We do not deserve people like Aitzaz Hassan and Chaudhry Aslam

Published: January 10, 2014

How do our leaders claim to respect our heroes if they do not demand action against those who killed them? How do our leaders promise to solve our problems if they do not even identify them?

This blog post is perhaps more directed towards the voters and members of the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N), Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (JUI) and Jamaat-e-Islami (JI), than to anyone else. It is written for those who do not see banned militant outfits as legitimate threats to Pakistan.

This is for all those people who have been led by their leaders to believe that certain terrorists were previously die-hard patriots. For all those who fail to read between the lines and do not realise how their leaders have, on every occasion, very cleverly manipulated their statements and, in doing so, guided the people towards ignorance.

All those who believe that Shias and Sunnis are both being hunted down in the same manner and fashion. All those who refuse to acknowledge that terrorist organisations are not only engaging in an armed conflict but also polarising the society through their literature, sermons and fatwas (decree).

All those people who believe that drones are the ultimate and the only reason for terrorism in Pakistan and if somehow we shoot one down or stop the USA from sending anymore, then the militants will go back to being the good Samaritans they always were. Their leaders will be seen either submitting their CV’s for government jobs based on ‘educational qualifications’ or perhaps running a small general store selling perishables in Dera Adam Khel. Such ideas only constitute wishful thinking – nothing more.

A little review of the numbers here is necessary.

Drone strikes in Pakistan began in 2004.  In 2003, 140 civilians and 24 security personnel were killed by terrorists.

In 2004, four civilians were killed by one drone strike, whereas around 435 civilians and 184 security personnel were killed by terrorists, in the same year.

Similarly drone strikes in 2005, 2006 and 2007 altogether claimed a total of 115 civilian casualties. The same three years saw 2,560 civilians and 1003 security personnel killed by terrorists.

This is just an introduction as to how irrational the correlation between drone strikes and terrorism is. This is in no way a sign of support for drone strikes but just a plea to not to confuse the two differing issues.

Then 2014 started with a bang. A bang in Hangu and a bang in Karachi, and once again Ali Azmat’s song ‘bomb phatta’ challenges ‘Pak sar zameen’ for the spot of the national anthem.

The blast in Karachi took the life of ace cop Chaudhry Aslam and the responsibility has been accepted by the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP). However, it is not alleged that they are responsible. They have written a page long letter expressing their happiness and contentment on having killed Chaudhry Aslam.

Representatives of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) and the PTI all released statements, sending their condolences to Chaudhary Aslam’s family. However, where PPP and MQM, in their statements, held the TTP responsible, PTI deliberately chose to remain silent on who killed Chaudhary Aslam.

My question is, why?

How can our leaders express sincere grief on someone’s demise if they cannot even show sincere condemnation?

How do our leaders claim to respect our heroes if they do not demand action against those who killed them?

How do our leaders promise to solve our problems if they do not even identify them?

That blast in Hangu took the life of one 14-year-old boy Aitzaz Hassan. Aitzaz was standing outside his school with two other friends when the suicide bomber approached. What he did to save his school and the courageous feats with which he sacrificed his life have few parallels. However, what people have failed to realise is the potential graveness of this situation. The school had around 2,000 students inside. The specific area in Hangu, Ibrahimzai, where this school was located, is a Shia majority area. This is not a mere coincidence.

Since it was a school, it is safe to assume that majority of those 2,000 students were under 18 years of age. Had Aitizaz not stopped the bomber at the gates, can we even begin to imagine how many parents would have been first seen trying to identify the bodies of their children in hospitals and then queuing up for their burials?

Perhaps Aitizaz, in that moment when his two friends ran inside on seeing the bomber, realised the gravity of the situation and stood his ground.

Since Hangu is in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P), I am very much sure that Aitzaz knew about the PTI. Let us assume that he also knew about PTI’s stance on terrorist organisations i.e. we should negotiate with them.

