Mufti Usman Yar Khan’s funeral, broke my heart but changed my life

Published: January 26, 2014

A large number of people turned out for the funeral of Mufti Muhammad Usman Yar Khan in Karachi on Saturday. PHOTO: FILE

I have never supported any political or religious party in my life. In fact, I am one of those people who tend to make a complete fool out of themselves when trying to indulge in a heated political or religious debate. But what I have known all my life is that anyone dying a death that was planned by another human being is simply wrong.

Unfortunately, being a citizen of Karachi I see it happening daily. As the death toll continues to increase every day, our collective indifference also seems to grow. Every time we see the news, we quietly thank God that it was not someone we knew or care about, but that is the end of it.

Just last week, I witnessed something that broke my heart.

On Friday, January 17, 2013, Mufti Usman Yar Khan, the General Secretary of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Samiul Haq (JUI-S) was shot dead. It was right after his death that I found out that he was the mufti (head) of the mosque right next to my apartments. His funeral prayers were offered the next day on an empty playground which is visible from my room’s window, and I could hear and see everything that was happening there.

I did not know him, I have minimal knowledge of what his party does or supports and I do not know why he was killed.

Before his body was brought for the prayers, a man, whom I did not know, beautifully addressed a few issues that we face in the country every time a known public figure – particularly a political or religious one – passes away.

He said,

“Despite the fact that one of the biggest ulema in the city and country was shot dead, there was minimal protest. No one set any car on fire, no one went out on the road screaming for justice or closing down the city. No activities were undertaken to stop day-to-day business and no stones were hurled at passers-by. None of these things happened, not because we were afraid of what the police or rangers might do but because we are Muslims.

On the day of judgement when God asks us why we threw stones at someone’s car when they did not do us any harm, what will our answer be?”

However, I recalled that on the night of his passing, some miscreants had blocked the road opposite the mosque for a few hours and some tree branches were broken and set ablaze to stop the flow of traffic.

He continued saying,

“Since there was no protest, there was no media coverage either. There was a mere strip going across some news channels that a religious figure had been shot dead. Had we protested, it would have been all over the news. But we do not want to make fun of our leader’s death and we also do not want be filled with shame when we stand in front of God and he questions us on haqooq-ul-ibad (rights of fellow human beings).

Every other day some political or religious figure is either shot dead or killed in a bomb blast. The most that our government does is pass the usual statement ‘strongly condemning the act’ and expressing their ‘hope that the killers will be arrested soon’.

However, time and again, this does not happen.

People take matters into their own hands when they feel that there is no one to turn to. When those who are responsive for providing justice fail to do so, people find their own way of doing justice.

We are all Muslims – good Muslims. We will not disturb another’s peace because of our loss. We know the condition of our grieving hearts but we will not take it out on others. The day we all start actually practicing what our religion teaches will be the day that peace is restored in the country.”

I personally think that he spoke brilliantly and that everything he said made sense.

Instead of praying for the departed soul, why do we need to get out on the roads, kill more people and destroy more families?

Why is the government not doing anything about these killings?

The most heart-wrenching part about this funeral was when the body was placed in front of the crowd and the father of the deceased stepped up to offer a prayer. His voice broke and I could feel his pain as he tried to speak. I do not think any parent deserves to go through something like this – no matter who they are, whether they are rich or poor, right or wrong, famous or unknown.

Standing at my window, I could see the charpai (bedstead) in a corner stained with blood. Imagine how a parent would feel, knowing that this was the blood of their child – the child whom they will never see again.

Although many funerals take place across this city and country every single day, this one left me shaken.

These killings needs to be stopped. Something has to be done.

May God protect us all and I hope that no more parents are left crying over the untimely death of their child.

