Can a woman only choose one – hijab or a successful career?

Published: January 17, 2014

The hijab, instead of confining me, makes me feel free. And I can surely say that contrary to what people assume about ‘hijabi’ women, I have gained more confidence and self-assurance now that I don the hijab as a regular practice. PHOTO: AFP

Not too long ago, the hijab was considered a choice; a woman’s right if she wanted it to be. Today, not only is it a source of contention and a consistently hot topic of debate, it is considered a form of subjugation.

In all honesty, I cannot comprehend how or why the hijab seems like such a hindrance, especially when only some women wear it in our country. Whether these hijab arguments stem from abhorrence, fear or just narrow-mindedness, I do not know. What I do know is that we argue about it behind a very subjective definition of ‘liberalism’.

These ‘liberals’ argue that the hijab curtails the rights of women and threatens their freedom of choice. In my opinion, such arguments are against the very definition of liberalism since they keep women from wearing what they choose to wear.

I ask you, why are women who choose to cover their heads criticised and punished for doing so when their counterparts are encouraged to wear what they please; in fact, they are appreciated for their appearance.

Not only have I seen a woman’s choice to wear the hijab cause problems in personal relationships, it has also been known to cause problems in the professional life of women.

I have come across many women wearing the hijab who were unable to progress beyond a certain level in their careers. On the other hand, we all see women who do not wear a hijab climb the career ladder with fair success.

Alas, we live in a world where appearances often take precedence over a person’s skills. In such a superficial world, it is very difficult for women wearing the hijab to reach the positions that they aim for. I have yet to come across a hijab-wearing lady heading a department or organisation.

In a nutshell, wearing a hijab can cause difficulties for women who are career-oriented. While this may make sense in western countries, it is sad that this trend exists in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan as well. They are often held back from important positions, only because they choose to exercise their freedom of choice and wear a hijab.

Does it always have to be a harsh compromise?

Can a woman only choose one – hijab or a successful career?

I have been fortunate that my decision to wear the hijab – although laden with challenges – has earned me innumerable approvals. And apart from the approvals of people, my heart is content with the knowledge that I am covered in the way that I am supposed to be and that I am following in the blessed footsteps of the wives and daughters of the Prophet (pbuh).

Moreover, the hijab – instead of confining me – makes me feel free.

And I can surely say that contrary to what people assume about ‘hijabi’ women, I have gained more confidence and self-assurance now that I don the hijab as a regular practice.

I am lucky that my hijab has not gotten in the way of my professional life and, in my opinion, clothing and accessories should not be used to restrict women from achieving their ambitions. It is simply a personal expression of faith and should be treated thus and nothing more.

Islam has ordained duties and responsibilities for both genders according to their capabilities. There is no doubt that the role of a woman is as necessary as that of a man for a society to progress in a balanced manner. A state cannot flourish if 50% of its populace is kept from contributing to its social, economic and spiritual development – especially on the basis of such absurd criteria as whether they cover their head or not.

Islam is a complete religion and it gives equal rights to men and women. It desires both, men and women to strive for excellence in personal, academic, community and spiritual development. And the hijab was never meant to isolate women or keep them from achieving their goals. It is not meant to restrict women.

On the contrary, it is meant to safeguard and protect them.

A hijab ensures modesty, keeps people from thinking immoral thoughts or approaching women in an inappropriate way. In this day and age, when women are subjected to numerous forms of harassment – at work, in social gatherings and in public places – the hijab actually helps keep such unwelcome advances at bay.

So, I ask you, how is this a bad thing, especially in the workplace?

I hope that ‘conservatives’ and ‘liberals’ can move beyond this argument of whether the hijab is a personal choice or not and learn to do what this world needs most – live and let live.

Quratulann Shahid

Quratulann Shahid

The author is a journalist, writer, and an anchor.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Azazel

    Though I have no objection to the hijaab, I believe the argument that it protects a woman from trouble is fairly outdated and not supported in practice. Women in hijab or burqa are just as likely to be harassed as women without them.
    No matter how abhorrent I find the thought behind the veil – men who would loose self-control otherwise-, women should be free to wear a head scarf and should not be impeded in any way when applying for a job or aspiring a career.Recommend

  • Leila Rage

    @author of this blog:

    It’s great that the hijab has been liberating for you and was your own choice.

