Don’t label me ‘Mohajir’

Published: February 11, 2014

I continue being increasingly convinced that the label of Mohajir has made it near impossible for me to be accepted as a Pakistani in Pakistan. PHOTO: FILE

I continue being increasingly convinced that the label of Mohajir has made it near impossible for me to be accepted as a Pakistani in Pakistan. PHOTO: FILE I continue being increasingly convinced that the label of Muhajir has made it near impossible for me to be accepted as a Pakistani in Pakistan. PHOTO: AFP

Being a first generation Mohajir might have felt like stepping into an exciting new territory full of adventures in reassertion of identity, a deeper assimilation into the national fabric and finding a voice in a country teeming with provincialism.

However, as a second generation Mohajir reflecting over the three decades that have transpired since, it seems that these were nothing short of a fool’s dreams that at least I could have survived without. Objectively, I feel that having chased these dreams has actually left me more devoid in numerous avenues than empowered.

Retrospectively, I find it hard to understand why we had to push for an ‘identity’ in a country that was in reality created as our collective identity regardless of language, race or creed. However, much to the contrary, the forthcoming generations of Mohajirs, myself included, are ostracised for having migrated from India while the groups that did not fret are more comfortably assimilated in the national soil.

Talk about giving the dog a bad name and hanging him.

I continue being increasingly convinced that the label of Mohajir has made it near impossible for me to be accepted as a Pakistani in Pakistan. In fact, I wonder where exactly I belong. Personally, I believe it was entirely unnecessary to have even attempted to carve out a ‘niche or identity’ for us in a country that was made for all of us anyway. I feel like I’m labelled as an outsider on account of being Urdu speaking. And on the political front, regardless of whether or not I agree with the party agenda, being Urdu speaking makes me an unwitting member of the only political party representing me.

Interestingly enough, Urdu speaking, like myself, are now even arrogantly brushed aside by ‘rishta walis’ (aunties with proposals) who have added the ‘Urdu speaking’ clause to their regular questionnaire. Many a times when making selections, we, Urdu speaking girls, are not usually preferred. This is just one of many ways we are side-lined in the social avenues.

I hate to be blunt but the steadily increasing notoriety of the party over the years has polished off on the whole lot of us and has a lot to do with the situation.

Overly simplistic as it may sound, I often wonder why it was at all necessary to have created the student association specifically for Mohajirs or Urdu speaking. Initially, the Mohajir students were grouped aside and gradually, the label spread to the Urdu speaking population in general that had emigrated from India. I think I was better off labelled ‘Muslim’ in a non-Muslim country than as a whole different creed of Muslim who is shunned in a Muslim country.

On that note, I don’t even know why we are even called ‘immigrants’. An entirely new country emerged on the globe in the form of Pakistan on August 14, 1947 and our elders moved here as new citizens.

So why the label ‘Mohajir’ at all?

This forced label only hurts my presence, my participation and my identity in a country that I consider my own but that has gradually disowned me over the years.

As a student, I stood out among my peers in my educational institutions. Now I stand out among my colleagues and in my social circles. The fact that I know only Urdu and English is enough indication that I am a Mohajir. Residents of the other four provinces speak the third provincial language and even if they don’t, it is certainly spoken in their homes. I have even noticed people getting visibly uncomfortable around me. They prefer to flock together with ‘similar feathers’ and give preference to another province resident rather than an ‘Urdu speaking’ like myself.

My list of complaints could go on and on.

Don’t pat my head and tell me it is all in my head because it is not.

We have started to suffer a lot now and the situation can no longer be brushed aside as a story in our heads or simple paranoia. Karachi has become a crazy hell hole and the burning city has stamped our infamous presence and name in the discussion columns around the world, which is soon disregarded.

Frankly, I have turned into a minority in the country, representing the white part of our flag, and sadly enough, minorities aren’t very kindly accommodated here, especially, an unsavoury one. By hook or by crook, I might enjoy an upper hand in Karachi but in the other areas I am not looked at very kindly. Despite having emigrated from India, being a Mohajir wouldn’t have been such an ‘issue’ if it hadn’t been ‘made such an issue’ with the emergence of an identity that honestly is no help to the common man.

So dear countrymen, do me a favour and refer to me as a Pakistanis and not Urdu speaking or Mohajir.

Putting tags on each other and setting each other aside does nothing to strengthen our or the country’s identity internationally or domestically. It only demotes Pakistan at a time when it is imperative to pull together as a whole and not break apart into pieces based on labels, which might be hard to put together later.


Aalia Suleman

A freelance writer and poet who is keenly interested in the status of women in 21st century Pakistan. Her writing also zones in on Pakistan's new social and political status on a redefined global chessboard. She has a masters degree in English Literature and blogs and invites debates at 'Socio-politically Pakistani'. She tweets @aaliasuleman (

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  • Rehan Ali

    I’m called an outsider in a country of my birth. The very country my parents and grandparents left their belongings for. I have to put up with non-sense and idiotic politicians who malign the sacrifices of my ancestors and call them ‘bhooka nanga’.

    I have to listen to the stupid intellectuals who question the decision of our previous generations to have stuck with URDU and not to have assimilated with Sindhis who by the were not present in Karachi and have recently shifted to the city.

    I’ve had to put up with a single party because they were the only ones who accepted me as their fellow citizen. The punjabis of Sindh called Bhuttos and Kashmiris of Punjab called MIans can be called sons of the provincial soils but not us Karachites.

