Modi cannot become India’s prime minister

Published: January 30, 2014

In my opinion, which is in sync with Singh, it is not in India’s national interest to have him at the top job. He will indeed be disastrous for India. PHOTO: REUTERS

Hindu nationalist leader and Bhartiya Janata Party’s (BJP) prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi has a fantastic dream – a dream to rid India of the Indian National Congress.

“Mahatma Gandhi’s last wish was that the Congress party should be disbanded. The time has come to fulfil his wish. We must work towards building a Congress free India,” said Modi while addressing a public rally.

The Gujarat chief minister has reiterated this desire of his on several occasions.

Agreed, the Congress is corrupt to the hilt and it definitely deserves to be punished. The party’s extremely poor performance in the recently held assembly polls in five states does not bode well for its future. But, when it comes to corruption, the BJP is no different.

Or is it?

In my opinion, one aspect of the Congress that differentiates it from the BJP, and ought to be highlighted, is its liberal character, its emphasis on secularism and the protection of minority rights, on equality, unity in diversity, strong opposition to communalism, etcetera. In other words, its idea of India is inclusive.

So why does Modi want to eliminate the Congress from India’s political scene?

Do Modi and his supporters want to rid India of its secular values?

Do they want to subvert the idea of India by removing Congress from their path and thus pave the way for building a Hindu rashtra (Hindu nation), the unfulfilled dream of Savarkar, one of the accused in the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi?

To get the answers to these questions, we will have to examine the annals of pre-independence history and analyse Savarkar’s role in the birth of Hindu nationalism, and his association with Gandhi’s murderer Nathuram Godse.

Let’s Kill Gandhi!, a book written by the Mahatma’s great-grandson Tushar Gandhi, offers a vivid account of the events leading to the former’s assassination.

Vinayak Damodar Savarkar was born on May 28, 1883, in a small village called Bhagur near Nasik, into a high caste Maharashrian Brahmin family. Since his childhood, he had a pathological hatred for Muslims. Savarkar was a prolific writer but everything he did had an undertone of hatred and violence.

Like Modi, Savarkar was also a Hindu nationalist.

Savarkar, greatly influenced by Bal Gangadhar Tilak, a very eminent leader of the hawks in the Congress, led many student agitations against the British. The colonialists, after arresting Savarkar in England for his revolutionary activities, sentenced him to an unprecedented fifty years’ sentence to be incarcerated in the infamous Cellular jail (Kala Pani) at Port Blair, off the east coast of India.

He came out from Kala Pani a bitter religious fanatic though. His hatred, however, was not directed towards the colonialists; it was aimed at the Indian Muslims.

When Modi was asked by Reuters in an interview last year if he felt any regret for what happened in 2002, he replied by saying,

“Another thing, any person if we are driving a car, we are a driver, and someone else is driving a car and we’re sitting behind, even then if a puppy comes under the wheel, will it be painful or not? Of course it is. If I’m a chief minister or not, I’m a human being. If something bad happens anywhere, it is natural to be sad.”

Modi’s callous answer to this sensitive question speaks volumes about his thinking.

Whereas Nathuram Godse, an unemployed, self-proclaimed Hindu nationalist like Modi, came under the spell of Savarkar in Ratnagiri, a picturesque seaside town in western Maharashtra. The seeds of Gandhi’s murder were sown here.

It was Savarkar who had, in 1931, first mooted the idea of forming a Hindu Sangathana, a militant Hindu organisation, which would espouse Hindu supremacy. It was he who had in 1942, to fill the vacuum created by the mass arrests of Congress leaders during the Quit India Movement, mooted the idea of forming a Hindu Rashtra Dal – members of which would be the storm troopers of the Hindu Mahasabha.

It was he who had gifted Rs15, 000 to Nathuram Godse and Narayan Apte in 1944 so that they could launch a newspaper Agranee which would espouse the ideals of the Hindu Mahasabha and the Dal.

Savarkar was the first Indian leader to publicly say that India could never be a united country; at the Ahmadabad convention of the Hindu Mahasabha he stated that there are two Indias – a Hindu rashtra and a Muslim nation.

This was much before Jinnah’s Muslim League voiced the demand for Pakistan.

Savarkar wanted to be the leader of the Hindu rashtra and did not care for what the Muslims did with their Pakistan.

Only one man could stop him – Mohandas K Gandhi.

Savarkar hated him for this.