    However, why does it surprise you that the hijab is a contentious issue? I mean well and good if you choose it, but it IS a problem when a woman is FORCED into it, or when a women is DISRESPECTED just because she does not wear a hijab. The contentiousness of the hijab lies in the assumption of some people that the hijab magically confers respectability, and piety.Recommend

  • Mehdi


    I won’t hire a woman who adorns hijab in a western world and I am Muslim who belong to a minority sect. A man can sexually molest a woman in hijab, if he desires to do so. Hijab doesn’t protect you from rape or sexual advances. Don’t bring Islam to convince corporate leadership to hire Muslim woman in hijab. I would defend the authors right to any piece of clothing including Niqab because that’s her right as a fellow human being if done in a secular setting. People per say don’t have problem with hijab, but how it somehow symbolizes with Islamic extremism. If women choose to wear this garb out of their free choice. I am the first one to support this, but that is not the case. Recommend

  • Leila Rage

    @author: No offence meant, but do you live in a little bubble of your own or something? The hijab “keeps unwelcome advances at bay”? Tell that to ladies, some of whom are very close friends and relatives of mine, who wear the hijab and the full veil and yet are constantly harrassed in public anyway. Harrassment is a MINDSET. You’re lucky you haven’t experienced it yet, but please do not trivialise the very real and harsh issues faced buy other women.Recommend

  • SickofIt

    come on! You cover your head, cuz you cover your head, that’s it! Cut this bs abt liberation, freedom and other silly nothings! You are not waging any war! It is just a piece of cloth on your head! Stop glorifying yourself! You are no martyr, no victim, just an ordinary woman and destined to remain one….don’t fool yourself, please.Recommend

  • Jannat Bibi

    Maybe it’s not your hijab that caused you “challenges” in your career but your self-righteous attitude.Recommend

  • deep

    Wearing religion on your chin or your head is a strange practice of taking a personal act of faith to the public domain and then you say that Islam is a complete religion – so other religions are not for their practioners? Good for you that you find it liberating – what if I were to say to you that religions are manmade and the only interest religious leaders have is to obstruct any parity in family law and women’s law – why does your husband not cover his head – are you not afraid that women would find his head and ears alluring and completely go out of control?Recommend

  • Supriya Arcot

    Well .. I suppose to each his own. I personally dont care what a woman chooses to ‘cover’ as long as I can see her full face. Understandably many want to cover their hair as its an aphrodisiac . The extremes are when some times women ( in the name of religion ) say they will show only their eyes. How can I be sure that its not a man wearing eye make up and speaking in a girl’s tone in front of me .Recommend

  • Leila Rage

    And my dear, people can never ‘move beyond’ whether it is a personal choice or not. By ignoring this issue, in the typical pakistani style of sweeping it under the carpet and pretending it isnt there, we are supporting the abuse of women, the subjugation of women whose personal choices are taken away from them. The hijab IS a choice, and until people accept that, no one is “MOVING BEYOND” this issue.Recommend

  • anushe

    Women as heads of departments in itself are a minority within Pakistan. I wonder why it is so surprising to the author that Hijab-wearing women (in itself a minority) are not heading departments in organisations? That is about the same as arguing why no black female has ever become president of the US!Recommend

  • Quratulann shahid

    Dear all will a women wearing hijab can become a newscaster or work in an organization wear there iisnt a dress code can she ????? No There are numerous of organization who felt ashamed of hiring women wearing hijab


  • Leila Rage

    In fact, dear writer, I have an issue with your argument that the hijab is instituted by Islam. You are free to believe as you please, but in all my readings of the Quran, the hadith and other research I have never found any injunctions for head covering. There are injunction to dress modestly, and to take a shawl/dupatta-like cloth over your clothing (a verse speaks of drawing your veils over the chest area), but never have I seen anything saying that a Muslim woman must cover her head.Recommend

  • Leila Rage

    “we live in a world where appearences take precedence over a person’s skills”

    How ironic that you say the above line in your blog, and yet you go on to glorify the hijab. The hijab promotes this EXACT mindset that appearence is everything, where a hijab and in 2 seconds you’re respectable, pious and ‘good’.