So in that situation, Aitizaz should have perhaps offered tea to the bomber, asked him to sit down and reason out as to why does he wants to blow up children, based on their belief system. Perhaps after a cup of hot tea and a few cookies later, the bomber would have realised what a grave mistake he was making. And Aitizaz, in turn, would have proved to us what a great success PTI’s policy is.

However, that 14-year-old kid knew what he had to do to save the lives of his classmates. He knew that tea, cookies and a handshake were not going to stop the bomber from blowing himself up. He believed in something more than the nonsense being fed to us by our leaders. I am yet to see a public statement from any party, including the MQM and PPP, which calls for action against the LEJ while praising the sacrifice of Aitzaz Hussain.

Our nation does not deserve sons like Chaudhary Aslam, Major General Niazi and Aitizaz, when we do not have the courage to look in the eyes of their killers and say,

“We will not forget and we will not forgive.”

Brave men, either in uniforms of the police, the army or the school, are laying down their lives, not realising that the leaders of this country are making sure that their sacrifice goes in vain.

The 14-year-old Aitizaz had more guts and courage then our elected representatives. He faced danger like a true patriot and knew the real price we have to pay for the freedom to live in peace.

Tweeting and releasing press statements condemning Aitizaz’s death, while not identifying his killers at the same time, is nothing but naked hypocrisy.

I hope our leaders don’t fall any lower in the months to come this year.


Jibran Nasir

A lawyer and civil and political rights activist. He is the co-founder of Elaj Trust, Pakistan For All and Never Forget Pakistan. He tweets @MJibranNasir (twitter.com/MJibranNasir)

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Taimoor

    Jibran, you have clearly hit the nail on its head. For a couple of months now, I cannot help but feel ashamed that I voted for PTI, but then I think about the other options I had and still cannot find any reason to vote for them. Nothing against Imran Khan’s person, he has done great service to Pakistan in sports and philanthropy, but as a politician he is no better than the rest. In fact, worse, since, as you say, neither he nor his party named the militants after the blasts.

    What do we do? Do we form a new party? Do we demand from the existing parties to strongly condemn the militant outfits?Recommend

  • Shariq Najeeb

    Its ironic that Mr. Nasir has used PTI’s name in this article when the negotiation policy was agreed upon by ALL the major parties including the army. If you want to use an example, take the name of ALL the parties present in the APC (MQM, ANP, PPP and PMLN).

    Speaking of hypocrisy… it is ironic that some ‘liberal’/’secular’ parties are crying about Choudhary Aslam’s martyrdom when not so long ago they were always complaining about him when conducted operations against the Liyari gangs and MQM in Karachi. At that time, no one called him a hero but when it is politically convenient, parties are walking out of senate in protest. Disgusting.

    Oh and as a PTI supporter it is my duty to remind the author that Imran Khan is the only political leader who marched to Hazara to protest the Shia massacre AND is one of a very few political figures to name militants in condemnations of their terrorist actions.Recommend

  • Kamran

    so nicely and simply written. but i am sure, TTP apologists will not understand these simple Facts!Recommend

  • Aamna Hassan Fasihi

    ”This is just an introduction as to how irrational the correlation
    between drone strikes and terrorism is.”
    Then why exactly Drones haven’t been able to eradicate militancy and extremism in Pakistan?
    ”This is in no way a sign of
    support for drone strikes but just a plea to not to confuse the two
    differing issues”.
    And why did you mention how awesome drones are that kill just a few civilians vis-a-vis militants that kills thousands?

    ”So in that situation, Aitizaz should have perhaps offered tea to the
    bomber, asked him to sit down and reason out as to why does he wants to
    blow up children, based on their belief system. Perhaps after a cup of
    hot tea and a few cookies later, the bomber would have realised what a
    grave mistake he was making. And Aitizaz, in turn, would have proved to
    us what a great success PTI’s policy is”.
    It isn’t Aitzaz’s responsibility to negotiate with terrorists or launch an operation against them. It is the state’s responsibility and when the state has failed, poor citizens like Aitezaz are all on their own. Good riddance, that was just one person, because if we citizens stand up, it will be a total anarchy. Taliban apologists who can just blabber ‘Taliban are Zaliman’ but practically didn’t actually do an iota to counter terrorism.