Under Gandhi, for the first time after 1857, the Hindu and Muslim communities had come together for the cause of independence. This worried the British very much, knowing that if Gandhi’s efforts towards uniting the people of India were to be derailed, they would have to first foment communal trouble, and second, drive an unbridgeable divide between the two communities through their tried and tested policy of divide and rule. For this, they needed Indians to do their dirty work.

In Hindu nationalist Savarkar, they found a committed ally.

Savarkar’s message to his followers was loud and clear:

“If you want to establish a Hindu rashtra, get rid of Gandhi and subvert the Congress.”

He allegedly encouraged the effort to assassinate Gandhi. They did get rid of Gandhi; Godse, his close aide, murdered him on January 30, 1948. While the nation mourned, there were some who celebrated his murder by distributing sweets and bursting crackers.

Similarly, the far right Hindutva forces in India today are aware of the fact that they cannot come to power without causing riots, driving an unbridgeable divide between the Hindus and Muslims, and subverting the secular forces.

What happened in Gujarat in 2002, they say, was just a trailer.

For they now want to implement the ‘Gujarat model’ across India. In the hamlets of Uttar Pradesh, where hitherto the people of two communities had been living together peacefully for centuries, where peace was not disturbed even during partition, today thousands of Muslims have been forced to flee their homes and seek shelter in relief camps, just for the sake of a few votes.

Incidentally, the riots in Muzaffarnagar took place days after Modi’s close confidant and BJP General Secretary Amit Shah was appointed as the saffron party’s person in charge of the politically-crucial state of Uttar Pradesh.

Alas, Modi’s whole empire has been built over the dead bodies of innocent Indians.

In a bid to make India a Hindu rashtra and turn the Muslims into second class citizens, the Hindu nationalists (read extremists) killed Gandhi. They might even succeed, as Modi wishes, in subverting the Congress; they have almost succeeded in doing so in Gujarat post 2002 riots. But, they forget that secular Indians are not depending on any one party or family.

If Congress fails to deliver, like it has, some other party will replace it. For instance, the secular, liberal votes, which hitherto went to the Congress, will now drift towards the Aam Aadmi Party. But, those millions of patriotic Indians who believe in the idea of a secular, plural and inclusive India will never let the fascist forces take over this beautiful country of ours.

As PM Manmohan Singh said a few days ago,

“It will be disastrous for the country to have Narendra Modi as the prime minister.”

Indeed, a divisive figure like Modi, whose mere mention arouses a feeling of utter disgust and contempt in millions of Indians, particularly Muslims, can never lead a pluralistic country like India.

In my opinion, which is in sync with Singh, it is not in India’s national interest to have him at the top job.

He will indeed be disastrous for India. So therefore come what may, secular, patriotic Indians like me – and there are millions of them – will never let a leader like Modi represent our beloved country.

In other words, Gandhi’s killers will never succeed in their nefarious designs no matter how much they try. For the Mahatma is not dead; he’s still alive in our hearts.

As Gandhi had once said,

“If my faith burns bright, as I hope it will even if I stand alone, I shall be alive in the grave, and what is more, speaking from it.”

Sapan Kapoor

Sapan Kapoor

A history buff and India-based journalist, the author has worked with the Press Trust of India. He blogs at and tweets as @dRaconteur.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Feroz

    You should go vote for whoever you like and allow others to exercise their franchise as per their best judgement.Recommend

  • BlackJack

    VD Savarkar was an avowed atheist – so his idea of Hindutva was of a pan-India cultural identity and not religious in any way. His ideas remain controversial, but it may be useful to understand someone’s views, at least so that you can criticize them a bit more knowledgeably instead of resorting to fiction without labeling it so. I also find it heartening to see that Modi has become an industry to himself, with so many of industrious pseudo-secularists burning the midnight oil to churn out this kind of puerile nonsense, fearing the terrible vacuum in their lives when his election becomes a non-issue in the near future.Recommend

  • Concard

    The author has written the article for Pakistani audiences. So i won’t go into the inaccuracies scribbled since it would take more than a page to rebut it. All i can say is opinion polls have predicted BJP to cross above 200 seats in Loksabha and there is still 3 months to go for elections. BJP is gaining momentum all over India, with elections around the corner the mood will be completely with the BJP. Modi led government will be a reality whether you like it or not.Recommend

  • TheAverageMoe

    If he gets elected, he would be the first head of state to not be allowed entry into the United States.Recommend

