50 reasons Pakistan needs Musharraf

Published: October 9, 2010

The General is poised to return

Prime Minister Gilani said at the National Assembly session to leave former president Pervez Musharraf to himself and let him exercise his right to a political career in Pakistan. President Zardari said that if Musharraf wants to return, he will have to cross the same bumpy road as him to get to the presidency or premiership. Nawaz Sharif, Chaudhry Shujaat and the remaining politicians, including religious parties, want him tried for treason, Dr Aafia’s case and introducing extremism in the country.

Since the launch of his party on October 1, Musharraf has been on a political offensive. He has talked about the deal with Nawaz Sharif and Benazir Bhutto. He has also reportedly accepted that the military trained jihadis to force India to the discussion table to resolve the Kashmir issue – a statement which he has now backtracked from.

His opinions and speeches have led most of his opponents to start wondering what he’s been smoking!

However, these are just some of the achievements of the man when he was in and out of uniform.

1.       Nine world class engineering universities were developed and 18 public universities further developed.

2.       Pakistan was ranked third in world banking profitability.

3.       The IT industry was valued at around $2 billion, including $1 billion in exports and employed around 90,000 professionals.

4.       The CNG sector attracted over $70 billion in investment in the past five years and created 45,000 jobs.

5.       The telecommunications sector attracted around $10 billion in investments and created over 1.3 million jobs.

6.       Industrial parks were set up throughout the country for the first time.

7.       Mega projects such as the Saindak, Rekodiq, marble production, coal production, mining and quarrying were pursued.

8.       Foreign reserves increased from $700 million to $17 billion.

9.       The Karachi stock market went from 700 points to 15,000 points.

10.   The literacy rate improved by 11 per cent.

11.   Poverty decreased by 10 per cent.

12.   Four dams were built: Mirani, Subakzai, Gomalzam, Khurram, and Tangi,

13.   Seven motorways were completed or were under construction,

14.   Gwadar, an advanced sea port, was developed,

15.   650 kilometres of coastal highways were constructed.

16.   A historic 100% increase in tax collection (amounting to Rs1 trillion) was observed.

17.   Large scale manufacturing was at a 30-year high, and construction at a 17-year high.

18.   Copper and gold deposits were found in Chagai, worth about $600 million annually if sold.

19.   A new oil refinery with the UAE that could process 300,000 oil barrels a day was established.

20.   The industrial sector registered 26 per cent growth.

21.   The economy was the third fastest growing economy after China and India .

22.   The Institute of Space Technology was established.

23.   Sardar Bahadur Khan Women University Quetta was established.

24.   The University of Science and Technology, Bannu, was established.

25.   The University of Hazara was founded.

26.   The Malakand University in Chakdara was established.

27.   The University of Gujrat was established

28.   The Virtual University of Pakistan was established

29.   Sarhad University of IT in Peshawar was established

30.   The National Law University in Islamabad was established

31.   The Media University in Islamabad was established

32.   University of Education  in Lahore was established

33.   Lasbela University of Marine Sciences, Baluchistan, was established

34.   Baluchistan University of IT & Management, Quetta (2002)

35.   The Pakistan economy was worth $ 160 billion in 2007

36.   GDP Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) was $ 475.5 billion in 2007

37.   The GDP per Capita in 2007 was $ 1000

38.   Revenue collection in 2007/08 was Rs1.002 billion

39.   Exports in 2007were worth $18.5 billion

40.   Textile exports in 2007 were worth  $11.2 billion

41.   Foreign direct investment in 2007 was $8.5 billion

42.   Debt servicing in 2007 was 26 per cent of the GDP

43.   The poverty level in 2007 was 24 per cent

44.   The literacy rate in 2007 was 53 per cent

45.    Pakistan development programs in 2007 were valued at Rs520 billion

46.   The Karachi stock exchange in 2007 was $70 billion at 15,000 points

47.    Exports in 2007: $18.5 billion

48.   Pakistan now has a total of 245,682 educational institutions in all categories, including 164,579 in the public sector and 81,103 in the private sector, according to the National Education Census (NEC-2005).

49.   There are now more than 5,000 Pakistanis doing PhDs in foreign countries on scholarship. 300 Pakistanis receive PhD degrees every year, in 1999, the number was just 20.

50.   In total, 99,319 educational institutions increased in Musharraf’s era!

This was some of the good Musharraf delivered to Pakistan during his martially-democratic rule from 1999 to 2008. Strange how quickly we forget his foreign policy efforts, which helped elevate the image of Pakistan globally added acceptance value to our green passports. Even the Indians next door were ready to discuss Kashmir for a solution and praised the man for his sincerity, honesty and amicable handling of the issues.

Of course, he has the right to tell his opponents, “tameez say baat karo, warna munh toor jawab millayga” and it is true that most of them are keeping quiet since he said this in a recent  interview with Express TV.

I feel he knows more than what he has already said so far, and may explode if not “handled with caution”. This goes for all the politicians cum armed forces of Pakistan. Hence, be careful everyone, the General is coming back as a civilian!


Syed Ali Raza Abidi

A businessman who writes on politics and civic issues. He completed his masters in business administration from Boston University. He tweets @abidifactor.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • http://blogs.tribune.com.pk/story/1979/what-we-dont-know-will-hurt-us/ Syed Nadir El-Edroos

    I would write in response, but then i would have to list 50 counter points as well. Anyway’s, dont agree but lets see what happens.

    Though just to nit pick: for number 18 you write “Copper and gold deposits were found in Chagai, worth about $600 million annually if sold.” How does the discovery of copper and gold reserves have anything to do with the President of Pakistan? More like good timing no? then you sort of negate your own point by adding “if sold”Recommend

  • Usama Zafar

    Wow!!! U’ve done some research there!!! Great article!!Recommend

  • Amna

    A man if judged by what he gives to the world around him.. Zardari and Sharif are pests infront of Mushy! And NO it’s not about hating PPP or PMLN … it’s about Loving Pakistan! Go Mushy!Recommend

  • Talha

    Lets face it, Musharraf is the only man who can actually save this steer this ship called Pakistan onto a safe port. The others are hellbent on pursuing their own interests or filling their pockets.

