26 amazing Pakistanis who have made us proud!

Published: December 31, 2013

Pakistan has some unsung heroes who are appreciated as much as they should be. Photo: Reuters

Pakistan, a land that has become synonymous with ‘versatile’ crime, crude jokes about Talibanisation in the West and a euphemism for all that is dark and grey. There are always two sides to a coin; the first side is seldom the accurate or the complete picture.

There are plenty of problems in this country, yet somehow I always get the impression that the media outlets in Pakistan do tend to overemphasise the negative aspects over the positives. I am sure this statement would fetch many comments that can be classified as nefarious by any linguistic measure. But, please, do try to understand the point of all this.

The point is that the country is in transition- it is a volatile transition wherein we all must play a role to change the social standards and norms of Pakistan. In this blog post, I will go over a list of people of Pakistani descent, from diverse backgrounds, who are working diligently to promote a pro-Pakistan image abroad.

Their efforts combined with individual efforts from all of us would ultimately determine both the pace and the quality of the social change that we all so desire to manifest in Pakistan. I draw my inspiration from these people, I hope you do too.

Source: MIT

 1. Dr Umar Saif

An Associate Professor of Science and Engineering at the Lahore University of Management Science (LUMS). Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has named him one of the top 35 innovators of the world (TR35).  The list is compiled by MIT annually.

Source: Ourfutureworld.org

2. Naila Alam and Yasmeen Durrani

These two Pakistani women have been honoured by the White House for their humanitarian work. The Honour of Hope Award recipients manage a philanthropic venture called ‘Express Care’ which focuses on providing daily essentials, such as food and medicine, to low income individuals. The organisation also helps with employment.

Photo: Reuters

3. Ayesha Farooq

Ayesha is Pakistan’s first ever female war-ready fighter pilot. The 26-year-old fighter, hailing from Bahawalpur, is one of the 19 women who have achieved the ranks of pilots in the Pakistan Air Force over the last decade – there are five other female fighter pilots but they have yet to take the final tests to qualify for combat.

Source: Twitter

4. Faizan Buzdar

Acknowledged by the US President Barack Obama, Buzdar’s startup ‘Convo’ has successfully launched a social network for global organisations. His innovation has led to five million dollars in funding from venture capitalists in the US, including Morgenthaler Ventures which has significant holdings in tech giants such as Apple.

Buzdar is a graduate of Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute (GIKI) of Engineering Sciences and Technology.

Source: Harvard.edu

5. Professor Asim Khawaja

He is the first professor of Pakistani descent that has been hired by the prestigious Harvard University’s John F Kennedy School of Government. His research has received coverage from numerous media outlets including The EconomistNew York TimesWashington PostInternational Herald TribuneAljazeeraCNN and BBC.

Photo: AFP

6. Dr Arjumand Hashmi

Pakistani-born mayor of a town called Paris, in Texas, USA.

What’s his claim to fame?

He has successfully created a community and inculcated a pro-Pakistani image in the Southern state that has been a hotbed of anti-Pakistan sentiments, especially during the tenure of President George W Bush Jr. He is an accomplished cardiologist and continues to run his practice as well.

Photo: AFP

7. Ali Moeen Nawazish

He is most notably famous for setting a record of acing 23 subjects in the Cambridge O-Level examinations. He is also the recipient of Pride of Performance award and his contributions to the field of education are immense. He continues to work tirelessly and has founded an organisation called ‘StepUP Pakistan’, where they aim to train teachers and improve education in the impoverished areas of the country; a noble effort by an equally noble youngster.

He truly deserves a standing ovation.

Photo: FILE

8. Naiza Khan

A visual artist and the recipient of the 2013 Prince Claus award. The Prince Claus award deliberates the honour to those individuals whose efforts have a positive impact in their respective societies. The fact that she is a Pakistani is indeed an honour for all of us.

She has successfully managed to promote a positive image of Pakistan with her work for all in the world to see.

Photo: FILE

9. Karamat Ali

Karamat is the Executive Director of The Pakistan Institute of Labour Education and Research (PILER). He is the recipient of South Asia Peace and Justice Award in India.

