President Obama: The only Nobel Laureate guilty of war crimes

Published: November 22, 2013

I’m sorry, Mr President. You, Nobel Laureate, are guilty of war crimes.

It is a champion of human rights, it is a champion of science and technology. It is a champion of arts and humanities. It is the forerunner in world economy and is a central figure in the global power politics that shape the future of nations.

It is also guilty of more war crimes than you can imagine. It is probably the only country in the world that lives and breathes paradoxes. It witnessed its people occupying Wall Street but at the same time, keeps denying the Geneva Convention and the International Court of Crimes.

When it comes to its own evils and its own sovereignty, the United States has one heck of a bloated self-esteem.

The president of the United States is a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. I reiterate this fact because, like many others have pointed out before me, this doesn’t mean he gets to shake his head and ‘condemn’ violence conditionally if it occurs in Aurora or Sandy Hook. It means he has to light a candle for the many children who have died in the wars that America fought. Their own soldiers. The women and children their soldiers raped and killed. The houses that were destroyed by robots.

The tribute the American nation is paying to their own military is filled with blood and tragedy – and for a democracy, they have little or no power in stopping this madness. Furthermore, weak nations like Pakistan have no choice but to bow down and accept this madness as the way of the world. It is a tragic comedy of sorts that turns into a chaotic game of Chinese whispers. On one hand, Sartaj Aziz, the PM’s adviser for National Security and Foreign Affairs, remarks that the United States considered Hakimullah Mehsud to be a high-value target. Government sources indicate that the US may suspend drone strikes in order for the peace talks with the Taliban. A few hours later, a drone strike hits Pakistani land again.

The ‘war on terror’ fought by unmanned drones and killing unarmed women and children (the figures go to about 3700, not regarding Pakistani government data), seems to have no bearing on their conscience. The United States military creates an omnipotent image to the world.

You mess with them, they will go George Bush on you.

You either let them use your Mujahideen, your ISI, your army in the war against an “evil empire” (perhaps the Soviets can shed better light on this than the average Pakistani), or you let yourself be collateral damage. You either let them use your airspace, breaking one of the most cardinal rules of international law, or you say goodbye to the billions of dollars in aid that they send you.

Then, once they have used you, exploited you, chosen your blood to war against ‘terrorists’ that they had a high-functioning role in creating – they hand you a few dollars and tell you,

“This was fun, we should do it again.”

There is no amount of conscientious blogs or marches on streets or hunger strikes or little children holding up placards or papers published and symposiums held by human rights’ activists that can make the United States see that the wars it wages are hypocritical, catastrophic and certainly not worthy of a country that produces more humanitarians than the rest of the world. It is not worthy of a country that claims to change the New World Order. It is not worthy of a country that is the epicentre of knowledge and advancement. It is not worthy of a country that put a man on the moon, cloned sheep and changed this world into a mass of information technology.

And it is definitely not worthy of a country whose President is a Nobel Peace Prize winner.

I’m sorry, Mr President. You, Nobel Laureate, are guilty of war crimes.


Mahwash Badar

The author is a clinical psychologist, a mum to two boys and permanently in a state of flux. She tweets @mahwashajaz_ (

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