18 memorable moments that define Bakra Eid in Pakistan

Published: October 17, 2013

Eid is colourful; Eid is joy; Eid is food! PHOTO: REUTERS

1. Wear new Eid clothes! Take photos of family looking like a cheesy ad

Photo: xcitefun.net


2. Wake up early to go pray at the local mosque.

Photo: Shahbaz Malik/Express


3. Pray there is no terrorist attack. Keep one eye on the security…

Photo: Express/File


4. Buy a giant balloon for the house after Eid prayers (just because)

Photo: AFP


5. Exchange the first of 220 hugs with family members and friends

Photo: PPI


6. Check out celebrity hugs on TV (just because)

Photo: Tariq Hassan/Express


7. Line up the butcher(s) — get those knives and cleavers ready…

Photo: AFP


8. Say a last goodbye to the (temporary) pets

Photo: AFP


9. The man of the house usually carries out the sacrifice

Photo: Reuters


10. Slaughter…

Photo: AFP


11. Divide up the meat for storage, distribution, charity

Photo: Jashim Salam/Demotix.com


12. Stuff face with fresh kaleji! Yum!

Photo: http://subhraskitchen.blogspot.com


13. Gorge on meat and rice goodness…

Photo: chefzakir.pk


14. Run down the street to catch the big camel sacrifice

Photo: Mohammad Saqib/Express


15. Keep an eye out for beggars roaming the streets gathering meat

Photo: Reuters


16. Keep a watch out for the khaal brigade!

Photo: Muhammad Javed/Express


17. Consume a massive, meat-filled lunch and dinner!

Photo: Pinchofsalt-taz.com


18. Visit your remaining (temporary) pet, who will be gone on Eid Day two

Eid Mubarak!

Jahanzaib Haque

Jahanzaib Haque

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