Source: Vimeo

10. Saba Gul

She is the Founder and CEO of Popinjay, a social enterprise that empowers marginalised underprivileged girls in Pakistan with education and provides them with employment opportunities by selling their goods (embroidered handbags currently) to a high-end market.

11. Syed Fahad Ali

The Founder of the Aghaz School. This school is a non-political and independent organisation focusing on providing free education to underprivileged children living in the slums of Karachi. This is also a side project of the Pakistan Youth Forum.

Photo: AFP

12. Mehak Gul

Gul started playing chess at the early age of six. She is now 13-year-old and is creating a pro-Pakistan image by being an internationally acclaimed chess player.

Photo: FILE

13. Rafiullah Kakar

At 23 years of age and hailing from Balochistan, the young gentleman is the 2013 Rhodes Scholar for Pakistan. The Rhodes scholarship is awarded to one Pakistani annually to study at Oxford University, UK. Hailing from one of the most volatile regions in the world, securing such a prestigious scholarship is a testament to this gentleman’s dedication and sincerity. Indeed, he will go on to earn massive accolades globally and, in the process, create a better image of Pakistan on a global stage.

I wish him the best of success in all his endeavours.

Photo: FILE

14. Maria Toorpakai Wazir

Maria, born in South Waziristan, is a professional squash player who has won international acclaims for Pakistan. She is currently ranked 54th in the world rank. She is a prolific speaker against extremism in society and has spoken at events such as TedxTeen.


15. Faisal Mirza

A recipient of the ECHO Awards in 2008; the ECHO Awards recognise the contribution of immigrants of ‘non-western’ descent on the basis of their talent in higher education. Mirza received a scholarship for a summer course at the University of California, Los Angeles, where he chose to study English and Public Policy.

Photo: AFP

16. Namira Salim

Salim is the first Pakistani to travel into space. She has officially been recognised as the ‘First Pakistani Astronaut’ by the government of Pakistan in 2006. She is also a peace activist and was conferred with Tamgha-e-Imtiaz in 2011.

Source: CNN

17. Ali Rehan

He is the co-founder and CEO of Eyedeus Labs; a tech start-up by Pakistani students that developed a mobile application so innovative that it was even featured on CNN and other global media.

Source: Calagary.edu

18. Dr Naweed I Syed

Dr Syed is a globally acclaimed scientist of Pakistani origin and head of the Department of Cell Biology and Anatomy at the University of Calgary’s Hotchkiss Brain Institute in Canada. He is the first scientist to ‘connect brain cells to a silicon chip’. This is indeed a great honour for Pakistan.

Connecting brain cells to electronic chips opens up the potential to take artificial intelligence computing to the next stage and Dr Syed plays a leading role in this quest.

Photo: Shafiq Malik

19. Sabia Abbat

Abbat, originally from the Hazara division, is the winner of the National Cycling Championship. She is an emerging talent and her skills have been recognised nationally. She hopes to foster change and represent Pakistan in the South Asian games next year. She is an inspiration to all the young women out there who want to pursue their goals and, in the process, bring about positive change in the society.

Photo: AFP

20. Sarmad Tariq

Tariq has been an inspiration for people with physical disabilities. He is a motivational speaker and a corporate evangelist. He represented Pakistan in the ING New York City Marathon in 2005 and finished with a medal. Sarmad hopes to bring about positive change in the attitude of Pakistanis all over with his life coaching talks on various platforms.

Source: Newsline

21. Rosheen Khan

Khan is Pakistan’s first female master scuba diver and the only Nitrox diving instructor in Pakistan. She aims to introduce positive social changes with her efforts.

Photo: FILE

22. Parveen Saeed

Saeed, the owner of Khana Ghar, started her business to provide hot meals for three rupees to low income individuals. It has become a lifeline for hundreds of poor men and women who are unable to make ends meet.

The motivated people of Pakistan achieved what the government failed to deliver. This is precisely why I keep on insisting that it is crucial to look at Pakistan beyond how the media portrays it. The civil society in Pakistan is working tirelessly to enrich the lives of Pakistanis and improve society. With such people in our midst, the only way Project Pakistan can fail is if we let it.

Hats off to Ms Parveen Saeed for such an honourable venture.

