Dhoom 3: Drama, action and Aamir Khan awesomeness

Published: December 27, 2013

Be warned that Dhoom 3 has nothing intellectual to offer. But then that is not the point of an action-flick is there? PHOTO: FILE

Dhoom 3 was possibly the most awaited Bollywood film of 2013, and boy did it finally release with a dhoom (bang) all over the world.

The film managed to do exceptional business in Pakistan, India, Dubai and the US and I personally think that the Dhoom series is at par with any Hollywood action movie, perhaps, even the Fast and the Furious series.

Aamir Khan and Katrina Kaif display the merchandise for Dhoom 3. Photo: IANS

First things first – contrary to the gossip, Dhoom 3 is not a copy of Now You See Me, at all. Yes, the storyline revolves around multiple bank heists and yes, Aamir Khan does run a circus but Dhoom 3 is a revenge saga in a nutshell.

Warning: some spoilers ahead

Iqbal Haroon Khan (Jackie Shroff) runs the Great Indian Circus with his twin sons Sahir and Samar (spoiler alert: double role by Aamir Khan). Iqbal took a loan from the Western Bank of Chicago for his circus but he was unable to repay it and was forced to default. As a result the owner of the bank, Anderson (Andrew Bicknell), froze his assets and asked him to close the circus down immediately. The distressed Iqbal committed suicide, leaving both his sons orphaned.

Here began the tale of revenge where the boys vowed to take every penny from the bank and put Anderson on the street.

The cat-and-mouse chase between the Chicago police and the brothers is initiated. When the Chicago police failed to catch the duo, ACP Jai Dixit (Abhishek Bachchan) and his partner Ali (Uday Chopra) were called in from India to decode the messages in Hindi that Sahir left behind after every theft.

Just like Dhoom 1 and Dhoom 2, this one was also a villain-dependent movie.

However, the story revolved largely around Aamir Khan and it would not be wrong to state that Dhoom 3 was entirely an AK enterprise. He took Dhoom 3 to a whole new level, especially in his portrayal of two very different characters – both crucial to the story, as Sahir was the ‘face of the crime’ while Samar was depicted as the slower, sweeter, more amiable brother.

It is this two-some act that helped them achieve their plans.

Aamir Khan attended dance lessons in Australia for Dhoom 3. Photo: File

Aamir Khan has done justice to both his roles and he changed his expressions in the blink of an eye. He has expertly shown the serious, focused and cunning Sahir and acted as the lovable, cute and very emotional Samar as flawlessly as possible.

While many have criticised the choice of Aamir Khan for the lead, saying that his small stature and softer facial features cannot be compared to the likes of John Abraham and Hrithik Roshan, this is exactly why he has been able to do justice to both his roles.

Abhishek was, as usual, a serious cop in his role of ACP Jai Dixit. He looked dashing in every scene and enjoyed a strong screen presence. However, there was not much for Uday in this movie and he seemed to have taken a back-seat. Katrina made an appearance in a few songs and fewer scenes.

I seriously do not understand why Katrina signed a movie where she could not showcase her acting skills. After all, she is a good performer and has been able to carry some good movies on her shoulders.

Nevertheless, as always, she gave outstanding performances in the songs Kamli and Malang.

Although Jackie Shroff had a very short role, his acting was spectacular and Andrew Bicknell also acted well as the ruthless banker.

The movie had a good soundtrack. The title track, Dhoom, along with Kamli and Malang are all numbers that I enjoyed.

My one concern about the film was that I thought there was too much of Aamir Khan.

Yes, the plot centred on the brothers (and more so, around Sahir) but unlike the prequels, there just did not seem to be enough for all the characters in this film. There were hardly any dialogues for Katrina, Abhishek and Uday and I would say the same for screen presence.

I guess what did make up for this were the action sequences and stunts in the film.

There is no doubt that the producer, Aditya Chopra, has set a new benchmark for the action sequences and from the response of audiences, it was quite obvious that they loved the action more than the ‘acting’.

Every stunt was thrilling enough to move the audience to the edge of their seats and it was the minute detailing that made it even more enjoyable. Not to mention the directorial skills of Vijay Krishna Acharya, who did a superb job with his directorial debut.

Be warned that the story has nothing intellectual to offer, for sure. But then that is really not the point of an action-flic, is it?

So, if you are looking for larger-than-life action scenes and you are a fan of the Rohit Shetty kind of cinema – the Golmaal series, Bol Bachchan and Chennai Express – then you will definitely enjoy Dhoom 3.

Otherwise, this is just another action film with a good actor in it.

I would rate it 3/5 on content and performances.