    I don’t know if you are aware of this but it has been found that many prostitutes wear the veil in the day to avoid being recognised in public when they are not being forced into their ‘work’. Does this ‘magic’ of your hijab confer respectability on them too then?Recommend

  • Miss Syed

    Ummm, Women are ACTUALLY paid to get stripped, and people often charge women who cover themselves,… Strange!
    Anyways, The whole crux of your article: People who blindly follow the general stereotype are more often than not, unaware of the Complex Ground realities.
    That’s It.
    Every job placement, promotion,demotion MUST be solely Based on Merit, Be it a man or a woman. Period.Recommend

  • Khawaja gee

    Majority of the companies in the tertiary/service sector (banks, telecom) would rather hire a girl without dupatta/Hijab if they had the same qualifications or looks. It is sad but true. I totally agree with Leila that a girl does not become more pious by wearing a Hijab, but in some ways I agree with the author; I wouldn’t hit on a girl wearing hijab. (Talking strictly on probability and mathematics I would say the author makes sense here) I was in Doha (the next Dubai- FIFA worldcup) 2 days ago and saw Hijabs working in banks, shopping centers, airports…

    The problem with us VS Dubai/Doha ;their culture was and is more closer to the Hijabi culture and has made working Hijabis more acceptable to their society. We unfortunately are a mix breed of English, Indian, Pakistani and Arab culture. The liberals are confused between these 4 and the conservatives (if I may) are confined to the last. I would rather accept the last 2; being a terrochristmas, but that’s just me

    God save the Queen. Allah o AkbarRecommend

  • Ovais

    Throughout the world people are discriminated on looks and appearance rather than talent but then if you really have talent you will persevere otherwise or you can beg for success with these articles. I suggest you work harder maybe it might be easy for someone else but if you bring good business and work your socks off you will have enough credentials to get to the place you want.Recommend

  • Ovais

    Stop whining and start working your socks off and IA you will succeedRecommend

  • A West based Hijabi

    I live in the West and I wear a hijab, And I have managed to work at some of the most well paid corporate jobs without a problem.. One thing I notice is that I find alot more acceptance and kindness and by that extension kindness from the Westerners or the so called goras, and people of other cultures. The occasional hostility I do come across is from other Pakistanis (both men and women) And your comment that you wont hire a woman who wears a hijab just validates that hostile inferiority complex knee jerk reaction of other Pakistanis;.Recommend

  • Noman Ansari
  • Noman Ansari

    My aunt’s maid wears hijab when she travels home and she is constantly harassed.Recommend

  • Aqsa

    What study is the base of this?…
    also, differences between hijabis and non-hijabis may not only surround the garb but could relate to other factors such as approach to problem solving, introversion/extroversion,family background, independent/influenced thinking, time devotion…etc

    Sweeping hypothesis backed by personal opinion is all there is to this articleRecommend

  • pulseller

    ouch, talk about a burn, as a matter of courtesy you should provide the author with some burnol.Recommend

  • Quratulann shakoor shahid

    my question is too all can a hijabi women can join as news caster specially in pakistan or host any programs or specially in any organization where a a dress code is not there …… in pakistan hijab is still an obstacle in carrer of women …. because people are more intrested in hiring those ladies whom are attractive modern etcRecommend

  • Faraz Talat

    A dull recap of over a dozen blogs posted on this topic on Express Tribune alone.

    So regrettably, I too would have to write a recap of all the comments I’ve ever made on this subject matter.

    Yes, women who wear hijab are known to have faced discrimination….in some circles. Although in most parts of this country, such women are appreciated for being “pious”.

    Also, yes, any person who discriminates against you or denies your right to wear a hijab is not being “liberal”, just a plain bigot. But liberals also recognize internalization of archaic patriarchal norms, and while they do recognize your right to wear what you want, they would not encourage you to self-impose a sartorial restriction (especially one that men would never put up with themselves).

    In Pakistan the “live and let live” cry usually comes from women who wear jeans, not hijabs, You wouldn’t know what harassment is the name of, until you’ve walked through an average Pakistani bazaar in a tube top. In this atmosphere, the constant moaning about the problems of hijabi women, although real, quickly becomes redundant.

