal and i am also join Pakistan Army in future Inshallah and i did also bast for my country. But Musharaf sahab you did best some things for Pakistan but at some places you take wrong steps for Pakistan and those steps were against the solidarity of our mother land our Pakistan.or agr ab ap sache dil se apne gunaho ki mafi mang kr Pakistan k lye kuch krna chahte hen to phr sub se pehle Pakistan ka sochiye or wapis a kr hme hamara Kashmir wapis dilaiye.if you are serious for Pakistan then my wote waiting for you good luck…….Recommend

  • haseeb

    Just a question to The express tribune…. How much did Mushi pay you for that ????? :/Recommend

  • http://2discuss.wordpress.com/ Kashif Jahangiri

    Was Pakistan a better country to live in 1999 or 2008 (when Mush left)? Recommend

  • S. Akram

    One thing more i can’t see there, it is lal masjid (masjid ad darrar).he was done the great job to pushed back and Stop Terrorism.
    Solute to Musharraf.Recommend

  • Rehan

    @Ammad Hafeez:
    WORST thing happened to Pakistan is Musharraf !!! Open your eyes and see what he actually did to this nation !!! Recommend

  • Uni

    Oh please.

    If you really want to measure the worth of a leader of a sovereign (ho!) nation, how about measuring the cost of human life, which he so boldly SOLD OUT?

    Can you measure that?

    Can we equate foreign reserves (disputable, but let’s agree for the sake of argument) with killing women/children or even civilian men via white phosphorus bombs?

    I was reading an article today called “Pakistan – Politics of a Humiliated Nation” by Fahad Ansari, and the last paragraph was:
    “Pakistan has surrendered its sovereignty inch by inch, city by city, province by province. In reality, it has no say in what occurs on its territory. It is a toothless tiger which lets out the occasional roar to remind itself that it exists but all that the world hears is the whimpering of a weak and miserable pussycat.”

    And this entire downfall has its foundation in none other but Musharraf’s rule. How about measuring the loss of integrity, and equating it with the gain of PhDs in the country?Recommend

  • rifat

    sorry i dont feel even a sigle reason to see him as a leader of pakistanRecommend

  • Patriot

    Great Job Ali!!!!!!!! BRAVO!!Recommend

  • rifat

    in my view he knows to make fool and pakistan does not need him but musharraf need pakistan why they all want seat to serve nation

    Abdul Sattar Edhi is serving the nation Recommend

  • mario

    Pervez Musharraf will be back soon and Inshallah once again he will lead this country. All his critics from PMLN and PPP are now scared as they have now seen how much support he has…esp from youth.

    Pakistan First
    Pakistan Zindabad
    Pervez musharraf ZindabadRecommend

  • hadi hussain

    He was also responsible for craeting a media revolution by giving liscenses to countless new channels and FM radio stations which have indeed changed the outlook of Pakistan.
    Moreover, he gave us the slogan, “Pakistan humari jaan, sub say phelay Pakistan” to which Ahmed Jahanzeb crooned to convince us all.
    I am not in favour of dictatorship anyway but i guess good work need recognition.Recommend

  • Ahsan Sarwar

    @ Azhar Sb

    With all due respect, I really appreciate your comments. I think you should get clear your mind first. Have you ever read the defination of “LEADER”. Leader is the one who leads and if you will not consider the financial corruption of Mr. Musharraf’s cronies, you are sadly mistaken. If Shaukat Aziz, Tariq Aziz, Hamid Javeed, Ch. Pervais Ellahi, Monis Ellahi is doing wrong, all credit goes to Musharraf as well because he choose all those persons. You cant close your eyes and say…its ok..its not done by Musharraf. I can count 100s of corruptions which have been done under his noze and he kept quiet. Musharraf who was President, Chief Executive, Chief of Army Staff, Chairman Joint Staff of Committee who stoped him from bruthal accountability??? Who stopped him??? It is people like you..Now you are supporting him like we did not have any other personality in 18 Crore population. If you are talking about the Costal Highways…so I would suggest you better go and check from NHA since when it was in pipeline but since 1998 Atomic test, Pakistan was not financially strong to maintain PSDP funds. Be realistic rather than being emotional. Musharraf is the 2nd copy of General Yeyha Khan. How much do u kno about him and judging on the basis of costal Highways…thats it..for GOD SAKE..Think about PAKISTAN…Dont think that if we did not get Musharraf..we will be lost…whatever he did..let him face the music…We are the hardworking, proud PAKISTANIES..We know how to lead..and whom to follow…Musharraf is disgrace to PAKISTAN…Recommend

  • Bilal

    One should be wise enough to guage while observing the surroundings. The worst part is our politicians are just a crowd and not part of any nation. Even before knowing the above, Musharaf was the best choice, is the best choise and will remain the best choice as the impact could alwasy been felt.Recommend

  • shai

    ya its amazing ! but we are the ppl who mostly talk about the negitives not positives. if we are talking against the musharaf’s misdeeds instead of those above mentioned achievements so we must not at all give our sympathies to current president who is just giving us depriviation, disoppointment, tensionssssssssss,ohh god…
    me not taking side of anyone of them but you can also feel the difference!!!Recommend

  • Azar

    @ Ahsan

    Yaar Ahsan bhai aap ki logic of incriminating Musharraf bohat hi flawed hay. If this is how you want to see, then my friend Nawaz Sharif was responsible for the attack on Supreme court of Pakistan because under his tenure his cabinet members are caught on tape rampaging the highest court of law. From that same angle, Benazir Bhutto is responsible for Zardari’s thefts? At least, Shaukat Aziz wasn’t Musharraf’s spouse. If your “democratic leader” can not even stop her own goddamn husband, you can at least tone yourself down against Musharraf and learn to call spade a spade.

    The entire idea of this article is to show people of Pakistan that while you were buying new cars and enjoying cheap food at stable prices, there was someone at work during 2000 and 2006. Post 2006/07, I think Musharraf really went wrong. But at least recognize the positives if you’re dying hard to prove the negatives. A little honesty will do here.

    I openly say that Musharraf has many flaws, like ALL other leaders. But “such ka saath do bhai mere”…. agenda and propaganda kyoon sawaar hay sir par? All your motivation is to malign Musharraf IN ANY WAY POSSIBLE – WHETHER BY TRUTH OR LIES. Be honest to yourself, be honest with Pakistan. Don’t attack him for hypocritical reasons.

    I worked for an international bank in Karachi, and the bank put in millions of dollars in equity and created 1000+ jobs. The exact sentiment of regional office was – “they were confident that Pakistan was going anywhere”. They have thrown their expansion plans out of the window since 2008. I really, really, really, don’t want Musharraf back. But in the name of honesty, I will say what good he did, I will also say what bad he did. And not act like a brainwashed Musharraf hater.

