I left the US because of their hatred towards Muslims… this is my story

Published: February 1, 2014

Everyday I would see hate stickers against Muslims at Harvard Medical School. PHOTO: AFP

I was born in 1982, in the beautiful American city of San Jose, California. A proud patriotic Muslim American, my dad would decorate our house with lights every Fourth of July.

Fast forward to the year 2001, when I got admitted to one of America’s top medical schools – the Harvard Medical School in Boston. Moving from San Jose was hard. I stayed in the dorm. Every morning, when I went to take a shower, I saw a sticker on one of the bathroom mirrors on my floor that said,

‘Whoever is a friend of the Muslims is a traitor of Christianity and of America’.

In the evenings, sometimes, I would go to the reading room to study. Right on the entrance door, I would find the same sticker. I saw similar messages written on public vans and buses and plastered on walls across Boston. I heard fiery speeches against Islam by Christian clerics in downtown Boston, some calling for my death.

I felt intimidated, unwelcomed and unaccepted.

I often wondered why there was not a single Christian student, out of the thousands at Harvard, who had the moral integrity to tear down the hate stickers on campus – hate stickers that openly attacked me for being Muslim.

Would Christ not preach universal love and peace?

What had happened to those who claimed to follow him?

I waited and waited for my five years at medical school but these stickers never came down.

Then, when I found out that a group of Christian students had forced the administration of Mt Sinai Medical School in New York to expel all 23 of its Muslim students from that medical school, and were threatening widespread violence, I forgot my own pain for a bit. At least I was still able to pursue my studies. These other students had lost their careers merely for having an identity.

Soon after, I also found out that Muslim engineering students at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) were forbidden to eat in the university cafeteria and dorm kitchens. Christian student groups had complained that Muslim presence was making the food filthy and hurting the sentiment of ordinary Christians at MIT.

I forgot my pain once again. At least, I could still eat freely at Harvard.

The atmosphere of intimidation never grew calm. I had some Christian friends but most were friends as long as I did not express my religious views openly. Attacks on Muslims kept growing and discrimination against them had become an accepted norm. Even Muslim graves were attacked in cities across the US for polluting American soil. I still decided to stay in the US and help people in and around San Jose.

I continued to hope things would improve.

However, after a series of other targeted attacks on fellow Muslim doctors, I decided to leave the US in 2008. I could not take it anymore. I moved to Pakistan to pursue a career in cardiology. My friends ask me if I will ever return to the States. I think I will but not until the Christian clergy stops condemning me as ‘worthy of death’ and the American government stops jailing me for calling myself a Muslim openly and for professing my faith as I deem fit.

I miss the US a lot but I also love my new homeland. There are a few bigots here as well but I never have to worry about them. My friends come to my rescue before I know it. I am different but I am loved. I feel welcomed and accepted. I have the freedom to speak and profess my faith. Until my motherland is reformed, I shall stay in Pakistan God willing.

I am currently pursuing a degree in cardiology in Lahore and this is my story.


Pakistan = United States
United States = Pakistan
Harvard Medical School = King Edward Medical University
Mt Sinai Medical School = Punjab Medical College
MIT = University of Engineering and Technology (UET)
Christian = Other Muslims
Christianity = Islam
Christ = Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)
Muslims = Ahmadis
Boston = Lahore
Lahore = Boston
San Jose = Rabwah
New York = Faisalabad


Kashif Chaudhry

A graduate of King Edward Medical University, Lahore and Mt Sinai University Hospital in New York, Kashif is currently completing his Cardiology fellowship in Boston, USA. He writes for various American newspapers and Pakistani publications and blogs at the Huffington Post. His interests include medicine, human rights and interfaith dialogue. He tweets @KashifMD (twitter.com/KashifMD)

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Your Friend

    Please use find and replace with keys mentioned towards the end of the article
    @Boston Wala: Recommend


    There must be something wrong with this writer. He has written total nonsense. They do not misbehave unless you do. My personal experience and my family’s experience are totally the opposite. Some of the nicest souls you come across in that country. I give a tap to Tribune for allowing this piece and isolated incident if at all true, which I doubt. Recommend


    Hahahahahaha… Nyc Chd shb… I appreciate ur sarcasm Recommend

  • Faisal

    Before commenting, a majority of people didn’t give the ‘F’ to read the Keys given at the end of the article, rephrase the article, and then come to a conclusion. Such an illiterate society we have become!Recommend

  • rishi

    @Boston Wala:

    Mr. Boston wala!