    The only thing that would’ve made your blog stand out from the rest, was if you had referred us to an actual study showing that women who wear hijab have a harder time in professional life in this country.Recommend

  • Muhammed Usama Aziz

    Unfortunately people like you i.e. those who call themselves liberals, have problem with women covering their head. They will shout for rights of women but will discriminate if the same women chooses to wear hijab.Recommend

  • mimi sur

    Man has reached moon and this lady talks ‘hijab’..Mother of 3 with ‘hijab’ teaches us what is right and what is wrong. ‘Religion of peace’ at work…Recommend

  • joe09293001

    read the verse again it states to cover your head with a piece of cloth “O wives of the prophet’ you are not like other women if you fear Allah, therefore be not so polite in yourspeech lest one in whose heart is a disease should feel tempted, yes, speak good words.

    And remain stay in your houses and be not unveiled like that of the unveiling of the former days of ignorance,and establish prayer and pay the poor due”(SURAH AHZAB 30-31) after this you still deny thereis no verse revealed that can show you that viel iz shariah ,,moreover you have to do more research on it covering head is not merely a choice its shariah,,,Recommend

  • Noor-e-ayeen

    ‘ Hijab ensures modesty ‘ …
    I disagree with this remark,Author.
    No one gets a mandatory magical gift of piety with the hijab.
    You smack of brainwashed self-righteousness.

  • Khalid Khan

    Women not wearing a hijab are “DISRESPECTED”? When and where did that happen?Recommend

  • Noor-e-ayeen

    You have more confidence and self assurance,now that you don the hijab regularly ?
    What’ll happen if you dress in regular clothes-lose confidence,have low self esteem,have a mental breakdown ?
    Magical cloth with magical properties,I must say ! Recommend

  • joe09293001

    those who believe in here after never lose there way to ALLAH these woman do keep hijab inspite of captions of people like you are!!!hadith of our prophet can then open your eyes ‘once HAZRAT ALI AND BEBI FATIMA (razitallah unhuma )came to visit prophet at prophets house ,,,our prophet (salalahoalaihi wasalum ) was weeping when prophet stop hazrat ali (raziallahtala unh )asked from prophet ‘o!prophet we are worried why are you so crying prophet said when i went to sidra-tul-muntaha i saw there heaven and hell,i was crying on that women in hell that in their lives keep their head uncovered to non-maharams these were given punishment that there hears are tangled up and they are hanging over hot fire ” this is a part of large hadith a mentioned only a single oneRecommend

  • Fraz Naqvi

    Strongly agree to most of the parts of your blog….. n ya the main point is, if not wearing hijab can not be criticized being a part of freedom and choice … wearing of hijab should never be criticized due to the same very reason…. Actually and Unfortunately, we are divided into two streams, The Religious Extremists and The Liberal Extremists….. and Islam the real one is somewhere in between….Recommend

  • Nobody

    With respect to your choice to wear hijab, unfortunately it is a hindrance to climbing up the career ladder particularly in a Western setting.
    Take the US for example, most people will not hesitate to hire a hijab wearing woman if she is well qualified; however, the climb to the top MAY prove impossible. That’s true of all orthodox followers of all religions. Whether it’s a Muslim man with a long beard and a topi, or an Orthodox Christian or Jew, people who wear VERY OBVIOUS symbols of their religion or adhere to certain practices of their faith be in dress code or otherwise may find they have trouble climbing the ladder as quickly as others. I don’t at all condone this and I think the purpose of the Constitution, at least in the US, is to safeguard citizens from such discrimination, but it’s reality. A person’s physical appearance matters in the working world, probably more than it should.


  • rasgullah

    So whats your point? People in stone age were more intelligent than you to follow them?Recommend

  • Pappu

    Are women hair so seductive for men to convert them into an animal?? Beyond my comprehension.Recommend

  • Sabi

    Hijab/ Niqab etc are religious symbols thats why not appropriate in a modern multicultural, multinational corporations, communities.Recommend

  • saj

    Rubbish article, no garment stops discrimination or harassment and no it doesnt reduce it either, on the road or at work. The problem is once you let a costume based on religion, its the door through which all the religious idiots walk in, the next thing you know, your wearing a paperbagesque blue burqa (let me guess, you feel freer in that) prevented from walking anywhere without a male companion. Unfortunately religion is a disease plaguing the planet, things like this just promote ridiculous fairy tales based on little fact. If it could stop the harassment and give you an advantage at the workplace which it doesnt, all women would be automatically wearing it without any fairy tale book having to say so.Recommend

