Hijab4Men: Let’s turn the tables and show men how it feels

Published: February 5, 2014

What would it be like if men and beards were treated like women and headscarves? PHOTO: FACEBOOK PAGE (https://www.facebook.com/hijab4men)

You’re showing too much hair. You’re wearing a lot of makeup and your tight jeans? Well, you’re ruining the reputation of the hijab.

These are just a few examples of the criticism many hijabis face. 

Recently there were even adverts all over the Middle East comparing Muslim women to wrapped sweets – a lollipop with a wrapper symbolises perfection, that is, the angelic Muslim maintaining her pardah, while an ‘unwrapped lolly’ attracts flies to the haram enticement of an exposed ‘sweet’.

The men behind such adverts will deny that comparing Muslim women to sweets is objectifying us. They will contest that they are merely using the analogy as guidance for the benefit of their Muslim sisters by showing concern.

Here is another example, circulating its way around the web.

A Christian asked a Muslim,

“Why do your women cover their bodies and hair?”

The Muslim smiled and got two sweets. He unwrapped the first one and kept the other one wrapped. He threw them both on the dusty floor and asked the Christian,

“If I asked you to take one of the sweets, which one will you choose?”

The Christian obviously replied,

“The covered one.”

Then the Muslim said,

“In the same way that the wrapper protects the sweet from dust, the hijab protects our ladies from the sins and evil of this world.”

Photo: Twitter/Gautam Trivedi

There is an increasing expectation for Muslim women to conform to a certain ‘saintly’ exterior when wearing the hijab , otherwise there is a risk of ruining this clean-cut image. It doesn’t matter how much she prays or heaven forbid how much knowledge she has, let the men focus solely on her headscarf.

It is not just these advertising campaigns that are to blame. The West’s orientalist vision of Muslim women doesn’t help either.

From Pew Research polls of ‘how people in Muslim countries prefer women to dress in public’ – complete with different diagrams of hijab styles – to World Hijab Day which paved the way for white saviour complexes to post selfies of themselves in hijabs, turning it into a costume for the day, once again the West appropriated Muslim women and condescendingly tried to understand us without giving us a voice of our own.

Photo: File

Is being a Muslim woman really all about appearance?

Before you start playing the moral police,  let me ask you this.

What if the tables were turned?

What if we did the same with men?

Hijab4Men did exactly that with their satirical Facebook page. Although this group mocks the stupidity of such advertising campaigns, some Muslim men should take a taste of their own medicine.

The ethos of Hijab4Men is simple,

“What would it be like if men and beards were treated like women and headscarves?” 

Pictures such as a bearded Muslim praying in comparison to a man wearing swimming trunks on the beach can be used in the same context of the hijabi-candy adverts can’t they?

Photo: Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/hijab4men)

There was one caption that had me in fits. It accompanied both, a peeled and an unpeeled kiwi and I’ve shared it below:

Photo: Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/hijab4men)

If Muslims want to progress, it is imperative to understand the double standards when it comes to women in Islam, as Hijab4Men so hilariously demonstrates.

Zab Mustefa

Zab Mustefa

Zab Mustefa is a British journalist who specialises in women's rights and culture. She tweets @zabmustefa (twitter.com/zabmustefa)

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • http://livinginpak.wordpress.com Raiha

    Spot-on Zab! This thing with the sweets had been bothering me for a long time.

    Many women in Pakistan do a lot of objectionable things under the cover of hijab as it does provide them ‘security’! Security in doing whatever they want as they would still be considered pious because they cover their head! A girl who wears jeans is automatically considered a ‘jahanummi’ even if she does not lie or cheat, respects her parents, prays to Allah, doesn’t have relationships and gets good grades.

    Thank you for pointing out our problem of dual standards in such a fun way!Recommend

  • Warda

    Lets not just blame men for everything. Being a women and living in a society such as Pakistan while wearing western clothing, I have mostly been judged by women as compared to men. Once while wearing a normal shirt and straight jeans, I was called a ‘jahanumi’ by a hajabi woman who had his son dressed in jeans. That is double standard. Allowed for boys, not for girls.Recommend

  • Miss Syed

    Really? what’s your point? I mean, what kind of bloggers get space here. Hire me tribune!!!
    Yes, I understand people care more about the appearances be it a man or a woman, but you can’t deny Modesty is NOT a part of Islam. It’s equal for both Men and Women, If you study Islam, you’ll see Islam discourages Tight jeans for men as well. Clothing has to be modest.

