Malala: An Israeli clone of Bush raised by RAW agents

Published: October 8, 2013

To combine all the ridiculous conspiracy theories: she is a clone of George W Bush who had an Israeli surrogate mother and was raised by a two RAW agents, who are men and in a gay relationship. PHOTO: FACEBOOK

Yesterday, social media was plastered, once again, with condemnations of Malala Yousafzai. It’s a regular thing. Every time Malala does something, be it a United Nations speech or meeting with the Queen of the UK or writing a book, she is condemned by armies of righteous Pakistanis, eager to explain why she’s getting all the attention.

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To combine all the ridiculous conspiracy theories: she is a clone of George W Bush who had an Israeli surrogate mother and was raised by a two RAW agents, who are men and in a gay relationship. This entire process was funded and supervised by Dick Cheney, who remains the secret head of the CIA. It’s all part of a plan devised by the Vatican to destroy Islam back in the 18th century. They were just waiting for drones to be invented!

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Ridiculous, I know.

I’ve heard friends and colleagues talk about why these conspiracy theories are born.



Religious extremism?

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I personally think it has much to do with the dire state Pakistanis find themselves in today after 66 years of independence.

It’s hard to be living in a country where landowners are crushing peasants. The police is crushing the victim. The court is crushing the constitution. The government is crushing the constituents. The army is crushing the government. That’s been Pakistan’s case for decades. Recently, though, there’s a new player in town: the terrorists. And they are crushing everyone.

Under these circumstances, the common Pakistani – the aam aadmi – finds himself utterly powerless. What good is hard work when you can’t feed your kids? What good is feeding them when you can’t send them to school? What good is school when there are so few jobs? What good is a job when there’s no financial security? What good is financial security when there’s no physical security?

It’s a hopeless circle of misery.

When you try to figure out why everything is falling apart, all you get is a bucket of blame that keeps getting passed around from the government to the judiciary to the army to the police to religious figures to… the bucket keeps getting passed around until it rests in “foreign hands”. They save everyone. You know why foreign hands are such convenient reason for all of Pakistan’s failures? Because even when you name them – napaak India, manhoos Israel or shaitaan USA – they don’t care. The accusation is simply too stupid for them to respond. Their silence out of amusement is taken as an admittance of guilt.

The truth is far more depressing.

India is leaving Pakistan way behind economically. America has bigger fish to fry. As for Israel, I know Israelis, who are into politics, security and foreign policy. I swear to everything I hold dear, I’ve not heard them utter the word “Pakistan” once. Not once, because Pakistan is not a threat to anyone except its own citizens.

It would be a threat if it was a strong country. The “fort of Islam” is really a nation teetering on the brink that regularly has to be saved by the rest of the world. Yet, it’s the rest of the world’s fault that Pakistan is where it is now because unlike those with power in Pakistan, they aren’t on Pakistani TVs or newspapers passing the blame bucket.

This creates an image in the minds of some Pakistanis that all of their country’s affairs are controlled by outsiders. It’s a lot easier to believe that there is no semblance of power left in Pakistan and have an answer – even if wrong – than remain frustrated without one. It gets much worse than that, though. This narrative has the power to destroy the soul of a Pakistani because it perpetuates that he and she too is personally powerless. That they cannot get to great heights in life on their own unless they get help from the India, Israel, USA, UK you name it.

In comes Malala.

She clearly got somewhere in life. She was brave. She stood up for her right. She didn’t get it, but she didn’t give up. She faced adversity and came out with a bullet wound on her head and a hero’s badge. But how?! How can she become a hero when everything is stacked up against her in Pakistan? That’s where the “foreign hands” narrative strikes hard. She can only be successful if she had them behind her. No, she didn’t succeed. She failed! Because if you accept that she succeeded, then the whole narrative of Pakistanis NOT being able to do something on their own falls apart.

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This is not about religion. It’s a heartbreaking tale of personal failure for many of these conspiracy theorists. It’s not jealousy. It’s about not being able to find answers for why Pakistan is failing; why Pakistanis are failing. Pakistanis are not alone in believing them. You’ll find many of these conspiracy theorists across the developing world with their own versions of how the “foreign hands” are the root cause of their personal failures.

