An intolerant educational system made me indifferent to the death of non-Muslims

Published: November 23, 2013

For a better future for our children we must attach monumental significance to the task of reforming our educational system. Otherwise, we will just be raising fanatical individuals who have no value for human life. PHOTO: Reuters

For a better future for our children we must attach monumental significance to the task of reforming our educational system. Otherwise, we will just be raising  fanatical individuals who have no value for human life. PHOTO: AFP For a better future for our children we must attach monumental significance to the task of reforming our educational system. Otherwise, we will just be raising  fanatical individuals who have no value for human life. PHOTO: Reuters

As the Twin Towers came crashing down in New York City on September 11, 2001 an eight-year-old boy remained unmoved some 7,000 miles away in Lahore as the horrifying images unfolded before him. The boy then, descended into a mode of celebration upon discovering that the towers were in ‘non-Pakistani’ territory and that a significant majority of the dead were non-Muslims. 

This boy was no suicide bomber in the making. He was not the product of an extremist madrassa nor was he the son of a jihad veteran. In fact, this was a boy who was being educated at one of the finest institutions this country had to offer. Yet, the boy had failed to appreciate the value of human life.

He was insensitive to the deaths of more than 2,000 people. What is more alarming is that at the tender age of eight, this boy had justified his delight by distinguishing between the life of a Muslim and a non-Muslim.

As much as I hate to admit it, I was this boy.

In retrospect, I question why I showed such insensitivity to the events around me.

On what basis had I come to believe that the value of the life of a Jew or Christian was less than that of a Muslim?

How did I develop this extremely bi-polar perception of an ‘angelic’ East leading a crusade against the ‘demonic’ West?

After some pondering, I realised that my response to the events of 9/11 points towards an educational system that is deeply flawed, particularly the content of our textbooks. The factual inaccuracies, historical inconsistencies and the inherent bias that permeates these books has been criticised on numerous occasions – the most prominent being The Murder of History by KK Aziz.

However, beneath the veil of this customary disapproval lies a subtle but grave problem that still goes unnoticed. This problem is primarily two-sided. The first side is concerned with our treatment of the two identities that any Pakistani holds dear, that is, their nationality and religion, while the second arises from the content of our textbooks.

Think about it – Islam and Pakistan have always been portrayed as products of persistent persecution. Textbooks on Islamiat repeatedly drive the point home that Islam faced significant oppression before attaining the global status that it has today. Similarly, our history schoolbooks constantly highlight the cruelty faced by the Muslims of British India before acquiring the independent state of Pakistan.

It is not difficult to understand then, why this theme of persecution and oppression adopts such a paramount status in our treatment of Islam and Pakistan. Consequently, this breeds an instinctive feeling of vengeance against all those who fall outside the boundaries of Islam and Pakistan. Hence, children are subconsciously taught to view the people of this world through a binary lens – one is either a Muslim or a non-Muslim; a Pakistani or a non-Pakistani.

The second problem is concerned with the content of our textbooks. Books in both, Urdu and English are infused with tales that shed light on the lives of our national heroes. However, the irony is that while we have packed our textbooks with the bravery of Rashid Minhas and the valour of M M Alam, we  have ignored the compassion of Abdul Sattar Edhi and the accomplishments of Dr Abdus Salam. Intentionally or unintentionally, through our textbooks we have placed the traits of courage, bravery and valour on a higher pedestal than the traits of honesty, compassion and skill.

Unfortunately, this is the reflection of an educational system that contributes to the glorification of war at the expense of humanity.

In no way am I trying to suggest that Islamic and Pakistani history should be eliminated from our curriculum, and neither do I intend any disrespect towards our soldiers who have sacrificed their lives for the security of our homeland. I do, however, propose the adoption of a more balanced and refined approach towards teaching these subjects.

Where we celebrate a war hero, we must also celebrate a hero of science. Where we honour the bravery of an officer, we must also honour the compassion of a philanthropist. Where we recall the sacrifices of our Prophet (pbuh), we must also recall the sacrifices of Jesus.