    Who are you kidding, If it’s really not about attire being a bit different for men and women, as demonstrated by your examples, I ask you, why in the west where, the modesty standards are quite “liberal” why is it that on the beaches a woman wear 2 pieces and a man only ONE?
    such blatant bigotry, where are the equal right for women, women should also be allowed to wear only one piece. nudity, which by the way is a criminal offence in MOST of the countries should be lifted. It’s the INSIDE THAT MATTERS. appearances MATTER NOT!!

    Yea, right? Kinda makes sense!!!Recommend

  • Abeer Pervaiz

    Unfortunately according to a few Muslim male “Islam” is only restricted to women!

    I totally agree with the author. However, it is not just some Muslim male but also some Muslim females that have the same perception. Indeed education and knowledge is imperative for Islam to progress. I also believe no one has the right to judge anyone except God Himself. We should try to fix the faults in us ourselves rather pointing fingers at others and in the Islamic world at Women. Recommend

  • http://blogs.tribune.com.pk/author/430/faraz-talat/ Faraz Talat

    I’ve been following the Facebook page almost since its inception. I think it’s a brilliant idea that shows a mirror to men giving condescending advice to women on sartorial matters.

    Any culture that disproportionately burdens one gender group with upholding customs, while allowing men to parade around in whatever clothing feels convenient to them (including the ‘Western clothing’ that is forbidden to women), would likely benefit from some reformation.Recommend

  • Kay Jay

    It’s not objectification, It’s called logically using your brains, I bet if you were given a loliipop without a wrapper with flies attacking, you wouldn’t like it for yourself.

    Secondly, give us one example of ANYTHING from within mother nature that is precious, beautiful, and yet without a cover?Recommend

  • Parvez

    Nicely done.
    Brings to mind ‘ whats good for the goose is good for the gander ‘.
    Both the hijab and the beard are props to support a weak inner conviction ……a stong belief does not need crutches.Recommend

  • anushe

    Bravo! Finally someone dares to mention that ‘other half’ of those verses telling women to lower their gazes. Would be great if men were also subjected to mass arabization like women – wear a tobe and kandura anyone?Recommend

  • http://peddarowdy.wordpress.com Anoop


    Why should Women bear the burden of Man’s lust? Recommend

  • ranout

    I find these candy analogies more offensiv for men. Men are being compared to insects! Recommend

  • Muslim girl

    The problem is that we lack the ability to accept the truth. Hijab is obligatory on every muslim woman and she will not be considered as a true momina until she wears it no matter what anybody says. If you do not want to wear it, its up to you. And no one has the right to criticize you. It is true that not only wearing the hijab matters but one has to go through many spiritual levels to truly become pious but your argument is completely invalid. Men are least bothered in this issue, women on the other hand love tearing the flesh off one another. Recommend

  • Logic

    But women will ask their partners not to have beards. Men are being made to follow their whims…Recommend

  • Miss Syed

    @Miss Syed:

    I’d also like to add, The writer says, these ad campaigns objectify women, I think objectification of women is MORE SO, when the media makes them feel worthless if WOMEN of the world, DO not conform to a specific exterior (standard set by people) Women have been turned into A product by everyone!

    Media enforces upon women to wear heels, to look a specific way in terms of weight, color etc.,, pornographic industry is worth billions, what is this? if not objectification? the Hip-hop industry, the lyrics? ever read the lyrics reducing the worth of a woman worse than that of an animal? WHY MUST YOU NOT WRITE AGAINST THAT? i ask why? Islam liberates a woman from these vain desires of men and women. I maybe a hypocrite, but the truth is, women are objectified everywhere in every way possible.

    A woman is suppose to be dressed modestly, she doesn’t have to become a slave of the world, of the cosmetic industry, to feel inferior if not dressed that PARTICULAR WAY!
    If the west can publish ads of half naked women shamelessly, claiming this is the worth of a woman, to include a women in the advertisements of Men’s razor WHY? e must you target a particular section of the society ( following islam) for propogating what they think is right? WHY must you be so harsh while falsely claiming you are liberal?
    I ask Why?Recommend

  • Payback time

    Hell yeah! Finally! I’m sick of women in Islam being dogmatised all the time. This post shows that we’re not just objects for men to boss around!Recommend

  • Samia Ali

    All the guys complaining that hijabs and beards aren’t the same thing. Did you even check the Hijab4Men Facebook page? It’s SATIRE!