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It’s a bit like Devdas, where no matter how many Chandramukhis try to console the embittered Dev with reason and rational explanations, he can’t stop destroying himself and doubting her because Paro – success in this case – is as elusive as ever.

Pakistan can be successful. Pakistanis can succeed. But first, this self-defeating narrative of “we can’t do anything on our own!” has to be discarded.

Josh Shahryar

Josh Shahryar

A US-based reporter and blogger, covering human rights in South Asia and the larger Middle East. He tweets @JShahryar (

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  • mozhar

    This is again a CIA/RAW/MOSSAD conspiracy against Pakistan.Recommend

  • Sarah B. Haider

    Can’t agree more. Plus, most people are pretty weak in their arguments hence the only way to prove their stance is to hold irrational comparisons. However, when they are presented counter arguments to which they have no answer, they start hurling personal attacks on those who challenge their position.
    Just one example. When it comes to rape cases, most Pakistanis vehemently support the stance of presenting four witnesses. However, you Google the name Afia Siddiqui and there would be hordes of posts and websites declaring that the sister of the nation is regularly raped by the American prison officials. Excuse me, four witnesses?Recommend

  • Atheist Mujahid

    India is leaving Pakistan way behind economically. America has bigger
    fish to fry. As for Israel, I know Israelis, who are into politics,
    security and foreign policy. I swear to everything I hold dear, I’ve not
    heard them utter the word “Pakistan” once. Not once, because Pakistan
    is not a threat to anyone except its own citizens.

    Awesome True words by you..I salute to u from bottom of my heart..I came on this newspaper not as an Indian but just to have fun and to know the mentality of brainwashed people..Am a student of psycholgy in Germany and i keep doing experiments on Pakistani and Arabic people…I would again tell u here..If u tell any pakistani that he is south asian ..its like a slap on his face,,,,he find more detached to arab..In a fancy dress competition while Indians were wearing traditional Indian and south asian clothese ……pakistani were wearing more of an arab clothes…people here in germany often mistake them with Indian if they are wearing normal clothese…and arab if wearing fancy dressRecommend

  • BlackJack

    I am impressed – very well written.Recommend

  • Sane

    Still could not understand what she did for education in Pakistan or even in Swat? And what she did for uplifting of overall affair in her native area? Except she was shot by (probably) Taliban and through this became an icon overnight.Recommend

  • Adil

    To be honest, Edhi definitely deserves an award more than Malala. He’s dedicated his life to humanity. Taking nothing away from Malala, Edhi is the man of the match here.Recommend

  • TahirF1

    Brilliantly written. We as a nation need to come out of this mantra of ‘everyone is after us’ and just work hard like everyone does to succeed.Recommend

  • NAdia

    Move onRecommend

  • SWG

    It’s not that we don’t trust our own people. We trust and respect and appreciate those who have actually spent their lifetime in such struggles (Edhi for example). The fact is that we do not trust the US or the UK Government. The question is – if they can regard Malala so highly, why not our other national ‘heroes’?Recommend

  • Ameer

    She refused to stop writing her blog which promoted girls education and denounced the Taliban. That’s why she was shot; for not shutting up. For a young child, that is an achievement in itself. I don’t know grown ups who would stand up to the Taliban like that.

    Look for answers rather than just inventing questions.Recommend

  • Father

    LOL…pakistanis are how funny…..till yesterday she was model role of pakistan and today she is agent. shameRecommend

  • Unique opinion

    You mean,she shot herself to get a UK visa ?
    Or was it an Israeli agent who shot her…Recommend

  • dp

    @disqus_JZNKrnWgtz:disqus It usually helps to think before you speak…do your homework.Recommend

  • HIna

    Impressed very well written!Recommend

  • N

    Yup,Pakistan is that important…pak has vast hidden reserves of oil,gas,gold,platinum,technology & noble prize winning scientists..That’s why,the whole world is after pak- impotant people of important holy land.
    Poor,pious pak victims of foreign conspiracies of Israel & America.