    Since you nit pick on my coastal highway example. I might just answer you on that one quickly. You go and read up when the foundation was laid on NHA’s website and it will be 2001. I don’t care who “imagines” pipelines…. it is all about execution and completion of infrastructure projects.Recommend

  • Ali

    Mr. Musharraf has always been a leader with true potential to lead Pakistan with Dignity, Honor & Success. These filthy PPP & PML politicians know only how to play with the empty Uneducated minds of the People of Pakistan. This is an uneducated country and will always suffer till such politicians who exploit empty minds to reach to the parliament. They know it. Even if today the Govt is sacked and tomorrow the elections are held these so called Flag Carriers of False democracy will be in power again why? because they have these poor illiterate souls bought for years & years.

    Pls Mr. Musharraf you come back and start again whatever you did back in 1999. Recommend

  • Ahsan Sarwar

    @ Azhar Sb,

    Thank for your comments. We have tested Nawaz Sharif, Banzir Bhutto and Musharraf. But it is not necessary we use to consider the same personalities every time. OK they have done good..they have left ..they have left. For GOD SAKE try to understand..Personalities are not important, nations are important.

    I served as National Sales Manager with one of the automotive group for more than 10 years..Initially I was very much inspired with Mr. Musharraf but later on..he was the same…there was no difference between him and other political leaders. He had the edge because at the same time he was President, Chief of Army Staff, Chairman Joint Chief of Staff Committee…and there was no one to say him “NO”. If you ever meet me personally, I will tell you in details which type of person he was….He can not perform now because he is neither Chief of Army Staff, Chairman Joint Chief of Staff Commitee or any thing….Secondly being the Banker, you must understand that after 9/11, the whole banking channel in the World and specially in Pakistan changed…all remitances were streamlined…and money came in…it was not due to the personality chrisma of mr. Musharraf that because of him, resources were available to him, breaucreacy (both Militery and Civil0 was under his command) thats the reason. If you have any one close to you in your family who has served in Army..you must better know how he promoted the Generals..how disgracefully he thrown 750 officers from Army…how he decided to accept the rule of US government…and if you remember correctly…you can see..what started happening to Mr. Musharraf by the start of 2007..what about NRO…what about the cases on politicians ..people who were known corrupt were became the Ministers..thing were started on adhoc basis..short time measures…extensions by himself to extend as Army Chief…Musharraf is nothing without Army..why dont we understand this point..every time we paste the labels on Politicans…did bureaucracy (both civil & militery) tried to instutionalize the things..did they ever thought to change the system…who so ever comes in power..think he/she is the best…and we again start auguging that oo yes..he is the best..she is the best..no one has the right to rule..nd keep on ruling…pehle baap..phir bata..phir poota…what is this nonsense. Bhutto gone..her daughter cam..she gone..her husband came..he will go and Bilawal will come…are we their coloney???? Nawaz gone..Shahbaz came..they will go then Hamza/Hussan/Hussain will come…Musharraf completed 9 years..again call him back..he will die…his son will come…what is this????? Why dont we as a nation try to find out the alternative systems..why dont we concentrate to change the system…what are we…OLD SLAVES…..please spend your energies for the change of system..from where we may get rid of family/Army politics..nd let the instutions grow and groome…not the personalities and their families…..By the way..if you consider the achievements by laid foundation stones..again you are sadly mistaken….costal highways was in the plan which was approved in 1990 when the Central Asian States seperated from ex-USSR…and it was in plan for M1, M2, M3, M4 and lot of network including Gawader Port….so please check it out…Recommend

  • Parwaz Musharraf

    Thank you my dear Faisal,

    If we had more people like you every Pakistani would have an education and a better chance to die from a suicide bombing than the average Iraqi.

    Generally yours,


  • Azar


    Aray baba… you really don’t read what I write. I knew you’d come back with another rant of negatives on Musharraf, because you’re deeply biased and can not, for a moment, think beyond Musharraf phobia and will try every right/wrong reason to belittle anything positive he may have genuinely given to the country. I mean, just look at yourself, you are ADAMANT that credit for Makran Coastal Highway should not be given to Musharraf whereas anyone with an open mind will just simply agree… “Yes, I saw the construction BEGIN during his regime, and END within his regime, in a reasonable amount of time”. You simply can not utter this basic fact. Choti si baat, laikin aap k muun say kabhi nahi nikal sakti.

    World Bank Presentation on road network planning in 2004: http://siteresources.worldbank.org/PAKISTANEXTN/Resources/Pakistan-Development-Forum-2004/RoadNetwork.pdf

    Quote from the FWO website [http://fwo.com.pk/news/octdec2003.html]
    Mekran Coastal Highway Project (Liari-Ormara Section)
    “The work on Liari – Ormara Section commenced in July 2000 after its ground breaking ceremony performed by the President of Pakistan General Pervez Musharraf. The length of this road is 243 KM including 27 bridges, 732 culverts and 330 M causeway. All these works have been completed with a cost of Rupees 3.906 Billion in June 2003. Later, work on double surface treatment shoulders, having 3 M width on either side was entrusted to FWO. The same is in progress and will be completed before due date”.

    DAWN News Article – Reforms in NHA yield positive results [http://www.dawn.com/2003/07/31/nat5.htm]

    …. Again, I wish if people call SPADE A SPADE! Jo such hay, woh boldo bhaaiiiiiiii !!!

    I ended my last comment on the note:

    I really, really, really, don’t want Musharraf back. But in the name of honesty, I will say what good he did, I will also say what bad he did. And not act like a brainwashed Musharraf hater.

    Yet you write that I am “calling him back”. Ab aagay kia boloon apko…. aap ka apna hi aik agenda hay…. sach jhoot say aapka koi waasta nahi. And once again may I correct you, Sharifs and Bhuttos do consider Parliament their family heritage, but NOT Musharraf. Yes, Musharraf DID WANT ALL power for HIMSELF, but his family remained independent of his power. All his children are educated and professional and absolutely NO ONE from his family has ANY ambitions of jumping into “dad’s politics”, unlike Bilawal or sons and damaads of Sharifs.

    Take a look at the links above. But I think even THEN, you will only end up arguing. Some times I wonder…. Hamaray leaders ham ko Khuda nay ksi wajah say hi diye hein…. Recommend

  • Malik Sajid Raza

    We should highlight positive who so ever did for Pakistan. I must appreciate your effort, but Musharaf must learn lesson from his last year of tenure how his allies made him to make wrong decision like Judiciary..etc.Recommend

  • http://faisalarshad.wordpress.com Faisal Arshad

    Great Views Ahsan Sarwar!!!