    If you can’t understand or comprehend the underlying issue of this post, then you’re obviously COMPLETELY missing the point!Recommend

  • Pappu

    @Kay Jay:
    God/ nature create all human beings/ animals/ flowers without a cover. Please Educate yourself before commenting.Recommend

  • Gingo

    @Kay Jay:
    If a handsome man (a lollipop) incites lust in the eyes of a woman (a fly), shouldn’t that man be made obliged to observe purdah (wrapper)?Recommend

  • Pappu

    Covering head by men and women has been prevalent in Arabia as a cultural norm even before Islam. Same is the case with beard.Recommend

  • Ashy

    @Jay Kay: Adam and Eve were naked in heaven. Biggest example of them all.Recommend

  • Stranger

    The kiwi metaphor is the best. It’s too silly to be called a joke .Recommend

  • farhat tahir

    The issue is not clear by the blogger! The issue is demand of Quran to a Muslim women/men.subject nto dress code both are separately asked. Plz don’t mix it with women rights.Recommend

  • nust

    Spot-on! Recommend

  • dana

    respect to the author! you’ve put into words, what’s been on my mind for such a long time. i as a person who wears the hijab am sick to death of people commenting (mostly men) on how i should and shouldn’t wear my hijib. meanwhile, many of them prance about in shorts and vests during the summer.Recommend

  • abubakar

    In the original survey most people in pakistan voted for women no.2 . And if we talk about islam you cannot deny (or maybe you dont know) , Islam mandates niqab for women http://islamqa.info/en/12525
    but at the same time it calls men to lower their gazes. So whether you admit it or keep denying it niqab is compulsory. You don’t want to follow this aspect of islam it’s up to you but atleast have the guts to say that you don’t want to follow these teachings. And before anyone tells me that I’m mistaken or the article in the link is not correct representation of islam! Then first answer this do you know more about islam than the panel of acholars that sit on that site? NIQAB IS MANDATORY that’s what islam says you cant change it.Recommend

  • aleem maq

    I’m tired of Muslim men being so ignorant and superior to women. Arguing with such fanatics gets you nowhere. Men and women should always be equal and I believe that if a woman should dress “modestly” then so should a man, which of course doesn’t happen. Religious Muslim men can dish it out, but can’t take criticism back when it hits them in the face as this blog post clearly demonstrates. Just check the Facebook thread and you’ll see my point.Recommend

  • aleem maq

    I forgot to add that I’m a Muslim myself lol. In case there’s anyone who thinks I’m criticising Islam.Recommend

  • Miss Lena

    Muslim men need to get off their high horses! We don’t dictate to them how to dress so they shouldn’t do it to us!Recommend

  • feminist pakistani

    why is it ok for guys to walk around in the heat wearing just shorts and a woman is expected to wear practically a bed sheet over her whole body? i’ve seen it so many times in the middle east.Recommend

  • Mumtaz

    Zab for President! We would solve more of Pakistan’s backward problems if we addressed issues such as these.Recommend

  • gp65

    The dual standards you write about (between hijabi and non hijabi girls) may be present but not the one the author of this blog focused on. The author was focused on dual standards between men and womenRecommend

  • references please?

    @Muslim girl: “Hijab is obligatory on every muslim woman and she will not be considered as a true momina until she wears it no matter what anybody says.”

    Please provide a reference from Quran that states this. (Please note – do nto provide generic references related to modesty f a woman. Provide very speciic ones that state that hijan is a pre-requisite for every Muslim woman.Recommend

  • kay

    @Miss Syed:
    Nobody’s saying that modesty isn’t important. What they’re saying is that it’s frustrating to have women constantly criticised while only a few select groups ever criticise men. There are all sorts of facebook pages where people post pictures of girls and mock them for having “incorrect hijab” or they post these insulting pictures comparing women to food or accessories, but the only page I’ve ever seen ever say the same thing about men has been this Hijab4Men page.