Of course, such parity would require a shift in the very foundation of our educational system from psychological programming to a more open, pluralistic mode of critical thinking which is based on logic and reason. There is no doubt in my mind that unless we shift these foundations, we will not succeed in removing the ever-present ‘conspiracy theory’ syndrome as an explanation for all evil.

I grew up in a Pakistan where there was at least some sanctity of life and yet, I failed to recognise the intrinsic value of human life. I now fear the response of the next generation who unfortunately, have opened their eyes to a world of terror; a world where human life has been stripped of its very value and sanctity.

Thus, it is for the want of a better future for our children, that we must attach monumental significance to the task of reforming our educational system and waste no time in changing it. Otherwise, we will just be raising insensitive, fanatical and closed-minded individuals who have no value for human life.

And we will have only ourselves to blame.

Bakhtawar Bilal Soofi

Bakhtawar Bilal Soofi

A student of law at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), he tweets as @bbsoofi (

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  • indianrescuer

    while rest of the world is embracing pluralism ,pakistan is moving towards achieving 100% monolithic society based on Islam.There lies all problem.Anyway nice article.Recommend

  • Proletarian

    This was a good read. It took me back to that day. I was a teen when 9/11 happened and i also celebrated watching all those innocent people die. But then as i grew older i reevaluated my beliefs. Today im an athiest who believes in the goal of well being for all people.Recommend

  • Sane


    Extremely imaginative and far beyond from the reality. No one is happy for a death of someone. Blaming Muslims for no reason does not make any sense. Seems you want to achieve some ‘objectives’.Recommend

  • Hassan

    I had a similar experience to you. Like you growing up in Pakistan I hated Hindus and Sikhs. Then I went to England to university and I met Indians. It was fascinating meeting people from just across the border. Many Indians looked just like me. And why not ? They were Punjabis and I was a Punjabi. I was Rajput and they were Rajputs. I remember a Sikh who in appearance reminded me of my cousin. But while my cousin was close minded and boring my Sikh friend was funny and out going. The Hindus had a real passion for education which we do not. While Pakistanis could only one side an argument and get very emotional the British educated Indians could be a rational analysis of both sides of an arguments and give hard evidence.Recommend

  • Eddied

    Very well written article that identifies the source of many problems in Pakistan…congratulations!…Recommend

  • captainjohann samuhanand

    Hi soofi, A great post with lot of honesty.Recommend

  • Lalit

    you are asking for the moon.generation after generation have been fed with a false history replete with cooked up facts and highly biased opinions. Hate begets hate.Recommend

  • Alann


    Yes he is trying to achieve the ‘objective’ of putting sanity into the minds of his fellow Pakistanis, especially the ones like you. Live outside Pakistan for just 6 months and you will realise how Pakistan is viewed today in the outside world; and whether India is really Pakistan’s enemy or the best friend it could have. You will learn how your own politicians have fed you lies all along and destroyed this country while making themselves rich.Recommend

  • MHZ

    “No.. No we don’t …
    It is all America’s fault.”

    The consistent rants of PTIans and Jamatis. :D :PRecommend

  • Faraz Talat

    Who among us wasn’t raised listening to Sikh jokes? About a Singh doing one dumb thing or another? Or jokes about Kali Mata or Hanuman?

    The current state of paranoia that defines our nation, is the logical consequence of our Pakistan Studies courses, emphasizing how we have been battered, robbed, deceived and butchered by practically every country, religious group and ethnicity in the world, except perhaps the Chinese or the Russians; ourselves being little more than silent victims throughout the ages.Recommend

  • Xeric

    A well written piece, but then i fail to understand that how reading history made you ‘enjoy’ the deaths of 3K humans?Recommend

  • sss

    How did Muslims adopt rajput name?just asking.i think rajput is for hindusRecommend

  • sarah

    Its not just the education system’s responsibility to teach compassion ,honesty and tolerance ,these values are instilled in children by parents long before they start school . Please stop bashing Pakistan for your own short comings.Recommend