    Read ” The key ” at the end. Then go back through the article replacing the left column with the right column. I know its pretty burdensome. So let me decode it for you.

    This is a satirical piece, titled the way it is so that it attracts more readers to notice and read. The author is actually talking about him being Pakistani and moving to America never to return.

    I do think that its a bit cruel to give such hope to the run-of-the-mill Pakistani only to dash it at the end.Recommend

  • Lol

    More than the article, the comments present the true plight of our society. How incredibly moved are we at the thought of Muslim persecution in America. The majority of these self-righteous, self-proclaimed ‘victims’ haven’t even bothered reading the full article to see that the author is not even writing about America. Ankhein kholo. I’m not condoning the article, or taking sides. But it’s really beautiful to see how willing we are to condemn others of carrying out the same criminal injustices that we commit on a daily basis. If you are so against Muslim persecution, then atleast have the decency to condemn all sorts of religious persecution. Don’t be selective in speaking against such inhumanity. Recommend

  • http://insidedisillusion.wordpress.com Mahwash Badar

    reads comments


  • https://twitter.com/AreebahShahid Areebah Shahid

    Read the key.. @Stephanie: :)Recommend

  • musahary

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ahhhhh omgRecommend

  • http://www.pltacademy.com Travel_Tart

    Very sad… I am crying :(Recommend

  • Ahmad Waqass Goraya

    Morons! This is SATIRE. read till end. Don’t start sharing it as truth. Recommend

  • Bin Ismail

    Dear Kashif,

    After going through the comments – most of them – all I can say is that perhaps you should have given your article the following title:

    WARNING: Please read the KEY twice before you post your comment.

    Good satire by the way.Recommend

  • Jazib

    @Boston Wala:

    You sir, did not undersand this article at all! All of these incidents didn’t take place in the US.
    Hint: Read key.Recommend

  • Jazib

    One of the best written pieces I have ever read on tribune. For a while I was confused about the facts you were stating in the article, until I read the key. Very nicely put. It is indeed a sad aspect of our society.
    But what hurts me more is that the top comments here totally missed the point! And the fact that they are top comments marks the height of our over-emotional society. Just react without thinking! Recommend

  • suhail

    @Boston Wala:

    Dude you don’t get the point of this blog post do you? Did you see the “Key” at the end of the article? Let me help you out here. USE that KEY and read the article again substituting the words he mentions first with the words they equate to, and you will understand why its such a brilliant piece of writing!Recommend

  • unknown

    @Boston Wala:
    I live in Boston too. Read the key at the bottom of the article bro.Recommend

  • imran

    @Boston Wala:

    read the full article Recommend

  • parliament certified muslim

    @Kashif Chaudhry
    Dear Brother-in-Parliament-certified-Islam
    Someone has tampered with your excellent article by adding a false “Key” to it, at the end. This must be the doing of the Jews. Your article is true to the letter. I am happy that you have finally taken refuge in the “Islamic Republic of Pakistan”. The problem in living in the US is that their Congress has still not defined, through any constitutional amendment, terms such as “Islam” and “Muslim”. That’s why each and every true Muslim living in the US, has serious identity issues. We in Pakistan, however, were able to finally define the term “Muslim”, after 14 centuries, in 1974. We are ahead of the US. This was done through a constitutional amendment called the “Second Amendment”. According to this historic amendment, if you call yourself a “Muslim” and are not an Ahmadi, you are a Muslim. What a beautiful definition. Recommend

  • Hamid Jalal

    @Boston Wala: please read the key at the end first, then commentRecommend

  • Hamid Jalal

    @zeeshan: First part yes. But not a christian.he,s an Ahmadi MuslimRecommend

  • nc

    Everyone that is hating, just relax! This i why the say read till the very end! You missed the entire point! Refer to the key at the very end!