    By the way Jibran, if negotiations are an idiotic and coward approach, what exactly has ‘being brave’ helped us counter this menace? If Imran Khan is so coward that he can’t even name militants what has Faisal Subzwari or Bilawal Zardari’s tweet from their fiefdoms have achieved so far? Just asking.Recommend

  • Asad

    Yes, PTI did not name militants, that is indeed ambiguous, I do think it is for quite pragmatic reasons, they do not want a full confrontation with them right now, which would cause suidice attacks (and therefore destruction and death) in KPK on a daily basis. But perhaps now PTI must have a more confrontatial approach at least until they are not ready to give up violence.. And I would add, that just because others named them that doesn’t mean they are our valiant fighters against terrorism, the level of incompetence and corruption they have shown us in the last 5 years has been the greatest facilitation militants could ask for. Yesterday we lost two true heroes. God bless them. Recommend

  • Faraz Talat

    Imran Khan tweets that the “perpetrators of this condemnable act” must be brought to justice.

    He could have saved himself a lot of characters on Twitter by typing the name. Too bad he lost his backbone after that injury during election season.

    It’s a national tragedy that Aitzaz Hassan and Chaudhry Aslam, who had more courage and valor than all parties put together, are with us no more.Recommend

  • T

    Very well argued Jibran. The hypocricy and naievity of IK specially is nauseating.Recommend

  • Gingo

    Standing ovation for this timely and brilliant blog!Recommend

  • Mohammed Abbasi

    Excellent article and very apt – sadly who is listening to the pains of the majority from all backgrounds in Pakistan? Not the politicians and certainly not the scholars Recommend

  • DH

    Jibran, militant action has been going on since 2004. How has it benefited? Rather, terrorism has just risen. This is an article by IK that I suggest you give a read: http://www.thenews.com.pk/Todays-News-13-25804-Dialogue-the-best-of-difficult-options
    Also, is it really fair to compare IK’s stance to the situation Aitzaz faced? Sounds to me like comparing carrots and oranges. Poor analogy, but I am sure you get my point.Recommend

  • Iftikhar Ali

    confusion spread like an epidemic in our nationRecommend

  • Umar

    PTI wants to negotiate with terrorists so that the militants can become weaker. Negotiations won’t stop all of the them but it will weaken it when some factions decide to put down their arms. That’s the whole point behind the negotiations. Those who refuse will be faced by action from the army. Strategically, that’s a really good plan. I may be wrong. And Allah knows best. May Allah give Jannah Firdaus to all the martyrs of this country. Ameen. Recommend

  • Faryal Sarwar

    First of all I would like to say that it is very, very
    humbling to think of the bravery of Aitzaz Hussain and Chaudhry Aslam. May
    Allah grant them the highest place in jannat.

    Secondly, Jibran you did not mention your source for the numbers quoted in your
    article. As far as correlation of drone attacks and terrorist attacks is
    concerned; the gradually increasing number of terrorist attacks resulting in
    casualties may have been in retaliation to drone attacks. Unquestionably both
    issues need to be addressed urgently and it is true that political parties
    should not turn a blind eye to either issue.Recommend

  • http://imransahir.wordpress.com/ Imran khan Sahir

    A very lucid and to the point account of current situation. The thing that hurts the most is not only some of our leaders but millions of Pakistanis also support terrorists and have a soft corner for them in their heart; O, They really HAVE sympathy and it hurts the most.Recommend

  • Fahad Khan

    The simple rule of gratitude is to say thank you when someone is kind.
    There is no need to insult the martyrs and imply that their sacrifice was for nothing and that we don’t deserve them. It’s like saying that they were wrong when they made their decisions. Recommend

