So you think Pathan jokes are funny? Read this!

Published: March 19, 2014

We readily share jokes about Pathans but how often do we remember all the Pathans who made us proud?

Pathan jokes are a deliberate but covert effort to encourage racism, increase resentment and discourage unity within the Pakistani nation. PHOTO: REUTERS We readily share jokes about Pathans but how often do we remember all the Pathans who made us proud?

 The screen of my touch phone glowed and it beeped. I picked it up and it said,

“One new message received.”

There was a text message and it read something like this.

Man: “What’s the difference between a radio and a newspaper?”

Pathan: “Yaara (dude), the major difference I can think of is that one can wrap chapattis in a newspaper but not in a radio.”

The moment I finished reading it, my cell beeped again. And this time it read,

“A man was drowning in the sea. Tourists stood on the ship, helplessly watching the man frantically gasp for air. Suddenly a Pathan, standing on the deck, jumped into the raging sea. The crowd was shocked. Soon, he returned to the ship having saved the drowning man. People on board clapped and cheered for his act of valour and the Pathan replied,

“Thank you very much but first tell me, who pushed me in?”

could not believe what I had just read.

My grandfather used to tell me the same joke when I was a child. The only difference was that the central character had been changed from a Sardar to a Pathan!

Until a few years ago, such jokes were associated only with Sardars. We grew up with the stereotype that Sardars have a relatively low Intelligence Quotient (IQ). Today, we think the same about our Pakhtun brothers and sisters. The intention may be to share a laugh but I am afraid that if we don’t change this mindset now, our children will grow up learning to discriminate against and mock the Sikh and Pakhtun community. They will associate Sikhs and Pakhtuns with these jokes and not with their traits such as hospitality, loyalty and bravery.

In case you are now thinking that I am a Pathan writing a blog to defend my identity, I need to explicitly state that I am a Punjabi and a patriotic Pakistani who believes in the motto,

United we stand, divided we fall.”

But first and foremost, I am a human being who condemns hurting the feelings of my fellow countrymen. Even our religion is very clear in teaching that we should not hurt or make fun of others.

It’s a common observation that Pathans make mistakes in sentence building and delivery at times, especially when it comes to the use of gender-specific pronouns – he/she – but we often forget to acknowledge the fact that an educated Pathan can comprehend four languages – English, Urdu, Pashto and Punjabi – whereas most of us normally comprehend two or three languages.

So, my question is,

Are Pathans really dumb?

Well, for one if it hadn’t been for Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan, who strengthened the sovereignty of Pakistan by creating our nuclear weapons, Pakistan would have been long lost in the pages of history after 9/11, when the US began targeting Muslim countries in the name of war on terror. The way I see it, the entire nation is indebted to this Pathan.

Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan. Photo: File

Moving along, what is the most favourite sport in Pakistan?

You guessed it right – cricket.

Our current cricket team comprises of many talented players who have led us to victory countless times and who just happen to be Pathans including Boom Boom AfridiUmar GulMisbahul Haq and Younis Khan.

From right to left: Shahid Afridi, Younis Khan, Umar Gul, Misbahul Haq.

Apart from cricket, several renowned squash players who represent Pakistan also hail from Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P). The world knows Jansher KhanAzam KhanHashim Khan and Jahangir Khan –legends who stood undefeated in multiple international squash championships.

Do you really think these people who brought, and continue to bring, fame and pride to our beloved country, are dumb?

Jahangir Khan. Photo: Express/File

Would you associate such jokes with Saba Khan, the first ever female fighter pilot in Pakistan Air Force’s history, who is also Pathan, or with Abdul Ahad Mohmand, the first Afghani and fourth Muslim to travel to outer space in 1988?

His teleconference with his family made Pashto the fourth language to be spoken in space.

Abdul Ahad Momand (R) and Saba Khan (L).

Coming to politics, you will find late Qazi Hussain Ahmed – a renowned Pakhtun politician – who not only led Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) but also rendered praise worthy services for humanity within Pakistan and in countries like Palestine and Afghanistan.

Qazi Hussain Ahmed. Photo: File

My point is, you can take up any field and you will find Pathans excelling.

Whether it is the unforgettable acting of Dilip KumarRangeelaMarina KhanNadia Khan or the handsome Jamal Shah – just to name a few – or whether it is Rahim Shah’s songs livening up mehndi celebrations, Pathans have rocked the world.