    As Musharraf rightly says, Pakistan first.Recommend

  • Schazad

    Even though I am a PPP supporter in national politics and ANP in provincial for their secular policies but I am not opposed to Musharraf going back to Pakistan. I would like to see Musharaf and Imran in politics so that people have choice. I would like to welcome him. Recommend

  • Hamood

    Although a dictator, Musharraf was still better than these so-called “democratic” leaders who have looted and plundered Pakistan beyond repair. I cannot recall the worse 2-3 years in Pakistan’s history in my lifetime than the time period between 2008 till now, and its gonna get worse before the next elections. Can we really afford to give the country away to these corrupt, inept, uneducated and useless politicians? Anybody except the PPP and PML(N), they’ve been given multiple chances before and they have failed miserably every time. Recommend

  • Masood Akhtar

    WOW!!! Excellent presentation and very usefull article indeed.Bravo!!!Recommend

  • http://www.facebook.com/pracker S. Ali Raza

    @Syed Nadir El-Edroos: All the positives of this era will go to Zardari :) Lets wait and see where he heads, he needs to work very hard to rebuild his credibility, before he even thinks of running for elections. 2018 is also not far!Recommend

  • http://www.tanzeel.wordpress.com Tanzeel.

    50 are too many for this undeserving nation.Recommend

  • Talha

    @ Syed Nadir El-Edroos

    In regards to point number 18, it was Musharraf’s government which took the initiative to find natural resources within Pakistan. If he had not been around, no one else would have found all the wealth hidden in our land.

    Also the counter 50 points will start with the usual rant of Judges, Bugti, Lal Masjid yada yada yada.Recommend

  • Ammad Hafeez

    Masha’Allah. Fabulous once ;)
    Well summarized article !

  • http://www.tenureconstructions.com Tariq Mehmood Virk

    I Tariq Virk the owner of a Construction Company Name Tenure Constructions, I like Parvaiz Musharif very much. In is duration of Rule Pakistan realy developed. Especialy the Banking Sector, IT and the Constructions. Being a business man I like his efforts which he did to build the Nation of Pakistan. He is realy a brave man, I do agree with above fifty reasons to like Musharif, but there was a big mistake he did in his past before to leave Pakista. ” He shuld not leave Pakistan and he gave us the stupid once to rule over there, May he was the ever big mistake made by him. Recommend

  • Majid

    Musharraf is not a problem, problem is 14 years bachelor degree which he got from from PMA Kakul. Unfortunately army officers are still getting 14 years bachelor and they think that they are graduates.Recommend

  • http://www.facebook.com/pracker S. Ali Raza

    I ran an online poll for a few days after his initial launching. It really may not be reflective of the masses, but surely is of the online community we have in Pakistan – Primarialy the moderate, enlightened, patriots, above 80% want him back. http://twtpoll.com/r/7pmeja

    It should be long before the general public is aware of the truth vs rhetoric spread against him. Recommend

  • http://www.facebook.com/pracker S. Ali Raza

    *should notRecommend

  • saadi

    There is so much which is incorrect with this article
    and the author is a prime example of someone engaging in written manipulation, i think he needs to first cite the references.

    Being an economist and following Musharrafs tenure very closely, i will debate SOME of the points here, since time disallows me to delve further.
    I am picking points at random here;

    Point number 41 talks about a jump in foreign reserves, a closer scrutiny will unveil that most of the foreign exchange was coming primarily through the aid packages being dirven to pakistan.
    These were mainly military aid, and i would ask readers who are interested in analysing this further, to check up Hafiz Pashas report during the strong mans rule.
    Point number 49 speaks about PHDs, its really sad, that someone would even care to raise such a point, PHDs are NOT like doing your bachelors of Masters, it requires intense capability, creative research and niche understanding of an issue- by allowing tom dick and harry and their cat to do PHDs, we have allowed a system of plagirism to develop. Those who were unable to do their PHDs due to mental constrains, have now found it as the easiest way out.
    Then there is a point saying that the industrial sector grew by 41 percent.
    A blind dolphin could understand economics better. The main growth impetus in the industrial sector came in the automobile industry which accounts for more than 20 percent of the growth ( Kaiser Bengali), this growth coincides with the increasing credit capacity given to banks. So credit was abundant, and leased to the rich and poor alike, this allowed a greater production of cars, but then also bore a direct relationship to the resoource deficient sector of petroleum.
    so, we had a country, importing oil, at an exorbent cost, since it had many consumers.
    This led to high inflation, and mounting public debt, as a result, the higher inflation rate was borne by those who had an essential “basket” of goods. which is basically the lower income strata, so while the rich and the middle class, such as our author seemed to function very well in the burgeoning debt, and high inflation the long run effects of the economic policies started to press the poor even more. This long run can be seen NOW.

    i strongly urge all readers to test the credibility of my analysis mentioned above to give them a better idea
    and i also strongly suggest, that authors should refrain from using second hand, sham economics to justify abrogation of the rule of law.
    this elitist mind set needs to vanish from our country if we are to progress.Recommend

  • Hamood

    @Ali Raza, unfortunately the uneducated masses will keep voting for uneducated feudals of PPP and PML. Recommend

  • saadi

    just to elaborate on one point
    Those who have gone abroad to do their PHDs, have earned it
    but the author has expressed glee on the many universities formed, these universities do not have the basics of higher education, and are doling out PHDs
    I was referring to this class, who are found to be plagiarizing.Recommend

  • Dr Beenish Siddiqi

    well-compiled date, nice effort !!Recommend

  • anonymous

    great piece of work..Recommend

  • Arif Jafri

    grt research.. awesome Job Mr RazaRecommend

  • saheefa kiran

    Good job !!Recommend

  • Suhail Kidwai

    Well done Abidi sahib.Recommend

  • Tariq J Qureshi (TQ)

    Majid…Nothing wrong with University of Peshawar BA/BSc degree that cadets get while at PMA, and YES they are graduates. I am sure you are drawing comparisons with tons of false degree that the MNA’s and MPA’s have submitted. And they are your legislators making laws for your country. Coincidently what is President Asif Zardari’s credentials. In every Private and Government sector job, even for a clerical job the minimum requirement is a BA degree. And here you expect that the people who you choose to rule should be exempted from it. Whao….

    I hate military involvement, but most politicians appearing on talk shows have pointed out that whenever the political governments reached deadlock when they lock horns with each other, they start visiting GHQ. Whether it was BB or NS in their last 2 governments each, looked for military support for the change. Unfortunately it is the same politicians who after martial law join hands with dictators. Its rather strange that none of the civilian governments have given Pakistan peaceful moments past 24 months. Right after they reach the midpoints they start screwing around with every law. Look at what is happening right today.

    I liked Musharraf idea of ‘National Security Council” where COAS is a member of the 7 member national committee to create checks and balances till our leaders reach a mature stage in 10 years. Unfortunately 90% of your existing leadership have grown in lap of military rulers all across the divide. Having a role for COAS is justified as he represents the direct opinion of the 10 Million plus voters (Serving forces and their direct families). In forces a monthly report is developed on morale of troops as they are a part of Pakistan. How many independent opinion poles does the civilian government accept to have a corrective action. Thats where the screw up happens.
    What I feel is that Pakistan needs a new democratic system as the rural constituencies sell their votes for Rs 1000 with 3 meals on election day. You call this democracy? The only way out is that we change the system, or have a national government for 10 years, till our 50% Pakistan population that is below the voting age can be educated to understand the basic principal for choosing the right MNA/MPA to represent them when they reach the voting age.

