Living on the Edge: it’s entertainment not ethics!

Published: October 24, 2013

I know what the youth desires and I put my heart and soul into giving it to them. PHOTO:

TV is for entertainment, not for preaching. If it is messages on morals that you want, we have schools. So don’t judge a reality show like Living on the Edge from Oprah’s eyes or from an ethical angle; judge a reality show for the entertainment that it provides.

Write-ups like Cruelty to animals is not ‘Living on the Edge’ discourage Pakistani initiative; why can’t our people learn to appreciate rather than putting people down all the time? Surprisingly, even the Hindustan Times wrote good things about our show at the launch of Roadies Season 9 while in Pakistan, people are only propagating that my show is a copy of Roadies and that it violates animal rights!

What a shame.

However, first, let me address some confusions about the show:


Many youngsters from Karachi to Peshawer want to try their luck at Living on the Edge. There are no paid actors on the show. If this were so, wouldn’t you see the same people appearing on other shows as well?

Pressure test

During auditions, I put pressure on the contestants to check whether their nervous system is strong enough to take the stress because they will face challenges during the show which can lead to heart failure if their nervous system is weak.

We take measures to protect our contestants.

Personal questions

All reality shows work on the theory, ‘Are you willing to show what you are to the entire world?’ The essence of any reality show depends on people who are willing to share their lifestyle with the world, and we don’t force them to answer personal questions. It is their choice.


Contestants are selected based on them having nerves of steel, camera confidence and daring ability. Some people aiming to break records in the Guinness Book of World Records often bring in their own dares, which just adds to the excitement of the show.

This initial selection is followed by city dares, in which 16 contestants are selected to stay at a place called Waqar’s Den, for 10 days.

Unoriginal Content

Many haters claim that the show is copied from MTV Roadies. I would like to clarify that Roadies is a travel adventure show, where the contestants travel different countries. In Living on the Edge contestants stay in Waqar’s Den for 10 days with strangers and try to judge who their enemies and friends are.

Moreover, in Roadies a panel of judges casts contestants based on their personality traits and not on dares. Also, just because Roadies is on air doesn’t mean other shows can’t make room for themselves; that would be like saying that if the Superman series exists, there can’t be a Spiderman series, which is ridiculous right?

Animal rights

Now, coming to the animal rights issue raised in the post published in The Express Tribune, firstly let me just point out that globally Fear Factor is a much loved and followed show. Why doesn’t the media go crazy about abusing animals trained for such events?

I’ll tell you why: it’s like saying that the circus lion or monkey is being abused when its master hits it while teaching it tricks. If you don’t believe me, pay a visit to the Lucky Irani Circus or observe the animal trainers in Empress Market Saddar, where animals are trained to be scary and dangerous for events like ours.

How come there is no media hullabaloo on that?

Do you think Greenpeace is unaware about the happenings on Fear Factor or the achievements recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records such as eating a live scorpion or a live snake?

Is that also abuse? If so then why is everyone silent?

Tazeen mentioned in her article that a lizard was used in the show and again called it abuse.

Seriously? If you do some research, you will find that many international reality shows including Fear Factor use them. You can watch the show here at your convenience.


Living on the Edge is the only show in the world where the host is the judge and director of the show! Not only that, the host himself always performs deadly dares while Roadies is merely about testing the tasks for the sake of a behind-the-scenes episode.

Above everything you need to understand that there are all kinds of shows – the likes of The Jerry Springer Show, Fear Factor and Oprah! You can’t just have shows like Oprah because entertainment varies from person to person.

Do you have any idea how difficult editing and production is? I guess not.

Do you know why no Pakistani reality TV show aside from Living on the Edge has ever survived? It’s because I know what the youth desires and I put my heart and soul into giving it to them. I edit day and night to make it more interesting for the viewers because that’s what they want!

I am just disappointed at how poorly the article was researched and even allowed to be published. Freedom of expression is one thing but exaggerating facts is quite another! Even during elections, it was published that Waqar is contesting in elections when all I was doing was educating people on ARY News about how a common person can contest in elections. Instead of appreciating the originality of my concept, I was criticised for ‘trying to be a politician’.