  • Kamran

    Its the system enforced in Pakistan to hate every non muslim and further hate sects of muslims, where did come from, go back to the regime of Zia ul Haq, when Pakistan was converted into a Saudi colony, as in Saudi Arabia it is taught in schools to hate muslims of different sects. Hassan , you dont have to be a Punjabi to admire nonmuslims, thats another tunnel vision problem in Pakistan.Recommend

  • Parvez

    I liked the substance and the way you argued your point.
    Just one small aspect I’d like to point out is that it was not only people in Pakistan who felt vindicated or in your words, descended into a mode of celebration.
    Another aspect you have not touched upon is the ‘ ever present ‘ role of religion, the pulpit and the huge madrassa system. Just imagine if you could think like this, what must be going on in the simple minds of these misguided millions.Recommend

  • Shahid Ahmed

    Mr. Soofi, you are dead right. Also, please read the covenent of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) given to the Christians of Monestery of St Catherines of mount Seinai. You may be ammazed.Recommend

  • Xeric

    Nicely written, but i am confused; how exactly did reading history made you ‘enjoy’ the death of 3K humans?Recommend

  • Danyal Sadeeq

    nice article..Recommend

  • Wastrel Way

    He gives reasons.Recommend

  • Satesh Kumar

    Nice article and a perfect topic to ponder upon. The good part is that you realized that your thoughts back then at 9/11 were inappropriate.
    You pointed it correct all the problems lies in the textbooks we are made to read and unfortunately taught. I remember a survey was carried few months ago where it was pointed that textbooks are responsible for hatredness found in Pakistani children.Recommend

  • S

    the most hilarious comment i have read, “Indians could be a rational analysis of both sides of an arguments”. Mate either you are portraying to be someone you are not, or you are lying or you are not very sharp. No offence. You are not the only one living abroad and meeting indians.Recommend

  • S

    And have the author ever realised that the rest of the world does not pay any heed to Pakistanis getting killed everyday? Or the author has gone to a foreign newspaper and read a sea of comments against Pakistanis and Muslims? Why they have that hate? Please stop being biased.Recommend

  • Anon

    Dont blame the education system for your own stupidity…Recommend

  • Gratgy

    An education system which afflicts its students with narcissistic personality disorder

    “People diagnosed with a Narcissistic Personality Disorder are characterized by unwarranted feelings of self-importance. They have a sense of entitlement and demonstrate grandiosity in their beliefs and behavior. They have a strong need for admiration, but lack feelings of empathy. These qualities are usually defenses against a deep feeling of inferiority and of being unloved.”Recommend

  • Tarzan

    Takes guts to face yourself in the mirror and write what you have written. Good luck friend..Recommend

  • Mubashir Sabir

    A nice, well written and thought provoking article. Texts in books taught are the main reason for the intolerant society we are now.Recommend

  • In-Sane

    I remember the evening when I saw this on TV but my feelings weren’t the same as the author at that time. But when I went to school and madrassah (I used to memorize Koran there) the next day, I felt like a stupid because everyone was not just indifferent about the killings they were rather happy about what had happened. That was the day I realized there was something “wrong” with me. Today, I am an atheist.Recommend

  • Truth

    Islam no where says kill innocent nonmuslims or enjoy their death at all !!!
    The textbooks are made by humans and has its faults.
    We should be taught high quality islamic books that potray the true message of islam and not the message of the author !!!Recommend

  • Rightway

    No where does islam says to hate any person !!! Rather islam teaches us to hate “bad deeds”!! Open the Quran and look yourself !!

    There are many things in pakistan which are unislamic but we are not even informed about them from the distorted islamic books such as demanding dowry from women and changing their names. Similarly, The hate that you had for hindus was influenced by the same negative people for political reasons taking the cover of islam.