    Like, if you’re going to get upset over lack of modesty, then discuss it equally in regards to men and women and encourage equal discussion, don’t just focus solely on women. It’s not fair to women, and it also makes it so that men think that they can get away with whatever they want to.Recommend

  • Yaqub Hariri

    Well done to the people who made the Hijab4Men Facebook page. Had me in stitches for the most of it. The ET comment thread for this article is also very entertaining. Most of the angry haters are men still blaming women for a bit of satire. Check it out :)Recommend

  • Asma

    People don’t understand what Islam is. May I remind you that the holy Quran states:

    “Tell the believing men to lower their gaze and be modest” Quran 24:30


    “And say to the believing women that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty; that they should not display their beauty and ornaments except what (must ordinarily) appear thereof; that they should draw their khimar over their breasts and not display their beauty except to their husband, their fathers, their husband’s fathers, their sons, their husbands’ sons, their brothers or their brothers’ sons, or their sisters’ sons, or their women, or the slaves whom their right hands possess, or male servants free of physical needs, or small children who have no sense of the shame of sex; and that they should not strike their feet in order to draw attention to their hidden ornaments.” Quran 24:31

    Cover the bosom area. Tell me, where does it mention a hijab or niqab? And before saying the jilbab, that translates as “cloak” in Arabic. Not veil.

    So how about lowering your gaze rather than getting women to cover up? Recommend

  • boony

    LOL kiwi fruit analogy so funny!Recommend

  • Pappu

    @Miss Syed: As per religion all humans will be naked on the day of judgement.Recommend

  • mehdi

    this sweet/lollipop part is not why shariat has Hijab. and this is not the explaination why women should curtain themselves. . . .lousy article without research…..Recommend

  • ayeda

    and far as beard is concerned, it is SUNNAH and everybody knows difference b/w Fardh and Sunnah.
    on the other hand, muslim women is required to cover herself the way Allah has said in Quran. Recommend

  • Khan

    Ignorance at its height… Its in Islam that requires covering of the female body.. not men.. I think the writer is more obsessed with this world and what ‘MEN’ say rather than what ‘ALLAH’ and his Messenger said. Recommend

  • boony


    Where in the Quran does it say Islam requires covering? Tell me which exact section states that please.

    Allah did not say that. I think Pakistani men are obsessed with putting themselves first, before the rights of women. Islam is an equal religion for both men and women. If you cannot recognise the double standards, then we have a problem.Recommend

  • Ahmed

    We love arraignments! There was no point of all this disputation if and only we knew how to talk irrespective of the gender and how to behave like a ‘male’ or a ‘female’ .Be responsible and analyse this dogma with a more presumed approach! P.s do try to analyse what Islam and Quran says about the hijab before making statements like muftis as our nation is so fond of giving expert reviews whilst knowing nothing!Recommend

  • Muslim

    Rebels always find a way to distort the true message for their own gain; politicians do it all the time, so do some lawyers. Zab, the writer, is effectively trying to justify her own shortcomings.

    Such stupid challenges would not be put forward if the essence of Islam was thoroughly absorbed by each Muslim. Islam is not a set of stand-alone rules; rather it is a way of life and hijab is an essential component to truly practice Islam. Recommend

  • http://www.ahmed-travel.com/ Salmirah

    Bulls eye!! Zab That sweet thing has been bothering me for awhile but I wasn’t sure if I should say it, or I wasn’t sure how to explain the whole thing. You did it so correctly. I completely agree we should always be covered but the men cannot run from the fact that Allah told about their hijaab first and they cannot beat any bush but abide by it all. Thumbs up for your post!Recommend

  • Humanity

    The Quran requires modesty and covering the bosom. No where does it state to wear a hijab. If you choose to do it, that is your right.

    Please do not push your interpretation down the throat of others. The Quran does categorically state you won’t be carry the burden of others on the day of judgement. It is best you worry about your own load of sins on the day of judgement.Recommend

  • Aneesa M

    The so-called religious police of Pakistan (men) need to get their minds out of the ancient days. Stop trying to control us. If you’re so bothered about women, don’t look at them! Lower your gaze! That part is definitely in the Quran!!Recommend

  • huma imtiaz

    Muslims get a bad name solely because of the double standards of men. I agree with this article 101%.Recommend

  • bilal california

    Women should be given the choice to wear what they like. If you as a Muslim man don’t like it, then I suggest you don’t look. Even better, why don’t you practice what you preach and dress modestly instead of putting on shorts and vest tops when it gets hot.Recommend

  • angry muslim

    Can I hear a small violin playing for all the hijabis? If you’re going to wear a hijab, do it properly and that way you won’t b criticised!Recommend

  • Mona Riyad

    Clapping and smiling. Well done author. You finally gave Muslim women a voice.Recommend

  • abubakar

    @feminist pakistani: ever heard of the term awrah? I doubt you haveRecommend

  • Saad

    24:30-31, 33:59
    Go figureRecommend

  • http://Twitter.com/bohotsaara Sarah B. Haider

    Brilliant write-up. It seems like all the Islam of Muslim men emanates and ends on a female’s hijab. Islam asks men to lower their gaze first. Hijab comes later on.
    Also, whenever someone talks about personal choice of dressing up, people always become judgmental and say, “Oh you “condemn” hijab? So u propose women walk in bikinies?” Recommend

  • Necromancer

    Is it me or did anyone get the last joke??? Recommend

  • Al Sid

    Testimony of women is only half as worth as that of men.