I highly respect every one’s thoughts about my work and I make it a habit to take criticism positively, which is the only reason that I am replying to the post.

In the end, I would just like you to understand that this has now become the biggest platform for our youth and I would appreciate it if we could work together to improve Pakistani media so the youth doesn’t feel the need to run to foreign media. Feel free to email me with your ideas on how to improve the dares, contestant quality, audition locations and so forth.

Let us share ideas instead of making personal attacks and posting hateful comments. I even have internship opportunities for those who are interested in learning the trade. I hope that you can bring in ideas to improve this platform, instead of simply showing that you love to hate me.

Waqar Zaka

Waqar Zaka

A director, editor, presenter and composer based in Karachi, his projects include Living on the Edge, Desi Khuriyan, Nachley and other reality shows. He tweets as @ZakaWaqar (

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • amina

    So you’re basically saying that because everyone else in the world is doing questionable things, it’s ok for you to do them as well? And please let’s not question the taste of the Pakistani population. Shows like Coke Studio, Pakistani Idol, etc are gaining popularity because the nation appreciates good television, which Living on the Edge is not. And before you compare Living on the Edge to Fear Factor, stop and realise that there is no comparison. The most important difference being that the host of Fear Factor doesnt act like a know-it-all, or insult people unnecessarily.Recommend

  • sad but true…

    I think you defended the show with strong arguments….My personal opinion towards you or the show has nothing to do with wht the masses want…and tht is exactly wud u wrote. You have right to do the show and till you have viewers way to go until unless you cause serious health, or misguiding hazards….

    People…against the show:

    1)Animal rights??? to be honest, bring a stronger argument. If you would have discussed about security issues and presence of medical staff etc etc ..or after effects if as stunt goes wrong. This would have made more sense…

    2) Its entertainment world you dont like the show switch it off….simple

    To be honest…there are many shows running which I dont like as well..doesnt mean I start writing articles about it….Recommend

  • Maheen Khan

    Animal cruelty?
    then why the hell insect killers used then?
    And main thing that contestants already know they going to do such dares.
    And change that we do not like here.
    For example even people are writing against the Pakistan Idol so what does it mean? It mean someone has to get NOC from all of such people to start such initiative. And last thing that respect, I saw some episodes and know that Mr Zaka only show such attitude when the contestant really say something strange, awkward or do not respect some other person or religion.

    I endorse it.Recommend

  • Shah (Berlin)

    Sorry your argument makes no sense….I also dont like when he insults ppl and thts why I dont go for auditions…If some one is ready to take it than whts your problem….?????
    Serious issue here can be health hazards or spoiling of young generation….If any program covers this point than they are good to go ..IF you dont like the show..PLEASE SWITCH THE CHANNEL……Recommend

  • hina

    kudos! (Y)Recommend

  • Saad Durrani

    From the Hindustan Times page:
    Waqar Zaka asked me to collaborate with him
    Videos of Pakistani pop sensation and TV host Waqar Zaka are a rage on YouTube. His sharp interviewing skills and hosting techniques have, on many occasions, been compared to that of Raghu’s.

    Interestingly, Raghu reveals, “I know Waqar Zaka. He is in touch with me. He wants me to collaborate with him on a show. I’m only afraid that I might not find the time.”

    Get a better ghost writer or read between the lines. The Hindustan Times called you a wannabe and it is not a very nice thing to say about people.Recommend

  • Nouman

    Because other are doing abuse to animals, you will do the same? Lame huh -_-Recommend

  • Nouman

    So if others a re abusing animals. you will do the same?Recommend

  • tehrim

    He is actually just explaining his point
    We have a problem that we can watch an indian or American show with the same concept but not Pakistani
    So Love PakistanRecommend

  • Internship Seeker

    Dear Mr. Waqar Zaka.
    Please share your email address. And share procedure to apply for internship opportunities.

