Ali Azmat, you crossed the line

Published: December 19, 2013

Instead of behaving professionally, Azmat mocked the contestant simply because he carried a high-pitched voice. PHOTO: FACEBOOK PAGE

Comic book writer and filmmaker Kevin Smith once said the following words and they are perhaps some of the most profound I have ever read, probably because they resonate on a personal level:

“Remember: It costs nothing to encourage an artist, and the potential benefits are staggering. A pat on the back to an artist now could one day result in your favourite film, or the cartoon you love to get stoned watching, or the song that saves your life. Discourage an artist, you get absolutely nothing in return, ever.”

As a child I loved to draw and for a ten-year-old I was quite talented. Then, in an incident that I will not get into, my sketch book was torn into bits against my screaming protests and the treasured drawings I had poured my soul into were destroyed before my eyes as I was left to wipe away my tears.

After that day I never drew again.

I continued to write occasionally and even worked at a video games website in my university years, although I never showed my work of fiction to anyone. Eventually, my writing stagnated. Later, I realised that I had hidden my work due to unprocessed fears of rejection.

Even today my monstrous 10,000-page fantasy novel sits on my hard drive, unseen by the outside world.

When I met my soul mate she encouraged me to put my writing ‘out there’. It was all that I needed – a little encouragement. Inspired by my future wife’s support, I sent some drafts to the then editor of The Express Tribune Blogs, Faria Syed, who to my delight, wrote back with some praise for my writing.

Today I contribute to several publications, yet am still insecure about my work on occasion. Nothing cruel from my readers bothers me, while constructive criticism is welcome from both readers and senior writers in the industry.

But nasty words from someone I look up to? Well, that can hurt.

When I first saw Pakistan Idol judges Ali Azmat and Bushra Ansari humiliate the young man in this video for his physical shortcomings, I felt disbelief. Here was a young man with no other fault than the fact that he put himself out there on the minute chance that he could fulfill his dream.

Instead of behaving professionally, Azmat mocked the man who had found the courage to be judged in front of Pakistan simply because the contestant carried a high-pitched voice.

Lacking any creative way to insult the contestant, Azmat tried to mimic his voice by squeaking like a mouse. Next, when the contestant talked about the song he wanted to sing, Azmat recommends a ‘nursery rhyme’ instead, because to Azmat, the contestant had a childlike voice.

Unfortunately, this tells us more about Azmat’s mind than the contestant’s lack of ability.

Before the show I knew nothing about the former Junoon superstar’s personality, but I had always respected his music and contribution to Pakistan’s pop industry. That has certainly changed.

Meanwhile, Azmat’s fellow judge, Bushra Ansari, seemed to bask in the contestant’s humiliation. On a side note, who is Bushra Ansari and what has she achieved on Pakistan’s music scene to be cast as a judge on this show? Couldn’t Pakistan Idol find an iconic music producer such as Shoaib Mansoor instead?

Unfortunately for Mr Azmat, the joke is on him.

Pakistanis on Facebook are lauding this young contestant and instead mocking Azmat.

Screen capture of top comments on the clip posted on Mobilink’s official Facebook page.

Normally, I wouldn’t care much for such petty comments, but if Azmat feels that physical shortcomings are a valid enough reason to insult someone, then he should realise that his features are not very suitable for national television either.

On the American Idol audition episodes that I have seen, the judges exchanged many jokes at the expense of delusional contestants, but always did so carefully so as not to cross the line. Here, it seems that the judges are trying overly hard to channel the mocking nature of their American counterparts, especially Simon, but failing miserably.

From these auditions it seems that people such as Ali Azmat believe that just because they are celebrities they are allowed to spew whatever nonsense flows from their minds.

Well, Mr Azmat, these contestants came to your show because they had a dream. If you must shatter that dream because they don’t cut it, then that’s fair enough, but don’t disrespect them as human beings.

Whenever a new artist shares a picture they painted, a song they sang, a poem they wrote, a sculpture they made, a superhero they drew, they are putting a piece of themselves out there for the world to see. Constructive criticism can prove to be a catalyst but cruel discouragement achieves little.

If you cut the stem because it is unsightly, then you may never see the flower bloom.