  • pj

    I think the basic concept behind this is to prevent sin, if woman wearing Hijab and man having beard can solve all the problems, would be ideal/great, but in real world, there is lot more to it.
    I know a lot our Muslim brothers like their woman to sit home and raise kids, they are asked to cover their body to stay safe in public(Because out there, there are man with free floating wishes to ruin a woman), as they know there are man out there like them, who are allowed to do what ever they want as they are set free, as per their vision.
    Same with woman wearing Hijab with tight fit clothes to show the beauty they got is not appropriate either, it triggers man’s impulse and if we do not teach our children to control their impulse from childhood, there is a problem, we are asked to fast to learn to control our impulses).
    So woman wearing modest clothes and man behave properly as per society values and of course as per Quran is fundamental rules is the basic idea.
    All men should control their impulse around woman and provide freedom to their woman and woman do the same with their partners, that will keep the peace. It is all about feelings and control. (we are asked to cover/control ourselves and let other gender to be free……not correct), no one should be allowed to be free and ask other to control, totally wrong, double standard.Recommend

  • Samiya Khan

    The comments justifying sexism against Muslim women on this thread are seriously making me laugh. These people need to get their heads out of the sand.Recommend

  • Insaan

    I did not know Muslim women were like “candy” which any man can unwarp and ……. and Muslim men are like flies.

    Eyes and face can convey a lot in 5 seconds.

    I think “clothes can’t control thoughts or actions of a man or a woman”.Recommend

  • nadia

    All the guys criticizing this article, well… Grow a beard if you’re so concerned about telling women how to wear a hijab.Recommend

  • Jamil Lahore

    Why do you worry so much about how a hijab is worn? Don’t like it, don’t look! Simple as that! Worry about bettering yourselves rather than judge others. If we all had this attitude, there would be peace in Pakistan.Recommend

  • goggi (Lahore)

    Marriage with child girls, before or during their puberty, is everyday life in Pakistan.

    Sex with underage girls under the hijab of Nikah is not only a hideous crime, it is a public rape.

    The topic emancipation and equality of genders in the Islamic republic of Pakistan already ends before it could ever start.Recommend

  • Insaan

    @Miss Syed: A woman is suppose to be dressed modestly, she doesn’t have to become a slave of the world, of the cosmetic industry, to feel inferior if not dressed that PARTICULAR WAY!

    A model is not a slave of any one. She makes her choice. According to Saudi Islam a Pakistani woman in Salwar Kameez may not be dressed properly.

    If I am not wrong Muslim men are allowed to have free sex with slave women.

    A Kuwaiti woman who once ran for parliament has called for sex slavery to be legalised – and suggested that non-Muslim prisoners from war-torn countries would make suitable concubines. Salwa al Mutairi argued buying a sex-slave would protect decent, devout and ‘virile’ Kuwaiti men from adultery because buying an imported sex partner would be tantamount to marriage.Recommend

  • Nobody

    Where exactly does Islam mandate niqab??
    That’s right, it doesn’t. Niqab is a man made concept. Islam mandates MODESTY for both men and women; it does not mandate wearing a shuttlecock burqa. People who make their own definitions of modesty and then impose them on others are part of the problem. Recommend

  • Nobody

    The point of contention is not about the fact that Allah mandates modesty for those who follow; rather it’s WHAT defines modesty.Many people conflict over what defines modesty. Some are of a different school of thought and since we cannot ask God what is meant, people interpret it their own way and follow it. Niyat is more important if you ask me. A hijab clad woman with bad intentions is not more pious than a moderately dressed woman of good intentions. Same goes for men. So it is not as simple as saying, it’s what God said. Recommend

  • Mehdi

    @Muslim girl:

    Please define the term Momina ? If a piece of cloth as per your Islamic understanding is an extreme sign of piety for a woman, then I don’t want to follow your interpretation of Islam.Recommend