    In Pakistan, after 3 generations we are still outsiders, Mohajirs. Recommend

  • Fraz Naqvi

    Dear Sis! I strongly agree to u on most of the parts… Its a dilemma of our society which can only be understood by those who have to bear it and live through it… Being from a Minority Sect i can somewhat understand your feelings… BUT…. there is another dimension to it as well… U know We, The minority sect ppl or the minority ethnic ppl somehow also want ourselves to be distinguished from the others… Unfortunately, being different is the order of the day, n ppl want to look different and have a separate identity of their own… With incorporating Violence as an effective Tool to cater the atrocities or bureaucracy and the govts, they have singled their community out… n its really difficult for others to intermingle with them freely….. Discussion is getting unnecessary long but kindly do a research on mohajirs who got settled in different parts of punjab after partition…n u’l b astonished to know how well they have mixed themselves in punjab… its a long topic but it needs to be discussed……
    A good article though… Appreciate… :)Recommend

  • AamAwam

    I agree with you but we weren’t labeled as Mohajirs by a political party we were always that for the rest of the country. I know not all people are same but Mohajirs faced huge discrimination and were killed in the same retrospective.
    That was when the need of carving a niche came into being.
    Though I agree with y9ou 100% this tag is not letting us become Pakistani But then who in this country is Pakistani? They are either sindhi, balochi and pakhtoon.
    Like you pointed out yourself they treat you differently. Not just in a hostile manner now but they do.
    Its a dilemma you support the certain Mohajir party or not the bias is there (Not generalizing). Sad, but this is how it is.Recommend

  • Lt Col Imtiaz Alam(retd)

    You have only to blame your Leader’s whom you vote time and again. It is them who labelled you as Mohajir’s to carry out Emotional blackmail and get votes & come to Power. They are using your vote & having a Ball of time. You have to get into the mainstream of Society & beat others through commitment, hard work & ballot by voting for a progressive Party.Wake up. It is still time. Vote for the right Party in the forth coming LB Polls. Recommend

  • omair shahid

    Miss aalia-suleman firstly i agree with your point that every one should be called a Pakistani not muhajir, punjabi,pathan,or balouchi. secondly muhajir called them self muhajir i live in Karachi and I did not hear this term from any one from the other province but only from MQM which call them-self muhajir i dont know about you but alot of people are fooled by them
    people them self are to be blamed in this matter Recommend

  • Qias

    Muhajir is an ethnicity now, you’re still Pakistan but we’re a multi-ethnic country and ethnic labels are still relevant.Recommend

  • Farah

    @Lt Col Imtiaz Alam(retd):
    at least we see a future in voting him time to time. i think you haven’t read what she wrote. the whole deal is that we aren’t treated the same in rest of the country as we are here in Karachi. if we go for a job in Lahore they ask us for or birth certificate and then they ask about our ancestors, well that’s the end of the story. its not just me ask anybody i can give you a hand full of people in on day with the same problem. not being known as pakistani in other parts of the country is a problemRecommend

  • Stranger

    Who asked you people to leave in the first place. If u had stayed out, you would have been happy in India itself ( after the frenzied fights and struggles had stopped) in due course.Recommend

  • Dq

    @Lt Col Imtiaz Alam(retd):
    No is the years and years of depriviation that MOHAJIRS face in form of rural-urban quota division that is to be blamed…not a word from any party to get rid of this quota system…Recommend

  • Nikhat

    this mohajir party emerged because we suffered being mohajirs.they are not emotional blackmailing anyone. This party came into existence because of the discrimination meted out to us mohajirs” Recommend

  • http://@net Kohistani

    @Lt Col Imtiaz Alam(retd):
    Perhaps you should read the article again. With a dictionary
    by your side. The author has pointed out again and again that
    all bona fide attempts by mohajirs to get assimilated are thwarted.
    Here is an example, A doctor in in the army, was passed over
    and over again for promotion. Simply because he was urdu speaking
    descendent of mohahir parents. He even had a FRCS from England.
    Still no promotion beyond captain. While nicompoops with less qualifications
    were promoted. Simply because they were punjabis or pathans. Finally, he
    left in disgust. And is now a millionaire in NY. That, is what you get for trying
    your hardest to serve a sick country
    There is another name for all this: DiscriminationRecommend

  • http://@net Khushab wala.

    @Fraz Naqvi:
    Nobody can understand what you are trying to put across.
    In US you have Swedes, Germans, Italians, Irish, Poles and
    yes, they even speak their own languages. However, they are
    all Americans. And the common language is English. That is
    not the case in this country. The mohajirs are prevented from
    being a part of this country. They are heavily singled out. Even
    by the ethnic Sindhis who are at the bottom rung. Strangely and
    ironically it is the mohajirs Urdu,.. that is the common language
    across this country.Recommend

  • Oats

    The problem also has to do with Muhajirs who tell native Pakistanis about where they come from in India and how good it was there back when they owned this and that. Unless you identify fully with Pakistan, people will always question your loyalty. Most Pakistanis think that these stories about being so rich in India are nonsense and don’t care since we all see how most Indian Muslims live. It really bugs me when Muhajirs in America chum up with fellow Indians and talk about their common culture and things over native Pakistanis. I have even seen 2nd generation Muhajirs talk about Indian home cities in front of Pakistanis. Only when Muhajirs accept Pakistan as their only home and stop talking about India will they have a better chance of being accepted. It’s not a question of racism and I reject those Pakistanis who say that Muhajirs look more like Indians because of dark skin and short height etc. It has to do with making your home your first identity. If they accept their new home and fit in, it will all be fine.Recommend