23. Sameen Shahid

Shahid is a recipient of the OFID scholarship of 2009 to study at Harvard University’s John F Kennedy School of Government. The Public Administration degree that she pursues can help redefine the values and customs of governance for the Pakistan of the future.

Photo: FILE

24. Mir Zafar Ali

Ali is an Oscar winner movie visual effects curator. He has given life to characters such as Venom in Spider Man 3 as well as several other Hollywood flicks such as X-MenThe Mummy. He won an Oscar for Best Visual Effects in 2007 for the movie The Golden Compass.

Source: Business Insider

25. Waqas Ali

Ali is an entrepreneur and founder of an online shoe store called Hometown Shoes, where they sell locally manufactured leather shoes and accessories.

Photo: FILE

26. Bilal Masood

Maqsood is a student of Crossing Border Global Studies in Denmark and is also a certified trainer of the School of Leadership (SOL), Karachi. He has represented Pakistan as its youth ambassador on various platforms and is keen to bring about positive social change.

This is not the end of the trail. There are countless other Pakistanis working either as individuals or in teams that are bringing a positive image of Pakistan into the lime light and are laying the framework for positive social chance.

Pakistani civil society continues to unite during events of mass gravity. For example, recall how the civil society formed human chains to protest against the church bombings in Peshawar.

The civil society is abhorred at the gruesome and vile acts of terrorism that have become nomenclature for anything Pakistani globally. The same civil society also manages to come together and unite Pakistanis irrespective of their cultural or religious affiliation. When we label a society as a failure, it is not only the economic variables and the governance infrastructure that must be looked at. We must also inspect the level of empathy that the society, as a whole, shows for their fellow citizens.

Time and again, Pakistanis have proven their mettle by staying united when faced with disasters of mass calamity. The earthquakes and the 2010 Pakistan floods are another reminder of how the nation came together despite all odds.

Social changes such as those that Pakistan needs are never delivered overnight. They are a part of an evolutionary process that has multiple triggers with seemingly divergent paths leading to destination change. These Pakistanis from various shades of life and professions are keen for Pakistan to change for the better.

We must all follow suit.

Why does Pakistan continue to lag behind in most fields?

Why is it there an everlasting wave of terrorism that seems to grow stronger and more vile and viral?

Why is there perpetual lapse between what we say and what we do?

Why is there an utter disregard for ethics and moral in this society?

Why have standards from education to entertainment degraded?

The answers to all these questions are complex. However, steps are being taken in individual capacities by many and their efforts must be acknowledged and acclaimed.

Too often we assume that the rut that we are stuck in is a vicious cycle. This thought is a natural consequence for not being presented the brighter side of the picture. Once we start to appreciate the positives, along with acknowledging the negatives, we should be able to understand that the vicious cycle of misery, poverty, injustice and lawlessness has indeed been broken. It is a slow road to success and we are making a steady move towards destination progress.

The vehement tides of fate may turn around for the better. All Pakistan demands is commitment, dedication and sincere motivation, which people like these and many others like them have exhibited.

This New Year I hope we learn to smile at the positives, ponder over the negatives and learn from those making a difference.

Happy New Year, Pakistan!

Rafay Bin Ali

Rafay Bin Ali

A software developer working with financial clients from Toronto. He is currently doing his MBA from IBA, Karachi, and is planning an entrepreneurial set-up in Pakistan. He tweets as @rafayali (twitter.com/rafayali)

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

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    That is a very good and valid concern that you have raised. The international criteria was used to highlight the fact that there are wonderful Pakistanis working diligently to promote a pro-Pakistan image globally. A global appreciation of Pakistan is the need of the hour and that was one of the “intents” of this blog post.

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    The improvement towards said standards should start with you. Make it an aim to be more pleasant and optimistic this year and look for things to appreciate no matter how small and insignificant.
    With all the things going wrong in this country, this small list is a small inspiring light for the rest of usRecommend

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    Separately, I fail to understand why you hold me accountable for comments of others. I have never ever expressed happiness at terrorism in Pakistan or shown disrespect for other people’s religion. If some Indians and Pakistanis do that, it is on their conscience not mine.