  • BlackJack

    Quoting Ambedkar from the wiki page – ‘Mr. Savarkar insists that, although there are two nations in India, India shall not be divided into two parts, one for Muslims and the other for the Hindus; that the two nations shall dwell in one country and shall live under the mantle of one single constitution;… In the struggle for political power between the two nations the rule of the game which Mr. Savarkar prescribes is to be one man one vote, be the man Hindu or Muslim. In his scheme a Muslim is to have no advantage which a Hindu does not have. Minority is to be no justification for privilege and majority is to be no ground for penalty. The State will guarantee the Muslims any defined measure of political power in the form of Muslim religion and Muslim culture. But the State will not guarantee secured seats in the Legislature or in the Administration and, if such guarantee is insisted upon by the Muslims, such guaranteed quota is not to exceed their proportion to the general population.’
    Other than the two nation aspect which is rather repugnant, since then there are many nations in India, I fully subscribe to the logic of one man, one vote, or, as a worst-case scenario, proportionate representation. And this was the logic of a far-right wing Hindu during the independence struggle! Can my Pak friends see that even the most notorious hardliner on the Indian side had more secular views than the most secular of the Muslim League – that paragon of egalitarianism and advocate of action (preferably direct) who is the subject of two other recent blogs co-exist on this site.Recommend

  • antanu

    Please don’t evade the reality with jingoism. its a news that sawarkar was atheist. Pl do not try to rewrite the history. We have already suffered a lot and making modi as p.m. would make us like garbage.every sensible citizen must oppose modi.
    Kudos to the blogger for speaking truth.Recommend

  • Jeet


  • Secular

    Don’t trust Wikipedia. :PRecommend

  • water bottle

    Perhaps, as a _Pakistani, you do not understand India.

    Modi is good for India as long as he doesn’t turn into a dictator.

    But, since it will be a coalition government, he is less likely to become a dictator.Recommend

  • Parvez

    That was an interesting read for an observer from across the border.
    It came across as cleverly crafted to project a particular image. The fact that it was so heavily ‘ one sided ‘ caused me to have doubts about the crdibility of its message.
    There was a ring of desperation in the writing that just sounded wrong, almost like a case of over-kill.Recommend

  • water bottle

    It would be very naive of us to think that the US won’t allow him if he becomes the prime minister.

    US foriegn policy is the most irregular and dishonest one.

    They will change.Recommend

  • Virat

    President of USA Mr. Obama will personally invite Indian PM Mr. Modi with red carpet just wait n watch :)Recommend

  • vinsin

    If India is secular then why it has not implemented uniform civil code? Why there are special rights based on religion? Recommend

  • G. Din

    Is entry into US an indicator for any thing? May be it will be a loss for US.Recommend

  • G. Din

    By saying that Kapoor has written his diatribe to please Pakistani audience, you are implying that he is a demagogue and an intellectually dishonest man. Now, why doesn’t that surprise me? There is a tribe of them in India today. They are called “rentier” scribes, like “rentier” judges the pseudo-secularists in India commission to write reports of their custom-ordered fore-decided conclusions.Recommend

  • Shail Arora

    “In my opinion, one aspect of the Congress that differentiates it from the BJP, and ought to be highlighted, is its liberal character, its emphasis on secularism and the protection of minority rights, on equality, unity in diversity, strong opposition to communalism, etcetera.”

    o’ dear, o’ dear… I’m not even sure where to begin, whether to laugh or to cry. Granted that you are blogging on a Pakistani site and you are considering only Hinduism and Islam while you make this statement. Please switch on the television tonight and watch some news channels, they are ripe with discussions around atrocities committed against Sikhs by Congress in 84 and how justice has been denied to them even after 30 years.

    On a similar note, in my humble opinion, none of the political parties’ in India are truly secular in nature. They just play the politics of appeasement when it’s convenient. Had Congress been truly secular, we would’ve resolved Kashmir issue by now considering that they have been in power for around 55 years. It’s not rocket science after all.

    p.s.: Mods, please allow this since I’m just stating the facts.Recommend

  • Rakib

    “…why it has not implemented uniform civil code..” Implemented? It’s not even drafted! You are quite right, though, India is not Secular going by your definition. Don’t worry, Modi will take care of it all.Recommend