Fauzia Zafar

Fauzia Zafar

Currently working as Regional Brand Manager at Blue Rain Dialogues. Loves to travel and eat all sorts of bread while at it. She tweets as @FauZafar (

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  • Sadist

    This blog is about a peaceful religious scholar belonging to the majority Sunni faith. So No comments. No shares. No condolences.
    Had it been a violent Mullah, an ethnic target-killer or a minority scholar; whole media would be ablze, cursing the state of Pakistan, the govt, the majority faith & ‘Namaloom Afrad’ would be setting fires to others’ cars.
    RIP Mufti Usman Yar Khan Saheb. I didn’t know much about you – except that you were a peaceful religious scholar who believed in “Apna maslak choro mat, doosray ka maslak cherho mat”. :(Recommend

  • An Admirer

    Thanks for the write up Miss. I’ll tell you about Mufti Usman Yar Khan. He was one of the nicest (religious) human beings i met in my life. He had an aura of love around him. A handsome face sporting a well-kept beard with gleaming eyes. One meeting with him would make you his fan. He was a very gentle speaker and a very decent person.
    While i was in Karachi for my Bachelors, i had the honor of attending his Friday sermons regularly. The moment I heard about the news on Express, my eyes watered. Like many others of his admirers, I wanted to meet him sooner or later to have him meet my son who just turned 2.5.

    through this blog, i would like to convey my deepest condolences to his family, especially his youngest son Mahmood who when i last saw 7 years ago was as old as my son is today.

    May ALLAH forgive his sins and accept his sacrifice for this country.Recommend

  • shakeeb hussain

    Yes , this is karachi , were humans are not humans .. Only innocents kills here .. i feels this pain many times . Long story , will write a blog .Recommend

  • Arsalan

    Thank you Faiza for this write up.. Being out of Pakistan, I missed the funeral of Mufti Usman.. the time I heard the news of his death, I felt like I have lost an elderly figure with whom I spent so many years, specifically 9 consecutive months of Ramadan.. His father, Sheikh Asfandyar Khan (one of the oldest living Sheikh-ul-Hadith), I just couldn’t imagine what he must be going through, and when my wife told me on Skype that he lost his patience while leading the prayers, it just tore my heart.. It is these people who are saving Islam’s true image.. may Allah save us all..Recommend

  • Parvez

    On the face of it , this was a well written article with a good message.
    In the begining you have very honestly said that both politics and religion are alien to you and very sensibly kept way from raising the issue of the political and religious leanings of the JUI-S.Recommend

  • qamar kazmi

    shame on the Fauzia zafar and you for supporting Mufti Usman Yar Khan, the General Secretary of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Samiul Haq (JUI-S) his leader samiul haq is known as the father of the Taliban who have killed over 54000 Pakistanis. This terrorist has been responsible for killing tens of thousands of innocent Pakistanis yet you and express news have to support terrorists you have so much blood on your hands. This terrorist mufti is not peacefull he was full of hate how do I know I have listened to his sermons.
    I know ET wont print this because it supports terrorists.Recommend

  • qamar kazmi

    This is whats wrong with Pakistan where the majority and the media support the terrorists. This mufti usman was the leader of JUI samiul haq who is known as the father of the Taliban who have killed over 54000 Pakistanis yet the majority still supported him at least we know which side you and ET are on.Recommend

  • Taimur Farooq

    Very nice, Fauzia.Recommend

  • Faizi

    Please read the article. Author had clearly said that she doesn’t support the Mufti or any religious/political party for that matter. Recommend

  • Fauzia Zafar

    Mr Qamar, I think you got the whole thing wrong. The idea of this blog was not at all to mourn the death of this particular leader or support their party. As mentioned in the piece I am unaware of their activities or what they support. The point was entirely to support the idea of not disrupting the the rest of the city when one person dies and restore peace in the city by proper measures which need to be taken by the government in order to stop anyone dying like this. It is against the idea of people dying by the hands of their fellow beings. If you feel against that, then that’s another story.
    Thank you for reading the article and sharing your thoughts. Recommend

  • azfarulhaq

    I have attended the funeral of Moulana Aslam Shiekhupuri and Mufti Abdul Majeed Deenpuri on two separate occasions(both were shot dead in two different incidents)…. The message given in those funerals was similar to the one given in this funeral.