Dilip Kumar. Photo: File

Even the Bollywood Khans have their roots in K-P.

From right to left: Salman Khan, Aamir Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Saif Ali Khan

Would you consider the heart throbs of millions of people all over the world to be dumb?

From right to left: Jamal Shah, Rahim Shah, Nadia Khan, Marina Khan

So, the next time you receive a funny text message regarding Pathans, forward it by all means but only after deleting the word ‘Pathan’.

In my opinion, these Pathan jokes seem like a deliberate but covert effort to encourage racism, increase resentment and discourage unity within the Pakistani nation. Ridiculing an ethnic group will only weaken the roots of the country as a whole.

Jokes are supposed to make people laugh but not at the expense of humiliating or hurting someone.

Think about these people I have quoted and the thousand others out there, before you choose to laugh at another distasteful joke. And if you do laugh, remember, the joke’s on you.

Iram Moazzam

Iram Moazzam

A freelance writer who mostly writes for Ms.T, various parenting magazines and travel websites. She tweets as @IramMoazzam (

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Ramsha.K

    I love you for this! Haha! This is what was needed! Awesome write up! Thank you! :DRecommend

  • Bee

    Ms. Iram, relax….. it is no deliberate attempt to malign the Pathans….. any educated and aware person will fully acknowledge the worth and contributions of Pathans to the society.
    However, you must know that National stereotypes have been the subject of many jokes for centuries. This is not specific to Pathans in Pakistan or Sikhs in India. Google and you’ll be amazed that stereotype classification exists in almost every country of the world.
    To some, national stereotypes may provoke racism. To others, national stereotypes are harmless jokes based on the identity that a certain nation or people has established or projected towards other countries through the years.Recommend

  • Zakir Ahmad Shah

    a very great but incomplete stories of our great Pashtuns Heroes .I wouls like to add some more like Khushal Khan khattak ,Rehman Baba,Mala Yousafzai are this figure will become countless.As for the jokes are concerns all those people who deliberate send such kind of sms did not know about there family background that why they mock about pathans .We are the nation which have old civilization more than 5k years old .So this an open challenge who want to compete than bring their own family background and family roots so than you will realize that only pathan are the nations who love to die for their country and people.
    at last thumbs up for the writer but one thing is still hurting me that misbah is pathan?????Recommend

  • Cosmo

    AQ Khan and Afridi?? Pakistan and Pakiatanis need to quit being the ostrich! Look all around and see what mess Mr. AQ has unleased upon the word and Afridi is a hit and miss cricketer who can digest a cricket ball and smell it with his teeth!
    Its a shame that u put everyone else with these two.Recommend

  • Humayun

    This nation HAS to get over their ladla “atom bomb”Recommend

  • Shail Arora

    Every community has some stereotypes attached to it, some good, some bad. In this specific context, I have a few Sikh friends who actually laugh at such jokes, while there are others who don’t like ’em. However, it’s also true that Sikh community is one of the most prosperous communities’ in India and perhaps, abroad. I’m just wondering, if these stereotypes really affect anybody’s ability to succeed. So for instance, we Punjabis (in India) are popularly known as ‘Butter Chicken aur daaru waaley’, well, I love it :)
    Btw, these stereotypes are not a recent phenomenon, there are some of them which are quite old, for instance – “jehra kamla, so sardar, jehre sohni, so sardarni” (not really sure how it originated though.)Recommend

  • Me

    For gods sake they are only jokes. Why are u getting so serious about it?Recommend

  • Uncle Bob

    What is Abdul Qadeer Khan doing here? Thievery is nothing to be proud of!Recommend

  • Necromancer

    Jokes about Jews are common throughout the world, yet still people recognized their effort and one of them the greatest scientist Einstein, and one more thing Qadeer Khan didn’t create nuclear bomb Recommend

  • Necromancer

    Good for you and keep it up :PRecommend

  • Shashank Manickam

    so u r good with sardar jokes but when sardar is replaced by pathan it itches you,…….jokes are meant to be taken as jokes…….u enjoyed when u were small
    now let others enjoy……….Recommend

  • Raza

    Its really unfortunate to see some bias in the post because you have not included a famous pathan collecting 7.7 million votes in the last General Election Imran Khan.Recommend

  • Ecstasy

    Thumbs up and hats off!!!, so well done!!!!…. Alas,all the words in my memory have eloped with one another and left me speechless to say my say………I’m pathan too and so delighted to see you compiled the facts with this perspective…….Recommend

