Come back to me, my lost flame

Published: April 21, 2014

All I wanted was some compassion. Even now, all I ask for is for you to rediscover the love you once felt.

Hi Old Friend

It’s been a while seen we’ve spoken, No?

It seems like a multitude of eons, all rolled into one.

Where were you all this time?

Did the fire burning inside you suddenly fade away?

Did the lust you once felt for me suddenly die away into oblivion?

It’s sad what happened, really. How soon people forget the days of sunshine, and start dwelling upon when clouds were grey.

Do you remember the moments we spent together, embraced in countless starlit nights of love? I sincerely hope you do, for your sake. I’m not selfish. It just saddens me to see someone filled with so much passion in the past, carrying emotions equivalent of a rock today.

Something went wrong.

But where?

Was I unfaithful?

No I wasn’t.

I was there when you needed me, in the darkest of nights, in moments when the world disowned you, in moments where you had no other outlet. When you wanted to see, I gave you sight; when you wanted to feel, I gave you a soul; when you wanted to scream, I gave you your voice. You told me your darkest secrets, and I listened. I gave you hope. I assured you that tomorrow would be a better, brighter day. Not for a second was I not there for you.

But what did I get in return?

You scratched me, tore me and made me question my very existence. You replaced me. You tossed me around in filth, yet I never complained. All I wanted was some compassion. Even now, all I ask is for you to rediscover the love you once felt. It’s not difficult. Love doesn’t die, it just changes direction.

I just want you to tread upon the path you were on previously. Don’t wander along unknown alleys. You never know what they bring, you never know if they will welcome you.

Come back to me. Let us have one moonlit night of love again, and I promise you the passion will reignite, and the clouds will sing for us again.

With Love

Your Diary

salman Zafar

Salman Zafar

The writer works in the Education Sector and tweets as @salmanzafar1985 (

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