    I have met many Ulema’s and I got similar messages from them, yet I find the ‘educated friends’ of mine posting ‘Ajeeb Ajeeb’ comments regarding madaris and ulemas.

    I attribute this to gap that exists between the people and ulema and the media rhetoric against the madaris and ulema’s. May be one day will come when either we can give our time in masajid and madaris for a better understanding or the media start showing the positive work they do.

    JazakAllah Fauzia Zafar for writing this peace as more attention is given to neutrals who are not one of THEM.Recommend

  • Kanwal

    I wonder if you have given any thought as to why the educated class of Karachi does nt turn up at even the funerals of people belonging to Someone belonging to Sami Ul Haq group? In the last thirty years,they have managed successfully to grow this country into an abyss so deep that even fifty thousand dead Pakistanis later, we are still blundering around trying to find our way out. I can never get over that It’s Molvi Sami ul Haq who runs the HAqqania seminary in Akora Khatak. I wonder how did you? I really wish to sympathise really. But I feel just a cold hard feeling in my heart which does nt go away. And the bomb blasts, right left and centre, are not helping at all. Recommend

  • ASP

    Beautiful article, it’s good that you are unaware about political backgrounds otherwise the general image of JUI-S portrayed by media wouldn’t have let you write it.Recommend

  • anon

    please also enlighten us about the many iran-trained target killers who have been shooting ulema all over karachi. accept injustices on both sides or find your self alone.Recommend

  • Iftikhar Ali

    This is battle of Shia vs Sunni, which’s actually started by these religious bigots, now its spread all over and reached in urs neighborhood.
    This is what happening in Syria: Shia vs Sunni
    This is what happening in Iraq : Shia vs Sunni
    This now grown up into a big wrench in our beloved country
    God Bless US.Recommend

  • ali ahmed

    may be Fauzia Zafar did not got out from her apartment ..their was burning of tyre ,broken windows of car and the road was blocked in front of the continental bakery which is near the mosque…finally Rangers and police cleared the wayRecommend

  • ovais

    to be honest i still cannot believe ET published a blog highlighting about the silenced majority. Its the common mans tale. the one that doesnt protest or says a word.Recommend

  • ovais

    ET only prints comments like yours which are one sided and promote hatred.Recommend

  • Majid Ur Rehman

    Nice write up! You have a nice mind!Recommend

  • Fauzia Zadar

    Again, as mentioned in the article and earlier in the comments as well, this is not about supporting the ideology of what the deceased did or supported. It is purely about the fact the measures need to be taken in order to stop people from dying on the roads everyday. As I said, this was just one of many funerals taking place and to stop destroying the city everytime someone dies – not these people or this person in particular. Recommend

  • Shafiq Ul Hasan

    This view must be from Decent Towers!
    Anyway, Fauzia, I am sure that the father of Late Mufti Usman, Moulana Asfand Yar saahib wanted to practice the same as per his narration but the fact is, we all (even I reside in the same locality) knew that there’d be a sort of strike on Friday and things would not be as normal as they were planned to be.
    Yes, there were stones thrown on the cars, there was even fire on the street, in front of Continental bakery and the service lane of Kings Tower, there were some men standing with sticks and what not in their hands.Recommend

  • Blunt

    Wonder is not that some people have no idea how to speak in public, but it is when moderators let publish such offensive and rubbish comments, while deleting the much better ones.
    You assume that Mufti Usman Yar Khan Shaheed was responsible for 54,000 peoples? Just because he belonged to a religious party?
    Then please shade some light on those Iran-trained terrorists doing target killing in Karachi for Rs.15,000 per month? They must be peace-doves in your biased eyes. Right?
    BTW salute to the writer for this exemplary peice. We do need more people like you.Recommend

  • StU

    She already said she saw the whole sceen from her window…!!!!Recommend

  • Hasan Riaz Sheikh

    Nicely written Fauzia!Recommend

  • Guest

    No wonder your name tells alot about your views about JUI or any other religious party or Mufti, but the real problem is with your brain that is still shut and void and ignorant beside being educated.

