Pakistan, a song of love and brotherhood

Published: December 19, 2013

Pakistani youths make the biggest human national flag at the National Hockey Stadium in Lahore. Photo: AFP

History tells us that all great nations were once not great. A nation like America had been war struck for more than 100 years. Racial inequality was at its peak in America. The economy was badly affected eight years ago.

England too was war ridden for many years. China was once a collection of divided people with vastly differing aims. All great nations faced a plethora of problems before they became truly great.

A citizen of the great Pakistan. Photo: Salman Javed

I am citizen of a country where,

Every day,

Earth witnesses blood,

The sky witnesses injustice,

The sun sees poverty,

The stars see slums.

And the moon sees darkness.


But, every day, I smile and

Tell the earth that there will be peace,

I tell the sky that there will be justice,

And the sun that there will be prosperity,

The stars that there will be great cities,

And the moon that there will be lights with hope,

One day…

On my land ‘Pakistan’.

When I look at Pakistan, something spiritual awakens deepens deep inside me, a sense of holiness towards my country.

Even the mere mention of its name warms my blood. Its quiet greatness is palpable.

This land is very different from all the other lands described above; the smell of its soil is full of hope.

This nation is very different from all the other nations; it has the courage that no other nation has on earth.

Why, you ask?

Because Pakistan is special; because Pakistan can attract leaders like Jinnah from England.

It is the land of dreamers.

It is home to great poets like Allama Iqbal and Faiz Ahmed Faiz. The soil of this land has tasted the blood of martyrs like Major Aziz Bhatti Shaheed.

A land where the definition of struggle lies within our spirits; a land of Sufis.

This land has given birth to legends, ones about who chapters in history were written.

I believe that one day this land will bring a Jinnah.

This land will welcome an Iqbal.

This soil will taste the blood of Aziz Bhatti.

This land will be a place of justice and dignity.

This land will be an example of true struggle with a true spirit.

Legends will be born on this land and they will make the flag of Pakistan a shadow of peace and its anthem, a song of love and brotherhood.

Yes, I believe it will happen.

I believe.

Long live Pakistan; long live its people.

Salman Javed

Salman Javed

A software engineering student who believes in hope, love, peace and the struggle for peace. His interests include photography and his mission is to make the world a peaceful place to live in. He tweets as @salman4peace

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  • Arooj Ahmed

    “Yes, I believe it will happen.” Inshaa’Allah!Recommend

  • Vishal

    Nation built on notions such as Muslims are rulers and cannot be ruled by lower grade Hindus even though they may be more in numbers got (applied again with Bangladesh) has become nation of Sufis and poets..What a twist to story of Pakistan.Lets first be truthful that Pak messed up and restart with better ideas..Recommend

  • hamza

    A very good piece of work my friend… from the very first word till the last.. I completely agree…let me tell you one thing….History tells us that if a nation develops too fast, and takes a very little time to develop… (Like the Nazi Germany after WW1), it is sure going towards doom… Pakistan is probably is the only country in the world that is formed in it’s way… they had no pen to write with, no office to work in, no paper to write on.. but still managed to bring up a country that is now one of the largest country in the world and is now considered as a rapid developing economy… although this nation is suffering from great losses and sorrows, but if you ask every other person in the country, you’ll see a smile in their faces and a sense of pride of the nation… no matter what the circumstances are, Pakistani’s are always happy with the little they have, and that is why we all are sure that this nation would prosper in the futureRecommend

  • Etizaz

    Yes of course we have capability of rising againRecommend

  • Moiz Omar

    That day will surely come. Pakistan Zindabad (Long Live Pakistan).Recommend

  • Saleem

    Yeah possible if we adopt Jinna,s legacy>state has no business with the religion,a foundaton stone for the progress of Pakistan.Recommend

  • Mehrimah Chauhdry

    kuddos for such a piece of writing. we really need this hope. Blessings manRecommend

  • For something you despise, you are awfully obsessed with Pakistan!Recommend

  • Imran Aslam

    Yes ,I agree.Very good piece of work. A hop that will change Pakistan.Recommend

  • Muhammad Shauja

    Very nice poem that empowers a hope that will surely make our country a better place to live.Recommend

  • Proletarian

    This is so retarded. You mentioned Jinnah, Iqbal and Aziz bhatti twice but not once did you mention Bhagat Singh. Was it because he was not a slave of religion and nation but a man who fought for the liberation of all huamnity and thus not a part of your ‘muslims r speshul’ worldview.Recommend

  • Zalmai

    No mention of Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, Bugti, Samad Achakzai and others but you mention an obscure Aziz Bhatti. Try to to be inclusive and pluralistic for your country to shine.Recommend

  • Khadija

    Good positive work! we need it in this time of hopelessness. yes Pakistan will emerge as the best state of the world…….we have to believe it….Don’t loose hope…time is coming we will rise in the world. INSHAALLAHRecommend

  • Naila

    InshAllah my beautiful country shall rise again. love you PakistanRecommend

  • Parvez

    Tell this to any red blooded Pakistani and he will immediately say ‘ Insha Allah ‘………and then go back to sleep, forgetting that ‘ God only helps those who help themselves ‘.
    Liked your optimism and do believe that someday this will come to pass.Recommend

  • Sana Qureshi

    This is so beautifull, no matter how hard the times are..Pakistan serves as the ultimate source of Hope for us all. Long live Pakistan :)Recommend

  • Moazzam

    We love our Land. I.A one day this land will be a place of justice. We are down by peace and dignity now a days but Soon we will be on the top. Our country would be loved and it would be a shelter place to live……. We Love Pakistan & Long live Pakistan.Recommend

  • Hamid Raza

    I will see that day and I will create that by my own struggle. If you want make a complete world then you have to make a complete person because world is reflection of one person.Recommend

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  • Salman

    Not mentioning him doesn’t lead to intentions.Recommend

  • Salman

    Thank you :)Recommend

  • Salman


  • Salman

    One day,IndeedRecommend

  • Salman

    Yes of course.Recommend

  • Salman

    Very true brother.Recommend

  • Salman
  • Salman


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  • Salman


  • Jijaji00

    Its not called obsessed dear, its called being observer…lolRecommend