  • Shahnaseéb


  • Shahnaseéb


  • Ecstasy

    Ms. Bee, relax……..let Irum reflect in a decent way too. No doubt you understand the delicacy of national stereotypes but to masses they still hold meaning…Recommend

  • Awan

    He is a Niazi from Mianwali, therefore most likely non-Pashto speaking and part of a tribe that has been settled east of the Indus for about half a millenium by all accounts, similar to the Kakazais of Sialkot, the Malerkotla Pathans and the Kasuri Pathans (to cite 3 popular examples).
    And I agree that she has done a disservice to the great Khushal Khan Khattak and Rehman Baba by not including them in this list but please lets not put Malala Yousufzai up there with those two legends just yetRecommend

  • Raj

    Names of many Hindu pathans like Kapoor family of Bollywood can also be added to the list. Then the legendary Madhubala too was a Pathan. Last but not the least, great Badshah Khan the frontier Gandhi too was a Pathan.Recommend

  • Asad

    Afridi bites the ball… what for? To when the game at any cost… what for? For Pakistan. Pakistan cricket was at the verge of extinction at those times. And A Q Khan has unleased mess? You first need to learn about Musharraf… Do you know him?Recommend

  • Ajnabi Sheher

    Dear ET editors, did Imran Khan ever refuse to give attention to someone in your board? Why so jealous? Why so prejudiced?

    If Aamir Khan be considered a Pathan along with Salman Khan, why not Imran Khan?Recommend

  • Deen Sheikh

    He is a Niazi from same clan as Imran Khan.Recommend

  • guestauthor1

    Imran Khan is not a pakhtun; neither are many that she has listed. However, I do want to get into that because I understand what the author is trying to communicate and she is absolutely correct that biased jokes based on ethnicity should stop. However, please remember that Imran Khan is not a pakhtun but of Punjabi/Saraiaki descent. Just look at the situation in KP and how he hijacked electorate in Karachi to land a fabricated victory in SindhRecommend

  • amoghavarsha.ii

    If you cannot appreciate jokes, lady you are in the wrong Industry.
    By the way do you know Kushwant Singh, who is one of the kings of laughter.
    Being a Sardar, He himself has written many books of jokes.
    Nobody thinks that it will divide our country or it will divide sikhs etc.,

    If your country can be divided by mere jokes, it speaks volumes about your countries unity. Also forget nuclear weapons, even a sword is not necessary to defeat your country.

    Is that what you mean??Recommend

  • Hasan

    Although I enjoy the pathan jokes, I have always held pathans in high esteem, in fact there is hardly anyone more charismatic and impressive than an educated pathan, that blend of fire, knowledge and groomed aggression is exceedingly rare.

    However, that being said, I resent the inclusion of AQ Khan in this list. Although I do not mean to belittle his role in the creation of the important deterrent for Pakistan, one has to realise that he isn’t solely responsible for it, it is not like he created it himself in his basement. It was a team effort which started off from Abdus Salam. All of the scientists at PAEC are to be credited with it, however the reason we think of AQ Khan so often is that he has the tendency to steal the limelight.

    What I find even more abhorrent about him are his opinions, what he said about Qadianis on Amir Liaquat’s show is an example. His backing of the water fueled car as a credible project is another instance where he showed, he really has no idea what he is talking about. Heros are supposed to have overwhelming personalities, like Salahuddin, Tipu Sultan, Jinnah, Abdus Salam, MM Alam, among others.Recommend

  • azeem Aslam

    Really good and we have to appreciate you. But where is Imran KhanRecommend

  • Tanzeel Ahmad

    Get your facts right Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan was born in 1936 in Bhopal, into an Urdu-speaking family. Jehangir Khan born and bred in Karachi, Shahid Afridi h

    as also spent most of his life in Karachi. Dilip Kumar migrated to India and flourished. Amir and Salman born and bred in India .