    When would we learn to balance and provide bias free system and maintain neutrality in our thoughts and opinions? Every leader does good and bad things…for any of the dozens of the leaders you can make this” 50 reason list”. Musharraf had had his turn…Pakistan must be having better leaders than what it had in past. Recommend

  • Sheheryar Emad

    Mr. Musharraf your time was a golden period after Ayub Khan.
    He has contributed alot to our nation and i understand he had made some mistakes
    as he is a human been. But he is not like the present politicians who all are corrupt.
    Inshallah he wll be back soon in power. =)Recommend

  • http://12nida12 Ahsan Sarwar

    I think it is useless to discuss…coz you guys dont have the access to archieves or any research..whatever u see..u believe in it…It was Musharraf’s son who did projects worthe billions of Rs with NLC and all such projects are still at zero level…and billions have been vanished..like politicions so what is the difference…chips of the same block..FWO is again subsidery of Army…funds were at descrition of Army….I am not biased at all…and BTW above 50 reason do not justify to RULE OF MUSHARRAF AGAIN…..but unfortunately you dont have the courage to see beyond the newspapers….or FWO websites…it is easy to say being the neutral..but for this u have to study alot…
    Syed Faisal Raza Abadi is with Zardari and Syed Ali Raza Abadi (writer of this article) is with Musharraf…what a coincidence…..no more comments…Recommend

  • Ahsan Sarwar

    For your information..this is not world bank presentation….this was presentation given to World Bank by Mr. iftikhar Rasheed – Secretary – Ministry of Communication, Government of Pakistan…
    Please quote some netural source..if you wish tooRecommend

  • saadi

    im glad you put that up, i wrote a pretty long comment, citing figures, and names, which can be checked online, describing this funny blog, as complete fallacy
    but notice, your comment will not be replied to
    those who are convinced are just not ready to debate this in the light of evidence.Recommend

  • Anoop

    Man, when Amir Khan acted as Ghajini, a character who cant remember things after 15 minutes, he was talking about a whole nation! God, you guys never learn.

    Anyway, Pakistan not growing but not failing is to India’s advantage.Recommend

  • Dr. Sadiq

    as far as present outburst from political leaders and charge sheet against him … is because he is the only person … who succesfully stopped their money grabing and loot maar … not only on politcal sector but also in govt sector … he make sure that amount sould problably spend …. yes he is not 100% succesful on it .,.. but at least 80% has been and can be seen in our roads and system …
    so political leaders and those who benefit from corrupt system is truly against him … but in public sector every person is missing him … talk to oridinary non politcal person and they love him ,,,, as far as new faces are concern …. no sir … i dont agree to run the corrupt system and society like our … we need this stong headed person with lot of integrity and love for pakistan and people of pakistan … may we all be blessed … ameen Recommend

  • farah

    Sir musharraf is a real patriotic & honest person of Pakistan
    he save Pakistan after 9/11 as america was trying to treat Pakistan same as Iraq & Afghanistan
    may ALLAH Bless sir musharraf ameen Recommend

  • Ali

    The man made some mistake, but you’ve got to agree he was honest did wonders for Pakistan.Recommend

  • Mohammed

    I think is high time we look at people and to clean up our collective mess. We as a nation have indulged ourself to all kinds of corruption. All we do is hope that we will get somebody to miraculously ‘stir’ this country out of its misery. We have always elected people who are best representing us! Our leaders of today are a true representation of what we would be, given a chance. We have always pointed fingers and personally done nothing to go do the better good and collectively make a difference. Expecting someone to just swipe our wrongs wont do. NO ONE can bring about a difference if we cant change ourselves.
    We can prospers regardless who sits on the presidential chair. We ourselves have done nothing for us. We can spend hundreds of rupees talking on the phone but wont invest on ourselves. We collectively have failed ourselves.
    Lets just pray we as a nation grow some grey matter to understand that permanent change can come only at the individual level. and that exactly why all of his ‘accomplishments’ are down the drain without him on the ‘throne’. Changing ourselves will only bring about a definite change!Recommend

  • me

    @Syed Nadir El-Edroos:
    people who disagree always say “i’d say something, but..”

    that just proves they have nothing to say. for the good of our country, and our people, musharaff is the best and most practical option right now. don’t think in terms of your own bias, but what would actually be good for Pakistan?Recommend

  • maaz


  • Hania.

    I’m F.E.D up of reading why Mushraf should or should not come back! Give it a break you people! Do NOT repeat the ugly history that Mushraf created. Pakistan has had enough of mistakes by such hypocrite people and now you’re talking about his return. I mean you have got to be kidding me!

    Just because he done some good things does NOT mean he should be given the opportunity to repeat the mistakes which, I’m sure are uncountable. Get over it now!Recommend

  • http://www.vitalbpo.com Fawaz Chughtai

    Pro Mush are Pathetic… trying to avoid the facts, and im amazed they are using fake IDs to comment in defend lol.Recommend

  • http://www.vitalbpo.com Fawaz Chughtai

    And yes Abidi Sahib try not to stretch the statements in several points. atleast express an issue in single point… u even brought 50 more but cant hide his real i.e.
    [The general forgotten the first lesson from Pakistan Military Academy. A soldier’s job is to “serve” the country not to “rule” it.]Recommend

  • K

    All those who are raving for him and against him must remember a small fact, today, if your dolling out your opnion freely is not because of the last so and so rulers but because of him. Kudo’s to him for bringing freedom of speech, albeit only in political matters out for us.Recommend

  • Imran Ashraf

    The Former President and Chief of Army Staff (Retd) General Pervez Musharraf was a man of vision. He stands to be as great person who thinks about the Pakistan and then about himself.
    He opens the eyes of the people through Media.Peoples of Pakistan wants him to come back again and to provide this country the leadership that he has performed previously.We all beliefs that our Assets are in safe hands and we do hope that the current Chief of Army Staff will maintain the same standards as the former president performed during his presency. I would like to say that PAKISTAN is said and then every thing should comes second.Recommend

  • ammar

    ala ./that why i like sir musharraf Recommend

  • samurai

    Don’t forget that there was no load shedding and prices were not as high in Musharraf’s era!Recommend

  • Ahmed

    Musharraf’s Recent replies during his interviews after the launch of APML:

    Q: Why did you sign the NRO?
    Musharraf: Oh that…My principal advisor Tariq Aziz and the Chaudhry brothers made me sign it.

    Q: Why did you allow BB and Nawaz to come back to Pakistan through deals?
    Musharraf: Shah Abdullah of Saudi Arabia made me sign the Mush-Nawaz Deal. Tariq Aziz and Ch. Brothers made me sign the BB deal.