  • BlackJack

    I wouldn’t normally respond, but this is an interesting read for the blog writer as well, as I am sure he can improve the quality of his work. This is an academic paper from the South Asia Institute in Heidelberg University on Savarkar with a critical view on his philosophy and world view, easily available through a simple google search, so ET pls allow the link ( The paper tries to describe Savarkar’s atheism as agnosticism, but also highlights several aspects of his philosophy that are possibly distasteful to generally accepted Hindu religious beliefs (for example his strong arguments against cow worship, idol worship, theory of rebirth, advocacy of non-vegetarianism and cow slaughter based on utility, his argument that no religious texts are eternal or timeless, that the soul is not a scientific reality, and that material strength was more important that divine blessings. References used by the research paper include Pakistan’s greatest friend, Mani Shankar Aiyar.Recommend

  • TheAverageMoe

    Modi was banned entry into America because of his involvement in the Gujarat massacre, if the US gov lets him in, it isn’t because they think he’s innocent but because they wouldn’t to strain their ties with india(it’s already pretty strained).Recommend

  • jssidhoo

    We need jobs , jobs & more jobs and Modi is the best man for that.Recommend

  • jssidhoo

    I like itRecommend

  • saifqureshi

    “If my faith burns bright, as I hope it will even if I stand alone, I shall be alive in the grave, and what is more, speaking from it.”

    Oh I didn’t know Gandhi wanted for himself a grave, how unloving of Indians to enclose his ashes in a jar, to be poured into Indus.Recommend

  • gp65

    Just because you are not aware that Sawarkar was an atheist does not change the reality. It is not @BlackJack who is rewriting history – he is simply stating a fact.
    It is those accusing Modi of personal involvement in the riots despite all evidence to the conrary and despite a record of 12 years of riot free governance who are trying to write false history.Recommend

  • Dalveer

    You can’t speak on my behalf. I don’t I should laugh on your judgement or should think about your loyalty towards THE FAMILY.Recommend

  • gp65

    HE is quoting from a specific speech by Ambedkar explaining Savarkar’s stand. If you disagree, please provide a reference that confirms that this speech was fraudulently ascribed to Savarkar. Just because you are unable to rebut what seems like a very reasonable stance by Savarkar, you are taking refuge by the red herring of Wikipedia credibility. If you believe this speech is fraudulently ascribed to Ambedkar, please provide evidence that supports your opinion.Recommend

  • gp65

    Well he has not sought visa for US since 2005 when he was denied visa. Instead his focus was to make Gujarat such a state that AMericans would seek Indian visa to come visit Gujarat. He has said he will not visit US until he is invited by US government to do so.
    Just because Pakistani politicians have families settled in US and then make anti-US noises even as they regularly visit US, you assume that this is the same for India. Ability to get a US visa is not the litmus test for electing Prime Ministers in India.
    Besides I would be extremely surprised if US did not call and greet the new PM after Indian elections and if Modi wins, that is exactly what will happen. It can easily justify its stand by the fact that in 2005 Modi was accused of perpetrating riots in 2014, he has been acqitted by the Supreme court (even as dozens including many Hindus were convicted for the riots)and not just that has governed Gujarat in a transparent and non discrimnatory manner with no riots for the last 12 years. If they continue the boycott in case he becomes a PM, they will be the ones showing disrespect for Indian judiciary and electorate. It will not reflect poorly on IndiaRecommend

  • harkol


    Nelson Mandela was on a terrorist list of USA till 2008, good 15years after he became president of South Africa! But that didn’t stop him from travelling to USA!

    US works in strange ways. But, one thing it is not – stupid.

  • Raj – USA

    I asked you this question earlier and you did not answer. So, I ask this question again.

    It is OK you don’t like Modi. If not Modi, who would you like to see as India’s next PM? Do you want Rahul Gandhi to be the next PM of India?

    This question applies to all who don’t like Modi to be the next PM of India, including this author and I doubt if anyone can answer it honestly.Recommend

  • gp65

    Indian elections are not far and electorate will decide who can be the PM and who cannot. In claiming that Modi cannot be the PM, you are showing disrespect for the Indian constitution (according to which he is eligible to contest), Indian judiciary (which has acquitted him of charges relating to 2002) and Indian electorate (if it chooses to vote for NDA).
    Now let us review your arguments, shall we?

    In one place you say “Whereas Nathuram Godse, an unemployed, self-proclaimed Hindu nationalist like Modi, “, in another you say “In other words, Gandhi’s killers will never succeed in their nefarious designs no matter how much they try”.

    Can you please explain your huge leaps of logic in comparing Godse with Modi? Modi is unemployed? Has he ever said anything to support Mahatma Gandhi’s murder?

