10 awkward moments we have all been through

Published: February 3, 2014

We've all done and said things we've regretted later but we usually end up laughing about them years from now. DESIGN: ZOYA ZAIDI

We aren’t perfect. We cannot always make witty remarks and indulge in interesting conversations all the time. All of us make the one off faux pas – tell someone they have bad body odour or say things jokingly only to have the other person offended.

Sounds familiar?

This happens all the time.

If it weren’t for it, then you and I would be the only two people living a monotonous life.

Being social animals, we can’t possibly avoid interaction. We will do things that are embarrassing or things that will put us in awkward positions.

There are guidebooks and rules for such social etiquettes. But even if we memorise them by heart, we will not be able to dance to its tunes every day. There are so many of them that it is difficult to be on the right track. And sometimes, it’s just downright impossible.

So here I am, not as an answer to your prayers but to tell you that there is basically no safe exit for such frivolities. Not even a memory eraser to help you get a clean slate… sigh.

So rather than whining and feeling ashamed of things, let’s all understand that awkward is the new regular and we have to survive it. The thing you all need to understand and realise is that we will survive it and will laugh about it in the years to come. For now, lets’ just go down memory lane and recall the awkwardness.

So here’s a list of the 10 most awkward moments we have all been through at least once in our lives.

1) When you try to make someone laugh… and fail miserably

We were standing watching the end of a boring ceremony. It was out of the blue that I decided to share a joke to lighten the moment. I read the joke a few days back and it was still fresh in my mind, at least that’s what I thought. So I began. The joke went on for two minutes until I came to the punch line and then I waited for my friend to laugh at the joke. All she said was

“That’s your joke?”

Source: Blogspot

 2) Waving at a friend who doesn’t see you

It’s alright. It has happened to everyone.

With me it doesn’t end here. People other than my friends wave back at me and then I have to clarify that I wasn’t waving at them. People usually end up giving me a deadly look as if I’ve offended them. Am I offending them though? It’s just a wave, I promise!

Source: Mrwgifs

3) Pulling the push door and pushing the pull door

It’s ok if you’re with your friends and they see you trying to comprehend the door signs. However, it gets really awkward when you keep on pushing the pull door for your teacher or other random people out of courtesy.

Source: Tumblr

4) Send the wrong text to the wrong person

Yup, we’ve all definitely been there. It all starts with when you’re texting your BFF about how rude this shrewd, obnoxious, snob one of your classmates’ is and how you’d like to choke her only to realise that you’ve sent the text to that obnoxious classmate by mistake. Awkward doesn’t even begin to explain it.

Kill Self

Source: Cinemagram

5) Hugging and air-kissing is the new handshake

All of us have old relatives we don’t want to hug or kiss for whatever reasons. But all your attempts are futile when you go for a handshake and they pull you for the hug instead, long ones I might add. I guess there’s a lot of love to go around.

hug (1363) Animated Gif on Giphy

Source: Giphy.com

6) While grocery shopping, you ask the salesperson the price of some product.

Only to realise that he or she is just another customer like you.


Source: Giphy.com

7) When someone watches you write your old email address on your Facebook login page

Pure embarrassment takes over, especially when it’s something like:

–          [email protected]

–          [email protected]

–          u&[email protected]

–          [email protected]

Source: mrwgifs.com

Or when you thought it was cool to spell your name with ‘x’ instead of a ‘z’ or ‘3’ instead of an ‘e’. *face palm*

Source: Tumblr

8) Sleeping in the office during work hours

During my second week of a new job, I decided to get some shut eye for a bit. Just to rest my eyes, I swear.

I must’ve been really tired though, because my boss had to tap my table thrice to wake me up. Luckily, he understood how everyone, including himself I’m sure, has these days and decided not to kick me or fire me.

Source: Mrwgifs

9) When people think you are your mom’s older sister

One day, I decided to accompany my paternal aunt, who looks very young as compared to her age, to one of her friend’s wedding. The friend’s father, during the introduction, thought I was my aunt’s older sister.

Yeah right!

Source: WordPress

I have also been on the giving end of this. One time, I assumed my friend’s mother was her grandmother, by mistake of course, and you can imagine how offended she must’ve been and how bad I must’ve felt.

I didn’t even know how to apologise to my friend and her mother.


Source: Goodreads.com

10)  Riding a qinchi and being stuck in the traffic jam

This doesn’t need explaining at all. For those who don’t know what a qinchi is, it’s a type of a rickshaw attached to a motorcycle, where passengers sometimes sit with their backs towards the driver.

Source: Wifflegif.com

I’m sure most of us have been through half or almost all of the above mentioned never-to-be-remembered-again moments. But I’m sure all of us cracked up while remembering all the things we did and all the awkward moments survived.

I hope your trip down memory lane was as entertaining for you as it was for me.

Sarah Farooq

Sarah Farooq

Pursuing a degree in marketing, she is an avid book reader, food lover and a great listener. She has recently acquired a hobby of stargazing. She tweets as @SarahFVohra (twitter.com/SarahFVohra)

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