    Q: Did you meet BB secretly before the deal in London or UAE?
    Musharraf: aaa…yes..I did…ahem…Tariq Aziz made me do it.

    Q: Did you strip General Ziauddin from his rank, fire him from his job, deny his retirement benefits and put him in solitary confinement for 2 years only because he was given the position of COAS when Nawaz Shareef sacked you in October 1999?
    Musharraf: aaaa…yes…because he is a traitor

    Q: Did you take into confidence the President, prime minister, the defence minister or the defence secretary about your troops advancement at Kargil when you were the COAS?
    Musharraf: aaa…No

    Q: Were you required to do that since an Army chief reports to all four of them?
    Musharraf: aaa…yes…but they were all idiots and losers…

    Note: For all the Musharraf and APML fans, I hope he contests the elections and loses miserably…Recommend

  • http://inheritedarts.com Amanullah

    I just know one thing, Insan ki izzat aus k apnay hath main hoti hai guys just look at Zardari and its personality, In the history of Pakistan not any president would be ever insulted as President Zardari,
    There are more than 100 jokes made on Zardari
    More then ,1000 sms on Zardari
    Numerious Funny Clips and flash animations
    Even there was a domain named “abusezardari.com and zardarikutta.com listed on a popular site FUNMAZA and recently blocked by Pak governmet

    i guess every one will agree with this point
    if Musharraf made A Thousands mistakes,
    Then he also serve a million to Pakistan

    Of he stole 3rs out of 10 then
    he also deliver 7rs out of 10

    If he kills thousands in lal masjid
    then what about Zardari and its people who could help the in flood and save their lifesRecommend

  • Syed Taukir Ali rizvi

    kindly upload these 50 points after translation in urdu.Recommend

  • Syed Taukir Ali rizvi

    plz translate in urdu these points n then upload itRecommend

  • Zaheer

    Ofcourse APML cant win even a few seats. PML-N or PPP will win again in this country. But Sir Musharraf himself WILL win his seat – through a democratic process, through votes of his supporters he will walk into the Parliament. Who is to complain then? :)

    I forgive Sir Musharraf for those bad decisions he took. And I as a free Pakistani will vote for him as a Civilian representative. Sab se Pehle Pakistan….. Recommend

  • Mohammad Ahmed Khan

    Excellent article.. although, the reasons why Musharraf should come back are so evident in today’s Pakistan that these 50 points just adds on.!!

    Good work!Recommend

  • irfan

    One reason to hang Mushraf.
    He killed innocent in Lal MasjidRecommend

  • Jibran

    Well said. Unfortunately, lots of our so-called “educated masses” will be happy and quite content with Musharaf because he served their purposes. Have we so readily forgotten the lawyer’s movement, the release of Zardari from prison, the major price hikes, all this during his reign of NINE years of dictatorship?

    We are like sheep who will follow wherever we are led and also suffer from long term memory losses. I wouldn’t be surprised if zia ul haq came back from the dead and was given a hero’s welcome. Recommend

  • seeme zehra

    We all love mushrraf sahib My mother always pray for his long live.He has a great personality.A true man.A bold Sign. Ahope—last hope for pakistan and pakistani citizens. Those who are sensable and educated theyall love this gentleman. but an un educated and senseless mind doesnt have to do better for pakistan.Hope one day he will come to Pakistan as sun shines on earth. mushraff sahib zindabad.Recommend

  • Sarmad Palijo

    I just threw up a lill bit in my own mouth reading this sad, subjective, sick blog. The man should be tried in a court of law not praised. No wonder Pakistan gets these types time and again. Our ‘educated’ youth keeps supporting these generals who commit high treason and then we wonder why Pakistan doesn’t rise.Recommend

  • Geo

    At least he was honest and not corrupt like our current government.There is no recourse for the common man caught in the ring of corruption extortion and violence.The govt should have a vote of no confidence passed .Imran Khan and Musharraf are the only hope.They are not popular because they do not buy their votes.Truth will emerge out of all these sacrifices by the countrymen.Recommend

  • Arshad Hussain

    The article is the replacement of facts with fiction, Musharraf is a criminal and traitor of this country and nation ! Therefore, through court of the law should be awarded capital punishment.Recommend

  • Ahmed

    @Zaheer, you forgive musharraf for those decisions as if they impacted you only and you have the sole right to forgive and forget. You must see the impact it made on your country since it is being ruled by the corrupt people again. It is because of NRO that convicted people like our interior minister and the president are on government posts. A president or prime minister’s job requires responsibility to the maximum and Musharraf is not responsible at all. He does not even have the poise to accept that his position earlier as the chief executive and later as the president and that too as one of the most powerful ever in Pakistan required him to take responsible decisions. And he screwed up big time. I don’t want him as my president. I don’t forgive him and his mistakes. And like me, many many other Pakistanis do not. He should either be barred from entering the country or tried for treason if comes back. You should read the recent interview of General (R) Ziauddin and what Musharraf did to him in the wake of the October 12th, 1999 events.

    Questions: Why was General Ziauddin kept in solitary confinement for two years and why he was presented for a court martial if he was a traitor as per Musharraf’s accusations? There is a written and documented law for treason in every country in the world including Pakistan. A civilian goes to the civil court and military personnel go the military courts. Why he was not tried in any for his treason? Why was he laid off from his job and his retirement benefits were taken away without any military court order? Musharraf in all his capacity of the President and COAS was supposed to do things while fulfilling procedural requirements which he did not and so the acts are coming back to him and will haunt him forever. Musharraf has no future in Pakistan. Period… Recommend

  • Zaheer

    “Barred from entering the country”…. Hahaha, with such thoughts, do you think you have the right to criticize anyone for dictatorial tendencies?

    Don’t put 100% of the blame on Sir Musharraf. He only threw in a reconcilliation agreement to start afresh, which I certainly have reservations on. But he did not kill Benazir, he did not write that hypothetical WILL that Zardari used to hijack PPP and PPP voters kept quiet, he did not lay it down in stone that Rehman Malik be made Interior Minister. This is where ENTIRE PAKISTANIS absolve themselves of RESPONSIBILITY!! Fine, Sir Musharraf may be responsible for cronies to come forward….. But Zardari reached President’s chair THROUGH DEMOCRATIC PROCESS. Ye is mulk k lia DOOB marnay ka muqaam hai.