  • Analyst

    ‘Everyone is after us / Bigger countries are conspiring against us’ is a thought process that gives pakistan, an inflated self-importance – that’s a quicker fix than ‘We need to work hard and fix our failures,for which we are solely responsible-not zionist powers’.
    No one wants to face,that they’re responsible for the sorry state of their country-it’s much more grandiose to persuade yourself,that other powers are responsible for it.

  • Nb

    Did you read the whole article and understand it ?
    Please reread it two more times.Recommend

  • Anshuman tripathy

    Brilliantly written and an excellent self analysis of your country’s problems. If only the Pakistani janta and the Indian Neta were this rational and realistic.Recommend

  • Zezu

    he will get his reward in the hereafter .. INSHALLAHRecommend

  • N

    Sarah, whomever pakistani’s hate- they promptly label as ‘rapists’.
    It’s a patented coping mechanism to channel national hatred.Recommend

  • maktal

    Off-course, we hate you MalalaRecommend

  • Rahema Hasan

    .everyone is after us since we are giving them the chance to exploit usRecommend

  • Suleman Jamil

    what’s this talk about more deserving or less deserving? Edhi deserves it? yes! Malala deserves it? Yes! End of story.Recommend

  • Pappu

    Although no muslim country is against girls education as a state policy, west has blown up and using Taliban VS Malala or Terrorists VS Malala scenario to defame all muslims and islamic countries.Recommend

  • Suleman Jamil


  • s.rehman

    Please leave her alone..we should be all proud of her…agreed that she is no way near achievements to edhi ,his reward lies with allah, but still she managed to raise awareness about girls education,stood against jahil taliban,who happen to be the enemy no 1 of the west,as far as nobel prize is concerned it is a political award i mean last year obama got it..this time hopefully malala and its good for pakistan..Recommend

  • Zunaira

    Wow that is so spot on. What a brilliant analysis…Recommend

  • Unknown

    Malala drama exposed. Malala is todays’ Nayira. Unfortunately, her supporters are unable to see and think beyond their nose. That is the reason they term every reality a conspiracy theory because they have no answer for that.

  • observer

    So how about a Youm-e- Ishaq-e- Edhi holiday?

    Wonder what prevents PTI/DPC call for a rally in support of Edhi.

    Oh, I get it. PTI and DPC are headed by great servants of humanity such as IK and Hafiz Saeed.Recommend

  • Sunny

    Wah Bhai, reading some mature and weight carrying article after long time,.. Good Job Bro Well doneRecommend

  • Narjis Fatima

    Extremely naive argument… Malala received huge support when she was attacked… it was only how things developed afterwards that the so called conspiracy theories… a label tht is now being so frequently used by the ‘blind liberals’ that it has become almost tasteless…. specially when every now and then we see ‘conspiracy theories’ of past clearly being proved for what they were – Conspiracies ….. for someone who has some know how abt politics functions and how international power games work would definitely be smart enough to understand tht countries like UK and US.. and their leaders… and their peace prizes… are just not Farig…. when someone is being projected soo much in media… media which has its own credibility on stake when it comes to dealing with war and war affected regions… the propaganda theories and realities…. it definitely means there is a purpose…. and yes oh no India is definitely economically more stronger than us… and USA has bigger fish to fry and oh Israel is not worried abt Pakistan… if world politics was so darn simple that economic strength was the only thing that mattered when it came to regional politics… then there would not have been issues between China and Taiwan… US has bigger fish to fry.. well again the writer is absolutely trying to examine things in single dimension…as if any country faced with pressing internal issue will forget about all its foriegn policy matters… cut off from the international arena.. nothing can be anymore naive than such an assumption…. thirdly the part abt Israeli politcians and policy makers… my brother… they are ruling the world because they r smart .. u think a foriegn policy maker is dumb enough to share with u alll details related to the same country you are a citizen of… and yes i agree Pakistan is not the most imp of all the nations.. and certainly its not a Islamic fort and never will be… but to place an argument on the sheer belief that the country is ‘not at all imp’ for international politics keeping in mind the historical dimensions of the regional affairs….. tht has to be naive….Recommend