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps one will stop calling urdu speakers mohajirs if they stop calling themselves that.Recommend

  • unaccepted son of soil aka karachi wala

    I would like to call my self Pakistani first but how many people in this country want the same….You know what in whole Pakistan for getting a government job there is no quota system but in Sindh there is urban and rurlar discrimination is being born in Karachi is my crime….low of standard of education in interior sindh was due to me….you do not even have the right to have administrative control of your majority city where in Pakistan or even in the world happens….for those who are saying that look at the people who settled in Punjab after partition do any one ask them what they have to go through in early days of Pakistan people call them Hindustani and this is my father’s personal experience even still some people refer me us Hindustani……Recommend

  • Pakistani

    I completely agree with the reader. This country was made for all Pakistanis and we all are Pakistanis. Who so ever makes labels is an idiot Recommend

  • Asjad

    The discrimination was always there. The hate was always there. The biased was always there. It not because of the label of “Mahajir”, it the mindset which created “Bhoka Bangli”, “Sindu desh’ and today’s Baloch Militant. From the 90s I can remember newspapers clipings for jobs which mentioned Candidates from Karachi and Hyderabad cannot apply. It was a amalgamation of word like bhaieye, choridar Pajamay walay n some other words which were thrown at people living in Karachi. Altaf bhai as they like to call him just choose to go with Muhajir, and subsequently in a not-so-correct-manner gave it power in parts of Urban Sindh. He has abused the adopted label undoubtedly but he did not create it, rather it was imposed by people who are advising ppl of Karachi to vote for the “right” party.

    Had I read this article before traveling to various parts of Pakistan/experienced living with non Karachites abroad, I might have agreed to it. But my experiences have assured and pushed me further towards protecting my identity.Recommend

  • Saad

    Your passport is the most definite proof of you being a Pakistani. Other people’s words don’t define who you are.Recommend

  • Pakistan

    I am sorry but i am a third generation Muhajir and i dont agree with the writer. I grew up in Lahore and am now currently living in Karachi. Both the cities accepted me and loved me as their own.
    I believe this whole ‘Muhajir Syndrome’ was created by the only political party who call themselves representatives of the ‘Urdu-speaking clan’ for their own personal benefit.Recommend

  • Akbar

    Good article. I see the position you’re coming from. My grandparents migrated from India as well and I live in Karachi. But being “Urdu speaking” is a source of pride for me, not something that I am embarrassed about. Contrary to your views and experience, people look at me with respect when they know I’m an Urdu speaking person.

    Again, this leads to the premise that the hatred expressed by those of other ethnicities against us is an inferiority complex. The feudals of Sindh for example, are scared that by blurring ethnic boundaries, their power will decrease and hence they will, in whatever way is necessary (even if its means desecrating mohenjodaro) try to enforce this ethnic identity into their people.

    Don’t ever be embarrassed to be an Urdu speaking/Mohajir. Don’t identify yourself as a Mohajir, but don’t ever be embarrassed by it either. You are after all a Pakistani above all.Recommend

  • Shehryar

    It’s about time that you grew up and faced the realities. Ask your grand parents how they were treated when they first came here. They wouldn’t get jobs, they wouldn’t get admission into colleges just because Karachi had a quota of 5 percent even though it was harbouring 10% of pakistans population. I am a proud mohajir, although I’m the third generation. I do not want to be affiliated with any other ethnicity because they are different from us. And to answer your questions about calling you Pakistani, I hold Karachi close to my heart because it is that city which has given me so much. I’d be a karachite rather than a Pakistani any day. Recommend

  • Ahsan

    I’m ready to drop my Mohajir tag if everyone else is ready to drop their Punjabi, Sindhi, Pashtoon etc tags and stop using their local languages and cultures. One nation, one language, one culture: Pakistani, Urdu, UrduRecommend

  • http://N/A Agha Mohsin Ali

    I agree with you dear good Recommend

  • unaccepted son of soil aka karachi wala

    @ Oats: you mean to say that any one who moved from umerkot to Karachi he do not have the right to talk about his ansector’s home…btw quota system was approved by the Sindh assembly not by the urdu speaking people….Recommend

  • Ahmed Siddiqui

    @Lt Col Imtiaz Alam(retd):

    Sorry Sir but u may not b aware of the historical facts or u deliberately to show ur hatred against a particular party. in 1978 when APMSO was formed, there were PSA ( Punjabi Students Association ), BSO ( Baloch Students Org ). JSSF ( Jiye Sindh Students Federation ) & PSF ( Pukhton Students Federation ) already exists :p. I still remember the Govt Job adds durring 80s clearly stated that ( Domicile Holders from Karachi/Hyderabad do not apply ). Things are not very simple as u think. Recommend

  • Dani

    I am an Urdu Speak my parents migrated to Pakistan and i am Mohajir Why because in Pakistan every one is Punjabi Sindhi Baloch Pathan Saraiki etc not Pakistani so i choose my identity and that is Mohajir, the ones who asked me not to call myself Mohajir and call myself Pakistani should stop calling themselves Punjabi Pathan Sindhi Balochi and also change the names of 4 provinces that are driven by their ethnicities, remove hypocrite Quota System specifically for Urban Sindh home of millions of Urdu Speaking Mohajirs like me, stop asking questions during interviews about my mother tongue and stop inquiring where my grand father was born.
    Do something practical to make yourselves Pakistanis first instead of Punjabi Sindhi Baloch and Pathan and i will stop calling myself Mohajir Recommend