    Truth is its our fault we don’t learn islam properly from the proper texts and original sources, if we did we would automatically identify and reject such beliefs and distorted books.Recommend

  • BlackJack

    Have you considered that rational Indians may be avoiding you, and possibly with good reason? Just a thought.Recommend

  • J T

    The gentleman who went by the name of “Rashid Minhas” in this very blog post is probably an example of a Muslim Rajput. Since you said you were only asking, you can read further about Muslim Rajputs:

  • pakistani for life

    Too many athiest here ;p PTA time for you to take action!!!Recommend

  • GordonHide

    Who is to decide what the true message of Islam is? If you cut yourself off from modern scholarship from every part of the world you cannot hope to institute a modern educational system which will enable Pakistan to compete economically and culturally with the rest of the world and make significant contributions to civilisation.Recommend

  • GordonHide

    It is true that there is much anti-Pakistan and anti-Muslim coverage in the world press. Nevertheless some foreign countries do donate significant amounts of money for the relief of suffering in Pakistan. You would do well not to model your actions and feelings on the worst of foreigners but on the best.Recommend

  • Guest

    not to sound mean but its not like people in West shed a tear every time Muslim dies in Middle East, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Read some comments by them in the West on any Islam related article, you will find intolerable hate speech as well but I dont hear them complaining.

    We Pakistani youth is becoming more and more self critical day by day, UNNECESSARILY.
    You people make it sound like Muslims are the main cause of today’s problems. And it was not the intolerant education system, it was the just frustration faced by people as a result of failure to counter the atrocities that Muslims faced and continue to face across the globe from the ongoing prosecution by the US military. So it’s a natural reaction that the education system became intolerable. Its not like our soldiers are killing non Muslims across the globe. Get your act together.Recommend

  • jin

    I actually dont remember any jokes like that. Funny thing is so many pakis coming here and condemning the education system.If our education system was really that bad, this blog posts and these commentators really would never have been here.

    I’m Pakistani studied in same schools same subjects, never was I imposed with these fake stories that u people are endorsing here. If the hate speech had really influenced u guys to celebrate killings of innocents then u would have been a member of ttp now NOT a liberal pretending to hate Pakistan

    Whats wrong with u people? If u hate being a Pakistani so much, please get out and move to India.Recommend

  • Francis D’souza

    @Truth: what exactly is a “high quality Islam?”.
    would you have the nerve to walk to any of the Islamic radicals or hardcore fundamentalists in SWAT and argue that they abandon their ideas of Islam?? Therein lies the problem with your idea of Islam versus others idea of Islam.Recommend

  • anmol

    nice article!Recommend

  • Anooop

    The funny thing about such topics is that the line “This is not Islam” starts appearing in various forms.

    Surely, it has something to do with it. A little, tiny bit?

    Somalia – Al Shahbab, Afghanistan – Taliban, Pakistan – TTP, Nigeria – Boko Haram, India – Indian Mujahideen, USA – Al Qaeda, Bangladesh – Jamaat.. The list is long so I’ll stop here.

    The aim of each of the above movements has a large degree of overlap. Different Nations, across different continents, yet the political aims are so similar.

    Yet, the line is repeated ad nauseam. Strange.Recommend

  • Ahmad Rizwan

    A fantastic article. Straight from the heart and directed to the mind. I arrived in Pakistan in April 2013 from UK after a stint of 11 years. Being in the education sector I thought of doing my bit back home so arrived here. In the first month I got invited to a Roots school function at a prestigious hall in Islamabad being done by nursery school children from Rawalpindi. What struck me most was the element of “Islam” in the whole event. In the speeches, etc. the children are saying “…. I am proud to be a Muslim….”, “…. Islam is the best religion in the world….”. Hearing all this made me think what would a child who is from a different faith and studying in this school and class be thinking. That he is no good and his belief is not the best?. What a confused child that would be whose self-esteem and confidence is getting shattered at the tender age of 4-5 years. Made me think whether I have done the right thing coming back to Pakistan or not. I am still in the process of making this decision as wherever I look and talk to people the level of intolerance and acceptance even amongst the so called educated is also very thin.Recommend

  • Nadeem

    Reality check. Why are Shias are being killed on a daily basis ? Why are Amadiyas being persecuted ? Why is the definition of what is a Muslim getting narrower and narrower. Why did the educated lawyers applaud the murder of Salman Tasseer ? jin, why are you in denial ?Recommend

  • Kashif

    The majority of Pakistanis are Hindu converts. Most of the rest are converts from Buddhism or Zoroastrism. A small minority are descendants of Arabs or Turks.Recommend

  • Truth

    Dont take my words of out of context on purpose.