  • jee

    Malala, Salala and halala – all are different from they apparently lookRecommend

  • Talha Rizvi

    India by the way has open reserves of Internet trolls and Karsevaks ready to jump into violence against Muslims against things like a dead cow or alleged cases of eve teasing against Hindu Muslim but are impotent against Sadhus raping underage girls in Ashrams.
    ET Please publish a rebuttal.Recommend

  • Asim

    Hi Sarah. Although I agree with your stance in general. But I am yet to meet any person in my huge social circle who supports the stance of presenting four witnesses.Recommend

  • goggi (Lahore)

    We are/were all clones of different Arab cults, condemned to hate and kill each other till eternity. It takes our society, at the very most, 9 initial years of a mindless child to brainwash it, by installing devices of blind obedience of irrational faith plus different hate mechanisms, and create an army of human clones without any FREE WILL!

    Malala was shot in her head, and we most of us, in our souls……with the same poisonous bullet of ignorance!

    This hue and cry towards Malala is a manifestation of weeping children in many of us!Recommend

  • Azeem

    abdul satar edhi and malala are different, while edhi is doing something for humanity, malala is an activist for women education. Don’t compare themRecommend

  • Manish Rohera

    Guy you called a spade a spade i have never even the best of editorial on this site to be that straight pinching.I hope some Pakis realize the truth that they are themselves responsible for this mess.Recommend

  • Father

    TTP wants to kill malala and pakistan too so don’t understand why there is trouble between TTP and pakistan.Recommend

  • UtkarshSinghNain

    Leave aside your not knowing what she did exactly, she did something that made the Taliban single her out and shoot her in the head, and yesterday they stated they’ll do so again if they get the chance.

    Just apply a little logic here and think: she must have something that the Taliban did not like. That, by default, has to be a good thing.Recommend

  • Tahira

    If I had to vote for a Nobel Peace Prize, it would be for Edhi foundation and no one else in this entire world. I hope the government has already nominated him.Recommend

  • Maaz Hamza

    I agree with the writer views. As the saying goes, the one who saves a person: saves the whole humanity. Edhi absolutely deserves an award and hands down for his welfare all these years.Recommend

  • Ahmed

    Bravo, bravo for such an article. Brilliant. Lost in the delusion of grandeur is how I describe my fellow country-men. US/Israel/India do not care about Pakistan.

    One central point for conspiracy theories; Pakistan has an amazing strategic location, envy of the world. Iraq had mineral wealth and so did Afghanistan. We obviously don’t have oil and we are trying to get gas from Iran to keep our cars running (and even that is not happening-no finances). What makes Pakistanis think USA is after Pakistan? A straight route to China is an often quoted theory, another ridiculous conspiracy theory! Modern wars are not fought man-to-man. Why in the world would USA need Pakistan to “attack” China?

    Rest assured, Israel does not care about Pakistan and what far? Fort of Islam? What fort? We are not in the Middle-East, we don’t speak Arab. Try spending some time with Arabs in the Middle-East and our over-zealous “Pakistani Arabs” will come down to earth pretty quickly.

    It is time we com out of our conspiracy theory mindset, realize that we are not as gifted as we think! From USA wanting a straight route to China, to Gawader port which Dubai wanted to destroy (which never really took off anyway), to India being the enemy they are, and Israel wanting to destroy the fort of Islam, (not to mention “Pakistanis have immense talent”-we say to make ourselves happy) these are all largely pointless. You need to work hard to first get somewhere to even attract any attention at all.Recommend

  • average indian

    very well written.Recommend

  • Saima

    I really liked this. Recommend

  • jssidhoo

    To all my Pakistani friends let me tell you this Foreign hand idea is a old one invented by your old enemy. she feed us gullible on this diet , we were getting wheat from the US under PL 480 (which meant that we paid for it in rupees which they could spend only in India after our approval—FREE actually) .The USSR was selling us weapons for which we again paid in rupees which they could spend in India or on imports from India . These were the two superpowers the rest were recovering after WWII and were generally poor , so who was the Foreign hand ? Well she never told us the secret if there was one . God has given you a brain and two hands , you are the hero/ villain take your pick everyone else is just a supporting actorRecommend