  • Abdul Hafeez

    Agreed.. and thank God whoever gave us or we choose this beautiful word Mohajir. Much much better than bhaiya, hindustani, banya, panha guzeer. Ect ectRecommend

  • Masud

    How a “refugee” is an ethnic identity ? Absolutely Rubbish. Refugee is a Status like citizen is a status like IDP (Internally Displaced Person) is a status. You can’t be a Pakistani and a “refugee” at the same time. For refugee status one has to register with UNHCR.Recommend

  • Parvez

    You do write well and what you say can not in all honesty be disagreed with.
    In my view, it was politics that motivated this………and today it’s politics that drives this.Recommend

  • Paracetamol

    What a useless rant of 3 minutes!

    The author here is committing a serious flaw in her writing and her ideology by asking others to not call her a Mahajir when in reality it is the entire ‘Urdu speaking’ community that insists that they are ‘Mahajir’ when anyone asks of their background.
    While living for literally more than 60 years in Sindh province of Pakistan, they ought to have accepted their identity of belonging to Sindh, or being called Sindhis, they insist that they’d rather being called as Mahajirs or the Urdu speaking community.
    The author rants about others who speak a ‘third language’ at home or outside, I ask her, who has stopped her not to learn and speak the same ‘third language’ when it’s been more than 60 years that her ancestors have moved to Pakistan and settled here?
    She keeps complaining about how she feels different from other ethnicities when it is really the ethnicity that they’ve gladly taken up rather than being associated with where they live.
    The truth is, our country is so diverse in ethnicities with Sindhis, Punjabis, Balochs, Pashtuns, Sirakis, Kashmiris, Baltis, Hazaras and many such small communities that her rant of being sidelined or being ‘different’ is entirely useless.
    It is actually the perception of the author and many like her who’ve taken up their identity of Mahajir and yet blame the society for it.
    We need have our distorted history to blame for it. Recommend

  • Necromancer

    Ahhh The muhajir Pakistani fiasco……………..1971 remember guys that time was painful for all of us Pakis………..Balochistan, KPK and Karachi all are heading in that painful direction it will not be good for the province with 900 million people.Recommend

  • Kanwal Hasan

    You got it wrong. If you have domicile of punjab you get the same treatment in khi. That’s system’s fault.
    Im amazed at the victim mentality og karachiites. It’s the negativity gifted to you by your party who you think own you when they are only using you. Im surprised tht most ppl who posted actually believe theu ate more deprived than a pakistan living in kpk or balochistan. Do you ppl tealise that khi collects the wealth of the whole country and offers more jobs to its ppl than any otbet city of the country. Do you even know how difficult it is to find a good job even in a big city like lahore? Khi n its ppl are lucky to live in this beautiful city. The only problem is law snd ordet and we all know who is responsible for it.Recommend

  • NoNy

    first of all a little correction “Residents of the other four provinces” we have only four provinces and the city (if I assume you live in Karachi) is provincial capital of Sindh, so editor missed changing it to “other three”. Anyways. Well let’s be true and blunt to say that even after 67 years of Pakistan’s existence, we have not been able to have some identity called Pakistani. We all have preferred maintaining our origins and keeping the identity of Pakistan as well. So we have Sindhis, Punjabis, Balochis, Pukhtoons, Siraeki, Hazara as well as Muhajirs or urdu speakers but all of them are Pakistanis and there is nothing wrong with that. However, the identity of muhajir seems a little un-natural; therefore, one can either call himself Urdu-speaking based on language or Sindh based on place where he lives. As far as issue of socially isolating Karachites is concerned, I have not observed any such thing. Recommend

  • Lt Col Imtiaz Alam(retd)

    You should have called yourself Sindhi’s instead of Mohajir’s. Learnt Sindhi and integrated yourself. If you have problems, come over to Punjab, they welcome everybody with open arms. Blame your Leader’s. The story by Mr. Kohistani about the Doctor is as vague & unreal as his pseudonym. Recommend

  • Umair Qureshi

    Being urdu speaking myself i hate this term ‘mohajir’. Im proud pakistani alhumdulillah.. if a political party hijacked whole community with imposing their own agenda and has become our so call representatives then we know who is the culprit here.Recommend

  • sofia

    I don’t know what you are talking about and how people can expect someone to erase their past lives from their memories. Stop talking about the past is not what shows loyality, leaving your lovedones and home behind does.

    I can guess from your comment that you live in US or have some experience of living abroad, imagine a time when US ask you to forget Pakistan to become loyal American. Otherwise, they have a right to question each of your acts over loyality.

    Grow up man! Recommend

  • Khayyam

    What rubbish. I grew up in karachi as a Sindhi and trust me if someone had a chance of being singled out it was me but even I wasn’t. Certain elements of this article in certain cases might be true but this article is quite a bit of exaggeration. Lot of this labelling has been done by the single political party mentioned too.Recommend

  • Dr. Haseeb

    I am not agree with the writer, I am immigrant live in Sukkur Sindh, my grand parents told me about the respect and hospitality of Sindhi’s at that time. I believe we have introduced terms like interior and exterior Sindh. When I visited my relatives at Karachi they inquired ” you came from Sindh”. they think that Karachi is not a part of Sindh. I think we should we should change our behavior and assimilate in local population.Recommend

  • http://@net Khushab wala.