    GREAT WORK!Recommend

  • Hamid Jalal

    I am sweating, shivering simply thinking about my two little sons who are super intelligent, want to become scientists, are staunch Ahmadies and Pakistanis. Whats going to happen to them when they grow up??Recommend

  • Faraz Talat

    Easily one of the most creative blogs I’ve seen on ET in a bit.

    In addition to highlighting an important sociopolitical issue, it helps filter out all those who comment simply after reading the blog title.

    Seriously, fellows. There is text beneath the title that I recommend you try reading sometimes. Saves yourselves a lot of embarrassment.Recommend

  • Dr. Unknown

    I’m the doctor who accidentally operated on Unknown’s left kidney instead of right, leaving him forever prejudiced against doctors. Now in every blog, he feels the need to lambast the writer for his medical profession rather than commenting on the article itself.

    On behalf of my community, I apologise and urge you to move on.

    And the blog is amazing. I hope to read more from you, Dr. Kashif.Recommend

  • your mother

    You people are reactionary idiots. Click on the damn links in the article, and you will realize that this whole thing is actually taking a stab at the injustices in Pakistan.Recommend

  • TUNG

    ok.alright i did read the key!im not stupid and i get satire! this article made me shame mount sinai to my peers!Recommend

  • Hybrid87

    Kudos for structuring that so effectively, and I would recommend y’all to read the key before commenting. Hope that initial surge of anger readers from Pakistan felt towards the U.S. could be channeled towards the Muslim clergy who not only advocate rampant discrimination on religious grounds, but may also inspire another religious cleansing in Pakistan. Recommend

  • Usman

    READ THE KEY AT THE END PPL – It will all make senseRecommend

  • Saif

    Readers please; get off Boston Wala’s back. He recognized the error and has already apologized to the author.
    I made the same mistake!
    Things happen, it was amusing now get over it.Recommend

  • SSaeed

    This is brilliant! And it’s sad to see how so many of the readers commenting missed the point. Recommend

  • Maaz Ahmad

    To everyone trying to defend the USA, you have completely misunderstood the article. PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE!! Look at the key at the end.Recommend

  • Noreen Zehra

    Thumbs up for the narrative technique @kashifchaudhry … wouldn’t have struck bang on any other way .. Deeply touched!Recommend

  • Amber

    God plz read the full blog esp the last few [email protected] Wala: Recommend

  • Abeer Pervaiz

    The Key says it all. Live and Let Live!Recommend

  • good measure of readers intelligence

    Hilarious how many people didn’t get the point of this article by not looking at the key or even having common sense.

    Before I even got to the key I was thinking “Funny how you can turn this around towards sectarian violence or the anti-Muslim hatred being preached by Muslims in UK and Europe.

    But typical citizens with their 900 year old way of thinking.Recommend

  • http://www.aidwest.org John Elliott

    This was an excellent essay on how hatred is founded in ignorance. Congratulations on the clever plot twist at the end! (And shame on those readers who commented here who failed to understand the concept.)Recommend

  • Anwar

    Are you all idiots? The poor guy even gave you a ‘key’ at the end to understand that he’s talking about Pakistani universities. What complete idiocy! Hardly a reader or two understood what he was trying to say; no wonder Pakistan has gone to the dogs, where people don’t even have basic reading and comprehension skills!Recommend

  • wydok

    I feel like the problem with this article is that it’s too hard to replace the key words while reading it to make it coherent. The basic gyst is that you felt hatred as a Christian living in Pakistan. Color me not shocked. I wish there was a translated version of this so I could read it without having to scroll or switch tabs constantly.

