Applying to NED? These tips may save your life!

Published: December 21, 2013

While applying for NED, the speed with which your work gets done depends on your connections and your understanding of the word ‘fees’. PHOTO: FILE

Ever wondered why people who manage to get admission into NED University of Engineering and Technology (NEDUET) have a certain kind of ecstasy in their eyes? As if they have conquered the world, or at least part of it? I used to ponder over it as well, until I too became a part of the university’s legacy.

Recently I decided to apply for admissions in NEDUET. The days that followed saw me transforming from a lovable creature to someone full of loathe and hate for the institute’s administration. Standing in lines for almost seven hours, with an additional hour spent waiting for my name to be called out to submit the form, using languages and swears I never knew I could use, and almost landing in a hospital bed are all those things that made me realise that getting into NED is not child’s play.

Hence, I have decided to let people know what it means to become a part of this institution. This is a step-by-step guide for all those who wish to apply to a university that still insists on using pre-historic administrative procedures.

What you will need before you apply:

–          A relative with a lot of free time on their hands to accompany you.

–          Your own mode of conveyance.

–          A relative who is a 17 grade or above government officer.

–          Knowledge of a few regional languages.

–          The ability to comprehend profanities and dish them out.

–          Friends in high places or the ability to make friends instantaneously.

–          Patience, stamina and of course, a large amount of money.

Optional but highly recommended

–          Health insurance

Step 1: Getting ready

Try to be one of the first applicants to acquire the prospectus from the university’s bank – the earlier, the better. Signup on the university’s website using the codes in the prospectus, fill in the online form and print it out along with the bank slips (chalans).

Step 2: Paying the form submission fee

Go to the university’s bank and submit the fee. Try submitting it as soon as admissions open. (Reaching the bank at a later date will mean encountering angry parents and students, along with very tired and frustrated bank employees.)

There will be either a queue or a crowd when you reach the bank. In the case of a queue, you can either,

1) Stand in line and wait for your turn, which will take around 15 to 30 minutes.


2) Go to the beginning of the queue and start complaining about the bank’s procedures. This may or may not result in your work getting done – but oh well, at least you tried.

In case of a crowd, using option two will yield positive results faster. There is a higher chance of getting your turn early if you are a female. Your sister or mother may come in handy at this time.

Step 3: Attestations

You will need a few hundred documents attested. Put that grade-17 relative of yours to work.

If you have done your A’ levels, visit the board office for an ‘equivalency’ certificate. The speed with which work gets done depends on your connections and your understanding of the word ‘fees’.

Step 4: Submission of the form

On any one of the submission dates, get up early, have a good breakfast (you’ll need all the strength you can get), ask your relative to join you, yup the same one with a lot of free time, and reach the admissions office a few hours before it opens.

Collect a token, wait for your turn, submit your form, wait for a while more and then receive your admit card.

Get in line as soon as possible. Take turns with your relative for standing in line. Make friends with those in front and those behind you. Be prepared to yell at people cutting in line, to be shoved and pushed. Once inside the office, follow the instructions from the token system.

This entire ordeal may take around seven to ten hours, which is where your health insurance comes in. You may need it afterwards.

Step 5: The test

Study from your prior textbooks or join a centre for the test. Show up on the day of the test and just pass it (50 or above marks is a pass)!

Step 6: Documents submission and medical test

Utilise your government officer relative again.

Get a PA (posterior-anterior)-view X-Ray report made. Arrange the required original documents and medical test fee. Reach the admissions office a few hours before time.

Get a token, wait your turn and then submit the documents. Wait another 15 minutes.

Receive a stamped and signed slip that says you have submitted them. Pay the medical test fee and receive a bank slip.

Go to the medical centre. Get your height, weight, eyesight, colour blindness and X-Ray inspected in the fastest health check-up you will ever have witnessed.

Receive a ‘thumbs up’ or the bad news that you cannot be a particular type of engineer because you are just a few centimetres short of the required height.

Step 7: The interview

Prepare by memorising your choices and arranging the admission fee.

Show up at the designated time. (Everything will be delayed; you will not miss out on anything.) Walk to the auditorium, where the interviews are taking place, find a nice seat, sit down and just pray.

There will be a projector displaying the merit list on a screen. Your position on the list determines your chances of realising your parents’ dreams. Wait for your name to be called out.

Go to the bank employees and pay the fee. Receive the bank deposit slip and proceed to the university officials.

The ‘interview’ will begin with the all-important question,

‘Have you paid the fee?’

Next will be,

‘Which department?’