  • Sarah B. Haider

    Perhaps your social circle is confined. I being a Media person get to meet people from various backgrounds everyday. Recently when the 5-year-old girl was raped, we received many letters, even from the very educated lot, expressing their concern on the Islamic ruling on the presentation of four witnesses. Also, I don’t form my opinions in a vacuum. I observe, research, interview and then conclude. And I am open to opposing viewpoints.Recommend

  • zac

    She’s a true Drama Queen…Gets a shot to the head, gets a fractured skull, gets it reconstructed and starts going to school again when the doctors were of the view that it would take atleast 4 years or so to get fully rehabilitated from some rehabilitation facility.Having said that this Superwoman even manages to write a book, sit in a number of interiews, and make statements which are normally expected from adults of professional persona who have had a life experience, get a day named after her and now she is going to be depisted in a movie. Whats next?? A Malala picture on the first page of school textbooks? A MALALA clothing brand?? They better rename HERSHEYS as MALALA’S. That would be so cool !!
    I agree that we Pakistanis need to stop blaming others for our problems, but i truly believe that “THE CHRONICLES OF MALALA” (as i describe her so called campaign) is a script written by the CIA, Mossad and the RAW. I wonder where is her campaign now that she is sitting in some cozy English suburb and handing out press releases and statements to the media. Pretty much like Altaf Hussain does. She must have a whole media team beside her 24/7. I can do that too or any of us for that matter.
    Leaders and activist do not run away from their cause and nest elswhere only to earn a passport. Whatever she did to become a so called activist, there are hundreds more in Pakistan who are far better deserving than her.

    All in all whatever Malala does is a cool and cheap way to make money. Pakistanis are Pros at that.Recommend

  • Sane

    Taliban hit so many others and this is a routine now here. How many others are now the icons and to-be (probably) winner of noble peace prize? Or addressed at any UN congregation? Or met with international dignitaries? Or given head of state like protocol? Or wrote book, which is publicized at the highest international level?Recommend

  • Sane

    Even if I read 100 times I will not understand what you mean me to understand.Recommend

  • Water Bottle

    Pappu, I hope you live in this very world.

    Muslim countries have or had no fame. Muslim countries were defamed from centuries. Muslims were and even today are looked upon as savages.

    And there is a lot of truth in it. Yes, some good human beings who are born as muslims (like Abdus Salam, Malala etc) will suffer.

    Otherwise, Muslims and Muslims countries have condemned themselves.Recommend

  • water bottle

    “u think a foriegn policy maker is dumb enough to share with u alll details related to the same country you are a citizen of”

    What makes you so special that they shared with you?

    By the way, what are you doing commenting, instead of screening the comments?Recommend

  • Khan

    A US-based reporter and blogger, covering human rights in South Asia. The intro of writer is enough, Stop covering pakistan from 7 seas far !Recommend

  • ashok sai

    Initially I thought the author is bit exaggerate but when I say your comment, I am more than convinced the he is absolutely spot on :)Recommend

  • Kay

    Seems like you are having hard time getting a job in Dubai Recommend

  • Ah

    Mr Water Bottle, you are filled with toxic water.Recommend

  • Oh dear

    Why ? You can’t be that brainwashed/indoctrinated so much,that reading also won’t cure it and open your mind.
    I’m sorry,you feel that way.

  • Anon

    Exploit what ?
    Pakistan’s vast natural reserves of coal & petrol ?Recommend

  • GIndian

    All Malala haters please answer my question.
    (1) Is god on the side of Malala?
    Ans: Absolutely. The reason she is still alive is the proof. Why do you hate god’s
    beautiful creation.
    (2) Is god on the side of Talibans?
    Ans: Not at all. They don’t have any protection. They just die like street dogs in drone strike.
    You think about this and pick your side. There is no way you can pick both sides.Recommend

  • Masood

    Malala is signing book contracts getting paid ten of thousands of dollars for interviews with foreign television and newspapers. She is doing speaking tours throughout the world. Everyday bad things to thousands of kids. Why is there so much interest and where is the money coming from. It seems the girls father is using Malala name to make as much money as he can. Selling out Pakistan to foreign interests for his money greed.Recommend

  • Balvinder

    True, and the gold, you may want to study further on these three resources in the country mate , before you start sounding sarcastic !Recommend