    Internship SeekerRecommend

  • Waqar Zaka

    Amina: Again read my last paragraph please. Lets share ideas to improve , and about your Fear factor host question, please read the Pressure test part of the auditions above. Hope to get ideasRecommend

  • Amna

    Just because the western channels have shows going on of all types and kinds doesn’t justifying airing of a show that depicts no decency. Their shows display their society – this show doesn’t. The usage of slangs and abusive words, disrespectful tone and language and comments of the host undermining the contestants only leaves frustration in the minds of audience with no pinch of entertainment. I remember seeing a video clip of this show on Youtube back in 2008 wherein a girl who was being auditioned mentioned that a daring act ever done by her was to slap her own mother – since then every time i see this show I only feel hatred towards it apart from extreme anger it fills me with me- doesn’t this show has any censor policy ! was it really necessary to show that part of the show!!The show is completely devoid of any decent standards!!Recommend

  • amina

    my problem is that if this show is actually targeted to the “youth” then waqar’s insulting and arrogant attitude is setting a bad precedent.Recommend

  • Asad Khan

    “it’s entertainment not ethics.”

    Wow, Mr. Zaka that doctrine of yours defies common sense. Try these things in the west and the next week the show will be ban if it ever approved to go beyond production phase.


  • Asad Khan

    …nope, being Pakistani is not obligatory nor ones National duty to endorse crap or waste our airtime.


  • Talha

    I think you doing a good job, you started something which never existed. Its good to see a show completely based in Pakistan, made by a Pakistani. You can never be perfect and the show will improve with time. If we see the first season of Roadies, it was completely crap with a very low budget (and this is just an example). And now that show has reached an international status. Same goes for LOTE. I think giving ideas to improve, add, change will just help it rather people are giving it bad review.

    It completely fine to seek or adopt ideas from different shows, from other countries. Thats how you improve and make anything better. #justsaying

    “Men who try to do something and fail are infinitely better than those who try to do nothing and succeed.”

    ― Lloyd JonesRecommend

  • Waqas

    You are claiming that your show is very popular among youth and we should appreciate that rather than criticizing but do know how much popular Aamir Liaquat ramzan show is but that doesn’t mean they are showing very good things the same applied to you as well. You are taking the youth to some other direction dancing boys and girls, politics, abusing each other, using of slangs, girls pulling each other hairs do you think these are the things which you can watch with family. Please don’t argue with lame excuse that these things are very common in Indian and English movies. Don’t compare Indians programmers with Pakistani. There should be some difference. People love Pakistani programmers due to these differences.Recommend

  • Blunt

    Is this the same guy who also took ‘dare’ to contest the general elections with a motto that ‘Education weducation sub bakwaas hai, Fun and party chahiye is qoum ko’ and no prize for guessing how many votes he actually secured.Recommend

  • Dureen A Anwer

    “TV is for entertainment, not for preaching”

    Didn’t read after this. Also, this is EXACTLY what is wrong with our media. There is a reason why media professionals are called media “PROFESSIONALS”. People need to study the social responsibility theories to be able to practice good media ethics. Sadly, most of the people in our industry are not trained/ educated for the field. Thus such vain discussions.

    What Maya Khan did was also entertaining for many, lots of people enjoyed Amir Liaquat’s show too etc. If Waqar Zaka is right then all of them are right too :)Recommend

  • erfan

    Hindustan times would of course praise a show which moves a Pakistani to doing pathetic things rather than doing something fruitful. TV shows are practically schools nowadays. Do something useful for the Pakistani nation!!!Recommend

  • Muhammad Saim


    First of all, if you have a right to broadcast what you like, others have right to like or dislike your program and make comments. Your blog sounds like dislike is not an option for your program.

    Second as others have commented, folly for folly only compounds folly doesn’t justify it. So if western are doing something wrong neither that becomes right nor you doing the same becomes right.

    And you have said “in the world” many times, how many commentaries you have read about, Fear Factor or Jerry Springer, all of them?? So don’t say that in the world there is no dislike for Fear Factor and so shouldn’t be for you.

    There is very thick line between nerves of steel and an empty skull. Chewing a lizard, for example, represent an empty skull, and praying for your enemy when you are in a position to chop his head off is an act of nerves of steel e.g. Muhammad S.A.W pardoning Hinda was an act of showing nerves of steel.