Shafiq Ul Hasan

Shafiq Ul Hasan

The author is an avid movie lover and reviews films and dramas regularly. He is a professional digital inbound marketer. He has worked with a silicon valley-based social network as a content analyst. He blogs at www.shafiqsiddiqui.com and tweets as @shafiqulhasan81 (twitter.com/shafiqulhasan81)

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  • muzaffaralisyed

    Everyone I know, who saw Dhoom 3 said it was a complete waste of money :sRecommend

  • Paki boi

    Dhoom 3 or other Dhoom movies are not at all at par with Fast n the Furios, leave aside other hollywood movies. Reviews should be written by people who can analyse the goods and bads and not by fans. This review seems like it’s been written by a Amir Khan fan. The movie was a disappointment in its truest forms and not even at par with the previous Dhoom movies. What a disappointment that such a review is published here.Recommend

  • :(

    I’m an Indian and I m a big fan of Amir Khan…
    I urge everyone not to watch that overrated crap………In fact being an Amir khan fan makes me even more frustrated seeing the movieRecommend

  • Ibrahim

    Totally agree.One of the best critics .Dhoom 3 is not a great or class movie but an entertaining one with an awesome performance by Aamir Khan.Recommend

  • x

    Katrina is a good actor?lol. A pretty face and a hot body do not make you a good actor. Kareena, despite the flab, or deepika would have been better alternatives as both are brilliant actors and performers with loads more screen presence than katrina- just a pretty face- will ever have.Recommend

  • Ahmed Hussain

    I mean how do u compare this stupid good for nothing movie to a Hollywood action movie? I mean like seriously? The only thing that could make u survive through the movie is Amir Khan, apart from that the previous versions were way way more better than this one. It was, Indeed a total waste of money!Recommend

  • Shafiq Ul Hasan

    Looks like you havent read the verdict or might have not understood it – It is clearly mentioned
    “Otherwise, this is just another action film with a good actor in it.
    I would rate it 3/5 on content and performances.”

    Is it written anywhere that the movie is a “MUST WATCH”?Recommend

  • Shafiq Ul Hasan

    Thanks for reading between the lines! Appreciated.Recommend

  • Shafiq Ul Hasan

    I totally agree with you. That is why I rated 3/5 to this film. I didn’t find any flaw in Aamir’s performance, if you have found any please share. Apart from that role did I wrote anything good about the movie. Today, we confuse highest grosser movies with quality content movies that is totally wrong.
    Not a fan of today’s actors at all, they aren’t actors/performers but STARS. They have a long undefined way to reach the point where they can actually create a fan-base on the basis of their performance.Recommend

  • water bottle

    But people should know that films review is a big business.

    I don’t know about this writer. But I can tell you that more than 80% of the film reviews are paid writing.

    Most of these writers are completely under-qualified to write a review.

    In the west, a reviewer (for all reputed websites and papers) are graduates in film-appreciation. They know what they are talking about.

    In India (Can’t speak for Pakistan, but things couldn’t be any different in Pakistan), reviewers are failed/frustrated filmmakers or just someone who knows English and has contacts.

    Please don’t believe everything you read. First try to see the qualifications of such people. Most of them do not know anything about films. To them the world begins with Helen and ends with Shah Rukh Khan.Recommend

  • Gratgy

    Crappy movie, ridiculous action scenes, i wish aamir had stayed away from this pile of crapRecommend

  • water bottle

    And you would still watch it twice.

    Man, you must be really rich and have 36 hours a day!

    Could you please clarify if you got any money to write this?Recommend

  • bahrath shetty


  • Samir tariq

    I am really surprised how and why people get critical without any sense of logic. Anyone with little bit of common sense would know what to expect from Dhoom franchise. Its supposed to be a complete “time-pass” entertainment in the first place just like in hollywood fast and the furious franchise. Aamir khan definitely brought great value to the brand and his acting is as usual amazing. I went to watch this movie not expecting a shakespearean art…not even another rang de basanti or taare zameen per…i went for pure pop corn entertainment and got my moneys worth…And trust me, the cinematography, the locations and the choreography is at par with any hollywood movie in the same genre. Chicago has never been shown so beautifully in any movie ever. So go ahead and watch it…but if you are one of those whiny types who would watch every desi masala movie but then pretend right outside theatre after movie that you are next tarantino or scorcese then save your money and watch some other movie…an iranian movie perhaps that has won several awards at festivals…Recommend

  • Shafiq Ul Hasan

    Nope, I didn’t get any. And I don’t write paid reviews at all.
    And by the way rating 3 doesn’t mean that it’s a classic or something worthy of watching again. I clearly stated on Content and Performance this movie from me gets a 3 out of 5 which means content was half baked and performances were not good over-all.
    The depiction of ratings is not from my end but Tribune’s own. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to watch it again.
    Why I didn’t give it a 1 or 2 because I am a fan of hard-work, and the entire team worked really hard (read team = director, technicians, music directors, lyrics, and a few more).Recommend

  • Shafiq Ul Hasan

    Thank God someone is talking sense here! You’re right, with what frame of mind one can compare Club 60, Paan Singh Tomar, FoW, English Vinglish and Milkha Singh with this total commercial entertainer.Recommend

  • Shafiq Ul Hasan

    true! that’s what written in the review, if you have happened to read it properly or in detail! You are right on Point Ahmed!Recommend

  • Shafiq Ul Hasan

    Bond karay toh Stud, desi karay to S_UT…. :P Typical frustrated approach!Recommend