    @Lt Col Imtiaz Alam(retd):
    The doctor who left in disgust, a heart
    surgeon. He is associated with two prestigious
    hospitals in NYC. Then, has his own clinic. Where
    two other doctors practice.. One is a cardiologist, the
    other a plastic/reconstructive surgeon. A single surgery,
    say a cardiomyopathy, runs upwards of $150,000 to $180,000
    With a very hefty chunk going to the surgeon. Now multiply
    that by how many he chooses to do in one month. I should
    know, I refer patients to him. He left 8 years ago,..
    What is so obvious is that you are bull headed. Unable
    to accept any other viewpoint but your own tired overused..
    By the way, people from Kohistan, like me, are able to read
    and write English too….And truth, is a bitter pill to swallow.Recommend

  • I am a Khan

    @Aalia Suleman:

    Nice article. It does sum up the truth. I second your view on the discrimination part by the ‘flock’ against the lone Muhajir. You feel it more when you are not in Karachi and are the lone muhajir in the midst of ‘sons/daughters of the soil’!

    Please ignore my previous comment to you. I had not read the whole article you wrote, but was responding to some of the comments! The only solution to this issue would have been that the Muhajirs pushed for a 5th Identity recognition namely urdu speaking pakistanis. We were never sindhis and will never ever be sindhis. we are urdu speakers and this is our identity which needs to be accepted by all pakistanis. Karachi/Hyderabad is our home and honestly for me Karachi and Hyderabad is not sindh. Only interior sindh, is sindh for me and that is not my home. I love sindhis but I am not a sindhi. I am an urdu speaking Muhajir and that is my identity which needs to be accepted. Having stayed here in Pakistan for 70 years also makes us muhajirs as much a son/daughter of this soil as the 4 recognised tribes.Recommend

  • tahseen khan

    @Lt Col Imtiaz Alam(retd):
    Those who migrated are gone and dead. I speak urdu, but I am no Mohajir, I was born on the land I am PAKISTAN because my ancestors and parents actually built Pakistan.Urdu speaking people were the ones that organized the first government and ran the country.


  • tahseen khan

    Because you speak Punjabi.Recommend

  • fahad

    @Lt Col Imtiaz Alam(retd):
    Dear sir do let me know which other party other than MQM has worked for the development of the city and the welfare of its people while in governance ? sadly no other party has treated us like its own and always sidelined us that is why we say that we are forced to accept the only logical option we have. Recommend

  • fahad

    @Oats: Dear have u seen people form villages who migrate to cities and when they meet someone from their own village how they talk about that ? its a part of their past ! it doesnt mean they want to go back and live there and own it. Recommend

  • Peter Pan

    @Lt Col Imtiaz Alam(retd):

    Colonel Ji:

    did you fight in any of the wars and if so where , or are you just ranting like most Ps.
    know from first hand experience in 1965 and 71.
    . Recommend

  • mehran

    every one

    I have read article and comeents some of them are very interesting and some of them are neutal.
    for me calling any one muhajer after 65 years is a nonsense and unfair. how can a fourth generation be still called muhajer.
    1 muhajer is one who is temporarily migrated to a peaceful land to save his life
    2 muhajer is a displaced person for time being
    3 muhajer is who he wants back to his home land when situation is better
    people who migrated from India are not temporarily nor they are intending to go back india ,neither they are displaced temporarily .
    therefore it is better for those people to integrate with indigenous people of soil ,if they want a smooth and sociable life in the settled land. they should adopt the language of the motherland , be friendly with entire population of Pakistan. if any immigrant live in Punjab they should feel proud call themselves Punjabi if Sindh they should feel proud be sindhi so in Baluchistan and khaber pakhtoon khawa.
    muhajer cant be identity for a person because they are not from a land which was called muhajerstan they came from different ethnicities from india some are from deli ,bomby gujrat, puna Bengal ,asam up and cp etc how can they all be muhajer . they have different culture , custom and tradition . please don’t put all in one pot .
    be Pakistani and Punjabi ,pushtoon Sindh and balochi .thanks Recommend

  • sterry

    @Khushab wala.: I don’t know if you are aware but foreign educated doctors have to pass local exams and do a residency training program before they can practice in the US. In your case, you claim your friend left for the US 8 years ago and has a booming practice – assuming he passed his USMLE exams, completed a cardiothoracic residency and fellowship which takes over 7 years, it’s hard for me to assume he has an established practice – maybe he is in his first year of practice if at all. Keep in mind that foreign trained doctors normally are not the first choice of US residency programs who prefer better trained local American grads. Moreover, IMGs ( international Medical Grads) or foreign graduates are generally shunted to less desirable specialties in the US – not CV surgery and incidentally there is no real surgery for cardiomyopathy ( possibly pacemaker insertion) which is a condition. What all this has to do with Indian migrants or Muhajirs settling in Pakistan is beyond me. All I know that everyone in the US people is proud of their home state as well as the nation. Hence you can be a proud Texan and a proud American. That’s why Pakistanis can rightfully be proud Pashtuns and proud Pakistanis or proud Sindis and proud Pakistanis. It changes the dynamic to say you are a proud Frenchman and a proud American. The same way it’s hard to say you are proud of being from India and also being Pakistani. I hope ET allows this comment in this time since I am not being critical of any group but just stating a ground reality.Recommend

  • Unknown

    If they are still muhajir after third generation in Pakistan and hate Pakistan then why not they go back to their beloved country India. Become Pakistani or leave Pakistan, so simple.Recommend

  • http://@net Khushab wala.