    I said “high quality islamic books”, books which say what is in the quran and what is not and not from the top of their head. All sane people are already against those militants and those militants cause main damage to us pakistanis and not indians, so dont worry.Recommend

  • Truth

    No one will decide, its already decided. Just need people who are not politically influenced to deliver it.Recommend

  • Fairguy

    I am surprised how you only blame it on pakistanis? Many Indians are also thought to hate muslims and pakistanis, just watch an indian news channel and see how they hate on pakistanis, calling ALL of us terrorists.

    BE FAIRRecommend

  • Moawwiz

    The daily killings in Karachi have made me intolerant to death in general unless its someone close to me.Recommend

  • Tara

    I am reading Islamic History by Akbar Shah Nejeebabadi, an Indian historian of repute. After the time of the Holy Prophet PBUH and the first two caliphs, it seems many ‘quick converts’ quickly forgot what were the teachings of Islam and went on a killing spree. I am heart-broken and aghast at the amount of bloodshed for the sake of power grabbing and getting a hold of maximum loot in those wars. Within 60 years from the Holy Prophet’s PBUH passing away, so much muslim blood had been shed in Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Palestine, Jordan and all nearby areas that I could not continue and had to stop reading. These people did not go through Pakistani education system but were behaving just like the eight year olds like you who rejoiced at news of deaths of “opposing forces”. I am still at a loss to understand those actions of 1400 years ago and more at a loss to see TTP+ AlQAida following in those same footsteps. May God save the country and guide people to peace and love for all humanity.Recommend

  • Rajagopal

    With “smart and intelligent” people like you around, we can sleep peacefully in the knowledge that Taliban will always have young and fresh leaders to replace those lost to the Drones.Recommend

  • hi

    I was even younger than a teen and I don’t remember celebrating anyones death during those horrific scenes. People jumping out of windows and you celebrated?Recommend

  • Vikram

    Most Pakistanis are descendents of Hindus who converted to Islam by choice or who were forced to convert to Islam. Muslims did not adopt “rajput names”, they just kept last name of their forefathers.Recommend

  • zehra

    i am sorry you cant blame the educationaal system for it! humanity is not only to be taught at school, it is something you get from home as well?? yes we study history that glorifies muslims invaders, rulers, the partition voilence and the injustices! BUT THEN WE ALSO STUDY ETHICS, AND EQUALITY! choice is givem the school is not resp only to create your mindsetRecommend

  • Burjor

    Pakistan is not only Pakistan’s problem, it will soon be quite evident that Pakistan is a problem for its neighbours, and the reason is given aboveRecommend

  • Indian

    We hate Pakistanis not Muslims. I hope you understand the depth of the previous sentence.:)Recommend

  • Xee

    “Surely, it has something to do with it. A little, tiny bit?”

    You meant to say Islam created your neighborhood RSS and BJP walla?

    “Somalia – Al Shahbab, Afghanistan – Taliban, Pakistan – TTP, Nigeria – Boko Haram, India – Indian Mujahideen, USA – Al Qaeda, Bangladesh – Jamaat.. The list is long so I’ll stop here.”

    These are the evils stuck in an Indian mind? Suggesting you to look beyond your “ad nauseam”.Recommend

  • Proletarian

    Yep. I told myself the americans deserved it. Now I know I was wrong.Recommend

  • abbas

    As much as i hate to say this but you cant just blame the education system for that. Some of the blame must go to his parents also.Recommend

  • Abbas Khalid

    As much as i hate to say this but only the education system cannot be blamed. Childrent learn at home as well as school.Recommend

  • sadaf

    it is always wiser to correct yourself first than pointing fingers at othersRecommend

  • Enlightened

    I was also teached all this hatred & i would NEVER FORGIVE THIS COUNTRY FOR TEACHING ME ALL THIS BIGOTRY. I was fortunate to get out of this state of mind unlike most Pakistani’s.Recommend

  • jin

    I am not in denial. Majority is against these killings and its not ORDINARY people like u me, your maid/driver or the riksha wala. Whats wrong with u people?? Stop making pakitanis look like cold blodded murderers. Its only the ttp thats the sole reason for these killings NOT the average Pakistani.

