Are you okay with sacrificing tortured animals on Eid?

Published: October 10, 2013

A screengrab of Raja the sheep. SOURCE: EXPRESS NEWS

Hello people.

It’s been ages since I have written, but recently ET released a mini-story on Raja the sheep that made my blood run cold.

Trigger warning for anyone who loves animals, but this is the sad reality of Bakra Eid, which I have covered before in: Please don’t kill my goat and Please dont kill my goat or camel (II).

Raja the sheep is owned by Jaffar Khan, a ‘sheep enthusiast’ who needs to be put in jail for the horrifying torture he has subjected his pet to.

Let’s leave aside the fact that he plans to slaughter a creature he loves; this grinning brute of a man has fed Raja aslee ghee as well as four kilogrammes of milk every day…

The sheep now weighs 120kg – nearly double of what its normal weight should be.

Raja’s legs can barely hold him up; he finds it excruciatingly hard to even walk.

He totters and falls often. Raja is now a display ‘thing’ – a carnival ‘freak show’ that humans come to see and laugh at and taunt.

Does anyone here need to be reminded what a sheep’s natural diet is?

Does anyone here need an explanation of the terror an animal would feel is such a situation?

Raja is helpless. He is at the mercy of this brute of a man who has caused this darling sheep to suffer since birth.

I’m sorry Raja. My words and my tears cannot help you. I do not have enough of either, because yours is just one story of thousands of goats, sheep, cows and even camels who are now subjugated to such years-long abuse in the name of profiting off a religious day.

People cheer and clap and walk away with a sense of pride, having secured what they think is a worthy sacrifice for this holy day. They show off, then relish in the excess flesh they have secured for a hefty sum.

Am I the only one who finds this wrong?

Does no one look into the eyes of these sad animals and recognise what we are doing to them?

Someone please tell me I’m not the only one…


Nadya V

Social critic and part-time gossip monger

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