Followed by,


You will answer the first question by producing the bank deposit slip, the second by stating your choices and the third by taking the admission slip they offer.

Leave. (Try not to look back)

Tell your friends, yell enthusiastically and let the whole world revel in your happiness.

You are now officially a student of NEDUET. Congratulations!

Taha Shaheen

Taha Shaheen

A student who has done his A-Levels and is interested in sports, writing, reading and learning about new cultures, he tweets as @Taha_Shaheen_ (

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  • Eaglepilot

    You have exaggerated alot, I (alevels) too got admission in NED, yea but you are right we had to wait 7 hours straight for submission of form, but its not the fault of NED adminstration its actually bcoz board office had delayed students’ mark sheets, due to which in last days of submission of forms NED administration took a step, that students can submit forms without marksheet but they would have to submit marksheet later, thats why in the last days of submission of form we witnessed huge crowd , and also NED lecturer told me that they themselves have not either seen this amount of students applying at a single time and my elder brother also confirmed it who also applied few years ago.Recommend

  • Nedian

    Overly exaggerated. Of course one has to follow the rules and procedure set by the university administration. It seems as if you didn’t apply to any other well renowned institutions of the city where one has to encounter way more chaos and mishaps.
    And no, one doesn’t need ‘lots of money’ atleast for ned. Compare the fee structures with other universities and you’ll get a better picture.
    I am an Nedian as well and I had to go through the very same procedure that you have mentioned but neither did I have any ’17th grade govt officer’ as my relative nor did I pay a lot of money. Yet I was able to clear the admission process WITH ease.Recommend

  • Rameez Ahmed Khan

    Having seen the hoards of students and angry parents at this years admission process, I can understand where you’re coming from. But remember this thing: no matter how good NEDUET might look from the outside, once you get in you’ll start to loath it specially because the stupid childish classmates and desperate guys trying to get “companionship”. All the euphoria will wear out by the end of your first year, and mind you this is coming from a senior.Recommend

  • Sheema

    Yes you do need patience and stamina but large amounts of money ? Are you serious ? NED is the only reputable engineering university in Karachi where I have seen people coming from the lowest of backgrounds who work hard and go on to become engineers. The admissions are purely merit based and once you get there, you really do not need to care about your fee as they give out scholarships to all the needy. Fee structure for merit based students is too reasonable, hardly 12 to 13k per semester. Books can be issued on amounts as low as Rs.20 / 30 per book from the book bank and here we are talking about course books for engineering that are usually expensive. They travel via points and buses and many students actually teach in evening and tutor school/ college students that helps them to pay for themselves.Recommend

  • proud NEDIAN

    totally exaggerated article…. where is the unlike button!Recommend

  • Zahir

    I have studied in NED University and IBA and I can safely tell you that NED’s Admission department is one of THE BEST and extremely cooperative ! Yes they do lots of documentation but that is the part of the procedure.Recommend

  • Sam

    Overly exaggerated! I think standing in a queue to pay the fee is quite normal. I mean that’s the way it is… almost everywhere. You have to wait for your turn.Recommend


    Totally, in fact, how can Express tribune publish something like this… I am shocked,!!Recommend

  • SLF

    I am too an NEDIAN but i don’t know why you have penned down your thoughts while you were in hallucination in this perspective because this is in complete contradiction to what reality is; you have totally exaggerated the scenario. I think you have not been to any public sector institutes before then surely you would have not been posted this article. As far as i know and mostly NEDIANS they all are happy with NED admission process which is transparent as well as modernized. May be the admission process is tedious and cumbersome this is due to massive applicants which the admission department has to manage. BTW which university is offering you conveyance for application???? A large amount of Money!!!!!!! I think you haven’t checked other engg universities fee structure. Compare the admission procedures of Public sector institute to Public sector institute. Moreover all the teachers are available to attestation only you have to bring your original documents I hope you know that this is mandatory in all ways. BE PREPARED BRO ONCE THIS ARTICLE WILL BE SPREAD YOU WILL FACE A LOT OF CRITICISM :)Recommend

  • @aamawam

    It’s almost the same for admission in Karachi University. Just exclude the stupid medical test,Recommend

  • Jpdupminy

    What do you mean, is NED bad bcoz of other desperate students?, or its just one has to study too much by end of just first year?Recommend

  • Rana Arshad

    I respect the love and affinity of many NEDians for the university. You really love the alma matre guys. But many of you are missing the actual point: Why a university claiming to be a university of technology is using a procedure which can reminds us of the institutions of very old times? Can’t the forms be admitted on line and the documents sent through couriers where applicable? I myself experienced this queue which moved slower than a snail. It took more than seven hours to reach the door of the admission office and note it, it was hardly two hundred yards that was travelled. And yet there were thousands behind us. The scorching sun, no shades, the intruders trying to somehow get in the queue. Thanks to the security officers and the rangers who would not let them in easily. And thanks to the ‘qulfi wala’ across the road who proved to be a great help for people burning under the sun. But where the technology will be applied if not in such situations.
    The newspaper reports said that admission seekers will there till 10 pm in their efforts to get the forms submitted.