    Personally, I dont believe they are being killed by Pakistanis. How can a Muslim go out there and spread hate/killings against religious minorities? If we are to blame someone, blame it to the universal propaganda against Pakistan.Recommend

  • Sid

    Good job dude. You are fortunate enough to awake from denial which itself is a sign that you are still a human. Many of us ( Hindus and Muslims alike) have lost that capability long ago. Your blog is a food for thought for religious extremists on both sides of the border. We need to respect and love life and human values above religious values. I am not saying not to be religious. But suggesting that a true follower of any religion would not resort to any sort of violence or express any inhuman response to human tragedy.
    Hopefully more of us awakes to bitter realities like you did and lets collectively correct our course. There is much to be achieved as brothers and friends. Cheers :)Recommend

  • Vikram

    Zehra: “Yes we study history that glorifies Muslims invaders, rulers, the partition violence and the injustices!”

    There is no choice…….Pakistani media follows the same line as schools. Most Pakistanis learn about truth about India/Indians when they meet them in person in a foreign country.Recommend

  • The Air & the Water

    Oh so many labels for “people” people are you, me, everyone. Skin, flesh, bone, thoughts, feelings, love. Remove the labels, the systems, the religions and see what we are. People. Life is life and every life has the right to live it. If everyone would simply adopt a new way. Like, What can I do to help the person next to me and everything would be just fine. Your life is a gift and the seconds before it ends you will want to look back at knowing you were kind, loving and peaceful. It’s all that will count.Recommend

  • Dureen A Anwer

    Honest and well written. Loved this blog.Recommend

  • Thoughts.

    The educational system is the very basic, most fundamental singular element which decides a nation’s future. Most Pakistani children do not even attend school. In retrospect perhaps it is better than attending school or other places where children are indoctrinated in a manner that will be a hinderance than help. Consider the comments above and just think.Recommend

  • Proletarian

    TTP wasnt the reason the Ahmadis were declared non-muslims. It not the TTP that attemped a cleansing of secular-nationalists in east Pakistan. The TTP didnt burn down the Christian neighbourhoods in Punjab and its not the TTP that has killed thousands of Shia professionals since the 90s or tries to disrupt the Ashura procession every year.Recommend

  • Truth

    Good for you. You are sick minded, Do not put this blame of celebration on all of us. And the amazing no. of likes you get is from the people famous here for anti islam and anti pakistan bashing. Most of them are hindus u can tell from their name, coming to pak website to take off their hate filled mind.

    These are the same hypocrite people who don’t mind living and making money in strict muslim countries like UAE & Saudi.Recommend

  • indianmuslim

    Care to explain why so many hindus are leaving their shining india and moving to 100% islamic governed countries namely Saudi and UAE.

    Do these people sell their honour for money?Recommend

  • Caughtredhanded

    Wow, its just mind boggling the way people are commenting to become atheist. And the most interesting part is that the likes are all from religious hindus?

    A graph should be put to analyse from which country these hate/ anti muslims / anti pakistan comments come from. I bet my life its from the other side of the border where a mass murderer is to be elected.Recommend

  • Shah

    Hate has negative impact with destructive consequences and Love has positive impacts which leads to constructive things.Recommend

  • ProPakistani Kashmiri

    The people who hate pakistan are already in india, don’t worry.

    ET is mostly visited by hate spreading people from India. Just look at who makes and likes anti pak/islam/muslim comments and look who dislikes your comment.

    Pro pakistani comments are automatically disliked while rapes are defended.

    We cant fight with over a billion people who are more interested in destroying pakistan than provide their nationals with toilet facilities.Recommend

  • PakistaniKashmiri

    You are so filled with hate, your multiple hate comments appear on every page of this site. Don’t you have anything to do in your shining india??

    Your country is plagued with poverty and dirt why are you interested in pakistan news all the time ?

