Bilawal Bhutto Zardari: The new hope for Pakistan’s future

Published: December 29, 2013

Bilawal has a clear cut stance against the Taliban. We need that kind of firm decision-making power from our leaders. PHOTO: REUTERS

Bilawal has a clear cut stance against the Taliban. We need that kind of firm decision-making power from our leaders. PHOTO: REUTERS Bilawal has a clear cut stance against the Taliban. We need that kind of firm decision-making power from our leaders. PHOTO: REUTERS

During his recent speech, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari stunned everyone. His style and tone of addressing the masses at Garhi Khuda Bux turned the tide and changed the way many political experts used to think about him – such a performance from him was unexpected and refreshing for everyone.

He was consistent with his words and fluent in Urdu, which has been his weak point in the past. He was emotionally riled up and involved the audience. His speech was even witty, especially when he discussed the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s (PML-N) stance on extremism and their passive approach to the issue.

Along with other political issues, he even addressed the issue of the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and he listed the conditions that he planned to raise if a deal were to be made with them. He is probably the first leader to design a comprehensive set of conditions for the government to present before the TTP. I personally think that the government should consult the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) while dealing with the Taliban since Bilawal has a number of clear-cut ideas to deal with them, as seen in his speech.

Asif Ali Zardari also managed to charm the people. He discussed national issues and shared his views about the current government. He also expressed his opinion about Pervez Musharraf’s treason case and supported PML-N’s stance.

Both father and son were clear and in agreement that the current government must complete its tenure successfully in the spirit of democracy. This idea clearly separated the PPP from the likes of Dr Tahirul Qadri and other political elements which are against the very idea of democracy.

The neutral, progressive stance which the PPP has taken so far, in my opinion, is a mature one. And the credit for this goes to our former president and PPP co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari. His opponents might have a lot to say against him but he is a strong man. After all, he spent years as a political prisoner and completed his tenure despite its turbulent history.

He fought with terrorists and maintained his party’s stance against them. He even collaborated with the Army in difficult situations and explored different foreign relations avenues. He also stood against the US and the NATO supply blockade. The big achievements of his government include handing over the Gwadar port project to China and signing the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline deal, which are both going to be of great benefit to our economy.

These types of things have rarely been seen in any democratic tenure in Pakistan’s history. I have highlighted these achievements because I feel that the media does not give them their due attention.

Yes, the PPP has made many poor decisions, which includes bad governance, but that does not mean that we turn a blind eye to all the good that they have done.

I see Bilawal becoming an able and strong prime minister in the future, while Aseefa will probably hold an important position at a ministry – whereas Asif Ali Zardari will once again sit in the presidency. So, for me, the future of the PPP is bright, especially keeping in mind the new blood which is pumping through this historic institution’s views.

I am sure that many people will not agree with me and will criticise this piece but these things mentioned are the ground realities of our political arena and being a neutral observer, these are my predictions for the PPP in the upcoming years.

Times are changing and so is Pakistani politics. We need to understand, appreciate and accept the new, young and agile candidates who have entered this field to bring in prosperity and progress for the country.

Akif Abbas

Akif Abbas

An ACCA Member and CFA Level-3 Candidate. He has a BSc (Hons.) degree in applied accounting from Oxford Brookes University and has done his masters in economics. Currently, he is pursuing an MBA from IBA and he is also working for a leading oil refinery.

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  • PatrioticSoul

    So if he speaks well, he is the future of Pakistan? i also speak good urdu and can probably taunt better. it doesnt make me a leader. Let him first open the road blocks on public roads outside his house. grow up man… And no I’m not a PTI supporter.Recommend

  • Queen

    “I see Bilawal becoming an able and strong prime minister in the future, while Aseefa will probably hold an important position at a ministry
    – whereas Asif Ali Zardari will once again sit in the presidency. So,
    for me, the future of the PPP is bright, especially keeping in mind the
    new blood which is pumping through this historic institution’s views.”