    Your blog is an attempt to create rift between Pashtuns and rests. Jokes are on Memons, Siikhs, Polish too, wonder why you ignored them. Isn’t it a racist attitude ?Recommend

  • Waqas

    Ms Iram, having a last name as “khan” doesnt mean that one is a pathan! and most of the people that you meantioned are not even pathans!Recommend

  • Muhammad

    So the writer doesn’t think that Imran Khan is pathan, she and all others here must see the following link; and stop writing such blogs.Recommend

  • Muhammad

    I cant believe she didn’t include Imran in her list, definitely done on purpose, The display pic didn’t include Imran and that was enough to get reader’s attention and max clicks/views for her blog.Recommend

  • Aceph

    and what about those pathans who r killing people in the name of islam???? who the heck they r …. tell me about ayub khan first marshal law administrator, AKK Niazi he is also pathan who was famous for his jokes in indian prison and he lost east pakistan… come out of these pathetic things, abdul qadeer khan sold pakistani nukes to libya, iran and korea, cricket walay to paisy ly k match haar jatay hain…Recommend

  • NoumaanYaqoob

    Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan is not a Pathan or Pashtun. He was born in Bhopal in a Urdu Speaking Family. The Khan in his name refers to a title awarded to advisors who worked in the Princely States of British India.Recommend

  • Arsalan

    I have completely read your article and still think that Pathan jokes are funny. We should understand that Pathan jokes are not meant to degrade or offend Pathans but it’s just a genre of jokes. We have jokes on different professions (engineers’ jokes, doctors’ jokes), relations (wife jokes, kids jokes, gf/bf jokes), religions (even jokes about funnier aspects of Muslims are widely read and enjoyed in Pakistan) etc. Let me remind you that the most popular book series of Sardar ji jokes is actually written by a Sardar namely Khushwant Singh. He is an actual Sikh sardar who is also known as an authority on history of Sikhs. Why he still wrote Sardar ji jokes? He explains in his own words “We Indians (or Pakistanis) don’t know how to laugh naturally. We must be taught how to do so and also how to laugh at ourselves. We are such funny people but are not able to see our funny side.” I know many Pathans who themselves enjoy Pathan jokes because neither we take them offensively nor they do. That’s how jokes should be.Recommend

  • Arsalan

    I would like to tell the author as well as many commentators here that every persons whose name is ending in Khan is not a Pathan :) Abdul Qadeer Khan is definitely not Pathan.Recommend

  • sid

    Imran Khan is Pathan .Recommend

  • Blue

    If you think Imran Khan is not a pashtun You should read this “Imran Khan was born in Lahore into a family of Pashtun origin, the only son of Ikramullah Khan Niazi, a civil engineer, and his wife Shaukat Khanum.[16] Long settled in Mianwali in northwestern Punjab, the family are of Pashtun ethnicity and belong to the Niazi Shermankhel tribe.[17] Niazi is a branch of Lohani pashtuns.[18]” (wikipedia). If a person doesn’t speak pashto it doesn’t mean he isn’t a pashtun anymore.Recommend

  • Faraz Talat

    Friendly suggestion: Putting A.Q.Khan (the guy who got duped by the ‘cars running on water’ scam) and Boom Boom Afridi (the legendary misogynist) on the list, doesn’t help your case.

    Other than that, yes; pathan jokes are disgusting and perpetuate unfair stereotypes.Recommend

  • Mohtashim

    Guest Author…Imran Khan is a Niazi from his fathers side and a Barki from his mothers. both are certifiable pushtun tribes. Some of the people mentioned above have a similar background e.g. Dr Abdul Kadeer….we don’t need to argue about this as they themselves claim to be pushtuns. You are right he may not speak pushto as do many other pushtuns in the world. Even in Afghanistan only 35% people speak pushto whilst the population of pashtuns is around close to 50%. You are missing the point though that national stereotypes of any type especially in a volatile country like Pakistan are an anathema which we need to counter. This article makes that point clearly and adequately.Recommend

  • Naureen Zaheer .

    Very weak writing with no substance. There are jokes about Punjabis, Kashmiris, Memons etc. Every community has its jokes. This does not mean that they are being undermined. Have a life and some sense of humour girl. Recommend

  • Faraz Talat

    I wonder, would you laugh at a joke about Muslims being terrorists, as the stereotype goes? And how would you react if I say, “Relax, baby! It’s just a joke! Where’s your sense of humor?”

    And how would you react if you hear the same kind of joke everyday?