    You can hate Musharraf, but out of the entire lot of what is available that has been tested and tried, you take the pick! Recommend

  • Muhamad

    Reason # 51.
    Enough of free Afghani hashish available for smoking! After inhaling, one can become delusional enough to come up with 50 reasons!Recommend

  • Masood Akhtar

    people can’t understand the gravity of Pakistan politics, especially
    the wrong direction set by General Zia–something we are facing today
    in the form of fanatics and suicidal Taliban. If Musharaf could dare to
    challenge Zia’s legac…y, whether out of his own choice or compelled by
    …circumstances, he did a great…
    job to the nation..something that can’t be expected of a politician. Not
    to speak of his planning of development projects and educational growth
    not matched in the history of Pakistan after and before him. The dirty
    politics of Pakistan make even great leader down on many fronts.
    Something can be taken for granted, especially when we talk in terms of
    comparison with other leaders in Pakistan.(By Kiramat Khan)Recommend

  • Masuud Qazi

    Pretty much the same points that any Musharraf lover has come up with through the last 2-3 years since he went out to a guard of honor (read: garland of shoes). The funny part is most of the points are unverified and without any proper source.

    Anyways, I’ll try to break it up into as much as I can and as brief as possible in my response.

    Musharraf regime created two major problems: inflation that went out of control and a trade imbalance. Our imports rose sharply while the exports remain stagnant. And this is what the current government inherited. The Musharraf regime gave the next government a massive foreign exchange crisis and a debt mountain to payoff, which we all witnessed.

    There was already a massive power and energy crisis in the country when Musharraf went. The last investment that was made in the power sector was in the Ghazi Barotha project, which was an achievement of the political governments of the 1990s. Since 1999, the Musharraf regime did not invest in a single megawatt of power. In 2001, we had surplus power, today we are living with power shortage.When Benazir’s govt. contracted to buy power at 6 cents/hour, there was excessive criticism. When Musharraf ran away, for one project they are contracting at 11.5 cents per hour.

    I would also like to establish that liquid assets in the face of foreign exchange reserves have posted a growth of 10 fold from the 97′ balance. Granted most of the money is translated as compensation for the Pakistan’s participation in the war of terror.. had nothing to do with Musharraf”s economic policies!

    Musharraf gave us high levels of inflation, the deteriorating law and order situation, civil war in the north east and the rise of the hippy culture and so on..Recommend

  • Masuud Qazi

    Let’s play with a bit of the statistics now related to Musharraf’s last few years, which you’re pretty much proud of.

    The government’s target controlling inflation rate at 6.5 percent for the fiscal year 2007-08 could not be achieved, likewise other targets such as GDP growth rate and trade deficit crossed the limits to set poles a part at 12 percent at the closing of the year over corresponding year.

    Consumer Price Index (CPI), Sensitive Price Index (SPI) and Wholesale Price Index (WPI) for the year 2007-08 increased by 12 percent, 16.81 percent and 16.41 percent respectively over the corresponding period of 2006-07. It increased by 7.77 percent, 10.82 percent and 6.94 percent respectively in 2006-07.

    2007-08 inflation started with 6.4 percent in July 2007, but grew with momentously reaching the peak of 21.53 percent at the closing of the year in June 2008.

    Similarly, food inflation having 40 percent weightage in CPI basket also began the year at 8.5 percent but it also shoot up sharply to 32.05 percent, which was highest increase since 1974-75 when it touched 27.8 percent.Recommend

  • Masuud Qazi

    Economists believed, not I, the higher global prices of food, fuel and other commodities driven by a weaker rupee, import costs and gradual removal of fuel, food and power subsidies and monetary overhang on account of excessive borrowing from the SBP to finance the fiscal deficit have been major factors in pushing the prices to new highs during the current fiscal.

    When Musharraf left, Pakistan was the only country in South Asia, which was facing deficit of budget, current account deficit coupled with high core and food inflation rate.

    Just take a look and compare the situation between when Musharraf took over from NS and what the situation was on… the day of twin tower bombings on 9/11. These figures are taken from the Federal Bureau of Statistics, between. (FY stands for fiscal year)

    When mush displaced NS in FY99 the GDP was 4.2% whereas on the day of the bombings in FY01 it stood at 2.2 %.
    The net foreign investment fell from $499 million in FY99 to $182 million in FY01.
    The tax revenue-GDP ratio fell from 13.3% in FY99 to 12.9% in FY01.
    The total debt plus explicit liabilities rose from 104.7% of GDP in FY99 to 113.5% in FY01.
    The rupee depreciated by 18.6% in FY01, the highest fall since 1982 in any financial year.
    The foreign exchange reserves with the SBP fell from $1662.7 million in FY99 to $991 million in FY00.
    The agriculture sector recorded a negative growth of 2.7% in FY01.
    The budgetary deficit which stood at 6.1% in FY99 rose to 6.6% in FY00.
    The unemployment rate of 5.89%, which the military government inherited from Nawaz govt, reached 7.82% in FY01.

    *These negative trends clearly show the failure of economic policies of the military government. The improvement of which the government now boasts so flagrantly was only possible after the unfortunate events of the September 11.*

    Pakistan was able to reduce interest rates while fattening of the foreign exchange reserves was achieved due to following reasons. Firstly, the SBP has, so far, purchased around $14 billion from the open market. It means like when anyone of us goes to a currency exchange and exchanges rupees for dollars. An option available to any government and does not entail its success and also results in an increase in inflation.Recommend

  • Zafar

    Atlast someone is ready to spread the reality about Musharraf era. Recommend

  • Masuud Qazi

    I’ve got loads more to offer par I’ll just stop here, since it very much nullifies your economic myth busting and stability slendering works of Musharraf’s era. So much for the myth of the economic growth? Or the reasonings of it?Recommend

  • Matthew Johnston

    Indeed he is coming back, the savior of Pakistan, I love it when a plan comes together. Recommend

  • Faisal Bukhari

    Musharraf is really gr8 leadre, In short Pakistan & Nation need his sevices, Plz do something we need U. Recommend

  • mario

    @Syed Ali Raza Abidi
    Dude you have done some really good research here.
    Those who are writing negative comments….they have absolutely no idea what they are talking.

