Like a phoenix reborn from the ashes

Published: February 22, 2014

Thought I had lost it all, but I held onto hope. PHOTO: REUTERS

No place to hide, I’m ball-and-chain bound,
Dropped in mid-air, crashed into the ground.

Locked in constant battle, an emotional duel,
No need for arson, your words be the fuel.

You burn every bridge, every road set ablaze,
Embers smouldering, everywhere that I gaze.

Crawling through the ruins, no roof on my head,
Crumbling walls, broken floors, as good as dead.

Life has no meaning, love lost all its thrill,
Vultures circling over me, moving in for the kill.

You pushed me and shoved me, and put me under,
But I got out unscathed, still makes me wonder.

Thought I had lost all, but I held onto hope,
Coughing and wheezing, got out of the smoke.

Like a phoenix reborn, growing from the ashes,
Few scars as reminders, a few bleeding gashes.

Wings flapping again, to the skies I shall soar,
Opportunities aplenty, worlds left to explore.

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Yousuf Bawany

Yousuf Bawany

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