    Meanwhile, the majority of the comments hear show that nobody actually understand your point.Recommend

  • HK

    did you not read the key at the end? @Boston Wala: Recommend

  • Sakhtarc

    @Boston Wala:

    You might want to refer to the “Key” the author presented before you lash out on him.

    It might help putting things into perspectiveRecommend

  • Carl Hancock

    Well done. To any of my stupid, ignorant fellow Americans leaving nasty comments… reading is fundamental but it’s useless without comprehension. It’s obvious a lot of people lack it.Recommend

  • Imran

    did anyone actually realise that this whole piece is an allegory of the situation in Pakistan. The whole article is actually the story of Pakistan and minorities here… didnt anyone see the key at the end :P The point of the article is that if these things were actually true we would cry out our hearts for the global conspiracy against us muslims and domination of jewish lobbies and bla bla bla and call for the deaths of infidels who inspire hatred innocent muslims but the thing is the story is of king edward medical university, Pakistan not harvard, US, and now knowing this and knowing that both situations are exactly the same only now the tables are turned and the muslims are on the bad side NO mullah will bat an eye.
    P.S. wonderfull article by the way. The idea is simply beautyfull.Recommend

  • Heywod


    Sir, ah, I think you probably didnt read the ‘Key’ after the article.Recommend

  • observing pakistanis in the US

    I agree with “view from far away”, this is a disgusting article in a country where the so called youth/educated class is naive enough to follow a naive former cricketer. This article can be easily believed by the followers of parties like PTI, TTP and PML-N and induce even more hatred of the west, like we need more, and for him to think that people are going to pay attention to his “key” at the end. From the responses i see even here, a lot of people have not understood the underlying message of this article, meaning that the author has failed miserably in what he was trying to communicate.

    I have observed that the recent immigrants to the US whether there are doctors or businessmen they start to act like super smart and in doing so they show a level of ignorance that is shocking. For example, this same author has written an article at Huff post complaining about a store chain’s decision not to sponsor a tv show about muslims, and makes statements in that article by saying “we” when he may have not been gotten a greencard or naturalization to be a US citizen. It will be better for the author to expand your horizons in medicine before starting to criticize a society that lets people like you in and provide an escape from the wonderful society that you come from.

    Coming back to the present article, keep in mind the damage this kind of article can cause , because half of the even educated youth of this country will not get to your key to understand what you are trying to say!Recommend

  • A Memon

    The article does not give accurate examples on MIT and Mt Sinai in NewYork. I googled, searched the examples and there were no news and no information on those incidents that are used as examples. That does not make sense as such huge incidents are bound to make headlines in media. This article looses it’s authenticity for me at this point. If there was a sticker then it should have been brought up to the administration instead of provoking resentment. There is some truth to Muslims facing discrimination being minorities but don’t minorities face discrimination in other countries too? Instead of spreading hate, look at what you can do better as a person and set a better example since people will associate you with your culture and religion. Focus on progress and not backward thinking.Recommend

  • http://aaa.com Abu Fatimah al Britaani

    It seems that the majority of tribune readers are idiots based on the commentsRecommend

  • AYL

    I am a Pakistani and attending a Top American University for my Graduate Degree. I must say i have never seen such an open society in my life (i have seen seven countries). I have found Americans to be most friendly people. They are open to diversity. May be few of them are bigots but that is fine it a huge country of almost 330 million people.
    For me so far so good. Recommend

  • Mixu

    Everyone who is complaining about the article, n calling it a lie should read the KEY…. Hats off Kashif…Recommend