    If Fauzia would have seen any other Faith Follower Funeral and those people would have moaned peacefully instead of blocking the roads, I am she would have written it in the same manner.

    The logical reason is she is educated and not ignorant.Recommend

  • Maaz

    A very well balanced article indeed. Author has clrealy stated her views and the plot and those who are taking it as a sympathy towards extremist are just non sense.
    There should be no ‘Jalao Gherao’ upon the killings of leaders (either policatal or reglious) and even if the deceased was the supporter of taliban, he should not be kileld like this without any proofs or charges. If killing him this way is justified then you can’t blame the other terrorists.Recommend

  • Rehan Ali

    Thank you for a sane and objective analysis. I live about a Km away from the Red Coloured mosque. And yes there were miscreants who did set fires to branches and stopped the flow of traffic but their doing was almost negligible.

    I’ve attended various funerals of the ulema shot and killed during the last 10 years and the message has always been the same. Mourners are reminded how the Prophet Muhammad SWM mourned the deaths of his children and companions and the gathering is asked to follow suit.

    If political affiliations of the accused made his murder justified than I’m afraid we will only justify murder and that would be the end of it. Pakistan suffers from countless ailments and for the record, the current terrorist networks were originally commissioned by the Pakistanis as militias to fight our proxy wars.

    Unfortunately, when bias sets in it maligns rationality and everything is analysed, determined and judged through “us vs them’ perspective. The death of a common Hazara in Quetta, Pakhtun in Peshawar, Ahmadi in Lahore, Kachi or Baloch in Karachi is as condemn-able as the death of humanity.

    If only we weren’t ignorant we would know the meaning of being a mufti (irrespective of Masalik) the amount of time, effort and knowledge that the word absorbs is huge and something that just can’t be replaced in a matter of days.

    May the departed soul rest in peace and accorded the ‘Jannat ul Firdous’.

    Thank you once again for a unbiased and positive write up. .Recommend

  • Muhammad Saim

    One should make distinction between a scholar of religious studies and leader of political party with Islamic/religious name & agenda.
    Secondly, any killing should be taken as a loss of life and state should act equally without any bias in favor or against or under political or social pressures. It is unfair to deal murder of a drug addict differently than the murder of a politician or religious scholar, all should be brought to justice. Things go wrong when state bends in favor of some under street power or political influence or money.
    The speech of unknown person quoted here was addressed to whom? and why it was being reminded by him that things could have been taken into their own hands….who has given them this right whether or not they have exercised it at this occasion. This speech is no way praiseworthy.
    P.S. Friday 24th Jan 2014 Karachi was forced shutdown to protest against killing of Mufti Usman. Keep the record straight.Recommend

  • Khalid Bin Waleed

    A wonderful article. Makes you think that although we don’t get into politics, it changes our lives daily (& unfortunately, for the worse in our case!). Shouldn’t we, the silent majority do something about it?
    Well, 1400 years ago Makkah was in a mess like Karachi – or from some aspects even worse! They killed their very own daughters – yet we in Karachi haven’t got that low, Alhamdulillah. But the Quran changed them 180 degrees within one life span. Could we at least start trying to get close to the Quran?
    Those blaming the Mufti for the killings by TTP, should at least have the heart to have tried to get close to this really wonderful man, before forming an opinion about him. Through his Friday sermons, we learn that he was a wonderful Muslim, but maybe that’s the reason why some of our fellow commenters abhorred about him?Recommend