    You further say:
    “Similarly, the far right Hindutva forces in India today are aware of the fact that they cannot come to power without causing riots, driving an unbridgeable divide between the Hindus and Muslims, and subverting the secular forces.”

    Of course you ignore the fact that Gujarat has been riot free for close to 12 years. The only riots in the last 10 years have been in states ruled by eiher UPA (Maharashtra, Assam) or UPA supporters (SP). Modi is not seeking votes on the basis of anti-Muslim anger. Rather he is seeking votes on the basis of his economic vision and governance track record as well as opposition to Congress corruptionRecommend

  • history buff Indian journalist

    Sapan Kapoor is an “India-based” journalist who has never published anything in Indian media. All he has ever written are blogs in ET. It is unclear how that qualifies him to identify himself as a journalist.
    His lack of awareness about Sawarkar being an atheist also calls into question his knowledge of history. He also has sidestepped other aspects of history such as 1984, Nellie, 1993 and seems to not recall who was in charge then.Recommend

  • history buff – really?

    “In a bid to make India a Hindu rashtra and turn the Muslims into second class citizens, the Hindu nationalists (read extremists) killed Gandhi.”
    I disagree with Savarkar on some points but he never wanted Muslims to be second class citizens. What he wanted to avoid is reverse discrimnation against Hindus and appeasement of Muslims which he thought Gandhi was guilty of. In fact Savarkar was a proponent of one man one vote. Not much of a history buff are you?Recommend

  • Critical

    Poor Sapan Kapoor is on a verbal diarrhoea after seeing his leader, Rahul Baby,stutter in front of Arnab Goswami and literally close to tears when asked about his educational qualifications….Used the same words “RTI,bringing youth to politics,changing system,women empowerment” for all questions ranging from riots,corruption just like a school kid writing everything he memorized when u ask something out of syllabus…….Even a 10 yr old kid could have done better than him…

    I think Modi doesnt need to waste his timing give powerful speeches from now,all he needs to do is re-telecast Rahul Gandhi’s interview in every campaign and ask if people want this buffoon to be their prime minister

    If Sapan Kapoor can send his mailing address,we would send a huge packet of this so that he can soothe his burns……..Recommend

  • Critical

    Dude,do u ever get tired of pretending to be an indian when almost every reader in ET knows you are not…..

    Or are u a Sadomasochist who loves to get shot down by everyone and take pleasure in that????Recommend

  • Critical

    The Wikipedia entries have links to various articles and those articles are the newspapers of those times….Now what?? Dont trust those newspapers and the institutions which keep a copy of it????

    But surely trust what ur local mullah says about whats happening 1000s of miles away from ur home without questioning how he got that info???Recommend

  • Critical

    Just google “Rahul Gandhi interview Arnab Goswami” and see that interview….

  • Gp65

    You have one vote. Please exercise it. Not everyone including all Muslims agree with you.

    Maulana Madani the head of JUI – Hind admits that Muslims have voted for Modi in Gujarat

    M J Akbar seems to think he is most likely to become PM

    Salman Khan said Modi is a good man and has no need to apologize when the judiciary has acquitted him

    Each of these individuals may or may not vote for Modi individually. In fact Salman has specifically said he will toe for Priya Dutt (Sanjay Dutt’s sister who is standing from the Bandra constituency where he lives

  • DK

    As a long time observer of US Politics, I will say that you should have no doubt that the US will roll out the plushest of the red carpets for PM Modi. The US will welcome an Indian leader with conviction and a backbone – someone who believes in free market and can stare down China and other neighborhood pests as well. The last time India had a PM with a backbone was Indira Gandhi.Recommend

  • Dipak

    There is no stupid Blasphemy Law in India. Therefore India is great. Ahmedias and Shias are great assets of India.Recommend

  • dheeraj

    Only MODI for PM………………….no one elseRecommend

  • Hyderabadi

    Does this dude write anything else, besides bashing Modi?
    I sense a tone of increasing despair in his articles, as time progresses towards elections.