    Very well done :)Recommend

  • http://2discuss.wordpress.com/ Kashif Jahangiri

    As a headline comment, please don’t take me as a PPP or a Sharif supporter. I staple them both with Musharraf, as they all miserably failed to deliver. So please don’t try to defend Musharraf by comparing him to Zardari or Sharif.

    I wouldn’t waste much time on Mush. Being an accountant by profession, I would concentrate on numbers and related policies. My two cents are as follows:

    Prior to 9/11, Pakistan’s foreign remittances from non-resident Pakistanis were approx US$ 70 million to US$ 80 million per month. During the fiscal year 2002-2003, our foreign remittances went up to approx. US$ 350 million. Yes, more than a 4 times increase. This was primarily because of the attitude of foreign governments towards Pakistanis abroad. Crediting Musharraf for this increase would be a little too generous.

    In addition to the above, Pakistan’s external loans were substantially rescheduled at very favourable terms which provided a lot of fiscal space to us. Furthermore, Pakistan also started receiving cash aid and a hefty sum on account of reimbursements for services to the US troops in Afghanistan. This all was in consideration of blindly following the US policies and yes, Musharraf should be credited for the related economic benefits. However, please note that we had received similar (and significantly more) benefits during the Zia era in consideration for blindly following the US policies then. Today, we all curse Zia for those policies, as our generation is paying a huge price for those policies. God knows up to what time we will pay for Mush’s policies.

    Notwithstanding the above and coming back to the economics, if we received such huge sums, imagine the potential for development we had. If we look at the development that took place during Mush’s era, is it commensurate the opportunities we had! NO. Then where did all the money go? The bulk of the money went into investment in land (as our khakis have a special love for increasing land prices and they love to see people buying the “hard earned” properties that they get during their service – that was the reason we abolished wealth tax in 2000). The other major chunk went into the stock market. Very little went to the industrial investment (compared to the potential we had) which creates jobs and thus is the backbone of any economy. This was a bad failure of Mush’s government.

    Our banking profits did not just increase, they went sky rocketing. But is that a good or a bad thing? The banking profits went up not because of any good reason, but because banks found an easy investment opportunity in the form of consumer financing (like car leasing). The individual consumers were paying heavy returns as compared to the industrial sector. Moreover, consumer financing was less risky as the banks’ “ghundas” (recovery teams) would snatch away the asset on a failure in repayment. Very systematically, the pattern of banking business changed from industry to consumer. Every tom dick and harry was buying a new car, only because his neighbour had bought one. What was the contribution of those cars to the national economy? None. Even the car manufacturers did not set up new plants. The cash price of a new car had a premium of 15% over normal price, as there was not enough production to support the demand. Even with this level of banking, the value of banking loans written off during Mush era amounts to US$ 1 billion. This however got buried in the hefty profits banks were making as they were not paying anything to the depositor and retaining most of the margin. The poor depositor was not getting anything on his deposit. The other flip side of this policy was the increase in the bill for importing oil. More than 2/3rd of Pakistan’s daily oil requirement was (is) fed through imports. Instead of providing incentives for industrial investment, we let the money go down the drain. Who made money? A few banks. And who paid for the cost? The entire economy. Mr. Shaukat Aziz tried to replicate the banking model of the western countries in Pakistan without realising the fact that the western countries were highly industrialised whereas we were (are) hugely dependent on imports and badly needed (need) industrial investment. The only sector that was favourite of Mr. Aziz was the real estate sector. Again, a concept borrowed from the West which was (is) ill suited to Pakistan. We have little amount of land that we should in prority use to set up industries, rather than setting up DHA colonies. Land is the first cost for setting up any business and increasing the prices of land means killing the industrial investment even before it raises its head to tap the opportunity. Even in the West, the model that Shaukat Aziz was following for Pakistan has resulted in the worst financial meltdown of all times. I live in Ireland where the cost of reckless banking is now estimated at over 40 billion euros (almost US$ 55 billion). The entire economy is paying the price of reckless lending. Pakistan is lucky that the bubble burst before it could swell a lot. Was our baking policy at its best during Mush’s era? NO.

    Despite the tall claims made re our tax collection, the reality is that our tax to GDP ratio remained at between 9% to 10% during Mush’s regime, which is well below the best achieved in the history of Pakistan in the fiscal year 1995-96 when it crossed 13%. Our tax / GDP ratio is the lowest in the region and is well below the ratio in advanced countries. In Ireland it is 30% and in Turkey it is 31%. In Sweden and Denmark it goes over 50%. Even in India it is 17% if we include sales tax which is a state tax in India as compared to a federal tax in Pakistan. Did we take ANY tangible steps to improve that ratio? NO.

    Why is our tax / GDP ratio so low. Agriculture forms more than 20% of our GDP and the total tax / GDP ratio of this sector (including provincial taxes such as Malia, Aabiana, etc.) is approx 0.7%. Retail traders contribution to GDP is 18% and their tax / GDP ratio is less than 1.5%. On agriculture, in particular, 88% of the farmers own less than 12.5 acres of land and only 12% are big farmers. Even if we tax the 12% big landlords that are cropping cash in their fields, imagine what potential do we get. The tax / GDP ratio of our industrial sector (although considered tax dodgers) is 33%. Per my calculation, if the tax / GDP ratio of agriculture and retail sector is matched to that of industrial sector ratio of 33%, these two sectors alone will generate cash tax revenue in excess of the total current tax revenue of Pakistan. Musharraf had absolute authority for 9 years. Did he make any move to improve the tax / GDP ratio? NO.

    There certainly are things to Musharraf’s credit, but I think it is only fair to measure hisperformabce against the opportunities available to him. As a student of finance, I see that he miserably failed to deliver on that count.

    Although I am not a political person, but being a Pakistani, I can see the dusastrous effects of his policies. Even in selling Pakistan, he did it so cheaply. In the words of Richard Armitrage (the former US Assistant Secretary of State), the US had presented 7 demands to Pakistan which included 3 real demands and 4 points for nrgotiation only (which could be dropped out as they were sure that Pakistan would never accept those). To his surprise, Mr. Mahmood Durrani (our then Ambassador to the US) conveyed that all 7 demands were acceptable to Pakistan without any negotiation. Musharraf later denounced his claim by saying that the US had threatened to bomb Pakistan to stone age (a claim that Armitrage denied). It is so pathetic to hear that from the head of a State that is armed with nuclear arsenals. Are our nuclear devices there to hatch eggs if we have to accede to such bullying tones!

    Musharraf always said “Pakistan first” and believed in the phrase in the same way as his US counterpart used to say “Iraq first”. Shame on both of them.Recommend

  • Syed A. Mateen

    Whatever good General Musharraf may have done during his tenure, he has done one bad thing that he unconditionally sided with US after 9/11 attacks and plunged the country into darkness.