  • Kublai

    The author, apparently has access to a computer. Seems to be
    a well informed person. Is a professional. A manager. Clearly she has not been living under a rock. Yet she claims ignorance about a stalwart
    of the JUI-S. Someone who lived in her neighborhood. Who preached
    in her neighborhood. Is directly connected to the father of Talibans.
    Was Gen. Sec. of the party. Yet she did not know anything? Sadly
    enough, this heart wrenching eulogy and all the ethos were uttered
    by people who would not admit her as a members in JUI-S
    The author should peruse the Talibans philosophy regarding women.
    It will be a shock.Recommend

  • faisal

    Well done Fauzia! don’t expect the people to understand your simple idea who could not understand the great and simple religion of Islam.Recommend

  • Mir

    Finally, a positive review; thank you you shared your view point. I was there and it was heart breaking. Muft Usman Yar was also a religious scholar, and his contribution to bring peace in karachi were immense. Sad people consider all the maulana’s as same; atleast one should respect a dead (martyred) soul. Respect is MUST in our religion for the departed; hope liberals understand this.Recommend

  • Khushab Wala

    No. The thread of your point does not hold water.
    People who are a religious minority,and are targeted by
    extremists,militants. Killed indiscriminately. Without the Govt.
    doing anything,looking the other way. Have a right to protest.
    Albeit peacefully. There is no other way to get the Govt.
    attention to their plight. The State barely has it’s writ anywhere.
    Perhaps a better choice of words might have been used by you
    You also feigned ignorance about the mother of all Talibans.
    Perhaps it would be adjunct to mention the Hazaras protests.Recommend

  • ali ahmed

    but she did not mentioned the above fact..and according to her no stone was thrown on passer by,which is not trueRecommend

  • sajjad wahab

    jazakALLAH sis.Recommend

  • Akmal Ahmed Khan

    People might not support this piece because they like and are used to blogs that target or bash individuals or groups….Recommend

  • Arslan

    She did not make any statement on her own, she merely quoted what she heard and believes should happen. No where in this blog I can see her favoring JUI-S, I honestly fail to understand half the comments on this piece.
    Sad that people are as usual, completely missing the message that she has tried to convey.Recommend

  • Frustrated

    I dont at any point see her talking about the man who died or the work that he did. She is simple conveying a message about maintaining peace in the city. It is extremely disappointing to see people take this blog in a completely different direction. Its almost like everyone is just looking for a reason to vent out their hatred. Focus. Look at the bigger message.
    I am sure she wants to slam her head in the wall for writing about this particular funeral after looking at comments declaring her to be a terrorist group supporter where she was only trying to support the idea of a peaceful Karachi.Recommend

  • Mujtaba

    Out of 325 killed in 2013 in sectarian killings, 304 belonged to the minority group; ET’s Stats.
    And you are talking about Iran-trained target killers?Recommend

  • Mujtaba

    Since when blocking roads for protests has become non-peaceful?
    blocking roads is the way of protesting so the authorities’ eyes can catch you; that’s how it’s done in every part of the world.Recommend

  • Talha Rzivi

    With all due respect madam you seem to be completely ignorant of who you are honoring. In Gulistan-e-Jauhar where I live the road was blocked and there were wide spread disturbances. By the way have you looked at what the Maulanas party’s worldviews and views on women in general are? This will change the way you feel about him I’m sure.Recommend

  • qamar kazmi

    madam you miss my point entirely if you are going to write a piece on a internationally renowned news outlet. Then you should know this persons ideology and what he stands for before giving him freedom of the internet so more extremists to his cause like what we see in this comments section ignorance is not a defence in any society or religion. As disrupting the rest of the city I think you will find JUI haq group along with other extremist groups did close down the city as was reported in this very paper please do some research next time because you hurt the feelings of tens of thousands of Pakistanis around the world.Recommend