    I am sorry but no matter how hard they try, the educated youth of Pakistan does not want another dynasty to rule them like kings for next 50 years. Democracy does not mean that giving important positions to people in your family. I for one, do not want to see my country to be led by someone who has spent his entire life abroad.Recommend

  • MrRollsRoyce

    I have my reservations about the corruption that the Zardari family has been involved in, but now I am firmly in support of youg Bilawal. In speaking out against the murderous thugs he has proven to have nerves of steel, unlike the taliban apologist Imran Khan who is nothing but a lily livered coward, and to a lesser extent, Nawaz Sharif, the perennially confused.Recommend

  • Rayan

    For God’s sake don’t support these blood suckers…..Recommend

  • Farhan Khan

    Love you for this blog. There are few people who will support your views and I am among them.Recommend

  • Parvez

    If Bilawal becoms the PM and his father becoms the President its not because the people want it…….it will be because the SYSTEM is rigged in their favour.
    If the system were transparent and fair and the people’s voice heard as should happen in a democracy……..the PPP would most likely get kicked out of even Sindh.Recommend

  • Sam

    New hope for Pakistan? More like curse.Recommend

  • JB

    Sorry to say this Mr.Akif, but were you even in the country during the last 5 years? If people in charge of governance are responsible for bad governance, do you actually think that it is an achievement???? Just because Bilawal gave a ‘speech’ (which many of our former and current PMs are known for), does that mean the future is bright? Really? I am sorry to say that someone who spends 90% of his time abroad and who has no clue what the common man go through the idiotic rules of PPP and PMLN and whose assets are based abroad is not someone who can lead this country.Recommend

  • bilal


  • F-8

    We don’t need Bilawal or any of your children in the name of Bhutto , and this goes to Nawaz Sharif and his whole family as well . We want to make a leader from among us , by ourselves . We don’t need you enforced leaders on us we are sick and tired and disgusted to the gut , each of your candidate is more corrupt and rotting than the organs of sacrificial animals found on the roads after Eid-ul-Azha . If you have any self respect or dignity please leave this country take all your money and don’t show your face/faces again . We can survive without you and your guidance and motivation and offspring’s are needed in your own business and not in the state affairs of Pakistan.

    Concerned citizen of Pakistan.Recommend

  • Aulto

    I am sorry to say but starting two projects and that too towards the end of their five year term because they knew they wont have to face the consequences. Mr Akif please visit institutions like PSM, PIA and many others to see for yourself the amount of years the country has been pushed back by the PPP lead government and frankly speaking the only province I do not see any improvement is the Sindh province. The road that I use daily to go for work has gone from bad to worse over the last five years with no chances of improvementRecommend

  • TJ

    Indeed a dynasty rule just cannot be termed as democratic in any sense of the wayRecommend

  • Aulto

    Most importantly I have a question for you Mr Akif. If you find Dr Tahir ul Qadri and the rest talking against democracy, how would you term a daughter succeeding her father and then the son of the same daughter succeeding her? I may not be an intellectual but that seems more of monarchy to meRecommend

  • Haris

    Where was He when people of Quetta were sitting with deadbodies in extreme cold temprature for couple of nights?? do you remeber?? i can give you similar thousands of example. it is only one which i guess enough for you.
    Ohh Really Thanks PPP. The guardian of the “democracy”, you’ have done an excellent job of making the people of Pakistan hungry and shelter-less and emptying the national exchequer in addition to burdening the country with unprecedented debt. For God Sake be sensible. use your common sense. you are really that educated?? you want a person to put on our head who dosent know how it feels when you have Degree and no Job… when inflation is on its peak and you can`t afford even a single time roti… and where to get public transport?? strange Man. apki soch ko salam hai, the problem is that our majority is illetrate and they choose a duffer who then put on illetrate people.Recommend

  • Haris

    literate people*Recommend

  • Ek Pakistani

    you know how much they earned with these two projects.. PPP has never done anything for the sake of Pakistani people they always prefer to do things for their own profit.. btw what about the Rental power projects case and Hajj corruption. and how about the Swiss account case..Recommend

  • ABK

    Graduate from Oxford Brookes. Hmmm, Now I understand why the standard of this blog is so lowRecommend

  • Brookside

    He is not Bhutto , he is Zardari . The real Bhutto is Fatima Bhutto , the very real modern and intellectual face of Pakistan .Recommend

  • Ron Jeremy

    You clearly have a long way to grow up.
    Just can’t believe such a juvenile blog could be placed online.
    Right upto the end, I honestly though this piece would be a satire.Recommend

  • Manish

    It would be very difficult to foretell Jr. Bhutto’s political future, but it would be better if Pakistanis take a lot of time before pinning their hopes on this scion.