    Please advise the person who wrote the article for you
    to keep in mind that the heart surgeon, in question, is an F.R.C.S.
    And er,..hhmm…cardiomyopathy basically is thickening of the walls
    of a heart chamber. That causes angina, pain in your heart, during
    exertion. The chamber has to be scooped out. To it’s previous dimensions.
    And the patient, is put on a heart lung machine, during the procedure/surgery
    Lasting about six hours.[ More or less. ] A very far cry from your pacemaker
    or defibrillator wires insertion. That you were quoted to you.
    [All of this, is put in layman’s language. To make it easy for you to understand.]
    The rest, you are waxing poetic. Just conjectures on the part of the person
    who wrote the article for you.Recommend

  • Hameedullah

    @Rehan Ali:
    “…. assimilated with Sindhis who by the were not present in Karachi and have recently shifted to the city” that line is enough to show your immaturity and ignorance. Read some history for god’s sake.

    @Author “So dear countrymen, do me a favour and refer to me as a Pakistanis and not Urdu speaking or Mohajir” Your country men would not call you mohajir if you stopped calling yourself one, this is the identity that you yourself have harboured and nurtured by not assimilating with the local population. Its true that emigrants in 1947 considered themselves superior from other natives (Sindhis specifically) as they associated themselves with emigrants of makkah.Recommend

  • Hameedullah

    On the contrary the emigrants were given jobs when they arrived here (not that they shoudn’t have been given) and even they were given homes and properties of the Hindus who were driven out of the city. Emigrants of pakistan as they call themselves have been treated way better than any immigrants in the world. When they came here urdu speaking schools were opened for them, jobs and property were available to them courtesy liaquat ali khan. Would you expect the same when you migrate to USA, UK or anyother country? No you would be required to learn their language and struggle hard to get property of your own. It were the emigrants who failed to assimilate to native peoples due to their sense of superiority. Recommend

  • Hameedullah

    And it were the mohajirs who once demanded and introduced quota system, now having benefited from it want to abolish it? Wasn’t it discrimination to others when you were given the quota? It is worth mentioning here that even the Muslims living in united India before migrating to Pakistan, had also demanded introduction of quota system in the Indian Civil Service (ICS) as stated by late Ihtshamul Haq Thanvi, renowned religious scholar many years back. (please check the history and speeches of quid e azam, liaqat, allama iqbal, rana rahmat, maulana brothers, abdul kalaam azaad, peer pagara, peer rashidi, etc). So quota system is not our creation but a craetion of ur nations representative to save ur rights. But todays ur new representative have given a reverse structure of the reality. So i would suggest that please read books of un biased authors rather than just listening to hatred and greed based leaders.

    After the creation of Pakistan, the first Prime Minister late Liaquat Ali Khan had first introduced 20 percent quota system in jobs reserved for Migrants (please do read his reforms). Similarly in Sindh, prevailing quota system in jobs was introduced by Rukhman Gul, the then Governor of Sindh.
    Now why do you find the quota system so irritating? Because it benefits and gives a chance to the backward people of other ethnicity to come out of poverty? Didn’t it benefit you?Recommend

  • Hameedullah

    This kind of discrimination is meted out to sindhis and balochs too. And might I add that Urdu speaking IS preferred over Sindhi speaking regardless of qualification. Come out of your bubble.Recommend

  • Hameedullah

    What about people outside of Karachi can’t apply in any of the educational institution let alone get a job. You are so irked by quota system, but how would sindhis feel when in university in Karachi there are more seats for people outside the province than people from inside the province? The quota system has benefited the Karachi people only atleast in education sector as there are maximum seats for the Karachis people. So what is the rant about? So while Sindhis say give us the right to study in Karachi you say DISCIRMINATION but you don’t have a problem when that quota gives more seats to you and even the people from outside the province?Recommend

  • Hameedullah

    For your information mohajirs were given 20% quota in Pakistan. Please do read the reforms of liaquat ali khan.Recommend

  • Hameedullah

    @I am a Khan:
    I am a Sindhi and I consider Hyderabad and Karachi a part of my home, my Sindh (even if you don’t consider other parts of sindh as sindh, that does not even matter because it is a historical reality), i am a proud Sindhi, I cannot be urdu speaking and it NEEDS to be accepted too. It goes two way not one way dearie and your thinking is exactly why Sindhi people hold you in suspicion.Recommend

  • Concerned

    Pakistan was created for the Jaadirdaars and Sarmaya dars, the common man be it Muhajir, Sindhi, Punjabi etc. never benefited from its creation or had any say in it running. So the argument serves no purpose.Recommend

  • mushtaque

    dear all
    we as all know that in all countries when immigrants got nationality they change their nationality and call themself as citizen of that country. but unfortunetly most educated and most libral people of that times who migrated from greater india chosen to be called as muhajirs. why this? i think that has a good answer. first when they came here they introduced term muslim ansars to take benefit of true and strong faithfull muslims by emotionally blackmailing them and took every land from the people who had thousands of years living at that region. but when they grow stronger as they were educated they realised that they should maintain a identity and they choose not to be a sindhi , nor punjabi or balouch or pakhton or neither simply a pakistani. they called them self as muhajirs.
    i love my brothers who migrated here and consider them tru pakistanis and true friends but i am worried why they still maintain this name , specially fastest growing educated young generation and future of pakistanRecommend