    It’s not okay to propagate unfair stereotypes about any group. You might be smart enough to recognize this as ‘just a joke with no reality to it’, but for others, it may be creating a culture of intolerance by maligning their image.Recommend

  • sid

    ye i know hurts but misbah is pathan .Recommend

  • Ze-kay

    To all the commenters out here: To be honest, it doesn’t bother us at all. We know they’re jokes. You know how? They’re being cracked by jokers! We call punjabi’s ‘dumaan’ which is synonymous to dramay baz which is synonymous to jokers/entertainers. So next time you forward a joke, be happy and feel proud as you’re only doing your rightful name justice. Ps- these names mentioned in the article aren’t even the ones I’d mention when taking pride in my pashtun lineage. And I won’t even bother doing that now. I would, when it matters. Your opinion or impression of me is the least of my worries. Ps- all of the conversation above was a joke. I am perfectly fine with punjabis. Just wanted to stir your emotions a little with emotional talk here. Give you a taste of your own medicine. As you’d say, its just a joke. ;)Recommend

  • Jamshed Ahmed

    Ms. Bee!
    Isn’t it good to stop this?Recommend

  • Jamshed Ahmed

    Waqar Qureshi
    If Imran Khn is pathan than Obama is also a pathan and the whole world is pathan.Recommend

  • Vigilant

    Thumbs up (Y)Recommend

  • zain

    as far as MS.Sana Khan (Air Force) is concerned she is flying no more.
    None of female in Air Force are flying . they gave a huge loss to PAF.
    but air force will not tell you the truthRecommend

  • Jamshed Ahmed

    Because IK is a weak side of pathan only if he by force became pathan.Recommend

  • Sami

    Well first of all Such jokes does not mean that one is disrespecting someone. Especially in Punjab the Juggat Culture is a part of local culture and sometimes it is Sardar, Sometimes it is Some Gora from a USA and Sometimes it is a Pathan but it is no way some bias or hatred at all.
    Also there is a difference in Pathan and Pukhtoon in my view. I live in Punjab and anyone born and bred here and speaking the local language is considered a Punjabi irrespective of Some Lineage or Racial definition. So Misbah and even Imran Khan will be considered a Punjabi in that regard. How can you define someone as Racially different and a Pathan especially in Punjab when Punjabi definition is not Racial but Geographical and Cultural?? Also not every Khan is a Pukhtoon as in Punjab Awans ( Maliks), Kyanis and Rajputs also write Khan in their name that is related to the History of Ghakars and Warrior tribes of Potohar.
    Interestingly AQ Khan is a migrant from India and i have many friends from KPK who always told me that those Pathans who claim their lineage in Karachi are not Pukhtoons but interestingly they call AQ Khan as a Pukhtoon while reject other Muhajir background people who claim to be as Pathan are out rightly rejected?.Recommend

  • Syed Owais Mukhtar

    I appreciate such writing, good effort, however being a Khan doesnt means he is pathaan, some muhajirs have their names with Khan too. anyway its a nice effort to bring positvity , I appreciate such articles.Recommend

  • Syed Owais Mukhtar

    Tanzeel, living in Karachi doesnt means a person has changed his race, living for 50 years in Karachi, a person does not transform from pathan to muhajir :PRecommend

  • Syed Owais Mukhtar

    There is a difference between “mazaak kerna” and “mazak urana” please understandRecommend

  • wasim

    For the first time i read something good on ET.Recommend

  • Pakistani

    ridiculous topic, why are u getting people’s mind into the sect system. Pathans, Punajbis, Sindhis, Balochis are only for regional description. If you are given a Platform Kindly use it constructively. Dont encourage the people who are making jokesRecommend

  • Wombat

    Author is using stereotypes of her own. Americans are portrayed as bloodthirsty savages who want to kill Muslims for no apparent reason. Such stereotypes are rife in Pakistan. Yet very few people would dispel them. Everyone needs to grow a thicker skin. Jokes are harmless, hate speech needs to be dealt with.Recommend

  • Mohammad

    Do you even know the history of Bhopal or for that matter the present day India. Bhopal and many other places in India had and is still having pathans. Yes they dont speak Pashto after living for so long far from the pashto-speaking areas but same is true with many pathans living in Pakistani Sindh and Punjab eg Imran Khan. But does that make them “Un” Pathan. Please grow up and understand that Pathans have travelled far and far. Have you heard why “Ghan” railway line is called so and why there is a train named “Ghan Express” in Australia? Do your research and find out. Also please see this URL:

  • Ashar Pervez

    Unbelievable. You actually think that IK is not a pathan. Wow!!!!Recommend

  • Adnan Nisar

    She has a valid point…u are taking baseless….Recommend

  • Adnan Nisar


  • bashubibi

    Being a Pashtun and a Pashtun with a sense of humor as well, I never find Pashtum jokes funny. Insert Punjabi, Sindhi or Baluch instead of Pashtun and then tell me how it feels. I have always resented it and take it as a personal attack on my ethnicity. Once after getting lot of Pashtun jokes from my punjabi friends I made a punjabi joke ( not a sardar joke) and they felt it. They didn’t like to be at the recieving end of it. I don’t see Pashtuns sending me Pashtun jokes. It’s always the non pashtuns. These jokes are racist and demeaning. There is a difference between laughing with someone and laughing at someone. In Pashtun jokes you are having a laugh at the expense of others. It is not a joke, you are making fun of them and having a laugh at someone else’s expense.
    I will laugh with you but not laugh when you laugh at me, thats not funny at all.Recommend

  • sana

    Niazi is Pashtun tribeRecommend

  • Assad

    nice piece of work.. its not the problem of uneducated person but so called educated and civilized people also make fun of Pathans. they always try to neglect the woders of PATHANSRecommend

  • Peshawar wala

    A Pathan was sleeping under a mosquito net.
    A firefly came flying.
    Pathan: Look!… the mosquito is looking for me with a torch!Recommend

  • Hasan Abdal wala.

    How about Kim Jong un?…Chao en lai?
    Chairman Mao?Recommend

  • Nazrana Yousufzai

    Check your informations- yes he is a Pakhtun born in Pakhtunkhwa.Recommend

  • Multani

    Obama is a Pathan. He is descended from tribal elders of
    Makran khelRecommend

  • Allahrukha Biswajeet Khan

    Had no idea! The nation of Pathan..civilization was 5 thousand years old.
    Had absolutely no idea they love to die ! Amazing anybody there,.. survived.
    Sorry,.. but never heard of Nadia Khan or Marina Khan,..are they boat people?Recommend

  • Spock

    Yousuf Pathan is the real pathan, rest are mixed blood pretending to be pathan.Recommend

  • pak patriot

    I am a pathan and i stopped getting pathan jokes since 11 may, 2013. :)Recommend

  • Kalam wala

    Lets not be sanctimonious. There are Jewish jokes, Sardar jokes, Bunniya jokes. Jokes connected with every ethnicity. No need to get
    all riled up and rear up on your haunches.Recommend

  • Kalam wala

    A little down time and a laugh does not hurt anyone.
    So get out of your daur uptight aptitude. A laugh helps

  • AllahDutta Khan Wala

    Hillary Clinton is Pathan too. Nobody knew this.Recommend

  • sterry

    I think you are taking things too seriously. It’s healthy when people can laugh at themselves but it should not be mean spirited. In the US some folks make fun of Texans. In Canada they fun of Newfoundlanders. In Pakistan we have jokes and stereotypes for all people. Pakhtuns are brave and proud but made fun of as being impulsive and hard headed, Punjabis work hard but are dim witted, Sindis are spiritual but lazy and Muhajirs are supposedly clever but cowardly and small. I think with more interaction and understanding some of these jokes and sterotypes will disappear but it is the nature of people all over the world. My wife is Pashtun and she is not offended by Pashtun sterotypes because they are a confident people. PS most of the Pashtuns you are showing are not really Pashtuns at all and would not be considered Pashtun by people in KPK. For example, the Bollywood Khans, Abdul Qadeer Khan etc would not be considered Pakhtun.Recommend

  • Parvez

    If I’m not wrong Dr. A.Q.Khan was born in 1936 in Bhopal into a Urdu speaking family.
    Another point, its high time we broadened our thinking and learnt that we should condition ourselves to be able to laugh at ourselves…….that is a sign of overall progress.Recommend

  • Samundar Khan kokalzai

    In the gulf countries, you will see only Pathans in shabby shalwar qameez, eating Naswar and live without taking shower for months. It gives a very bad impression of Pakistan to others.Recommend

  • kashan

    i think then you haven’t heard him,,claiming himself pathan,,,,if u wanna evidence of his interview let me know will provide uRecommend

  • kashan

    i think u haven’t hear him claiming himself as pathan in his interview,,,wanna evidence let me know,,will provide u clip of his interviewRecommend

  • Noman Ansari

    It is all harmless when it is about someone else, isn’t it?Recommend

  • Afridi

    Thumbs Up! sisRecommend

  • Fatima

    is it just me or are these really the same? o.O

    is it a copy paste or is this also by you?
    just curious you know… tho u do have a point.Recommend