    As of personal questions, I hope you won’t mind being asked personal questions about your mother and sisters, very personal questions, u know, you may not answer them but still you won’t mind, right! I would call it an act of empty, malfunctioned skull on part of both the parties.

    At the end you say ‘this has become biggest platform for youth’, hold-on kid, there are millions of youth doing positive stuff on other platforms, no one is stopping you from your program but please don’t sound like doing anything positive, we take your
    program as a show and so shall you. There is nothing positive, nothing productive, nothing value adding, nothing educating, nothing sensible about it, it is a disgusting shameful program, yet you have a right to continue it as long as your channel is willing to broadcast, but we have a right to object and comment too.Recommend

  • Donga Bonga

    Stop arguing, I dont agree with you that Waqar is setting any bad precedent, he is no influential, no icon that can set a precedent. Don’t worry, ignore him. Let him live.Recommend

  • Amna

    Just because the western channels have shows running of all kinds and types doesn’t justify airing of this show ! Those shows probably depict their culture or reflect their society, this show doesn’t!! I still remember watching a part of this show on Youtube 3 4 years back where a girl being auditioned mentioned that the daring act ever done by her was to slap her own mother !!since then every time i hear even the name of this show, i have my heart and mind filled with great amount of anger and hatred. This is no entertainment – the slangs and abusive words spoken and the comments undermining the participants only frustrate the audience!! Isn’t their any censor policy that this show has!!Recommend

  • Waqas

    I think this programme is spoiling the youth.Recommend

  • Waqar Zaka

    Saad: Mashallah u have the same talent as many Pakistanis have, of converting any positive into negative. That newspaper is even considering a Pakistani show or host, do u think they cannot directly write abt me copying roadies? comparing hosting skills means they called me a wannabees ? lol , anyways- looking for creative ideas from all of u who write hateful comments, lets c if u have any idea about what kind of Dares should be there in the show which are entertaining too.Recommend

  • Waqas

    You are claiming that your show is very popular among youth and we should appreciate that rather than criticizing but do know how much popular Aamir Liaquat ramzan show is but that doesn’t mean they are showing very good things the same applied to you as well. You are taking the youth to some other direction dancing boys and girls, politics, abusing each other, using of slangs, girls pulling each other hairs do you think these are the things which you can watch with family. Please don’t argue with lame excuse that these things are very common in Indian and English movies. Don’t compare Indians programmers with Pakistani. There should be some difference. People love Pakistani programmers due to these differencesRecommend

  • Waqar Zaka

    read the blog properly, where the circus thing is mentioned. So any creative idea what sort of dares should be there in the show, looking forward to c if you all have ideas to improve a Pakistani show or its just write hateful comments seeking reply as time pass. Recommend

  • mack

    Shows theme Borrowed/Copied from Indian MTV Shows , Only Difference is Very Cheap “Shooting Sets” and look like Scripted some times as Compare to Original Indian Counterpart.Recommend

  • Waqar Zaka

    Asad: Fear Factor, Guinness book, Ripley’s believe it or not, Survivor at CBS channel, they are still running, I guess they waiting for you to claim so they can shut these programs down. Again lets be positive, do you have ideas to improve this show, any ideas for dares, how the auditions should be taken, or u just want to create negative points and post, for a change, write ideas not negative commentsRecommend

  • Waqar Zaka

    Let me understand your theory, which Pakistani shows or hosts are the best in your opinion and why, do write their achievements considering youth entertainment. What are your likes?Recommend

  • Waqas

    Why we always make India as benchmark if Hindustan Times has written something about you that doesnt justify bad things about your programme.Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    Basically, you are saying I KNOW IT IS WRONG! BUT IT IS OK FOR ENTERTAINMENT! LALALALALA!Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    He is doing you a favor. He is pointing out to their sarcasm. Even lizards are quicker.Recommend

  • Nouman

    You didn’t answer my question. So if others a re abusing animals. you will do the same?
    I have read the blog properly. If you have not some good ideas, then please don’t torture animals. Producing ideas is not my job, its yours.