  • Naeem Khan

    I remember as a youth, I applied in the Airforce to become a pilot. During the interview process, I was asked where was I born. I told them Karachi. They asked me where my father was born. I told them India. The response by the interviewing officer was , ” oh so you are not a son of the soil”. I was upset and I got up and told him he is uneducated if he thinks that Karachi is not part of Pakistan I eft the interviw in anger and di not proceed. Later , I became a successful engineer and but I always rememebr the uneducated and biased air force officer!!!Anyone who say thatthere is no bigotory in Pakistan is a liar. Anyone who says that Karacjites are treated as equals to Punjabis or Pathans is also a liar.Instead of defending something which is wrongand offesive , we should agree thatthere is aproblem in the country so that we can fix it!!!!!Recommend

  • Maria

    @Khushab wala.: I don’t mean to interrupt your discussion but my father is a Pakistani surgeon who has FRCS. He told me that UK qualifications like FRCS or FRCP are not accepted in the US. That’s why he had to redo everything in the US and it took many years. The FRCS is a British qualification which stands for Fellow of Royal College of Surgeons but in the US you have to be Board Certified in the Specialty / Diplomate of the Board or Board Eligible before working. They do have the American qualification called FACS meaning Fellow of American College of Surgeons but it is not same as FRCS. By the way he also says most cases of cardiomyopathy do not require any surgical intervention but are treated medically (I showed him your comments since I am just starting medical school). Recommend

  • Asma Alam

    Its a good article and indeed it is true.It happens in different parts of pakistan they don’t mix up with muhajir’s just because their ancestors are from india or they are different in a way as they are called pajama walay..this is awful ! but I must say muhajir’s are very ambitious,the most educated ppl in pakistan and they are indeed very respectable for us.And I personally think they should also understand this that it is a harsh reality and a mindset of the ppl created by the political parties.Why ? because I think instead of solving this issue they boosted up the difference! I just want that everbody should understand this ,that at the end its all about pakistan and we were gifted this country by the sacrifices of these great ppl you tag as muhajir or they tag themselves ! I want every Pakistani to cherish the different cultures,languages and heritage of different provinces and just be proud of it ! You have so many colors isn’t it ? and one color being the muhajir’s and I must say pakistanis.
    Accept it ! Our Pakistan needs our Pakistani’s at this time atleast start writing about their beautiful relation if it exists !Recommend

  • http://torch reader

    u r still called outsiders because u never tried being a Pakistani..dont agree?? what will u say when sumone asks u about ur pretty sure not will be either Dehli walas, patna walas or Lakhnaow walas..U r not being accepted because most of you still consider India as ur homeland..Recommend

  • http://torch reader

    suffered??…mohajirs came to Pakistan and took over people’s properties(still do).. called, more precisely, labelled the indigenous as villagers and illiterate(still do) and now they even talk about tearing Sindh in two!! and THEY suffered!?..yeah right!Recommend

  • Ali Raja

    In case MOHAJIRS are not willing to let go off their glorious past with having “Dehalvi” “Hoshiarpori” “Barelvi” dumchallas tagged to their names, In case MOHAJIRS cannot but avoid pointing out the “TALAFUZ” errors in the accent of the children of this land and in case MOHAJIRS are not ready to brush off their “Jamna Par” culture, sons of this soil are quite justified in asking them to leave for where they belong. If not the case and they curse the place of their origin and at least try dissolving into they live and eat from there are bright chances of their acceptance in this country.Recommend

  • stevenson

    @Concerned: India as a country was just created by the British so the common man there never benefitted from its creation. Recommend

  • Oats

    @Ali Raja: You are right but thankfully English is also leveling the playing field for Pakistanis since English is more useful than Urdu / Hindi in the modern world. Urdu / Hindi speakers have thicker accents and more difficulty speaking in English compared to many educated native language speakers, especially Pashtu and Baluchi speakers whose English tends to be much better. I think the notion of the “glorious past” of different Muhajirs is largely debunked. Media shows us how they live in poverty across India when compared to other groups such as Hindus and Christians there. Many native Pakistanis are just simple and open minded which is why Sindis and Punjabis gave so freely when the migrants came from India with tales of owning ” Mahals” and Palaces. The same way Pakistanis have welcomed Afghan refugees and Central Asian refugees with hospitality but it seems that many guests just abuse the hospitality. Anyone who moves to Pakistan and wants to live there has to work to show loyalty to the soil.This is my main contention.Recommend

  • Infuriated Observer

    Agreed 100%. This “victim mentality” of the Urdu speakers is the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard, akin to white people complaining of experiencing racism in America.Recommend

  • Bane

    I think your exposure is lacking and what you have written is completely based on what you have faced but the reality is different.Recommend

  • Rao Hussnain

    I strongly endorse your words aalia, well said I share same opinion that by labelling yourself as mohajir it creates discrimination, and to be honest I in Pakistan have never seen an person mohajir or whatsoever is being treated differently,but all urdu speaking Pakistanis should themselves take actions against it.Recommend