  • Clearly No One Knows What Satire Is

    Wow the comments are stellar as usual. Dear readers: THIS IS SATIRE!!!! Kashif is clearly using satire to remind us of the terrible way minorities are treated in Pakistan and people turn a blind eye, and yet when Muslims are treated poorly elsewhere, people are quick to react. (I’m not defending Islamophobia, btw, I am just stating the hypocrisy).
    Maybe it’s time we understood that these absurd laws that Pakistan has enable the blatant discrimination of minorities. We are so blinded by our own prejudice against others that we fail to recognize that we have no right to discriminate against anyone.
    Also, for those who are trying to defend the anti-Ahmadi laws: maybe its time the government and all the bigoted people should stop being so obsessed with moral policing and trying to determine who is “Muslim”, and perhaps focus on other things, like improving the economy, focusing on how to feed the poor, how to end corruption and to get rid of home-grown terrorism… Recommend

  • anonymous

    You should have read the key at the end of the article before writing this comment……@Boston Wala: Recommend

  • Anon

    People please note the key at the end before jumping to any conclusions.

    If you still don’t get it, just know it is not about the US at all but rather about Pakistan.Recommend

  • hamza

    Not one bit believable . This kind of open expression of hatred against an ethnic group is not acceptable in the USA. If racism on religious grounds exists somewhere it is pakistan. Recommend

  • Bobby

    This is an excellent criticism of the present Pakistan society and its wronful indulegence of Mullah based Islam. Not many people have understood that this is a satire on Pakistan and not the USA. The USa has laws and believs in equality. Pakistan has no laws and have made a mockery of the Consititution of Pakistan by infringing on the basic human rights of its minorities- the right to practise their faith freely and without fear. an excellentarticle on whatis happening to the Ahmadiyya community who beleieve in one Allah, Prophet Muhammad as the Seal othe Prophet, pray 5 times, offer Zakat, perform Hajj when allowed, and utter the Kilimah, Lahe Laha Illal laha Muhamad ur Rasool Illah.. And yet thy have been penalized by the Sate and the civil society. If the US had such laws against Muslims, the Muslim world will cry foul loud and crying.Recommend

  • tabinda

    i am amazed at the IQ of many people who responded to the post. Seriously, guys this is a SATIRE,,,you know, creating shocking analogies…this would never happen at the Harvard Medical College. This is a story about the the discrimination chirstian students face in Pakistan, King Edward college to be precise. Pakistanis would rather believe that this was going in with their muslim brethren in the uncale sam’s land, as if the aggressive muslim expat community in usa would let anyone rest if such things started to happen. NOOOOO, its going on in your country, and the minorities suffer. Wake up..chirsitians and hindus are victimized on a daily basis in this country, not mention shias, ahmedis, ismailis etc
    However, i do think the article was kinda written in this code language and it was bound to misinterpreted. it was a master stroke by the writer but he overestimated the IQ of normal readers. Recommend


    @Boston Wala:

    It appears the blogger : Kashif Chaudhry believes in mendacity. He has concocted the story which appears to be hate-filled. My grandson was in that institution up to 2012. I frequently visited him and met several students there. No body ever complained about ethnic, sectarian or racial prejudices. The blogger needs psychological treatment.Recommend

  • Muhammad Akram Mangat

    As a common man, one can gauge it totally exaggerated. There are the sentiments but not to that extent, here in Pakistan people are more involved in similar hatred even among different sects. The need of the day is to become true Muslim not in saying but implementing at ourselves to spread peace and harmony, consequently the feeling of hatred will minimize. We must practice in true letter and spirit ” Love for all hatred for none” to bring peace in the World. Recommend

  • Muhammad Akram Mangat

    It is much more than written, nobody is ready to spare any other different from his belief. We are living in a society having zero tolerance.Recommend

  • haris

    You shape your experience in a good story. but we also have to listen to the other side to make a have a good understanding. Life is precious so enjoy it and feel safe where ever you are, my friend. But don’t generalize the world with your experience. Forget about the past and enjoy today.