    Kuchh khuda khofi karo yar! Why are you all defending this ‘stone age procedure’?Recommend

  • RMH

    Extremely Exaggerated! NED admission staff is so cooperative….I don’t have any high ranking relatives yet I don’t remember I had to face a single problem while getting into NED. It was such a smooth process. The only thing true in this article is the interview but basically the interview day is your enrollment day NED should change the day’s name. And NED is the cheapest university in town for engineering so NED is not after your money at all!Recommend

  • Rana Arshad

    Transparent, yes. Modernized? NO WAY. Where boys, girls, fathers, mothers have to stand in a line under very hot sun for seven hours. And this is the only point in this blog. Please let us not ignore it.Recommend

  • Rana Arshad

    Then why these NEDians are praising it? Sir nae bachon ka dil chhota na karen! I expect that the things you have mentioned are not NED specific.Recommend

  • Khalid

    A useful manual for aspirant NEDians, reflecting on our societal ills and how they plague the education sector.Recommend

  • Rana Arshad

    Waiting in the line in a bank is okay. Waiting in line from gate to admission office for hour after hour is not normal. There is not exaggeration at all. It is cent per cent true. People sitting in air-conditioned rooms cannot feel the pain and agony of girls sweating in lines for many hours. they can say it is an exaggeration. But ask their parents who were there. They will tell you. I am telling you. It was very difficult to stand there for seven and a half hours. Please do not say it is over stated. No, it is not. Please!Recommend

  • Ovais

    The state of engineering in pakistan is just appalling . Its really sad to see the sixth largest country in the world with professors who can only talk and do nothing. To be honest the blame for pakistans failure to grown or innovate towards a developing country is due to all the professors in publc and private education especially in engineering for their gross incompetency.Recommend

  • Ovais

    Its the same everywhere from private to public universities so stop crying and start working towards a brighter futureRecommend


    Its too early for you to share experience, spend 4 years first !Recommend

  • Isma Karim

    @Author: You described the admission procedure well. Students wishing to get asdmission there will appreciate you for it but the “What you need before you apply” part of your writing was complete rubbish :P NED University is one of the most prestigious engineering university of Sindh and I’ve known many people who might die just to study there. Peace!Recommend

  • Sadeem Munawar

    Highly exaggerated! You’re getting an admission at a University
    NOT Central Jail! Sounds like the author has NEVER EVER submitted any form at
    all in Pakistan… It’s a high time for him to put on his big boy pants as he’s
    starting his undergrad studies and if this keeps up, we will keep on reading
    this same crying article after every 6months when he would have to submit his semester’s
    fee. Also, in this cute story the author portrayed this ‘dreadful’ scenario
    which happens on the last 2 days before deadline (… and yes NED is usually kind
    enough to provide an extension of the deadline every time just to ease the flow).
    As far as the attestation goes, again you’re
    applying at a university NOT a kindergarten school… There are certain norms.
    Trying applying in a university outside Pakistan and see what their
    requirements are… (which are almost the same!) Lastly, getting an admission at
    NEDUET gives you a feeling that your on top of the world, why? Because of its reputation,
    the academics, the opportunities to grow, polish and make something out of yourself
    with the great quality of education. Try stepping in an any industry and see
    what the NEDUET engineers are worth as compared to Sir Syed University, Mehran,
    MAAJU etc. Oh and engineers who studied from NEDUET are very much appreciated around
    the globe… This is the reason why ‘you feel like you’re on top of the mountain’
    after getting an admission at NEDUET.. not because the ‘physical’ stress is too
    much. Jeez! Grow up.Recommend

  • Balaj

    You only have to wait in line for 7 hours or so if you decide to submit your form on the very last few days.. Even then its overly exaggerated.Recommend

  • Syed Faheem

    I got admission this year in NED-UET in
    Mechanical engineering andI totally
    disagree with this article
    …. I will mention them one by one

    First of all sorry for criticizing

    First of all the title of your article does not
    match with your article because there is not a single tip in your
    article that might save the life of a NEDIAN.