  • Muaz Ahmad

    Jibran Nasir : I understood what you are trying to say but at the same time I feel that you need to look into this matter more closely. With all respect, I would ask you what would happen if Pakistan straight away starts a military action against the Taliban militants. The more of them Pakistan will finish, the more their sons will rise to avenge their ancestors’ death. Unfortunately, we are Muslims on both sides of this conflict and this is the indication of what is the conspiracy or the BIG PLAN. The foreign elements involved have played us against each other and the more we will fight, the worse it is for us and the better for our enemies. The people of this region are emotional and short-sighted and this has been taken advantage of. We need to tackle this problem wisely. The roots of the problems need to be attacked which are deep down into ignorance. The solution lays in education and enlightenment which is a slow process but then we have seen that it has always taken ages for nations to develop.
    Secondly, you talked about Pakistan doing nothing about Drone Attacks. What do you suggest The govt. should do about it? It is helpless. We are a SMALL nation and POWER and the BIG HANDS are against us.If the govt. go against the US govt. in this, the current world power will turn against us and trade sanctions and other restrictions will be imposed on us and we will not be able to do anything about it. Furthermore, how will you pay further back the installments of loan? Pakistan will become default and bank corrupt and IMF will take control over our economy legally and you have the idea what comes next. So before actually standing against the strong powers, we need to make ourselves strong and rise upto that level where we can be heard. We have the examples of Germany and Japan that how they stood up against after falling down.Recommend

  • Asif

    You start off mentioning PML-N, JUI, JI & PTI but after that all you talk about is PTI. Tell me one thing brother, why are you so against PTI?

    We all know that you were contesting election against PTI in NA-250 & PS-113, and you lost both seats to them. That happens in politics, accept the fact and move on. But NO, ever since the elections you have been actively campaigning against PTI on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

    Maybe you should come up with your own independent blog to highlight your personal issues with PTI.Recommend

  • Sher

    Great article and Nicely put. I would add its not ONLY our leaders but as a nation we are in comma i.e. dead. You can’t expect a dead nation to honor such true patriots and great human beingsRecommend

  • kublai

    An excellent article. Putting in perspective what need to be reiterated.
    All these corrupt politicians,plundering this country,destroying it’s image.
    And saying anything that will save their skins from the murderers of women,
    children and innocent people, the militants.Recommend

  • Yar Rasul

    In my opinion our leaders will further stoop in the coming months.The priorities of PML-N/PTI/JUI are crystal clear,When Hakeemullah mehsud was killed,These political faces of Taliban (PML-n/pti/jui) came out in full force and condemned the incident and even threatened to stop NATO supply..all because of the killing of a mass murderer..but when brave souls like Aitzaaz and Chaudhry Aslam pay the ultimate price for impotence exhibited by Government on a national level there is hardly any reaction..The only reaction is the same repetition of sucking it up to the taliban and begging for peace..there is no peace possible between savages and cowards..one by one as the foundations of this nation collapse and brave souls like siffat ghayyur,aitzaaz,chaudhry aslam pass away,the inevitable collapse of Pakistan draws near.Recommend

  • raza

    I’ve always been a fan of Jibran and I still remember that great speech he gave at teen talwar on 14th may. But here he sounds like just another PTI basher who is willing to relentlessly malign PTI’s stance on terror but fails to offer a solid solution. This “stand up and fight” notion is repeated throughout pakistan 100’s of times everyday but it is just as shallow and boneless as Jibran and others like him claim PTI’s solution is. Ok fight, throw your army into the deep end so they can slaughter their own countrymen in NW and a few militants, but to what end? Where has 10 years of doing that lead us? Increased militancy, increased fanaticism and increased death toll. Please, honor the dead who have so bravely died for Pakistan, but don’t try and use their deaths to manipulate the situation and promote your personal point of view. Dialogue is more likely to bring peace to pakistan, military solutions have brought nothing but deathRecommend