    It’s funny how this self-proclaimed secular author, conveniently forgets the dirty past (and present) of Congress in communal violence.Recommend

  • dheeraj

    I thnk you are congress agent( 500crore marketing stratergy)…….. First thing riots in gujrat was response for godhra incident….and second thing congess govt. has also undergone different riots but its not highlighted(sikh riots,assam riots) anywhere…on other hand gujrat ministers are facing legal actions but what about congress leaders… one is yet sentenced….and one thing voters are not fool if they choose modi…..they can also remove him….so please dont make such havoc and chaos regarding modi….india is a secular and democratic country….and if modi comes it will not lost its secularity because its not monarchy its run by constituion…..and if you think like that than there will no muslims left in gujrat… please think beyond money sent to you by congress….think for your nation…..Recommend

  • Liberal Indian

    Congress party stands for united, liberal, tolerant , developed India.Congress under leadership of Nehru, Patel, Ambedkar gave a constitution. In which all Indians were equal ..irrespective of gender, faith, language etc. Nehru and his team also emphasised on building institutions like Media, Judiciary , Election Commision, CAG etc. they strongly believed India can develop only if its inclusive growth. Science and Technology became building blocks for India since 1940s.emocratic values were nurtured and developed by political leadership since 1940s. Congress leadership played key role in building and sustaining development ,keeping India united. Like Hindu Mahasabha, RSS also considers Congress party to be their main stumbling block in implementing their narrow concept of Hindu Rashtra . Modi being RSS worker , has been tutored by RSS to work on this tactic. But, majority of Hindus and minorities have rejected narrow concepts of RSS and BJP since 1940s. Hence, people of India have to take call once again in 2014 elections to counter such clever tactics of communal Modi. Recommend

  • Anon

    Majority of Indians will support NaMo in spite of anyone writing negative about him. NaMo is the only hope for Indians.
    In fact Pakistan should also support NaMo and change the minds of a few muslims in India who still look at congress as their gods, to support NaMo. It will be good for both the countries.Recommend

  • Gp65

    In 2005 when the visa was denied, 12 years of riot free governance record was not available nor the clean chit by the supreme court which did convict several other people including Hindus for the riot. At that time information about Teesta Setalvad’s fraudulent attempt to manufacture testimony through photocopied complaintswas not availale. At that time the book by top cop KPS Gill was not availale. At that time it was not known that Modi had sought reinforcement of police from neighbouring states (none of which was run by BJP) but they had cynically witheld help. The information available then and now are qualitatively different.Recommend

  • saswath

    you are right sir…that is exactly we need…communal-ism will never go away untill we have religion and redials (it was there when we had nothing)…so we’ll live with it like before, but can;t live without jobs and better infrastructure which eventually keep us occupied.Recommend

  • Gp65

    I agree with most of what you say but am surprised that you think proportional representation in line with population of a given faith is a good idea. If people were also to demand proportional representation on the basis of gender, language, caste which are other markers of identity in addition to religion where would that leave democracy and what type of electoral process would we have to ensure that each of these criteria was proportionally represented?

    Further, I know what you meant when you said one man one vote but since women have been disenfranchised for the longest time, I am sensitive to that choice of words. One person one bite or universal adult franchise is really the correct way to describe the philosophy you are advocating.Recommend

  • vasan

    Good . I like Mr Modi getting on the nerves of many bloggers like these. The results of the elections will tell whether the author is right or wrong, ie Indians like Mr Modi as PM or not. AAP has proved itself to be a joke when it comes to administration. They are a big -ve party without any cohesion, understanding of law and order and administrative skills. Indians cannot entrust India to AAP. It will be anarchy all over. It will take atleast another 15-20 years for AAP to mature as a political party at a national level. Good that they are in power in Delhi. They prove their mettle first in Delhi for 5 years and prove to be better than Shiela Dixit. Then they come into contentionRecommend

  • Secular

    Read this author’s previous blog. The answer is Arvind Kejriwal!Recommend

  • Gp65

    You forget Vajpayee.Recommend

  • Rakib

    Relax. India is great indeed. Give him some time & overwhelming majority in Parliament & Narendra Modi will drive the last nail in the coffin of Secularism, which is on oxygen since “Babri” of 6th Dec’92. Once Modi gives burial to Secularism it wouldn’t matter in the least who a Muslim & who a Christian is. Only blasphemy would be to speak against Hindutva ideology.Recommend

  • Sanjeev

    It is laughable that Americans have guts to certify any one on riots where thousand people were killed when their policies kill millions of innocents around the world. Let their charity begin at home and let them prosecute people like Henry Kissinger and Bush.Recommend

  • Sanjeev

    There is difference between CANNOT and WILL NOT (or SHOULD NOT) . Yes Modi CAN become Prime Minister. Make no mistake about this ! People swearing by Gandhi themselves did not have any place for him or his principles in their hearts and actions. That is amply proved. It is foolish to whip this dead horse called Gandhi when people have different priorities now. Some people mistake WISHFUL thinking as certainty and prophecy. This is author is one of such people !Recommend