  • Lol …

    That’s how the ones,without pretty faces,console themselves !Recommend

  • Dido

    We live in a confuse country where “Men” want hijab for their wives and prefers modern dressing for the employee.
    there are two sides of coin we must admit the fact that hijab being criticized for the wrong use as beard have been matter of discussion for men. I myself am a working lady who covers head with dupatta and never felt any hindrance for my career. We must be moderate within our limits and choices. I have noticed girls or ladies wear hijab and abaya decorated with embellishments. If the purpose of hijab is to cover and secure the sanctity and chastity then what about these heavy attractive hijabs? That’s also leads us to the limit of snobbery. We have becomes so much snobs even in the matter of religion. I want to quote a dialogue from movie “Khuda k liye” that sums it all,
    Islam main daarhi hai daarhi main islam niRecommend

  • Jamala

    Yes and No…Recommend

  • Oops ..

    The blue one makes her feel freer & a heady amalgamation of piety & sophistication- desert tribal laws crossed with corporate marble floors & lipstick.Recommend

  • Dido

    super rightRecommend

  • Pappu

    Why Prophet wanted women to cover their hair/ head?? The only reason I imagine was a cultural norm in those ages for both men and women, nothing else.Recommend

  • Dido

    I appreciate this piece of writing.
    what about females with hijab who have piercing stares that makes men shy?
    I am not saying you are wrong but no doubt coin have two sides. I agree the fact that harassment is mind set. We face it, and sometimes we wrestle with it!Recommend

  • Kate

    Can you give one rational logic why Islam wants men and women to cover their hair/ heads??Recommend

  • Quratulann shahid

    You can be a hijab teacher or doctor but not in the business world ……….you cannot be representative of an organization until and unless you have modern lookRecommend

  • SamarYz

    Suggestion for an experiment: Dump the Arab head scarf for a more desi dupatta/shawl over head and observe any alterations in behaviour.Recommend

  • Parvez

    In my view you have only spelt out half the story.
    The hijab is step one, the niquab is step two and the burka is step three. You say step one satisfies you…… many including me are not convinced. Its not a matter of a personal choice of dress but a matter of making an ‘ in your face ‘ religious statement that bothers others and rightly so.
    I’ll go a step further and say that this choice, in my view, is out of an inner insecurity , whereas those confident in their faith and belief do not need ‘ props and excuses ‘
    to convince themselves.Recommend

  • jerry007

    for u one shuld use term”pary likhe jahil” thousands of women are serving in universities schools and many other offices not only in pak but in whole world what is that are,t they successfull
    and u tribune writers speak the most about the women harassment then y this double standard !Recommend

  • joe09293001

    islam is a religion of peace ,,,,, so you also be agree with me that islam teaches us modesty, it is the modesty of women to not show her beauty to other non-mahram ;as you now the resuls if women starts to follow the non -islamic law or pertaily follow islam as is now a days muslims are doing they belive but make thier own concession on the actual rules of islam ; now in india they are running or almost totaly imitate the western culture and are fall on a furious cancers of society(rape) dont you believe their repute is deteriorating internationaly that after a very recent cases of foriegn tourist rape cases .Recommend

  • Supriya Arcot

    Err .. and your point is … ??Recommend

  • Mehdi

    Ouch. Somebody got burnt :)Recommend

  • Anthony

    Such a naive blog.Recommend

  • Anthony

    // I have yet to come across a hijab-wearing lady heading a department or organisation.//

    So…just because you never came across them they don’t exist apparently.Recommend

  • Aminah

    Everyone wears hijab or niqab in my family – at least when they go out, but not weddings or family functions or some other places they won’t wear niqab and just hijab. Most of it is own choices but I feel people need to be careful when they talk about how only women with no hijab are judged. If a woman doesn’t wear a hijab and comes on media which is a career also she is judged, and if a woman wears hijab and comes in media she is judged even more because they say “why is this woman coming in public or in media with hijab?” – the problem lies with men and their mindset. Every woman I know that wears hijab and niqab in Pakistan are harassed and that is the truth. I have been harassed by being physically grabbed by the back and touched on my arms or wherever, as well as have been stared at like a peice of meat with HIJAB on which is disgusting experience and have been made such awful comments towards me. For me, coming to London staring is considered “rude” and it makes me think that as Muslims it is the men’s job to lower his gaze, regardless of if a woman is covered or not yet not even covered women are spared? People in UK are following Islam more than the ones back home…I personally think its a woman’s choice why she wants to wear but she should stay in a limit-not wearing headscarf, yes it’s not right, but if she is fully covered and dress modestly with her outfits then I have no problem. I also think that wearing hijab shouldn’t stop you from having a career-matter of fact is your only stopped by having a career by liberals who think your ‘dumb’ to wearing it and religious conservatives who think you shouldn’t do anything and can’t leave the house. Having said this wearin hijab in public means ur more likely o be judged by people if u do something bad sadlyRecommend