  • Mekayl Mashhadi Ahmed

    Very well said. PML-N and PTI are the scum of the nation and will always remain symphatizers of the enemies of the state.Recommend

  • Teeb

    Rightly said Jibran. My thoughts, exactly. Our leaders are useless. All they can do is take top roles in the government and make money for the next 5 years they’re in power. None of them gives a damn about these suicide attacks and all other types of terrorism. The day they get serious about it, I am sure it wont take too long to get our old Pakistan back. We can either wait for that day when the next attack is on us or on our family or we get out for once and all and demand immediate actions to stop and counter this terrorism. May Allah give us courage.Recommend

  • Mohammad

    Shame on the militantsRecommend

  • deep blue

    Comparing an individual’s response to political parties strategy? And why do you ppl blame pti for a stance which was endorsed by all political parties in APC without sn exception?Recommend

  • Muhammad Usama Khan

    You have earned my respect for stating the naked truth. All our so called leaders, political and others, and Pti and pmln in particular have made cowardice their official policy.Recommend

  • Jahanzeb Khan

    aitzaz hassan is his name…read the news carefully before you start writing…Recommend

  • Zeta

    We deserve cowards like Imran KhanRecommend

  • bigsaf

    Unfortunately no one is going to step up to the plate and stop the murderous ideology of the militants, whom many politicians want to open an embassy for. They can praise the young martyr all they want, who saved countless of children at his school, but really there have been too many Pakistani children who already have been targeted victims or martyred before and will continue to be so, as nothing will change. Even with the top cop Chaudry Aslam, killed for his duty, it feels like he was a lone ranger, rather than seen as a collective national effort against extremists.Recommend

  • bigsaf

    Another interesting thing is, Hangu has been a flashpoint for all types of sectarian and terrorist violence for years, and the tribes, such as the Bangash who are native in the region, have suffered from foreign, and even from brainwashed local, extremist militants, which our security establishment dismissed earlier as a ‘tribal issue’, knowing full well of the foreign Haqqani presence. But unfortunately, it only received attention recently, and that too in regards to protesting against the Haqqanis being targeted and killed in a drone strike. Not a single acknowledgement of the myriad of terrorist attacks earlier on the residents or about the extremists roaming around.Recommend

  • Hassan Bukhari
  • mak009x

    “I am yet to see a public statement from any party, including the MQM and PPP, which calls for action against the militants”

    Mr Jibran, here is a little refresher for you: http://tribune.com.pk/story/509030/quetta-bombing-imran-khan-condemns-lashkar-e-jahngvi-for-attack-on-hazaras/

    I know criticizing IK for his stance (which he has maintained since 2004) has become a fashion now for our drawing room analysts, but please do some homework before going full throttle.Recommend

  • Tauseef

    A well portrayed. Much needed Column. Thumbs Up JibranRecommend

  • THE

    These were exactly my sentiments in the last few days. I am really impressed by Jibran Nasir after this one…. please keep up the good work and maybe this nation will understand one day who the real enemy is…Recommend

  • Leila Rage

    My sentiments EXACTLY.
    If we remain so emotionally and morally dead and numb like brainless zombies, eventually all the good and sane people of pakistan will have been killed off and there will only be those freaks (terrorists, extremists and their sympathizers) populating this area.
    It is so sad that such courageous people lose their lives to utter filth and no one, literally NOT A SINGLE PERSON bothers to raise their voice against this injustice on a national/governmental/influential levelRecommend

  • Abbas

    sad but very true.Recommend

  • Unknown

    My biggest question is “When does the investigation got completed?”

    RIP Investigation in Pakistan. Only on one unknown phone call, stupid people like the author start believing on that phone call and force other to believe as well. Similarly they write blog that why sensible parties are not believing and ET even publish that rubbish blog as well.