    What you will need before you apply:

    – A relative with a lot of free time on their hands to accompany you.

    I completed my admission process without any one’s accompany or without any
    relative. You are now a university student and you should grow up enough that
    you can do all of your works without laying on any one’s shoulderRecommend

  • Syed Faheem

    – Your own mode of

    I don’t know what
    do you want to say by this point, for whole NED-UET admission process i travelled
    through public transport and it is not the responsibility of university or
    Government to provide you pick and drop at you home just you chose NED-UET for your engineering..

    – A relative
    who is a 17 grade or above government officer.

    Not only NED-UET but if you are doing anything
    which is relating to government you will need it. Your CNIC Form, Passport form
    domicile should be attested by 17 grade or above officer and what do you think
    all 1300 students who took admission this year, all previous students, all
    those who applied for admission this year or previously have a 17 grade or
    above relative government officer?Recommend

  • Babar NEDIAN

    You Need a lot of money for applying in NED no way ..NED is just like free for us …NUST,GIKI, Taking 6-12 lacs for a seat and NED just somethousands for a yearRecommend

  • Waqas

    I am NEDian and doing my masters from Germany. It seems that Taha’s mother still feed him by her hands. Administration of NED is one of the best.
    I will ask taha to go and look other universities not only in Pakistan but also around the world. There also he will stand in a line and then he will not complain about NEDRecommend

  • LOL

    hahahaha Just wait till you experience what’s inside this so called “prestigious” university. I’d say RUN while you can!Recommend

  • sane

    Not only exaggerated but overly exaggerated. People who do not come on merit complain like this.Recommend

  • Syed Owais Mukhtar

    Hey, if you have took the guidance from the volunteers of IJT they might have helped you a lot throughout the procedure! Try it!Recommend

  • Mobster

    For all those defending their ‘NEDUET’ and contradicting the article, see what the University has made you guys! You’ve closed your doors for expressions and comprehension. The writer is criticizing the admission process, the system and not the university itself – lolz Thank God I didn’t had to go through this process.Recommend

  • sheryar saleem

    awesome, same for me when i got admission this year.Recommend

  • Jpdupminy

    people saying that NED procedure is not modernized then why you guyz didnt submit your forms through TCS , you just had to submit your form at TCS office and then you wuld have got back your admit card sitting back at home without standing in qeue for 7 hours, and this procedure was even mentioned in NED site but author didnt bother to read the NED updates on their site instead decided to write spicy article,,,,,,,, i did that procedure and many of my friends also followed this TCS procedure successfully.Recommend

  • sane

    You are correct. Getting admission is hassle, but you can sacrifice a day or two for this…..after all this is your career.. NED is one of the prestigious institutions of Pakistan.Recommend

  • Syed Faheem

    – Knowledge of a few regional languages.
    Nether i have knowledge of any regional language nor i needed it at NED-UET.
    – The ability to comprehend profanities and dish them out.
    This is not NED-UET fault vulgar language is used all across our country national language.
    – Friends in high places or the ability to make friends instantaneously.
    If you are not doing any illegal thing then why you need friends in high places can you explain?Recommend

  • s.alam

    i can surely say that your interest is not reading you are just trying to abuse your educational system… haven`t met any good you are just lack of positivity …………Recommend

  • s.alam

    you are saying ….dont go in nedRecommend

  • Rameez

    I am an NEDIAN myself and really the administration should finally open there eyes and see where the world is heading. NED needs improvement in each and every single area from the admission till the convocation. from its below par faculty to absolutely non-existant research facilities.

    And NEDIAN please if you really love your alma meter then comment to improve it instead of blindly defending the disgustin policies of our douche administrationRecommend

  • Umair Ahmed Baig

    the admission process can be optimized more- agreed
    but criticizing NED’s admission process can be tough for some, because a large number of people apply and hence you have to wait in long lines……Recommend

  • Sadia

    There was no need for all this over-exaggeration. Bravo for jotting down every single unnecessary detail. You forgot to mention walking and counting steps that were required to go to administration block and bank and you also forgot to explain how the sun was burning at full brightness. The fastest medical test too has become a problem now, i guess.

    When i went for admission, I didn’t take anyone most of the time with me and there was no need either.My domicile was not ready at the time of submission and they let me submit it at the time of interview. And I wonder why you didnt mention anything about the admission test. Wait.., yes because it went perfectly fine.!!Recommend