    His counterpart in India, Rahul Gandhi, some five years ago was the HOT item, but what these last five years have shown is that he is totally incapable in handling things head-on. His conspicuous silence on critical issues of the day, and shallow leadership stand exposed today, and he has very feeble chances of leading India in next elections.
    Although i, personally, would wish that this entire politics of dynstical tyranny vanish as soon as possible from the sub-continent.Recommend

  • syed

    freedom of thought allows you to criticize views you disagree with..But… these sort of personal attacks express the low standard personality of individual involved in it.Recommend

  • Junaid Ali

    I am commenting here because you wrote this article just for that!!…….higher rating!!Recommend

  • Anwaar

    lol…this was the funniest article ive ever read …… owww my stomach hurts!!!…….Recommend

  • IA

    Simple response to the title of this piece…no, no, no!Recommend

  • Ali Hassaan

    Handing over the port to the chinese and signing of Iran Pakistan gas pipeline are some of his achievements… This is one Lol article of 2013… and when did he fight the extremist/ terrorist Taliban. For the past 5 years he has been commuting between London and Dubai making his speeches via Skype… My advise for the writer is simple.. Research well before you write something.. People who read online newspaper aren’t dumb…Recommend

  • concerned pakistani

    So if Bilawal becomes PM then Pakistan ka Allah hee hafiz hey? I think you have no idea what you are talking about. Just look back, Karachi has become hell only during the tenure of mr 10%. Now law and order is a big issue in Karachi. Look, how badly country was run. Tell me any single project which has been successful during tenure of Mr 10%. If you look at country from eyes and ears of overseas Pakistanis then the country is in simple state of anarchy and total mess. Now you talk about these guys coming to power again? I am not pro to any political party, but I am talking about the way I see previous administration. Tobah hey…I am sorry to say, but you are way off to predict future of any political party.Recommend

  • Reaper

    I am sorry, I cant take anyone seriously who believes PPP and Bilawal Zardari is fit to lead our countryRecommend

  • maaf kerna

    Just wana say that we have created our own khudaas, according to our interest. We need to demolished them. For God’s sake think outside of the box. This is Slavery
    Nafseeyati ghulaam
    Zheni ghulaamRecommend


    future of pakistan??? are u kidding me? bigray baap ki bigri olaadRecommend

  • Lahori

    This colonized mentality of yours make me sadRecommend

  • Umair

    Who let these immature people write blogs on places like Express Tribune? Author is so naive that he doesn’t know how this new generation will block the way of these blood suckers who have crippled the country since it’s independence. All these tried and tested parties will be completely vanished in a decade or two. These parties are underestimating the power of this new generation. And no I’m not affiliated with any party. I’m just a common educated citizen of Pakistan.Recommend

  • munis saraiki

    definitely bilawal is our last hope.. bilawal is my hope agaisnt the buthers TTP.. bilawal is my hope for da rights of baloch people.. bilawal is da last hope of saraiki nation.. jeay bhottu..Recommend

  • gp65

    Generally agree with your views. Fail to understand them here however. If it is the rigged system which brought them to power In Sindhi, why did the same system lead to their complete electoral rout in rest of Pakistan? Who in your opinion would have won in Sindh if the system had not been rigged?

    Now if you say they do not deserve to win – that is a whole different statement.Recommend

  • Ali

    Without reading the article, i sincerely hope it was a sarcastic article. He is our next hope because of his adopted fake surname? or is he a hope because of a written speech delivered knowingly/unknowingly? On that note, i have heard that we will soon have another GREAT leader, Bilawal Bhutto will soon get married and his son is also likely to be a GREAT leader, wow our future is secured now.
    For God’s sake, have some mercy on our nation.Recommend

  • Sabeen Khan

    What a blatant and ignorant piece of writing!
    Here’s an advice for you: “Don’t follow the attributes, but the actions!”
    Please get out of your comfort one of observation and please, if you could do us a favor, do turn a blind eye towards all the so good that they have done or intend to do! This would be a huge favor!Recommend

  • Sabeen Khan

    Same here. This guy has surely gone nuts!Recommend

  • Zohair

    What a funny topic…Recommend

  • tajjee

    No one will ask, why dint they implemented ‘The Mature’ strategy when TTP ws ruthlessly killing Pakistanis especially SHIAS.. I bet he dint even know what he was uttering… He is an actor, Mini AMresh Poori to thunder :DRecommend

  • sars

    Why is he more capable or honnest or a better leader than people who live here and face the problems first hand and have a hand in their solutions. His mother was a hands on worker , i will give her that much credit. This guy would be robbed blind if he were to walk on a karachi street w/o security.
    Please get out opf you monarchist mentality. ET why did you let this sycophantic rubbish through?Recommend

  • FY

    So if its a blog, anyone can blatantly put up an advertisement here?