    RIP RIP Investigation. Due to this type of investigation Pakistan is not coming out of his current situationRecommend

  • Motiwala

    Cricketer gone bad. Should have stayed in his game. Would have made a good lineman/ballboy,..perhaps an umpire,..maybe even a third rate coach.Recommend

  • Shail Arora

    Respect!! from across the border for these brave sons of soil.

    It just goes on to show that governments/politicians in the region are no where near the ground reality.Recommend

  • Hadeel

    This is exactly what we need right now.Recommend

  • Kamran

    Yea you are right. We deserve people like you.Recommend

  • Haris Javed

    Now this incident again makes us question the logic of talking to militants when they have reiterated they would always let the bombs and guns do the talking.. .
    the very fact there are so few amongst us who stand up against them et al makes them easily noticed and targeted!! majority of us have tendency to settle for anonymity, and let the wonderfuls of our country put themselves in line of fire; as we appreciate them once they become targets and die.. . yes we don’t deserve people like Mr Ch. Aslam and Aitzaz.Recommend

  • Myra

    I dont think you should have politicised what Aitizaz did. His death shouldn’t have been made into any attempt to denouce PTI or anyones political policies.Recommend

  • Faraz Talat

    Was it really necessary to censor out from my comment, the names of the same political parties called out in this very blog?

    Even the name of the terrorist organisation, which is pretty much news and not my personal opinion!Recommend

  • Anjum Hameed

    Very well said..to me the worst of the lot has turned out to be Imran Khan of PTI, the ultimate hypocrite, deserving of the adage “billi nau sau chooay kha ke Hajj ko chali”..Recommend

  • Malangee

    Few Facts:
    Aitzaz Hasan was attacked by LeJ terrorists, and none other than PTI and Imran Khan are the most vocal against this banned outfit.

    Secondly, in case of Ch Aslam, all parties of Pakistan (MQM, ANP, PPP) have asked fro dialogues in APC, not only the ones to which this writer has referred his sentimental article.

    So, as a PTI supporter I still believe only talks can produce long lasting peace, and any another war will make sure we keep 1000s more of Ch Aslams and Ahsan.

    IK is quite right, talks are the only solution otherwise Pakistan will be another Syria, Libya, Egypt and rest of African war ridden countries.

    Understand the conflict then analyze policies…
    Dont try to promote your wishes as logical conclusions.Recommend

  • Basit S

    Name militants in condemnation? Are you kidding me? Maybe you’re a blind follower of Imran Khan and have fail to use common sense.Recommend

  • Hamza Kamran

    Assalam o Alaikum. Without doubt, this article is really sensational. The use of fancy and strong words in this article really make it look something special. But, believe you me, this article has set the alarms off in my brain. Painful thing is that it is being written and reviewed by the intelligentsia of this country – the cream of this country, the educated lot, and this intelligentsia has adopted so short term an approach that i am unable to differentiate it from those people which are being brainwashed by Talibans for their purposes. This article seems to suggest that the only way out is violence, and if i am not wrong, is it not the mindset of Taliban? This is what gives me shakes. Taliban have not only succeeded in terrorising people, they have also implanted a particular mind set in our nation, the violent one.
    We need to be balanced in our approach. I am neither suggesting only negotiations nor only violence. Both have their pros and cons and neither of these solutions are perfect, but these ARE the solutions and they need to be employed simultaneously. From a secular standpoint, the best example of negotiations, for me, is “Sulah-e-Hudaibiya”, which proved to be absolutely successful. Similarly, i don’t mean to rule out the repressive solutions. Operations against Tamils by Sri Lankan govt. is one example.
    My purpose of this comment is to teach people here to avoid taking everything on face value and having a short term approach. Both, negotiations and repression can succeed – or fail, depending upon the need of time. Since this world is a global village, we need to evaluate everything on a global scale. History has proven that, the violence suggested by the author, has left countries like Iraq and Afghanistan, barren, due to the interference and exploitation by the international giants.
    What we, as a nation, need to do is to pressurise the govt. to bring out the hidden realities, so that people can see and evaluate the possible solutions to their national problems, and then work with their govt. to rectify those problems.Recommend

  • Moiz Rafay

    I used to be somewhat optimistic about him, seeing as he was at least able to get a depressed nation feeling slightly hopeful again, willing to believe in a politician again… but to me, his stance on terrorists has always been unforgivable.

