A place where ignorance is bliss

Published: January 19, 2014

When darkness is sovereign, it is useless to follow the light. PHOTO: Reuters

When ignorance is bliss,
‘Tis folly to be wise.
When rationality is rare,
‘Tis sinful to raise one’s voice.

Where tolerance is extinct,
‘Tis a futile try to reason.
Where masses are blind,
‘Tis fruitless to have a vision.

When darkness is sovereign,
‘Tis useless to follow the light.
When apathy prevails,
‘Tis arduous to end the plight.

Where murderers are hailed,
‘Tis effete to long for peace.
Where barbarians reign,
‘Tis illusive to live with ease.

When bullets speak,
‘Tis difficult to hold a pen.
When terrorism rules,
‘Tis rare to hear a good omen.

Ahmad Zubair

Ahmad Zubair

An Afghan national living in Peshawar, he holds a Masters in International Relations and BSc Civil Engineering and writes about social issues, politics, religion and extremism. He tweets as @AhmaddZubair (twitter.com/AhmaddZubair)

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