Noman Ansari

Noman Ansari

The author is the editor-in-chief of IGN Pakistan, and has been reviewing films and writing opinion pieces for The Express Tribune as well as Dawn for five years. He tweets as @Pugnate (

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Dureen A Anwer

    He has always been famous for crossing the line…nothing out of character.Recommend

  • Zahoor Ahmad

    Well written Noman, spot on.Recommend

  • Khizra Zaheer

    Well said..:)Recommend

  • YouarenotSimonCowell

    “Pakistan idol” lol, thats the funniest part. This show is ancient history here in the UK. Every other country has rinsed this platform and moved on, and THEN Pakistan gets its own version, with some seriously average singers.Recommend

  • Mani

    How this sort of behaviour is found to be acceptable is beyond me.Recommend

  • Hunaid

    Having a high pitched voice is no shortcoming.Recommend

  • mohsin

    I like ali azmat no matter what.Recommend

  • Nandita.

    I remembered that kid who was constantly bullied for writing on ET : Meiryum Ali. Poor girl was trolled so badly, I personally think she wrote well for her age.A writer that young ought to have received encouragement but people ridiculed her no end.
    And then there was an instance where Taimur Arbab wrote a piece under poetic license ‘he who changed my life’ and he received unkind comments which were totally uncalled for..SO when Taimur, later went on to write that brilliant piece on the
    metamorphosis of king ashoka,I was ecstatic. He silenced his detractors by writing the best piece that has ever been published in the poetic section of et.
    (Et : has the piece on ashoka been deleted? Why?I was looking for it last week but realized it wasn’t there)
    I have gone a little off track maybe but these were examples on Et.
    Noman: well written piece. You need to submit that novel you wrote to a publisher. Knowing your writing abilities, I am sure it will have takers.


  • Hamza

    I did not see this particular episode but the video just APPALLED and SHOCKED me!!!
    This is simply outrageous! It’s been years since any of these judges have released a good album themselves! How can they even think of insulting someone like this?!
    If his voice is like this from childhood then he must have been taunted in his school life too. This makes it all the more heartbreaking
    And then Geo actually aired this on National Television!!
    OUTRAGEOUS!! Someone should take action against these peopleRecommend

  • Sara Khan

    agreed 100% everything about this show is out of place. As they say nakal kliey bhi aqal ki zarurat hoti hai, copying the west is all they do, without having any sense of ethics.Recommend

  • Disgusted!

    I totally agree with the writer……these judges are too damn insulting and biasedRecommend

  • SH

    I saw the show last night, it was totally devastating, even as per judges if someone is not a “complete package”, you are not supposed to humiliate him. Bushra Ansari is a total waste on show like this.Recommend

  • deep

    I have not watched the show but I am not surprised. If you watch the repartee on Khabarnaak – the jokes are physical and targeted at color, weight and other characteristics the person cannot really be held accountable for. Of course with professionals giving it back as good as they get – you do not feel as outraged. but we south asians have a long way to go before funny can move away from being distasteful and downright rude.Recommend

  • YourenotSimonCowell judges.Recommend

  • WhoCares

    Cool life story bro!Recommend

  • TheAverageMoe

    Pakistan idol is over rated, most of the contestants look a lot older than they claim and none of them have the persona of a pop sensation, however I still believe the judges are too harsh, they’re all bullies.
    I know they might be trying to imitate simon cowell, but in this show all of the judges are trying to be simon.

    Bushra Ansari shouldn’t be a judge, doesn’t matter if she can sing classical music, she’s irrelevant to the music industry,hadiqa kayani is also overated she only appeals to Punjabi fans, the producers should have gotten better judges who have had a stellar music career.Recommend

  • Nasir

    I think all of you Pakistanis should vote to remove the biased judges. Here in the American Idol once such of this sort happened the judge was reprimanded by the people and producers took him off. It is only Pakistan where nonsense is tolerated for 60 plus years!!Recommend

  • Kamran

    Thanks for writing this Noman. I totally agree with you. I felt really really bad for the poor contestant. Shame on Ali Azmat, Bushra Ansari and whoever allowed this terrible act of insulting a person whose only crime was that he tried to follow his dream.Recommend

  • TheOne Yasir

    You said it at the end; this pathetic show is nothing but a copy of the american version. They are trying to be ‘smart’, ‘witty’ and ‘funny’ but what they are really doing is introducing some pathetic new trait into Pakistani mainstream media as if it wasn’t already riddled with crap.Recommend

  • Kiran

    I also didn’t like it when the judges didn’t give a golden ticket to a guy just because he was blind. His voice was quite good! They said because of his handicap he didn’t fit the “Pakistan idol” criteria. I remember that in American idol a blind guy was given a chance and he went on till quite a while, until he was eliminated due to his “singing” not his “blindness”….!!Recommend