    Even traitorous. Despite whatever merits his supporters claim, that guy seems more and more like a coward every time he refuses to acknowledge the chance for diplomacy is long gone.Recommend

  • Syed Vaqas Salahuddin

    Hear hear. The boy’s sacrifice was of a mettle higher than base politics.Recommend

  • Quantum

    Miss Fasihi- please tell me what results would you expect from negotiating with people who believe orthodox religion is the only correct path in Islam and if you don’t proscribe to their ideology, you are deemed Kuffar and death is mandated on you. You don’t negotiate with terrorist unless they renounce violence and come to negotiating table with that pledge. Peace negotiation and killing don’t go hand in hand. Imran khan is actually delusional after his funny fall from the fork lift that was carrying him to the political fiefdom. MIlitants wants negotiation as tactic to advance their violent agenda. I have been following your comments about various topics, all I can say you need to do some introspection and analysis before you pen your opinion.Recommend

  • Quantum

    Brave approach – people who espouse violent ideology should be severely dealt with. Pakistan can spent some 10% of the GDP to train its arm force in counter insurgency. Then send these trained soldier or full might of your arm force to confront the menace of terrorists how srilankan govt dealt with Tamil Tigers. Please let me know if you require further clarification. You talk peace with people who want peace and want to coexist. I am not going to negotiate with people who want to kill me, because this is their only agenda.Recommend

  • Quantum


    Folks who are advocating peace talks with militants don’t understand what negotiating points are you willing to accept as a party to some quasi peace agreement. Drones don’t create terrorist, virulent strain of Islam is creating terrorist. Please get the correct reason. I want USA or any power to take on this terrorist and expand their drone attacks to urban center of Pakistan not just FATA , from where terrorist operates. If you sympathize with terrorist, then you should be willing to die like them.Recommend

  • Reality Bites

    I pray to Allah, to release our mother land from the clutches of these traitors or give us the courage same like Aitizaz Hassan and Choudary Aslam to do a little for our country…

    May Allah bless their souls in peace… AmeenRecommend

  • anon

    Heard PTI is giving Aitzaz’s family 5 million Rs.Recommend

  • Shahnaseéb

    A very much well written blog. Hats off to you for the facts you gathered and presented them in a very good manner.Recommend

  • Abdul Rafay

    i salute that student and Ch.Aslam who gave their life to show they are true pakistani and have a strong faith in Allah.Recommend

  • Faysal

    Very easy to say these things. What has happened in the last 5-7 years trying to fight?Recommend

  • Muhibullah

    Can the admirers of the late Chaudhry Aslam please explain that, “naslain roain gi” quote regarding his Lyari operation which keeps getting aired without comment. Does that state of mind befit a policeman or a ‘ghunda’?Recommend

  • Aamna Hassan Fasihi

    Pakistan’s current GDP is not more than 4% in past 5 ‘Democratic’ years. If you think you have enough resources to counter these terrorists, given that Dollar costs about Rs. 110, I must say you need to introspect first (and not get sentimentally charged, be practical). As far as peace and co-existence is concerned how can we say their only agenda is to kill when we haven’t even inquired what their agenda is. Making up theories might jeopardize the State even more than ‘negotiating’ would.
    By the way, Sri Lankan govt. got rid of Tamil Tigers after 22 years or so, of War. My father works at Pakistan Steel Mills, and I belong to a typical bourgeois family, I want this menace to end as much as you do but I want it to be done in less ‘costly’ way so that the stupid govt. has enough money to keep Steel Mills alive and my parents don’t have to worry muchRecommend