  • Ali

    It saddens me to read some of the comments here. I don’t know wether they are all Indians posing as Pakistanis or not. You insult us by calling us Indians, WHY? For creating Pakistan? for laying down our lives for the independence of this country? For Generating 70% of all revenues for Pakistan? For giving Pakistan an identity and a language? From the founder of this country to the nuclear scientist, all were Urdu speaking and yet we are insulted for no reason. My ancestors suffered and were persecuted by Indians. So why would I want to support India? If I could I would lay down my life for Pakistan, doesn’t matter what the so called sons of soil say. This is the land my ancestors fought for while those so called sons of soil were doing bhangras (Indian Dance) on 14th august 1947.Recommend

  • omer

    I am a proud Mohajir Unlike youRecommend

  • A Sindhi

    “The fact that I know only Urdu and English is enough indication that I am a Mohajir.” –If you live in Sindh , you should learn local language . After all, a generation has been passed , so why don’t you learn local language ? Same things happen when Pakisatnis based in UK don’t accept local culture . Learn Punjabi, Sindhi ,Baluchi and other indigenous language to be a Pakistani .Recommend

  • Areeba Mohsen

    To all the people calling urdu speakers Muhajirs, you don’t know anything! So stop judging!
    I hate being called an immigrant but if I introduce myself as Pakistani, people say “ho tou muhajir hi na!”
    This sucks! And don’t even think you can “justify” it by saying that I support India. My grandfather left everything for Pakistan and came here. He came here as a citizen not immigrant! I am a proud Pakistani and I don’t care who is Sindhi , Punjabi, Pathan because I think we are one nation.Recommend

  • Areeba Mohsen

    yes shame on them!Recommend

  • Areeba Mohsen

    I am an urdu speaking “Pakistani” and I hate calling myself an immigrant!Recommend

  • Ahmed

    Complete AgreementRecommend

  • Ahmed


  • Ahmed

    This generalization is the root of the problem. When you criticize all Urdu speakers for the sins of few, and stereotype them while issues are found in people speaking any other language, then you create the problem which was absent in the first place.Recommend

  • Ahmed

    This same mentality isolated Baloch people, but you haven’t learned any lesson.Recommend

  • Ahmed

    What are your sources which made you believe that all or at least majority of Urdu speakers prefer to be called Mohajirs ? I am an Urdu speaker and an overwhelming majority of Urdu Speakers arround me wont like being called Mohajirs but Pakistanis and majority of them do not consider MQM as their represent, despite all the sterotyping which is also observed in these comments.Recommend

  • Chaudhry

    Your comment itself reflects racism. And this is the mindset that hinders your integration into the land, not talking about other so-called muhajjirs. So here is an advice, choose the land which is Pakistan with your heart. and the dance you are referring to as Bhangra is not Hindu but culture of the Indus Valley (Pakistan), And those “Bhangra” people were the ones that suffered a lot when their historical land was divided and they had to migrate amidst all this violence to the land they chose just like you as Pakistan. So it’s all in your mind, if you give respect to others with whom your share a nationality you will get respect in return.Recommend

  • Chaudhry

    Then how come people like Pervez Musharraf, Mirza Aslam Beg etc become Army chiefs? Just confused !!!Recommend

  • Mohammad

    ignorant guy. Muslims are in a such a state in India because of the abolition of Zamindari immediately after 1947 in which they lost huge properties along with other hindu land-owning groups like rajputs. I come from one such family. Secondly, the turmoil of partition created lot of bad blood in north India that resulted in more discrimination towards muslims. Muslims themselves got demoralized as their cream left for Pakistan! Lastly, the muslims in southern India are even now much more prosperous so its not an all-India phenomenon. Also have you ever been to Delhi? We have Multan motors, Lahore Jewelers, Rawalpindi Sweets, Gujranwala town, Kohat Enclave, Multan Nagar, Mianwali Colony, Derawal Nagar, Lyallpur School etc. etc and etc. These hindu and sikh migrants are proud Indians but also are proud of their origins. There is no contradiction. So why cant you guys allow the mohajirs to be proud of their origins. We even had a refugee PM for 10 yrs.. Manmohan Singh. Can you allow that in Pakistan?Recommend

  • ranasrule

    What utter nonsenseRecommend

  • Mazlan Penang

    the muhajir decendent peoples in pakistan should labelled themselves as pakistanis not punjabis,sindhis,pushtoonis or whatever qaum in pakistan becoz thier root was from india hence if someone ask about thier background they have to say my forefathers were from lucknow,patna,delhi and bla bla. one thing is we all pakistani we are one nation and we are muslim all of us have a same pakistan is belong to pakistanis and not belong to certain qaum who claimed they were here before pakistan constituted.Recommend

  • Arham Ahmad

    First of all, I don’t agree enough with the writer bcoz muhajir word is about to vanish in Pak. And To all those muhajir’s and the people who call other’s muhajir’s, plz stop this, these things will create differences. People will not be united. If we go and have a closer look then we all were hindustani, and then hindustani muslims created their seperate homeland Pakistan and hindustani hindus india. And today we hindustani muslims are Pakistani’s. So no one is muhajir in true sense. I am not a muhajir and my ancestors were from the present pak land but my ancestors were hindustani same as all Pak people ancestors were hindustani. And in present day we are Pakistani’s So stop this muhajir nonsense if u love Pakistan, we are Pakistani. We will be broken into pieces if we start creating differences and the enemy will succeed. So always keep in mind” United we win, divided we fall”!Recommend

  • ABC

    Why not you show us some respect first ?Recommend

  • de

    no, actually it didn’t at all, just go to PIA and see what race do you see most…Recommend