    Why Bill Clinton did not met General Musharraf when he was Chief Executive of the country and preferred to stay a Chaklala Airbase for four hours?

    The only reason was that Bill Clinton did not want to shake hand with a dictator who entered into the highest level of the office from back door.

    After Musharraf’s coup, he went on driving Pakistan through bumpy roads which has created more harm to the country than good.

    People who are in support of General Musharraf to come back and take over the charge either of President or Prime Minister should remember one point that if at all he will come back he will have to enter the Presidency or Prime Minister House from the front door, as being a retired General, he does not have the power to enter into the politics from the back door.

    Consistency of policies goes parallel with the length of tenure. If any politician is given same length to rule the country as was given to General Ayub Khan, General Ziaul-Haq or General Musharraf, a politician can even perform better than any General.

    In such a case there will be many people who will be willing to bring back the politician for any length of tenure comparing to a General, as a politician does not have the power to abrogate the constitution.

    Father of the Nation, Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah did not made Pakistan for the Army Generals to rule the country. People who support Army Generals to come back are the one who differ from the basic concept of the Father of the Nation and the very essence of making Pakistan a welfare state.

    It should be the will of the majority of people who should rule the country. At least there should be some difference between Pakistan and Burma where Aung San Suu Kyi is put behind the bars for the last 14 years.

    Today Pakistan is facing numerous problems just due to one simple reason that the democracy was derailed time and again and Pakistan could not set its goals and targets as was suppose to achieve under the guidelines given by the Father of the Nation. Recommend

  • Majid

    Well said Saadi! Above all that authors should refrain from using second hand, sham economics to justify abrogation of the rule of law.Recommend

  • Waqar Azeem

    Salute to you Sir Musharraf


  • faris

    So where did all this investment, and infra-structure building go? That’s like dressing up a whore and then raping her! and then the whore can decide later who was ‘relatively’ nicer to her! Wake up Pakistan!Recommend

  • kashif

    long live MusharrafRecommend

  • Juanid Kiani

    i love mushsarf polices.Recommend

  • http://ykhan.wordpress.com Yasser

    Thanks for this post, i am sure and i know zillion points left to be highlighted and for all the intellectual smarts who has been fool around by Pakistani current politicians that 9 years rule was not stable read and search on point no 21 again and again.

    21. The economy was the third fastest growing economy after China and IndiaRecommend

  • Hamza Baloch

    All points one side, he gave NRO, and NRO gave a way to zerdari to become the president :|

    So all the presetn situation is indirectly from Musheraf.Recommend

  • Saad Durrani

    For all those Musharraf haters, if not anything, it was in 2008 when Pakistan was in Big 11 after the BRIC countries. Neither I or you or Musharraf rated the countries. It was the FTSE Group who rated it. Something was going right in his tenure.

    Furthermore, lets not forget who was Bugti. Bugti was a separatist, he was harboring an army. He had his personal jail. He was destroying Government’s property.

    Lal Masjid again was harboring terrorists. We all forgot how the Burqa Brigade was out there to get people who went to spas. They kidnapped Chinese and lets not forget that China is investing a lot in Pakistan.

    The Chief Justice matter was only politicized for one’s need. However, it was tackled in all the wrong ways possible.

    Benazir’s murder.Oh please, do not get me started on that. It is enough to see who got the most benefit out of it, and it was not Musharraf.Recommend

  • Syed Abbas

    Remarkable efforts…………Good on ya manRecommend

  • umer

    Pagal ho gaya hai writer – musharraf the human smuggler – seller of his own countrymen Recommend

  • Moz

    Yes we should test the credibility of any report or news before jumping to conclusion. But this should not be limited to Musharraf only. First let me clearify that I am not an economist, but we are not discussing anything too complicated here. Your point about PHDs may be right, but these people were selected by foreign universities.
    Your point on the industrial sector. I am assuming that you agree with the author, that the industrial sector grew. Just because we don’t have any oil, doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t buy cars. That growth created jobs, and owning a car was no longer a luxury.
    The inflation jumped but so did people’s income. And don’t even compare the inflation of Musharraf with your current democratic government. The inflation during your current gov’t has increased ten folds.
    Pakistan stopped taking loans from IMF in 2007. Your current “democratic” has become professional beggars. People see GDP as just another word, but this is one of the key measures of country’s ability to produce. Pakistan’s GDP reached 7% during Musharraf era, and his gov’t was targeting 8%. How did it all happen? The current democratic gov’t has the same backing from America if not more, why can’t they use it for Pakistan’s advantage?
    Now let me quote your conclusion.
    “and i also strongly suggest, that authors should refrain from using second hand, sham economics to justify abrogation of the rule of law.“
    Does this only apply to Musharraf, or others as well? Politicians claim that it is their right to do corruption because they have been voted in by people. Pakistan is more important than democracy or dictatorship, they both serve Pakistan, Pakistan doesn’t serve either of them. If the condition of people is crappy, then laanat on democracy. Recommend

  • aNu

    Good Work!!!!
    Syed Ali Raza Abidi.
    Long Live Pakistan
    Long Live Musharraf
    Sub Sey Pehlay Pakistan.Recommend

  • aNu

    Basic comparison of 1999 and 2007

    Pak Economy in 1999 was: $ 75 billion
    Pak Economy in 2007 is: $ 160 billion

    GDP Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) in 1999: $ 270 billion
    GDP Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) in 2007: $ 475.5 billion

    GDP per Capita in 1999: $ 2,000
    GDP per Capita in 2007: $ 3,004

    Pak revenue collection 1999: Rs. 305 billion
    Pak revenue collection 2007: Rs. 708 billion

    Pak Foreign reserves in 1999: $ 700 million
    Pak Foreign reserves in 2007: $ 17 billion

    Pak Exports in 1999: $ 7.5 billion
    Pak Exports in 2007: $ 18.5 billion

    Textile Exports in 1999: $ 5.5 billion
    Textile Exports in 2007: $ 11.2 billion

    KHI stock exchange 1999: $ 5 billion at 700 points
    KHI stock exchange 2007: $ 70 billion at 14,000 points

    Foreign Direct Investment in 1999: $ 1 billion
    Foreign Direct Investment in 2007: $ 8 billion

    Debt servicing 1999: 65% of GDP
    Debt servicing 2007: 26% of GDP

    Poverty level in 1999: 34%
    Poverty level in 2007: 24%

    Literacy rate in 1999: 45%
    Literacy rate in 2007: 53%

    Pak Development programs 1999: Rs. 80 billion
    Pak Development programs 2007: Rs. 520 billion