  • MangoBite

    For so long i was wondering where did Meiryum Ali go? I hope she resumes writing. I kinda missing reading her light and enjoyable blogs.Recommend

  • sensible

    I believe that all the drama that judges are doing and all the mocking and taunting, is just to raise the bar of show, it may not depict their “original” personality.Recommend

  • trolley

    @Author very well written …I was moved to tears by your account of the plight of the contestant . Anyways isn’t Ali Azmat (and Maria B) a part of the Zaid Hamid brigade ?Recommend

  • Aaliya Briggs

    Bravo! Thank you for writing this piece. Our attitudes are getting really out of hand.Recommend

  • Parvez

    Spot on……….. I watched 10 minutes of this show and never watched it again.Recommend

  • Parvez

    Little Meiryum Ali…..from her first blog ‘ Rowing on the Chinna Creek ‘ I supported her not because of the ‘ Parvez supports everybody ‘ theory but because her writing style was brilliant and her thought process way beyond her years. Great of you to have remembered Meriyum.Recommend

  • disappointed

    disappointed in ali azmat. you didn’t even let him sing. someone’s dreams might have been shattered. waiting in such a long queue, to be humiliated? why, is your voice very sweet to the people? did you have to throw such a low blow? why couldn’t the other judges balance things a little? things appear to be biased at the moment.Recommend

  • meemee

    Empty vessels make much noise !!!Recommend

  • Ovais

    Pakistan has bigger problems than this issue. For GODs sake 3 year old children are raped and i don’t see a damn blog on that. and obviously ET never publishes me :(Recommend

  • Husnain MInawala

    Pakistan Idol seems much more like a pre planned show rather a reality show,Judges has got nothing to do with it,They are simply doing what the are told to.Recommend

  • Kaalu

    I completely agree with the author, but I think this is their strategy of generating lot of buzz to get a higher viewer rating. Probably a lot more people would watch this show if you make it somehow controversial. Remember any publicity is good publicityRecommend

  • gp65

    Agree 100% with what you say Noman. Also do try to get your novel published. You do have a gift.

    While you may not have any opinion about Ali Azmat as a person, for me his association with a hate monger like Zaid Hamid tells me all I need to know about him as a person – his musical talent notwithstanding.Recommend

  • knightridrr

    It is ratings game. Judges are paid for that only.Recommend

  • Zahra Salahuddin

    I have been WAITING for someone to write a blog about this.
    I actually saw this episode and more than anything I was appalled by Bushra Ansari’s behaviour considering her age and reputation in our media, nothing better can be expected from Ali Azmat honestly (and this is coming from a die hard junoon fan, go figure)
    I wish instead of shows like Pakistan Idol, there was an institute for has-beens like these judges where they can go and get therapy instead of fuelling their god complexRecommend

  • Laeeq Hashmi

    excellent article ,i watched that audition felt really bad for the guy the way he was humiliated by these 3 idiots ,this show seems like a comedy show where innocent contestant are being humiliated by morons like bushra, azmat and kiani really bless for them .Recommend

  • Ahmed

    Ali Azmat hasn’t had the same impact since Junoon days. The less said about Bushra Ansari the better! “Who is Bushra Ansari” is very aptly put by Noman, same goes for Hadiqa. I would have respected the show more had the judges been proper singers like Sajjad Ali, Abida Parveen and the likes; not only are they real singers, they are decent personalities, too for the youth to look at as role models. On a side note if India can hire Abida Parveen as a judge in one of their shows then why are we wasting away with you-know-who?
    Thanks for highlighting this Noman. Your writing and content are always excellent and need of the hour.Recommend

  • Amb

    Totally agree. Bushra ansari is just making silly faces and overacting , trying hard to be simon. And yes ali is at his worseRecommend

  • Ali

    So glad you wrote this. None of these deserve to host any show, much less a singing competition. There should have been Sajjad Ali, Abida Perveen and Tina Sani. Who are these people?Recommend

  • Mubeen

    Ali Azmat does follow this line ‘jo dikhta hy vo bikta hy’.Recommend

  • Muhammad Nadeem

    a very well written article…..bravo..Recommend

  • Cherries

    Agree with what you said!Recommend

  • Javed Hayat

    Loved the whole write up. Recommend

  • Anwaar

    whats with this “complete package” theory these judges came up with ? i mean how can you ask for a complete package when you are in the first round of the show… in american idol they took the singers who were in tune and had a powerful voice, then they would mentor him/her in later rounds to become the complete package they and america is looking for ……Recommend