    Any american is not ready to accept the sticker’s issue and you can always call 911. I am doing PhD at Drexel Uni and my experience is going good. I am learning alot from good people around me and AM NOT WATCHING BBC OR CNN as my frineds and most americans enjoy little things and wellcome you every where even with beard. Hard ships are always there but a nation as you mentioned are not full of bad people. Mostly, all are good and want to help you as a basic Human instict, but ofcourse there are some bad people in every nation as are in America and also in Pakistan. Try to stay foucsed and be happy.Recommend

  • http://khalilsawant.blogspot.in/ Khalil Sawant

    Brilliant !!!

    I think most of the people giving comments on this piece are not reading the entire piece till the end, and making a fool of themselves thus. Also the fact that they are not reading till the end itself shows somethingRecommend

  • M

    One of the parts of being a muslim is also to believe in no one sharing the same status of religious guide as the Prophet (PBUH) and no Sovereign ruler other than Allah.
    Yet you don’t judge someone who calls a human being “Maullah” and calls out to him in praying by saying “Ya XYZ maddat”. It isn’t up to you to decide what one person should believe in. Recommend

  • http://[email protected] khaliqkanjwal


    I do not agree fully with the doctor.There may be some dislike for immigrants in some places

    in USA.but by & large it is most tolerant society. It is worth while to mention that Americans value talent & sky is the limit for a bright person what ever the field he is in.It may say that about 10 doctors from my family are working in various hospitals for last three decades ,& they have never mentioned any thing like that.My daughter & son-in law are doing fellowship in cardiology in TAMPA. Back home they would never dream t of such good opportunity.I myself have stayed in USA for more than six months & have found Americans one of the most civilized society.

  • Carl Hancock

    @A Memon: Focus on reading the entire article if you’re going to comment on it. You obviously did not read the entire article otherwise you’d have seen the key at the end of the article that explains that this is about discrimination against Muslims in Pakistan. It’s not about the United States at all. Read the article AND the key at the end of it and out the two together. It’s satire. It’s about discrimination in places like Pakistan that doesn’t garner attention or outrage but replace the keywords with the United States, etc. and the same type of behavior would garner outrage. It’s a well done piece of satire.Recommend

  • Ismail

    @rewq: Recommend

  • Yael

    So many people failed to see the sarcasm in the article and its true meaning. I´m appalled at the lack of logic and reading and comprehension skills they have exhibited in the comments.Recommend

  • Noreen saeed

    LOL, good humor!!
    Guys read where he is working at and u will get the humor. Recommend

  • Sab33N

    Can people please use the key provided by the author to understand what he actually means .. its not an attack on America / Harvard or Boston. Use the key for the crying out loud to understand what he actually means .. Recommend

  • jatak

    @Boston Wala: Read the key below the article before commenting.Recommend

  • jatak

    @A Memon:
    Bhai, read the key after the article before commenting. It is a satire.Recommend

  • Bilal

    Well – I am not going to comment on your beliefs that led to moving back to Pakistan but I only got one question –


  • Anon

    HE IS TALKING ABOUT PAKISTAN. How HE moved FROM Pakistan to US because all that happened to him HERE (PAKISTAN). READ THE KEY!! HE IS TALKING IN SARCASM!!! -.-

  • from a Med School in the US

    @observing pakistanis in the US:

    I share your sentiments.

    What is happening in Pakistan is a very serious issue and it seems that the educated people, like this author, have no idea that they maybe fueling the hatred towards the west by trying to be cute and writing articles that a majority will not even understand. I regret to say this but our educated youth/leaders/former cricketers are making it even harder for the people in Pakistan who are trying to confront this delusional frame of mind.

    I would suggest to people who live in the US to write simply and clearly in the future so that most of the people of pakistan can understand your intent of the article, as otherwise you will further reinforce the problems that you are trying to expose and eliminate from a very primitive society that somehow has been created in Pakistan!