    Hats Off To Mushrraf!!!Recommend

  • Tatmaeen

    Though Musharraf is good but we need new flesh to reestablish the whole state. I just want my country’s, my homeland’s prosperity!Recommend

  • Ahsan

    i wonder how drasticly the country would have changed if being a graduate was made necessary to VOTE rather than to contest elections Recommend

  • http://www.humsub.pk Jawad Rafiq

    y not some present statistics is also published.Recommend

  • Noreen Shams

    No comments !Recommend

  • purple

    National College of Arts -Rawalpindi? Recommend

  • Danish

    Mr Abidi well done, Musharraf made sure that Pakistani’s abroad were respected and tried to do what he can for ordinary Pakkistani’s.Recommend

  • //a PERVAIZ

    1) Not a signal world class eng. Produce these university ( if any )2)And all bank were down as bubble burst .3) Look surround u where are it professional .4. power sector,industry and home gas divert to cng and now we are facing load shad.5.Telecommunications growth is whole the world in last decay .6. where is these Industrial parks .7. Now We are unable to reach Saindak, Rekodiq, marble production, coal production, mining and quarrying is balochistan due bugti murder .8. And reach to $5 billion when he leave president house .9.More the 800 billion of Gov. institute is lost in artificial rise in Kse..10. where are these literates person .11. Poor people were decreased by 20 per cent.12. beside all dams country facing water and electric at its worst .13. Rail way yet on single track with loss in billon what we do with motorways if any 14. people around Gwadar still poor .15. thank God u write 650 instead of 65000000 kilometers .16. And Budget deficit never come down from 500 billon .17. There is not a 1 % increase in manufacturing industries due to import base economy.18. where were theses money in his personal account.19. And these oil refinery earning in billons and we are not getting any thing . 20. No industrial growth due to import base economy .21. Thank God not claim no 1 .22. A tea shop establish also come yaar .23. And most of their woman student are in list of missing person.24. And Taliban take over The University of Science and Technology, Bannu, 25. and no fund available to continue the construction . 26. And Taliban take over The Malakand University in Chakdara .27. and no fund available to continue the construction.28. come on yaar 29. come on yaar 30. And take over all Law institute 31. All ban all The Media .32. come on yaar. 33. can he able to visit Baluchistan, 34. Can he able to visit Baluchistan 35. And poor become more poor .36. I have no knowledge of it 37. And Suicide rate 5 out of 100 .38 And Budget deficit never come down from 500 billon. 39. And trade deficit in 2007were worth $12.0 billions. 40. wrong figure.41. All in stocks and pull back within days after getting profits .42. when he leave 650 billions current account deficit present .43. And Suicide rate 5 out of 100. 44. Thank God u do not write 100 % .45. ha ha ha .46 More the 800 billion of Gov. institute is lost in artificial rise in Kse. 47. And trade deficit in 2007were worth $12.0 billions.48. And still we can not find 342 bachelor MNA . 49. And millions of child can not find school for basic education . 50. Oh my God this statement is one of biggest liar of the history Recommend

  • //a PERVAIZ

    1) Not a signal world class eng. Produce these university ( if any )2)And all bank were down as bubble burst .3) Look surround u where are it professional .4. power sector,industry and home gas divert to cng and now we are facing load shad.5.Telecommunications growth is whole the world in last decay .6. where is these Industrial parks .7. Now We are unable to reach Saindak, Rekodiq, marble production, coal production, mining and quarrying is balochistan due bugti murder .8. And reach to $5 billion when he leave president house .9.More the 800 billion of Gov. institute is lost in artificial rise in Kse..10. where are these literates person .11. Poor people were decreased by 20 per cent.12. beside all dams country facing water and electric at its worst .13. Rail way yet on single track with loss in billon what we do with motorways if any 14. people around Gwadar still poor .15. thank God u write 650 instead of 65000000 kilometers .16. And Budget deficit never come down from 500 billon .17. There is not a 1 % increase in manufacturing industries due to import base economy.18. where were theses money in his personal account.19. And these oil refinery earning in billons and we are not getting any thing . 20. No industrial growth due to import base economy .21. Thank God not claim no 1 .22. A tea shop establish also come yaar Recommend

  • //a PERVAIZ

    And most of their woman student are in list of missing person.24. And Taliban take over The University of Science and Technology, Bannu, 25. and no fund available to continue the construction . 26. And Taliban take over The Malakand University in Chakdara .27. and no fund available to continue the construction.28. come on yaar 29. come on yaar 30. And take over all Law institute 31. All ban all The Media .32. come on yaar. 33. can he able to visit Baluchistan, 34. Can he able to visit Baluchistan 35. And poor become more poor .36. I have no knowledge of it 37. And Suicide rate 5 out of 100 .38 And Budget deficit never come down from 500 billon. 39. And trade deficit in 2007were worth $12.0 billions. 40. wrong figure.41. All in stocks and pull back within days after getting profits .42. when he leave 650 billions current account deficit present .43. And Suicide rate 5 out of 100. 44. Thank God u do not write 100 % .45. ha ha ha .46 More the 800 billion of Gov. institute is lost in artificial rise in Kse. 47. And trade deficit in 2007were worth $12.0 billions.48. And still we can not find 342 bachelor MNA . 49. And millions of child can not find school for basic education . 50. Oh my God this statement is one of biggest liar of the history

  • shiraz qureshi


    haha….good one bro!! the bugger called musharraf dusnt deserve another chance! 9 yrs of absolute power even then he cudnt do jack! why another chance?!Recommend

  • hu

    Your point # 1 about the universities is repeated unnecessarily from points 23-34. In short, your list lacks credibility.Recommend

  • shiraz qureshi

    bro! do u think wat the ex-pats face these days in the world, and when ppl like you and me travel abroad, we are respected in any way at all?!?!?! hahahaa….which dream world are you living in brother???? it was his regime that our country and countrymen got the biggest label of terrorists n terrorist harbouring country…. its all thanks to musharraf and army during his regime (coz not only he was the president of pak but CNC of pak army as well) if he would hv taken a lil more serious steps, things wud hv bn much more different. pls dont close yr eyes ppl…..read …..research and then comment. otherwise we as the educated part of our society have no point of our existenceRecommend

  • Arslan Hassan

    i can write THOUSANDS reason why Pakistan Needs ME =DRecommend

  • freeha naz

    Well many of us can give 150 counter reasons that PAKISTAN don’t need this man.Its not v difficult to produce these facts and figures related to economy and many other sectors. If a leader is not famous among common man he has no right to represent them.MUSHRUF is no one but a brutal who paved the way for US army and black water to step in PAKISTAN.Even if all these figures are true history will never forgive him for his deeds.He himself ask for apology to PAKISTANI nation then how can we claim that he is innocentRecommend

  • kamil iqbal

    i can give 51 points for Pakistan dont need Musharraf…Recommend

  • Shoaib Tauseef

    To all those who still Deny the facts…
    the first argue Anti mushrraf are claiming is tht increase in economy is due to Foreign Aid…. My answer to them is that dont be tht much Stupid guy’s does anyone of you have any idea how much War on terror Costing? The Aid was give for tht … the Army Expenses. there are thousands of miltary personals which shifted to tribal areas. and using Arms and machines for Fighting these all things cost too high even the petrol used in helicopters is beyound our thinking so stop claiming tht everything is add due to aid… and If tht was the case then we have getting the Max Aid in last 2 years why still Economy Falling ?????? and Recommend

  • Tayyab Raza

    @ Syed Nadir El-Edroos
    what can you write against mush ??
    apart from the same old whining about Afia sidddiqui and Lal masjid issue. Get over it seriously.