  • qamar kazmi

    Sir in any court or religion ignorance is not a defence.Recommend

  • qamar kazmi

    ET only prints comments like yours which are one sided and promote hatred

    So why did it print yours then ET only prints extremists like yours only rarely it prints the victims of your target killers which I am. (my family members have been killed by your brothers.Recommend

  • qamar kazmi

    Sir your Saudi trained killers are shooting all over the world women and children and have killed over 54000 civilians in Pakistan. One side kills doctors lawyers women and children attack mosques and kill civilians for the past 35 years.The other side started very recently shooting terrorist ulema from well known groups you really cant compare the two. As for being alone minorities are alone in Pakistan.Recommend

  • qamar kazmi

    We do not need extremist supporters like you I did not assume Usman yar khan killed 54000 as I said before his leader samiul haq helped made the Taliban he is known as father of the Taliban. So what your saying is your Saudi trained terrorists that have killed over 54000 Pakistanis don’t talk about them the difference between me and you is I am the victim of terrorism and you are the terrorist. Your brothers are doing 99.9999% of the terrorism in Karachi and around the world you know that and the whole world knows it.
    ET might not print this because its the truth.Recommend

  • qamar kazmi

    Sir I will not insult you like you insulted me because you mentioned imam ali’s quote. I don’t hate religious partys or muftis unless they support terrorists like JUI Haq because the Taliban went to samiul haqs schools he is known as father of the Taliban even today he talks in there favour and against the state only in Pakistan you can get away with that.The JUI haq group did hold a day of rage last Friday along with other extreamist groups some who are banned.
    So fauzia was wrong they did block roads and brought hardship to Karachi.Recommend

  • qamar kazmi

    I know you will not understand because I am a victim of terrorism and your the terrorist supporter so we both can not be the same.

    Do not talk about knowledge with the foolish so that they deny you, nor with the ignorant so that they find you oppressive, but talk about it with those of its people whom you meet who will accept it and understand it
    Imam ali AsRecommend

  • Kanwal

    I wish I could say I am not siding with anyone as easily as you can. I don’t wish to sound stubborn either. It’s just that I cannot condemn murder of an innocent citizen and murder of a member of a party that has totally talibanised Karachi. There is something radically different and I feel bad if I condemned these two in the same sentence or in one breath. I hope I am explaining it. But I really do hate a huge part of religious leadership that had part or sits with people who had part in what started here thirty or so years ago. Recommend

  • sane

    What if any political party leader would have shot dead? Minor problems by some of the miscreants is notto be mentioned. Karachi was generally peaceful on strike day.Recommend

  • Chakwali

    Mr. / Ms. Blunt….I can only wonder,… how is it that you are
    so conversant and aware of the going rate of these killers?Recommend

  • Peshawari

    ‘…your name tells a lot about your views ‘ Fully describes
    you and which philosophy you adhere to. No doubt.
    So you can ascertain a person’s religion/sect simply by
    their name ? just a few months back they tried to kill a doctor
    in Karachi because he had a Shia sounding name. It was
    reported in this very newspaper. The poor terrified man, was
    profusely denying that he was a Shia. He was literally begging
    for his life. Then the Chilas incident, where innocent people
    shot dead because of Shia sounding names….?Recommend

  • Mairaj Asim

    Media is controlled by Irani and Indian Agencies. Where MQM gets its leaders Martyred while Pakistani forces and Ulemas considered killed.Recommend

  • Arsalan

    I dont think the author is honoring anyone quite frankly. she is just trying to put across the message where she wishes that peoples life are not disturbed by any violent act around the city. In the form of protest or anything else. Seems to me like she isnt supporing the party or the deceased instead just tying to put across a positive message that she got from the funeral. No where did she say that there were no protests on her own. That’s the quoted message. In the article she has mentioned that the roads were blocked. I dont understand the basis of all these messages if you have read the article properly and understood the purpose. Recommend

  • qamar kazmi

    Here is a few questions/answers for you.
    you have done every sucide bombing in the world
    You have killed over 54,000 civilians in pakistan
    You have killed over 130,000 civilians in Syria un figures
    You have killed over 1m civilians in iraq
    You have killed over 1.5 civilians in iran/Iraq war which Iraq started.
    You have killed over 3806 civilians in egypt
    You have killed over 656,000 civilians in afganistan
    You have killed over 656,000 civilians in afganistan
    You have killed over hundreds of thousands civilians in Africa
    the list is endless I can carry on all day with your killings.