    Secondly, it will be time pass for you, at least not for me. You abuse animals and expect to get respect, ridiculous.Recommend

  • Nouman

    Producing ideas is the job of your creative team, not ours. If you can’t produce some good ideas, then ban the show,Recommend

  • Waqar Zaka

    ok again, if you can write negative comments, share some ideas as I mentioned before, so u have ideas to improve the show?Recommend

  • Waqar Zaka

    do u think entire world is sleeping about whats happening in Fear factor or Guinness ? only few of u understand this abuse? be reasonable, its a sports and I would like to interact only with ppl who have creative criticism , have ideas to improve.Recommend

  • Waqar Zaka

    I have requested and again requesting , either protest against fashion shows, tv dramas, movies if you want to bring ISLAM otherwise dont abuse this great religion by using it to justify your opinions in a showbiz based discussion. there is no such thing as ISLAMIC showbiz. Entire west is understanding thats why they are taking it as a sports while few of you just want to win in a discussion:) stay blessedRecommend

  • Waqar Zaka

    basically your understanding wrong in order to prolong the discussion:), its sports, stay blessedRecommend

  • jin

    you rock waqar! these fake liberals are just gonna hate!Recommend

  • Waqar Zaka

    hahaha this is surely to get my attention, chalo any idea to improve this show, even after my explaination above someone wrote this lol , its like superman is copied from spiderman and Voice of India is copied from Indian Idol:)Recommend

  • Waqar Zaka

    I am not saying appreciate it, I am saying give ideas to improve it, again and again I am asking for creative critism , do you think is there any benefit for me in replying to you all ? its just to make few of you understand that constructive comments is what missing from all of you.Recommend

  • Waqar Zaka

    Culture lol ? what is our Culture , please explain?Recommend

  • Waqar Zaka

    Ok so what you people learned till now from TV , from all those shows at QTV , name few that you watch ? or any show that taught you a lesson and you improved your life style?Recommend

  • Waqar Zaka

    again , having no info, read the blog and search youtube, the show was a documentary to show how a person can contest in electionsRecommend

  • saadd

    @amina..give him a break.. if you dont like his show then dont watch it..nobody is asking for your feedback.Recommend

  • Liberal Fascist

    I am in an agreement that is hypocrite to single Waqar Zaka out for his so-called animal cruelty…Have you seen the way how we treat our cattle or in what conditions they live, or how animals are tortured, what is called slaughtered these days? Honestly Waqar is one of the best TV hosts and showman in Pakistan, and he stands for justice.Recommend

  • roughcheck

    How dare you change the meaning of social media and who are you to set your own standards when it has been unacceptable by masses.Recommend

  • Faraz Talat

    I doubt this blog, with its obvious argumentative errors, would have been published if it had not been written by a famous TV-personality.

    You may as well waterboard disabled children on the show, if “entertainment” and “ethics” are non-overlapping universes.

    Also, the media didn’t go “crazy” anywhere over the show’s animal rights abuses. There’s was this one blog by a concerned citizen, and that’s pretty much the extent of it. Animal welfare groups in the developed world frequently berate TV shows and films where animals are poorly treated.Recommend

  • Saad Durrani

    Thank you, sir! I did not hate on you. It seems you do not follow Indian media closely. They never ever praise Pakistani entertainment. I loved the early days of “Living On The Edge”. It used to be harmless fun.Recommend

  • That dude from LaL masjid

    How about a show, where, instead of insulting, passing crass comments, fighting, bharam-o-fying,etc. you encourage young people to get together, say, for one day only, and engage in some social work. I don’t know, something unique. From setting up a performance stage for elderly people at an old-age home, to visiting pediatric cancer patients as superman/spiderman/cartoon characters. Setting up a surprise open air theater (one day only) for impoverished kids who’ve never been to the movies, Something that gives that feel-good vibe and positive feedback to society. Now that’s entertainment with a difference!Recommend

  • observe

    probably have a better host.Recommend

  • observe

    A suggestion:
    Would apprecaite, if you could do some focus group and understand the reasons for your failure. I would prefer watching a positive person, in the little time I have for watcing televisionRecommend