  • Mehdi


    Really Niqab is mandatory in Islam ? What are you following Wahhabi/salafi interpretation ? Islam is not monolithic. In Shia Islam there is no provision for Niqab. So don’t come here and claim something to be a fact when it is not.Recommend

  • Mehdi


    Also modesty is relative. In one country certain attire can be seen as modest and another culture it may not. Modesty is a relative attribute.Recommend

  • amina

    Angry, backwards men: Can I ask you where in the Quran it says a women should wear a hijab? Where is the word in Arabic for headscarf in the Quran? Which sura?Recommend

  • harisa

    Its in surah nur please go and read it it talks about hijab and the term used in arabic is khimar… then go to surah tubah and ull find the ayah on jilbab in contemporary arabic its called abaya… theres a lot that is said in quran nbefore u refute someonez statement read quran and know for ur [email protected]: Recommend

  • Vikram

    @Muslim girl: “Hijab is obligatory on every muslim woman and she will not be considered as a true momina until she wears it no matter what anybody says”

    Well even burqa can’t keep men and women away from each other. Saudi arabia does not allow unrelated men and women to know each other. Saudis even use religious police to keep burqa wearing women and pious Saudi Muslim men from connecting with each other.

    Burqa does not work in Afghanistan. Taliban had to stop women from going to work or school to keep them moral.

    In Egypt burqa, keeping men and women separate does not work. Egyptians and some other Muslims cut a girl’s sensitive sexual part(s) with a belief that she will not able to control herself sexually after puberty.Recommend

  • amina


    Quote it. I think you are mistaken. There is no word for hijab or niqab and in Arabic, jilbab is a long cloak. Nothing mentioned about covering the hair or face so get it right. I’m an Arab and have studied classical Arabic so I think I would know.Recommend

  • Lina Ramallah

    I don’t know what is worse. The men criticising how a hijab should be worn, or the conservative Muslim women who do it. I’m beginning to think the women.Recommend

  • karina k

    The people saying you cannot compare a hijab to a beard are completely missing the point of this article! Firstly, “Hijab4Men” is satire. Secondly, the mocking pictures are analogies. Understand the point behind them then you’ll get what it’s about!Recommend

  • intrigued lahori

    Zab Mustefa I’m just curious if you’ve worn the hijab and/or experienced any of the so called double standards you write of?Recommend

  • laura

    “If Muslims want to progress, it is imperative to understand the double standards when it comes to women in Islam, as Hijab4Men so hilariously demonstrates.”

    erm-typo, its not Islam that is giving these double standards-its the men. thats pretty much the point of the hijab4men. so unless that is a typo you have missed the point tooRecommend

  • mehdi

    btw man’s hijab is not his beard its his eyes… Recommend

  • Christine Williams

    The whole hijab business is simply objectifying women as sex objects. Join the modern western world let men and women be equal. It should not matter what women are wearing anymore than what men are wearing. The hijab says to the world there is a sexual person or female under this costume. And should she be in western clothing she will excite you. Get a grip. The very concept is so un modern. So mediveal. Is this 2014? Unveil people be good muslims without veils. It is possible to be a good muslim and be modest and be part of your time.Recommend

  • Jimmy Smith

    Why is okay for a girl to smack a guy around, but as soon as the guy smacks her, then people call the man a woman beater? Or how about, why do women get 50% of the property in a marriage even though they didn’t earn a single dime? Recommend

  • Jimmy Smith

    feminist are retarded, they say its bad to hit women, but its okay for a woman to hit a man, and the man has to go head over heels to attract women, while women just have to dress like as bait.Recommend

  • Jimmy Smith

    Because men have to do all the fighting on the battlefieldRecommend

  • Jimmy Smith

    Ummm, most Muslim men wear beards and don’t walk around half naked either.Recommend

  • Jimmy Smith

    So is it okay for people to run around naked? And also, most white British women who convert to Islam with their Muslim Pakistani husbands wear the Hijab too.Recommend

  • Jimmy Smith

    Then if the woman attracts rapist, then she better not ask MEN to defend her, because she was asking for itRecommend

  • Jimmy Smith

    Thank youRecommend

  • Jimmy Smith

    Zab Mustefa should know that white British women in the UK who convert to Islam with their Pakistani Muslim husbands have to wear a Hijab too, and they don’t mind it, plus its a sign of modesty.Recommend