    Even “IF” PPP was a party that had a speck of decency and regard for the common man, how can you, in this day and age, claim a boy as your leader, only because he blessed you by being born.Recommend

  • Zishan

    Can any one please make a case for Bilawal’s qualification to become PPPP’s chairperson? Who thinks he has earned this? … and how could you accept his selection as chairperson my respected all PPP veteran political activists?Recommend

  • Bimini

    ACCA, CFA, IBA and still so naive.
    You cannot gloss over the corruption and misgovernance that his family and party have done /are doing.
    Speaking well makes one a good orator, that’s all. Having some nice things to say in terms of reason how to tackle issues? Well I’m sure you can come up with some ideas as well.
    It is pathetic that you, the educated youth with financial acumen, are still bowled over by meaningless political speeches and nonsense concepts like political shahadat.
    The majority of this country is still uneducated, without basic amenities and the situation is getting worse, not better.
    If you represent the future of this country as a better model citizen, the future is even bleaker than I thought.Recommend

  • Anwaar


  • Parvez

    Let me try clarify:
    They certainly did not deserve to win and yet they did…….that is why I claim the system is rigged or a better word, is faulty.
    It is the system that needs correcting but those who can correct it will not because they are the beneficiaries for this system.
    Untill this is not fixed the samr rotten lot will keep popping up every time a ‘ so called democratic’ election takes place.Recommend

  • Lolly Polly

    Tell us which University from which you have been Graduated :)Recommend

  • Afroz

    disciple of a feudalRecommend

  • Afroz

    Hit the nail on the skull with no massRecommend

  • Salman

    Can someone please double check this writer’s credentials? I am having a hard time believing someone so educated could have such a naive mindset.Recommend

  • Azeem Aslam

    A “Series of Lies” and fake BhuttoRecommend

  • Asif Ali Zardari

    Narinder Modi as Indian PM can cause less harm to Pakistan then Bilawal as PMRecommend

  • Omair Shahid

    please spare us Akif bhai we don’t want another 5 years of a party who has destroyed pakistan from top to bottom PPP has done nothing good for pakistan in the last 5 years and we can never forget this now things have changed and people realize that and PPP have got the treatment in the elections. a party which has done nothing for sindh and still isn’t doing any thing they still have a chance to prove themselves in sindh but i know for sure that they will do nothingRecommend

  • Karid

    this is a shia loyalty article thus delusional, biased and stupidRecommend

  • Arzoo

    This article would have made my blood boil not too long ago. Not anymore. Seeing 51 out of 52 comments lashing out at the illogic of the article, and noticing the commenters’ penchant for freedom and independence from the wadera mentality, I feel elated. It seems Pakistan’s future is bright, no matter how bleak the current situation is, as long as the youth of the country can think independently and freely. Their comments are reflective of that.Recommend

  • ASIF


  • Hasan

    hahahahaha….good comedic articleRecommend

  • Akif Abbas

    Aulto, basically this is a big debate. In the sub continent the democracies run by legacies cum-political-parties. This you see in the Bangladesh, Srilanka and India etc.. Take the example of India, the congress is a legacy led party while, BJP is not following that legacy you are opposing and then see who is the brighter party and if you choose between those whom you choose. So, sometime these legacy led parties give good results. There are many other points and this is a complex discussion.Recommend

  • Akif Abbas

    Basically since we took democracy after long struggle and this is the rule of our country. Then we have to choose between these two parties. I am supporting any party and I was also in Pakistan in previous government. Yes, this is the worst governance and I make a point in my article. But this does not mean that we neglect what they achieve. And We must have to be brave to write facts and accept this.Recommend

  • Akif Abbas

    I does not present my opinion, Its a factual history and nobody even in the forum deny this. Yes, I know much about their bad financial management but what I see that we the educated youth over criticised them while, the rural people remember them as I meet many in recent days. This encourage me to write this piece and I will say it loudly that I am courageous to write these pieces and you people should show courage to accept their achievements. Its upto any body that whom they vote. We must have to make our society civilised and accept the democratic stake holders.Recommend

  • Akif Abbas

    You don’t want but they still hold a large majority support in sindh. Just visit the rural areas, there PPP has a strong support. The constituency of PPP is rural areas and they are still able to hold strong grip in these areas.Recommend