  • Samir tariq

    Hollywood still makes movies like world war z , war of the worlds, hancock, white house down, the italian job, expendables etc…most of these movies in terms of content are completely far fetched, exagerrated etc..but stil great actors like cruise, brad pitt, will smith etc work in these movies because they know there is always a certain market its catering to. Aamir khan is a very smart actor and he knows giving a monster hit like dhoom will now pave the way further for several movies with serious, abstract, deeper and lets say it, artsy content and scripts…He has a production house and imagine the confidence one would have with huge commercial success while opting for string of deeper , off the beaten track kind of movies tht he is so famous for. People forget that he did a movie like fanaa, which was a big hit commercially…(and not even a good movie) but that gave him enough commercial credibility to do movies like tasre zameen per, three idiots, jaane tu ya jaane na , delhi belly and peepli live….i think dhoom was a good entertainer and did exactly what it was supposed to , in fact more….and its definitely a 3/5 as you said it rightlyRecommend

  • abz

    hi so i just want to point out one little thing in this review, you say its not like the film ‘now you see me’ as this is a movie of revenge. If i remember correctly, my memory may be a little vague as I did watch the film ‘now you see me’ a while back now. The story line and the focal point of that film was revenge by Dylan for the people who failed his father and him. I do think Dhoom amped it up, they added the extra stunts which imo have just been lifted straight from the previous two films and they have the song and dance factor but on a whole the film was disappointing and i think its about time that Bollywood movie makers realized that the audience does watch movies from different parts of the world and that some one will be able to make a comparison.

    Also just want to say you are on point with the fact Katrina had very little dialogue and she should have had more acting scenes where there is dialogue but i guess she signed for the film to showcase her gym class routine, the song Kamli, lyrics are on point yet it was over danced, every single acrobatic move possible by a human was added in there. The comedy duo between the two police officers is becoming boring and i think that its time to put this franchise of movies to bed, its fair to say the Dhoom has well and truly been silenced.

    as to the comparison between fast and furious movies, in my opinion, dhoom don’t even scratch the surface. The FF movies becomes a platform for the next, it gives the audience oomph and the fire to want to watch the next film, even before one movie ends the audience wants to know where they will take the next. the comedy is a breath of fresh air, the acting is superb, and the audience is left with a satisfaction of witnessing great cinematography.

    I respect your review and applaud you for actually being one of the most honest and brutally accurate in some cases reviewer as opposed to some who are reviewing with one hand on the keyboard and the other watching cat videos on youtube!Recommend

  • sunny

    Aamir Khan gave the greatest performance of his career, setting a whole new standard for Dhoom and making Dhoom:3 unique as a film to stand out in all 3 dhoom movies. It makes me frustrated seeing people like you complain about the hard work he put in his first double role. Recommend

  • sunny

    This was the greatest performance given by the perfectionist. It set a whole new record for Dhoom and double role characters. SRK’s double roles were garbage and Aamir’s only double role in Dhoom 3 was brilliant. You may say what you want but this movie is doing well and breaking records. Recommend

  • Hala Syed

    its ok for some people to like a movie and others to not. in fact thats the way most movies areRecommend

  • Hala Syed

    reviews should be written by people who have an opinion about a movie. with practice one can become better at analyzing the good and bad. constructive criticism is always better than telling someone to shut up. this reviewer clearly pointed out what he liked and didn’t like about the movie. he’s not telling you what you should like. he’s not claiming to be an authority.Recommend

  • Hala Syed

    why would anyone believe everything they read? especially an opinion piece. the reviewer is telling you what he thought not telling you what you should think. this idea that a critic should be an authority is archaic. as long as the reviewer gives a clear idea of what the movie is about and what they liked and didn’t like about it, its a pretty good review.
    for example this review praised the soundtrack, action, and Aamir Khan- none of which i am particularly interested in. and that the story has plotholes and characterization which are things i do look for in a movie. so this review was helpful in showing that this movie is not for me.Recommend

  • Hala Syed

    you had your chance to opine about the movie, let others do the same. i don’t see any frustration in Gratgy’s comment- just an opinion.Recommend

  • True Indian

    not only money; but time also.Recommend

  • True Indian

    should 0/5 rating; such a hopeless movie .. I wonder how Aamir Khan did this movie…Recommend

  • Paki boi

    With all due respect, your review is not a review. Thing is – if you read reviews from critics, you’ll get to know that what exactly are the points where the movie could have scored and where it could not. I don’t know you personally but I can say that by reading your review, I know that you are not a moviebuff at all. If you were, you would not have appreciated Amir Khan’s acting (coz he can do way better than this ) and you would not have appreciated the movie at all coz there is nothing in the movie that’s exciting.Recommend

  • Paki boi

    Bias reviews can never attract constructive criticism.Recommend

  • Shafiq Ul Hasan

    Well, on that comment one thing is clear, no matter what I write or share will not make sense to you. So, let it be the way you think. One can’t just make an elephant fly. :) If according to you this review isn’t good – fine. It’s actually pointless to waste my time in an argument where the other person has already jumped to the conclusion and has a pre-set mind that cannot be changed.Recommend