    Or are you employed by the hindu nationalist party to spread hate comments here?Recommend

  • Indiankashmiri

    You indians only talk and talk, what is you talk on the hindu nationalist party’s open banners declaring im hindu on public streets in an attempt to wipe of all other religions. Pakistan is way more tolerant than india in this regard.Recommend

  • Indiankashmiris

    Rather hindus under the cover of athiestRecommend

  • IndianKashmiri

    With haters like you we can sleep peacefully knowing hindu nationalist will do all they can to spread hate all over the Internet particularly pakistani sites while normal indian is deprived of toilets.Recommend

  • Pakistanibalochi

    Rather the author watches indian media and news which puts more focus on landing in mars and pakistan and islam. While the average indian cant afford basic toilet facilities.Recommend

  • Kashmiri

    You were sympathising only with indians and you got reply below by the indian. I hope now your blindness is gone.Recommend

  • Kashmiri1

    However Most indians were forced by hindu nationalist parties to hate muslims, instead of focusing on their poverty and providing basic toilet facilities to the masses they are busy trolling pakistani sites spreading hateRecommend

  • Pakistaniloyalist

    Meanwhile indians forget how “Im hindu” poster is being pasted on their streets, hindu nationalist mass murder leader to be next pm and they think they are a equal to other religions.

    Sanjotha express and mumbai attacks propoganda show how low hindu extremists can go by murdering people deprived of food and home for revenge on pakistan.

    The world is not so stupid, they should’ve at least taught kassab not to utter “Bhagwan muzhe nohi maaf kore ga”. (For denying people go to Youtube pls) Hilarious lolRecommend

  • Pakistani loyalty

    Says someone whose country media and politicians are more focused on revenge with pakistan than solving their poverty issuesRecommend

  • PakistaniSindhi

    Rational indians??? Indians avoiding ????

    My dear friend wake up this is a pk domain, have you seen the amount of indians that come here to spread hate??

    They do not know whats happening in their backyard but they will poke their nose in every single pakistan related news and site.

    Wake up, just because some people out a billion useless population flew to the mars doesn’t make you a superpower and rich country.

    Your country ranks the lowest in South Asia in poverty levels, while ambani flaunts his most expensive house in india.

    People in grave self denialRecommend

  • gp65

    Why does moving for better economic prospects amount to selling one’s honour? Your point may have had some merit if they were moving solely to Muslim majority countries but you will also find them in US, UK and Canada, in many African countries, in SIngapore, HK etc. That is no different than Pakistanis going to US, Canada and Western Europe. The reason for migration is economic and not an attraction for the faith of the majority of the country they are migrating to.Recommend

  • gp65

    The communal riots in Gujarat in 2002 were not started by Hindus. They were started by some extremists Muslim who burnt 58 Hindu pilgrims alive.
    IT is not only Muslims who died in the riots – Hindus did too
    The riots were brought to a halt in 3 days flat and in the 11 plus subsequent years there has been no communal riot.
    Finally people who were responsible for riots have been convicted and are in jail.

    Does any of this sound like some mass murderer went on rampage?

    Oh and by the way the number of Muslims that were killed in 2002 in Gujarat (750) is less than half the number that have been killed in Karachi alone in target killing in 2003. While no riots have happened in Gujarat since 2002 – target killings in Karachi are non stop. While all people guilty of fanning hatred during the riots (both Hindus and Muslims) have been convicted and are in jail – not a single conviction has occurred in Karachi.

    DOn’t believe everything you are told. Gujarat Muslims don’t. That is why they voted for BJP (Modi’s party) in the most recent municipal elections as evidenced by the fact that BJP won seats in Muslim majority area in elections which even their opponents agreed were free and fair.Recommend

  • gp65

    Being against Pakistani establishment who attacked India multiple times and for decades sent jihadis who killed innocent Indians does not require one to be against Pakistani people and most definitely not against Islam. You are conflating issues that are unrelated.

    I am one of the people who ‘Liked’ his comment because of its inherent honesty and the fact that he was able to review his conditioning and decided to think for himself. It is certainly not out of any hatred for Islam. And yes I am a Hindu of Indian origin.Recommend

  • gp65

    When you say Indians are taught to hate Muslims, do you mean to say even the Indian Muslims are taught this or you forgot that India has 180 million Muslims?