  • Ahmad

    No words for you. Just SALAM thokta hn apko, apki esi soch pr…!!Recommend

  • Saira Nasir Dogar

    very well saidPatrioticSoulRecommend

  • Wahaj Murtaza

    An attempt to make rs.1000Recommend

  • extinct

    Dude YOU do not have any credentials to say anything remotely about who should or should not be the next leader of Pakistan… let alone this playboy… I do not know how or why people like yourself and that Paracha chap are given the pulpit to spew non-sense… you need two slaps and a cup of very VERY strong coffee to wake you up from whatever is impairing your senses.. God have mercy on this nation…Recommend

  • zed

    You sir have a right to your opinion just because he made one speech this guy is our hope ….are you kidding me? He has had a privilidged life in england and resides in a property which has encroached upon a public road built with the tax payers money …….i guess even studying abroad doesnt give people any common sense….Recommend

  • Merchant

    Zardari is actually the “biggest billa” having milked entire Pakistan’s wealth and depositing in the Swiss banks for himself. He is making “BILLAWAL” into another billa like himself in order to perpetuate dynasty of political thieves. Surely Big Billa (Zardari) and the “Little Billawal” jointly lead the Pakistan Political Pirates (PPP). Recommend

  • Omair Shahid

    akif bhai it’s there choice but a lot of people know they have done nothing for sindh i may have a lot of differences with PML-n but they have done alot of development in punjab what has PPP in the last 6 years of government has done in sindh nothing if you think Bilawal
    is the new hope than he has to prove himself and his party a lot but i know that will not happenRecommend

  • Crazy Canuck

    “Yes, the PPP has made many poor decisions, which includes bad governance, but that does not mean that we turn a blind eye to all the good that they have done.” Wow! Way to undermine the #1 priority. I’m sure the PPP should – if they already haven’t – hire you as their chief spin doctor.Recommend

  • Syed Owais Mukhtar

    “I see Bilawal becoming an able and strong prime minister in the future,
    while Aseefa will probably hold an important position at a ministry
    – whereas Asif Ali Zardari will once again sit in the presidency.”

    Wait wait, let me add, Hamza Shahbaz will be CM, Nawaz Shareef will be PM, Hamza Shahbaz will be some important position. Maryam Nawaz will be holding another.


  • Syed Owais Mukhtar

    If education matters, then Pervez Hoodbhuay might be a sensible one.Recommend

  • zed

    you blowing your own horn? really…i mean really? your courageous for writing a pointless article … ppp holds sway in rural sindh? …amm maybe because they get votes from people working in their fields and have no choice to vote for them? ……ppp lost from everywhere except sindh.. i wonder why is that…what achievement they did to warrant that.

    i am not very intelligent but even i feel stupider now just by reading your piece and your justifications.Recommend

  • Grizzly-MaGnum

    Dear writer its not what a person speaks, its what he does that counts. Lets see the change coming in Garhi Khuda Bux let alone Pakistan.Recommend

  • sajid

    The concept of why people vote for people elect a system that oppresses them can be easily explained no by me but by in this case malcolm x

    Our politicions know that in order to benefit they have to support a party that will win even if its ultimatley bad for them they will fight for thier master to gain what little benefit they can from the master

    our politicions are basically house negroes happy to be slaves as they are in a better position then the average field negroRecommend

  • sajid

    What you mean is that this is not democracy just cos it happens in the subcontinent does not make it right
    it is not democracy
    dont try to excuse the inexcusable
    it s wrong
    plain wrongRecommend

  • Parvez

    Agree…..and that is the sad part that the people get to choose from amongst the rotten, very rotten and disgustingly rotten.
    Worse is that this choice is termed as ‘ democracy ‘ while in fact it is a SHAM democracy.Recommend

  • Mira Haqqani

    I beg to differ with almost every word in this article. Bilawal Zardari was not at all impressive in what he said and his words were merely a reprise of the list of promises that the PPP makes to its people every time and then fails to keep. No one who actually believes that “Democracy is the Best Revenge” would actually support a party such as the PPP which is running a pathetically unsustainable democratic deficit within itself as can be seen by the fact that not a single leadership position in the party is based on merit or is decided via elections. The only reason Bilawal is making these rote learned speeches is because he is someone’s son, not because he has done anything to prove that he is actually worthy of being the leader of the PPP. His mother and grandfather proved to be the leaders they died, he hasn’t. So in conclusion, why in the world should any sane and educated Pakistani have to accept him as the future? This is the 21st century and if the current PPP is as committed to progressive politics as it claims to be, maybe it needs to start working on its own internal structures and rid itself of old fashioned and unacceptable methods of dealing with things before it makes a greater mess of Pakistan trying to make it more ‘progressive’.Recommend