    As a faculty member and supervisor of medical students, residents and fellows in the US, I can clearly state that the likelihood of you getting discriminated here because of ones’ religion or race is pretty low. I can only hope that Pakistan can be half as respectful and open to all the races and religions as the US is. To the new arrivals in the US who are doing residency or fellowship here I would suggest to focus on developing your personalities and characters as one can only develop these to a very limited extent in a environment like the one in Pakistan. Writing articles in Huff Post and here just shows ones’ level of inner sophistication, and may get some praise from some readers who actually were able to read the “key” but otherwise sadly it may not help generate anything of positive value.Recommend

  • stan_islaus

    @Boston Wala:
    Did you read the ‘Key’ at the end? Hint: It’s not really about the US. Recommend

  • Dr. Iqbal

    Nicely put.
    Caught all the attention the average US obsessed Pakistani can muster.Recommend

  • http://www.tanzeel.wordpress.com Tanzeel

    Epic.Hope everybody understand your point. Recommend

  • Muhammad Saim

    I was about to believe (very hardly thou) the whole story but then found a major contradiction within, this is a cheap attempt to gain sympathies and attention via. blogging.

    A graduate of King Edward Medical University in Lahore and Mt Sinai University Hospital in New York who is currently completing his Cardiology fellowship at Tufts University in Boston, USA

    You returned to KE for graduation and then went back to Boston for fellowship…..why?
    and why would entire Boston ran a hate campaign against you, were you the only Muslim in the college and town?Recommend

  • MHQ

    I had similar experience in US when doing my engineering in Georgia Tech. Similar stickers were everywhere. Even a Christian student had written on his room’s door “If any Muslim enters this room his head would be chopped off”. I was not allowed to have meal in the hostel mess and was given the meal in my room in separately kept utensils. Many of my Christian class-fellows did not shake hand with me because of me being a Muslim.

    NOTE: those who did not understand the article will not understand this comment – no need for keyRecommend

  • Amna

    @Boston Wala:

    Kindly take a minute to look at the ‘key’ of the satire article at the end.Recommend

  • Obaid Fattah

    You people really need to read the article again. Its such a smart article. READ THE KEY.Recommend

  • wow

    @Obaid Fattah:

    if everyone had understood it, we would not have been blessed with the kind of leaders we have been choosing!Recommend

  • wow

    @Clearly No One Knows What Satire Is:
    there is a place and time for satire, I am afraid pakistan is not the place and this is not the time when all our leaders can do is to lie flat in front of the people who think they are going to conquer the world with their iron age beliefsRecommend

  • CS

    I am Australian. I have Shia Hazara friends from Quetta, Pakistan, who have taken all sorts of risks to come and live in my country. Why? Because in every Muslim country they are attacked, victimised, or killed.
    I am a Christian. In the bible Jesus says “if someone hits you on one cheek, turn to him the other cheek.” elsewhere it says “do not be defeated by evil, but defeat evil with good.”

    Because of my Muslim friends I have begun reading the Quran. I can find no such sentiment, just war verse after war verse after war verse. And i’m supposed to be an infidel for even questioning Mohammad?

    I seek to love my Muslim friends, because the bible presents a God of love, and I want to submit to God and follow him. “We love because He first loved us.” (1 John 4:19)

    Obviously, not all Christians act this way, just as not all Muslims live the way the Quran and Hadiths dictate.

    Someone asked Jesus “Teacher, what is the greatest commandment in the law?”
    Search that phrase in Google and you will find his answer.Recommend

  • Naveed Umar

    My friends son went to the Netherlands for study and turned into an atheist. This is why Pakistan exists. It was created as an fortress where we can be true muslims and we do not have atheists and other religions spreading their propandanda. Recommend

  • Waseem

    Well written.
    It basically highlights the persecutions of Ahmadi Muslims in Pakistan who are state declared Non-Muslims.Recommend


    A totally concocted story. How could Tribune Express publish this pot-of-lies blog without simple cross check. All links in the story leads to Ahmadi purported persecution in Pakistan and not Muslims persecution in USA. Recommend

  • CS

    @from a Med School in the US:
    I thought it was well done; the message gets across to the sort of people who wouldn’t ordinarily read the article.Recommend