  • shadow

    Hahahaha!!! looks like someone had just read the Muslim rule over the world and its glory and worth and cannot bear the ache when it comes to India ,oh yes,it has no history before Muslims invade it,Administer and Construct it in a real manner..!!! Savages are words used in many books of history to clarify the way of living of ARYANS first habitat India.. !!!! bitter truth!!Recommend


    The whole nation of 180 million can’t be stereotyped and judged like what the writer has tried to judge it with all his naivete, being too judgemental. No orthodox Islamist party has been able to win any election so far in Pakistan, People do realize and understand that the religion and politics doesn’t go together, exactly like in the west where church is separated from the state. Ground reality is totally opposite to what is perceived in the west of that the whole nation has been taken over by Talibans and the likes of them. 10-12 thousand Talibans, fighting in the tribal region cannot impose their extremist ideology on a nation of 180,00,0000 people. This is too far fetched and just not possible.Recommend

  • B

    Ironically it was 58 hindu karsevaks,who were burnt alive in the train in godhra by muslims.
    Pretty,off topic here,Rizvi…but I’ll play along…
    That sadhu is in prison now..funny how you left that detail out.
    About jumping to violence- like the 100s of christian homes, Pakistani’s burnt in Joseph colony?
    If Indians are so violent,how come it’s pakistani muslims who seek asylum in Europe to escape from pakistan and not indians who flee india ?six thousand of your countrymen applied,to flee your holy land,in just 3 months this year.
    Our Sadhu is in prison -Did you people imprison the moulavi who tore out the pages of your holy book & levelled false blasphemy charges against the young christian girl, Rimsah Masih & sent her to prison ? No,he roams free..
    About ‘alleged eveteasing’-80% culprits of the recent mumbai gangrape,were muslim youth (4 out of 5)
    About impotence- your moulavi’s who rape 3 yr old girls are certainly not impotent.
    Anyway,reserves of indian trolls are better than reserves of pakistaniRecommend

  • B

    Okay,you’ve raised valid points…
    But what could the enemies be hoping to gain from this elaborate ruse of fooling pakistanis ?
    What hidden treasure is present in Pakistan,that the U.N and multiple nations are conspiring against pakistan ?Recommend

  • Interested

    ‘Historical dimensions of regional affairs ..’
    Would you elaborate,please ?

  • Alann

    ET is run by Zionist Hindus and is funded by RAW to mislead the pious innocent Muslims of Madina-e-Sani Pakistan.
    ET mods are part of 5.5th generation war against Pakistanis lead by SAFMA snakes & Asma Jahangir who is working secretly with CIA. It is all a great conspiracy by zionist forces to malign Pakistani awam. We reject it.
    Only our one & only Khalifa Syed Zaid Hamid can save this great land from India, US, Israel, Zimbabwe, Austria & Fiji Islands.
    On a bit serious note, many of the young Pakistani commenters on various articles related to India (or Modi/BJP) in some way, show this very same mentality as described by the author. No matter how hard you try to reason with them, they have a firm belief implanted in their heads that India & Indians are always thinking of attacking Pakistan all year round. When they start losing an heated arguement, they will “retaliate” by writing about 11 year old riots or 3 decades old Khalistan movement, or poverty in India, or India’s “toilets” while at the same time ignoring the fact that India is slowly but steadily overcoming all its difficulties and poverty figures are much lower today (22%) than what they were 10 years ago; whereas they are on the rise rapidly in Pakistan. They conveniently forget it was their own country’s wrong decisions time & again which have got them to where they are now. They forget or ignore the fact it was Pakistan who started every single war & yet they want to make themselves ‘believe’ India (and US and everyone else) is the aggressor. People like Zaid Hamid are highly successful because of the mentality of the older generation of Pakistan and the same has been passed on to the youth. Combine that with the Government & military making sure people stay forever in dark by banning many informational sites in Pakistan. Because keeping anti-India (and now, even anti-US) sentiments high has what enabled the ruling elites of Pakistan to get rich at the cost of a dwindling economy. They all have properties worth billions and trillions in US/UK, elsewhere & large pieces of land across Pakistan. They will keep playing with the ignorant masses till the youth fix themselves and start asking questions. Or else, Pakistan is bound to doom – by its own karma (and by its peoples’ stupidity).Recommend