  • Tanzeel Ahmad

    Whatelse do you expect?Recommend

  • Afifa

    Totally agree! All three of the judges can’t stoop any lower!Recommend

  • Aam aadmi

    100% agreed. Pathetic behaviour and sad. Recommend

  • sane

    What else you can expect from Ali Azmat and Bushra Ansari?!! They do what they are. Anyways, nice write.Recommend

  • Ahmed

    Why don’t YOU write a blog on this then? What’s stopping you? Much more easier to just comment and criticize? Or easier being a keyboard warrior?Recommend

  • lalaland

    Totally agree…I stopped watching the show after that disgraceful moment…these are supposedly educated, aware people and for them to bully others only encourages this attitude amongst the masses that support and look up to them. Disgusting. Ofcourse, PEMRA has no idea or doesnt care.Recommend

  • aqm

    behavior of judges in the show is totally unacceptable. how can they be the judges and not even know the meaning of a judge. Don’t you guys think that geotv should be held responsible for discouraging and ridiculing of the contestants by these ill mannered judges.Recommend

  • Sajjad Janjua

    this is typical this is everywhere in pakistan – insult others laugh at them and thats itRecommend

  • Faizan Laghari

    Hear Hear!Recommend

  • Fatima Ali Khan

    Ufff!! Spot on!! Thank God, someone pointed that ugliness out!! Its humiliating the way these good for nothing “celebrity judges” are mocking the contestants!! Shameless people yaar!! They think theyre some legends who can get away with anything on tv!!Recommend

  • Maheen

    I dont need to emphasize further on how disapointed these judges have left us but for sure I would like to read more from you…your book for sure! Please share more of your talent with us….dont hold it backRecommend

  • Sarah

    If this was some other country I am pretty sure Ali Azmat would have been sued by now and taken in custody for making such remarks! I wish someone does that already.Recommend

  • sane

    Pakistan Idol is again a mimic of Indian Idol. Does such kind of shows be allowed in this country? Singing and dancing does not conform to our religion.Recommend

  • Hawk Faisal

    I agree with the writer, this is not at all a good start for Pakistan Idol.
    Everyone has self respect, but if someone does not know how to sing, judges must not humiliate the contestant for the performance. They should remember the day when they first appeared for audition or started their career as singer. It is very
    easy to make mockery and ridicule someone. Above all what sort of image you are
    projecting being a Pakistani as a judge and a mentor.

    If you think that someone was not qualified for singing, the judges or the management of Pakistan Idol should have initial screening system before the contestants were
    brought in front of the camera. If there is no such system in place and you
    have invited everyone to participate then the right of humiliation is questionable,
    specially in public.Recommend

  • waqar

    The time the contestant register these kind of shows, they know there could be a possibility to be humiliate and mocked by the host. It is not an encouragement show nor any kind of personal development class. This platform is only for professionals (who are more practical and confident: Ghirte hain shah sawar hi maidan-e-jang mein). A confident and talented person always fight against the odds.
    Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known GodRecommend

  • Mehreen

    If you cut the stem because it is unsightly, then you may never see the flower bloom. – Bingo!Recommend

  • Sarah

    hey Noman, thank you so much for writing this. I was almost in tears when i saw that episode and promised myself never to watch that show again. I have no respect whatsoever for any of the judges. My husband is a musician himself, and being an artist, he is completely against the very idea of the show. He is of the opinion, that if you are an artist, you go about doing your thing – without proving anything to any three stooges who sit on a higher horse and do everything to make that division more apparent..Recommend

  • Durray Sameen Rajouri

    Lost respect for Ali Azmat.. And can’t make out, Why the hell Bushra Ansari is made a ‘judge’. All the judges should be replaced.Recommend

  • DastarKhan

    References to ‘the cartoon you love to get stoned watching’ isn’t very professional. Especially coming from a man who’s most famous for getting kicked off a plane for being too fat.Recommend

  • DastarKhan

    And come on…American Idol was a hit because of Simon, who’s the nastiest of the judges. The show would be incredibly boring if everyone was polite and nice, and might I add you wouldn’t be racking up the visits to your blog if it wasn’t for Ali Azmat’s comments. Don’t hate the players, hate the game. And what was that guy thinking, coming to a singing show with THAT voice? REALLY?Recommend

  • Zaman

    Loved the last para.Recommend

  • Allahwala

    I couldn’t agree more with your post. Also kudos to your wife and the editor who encouraged you. I have tried writing for various publications but often feel dejected when my contributions get rejected again and again.
    As for Ali Azmat – khud ki shakal dekhi hai!Recommend