  • Shoaib Tauseef

    @Masuud Qazi

    bro your facts are too much like Stereo type …….. lol ….. u said Due to mushrraf, inflation increases and Debt increases…… lol …. bro seriously u need a recheck at your stats …. my opinion to u us tht download the economic survey’s from 2000 to 2008 then compare it…. 2007-8 is a tough one but inflation wasn’t out of control it however increases but now it’s out of control. the debts are First time Payoff only in 2007 we get loans because of Subsidy on electricity….. so u are same like anyother Anti msuhrraf who are totally based on STEREO TYPE abt mushrraf …. Recommend

  • Shoaib Tauseef

    @kamil iqbal:
    Ok u tell me the name to whom u prefer than Mushrraf i bet i post 100 points against him Now what ????Recommend

  • Faizan

    @ saadi

    Mr, saadi, people like you, who think they are soo educated and that they have a God given right to crticism, tend to forget that other people may also be equally educated if not more.
    It is this delusion that made you miss out on the point of this whole article.
    Whether the industrial boom was because of the exploding car industry which was a result of banks giving out loans.. or whatever the reasons are.
    The point is that there was an ‘industrial boom’ and there was an ‘exploding car industry’!
    Is there anything of the sort now? the answer is NO! Whatever economical reasoning behind the 50 points above are.. the bottom line is that atleast these points did infact exist .. Musharraf made these points possible. The current government has not done anything of the sort.. It infact hasnt done anything at all!! Thats the whole point of the argument.
    And please it is my request to you that do not reply to this with more crticism to me or to Musharraf because if you are educated then in your herat you will know that Musharraf was far far far better than any of these democratic heroes!Recommend

  • http://UAE Yousaf

    Oh my God.. oh my God…!! mind blowing, now this is called something “Din Doganni Raat Chaganni” Progress…

    What an article..seriously eye opener. And those who still doubt about Musharraf need some mental treatment, really.

    Imagine if Musharraf had continued, what would be the figures?Recommend

  • http://www.umairhassan.com Umair Hassan

    I’m just glad to see some one writing in favour of Musharaf as well. It was getting a little too much only talking against him in every other article that was published. We need to discuss both sides of the picture, regardless of your opinions about him.
    Good work !Recommend

  • Armguhan

    Sorry bud but 50 reasons after 10 years of rule are laughable. Establishing a small scale university is not the world’s greatest achievement. The per capita incomes and GDP’s have grown since, they only go up, if you have ever studied economics.GDP is an obsolete tool that takes no interest in actual human development. Next time, try and bring up HDI (Human Development Index) in his time. As for stock exchange, some believe it was pushed up in a manner that guaranteed future crashings. It was pushed up for the sake of higher numbers.

    Now let me give you a few reasons why not to bring him back.

    Pakistani Rupee crumbled during his time.
    Not even a single megawatt was added to power sector during his decade of destruction and hence the crisis, helping new rulers find avenues of more corruption.
    Wheat was exported in massive quantities or atleast they said that and then imported it at exactly double prices. Thanks to that we now have Flour that costs around Rs.30/KG which was under Rs.13/KG previously.
    Massive efforts were made to privatize crucial government assets for peanuts.
    Dr.Shamshad Akhter was made Governor State Bank (thats a massive de-merit).
    Interest boomed in the economy, which means poor man will eventually be crushed under it.

    I can go on but i think for a sensible person, these should be enough. Recommend

  • mario

    Pakistan first!
    Long live Musharraf :)Recommend

  • Fasih Ali Khan

    Good Work Syed Ali Raza Abidi Sahab. Thank you for a great Input. You have forgotton to mention Media Liberation in his ”Un Democratic” Era. None of his opponants can ever compete this great man in anyway. He’s the Hope for Pakistan.Recommend

  • Zahid

    I have made one interesting observation here. While discussing goods of Musharraf, his opponents go into details as to what were circumstances that led these to happen. For example, they say that foreign aid was coming, development was happening all around the globe, bla bla. Quite interesting when they discuss bads of Musharraf Government, they do not want to make it a case study and discuss the circumstances at that time. Biggest examples are Lal Masjid, Akbar bugti killing and NRO. I would ask them what would they have done in case of Lal Masjid or Akbar if they were at his place? Also, what is the difference between Lal Masjid and Swat operation?Recommend

  • Hammad

    We Surely need Musharraf back and I wish he can get his uniform back too.. Democratic governement has never worked in a Muslim Country ….. look around the global if you can
    find one example ….Dont know why , but this is so ture. Army or Kingdom rule… Only… Recommend

  • Syed Ali Abid Zaidi

    i love mushsarf polices.
    long live Musharraf
    Salute to you Sir Musharraf

  • D. Rash

    Good work done….Mr Abidi…..but i wonder if this ungrateful nation will get any lesson from your blog….Recommend

  • aftab

    you did not mention three main projects from GILGIT-BALTISTAN, Karakurum International university, Extension of Karakumum high way which is the backbone between china and pakistan for trade n friendship, Lowari tunnel for chitral, try to get information from a local chitrali person how important that is in their daily life.
    Musharaf was the only person after Bhutto who really did something important for the people of Gilgit-Baltistan.Brvo Musharaf , We salute you and are Always with you.God Bless you.Recommend

  • Basheer Ahmed

    Who said it to you? After FSc, he got commissioned at Kakul..
    Wikipedia mentions his education as
    “In 1961, he entered the Pakistan Military Academy at Kakul, graduating 11th in his class.
    A graduate of the Command and Staff College, Quetta, and the National Defence College, Rawalpindi,
    Musharraf is also a graduate of the Royal College of Defence Studies of the United Kingdom.”