    Further, unlike Pakistan studies where distortions about Hinduism are taught in the school curriculum, I challenge you to find me ne example where hatred of Islam is institutionalised through school curriculum. Secondly, unlike the Friday khutbas which are another source for spreading hate against kafir – there is no similar concept in Hinduism. Where exactly do you think Indians are ‘taught’ to hate Muslims?

    FInally what is the relevance of the reference to toilets? In any case yes – India has that problem and the reason so many Pakisytanis know about it is because it is discussed in India to find a solution. Pakistan also has a serious problem in this area but it is not widely known because hardly anyone is trying to solve the problem.

    BEsides despite the lack of sanitation implied through lack of toilets in India – India has managed to wipe out polio.Recommend

  • gp65

    Faraz Talat is a Pakistani and certainly not a Hindu. I do not know whether he is a Muslim or atheist. As for the 32 guest votes, one cannot conclude their belief system or nationality. Have you considered that people may have been applauding his ability to introspect and his honesty rather than his choice to become an atheist?

    Also if you think that a believing Hindu is more likely to be okay with an atheist than a believing Muslim, why do you think that maybe?Recommend

  • gp65

    So was the US persecution of Muslims the reason you attacked India in 1965? Was it the reason you killed your own Bengali Muslim brothers in 1971? Was it the reason Iraq attacked Iran?Recommend

  • gp65

    Buddy, I have seen 4 comments of yours where you have referred to Indian toilets though that has nothing to do with the subject of the blog. What is your fixation with this issue? ALso just because you are not awae of it, does not mean the problem does not exist in Pakistan.
    Also despite the hygiene impact of lack of toilets, India has managed to eliminate polio. Just as we managed to solve that problem – we will also solve the problem of inadequate access to toilets.Recommend

  • gp65

    As an aside, though M M Alam may have been lionised in your textbooks, he was grounded in 1971 because he was a Bengali.Recommend

  • Arif Sarwar

    If we are FAIR we do look bad against most countries. My nightmare is that we are falling apart. A big cause of our failures is religiosity. We are care only about religion and ignoring the ABCDs of our economy and the well being of our people.Recommend

  • Burjor Rustomji

    If one picture says a hundred words, the above picture says it all, how can any kid learn in a squatting position as shown above, this truly is most disgraceful. Does not the teacher even have that much sense to atleast let the kids sit comfortably on the floor.Recommend

  • Observer

    To ” The air and the water” reminds me of late John Lennon’s ” Imagine” composition. Wonderful thought, I wish people would realize that there is much much more to life than religion, religion and religion.Recommend

  • Satesh Kumar

    My friend I am from Pakistan and proud to be Pakistani. I guess this article was to eliminate the difference whether one is Pakistani or Indian, what cares most is one is HUMAN..!!Recommend

  • proud kharian

    So, now even sindhi people are also fed successfully with extremism. I used to think that its only looser punjabi’s mindset. pakistani punjabi are peoples, who loose wars with pathan and get converted, again then loose to sikhs.Recommend

  • Vikram
  • jin

    and u still think this is a reflection of society? u never say that about US with all the mass massacres that have happened there against population sects. We must learn to control these demons instead of self slapping and going on to bash Pakistan. Recommend

  • ShineBrightLikeaDiamond


    Some Facts for Shining Indians

    OVER 67% of INDIANS living below POVERTY LINE,

    Total Reported Rapes in ONE YEAR: 25,000 (2011)

    Source1: Firstpost (Indian Site); Author: Vivek Kaul (Indian National)

    Source2: National Crime Records Bureau, IndiaRecommend

  • khan of quetta

    from a guy whose grand father had a part in making ak part of Pakistan well i agree with what the books tell me it was either us or them no middle groundRecommend

  • khan of quetta

    nothing writen in those books is wrong its just that our psuedo liberals dont like it muslims are a different nation they always were even 2 centuries ago particularl innwfp,balochistan and punjab and sindh to a certain degree non muslims taught different scriptsRecommend