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    and what ever you write, a Pakistani would probably believe you but someone else won’t! the reason people won’t believe you is because of our OWN people. i moved to Canada 2 years ago so i could continue my studies here and theres one thing i realized, the actions and reactions of Pakistani people anywhere in the world are pathetic, i feel ashamed of saying that, stealing, never telling the truth, fighting, extremely vulgar language, even in a place like Canada people fighting over Shia-Sunni issues. WHAT THE HELL? its 2014, look at USA, CANADA, UK, GERMANY, Japan and many more countries, just look at them, look where theyv reached. can you ever even imagine of getting to a point where they are? so advanced, so clean, so honest, NOT racist, so civilized.

    I know 99% of you people are gonna say “dekho ye larka canada ja k kaise pakistan k khilaf ho gaya hey” but the fact of the fucking matter is deep inside your heart you know we haven’t done anything, we still aren’t doing anything but i hope the new generation gets a knock on the head and they realize that its about time we stand up and do something before we lose any respect that probably might exist somewhere or even our country. don’t give me the crap and start asking me what I’m doing for Pakistan, what do you expect me to do I’m just 22, but i still try to be honest, i try to give the white people an impression that were not terrorists and were not that bad but the stereotype is so strong i don’t think anybody believes me.

    i was recently pointed and told to my face that “we Pakistanis are the people who come to these countries and ruin it, we Pakistani are terrorists” that day i realized, that theres a time when you can convince people by telling them a few twisted stories and they actually believe u, but right now Pakistan is at a situation where taking crap all the time won’t work.

    I’m sorry for being so negative, i love Pakistan as i mentioned for my own reasons, and i pray to ALLAH that this new year brings every single person in Pakistan together, it brings peace, love, health, wealth and safety for not only Pakistan but everyone living in that beautiful God gifted country. :)Recommend

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    she’s just another wanna be, who took a chance and did what she did, otherwise she was living here studying and surviving, Americans chose one out of the thousands THEY kill everyday just to try and prove a point that Pakistan is a bad place. MALALA and the people who made her are all idiots.Recommend

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    There are lot of people who made us proud but one of the great Scientist Dr Abdus Salam is missing in this listRecommend

  • Rafay Bin Ali

    Thanks for your comments Nayyar . I agree there are “great sons and daughters of Pakistan” and I pay my sincere thanks to all of them. However, you must also understand that I cannot write about all and every single one of them in 1 blog post :)

    On another note, with reference to Samina Baig’s name, this list is not exhaustive one, as I am sure all readers would know. This is just a small list to show my token of appreciation to these noble men and women of Pakistan. If we were to try to even compile an exhaustive list it would be probably the size of a large encyclopedia :)

    So, if a name is not on the list that does not mean that the name was excluded based on some criteria, or the name is lesser deserving. With specific reference to Ms. Baig, she bravely scaled a peak that has been infamous for its notoriety to expeditioners and she deserves complete recognition of her accomplishment. I agree her name should have been on this list for 2013. I missed her name and I do apologize for this.

    However, please remember that this list is not exhaustive and there are hundreds or even thousands more, and all of them deserve our appreciation and acknowledgement of their work/achievements.

    What this blog post should lead toward is a more organized effort to FORMALLY recognize the contribution of such Pakistanis via some type of national award – sponsored by the government and key stakeholders of the society, media, etc.

    This is a blog, not a formal acknowledgment by of services by the government. As such, I missed some names, some names i did not include, and there would be others whom I have never heard of. And, this is precisely why it is time to start to recognize such individuals on a formal level – government and national so we can continue to keep on insipring and motivating people.

    Hope this answered your question.Recommend

  • Rafay Bin Ali

    I don’t think a blog post by me can do justice to the humanitarian services rendered by Mr. Edhi. He is an asset – a treasure – the worth of which cannot be described by my limited vocabulary. And, hence his name was not on my blog post.

    The magnitude of his services is too immense and the social debt that we all have to Mr. Edhi for the countless number of philanthropic services that he runs and administers can never be satisfied with a paragraph long dedication in a blog post.