    All I want to say to you Ahmed sb is, just believe in what you believe. I’m a middle class Pakistani and I need a job and good schooling and hospitals for my 2 children. Don’t drag me into complexities. I’m a common man, I have ONE VOTE, and I FORGIVE SIR MUSHARRAF with that ONE VOTE. If I simply look at my family, we were much happier in his time. I don’t care if Sir Musharraf win or don’t, it will make me feel happy if I vote for him. And if you are a supporter of democracy, and judiciary, and constitution and all that “jazz” that was fed to our sleeping nation overnight to bring down Sir Musharraf – you will AT LEAST not question MY RIGHT to want him back as a civilian politician. With all his flaws, he’s so much so much BETTER than leadership alternatives we currently have.Recommend

  • Pakistanlover

    Musharraf BlogRecommend

  • Sana Naseer Shaikh

    Strange! All is well thats end well…Recommend

  • Sana Naseer Shaikh

    Strange! All is well thats ends well… It’s true Mr.Mushraff works alot on education projects.But we can’t forget the lives of those people who were shaheed badly in mosque….can’t forget the loss of lives in kargul…according all this issues he can’t withdraw from the situation, come to pakistan & face the challanges boldly.Recommend

  • aNu

    Musharraf Please come back sooooooonRecommend

  • Ahmed

    “Don’t put 100% of the blame on Sir Musharraf. He only threw in a reconcilliation agreement to start afresh, which I certainly have reservations on”…

    Are you kidding me or yourself…are you even real???

    NRO brought back every single soul being or been implicated by either NAB or Pakistan’s judiciary for crimes against the nation. Musharraf’s biggest mistake and contribution to Pakistan’s misery is that just before he left, he let loose all the culprits to destroy Pakistan. Zeeshan Sb, this is not an ordinary or small mistake. It will, infact impact the nation in a magnitude unimaginable by any of us, most of all people like you who overlook ground realities. BB dead or not, we all knew that the current president and interior minister would have been in the controlling part of the government, had they been allowed to come back. They were in the past two terms of PPP. And Musharraf is to be blamed for their come back.

    If Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), Hazrat Omar Farooq (RA) and Salahuddin Ayubi can be demanded an explanation for their actions that implicated the muslim nation, Musharraf will also have to answer. One thing common among all three was they always thought of the impact on the nation, their followers and supports before taking any decision. Musharraf is not above or better than any of the three I mentioned.

    Question: Why did Musharraf meet Benazir secretly before signing the NRO? Why secretly?

    P.S. I have many more questions that come to any educated individuals’ mind and s/he does not get any reasonable, logical, convincing answer from Musharraf or his supporters? Recommend

  • Mudassir

    saadi Tax collection of 2007 was 17Bln$ ..:P Economist lol:Recommend

  • Mudassir

    Currently No leader can Match musharraf except Syed Mustafa Kamal (MQM) Ex mayor Of Karachi. ..Musharraf Era
    GDP 6-8% reserves 17bln$ not bcz Of aid bcz at that time we have exports we have Investments and our Tax collection was 17bln$(2007 est.) Pakistan was Third fastest growing economy of the world Inflation was Max 10 -12% Dollars was stable at RS 60. Karachi Stock Exchange at 15800 Points Recommend

  • Zaheer


    1) What is real is, you all voted PPP/PML-N into power. And your parliamentarians gave Zardari the President House. Now what you can do is – get “real”, and accept part of the problem that you brought on to yourself. NRO has LONG since expired!! What has your judiciary and Parliament done about it? Don’t you think Sharifs and Zardari have struck a deal to SHUT UP on NRO. When was the last time you heard Nawaz Sharif say anything about the “expired NRO”? You can derive satisfaction by creating “scape goats” and blaming it all on that one person. I’m sure you think even the floods were caused by Sir Musharraf.

    2) You think Sir Musharraf was not demanded explanations? He was grilled like no one else in the history of this country by the media which flourished during his regime. This man is often called a dictator. You could make fun of him on TV, radio, call his every action into question, launch a long march against him, spread lies about him and yet walk free. He was Army Chief / President – I’d be convinced if you named a single journalist that was abducted or killed under mysterious circumstances. Read up on Stalin or Pol Pot and Khmer Rouge what they used to do. They were dictators. And before you go on demanding explanation from Sir Musharraf for 1999-2008 period, demand explanations from those in the country right now from late 80s to 2010.

    3) I wish you were a bit more coherent in your writing. I don’t know where the following sprung up from:
    “One thing common among all three was they always thought of the impact on the nation, their followers and supports before taking any decision. Musharraf is not above or better than any of the three I mentioned.”

    No one, ever, compared Sir Musharraf to any religious figure, peace be upon them. But I do compare him to Zardari, Nawaz Sharif, Shahbaz Sharif, Altaf Hussain, Asfandyar Wali – anddddd, Musharraf is ABOVE them any given day FOR ME. For someone else, may be its still Zardari, may be its still the Sharifs.

    So Ahmed Sb, save your breadth, and use your VOTE when the time comes. I hope you support Imran Khan…. because otherwise, you’re just one of those….Recommend

  • Ahmed


    aaaa, no, everybody knows that Musharraf gave Zardari the President House. It was in his rule that Zardari was acquitted from his cases and released from prison all of a sudden, and flew the same week to Dubai. His name was not even put on the ECL for reasons still unknown to everyone. Musharraf signed the black NRO document. Musharraf met secretly with Benazir and made a deal with her for the release of her husband. If it was merely a reconcilliation, then why not he send someone to represent him and convey his aspirations??? Why a secret meeting?

    Answer the question please…

    Btw, Salahudding Ayyubi was not a religious figure, he was an Ayyubid Sultan, who led Islamic Opposition against the Crusaders and Franks.

    Musharraf is no better than the shareefs and the zardaris and the bhuttos. He sold the country to Zardari and we have proof, the SALE+PURCHASE agreement with Musharraf’s signature on it. It’s called the National Reconcilliation Order (NRO). Shame on him!Recommend

  • Zaheer

    Save your breath buddy. You’re really going nowhere with your agenda. What secret meeting? You know about it, we all know about it. I am not saying NRO was something good. But, why don’t you stop nit picking and asking childish questions about secret meetings, see the bigger picture and answer a very important question. Isn’t the judiciary and Parliament all sitting quietly today on an expired NRO? Ahhh…. haha but your mind is so full of it. Btw you really are a nit picker, for the ease of writing I just put the 3 personalities into a single short sentence. But goodness me Herodotus, thank you for information….. I’ve done my history lessons too!Recommend

  • Khalid Aziz

    I can tell you 50 achievements of kheru’s donkey in my village- so should that donkey be our next prime minister? Come on, my friend, don’t defend a dictator- misuse of his powers to rule the people of Pakistan through unconstitutional means is one single crime which will out weigh all the so called achievements made during Mush’s era.Recommend

  • Ahmed

    Isn’t the judiciary and Parliament all sitting quietly today on an expired NRO?

    huhhhh…are you kidding me???