  • Sanjeev

    Sapan Kapoor is not history buff but history bluff !Recommend

  • Gp65

    Perceptive observation. This author, just like Sanjay Kumar are very careful in what they claim. They claim to be India based journalists. They cannot claim to be Indian journalists since they have not published anything in India. They pander to Pakistani audiences’ pre-existing biases for the opportunity to get published.Recommend

  • Gp65

    A lot of water has flown under the bridge after that last blg was posted. Kejriwal is sel-destructing. It is not just I, who says so. Read what M J Akbar has to say.

  • BlackJack

    I did not say good idea, I would imagine that the term worst-case scenario is pretty much the opposite of good idea. We have reserved seats for SC/ STs and Anglo-Indians in parliament and there has been discussion in legislature (state and center) for a 33 per cent quota for women. These are legislative steps undertaken to help to increase participation from segments that are hitherto under-represented in decision making and society is not mature enough to implement affirmative action in a fair and transparent manner. Here in Europe, parliament has enacted legislation to ensure that 40 per cent of non-executive directors of listed companies must be women – again the purpose is the same and is a noble one. The problem is when these solutions are driven by narrow political compulsions – in the case of the Muslim League, they felt that because their core constituents voted purely based on their religion, all Hindus would do the same, and as a result, the Muslim population in most parts of India would remain under-represented and subservient to the Hindu majority – this was fear-mongering of the worst kind, and clearly did not sell very well, since very few of these Muslim minorities actually ended up migrating to Pakistan. However, Savarkar’s solution was to allow for an option that assuaged these fears by offering proportional representation, which, as I indicated, is a worst-case scenario.
    Apologies for the politically incorrect one man, one vote – it was in reference to the actual words in the quote that I shared.Recommend

  • Secular

    Don’t underestimate AAP and Kejriwal. He’s going to derail Modi’s chariot. Just wait and watch.Recommend

  • Gujju

    What a piece of crap.

    Unfortunate that such shit is getting SEO-ed to the top rankings in Google News..
    The author needs to get his facts straight..Recommend

  • BlackJack

    Read history once in a while. Ambedkar was not a Congressman.Recommend

  • sane

    I wish his win. This would act catalyst in breaking India in pieces.Recommend

  • sane

    There would be plenty of jobs in Modi time; In morgues, Graveyards, Shamshan Ghat………Recommend

  • sane

    Indian laws are basically Hindu laws. And all Hindus considers population of India as 100% Hindu. If not they are doing it.Recommend

  • Rakib

    A person can continue to be a “Hindu” even if he is an atheist. Anyway, Savarkar’s religious belief or lack thereof are less important than his political ideology. Why depend on others & second-hand quotes? Go for the original! Read up Savarkar himself. Long back I had to shop around for his oeuvre. Now some of it is available as free download on Internet. He is the man who coined the word & basic ideology of “Hindutva”; later refined by RSS-Golwalkar. Suspected by some to be the brain behind Gandhi murder, he is the most vicious but interesting figure Hindu Society produced in 20th century & your knowledge of what makes Hindus of a certain hue, like Narendra Modi, tick is incomplete if you have not read his works. Start from the basic one: “Hindutva: Who is a Hindu?” ( and then proceed to Guru Golwalkar’s writings. Know thine Enemy!Recommend

  • Liberal Indian

    Ambedkar was a Congress man…till first election in 1950s.Recommend

  • Liberal Indian

    Even in last state elections , including Gujarat..the vote share of BJP has been falling and is less than40% in most states. So, “majority” of Hindus or other minorities don’t support Feku Modi and his narrow thought process. Modi will be major disaster for democratic India. His fascist ideology is good for RSS etc, not for liberal, plural, diverse , democratic India. Recommend

  • Alam

    It’s been decided that Modi will be PM. Situation is very much like Thailand. Indian establishment (including RSS, billionaires) is fed up with ‘poor and illiterate’ masses’ choice.

    This time if the ‘commoners’ choose Congress, there will be a change of govt (they might avoid the stigma of Martial Law by using another name). Mark my words!Recommend

  • Another North Indian

    There would be those kind of jobs for you, too, if that is what you wish to do.Recommend

  • Another North Indian

    Ha ha…we won’t begrudge you your wishes. Your sanity is what keeps Pakistan strong the way it is.Recommend

  • gp65

    Please provide a reference for what you are saying. He was NEVER a Congress man. HE was invited to be India’s first law minister by Congress and was part of the Congress government. He was never part of the Coongress party.Recommend

  • Gaptun Thennavan

    Dear Sapa,

    It is crystal clear that you are smoking some very high quality weed…whatever it is, it is good.