  • SAL

    I used to watch this show in USA, later stopped due to Mr. Zaka’s behavior with his contestants. This type of attitude is not even displayed to the juniors by seniors in the Military Academy.Recommend

  • nishantsirohi123

    Mistreating animals in a circus is a wrong practise, when you bring it on as a part of your TV show, it means you are totally agreeing with the idea of mistreating the animals and are fully agreeing to it. Animal cruelty is wrong, and in most countries, a crime. Dog fights, Bear baiting are all horrible forms of animal cruelty.
    All the madaris treat the monkeys horribly, and simply leave them to die once they get sick or old. It is not advisable to promote such activities, so what if the government is not able to ban it. It is wrong and you should not side with something that is wrong on your showRecommend

  • nishantsirohi123

    please tell people more about the “maula jatt” series and the pushto films with “interesting songs”Recommend

  • Engineer

    The things i dont like about the show are the dance parties, abusive language girl and guys use, Waqar’s attitude.And i watched three seasons and among them the one in which Taha won was gud it has some good dares rather than eating animals etc u should focus on that type of dares instead of the ones in Waqar’s den.

    And in this season drama was much more than dares u need to less the drama.Recommend

  • kuchakuma

    by this logic we will have Girls Gone Wild on TV as well..yayyy!Recommend

  • Haider

    waqar zaka the contents of your programm arent entertaining rather they are disturbing either they are desi kuryan or living on the edge. Try sth healthy like climbing etc.Recommend

  • Guest

    1) animal rights might not matter to you but they matter to others who have a right to criticize

    2) this person has a right to broadcast his show as long as a channel is willing to show it. That is his freedom. Likewise if people feel he is doing something unethical, they too have a right to express themselves. That is their freedom, the author’s expectation that no one can criticize him means he is unwilling to give the same freedom to others as he expects for himself.Recommend

  • marz

    Waqar don’t be a spoil sport take criticism positively… i do watch your show and i think many tasks on your show are senseless on the other hand, on roadies raghu rajiv and rannvijay always perform the task before participants just to check even this task is doable or not… on your show girls and guys are constantly involve in physical violence and that doesn’t set out positive image of the show. You frequently change decision on the show… many times i see you change the task just on feedback of participants. So buddy take these comments as suggestions and improve your show. we know you can do better than this!!!Recommend

  • sajid

    Mr. Zaka, airing abusive language in show is not an entertainment..and moreover entertainment should also have some ethics.I am not against your show but i believe you may improve the show by taking good points out of all these comments posted on your blogRecommend

  • Hasan

    …but thtz my personal opinion….But to be honest….I dont get wht is “WRONG” IN THE SHOW….If some one doesnt like it than change the channel……you are wasting your time to convince the ppl… just continue the sports, but please be sure tht no health hazard takes place, just an advice..have a nice day…Recommend

  • Tanzeel

    The way we slaughter animals on streets and then video them is unethical too. Overall Zaka is doing a good show, if something goes wrong and that too not repeatedly please ignore and move on.Recommend

  • Rakshinda

    Oh dear!
    Respected Mr. Zaka
    – Your show potrays the “wanna-be Pakistani youth ONLY”
    – Your behavior on the show is completely unethical and disturbing
    – For the love of God, stop comparing your show to Angrezi shows when you pretend to be a perfect Urdu-Pakistani
    – You may be a good entertainer (generally) but this show is a huge source of negativity for the youth and everyone else watching this sad piece on TV.Recommend

  • Nouman

    @Saadd Have you heard something called FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION??Recommend

  • Zakria

    This guy actually writes better than 90% of the bloggers on this site!Recommend

  • Waqas

    I dont want to be a competitor in your business.Recommend

  • Waqas

    Look Waqar I havent comment just for the sake of critisizm, you can improve your show by overcoming these points which I have mentioned.
    Dont take it personely.Recommend