    How many mosques have you bombed around the world also in those mosques there were holy Qurans you burned. The facts are you should not talk but you should be ashamed of yourself.Recommend

  • anon

    oh so youre justifying the killing when its from side then? carry on then , no sympathy for hypocrites like you who have one rule for themself and seperate for others.Recommend

  • Hypocrisy Detector

    your ulema are also terrorist, hence target killing of them should be justified? what kind of dumb one sided logic do you subscribe to? i call your ulema terrorist and you call mind terrorists, so both sides can target kill each other. all criminals and terrorists should be tried in court and not extra judicial killing. please dont justify iran trained target killers, otherwise no sympathy for your side. you are just as bad as the terrorists so your fate will then be the sameRecommend

  • qamar kazmi

    The rules are the same the difrence is you kill people by there names and you have done this for decades you are the hypocrite who equates both the sides as the same. You are committing genocide against one sect around the world.How many mosques have you blown up and in those mosques there has been holy qurans which you have burned. How many sucide bombings have you done? Do you get it now both sides are not the same one side targets civilians and does 99.99999% of the killings (54,000 in pak)and around the world.Recommend

  • qamar kazmi

    Sir i respect your point of veiw but you can not campare the two there is a evil ideolgy which is killing both sects.Recommend

  • qamar kazmi

    Sir iran trained apart from one police mans statement what proof do you have? No one has gone to court yet. you justfy killing of 54,000 civilians in pakistan and millions around the world Recommend

  • qamar kazmi

    Can you give any evidence that we killed your ulema because as far as i know there has not been any court case or confession etc ever. But you on the other hand admit guilt in fact you celebrate killing women and children you claim responsibility straight away also in court plus you leave notes on the victims you also phone tv stations and claim responsibility.Recommend

  • qamar kazmi

    Sir any evidence that we killed your ulema ie court case confession or claim of responsibility etc if you have none than stop making things up you only have one police mans statement that is not proof.Recommend

  • Sarwatrana

    @An Admirer: Recommend

  • RadioActiv

    This is a well written piece. I can see that many commentators are not getting the whole idea behind this article despite the writer clearly mentioned the points and her neutrality. They are trying to advocate one sect of religion or another which is not the focus point behind the thought process of the writer I think.

    The day when Mufti Usman Yar was martyred, I was on the very same road where the protest was carried out and I was on the front of all cars standing halt due to road blockage. Protestors did not stoned my car or any other cars, yes they did had sticks in there hands but they did not hit any one or any thing with it. they were protesting and directing cars to other streets.

    As far as the comment Mufti Usman being responsible for deaths of 54000 pakistanis, only because he was Gen sec of JUI-S and related to Molana Sami ul haq, has no weight as being related to him is no crime and Mufti Usman never preached violence or hatred when ever he showed on media or when ever I met his father in the mosque. they are gentle and respectful people. Recommend

  • Anisa yar khan

    @Mir thank u sooo much mufti usman yar khan is my father or mama hamesha unhain mana kerti thi k ye sub unhain Faida nai dega but who phir b Islam ki khatir kam Kerty rahy or humey aj fakher hy k hum mufti usman yar khan shaheed ki Olad hy or humey apny ap per guroor hy k humary Abbu deen ki khatir shaheed Huey hy Allah pak unhain jannat ul firdous Mai Alla maqam naseeb fermaey ameenRecommend