    The Congress aka Khooni Panja is responsible for most riots in India history – 1989 Bhagalpur, 1969 Gujarat riots, 1984 Delhi riots , Mumbai riots, Kashmiri Pundit exodus and the list goes on

    The congress has swindled billions and kept people poor for decades

    People in India are smarter than you think…and u say you are a history buff ?? Please give me a breakRecommend

  • Alam

    Pakistani audiences’ pre-existing biases to get published in ET? It seems that you have never visited ET site before (sarcasm). ET is not that kind of paper and you know it!!!!Recommend

  • Alam

    ET is more popular with Indians than Pakistanis. If the author really intended to address the Pakistanis, he has definitely chosen a wrong medium.

    Best way to reach Indian readers is ET (look at comments on this article to see for yourself).Recommend

  • Doesn’t matter

    The idea of atheism is not anti hindu but can be very well encompassed within hinduism. On the other hand, being a atheist doesn’t mean you dont have pathological hatred for muslims.Recommend

  • Gp65

    Interesting that according to you the only party that did any wrong was Hindus and oly party that were wronged we’re the Muslims as far as Ram Janmabhoomi Babri Masjid dispute is concerned. Here is a little information about times just that predate 1992 by just a couple of years. They provide some background.

    Do I then believe hat the structure shokd have been destroyed? Absolutely not. In fact a win win solution was proposed. That RSS would raise funds and offer kar sea to lift the structure brick by brick and relocate it. For the structure was Morgantown o he Muslim and hat spot believed to be irreplaceable of Lord Ram was important to he Hindus. Sadly it was not to be but the manner in which you are representing facts is extremely one sided.Recommend

  • ak

    How? currently he seems to be derailing his own chariot.
    He not going to be a major faactor in this election The only ones who might (with very low probability) hamper chances of Modi are the regional parties.Else Modi juggernaut seems to be rolling just fineRecommend

  • rahul

    … was one of those accused in the assassination of Indian leader Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. He was acquitted as the charges could not be proven…

    ———this is what wikipedia says for v.d.savarkarRecommend

  • Lalit

    more intelligent ones have already changed the tone on Modi.Recommend

  • kaur

    author seems to be subservient of congress. baised n immature blog . want to see modi as PmRecommend

  • Jalaj Singh


  • Micky

    Another Aakar Patel in emergence. India needs development. Which only Modi can deliever. No Congress politician has guts to do it. They are slaves of Dynasty rule of “Gandhi / Nehru” cult. Was it proper to side line so many senior and sane politician to make Rajiv as PM in 1984 and same strategy is being applied currently for Rahul. What about innumerable scams by Congress and its allied parties. Not even a single person is held responsible . No one is behind bars. This is the face of Congress. AAP is a unseen third hand of Congress. Nothing else. They like to continue the reservations , not as a secular party but for Vote bank. Recently , they declared “Jains” as minority , a caste which is highly literate, business man class. Why? Why nothing is being done in Delhi after AAP’s Govt against Congress party politicians? It is a nature”s law that if you are not satisfied with one way , change it.Recommend

  • uj


    if savarkar being an atheist is a news to u then i think that your GK is very poor. savarkar was indeed an hindu atheist. Recommend

  • Anthony Adiga

    ‘But, when it comes to corruption, the BJP is no different.’

    Are you serious? Just compare Congress ruled states with BJP ruled states.

    ‘is its liberal character, its emphasis on secularism and the protection of minority rights, on equality, unity in diversity, strong opposition to communalism, etcetera’

    What a laughRecommend

  • someone

    Hindu laws???? They are british laws who didn’t give a hoot about who is hindu or muslim.Recommend

  • Reddy

    it seems pappu promised sapan kapoor an MLA ticket… ….how can anybody give a damn abt what happened 10-15yrs back..when you have kalmadi to rajas ..2g to coal scam so freshly imprinted on their memories …and paramount of it is congress have not one but many single digit IQ leaders in it’s cadre pappu to diggyRecommend

  • Eesh

    This Kapoor was in sync with MMS and other sickulars. Had he only been in sync with the people.Recommend