  • Guest

    It is sad that the three (3) judges have no musical talent whatsoever but the real tragedy is that they are horrible, horrible human beings who seem to enjoy humiliating innocent contestants. Shame on them!Recommend

  • nishantsirohi123

    Nothing surprising as every piece of humor in this country is derived from insulting the other person, and physical features are the easiest pick
    from the amir liaqat mocking tahir shahs hair to umar sharif making fun of bald and fat peoople in plays
    even azizi called obama as “monkey eared man”
    time to grow up peopleRecommend

  • Ally Adnan

    It is sad that the three (3) judges have no musical talent whatsoever but the real tragedy is that they are horrible, horrible human beings who seem to enjoy humiliating innocent contestants. Shame on them!Recommend

  • Mustafa Hanif

    Everyone calm down. All these “contestants” are paid actors.Recommend

  • Haris Javed

    Different perspective:
    ratings ratings ratings !!
    Pakistan Idol management issuing specific instructions to judges to stretch beyond limits so as to make show ‘talk of the town’Recommend

  • FN

    This was the first and perhaps the last episode of Pakistan Idol that I saw. I didn’t have any expectations from the show the minute I found out who the judges were. Bushra Ansari? Seriously, she may have given outclass performances back in her day but these days all she does is clown around. Ali Azmat is a disgusting human being, many people with a low or high pitched voice turn out to be good singers if they train hard. Asha Bhosle’s pitch is so high yet she is a respected singer. He didn’t even give the poor boy a chance to sing! Have lost all the respect I had for these 3.Recommend

  • Saad Durrani

    Well, a 10,000 word novel lying around like that! You really need to publish it in parts or something. I mean why send it to a publishing company when you publish it as an ebook or a blog,Recommend

  • Jahanzaib Haque

    Thanks for this!Recommend

  • Syed Owais Mukhtar

    The encouraging concept in this piece of writing is good thought,!Recommend

  • BBA

    Hope he reads this. I saw this event and some other participants who came and was treated like nothing. It also seems are Bushra is insecure with the people around her during the judgement. Ali Azmat portrayed an extremely immature and rubbish attitude in this event and should apologize immediately on the show.Recommend

  • Junii Zeyad

    Thank you for writing this article and bringing it to people’s notice that , how easy do people forget where they come from and what struggle they had to put out to get themselves recognized to the public and not only that as artists who originated from “The Land of the PURE ” ( Including me having spent over a decade in the industry) are still struggling to get respect and recognition . And when given a great opportunity to support and encourage the future generation of artist you stamp on someone’s dream and ego . Like you mentioned about yourself i remember struggling with my talent (even though i was a ramp model before) and showing it off in public until i was support by my great friend Samina Peerzada who encouraged me to just go for it and dance my heart out . Its just shameful to see people of such stature which is awarded to them by the same ppl who they are making fun of , acting like jokers . Once again thank you for putting this article out there .Recommend

  • Muhammad Ali

    Contestant should also see what he is doing .. he made a Mockery of himself.. or there should be an Initial filter to filter Wanabee ContestantsRecommend

  • khnaveed

    In my opinion, to make it more appealing than indian version and to
    explore real talent in Pakistan. These judges should be in the panel
    than the current ones. Shaqat amanat Ali, Shazia Manzoor and Sajjad Ali.
    All of these have extensive experience in their fields and have worked
    with numerous respectable musicians singers and music directors.
    Otherwise, Geo have made another pathetic attempt to copy IndiaRecommend

  • Fahad Uddin

    Pathetic! Ali Azmat should improve!Recommend

  • adnan

    its all planted.. why be emotional on planted stuffRecommend

  • Junooni

    Being a diehard fan of Junoon and Ali Azmat, I saw this coming because this is how Ali Azmat has always been. I hope he hadn’t signed to become a judge on this show because everyone will now keep dissing his personality and behaviour (which has always been blunt and unmannerly) and forget the pride he and his band brought to Pakistan for over a decade.Recommend

  • Furqan Ali

    #‎Pakistanidol‬ is doing singing talent no favor. Humiliating amateur singers for poor attempts just to cause entertainment is deplorable. The judges should try and inspire singers to do better instead of unnecessarily engaging in disrespectful comedy. Remember it was Pakistan Radio that gave opportunity to once young and unknown Mehdi Hassan, Abida Parven, Ahmad Rushde. Pakistanidol should do much better with the extravagant budgets, visibility and viewership they enjoy.Recommend

