10 reasons why Ian Somerhalder should win the Peoples Choice Awards

Published: December 5, 2013

Ian Somerhalder at the 2013 Peoples Choice Awards. Photo: Publicity

Most of you know him as Damon Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries (TVD) while some of you might know him as Boone Carlyle from Lost season one.

So all of you know how amazing he is.

Here are my 10 reasons for why Ian Somerhalder deserves to win the 2014 Peoples Choice Award.

1)       He uses his fame for good causes. He organised the Ian Somerhalder Foundation (ISF) which focuses on the global conservation of habitats, green energy and animals, alongside educating people on the importance of protecting the environment.They collaborate with different non-profit organisations, people and projects to positively impact the planet. Isn’t that astounding?

A screenshot from ISF

2) He’s the perfect example of a humanitarian. He supports various charities and foundations, such as the Alzheimer’s AssociationElton John AIDS Foundation and The Trevor Project, a nonprofit venture established to promote acceptance of gay and questioning teenagers, and to aid in suicide prevention among that group.

I feel so sorry for his haters. I mean how can one hate a man like this?

We want new phones, cars, jewelry for our birthdays. What does Somerhalder want for his birthday? Source: ISF

3) He plays an exemplary role of the bad boy vampire. Playing Damon Salvatore, he’s the reason many people love The Vampire Diaries (TVD), especially the ladies.

Damon Salvator and Elena Gilbert from The Vampire Diaries. Source: CW

4) His eyes take over you and then you’re completely spell bounded. Come on, even the TVD haters can’t deny that Ian and his eyes are irresistible. Ladies and gentleman, the owner of these eyes definitely deserves a prize!

Damon doing his ‘eye thing’ Photo: Publicity

5) I just love the way he influences young people to take part in environmental projects which most people find boring. In an interview he goes on to say,

“With the IS Foundation, we have the ability to speak to young people and empower people in a collaborative spirit. Activate them, educate them. And all of a sudden, now, you have this army of empowered activated young people who are compassionate, going out into the world and spreading all of this. And literally, adopting a more holistic framework about life.”

I’m literally sleeping in class when the teacher starts giving lectures on environmental projects but when it come to him,  I can watch Somerhalder’s videos about these projects the entire day and find them interesting!

This is probably the same case with most of his fans, also known as ‘Somerholics’. And I am not just saying this, the projects really are great.

Ian visited Compton High School in California and awarded their Recycling Club with a grant to help them build their very own greenhouse. Photo: Publicity

6) He helped the victims of the Typhoon Haiyan, which caused severe destruction in Philippines. He did this by donating money and assisting in any way possible. He also played a big role in cleaning up after the Deepwater Horizon oil drilling disaster on April 22, 2010. People could learn a lot from him.

7) A man like him should be a role model for humans everywhere. He puts the needs of others before his own needs.

8) He adores and loves all animals. One of the areas of focus of the ISF is to stand up for cruelty and empower ‘No Kill’ animal shelters. He has several rescue cats at home and recently rescued a dog wandering on the streets near the TVD set.

Ian Somerhalder at a pet clinic. Photo: Twitter

9) Last year, he lost the “International Green Awards” but won the award for the ‘Most Responsible Celebrity for his work on renewable energy. Somerhalder is involved with a start-up company called Go Green Mobile Power, which makes mobile solar, wind and bio-diesel generators in hopes to provide off-grid power for everything from the film industry to disaster relief overseas.

I think he deserves to win this time considering all the effort he has been putting in.

Ian Somerhalder at the ‘Going Green’ campaign. Photo: Renee Scott/Butch Hogan

10) He’d look great on stage while receiving the award and doing that eye thing.

Ian Somerhalder at the 2013 Peoples Choice Awards. Source: Publicity

So I think all the ‘Somerholics’ will agree with me when I say that this amazing actor and humanitarian should win the 2014 Peoples Choice Awards.

Iman Asif

Iman Asif

A 13-year-old teenager interested in photography. She tweets @imanasif_ (twitter.com/imanasif_)

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    Reason 11: Iman Asif has a crush on him, and think he is hot. :)Recommend

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    13 years old with a cute pink cap on………and when you say with authority that Ian Something-or-the other is a heart throb and deserves thePeoples Choice awardRecommend

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    My comment got posted with my finishing it .
    ……award and have provided back up evidence especially the picture of him on the beach with his fans…………I just have to agree with you.Recommend

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    You didn’t need 10 things to convince me…………the one picture of Ian Something-or-the-other on the beach with his fans was enough.Recommend

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  • isha

    omg..what an amazing article from a 13year old you are proof that if we have exemplary role models like Ian,the youth are gonna be great citizens of the world..here’s wishing Ian all the best&thank you for this article..Recommend

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    I don’t want to sound too full of myself but if you happen to know so much about this guy and you are thirteen, someone needs to have a word with your mom. The vampire boys. UrrrrggggghhhhRecommend

  • guest

    I love Ian Somerhalder, a gorgeous beautifull Man inside and out, with the most beautifull smile, That works tirelessly to make this a better Planet. He is also a fantastic Actor and has made Damon, in to one of the best characters ever, with His phenamonal portrayal of that complex, multilayered character.Recommend

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    vampire diaries? seriously?

  • Vania Carneiro

    Iman who read Asif, you thrilled me with this Article.
    I agree with everything you wrote, he really deserves this award, but much better than any award that Ian can receive is to see how he gets so positively influence people of all ages, especially as young as you.
    If it depends on me this award is already theirs. C’mon guys, listen Iman, this award should be Ian.
    Sorry my english!Recommend

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    Cute to see a well written article from a young Pakistani teen. :)Recommend

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    Who is this guy? I never heard of him. Just gone Google him
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    come on people, give the girl some credit, what she says is true ,how many people after achieving what Ian Somerhalder has would care about anyone except themselves , I think we should applaud the actor’s devotion to work towards a better future, the guy may play the role of a blood thirsty vampire on screen , but he has a heart of gold in real life. to all the haters do one per cent of what he is doing and then comment. Iman Asif, I like you hope he wins the award , but even if he does not, what matters is that he has won the heart of countless people like ours. :)Recommend

  • Anshuman Tripathy

    I’m not trying to impose my will on you but please try changing your taste in tv shows. There are loads of quality tv shows a 13 year old can watch other than ths cheesy vampire saga that so many fangirls drool over. I would suggest House MD, Friends, Sienfeld and How I met your mother for you.They’re really good and will offer you to see life from a fresh perspective. Game of thrones, Dexter and Breaking Bad are good shows too which you can watch after you’re 18.Recommend