    Supreme Court is not sitting quiet on the NRO. It took the foremost step and stated that no NRO beneficiary will head any government institution. Please see the Adnan Khawaja verdict. It also asked about the money in the Swiss Accounts. Other appointments of beneficiaries with a govnernment post will also be questioned. It’s a court which follows SOPs to do their job. Unlike Musharraf who signs documents without any principals of his own or those of ethics, morals, religion, law and accountability.

    Pervaiz Musharraf was the most irresponsible President/COAS in the history of Pakistan not to forget he also had the maximum power of all too. But he abused it like anything!

    Shame on him! Recommend

  • Talha

    We, who are witness to his tenure can safely say that Musharraf Sb did all that was for the betterment of Pakistan. The economic indicators and other reasons mentioned in the article are more than enough to support him but above all I personally believe that we felt that we were in safe hands when Musharraf Sb was leading the country. He was someone who could have led us to reach milestones in progress and development..we had started hearing good things about Pakistan like getting closer to N11 and BRIC, we managed to pay off our debts, we started to get a feel of dignity and prosperity. I wish he stayed with us for longer!Recommend

  • Ahmed


    Dream on …Recommend

  • Asim kazmi

    Mr Masud Qazi,

    sir u really surprise me !!! you may not like the man that is fine but anybody who knows anything about economics has to admit that he worked wonders for the economy of this country.and from the stats that u gave u seem to be quite good at the subject! and yet u chose states from 99 to 02 ??? Sir are u trying to insult my intelligence?? no sir im far too smart for that…every economy in the world plummeted in those years and the obvious reason was the 9/11 bombings.
    besides when u discuss a tenure u don’t choose your own dates that suite your point of view but u quote stats from the beginning of tenure till the end.and those were very well researched by the author and then by aNu.
    If u don’t like the man thats your opinion and i respect that but please don’t try and change the facts and history by giving selective statsRecommend

  • Mallak

    For all the idiots going on here about LAL MASJID, watch this and then go thank Allah that Musharraf saved us from becoming Afghanistan part 2: (i know its dateline but shut up and watch the whole thing):

    Part A: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3PCIeh1DOnk

    Part B: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OUqKn24DmLE&feature=relatedRecommend

  • Azar Abbas

    May be some visual will help short memories. While these clips are from a “Kafir” channel as most critics of Lal Masjid would term it, Mallak can you post some from GEO or ARY? There are plenty and plenty of such videos caught by Pakistan’s azaad media.

    What’s in this video is not Islam.  The girls brought the tragedy on to themselves.  Musharraf postponed attack for 6 months.  Media kept attacking Musharraf why he doesn’t take action, but he waited to evacuate the mosque as far as possible.  Unfortunately, an example had to be set.  Today, no one dares to hijack a sacred place like mosque.  What Pakistanis forget is, military soldiers died in this operation.  Soldiers don’t die from water-guns!!  These criminals calling themselves true Muslims were armed and equipped to fight.  There is annually a huge ijtama @ Raiwand, there is a huge procession of Shia Muslims annually, there have been rallies of Sunni Tehrik.  Musharraf never attacked any religious expression.Recommend

  • chaudhary assad

    most respectable mushraf people whatever said about u.but my heart n mind said tht u r the best ever leader of pakistan after quaid-e-azam.and my speacial msg to u that u should nt confuse abt pakistani nation u have done best 4 pakistan.Allah will reward u for this.these people can give u nothing.they deserve the leader like nawaz sharf because thy all r same 2 him such as corrupt and selfish………GOD bless u. Recommend

  • Umer

    Brothers don’t be to naive , wake up and be aware , don’t become part of this movie of our establishment,

    Musharaf was the front face of our one and only strongest institution army, which was self-developed by dictators , while other institutions like judiciary and parliament were just weakened by this institution ….always with india centric and war on terror policies …

    Please my fellow educated brothers , if Musharaf is alive today and not dead is because the same army shelters and guard him, we all have seen him getting the guard of honor , and living in the army house after his resignation , he lived in the army house for much time and was very much active playing golf and smoking cigars with his cronies , …..

    How on this world known as earth , where democratic process needs to have a constituency to run for the election will musharaf run for ,.. delhi ??? or rawalpindi corps ..lol
    I know he would just enter the way shaukat aziz did .. right isnt it ???? while at the same time our establishment collects all the other pml factions which can be bought easily on any price. .including the mqm + mma,.

    in simple , the hero commando with his enlighten moderation ideology would only play his innings with the help of the same institution he belonged from… the army.. .. so don’t get played in the hands of this dirty game …The commando has just become over confident after his blue boy kiyani got extension .. … who can also be the architect of this commando hero script..

    I don’t want to get in to these 50 points … there may be more , general would have done even more to legitimize his tenure in any form..but he wont be able too…

    For me he is the worst Pakistan had , he was and still is an ally of war on terror , a global war we became a part of , he is untouchable just like Bush , Condalizza and Osama bin Ladin..
    All the suicide bombs we had till today are because of him… because of him getting in to this failed war on terror …. please i dont want to get in to those fake attacks he had on himself during his term.. His double game policy with United States and Afghanistan has brought us today where we are ,,.. we are no more INDO/PAK but we are AFG/PAK now.,.. so thanks to musharaf for taking the aid on one hand and on the other hand having deals with taliban .. ..

    Zardari and Democracy are two different things , quide azam , liquat ali khan or alama iqbal .. were not army generals so please have a revised choice ,

    Our democracy is in growing stages, cases like …. fake degree cases , NFC , would never have came in the mainstream in time of dictatorship… institutions are gradually getting independent , first one to be is judiciary … which is working in independent manner , no other judiciary in a dictator regime would have undo the NRO…. similarly the illegal appointments, etc…. Police have been well equipped in this govt , because army interior minister left… , it has a chance to reform and get fully independent .. flood tax is levied on some provinces simple because there is different government in the center,

    We still are not fully independent democratic , we still are in transition…our finance minister, law minister, interior minister are all unelected and are in through back door ways of senate …
    Our defense control and foreign policy are still in hands of army…. dont forget the kerry luggar bill aid ,…how army through his GHQ journalist boys .. propagated against its fabricated clauses , cuz it was economic aid and not military aid..