  • Akif Abbas

    Well! Its your opinion and everybody is allowed to present his/her argument. But I am realistic man and am not idealistic. Where literacy rate is only 61% and you can not guarantee that its real So, In those countries you have to face these leaders in the future too. Where your country was run under president who was not able to speak and he dismissed two governments without resistance, where, Our fathers vote against Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah, where, Abdul Qadir Khan party fails to win any seat. Where, Edhi shb like man said that there is no hope for good politics in the Pakistan. Thats why in his entire he does not accept any government position, even though offered many times. Then, In those countries you hope from these people. And it is just hope that may be he will change the way our country is running. And at last, the blog belongs to PPP day. So, on a positive gesture, I write to hope that may be at some time PPP will change and clear its direction. Ideally everybody hopes that there should be a new leadership in Pakistan from Middle class youth but It is possible considering the situation in your country????Recommend

  • x

    Why do you think education and development is so low on the list of every government. Even PML-N creates flashy roads and developmental projects but improving the quality of education and empowering the people would lead to them having more options. Not to sound patronising towards the public educated or uneducated people but they are stuck in the ‘Bhutto family is our mai baap/ mentality which they are deliberately kept in by these parties to win their votes and shackle them. handouts are given instead of educating and empowering these people. The upwardly mobile, young, educated lot voted for a new party. This speaks volumes about the thinking, actions and ways of the people of Pakistan.Recommend

  • x

    Congress has not given good results. Rahul Gandhi is another foreign educated, gora, clueless scion of a dynastic party. Modi has done muchh more for development. The fact that even Muslims in india are inclined towards Modi is in itself telling.Recommend

  • zulqarnain

    i feely pity on those whose vote is stil with these curupt people . there is no system in pakistan , for student like us , we have technical strong education with experience but hardly find a suitable job but these burger babies dont need to be worry and are having fun on evry min of life ….. SYSTEM MUST BE CHANGESRecommend

  • gp65

    It was not my intent to praise PPP or Bilawal. I simply did not think that PPP won due to the rigged elections- that is all.

    Apart from the points you stated, I feel that what would help bring up non-dynastic options is if local governments flourished. After all they are the nursery of politics.

    One more thing is political accountability- the fact that governance issues led to them losing power (PPP nationally and ANP in KP) will lead them to overnight better next time around. the fact that this was the very first time that a transfer of power took place after a term was completed is one of he reasons that these lessons have not been embedded. In India I would say that it is only in the last 20-25 years that we have had a far more widespread representation – a full 40 years of uninterrupted democracy brought us to that level of political maturity. So do nt lose heart and have patience.Recommend

  • gp65

    Not the choices will improve once democracy survives uninterruptedly for a while. Though India too has a long way to go, we certainly have many state chief ministers who govern very well. Even some of those who turned out not to overn that well have risen from very humble backgrounds. Also national politics is well represented with people from diverse fields be it career politicians, journalists, bureaucrats, sports persons, filmstars, businessmen and so on. Owever it took 40 years of uninterrupted democracy before the choices improved for Indians, so have patience and do not lose hope.


  • gp65

    Well saidRecommend

  • Saira

    First thing that came to my mind after reading title was “ALLAH na karay”Recommend

  • Mira Haqqani

    With all due respect to your opinion which you are more then welcome to express, I would like to suggest that what you are categorizing as simply a black and white case of realism vs. idealism is actually much more complex than you think it is. Pakistan is not a stupid country, regardless of its literacy rate. People are becoming more aware and are increasingly able to realize the extent to which they are being used for political reasons. Pakistan is a rising country even though many would think otherwise. You don’t have to look further than the vast amounts of investment that is being poured in the country – As an economist yourself, I hope you realize that this is a positive sign for the country and that simply suggesting that Pakistan’s situation is one in which no progress can occur is extremely naive. On a more directly related note to your article, your words seem to endorse an extremely undemocratic and archaic form of politics. In an age such as the one we live in now, it is unacceptable for such a mindset to exist because of the consequences of such thinking. It is because of such ideas that Pakistan seems to still be stuck in the 1950s. Unlike you, there are many individuals in Pakistan who are working to improve its situation, rather than just criticising it because they believe it cannot be changed. I would suggest you tried doing the same, and if you cannot, perhaps the least you can do is at least not turn a blind eye to those trying and succeeding.Recommend