  • Dude

    You are going off the track mate. Point is simple, if you have the right/ freedom to wear religious symbols, than others have the right/ freedom to reject you for wearing religious symbols. As simple as that.Recommend

  • Pappu

    Dear Author if you have the right and freedom to wear religious symbols than others have the right and freedom to reject you for wearing religious symbols and you should not complain. Very simple. Regards.Recommend

  • Sadaf

    Seriously girl? Hijab keeps people from thinking immoral thoughts about you? Ha! Get real please. Also, I dont know which Pakistan you live in, but it is the non Hijabis who are judged constantly for not being pious enough, shareef enough or modest enough. (The way you are judging in your article as well) And what is your key argument again? Career and the talk of gendered roles doesn’t really go together.Recommend

  • Oops ..

    Where were you man..didn’t see you much after August ..
    Enjoy reading your comments ..Recommend

  • Ruby

    Goras have the white man’s guilt and they think they have to handle even nutjobby things about out religions and culture with soft hands. Desis know better. You may call it hostility but it is well-deserved indifference. Goras(at least Gora liberals) have moved from one extreme(white man’s burden) to the other extreme(where they treat even our wildest practices with respect under the pretext that they are holy to us). So now the burden of progress is entirely on us people.Recommend

  • Bazinga

    Why do you people need to remind yourself and others who wear the Hijab that it gives you “Freedom” , is “Modest” or that you haven’t been “Harrassed”..C’mon, only a handful of people in our country wear it and it is blatantly vivid that those who wear it are not always facing drawbacks and vice versa and besides, liberals don’t criticize the Hijab, they only criticize the forcefull imposition of it by the radical clans that are increasingly dwelling here.Recommend

  • Hala Syed

    it happens all the time.Recommend

  • Hala Syed

    that’s because those “westerners” have the privilege of not having to think about the issue. no one will ever force them to wear a hijab or belittle them for not wearing it. it is a problem that exists outside them and never affects them so they can afford to be polite about it.Recommend

  • Quratulann shakoor shahid

    i appreciate all my readers who took out their valuable time and read my
    writ-up but the thing is that its a bitter truth that we cant gulp it
    for sure !!!!! their is no denying fact that every body have different
    point of view on above topic but …… just beyond any written in real
    world it happen am not talking about doctors or teacher their are other
    profession as-well in which organization use to give preference modern
    lady over hijabi one point above ….. specially no regret first and
    foremost media….. in Pakistan …….then before passing any reply to
    the comment just first look at the job description of any
    organization….. they want smart attractive employ why ??????? if they
    haven’t any objection over hijab if any person chooses to were so why
    they think him like that she is old fashioned she isn’t capable… then
    modern lady as shee she good look and appearance count most why ????
    ohhh com on guyzzzz be practicle we are not living in fantasy world THIS

  • Gp65

    Well said.Recommend

  • Gp65

    A factual rebuttal to the author’s contention that a Hijab protects women from being harassed.Recommend

  • syed abbas ali shah

    Well saidRecommend

  • Gingo

    Why wasn’t hijab/veil/burqa ordained for Prophet Yusuf (A.S)?
    His visage was a source of lust for Zulekha, who we are told to believe cut her finger accidentally while captivated by his handsomeness and even went so far as to try to seduce him while he was a slave at her place.
    It was Zulekha who was wrong so as not to control her urges.
    A piece of cloth doesn’t indicate modesty, the mindset does.Recommend

  • Noman Zahoor

    Are you creating a new islam.ok, tell me the reference of any hades where it allows women to wear hijab.the veil is the only way to protect yourself from evil eyes and others elements nowadays existed in our society.Recommend

  • Asif

    @sickoflt: bang on. very well saidRecommend

  • Syed Ahmed Faraz


  • Muhammad Athar Shah

    Yeah RightRecommend