    Zardari is one of the most powerful president elected if you see constitutionally by the number game…how he came in to power is another debate , but to praise musharaf would be to evolve around and would be the sin for our nation. .. Martial law is now old doctrine , this musharaf re- premiership would be fully backed by the army and in its interest, trust me zaid hamid wont tell that…

    I think people have forgot his last days of ego , where on tv he would state to eat chicken if daal has gone expensive… secondly people should just recheck the map and see the biggest province of mighty balochistan ..and re check, the rape incident which led to Akber bugti mini war, people till today are getting disappeared. This govt gave balochistan package … Musharaf should stand for nazim for karachi .. because baloch people wont accept him

    So we should let the government complete its term, let judiciary decide whats better ….musharaf is not the answer to our prayers… vote for imran khan for a change ..

    his credentials are that he contributed in the field of medical by setting up cancer hospital and now in education by setting a university .. he is intelligent enough to understand the complex war ,don’t trust dictators .. may it be stalon , hitler or musharaf . Recommend

  • Rashid

    his contributions toward building pakistan is very appreciatable, but he derailed the democrasy in pakistan in 1999 when nawaz sharif was prime minister, some mistakes was happened from nawaz sharif and more mistakes happened from musharraf,

    That’s why musharraf is attached with Pakistan Muslim League plartform.Recommend

  • Syed kashif Jafri

    Raza this really well written article. I congrat you on this work awesome. I think Mushraf is a better choice for pakistan in current situation. We definately should have choices available otherwise in next election PML (N) will make Govt. As you know they are the same as Zardari. PML (N) is without making any money since 1999 so if they would make Govt the earning will start which will hurt Pakistan in general. Nawaz and others are not properly educated so they cannot handle us properly.Pakistan is truely 7.5% growth economy but because of corruption and bad soft foreign policy we are at 2.5%. I wish Musharaf etc should takeover and take pakistan back on track.InshallahRecommend

  • irfan

    Almost everything sound good those Mushi’s days then why the resulting picture is so bad.

    Musharraf should not get into the lead.Recommend

  • Kathy

    Well said! I believe that Mr. Musharraf is the only person capable of solving the issues confronting our country, e.g. unemployment, sky-rocketing prices of daily commodities, load-shedding, corruption, deteriorating law and order situation, target-killing,bomb blasts, terrorism, inflation, etc. etc. We welcome him back to Pakistan. Long live Musharraf and may Allah bless our beloved country,aamin.Recommend

  • aNu

    @ Malik Thanks for the links geo musharraf.Recommend

  • agha

    sir plz come back ,,,,plz. nawaz and zardari suck big time,,,yakhhhhhhhh,,,,thuuuRecommend

  • tahira

    the country disparately needs help… hope the Gen is reading this and comes back for the country!Recommend

  • http://N/A Faizan Idrees

    I do not think it is fair to praise one man for all the positive developments listed on this blog. Yes indeed, Musharraf did in fact lead a team of broad minded technocrats and politicians who accomplished a lot, but the key word here is – it was a team effort. Moreover, any supporter of Musharraf should also acknowledge his weaknesses and hope perhaps he will do better if given another chance at power. I do not like the fact that he alone takes a lot of credit for the progress in the past decade. I also do not like what he did in the last two years in power – the NRO fiasco, battle with the judiciary, and the emergency declaration.

    I also believe we Pakistanis need to change our mindset. We believe saints and heroes will come to the fore and lift all the perils that plague our nation. We need to be realistic – great nations stand on the shoulders of great people. Can each and everyone of us perform greatly? Well then, if your answer is yes then start thinking realistically. One man cannot make a difference. We need to work and stand together and challenge the world for Pakistan’s sake. Standing together could also mean supporting Musharraf’s right policies and opposing his wrong policies.Recommend

  • aNu

    Educated and sensible like Musarraf because they know how he save Pakistan to become Iraq 2.Recommend

  • aNu

    Under Musharraf’s vision

    · 9 world class Engineering universities being developed and 18 Public universities already developed.
    · Public sector institutions have increased from 110,267 (in 1999) to become
    · Private sector institutions have increased from 36,096 (in 1999) to become 81,103 (in 2006).
    · PAK is 3rd best in world Banking profitability.
    · PAK IT industry now values around $2 billion, including $1 billion exports and employs around 90,000 professionals.
    · CNG sector has attracted over $70 billion investment in last 5 years; and created 45,000 jobs.
    · Telecom sector attracted around $10 billion in investment and created above 1.3 million jobs.
    · Industrial Parks are being setup throughout the country for the first time! M3 estate, Sunder industrial estate, Chakri, etc.
    · Major Mega projects like the Saindak, Rekodiq, Marble production, Coal production and Mining & Quarrying are being pursued.
    · In 2006, GDP growth is 6%. Earlier in 1999 was 3.5%.
    · Foreign Reserves from $1 bn to $17 bn.
    · KHI stock market: from 700 points to 13,000 points.
    · Literacy rate improved by 11%.
    · Poverty decreased by 10%.
    · He made 4 dams: Mirani, Subakzai, Gomalzam, Khurram Tangi dams.
    · 6 Motorways completed or under construction: M1, M3, M8, M9, M10, M11.
    · Six major highways under construction.
    · GWADAR advance mega Sea port developed under his vision!
    · Historic 100% increase in Tax collection of $11 billion.
    · Large scale manufacturing is 30 year high, and Construction activity is 17 year high.
    · Newly found World class copper- gold deposits in Chagai will fetch $600 million per year.
    · A new Oil refinery with UAE will fetch $5 billion & will process 300,000 oil barrels a day.
    · Industrial sector registered 26% growth.
    · PAK in 1999 was a $75 billion economy; and now 2006 it’s $160 billion economy!
    · PAK economy is now the 3rd fastest growing economy after China & India .

    Education under Musharraf Era

    In 1999-2000 there were 31 Public Universities. Now 2005-2006 there are 49 Public Universities. Under Musharraf 20 NEW UNIVERSITIES SET UP!

    Ø · Air University (established 2002)
    Ø · Institute of Space technology, ISB (established 2002)
    Ø · Sardar Bahadur Khan Women University , Quetta (established 2004)
    Ø · University of Science & Technology, Bannu (established 2005)
    Ø · University of Hazara (founded 2002)
    Ø · Malakand university, Chakdara (established 2002)
    Ø · Karakurum International university, Gilgit (established 2002)
    Ø · University of Gujrat (established 2004)
    Ø · Virtual University of Pak, Lahore (established 2002)
    Ø · Sarhad University of IT, Peshawar (established 2001)
    Ø · National Law University, ISB (2007)
    Ø · Media University, ISB (2007) etc.
    Ø · University of Education , Lahore (2002)
    Ø · Lasbella University of Marine Sciences, Baluchistan (2005)
    Ø · Baluchistan University of IT & Management, Quetta (2002), etc.

    Pakistan now has a total of 245,682 Educational institutions in all categories, including 164,579 (i.e. 67 percent) in the Public sector and 81,103 (i.e. 100 percent) in the private sector, reports the National Education Census (NEC-2005). The census — jointly conducted by the Ministry of Education, the Academy of Educational Planning and Management (AEPAM) and the Federal Bureau of Statistics (FBS) — reveals that the number of private-sector institutions has increased from 36,096 in 1999-2000 to 81,103 in 2005, i.e. by 100 per cent.