  • pallab

    the idea was good. but looking at the comments I guess it backfired. most people didn’t get the slightest idea of what you wrote. Recommend

  • Sigh

    @Boston Wala:
    You didn’t read till the end did you? Recommend

  • Sigh

    Most comments, and by extension, most readers COMPLETELY missed the point of this thing didn’t they? Credit to Kashif for realizing that most people won’t notice that somethings amiss and putting in that in-your-face key at the end. But STILL. Most readers completely missed it didn’t they. Recommend

  • Sabah u din Irfan

    When I read this part of the article,
    “I also found out that Muslim engineering students at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) were forbidden to eat in the university cafeteria and dorm kitchens. Christian student groups had complained that Muslim presence was making the food filthy and hurting the sentiment of ordinary Christians at MIT.”

    I understood this is not about US, this is about Pakistan and about discrimination of Ahmadies by the officials there. Because I was student there in UET(MIT of Pakistan) when it happened.

    I hope that things change in Pakistan so that we can study/work there with equal rights. I also have the similar situation as the writer and I have to migrate to United Kingdom.Recommend

  • Ali

    Excellent, I had to use my Mathematical skills to understand this article :-) Recommend

  • ollairso

    @Boston Wala: I suggest you read the whole article before commenting.Recommend

  • Silent Observer

    Read the ”KEY” n then comment please!!Recommend

  • Lea Ahmed

    This article is very strange. I lived in the states for 10 yrs and during the 9/11 era where is anything muslim hatred should have been at its peak. I NEVER felt any discrimination and I lived in New York of all places. People were not judgmental or rude or racist towards me, if anything they displayed more interest and concern in what was going on in my home land. After 9/11 many workshops and classes were held for the students where therapists would come to speak about 9/11 and its affects on the students and I never felt uncomfortable or as if all eyes were on me, I was as much a part of the community then as a muslim pakistani as anyone else was. oh and fyi I went to an Ivy league in ny! I had friends in harvard and yale where I spent alot of weekends and NO one had any scary stories to tell about discrimination or racism ! Either this person is extremely paranoid and imagined a lot of discrimination or they are flat out making it up. It isnt possible for me to have gone to college with ALL my friends all over the states during that period and for none of us to have faced anything of the sort and for this person to have magically have gone through all this hate and discrimination wherever they went!?! Seems like this article is written from pre existing bias or paranoia which has nothing to do with reality or genuine experiences. Any american Pakistani who has been living in the states can tell you this kind of discrimination does not exist and certainly doesn’t go unpunished. There are checks and balances in the states that unfortunately do not exist here and no one can get away with such blatant targeting based on religion.

    Express Tribune you seriously need to consider the integrity of some of the articles you print! Recommend

  • Lea Ahmed

    pls dont worry. this persons experience makes no sense. there is no need to hold ure sons and daughters back from a top education because of someone else paranoid bias. ask any pakistani who lives there. this stuff doesnt happen and you are treated more equal there than even in dubai for example! @Hamid Jalal: Recommend

  • http://India vasan

    I think many comments have missed out the “Keys” at the end. They should “replace strings” and read again.
    Though I may not agree with
    “Harvard Medical School = King Edward Medical University
    Mt Sinai Medical School = Punjab Medical College
    MIT = University of Engineering and Technology (UET)”
    I suggest replace strings with them rather than equatingRecommend

  • Anon User

    please read the keyRecommend

  • Me

    Some of the comments here are a good example of why the human race has so many problems. So volatile! So quick to want to respond even before finishing the article!Recommend

  • http://India vasan

    Why drag christianity into the problems of muslim sects ?Recommend

  • Shah (Berlin)

    @Anshuman Tripathy:

    read the article with the KEY AGAIN…!!!!Recommend

  • Shah (Berlin)

    @from a Med School in the US:

    Dear Fucalty member read the article again with the key…regardsRecommend