    Some this all .. does it make only 14 years ???????Recommend


    I would rate this as good research rather an eye opener (for the people who are willing open their eyes and mind).Although, these all achievements are facts and exist(proved), however , some of our Pakistanis don’t agree not because they don’t want to rather because of their loyalties which they have already mortgaged with such leaders which create their places in the masses by buy things rather delivering for the nation(very unfortunate for Pakistan).

    It is regrettable that things which are evident needs to be highlighted for making a point. The agony is that people opposing PM realizes in their hearts that how well they were doing socially and morally during his day and how their living standards has increased due to the efforts and policies of PM government but again due to mortgaged loyalties they(prisoners of their own deeds) have to side by the failed personalities who are still existing on the strength of the wealth which they have stolen from our sweet country (Tax Payer Money).

    For Lal Masjid episode, it is all political, it was the war against the sovernginity of the Pakistan and the only way was to won. In my opinion education should be the main sector to be targeted otherwise we will remain the same as we are for times to come(May Allah bring prosperity and sovereignty to our Country again Ameen)Recommend

  • Fahad Bombaywala

    Lovely! Great piece of writing. :)Recommend

  • shahrukh

    when he was our president the condition of our beloved country was much better we really need him as our president!

  • Saeed

    Great work by Syed Ali Raza Abidi and aNu. please keep it up. It would be further better if some one add 3rd group of figures for the year 2009 or 2010 to open the eyes of the lovers of so called great “democracy”Recommend

  • ijayqureshi

    can you also do comparison between Gen Ayub Era and Musharraf Era.

    I think at that time dollar was 10-20 PKRS in musharraf 66 pkrs
    Fuel was 10/15 rs / liter in Musharraf era it touched 60-70/ liter
    diesel prices is like 1-2 rs/ liter during Musharraf era it was almost equal petrol price
    sugar bag was 3 rs / kg there was flour and sugar shortage
    there no electricity crisis in ayub era while there was 12-13 hrs loadshedding during summers

    I hope this comparison give me justification Love ayub over mUSHY!


  • Abbas


  • mobeen

    Sorry sir,
    we dont need musharaf we lost lal masjad.we lmmage of peacefull pakistan…we lost respect of hero of pakistan..( Dr; ABDULL QADEER KHAN ).we lost CIVIL COURTS SOVRENCY. and we lost 10,000,000,000 no’s there is no body can mention.pleas leav know pakistan.Recommend

  • hassan

    long live musharraf!Recommend

  • Shoaib Tauseef

    Came back plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Pakistan neeeeeeeeeeeeeeds you desperately ……. Hatred of u are just still sleeping and will be awoke when nothing left Recommend

  • Muhammad Fahim Hassan

    Dear Author, whatever you have written praising notorious Musharraf, is not all right. I personally know many projects u have mentioned are not even started. So pls who ever your are, do not lie on behalf of this Pak destroyer otherwise your end(hashar) will be like your financier(I am 100% sure u r paid by him or his allies).Recommend

  • Sarah Ansar

    Be it anyone capable n well educated definitely from middle class but we don’t want to see the faces of existing politicians Zardari, Nawaz n Shahbaz Sharif. And their chumcha’s Rehman Malik, Baber Awan, Qamar uz Zaman Kaira, Fauzia Wahab, Firdus Awan, Zulfiqar Mirza, Salman Taseer, Rana Sanaullah, Tehmina Daulatana and the list is endless and would not like even their families and children taking over. they may be shunned from Pakistan politics for life time. They all are a bunch of crooks and criminals and have had enough chances to show what they have and can do for the nation BUT they all failed miserably.God help Pakistan!Recommend

  • waqar

    oh our messiah


  • Junaid Abbasi

    One (1) Big Reason we don’t need Mushrraf;

    1 to 100….He is big Enemy of Islam & Islamic Laws……Recommend

  • Muhammad Fahim Hassan

    @Armguhan: pls do not stop here, I will add lill more to what u have disclosed, the $17 billion was not earned but was the result of cumulatvie loans which we have to pay now, the Gold and copper found was acutally found earlier than his era what goodnes he did to it was that he sold it for $21 billions while its worth is $65 billions at least. Kurrum Tangi dam has not been even started. Motorway was started by Nawaz, Gawader port was started and financed before his era. Many universities u mentioned was in pipeline before his era. He distroyed Kashmir policy by accepting that paki kashmiris are entering to fight. And that Kashmir problem was the coolest in his times, which now has started again, it was Nawaz who is going to solve Kashmir. Who had given him the authority to remove an elected government! Do u want more,,,,, Recommend

  • Fariha Munir

    Only one side of the picture is shown in this article.It did happen,what is claimed but all this was blown off during his own rule.
    CNG sector was developed but all the investment went down the drain,& manpower out of jobs,when within year loadshedding of gass tarted.
    Half of the proudly acclaimed industries here,were shut down,within 2 yrs cuz of horriffic electric & gass load sheddings.Nation had never experienced such load shedding before.Which later became one of the major factors for Mushy to step down.
    Foreign investment, brought bullish trends into stock market. Attracting,millions of natives to invest all their lifetime savings into it.When market grew strong enough,within a day whole foreign investment was drawn back alongwith the profits.When millions of people turned paupers overnight,the nation realised, the worst economic practical joke ever played with them.
    Musharraf had 9 years to rule this country.just 9 universities,no credit at all.Present government has launched such 4/5 projects,only in Multan.Whereas innumerable Medical colleges & universities have emerged within last 2 yrs.I am NOT supporting present govt cuz,its need of the time.Anybody in their shoes had to do it,inorder to meet the needs of a nation growing as fast as ours’.
    Most of all he has blood of so many pakistanis at his hands & need to be hanged for it.If he had committed such atrocities elsewhere,probably would’ve been tried for human rights violation & crimes in war right now.

    We are being ruled by inefficient & incompetant people,no doubt about it..But it was Musharaf’s incompetancy & failure which brought them to rule.He is a criminal,of our country & its people.He is a used cartridge,only worth discarding.Recommend

  • Sajjad Naqvi

    All i can say is WELL DONE MR.ALI RAZA.Recommend

  • Imdad Ali Chandio

    Yes ,he is man who can stable Pakistan.We want u back as soon as possible.
    Pakistans economy was strengthen in his tenure .

    Long live Dear Mushraf . Recommend

  • Mohmmad Ali

    Although Musharaf is not the ideal for me, however, I prefer him on Zordari and Moulana Sharif.Recommend

  • http://www.dudekichussian.blogspot.com Hamza

    @ the Writer,
    Dude may i ask you where did all the statistics come from?Recommend

  • Fareed Baloch

    I like this man, Good Jobs and work during his entire period.Recommend