  • Muhammad Saim

    This height of being stubborn. No one has talked of your show in mirror of ISLAM. You are justifying your argument very rudely. Bottom line of my comment is that we have a right to dislike your show and comment about it. You are insisting either we like it or don’t comment in dislike, which is kinda bizarre argument. I hate your program I don’t watch it and that’s my right.
    As of your comment either Islam or either media, then you need to learn a lot kid, a lot. Basically I feel wasting my time, coz your program and blog was not even worth commenting.Recommend

  • Waqar Zaka

    Firstly, which dares u thought were gud in my show? , watch the making properly, we also check and show the testing of dares, and spoil sport lol, writing a reply as blog, which other TV person has done this before ? , changing decisions should be taken as a creative move or you want to see from where it is copied? , loving the way few of you behave:) now I understand why TV people never read or reply as noone from you can share ideas but only pick negative stuff. stay blessedRecommend

  • Nouman

    Leave them na. Tell me about yourself Why do you abuse animals? If others a re abusing animals, you will do the same?Recommend

  • Fahad Raza

    I am amazed to see the Immaturity of the blogger/Host/. What kind of a director asks for ideas to Improve the show in blog or in comments. It means the rating are literally at the rock bottom. This blog feels to me is to get rating for the show, just like seeking attention in election by climbing electric pole.Recommend

  • sana khan

    the one and only best reality show i ever watch was mountain dew survival pakistan. your show is good but if abusive language is not usedRecommend

  • DO

    Waqar is not influential, but TV sure is.
    What people watch, they do!Recommend

  • nasir mehmood

    @waqar…im not going to debate on that your show is great!!” Or not…or im not going to argue on …that whatever animal abusing….is right or wrong…but what i just want to add is…:-
    Our all morning shows….talk.shows…or all others like of (living on edge)….what are they!!!??why people have forgotten sense of uniqueness while watching?!!! EverYthInG ……everything is just an imitation ….copied ….Nothing new!!!! It is said that pakistanis are soo talented…….name me any one single person who doesnt have a talent or skill…yes we have talent …we have skill ….what we dont have is cREATIVITY …….!!!!! Yess….n indiana also mind it that there entertainment shows are no better than us ..if you think so then may be you are as pitiable as a person who lost his tastebuds and just eat anything so do you …watch anuthing
    Now waqar insists to give ideas ….first let you know….your show have a littlebit uniqueness ….but it needs a little bit improved dialogues ….i mean …a sensible conversation…a desent dressing ….show’s location ..make it interesting ….i watched contestants slapping eachother….we dont want it ….make contestants look enthusiast then sleepy and overactors….thats all ….if that improved ….beleive me ….your show have something to wait for ….other than those TYPICAL bigboss oor other chattering hosts .Recommend

  • marz

    Waqar u ask for people suggestions and when they give you, you are just behaving rude… u posted a blog just to defend your show not to get idea from youth… i read all comments on this blog and people over here are just giving their views and suggestion about the show… but most amazing things is that out of 70 comments you haven’t said anyone that i will try to make this changes on my show. You ask for suggestion to make your show better but when they reply, you just present a counter argument… You are Tv personality and we are viewers so clam down… what’s with taking everything negatively???

    Anywayz beside all my criticisms towards your show i still wish you all the best in future. ALLAH BLESS YOU…Recommend

  • Sunara

    I doubt that. ET blogs has mean-ass editors. They habitually turn caterpillars into butterflies. This must have originally been a chunk of text in ‘gud’ ‘lolz’ language.Recommend

  • Dureen A Anwer

    Waqar Zaka

    I haven’t watched the FIA cyber crime but I have watched Xposed. Hope your intention is not to get ratings but to genuinely identify the wrongdoings of criminal minds in our country. And that’s why no one probably ever criticized any of those initiative by you. However, what is wrong is wrong and its always better to just gracefully accept that yeah I made a mistake, didn’t think of it this way but will be careful in the future.

    Also of course this blog is beneficial for you, its called reputation management :)Recommend

  • Rida

    All arguments aside, this show isn’t even entertaining. Other shows that have been mentioned below in the comments such as Ripley’s, Fear Factor actually are fun to watch. Also the contestants on Living on the Edge come across as those who are trying much too hard to look/be cool – much like the host. The show lacks some major likability factorRecommend