  • Zubair ul mulk

    i think it is not enough to explain pathans at all.still it is really exectly what pathans are.the most brave people of the whole world.although they have short temper they also have hospitality in there blood .try not to make jokes on them instead try to expose there reality to all.we love pathans and our pakistan .in my point of view first we all are pakistani and then panjabi balochi sindhi pathans etc..may Allah unite us all in every field of life..Recommend

  • sara wk

    Imran khans name has not been mentioned…I wonder why…Recommend

  • Aatif

    as u read above the writer is a punjabi, so u must not pick out things which she was not aware off, like misbah or abdul qadeer… rather u must stop by just appreciating her.. she is a patriotRecommend

  • Aatif

    no dude hez not,, he is saraikiRecommend

  • Aatif

    dude ppl like you are jelous of pathans.. i believe he is not pathan but who asked u to share your knowledge? if you dnt have guts to write a blog then dont pick out things outa someones blogRecommend

  • Ikram Ullah

    It is very good knowledge about pathans……… We should respect each other if today we make jokes on pathan so, from the other they also make jokes on others…… please be careful about any nation of the about because we don’t know who is the most respectable in eye of Allah……. thank you share this good adjectives about pathans.Recommend

  • Quratulann shakoor shahid

    Hahahaha nice one

  • S. Ali

    Mr. Noumaaan Yaqoob, the point of this article is not to prove whether Dr. Khan is a pathan or not. The point is to spread awareness about this social evil which everyone consider just a “normal” thing but it isn’t normal. It’s a moral problem exist in Pakistani society. Mocking anybody on a grand scale is pathetic, whether it’s Pathan who are mocked or sicks or punjabis etc.Recommend

  • Musa Khan Afridi

    This has to be the first piece of positive journalism i have read. Kudos to the author/writer. More of this and less of the scandals, tabloid journalism and overall negativity perpetuated by the mainstream media.

    Ma’am you are a true heroine and champion of Pakistan for taking the time out to try and bring everyone closer together.Recommend

  • Musa Khan Afridi

    Just like the article pointed out, the ‘Sardars’ have been replace by Pathans. I heard a number of jokes during my childhood about Sardars all of which are now applied to Pathans.

    This became really irritating when i moved to Islamabad. Apparently all we’re good for in their eyes is being homosexual, chawkeedaars and drug dealers, not to mention have a lower IQ.

    Harmless jokes are fine till the point people start believing in them, which is happening and its disgusting.

    Pathans are loyal friends and the worst of enemies, we are hospitable and will go out of our way for guests, family and friends. Yet these traits are never spread unlike the jokes.Recommend

  • Musa Khan Afridi

    Imran Khan does speak Pashto. I’ve heard him speak a few sentences. His fluency is not something i can vouch for but his knowledge i can.Recommend

  • Musa Khan Afridi

    Why isn’t Imran Khan pathan? i really dont understand any possible logic for this statement.

    He speaks Pashto (the fluency of which i am not sure but i know he has knowledge of the language), a majority of his mannerisms are common among pathans and he has the lineage as well.Recommend

  • Musa Khan Afridi

    the ‘jokes’ have gotten out of hand my friend. the image painted of us is that of homosexual chawkeedar drug dealers. the sad thing is that people believe that. So forgive me if i knock your teeth out if you share such a joke in front of me. I’m not having any of itRecommend

  • Musa Khan Afridi

    Wow you are clueless. Suddenly Pathans can only be from KPK. Many tribes may have their roots and origins there but we have spread to many areas my friend.

    This article isn’t racist and you could only open your eyes and your mind you’d see that. The message is to stop pathan jokes. If that in your eyes is racist them you have no idea how to use the word or you missed the point of the articleRecommend

  • Samir Merchant

    I am so glad to read this blog!. Every human being deserves a chance to shine through with all the good and impressive qualities and abilities that are within him or her. And what is wrong with giving them this chance? Let me guess: there are many misguided souls who don’t want to be out-shone. Much as I a try to convince myself that I am wrong in thinking this, I can’t help it when I come across many, many, many egotistical individuals who simply will not stop tooting their own horn, while mercilessly judging others in negative ways. To all such people, I say, try to outshine YOURSELF first! And to all the unsung heroes, the Pathans, for e.g as mentioned in this blog, I give my salute and best complements! May they reap all the rewards that they deserve!Recommend

  • Laila Mughal

    OMG Salman Khan is dumb. Please don’t include in role models. i cannot bear to look at him and that silly smirk on his face.Recommend