    I just wanted to make it count and let it be known unless someone stirs up some controversy related to this.Recommend

  • Talha Rizvi

    The only one who shows compulsive hate are your country men. Once again you have dodged my question. By the way in case you have forgotten you defended Gujarat riots saying that muslims always had the upper hand and it’s about time they got their lesson. By the way tell me again how am I wrong? Online Indian trolls have no right to interfere in our matters.Recommend


    Hats off for projecting positive image of our dear home land.
    Pakistan Zindabad!!!!Recommend

  • KHZ

    I don’t see Malala anywhere;)Recommend

  • sonia mazari

    Missed out Muhammad Adnan Butt, a good friend of mine who started from scratch and is running the only award winning digital agency in Pakistan by facebook, Cannes Lions, Eurobest and winner of Shell live wire global hall of fame. He has been covered by you guys before too. Search Muhammad Adnan butt or walnut media . Nonetheless an amazing list to be really proud of! Love Pakistan!Recommend

  • Zahid Farooq

    Muhammad Abbas, the first Pakistani to reach Winter Olympics in 2010 is another notable absence. His home made wooden skis are on display in British Columbia’s Sports Hall of Fame in Vancouver, Canada.Recommend

  • Noman Safdar

    I thought there would be at least one person who will bring up Munir Ahmed Khan, Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan or Dr. Abdul Salam. It’s sad to say this but I believe our people have forgotten the real Pakistanis who made us proud. No offense to these 26 they are our pride too.Recommend

  • socko

    Rather than announcing that “what come may weare a nation and we will progress irrespective of all bad influences…”
    It would do at least a li’l bit, if not more, good if you can do it rather than announcing your wish….Recommend

  • socko

    Exactly, my pointRecommend

  • socko

    I disagree.. That is exactly how Pakistanis & its media calls malala as “the girl who was shot in Pak”… It is their consistent irrationality of Pakistanis who never miss to dislike anything or anybody good about Pakistan & Pakistanis… They always brag about the wrong stuff… The world sees Malala as the Brave girl who stood against terrorism, and inspired so-so-many chindren & grownups around the world to fight for education for all… I know, you may not understand… Recommend

  • socko

    I disagree… They never turn a deaf ear when an evil Pakistani or any other Muslim says something evil… They hail them and brag about them… I agree to the spirit of your point, though.Recommend

  • socko

    I am pretty sure there mighht even be 2601st person;… If the list stops at 2600, then thats a sad thing…Recommend

  • A

    where is Bilal Lashari name?Recommend


    Their achievements and hard work is making the nation proud. There is no doubt that Pakistan full of talented people.

    Ali KhanRecommend

  • N. Shekhani

    We should not forget Rayid Ghani, who helped Obama’s second win and he is expert in artificial intelligence. Rayid made the program to target voters, who will likely b=]vote Obama and Obama team went after them. Rayid Now, serves as faculty at University of Chicago, Illinois.Recommend

  • R Judd

    You missed Moiz Baig who won the World Youth Scrabble Championship in Dubai in 2013.Recommend

  • Farhan Maqbool

    Excellent article. Most of them r unsung heroes.
    One suggestion is to include M. Asif (Snooker Champion) who made us proud with his natural talent.Recommend

  • Muhammad

    Haha this Umar Saif guy was kicked out of MIT for lying on his resume and misrepresentation. The only thing he knows to do well is suck up. If he is your No 1 pick then it says something about the nation as a whole.Recommend

  • Gp65

    I answered your question very directly. If you think I dodged, it clearly you have comprehension problems. I challenge you to find a single post where I defended the Gujarat riots. You cannot find any because I have never done so. All I have said that Modi is not responsible for the riots. My basis for saying so is that he brought riots were brought under control in 3 If days flat and he has managed to keep Gujarat riots free for 11 years since then. He also was nt responsible for starting the riots since the riots were triggered by 58 Hindu pilgrims being burnt alive.Recommend

  • juni

    Feeling PROUD <3 lub you Pakistan <3Recommend

  • Saqib Javaid Toronto Canada

    Rafay Bin Ali, THANK YOU. Great Job, Please keep the good work up.Recommend

  • Behlim

    I am from Kuwait, and here we have lot of talented Pakistani’s who have established a lot in Kuwait, the only thing that we are lacking is hard work back at home. We could have a long listing of amazing Pakistani’s – Anything is Possible, it’s not going to come to us, we have to work to get it, it might be a rough road for us Pakistani’s but it’s worth it at the end.Recommend