  • Sridhar

    I am of indian origin living in US and sometimes watch Pakistani shows, particularly Umar Sharief’s comedies. He was introduced to me by a Pakistani friend who was with me during residency days. Even though Umar is funny, you soon realize most of his jokes are targeted against a person’s physical appearance or his personality. He would joke about how fat Adnan Sami is etc etc. Many of his proteges have caught on to that act and do the same.
    There is no fun in degrading others to get a laugh. After a time, these jokes become stale. Situational comedy is the real comedy. Few can do it well and get away with it. The genius Charlie chaplin comes to mind.Recommend

  • SHA

    How dare Ali azmat get away with this? He should be taken off the idol show ASAP! Disgusting excuse for a human! And when did he ever sing a line in sur? I hated his music and cannot stand him. Useless never was and never going to be!! As for Bushra Ansari she should never come back on tv if she knows what’s good for her!!Recommend

  • J

    Really? Where were you when Junoon was getting international recognition for musical talent?Recommend

  • Deen Sheikh

    When did common courtesy exist in Pakistan to begin with?Recommend

  • suraiyakasimhasham

    I simply dont understand how Pakistani’s can tolerate Pakistan Idol -the choice of judges is so bad , why would i want to waste my time looking at them decide someone else’s fate?!Recommend

  • Ovais

    @above, i never get published, :(Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    Kyoon? Think about it. Is it cheaper for them to humiliate a real person
    or pay an actor? There is no monetary sense for them to hire actors
    when so many people are lining up for a chance at stardom.Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    Don’t give up. Try to refine the blog before sending it in, and maybe write a topic that isn’t already being covered.Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    Well, apparently J.K. Rowling was rejected by numerous publishers before someone picked up Harry Potter. Keep trying. :)Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    It is true what your husband says. At the same time, American Idol reignited the music Industry in America for some time. Our pop industry is really quite dead. You can tell how dead when even our judges, aside from Azmat, aren’t what you would call pop sensations. So I am still hopeful that Pakistan Idol can give us a new Junaid Jamshed or a Salman Ahmed.Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    From the feedback I have received on Twitter and Facebook, it seems that there is indeed a screening process before contestants are finally brought in front of the judges. I could be wrong, but it is possible that some contestants who aren’t as talented are only passed so they are humiliated for good television.Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    I have no problems with some ribbing etc, but I don’t remember Simon doing what Azmat did.Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    Professional? Kevin Smith was just keeping it real.Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    Thank you for sharing. I looked at your website and your show-reel is
    fascinating! Yes, everyone who makes it starts somewhere. How easily
    people forget.Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    haha it is pages not words.. yeah i will stop procrastinating one day when I am old.Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    So here is what I am being told by someone with ‘inside information’. The following is 100% unverified, so please take it with a grain of salt. Many grains of salt actually:

    so here’s the low down. Nothing in scripted in the show except Mohib’s
    links. Ali Azmet is being rude on his own. he is actually emulating
    Simon from the American idol and from
    what you tell me he is doing a real bad job of it. btw, what you are
    seeing on the screen is just the tip of the iceberg. how the contestants
    have been dealt with by the judges behind the camera is a tale from the
    dark side. The geo team managing the show appears to be helpless when
    it comes to the judges’ behaviour because the cornerstone of the
    Freemantle (owners of the Idol franchise) philosophy is that the whole
    things is to be “realistic” and the judges cannot be dictated what they
    say to the contestants. no one approves of ali’s behaviour but no one
    can do anything about it. but tehn again, the very public that is
    cribbing about ali’s behaviour is the one that put him up on the
    pedestal he sits on. in real life he is a very self-centered and
    egocentric individual who has never been known to be respectful to
    anyone apart from himself and his family. so there…i’m
    beyond shocked to learn that earlier during the selection phase which
    will not be aired for obvious reason, Bushra Ansari humiliated a 16 year
    old kid AUTISTIC kid in multan just because he broke his glasses minutes
    before his performance and wore them after mending them with a scotch
    tape. the autistic kid was accompanied by his brother and became
    disoriented bc of the vicious attack. and there are many other shocking
    incidents that mark this glorious franchise. the good news is that the
    judge’s opinion in the next round will be irrelevant bc it will be
    Pakistani voting for the contestants.”Recommend

  • kxxsyed

    It was painful to watch. These people really have no manners or humanity left in them. Disgraceful!Recommend

  • Mohsin Abbas

    SHAME on these three.Recommend