  • Riaz Ahmed

    Ms Iram Moazam! As a Pashtun first of all I would like to appreciate your good intention and your attempt to provide some comfort to Pashtun hurt egos in your honest opinion. However, I will quickly add that before writing about an ethnicity and particularly on sensitive issues first use up some time to carry out some research. I think you have done well to first google up ” Stereotyping” and ” Cultural Stereotyping” and read up a bit to give you a perspective. Secondly you would have also found out that in Pushtu parlance ” Pathan ” is no word rather it is considered an insulting word that the Indians and British eventually coined to use for Pushtuns. Thirdly you would have learned, about some real Pushtun heroes , ( not that I am downgrading those you gave). This would have also helped you to spare the indignity of including Qadeer Khan as a Pashtun or declaring Qazi Hussain as a hero of Pushtuns or having to resort to people like shahid Afridi or Misbahulhaq, who are heroes all right but not Pushtun heroes.. Fourthly you would have known that jokes does not make up an substantial component of racial or cultural stereotyping. It is the systematic use of a number of different generalizations that are used perpetually with an intent to demoralize, dehumanize and stigmatize a particular race or culture to dominate and eventually assimilate it by making them feel guilty of their own identity. Race-based stereotypes and myths pose a great threat to racial equality. That’s because racial stereotypes and myths can lead to prejudice and hatred, which, in turn, lead to discrimination against entire ethnic groups. The problem is that the individuals who make up racial groups are so unique that no generalization can capture who they are. In short, race-based stereotypes are dehumanizing. To deconstruct stereotypes, it’s important to know how they work, identify the most common ones and understand which behaviors contribute to ethnic stereotyping. Racism won’t go away until the racial myths that fuel it do. Anyways appreciate your intent. Remember your jokes don’t bother us Pushtuns much…it is the intent behind it that does. Thank you for the write up.Recommend

  • James Malish

    The greatest pathan hero is tha bacha khan, the one pakistani have demonized.
    BTW, by pointing out a few well known pathan doesn’t prove your thesis.
    Pathan: “Yaara (dude), the major difference I can think of is that one can wrap chapattis in a newspaper but not in a radio.”

    …I am pretty sure that afridi is perfectly capable of uttering the above line. Afridi is not a good example for proving intellectual prowess of the pathans, neither are any of of the bollywood khans (except perhaps aamir khan) because most of them are famous but as intellectually challenged as afridi.Recommend

  • Malaika Harris

    I used to be offended by Pashtun jokes, but then I realized that the people making them were ironically the dumbest people I knew. This made me feel that their stupidity didn’t even merit a response. :)Recommend

  • Malaika Harris

    Yeah. I would have mentioned figures like Bacha Khan, Malalai Joya, Ghani Khan, and Malala Yusufzai. Still a nice article, though.Recommend

  • Observer

    There is reason for Pathan and Sikh jokes.
    Punjabi Muslims leaving aside last 65+ years were ruled by Pathans and Sikhs. They were basically beast of burden with Pathan or Sikh overlords. These overlords had contempt for their subjects. Both Sikhs and Pathans also had contempt for Hindvas, Urdu speaking north Indians. Therefore Syeed Ahmed’s attempt to use Pathans for his Jihad against Sikhs failed.
    Pathans were intelligent enough to see through Jinnah’s game and therefore were not in support of Pakistan, as they clearly saw that they will be dominated by Punjabis & Mohajirs and therefore oppose partition.
    Of course now table has turned so, Sikhs and Pathans have become butt of jokes in Pakistan. Pakistan has successfully painted Pathans as fanatics, but in reality it is Pakistan itself promoted Fanatics to break Pathan nationalism.Recommend

  • Usman

    It is unfathomably ignorant to think other people are stupids or dim-witted. And unfortunately, this disease or flaw or whatever one calls it is very common east of Indus, e.g., Punjabi Musalman don’t even spare Punjabi Sikhs the bearded brethren across Wahga although Punjabi Sikhs have got more steadfastness and moral character than the so-called PMs and even gave Punjabis their first kingdom and a recognition first time in history. The PMs couldn’t do it until the British came and recruited them heavily in their military as a mercenary force, thus the adventitious rise to power (not by the dent of their own muscle as Pashtun have been able to accomplish many times in history).

    And as I have interacted with many Pashtun and have their own stereotypes but they emotionally stable enough as not to say it everywhere.Recommend