    Total 99,319 Educational Institutions (Public & Private) have increased in Musharraf Era!Recommend

  • Umair Waheed Sheikh, Khayban e Hafiz,Karachi

    Have to say Musharraf is the best of the rest but the public always likes to vote the person who has been worst and they cry about it. Democracy for Pakistan is not suitable rather we need to have technocracy!Recommend

  • hasnain

    What are we all trying to prove here? Musharaf was good and zardari is bad or is it that dictatorship is better for us than democracy or that we need a team of technocrats than any democrats to get us out of our present troubles. Why are we all so adamant on disussing just one person. Was it musharaf alone running everything? ,i really dont think so. because it was not him who personally constructed the roads or dams or universities or parks etc . It was a team , which he very successfully captined . But why is it so that nobody from that team can be seen anywhere now. For those who belive musharraf did good by educating people become Phds , please ask these learned people to come forward make a team join those who helped musharaf make good policies (many of them are still in the present govt as well) and for those who think the present democracy is better than his dictatorship ,please help us find better advisors for our present leaders . lets help them , help us. its not our people who select our leaders its us/we who select these dummies. So for the first step , all these people writing blogs as if only u know every thing PLEASE STEP UP AND VOTE whenever there is an election next time . Mid term or full term doesnt make a difference till we all dont step up . if somebody in this country is corrupt he lives within us , he uses the same means of communication , bank transfers, building ,transport ,. howcome nobody out of us ever steps up and says that so and so has asked me to do such and such wrong thing are we really that scared of our system ,are we really that alone that no one out of us is ready to join hands do we really not trust the person sitting right next to us . Lets start trusting each other lets make that team , stop discussing people lets build partnerships. For a start all of us have been discussing the Phds in Pakistan in last 10 years, lets make an effort to find them all , ask them to come forward, join our team , come back to Pakistan lets find jobs and postions for them , aproach the ministers the beaurucrats for giving these guys a chance as advisors in various ministries/universities/ research centres/local governments lets start helping our government find the right choices . lets see if the most learned among us are also the most capable . What’s the worst that can happen? atleast we will change something , hopefully for something better. Lets start trusting ourselves, the person sitting next to us and the next and the next will join in .Recommend

  • afsheen

    Mr. musharaf u should come back in paistan because we can never forget of your’s efforts….Recommend

  • changaiz haider

    mushy ur da best!!!!!! :)Recommend

  • Asif Ali

    Is this blog to support a national hatred person called Musharaf? like wise these 50 reasons, Pakistanis can write down 10 thousand reasons why Musharraf should be trailed and get punished of what he have done to this country. Recommend

  • aNu

    @ Asif Ali Post any 10 reason with proove………….
    Not about terrorism in Pakistan,Dr. Affia Case,Dr.AQ Khan Lal Masjid Case,Chief Justice Case And Bla Bla Blaw …….
    Musharraf answered all these blames.Recommend

  • http://awgilani.wordpress.com Syed Abdul Wahab Gilani

    Like it..
    Unfortunately, Critics tend to close their eyes at these kinds of statistics ;)Recommend

  • mahmood

    good job!!!
    but just 49 points..39 and 47 are the same.plz correct it.Recommend

  • Pro*

    To dear Ahmed..
    Why u guyz always blame musharaf @: If Zardari is a president its not Bcz of Musharaf its bcz of us we Voted him.. we voted PPP:@ although we have experienced their Past performance. so plz dun blame Musharaf . its our fault and u should recognise the work of musharaf and PML Q they really did a good job . Recommend

  • Rashid Dubai

    Musharaf is a great personRecommend

  • Salman Khaliq

    .i agree with all above reason,he is a great officer as well as great politician because he know after his gone people will call him Recommend

  • Waqas

    @Masuud Qazi, very well done sir… you have done a good analysis. this shows what musharraf has REALLY done besides allowing Americans to own Pakistan in every way they wanted. he has turned a nuclear power into a banana republic.Recommend

  • Amer Akram

    I request all Pakistanis to come out of their old shells and do something for their country’s betterment in positive sense. At least,be realistic in judging the right leader for Pakistan. Despite all figures given above by the writer may be wrong but even then i think Musharraf has proved to be a better leader than all our existing political leadership on following grounds;-

    Skills of Governance.
    Management Capabilities with good Analytical approach.
    Self confidence and Courage.
    Ensuring Checks and Balances.
    Understanding of Poor and Middle classes People problems.
    Patriotism-Pakistan First.
    Grip on economic and administrative affairs of the country.
    Personality and uprightness.
    At this moment, i think Musharraf is the best choice amoung all the existing leader or one can say of all the worst. Wake Up Pakistan, Its high time ……

  • jawwad

    I have just one question from the people who are against Musharraf that just tell me the name of any person who has got or what ever you guys think have so much power to stand or have such abilities to make the country like pakistan you people are not happy with the present government nor u guys support NS then for whom u guys are waiting for??? ..just closing your eyes and wants allah’s aid from upstairs is not the solution ..I think we should learn from our mistakes and Give Musharraf more confidence to prove himself once again …Recommend

  • Nusrat Munshi

    Pakistan progressed a lot under Musharraf’s leadership. We are an ungrateful nation and paying dearly for ousting him. I sincerely hope and pray that he returns to run the country.Recommend

  • Muhammad Afzal

    Guys this is time-wasting debate whether Musharaf will/could get back or not. He was better than few others but ultimately had flaws i.e, (1) His policies regarding security of Pakistan and collaboration with the US especially after 9/11 and (2) Just to kept himself in Power he did what was illegal and illegitimate ( NRO). He is past now because I dont think no one is going to collaborate him inspite of few naughties. Recommend

  • Pro*

    @Muhammad Afzal:
    bro what r u saying :@ Musharraf has saved Pakistan from becoming iraq and afghanistan :@
    At that time USA just trying tu find any point tu Attack PAKistan because of our neuclear Capability..
    After 9/11 USA said that “We Will Turned Pakistan Into Stones” And India Offer bases To USA for Attacking Pakistan.. So Bro that was Decesion of our All Generals not only musharraf .. that we have to face small losses inorder to aviod Huge losses… Respected Pervez Musharraf has done alot for our country… Plz Afzal Dont Spread wrong information*
    Long live PAkistan* Recommend

  • Hasan

    I’m sorry but have I missed something?

    Pakistan was ranked third in world banking profitability.

    Having the 3rd ranking in world banking profitability MAY (and I do say the word may) be a good think if those banks making the obscene profits were owned by the government and the profits were being effectively utilized to the benefit of ALL Pakistani’s. This is certainly not the case on Pakistan.Recommend