  • S Cheema

    It makes me rage. How dare these people call themselves Pakistani? They sound anti-Pakistani to me. These people are Pakistan’s biggest enemies, A Pakistani CHILD nearly dies at the hands of terrorists and these people throw abuse at her? Hasn’t she gone through enough. You talk about drone victims and Edhi, why aren’t YOU doing something to promote them instead of insulting and abusing a child? Malala could have been a drone victim… would that have made people love her? being killed by a U.S drone instead of the Taliban who continue to threaten her till this day? If Jinnah Ji was alive not only would he be the oldest man alive he would also stand beside Malala and support her all the way. What should she have done? The media made her famous. Should she have got shot, come back as soon as she got discharged from hospital and go back home to be killed? Would that have made these psychopaths happy? Another dead Pakistani child? She is getting support from all around the world, particularly fellow Muslims (my Arab friends love her) and this is what she gets from her homeland? What is wrong these people? These idiots milk would taste funny and they would say “this is a cia/mossad conspiracy… my milk tasted fine yesterday” pagal hogay hai.Recommend

  • Vikrant

    Yes I support you (like most of the Pakistanis on the street will agree) … that even writing a semi-satarical article like this by the above author is nothing more than philosophy as per the mindset of the RAW/CIA/Mossad/MI5 etc etc that are only out to wreck the “Land of the Pure” … now they have shifted to tactics that are more subtle… i.e. they do not necessarily mention the word “Pakistan”, but their ACTIONS are all directed against it e.g. Drones, Balochistan, Karachi and the TTP chaos…. all sponsored indirectly (or in some cases directly) by these nefarious anti-Islam agencies! Now Ms. Malala has gone over to them, and it is only a matter of time before she is “rewarded” with Nobel whatever-whatever-so-called-prize for this or that, but in real fact it is only something that has been given by these agencies under pressure … to carry forward their agenda of destroying the Citadel of Islam… something that most other trolls on these websites will never understand… because they themselves are impure…Recommend

  • Omz

    “we received many letters, even from the very educated lot, expressing
    their concern on the Islamic ruling on the presentation of four

    Concern regarding whether the four witness thing was conducted as it should be (if the old ways are to be observed) or was it avoided altogether (considering the archaic and unfair nature of the law)?Recommend

  • Omz

    Or you could ask the same of us: If they can regard Malala so highly, why can’t we? Why is it essential for us to question her motives? Or link her to being a US agent. Quite a sad state of affairs indeed.Recommend

  • Anonymous

    “She must have a whole media team beside her 24/7. I can do that too or any of us for that matter.”
    U couldn’t do that, trust me. It requires vision n intelligence, my friend.Recommend

  • Omz

    You’d be surprised at just how many people share the OP’s views. Some even claimed that Malala shot herself for the publicity. Thankfully, the Taliban leadership thought it best to disprove that absurd notion by writing a letter indicating their rule in the shooting.Recommend

  • Thalmis

    Her shotting by Taliban was shameful indeed, but 3 girls have been shot along with Malala, why were the 2 other girls not interviewed and almost everybody forgot about them? Because Malala’s father was in the administration of 2 private schools? I am sure RAW knows better than to hire an 11 year old schoolgirl as a clone, but that doesn’t mean her father didn’t get incredible profits from her speeches and appearance on the media in general. Of course she didn’t shoot herself to get a passport from UK, but that doesn’t change the fact that girls in this area are not nearly as fortunate, including the 2 other girls who were shot by Taliban the same day. She spoke about refugees from Syria and their rights of education, but never once she addressed the cause of their refugee status, which is the states that encourage terrorism in Syria. They suffered same fate thanks to al-qaeda in Syria. Why did she never addressed this cause while mentioning them? And if we talk about humanitarian acts, why not celebrate Sanam Fakir who works hard to improve the rights of transsexuals in her country and who stays in Pakistan? She works hard to provide shelter for women who are victims of violence. Because precious media of the UK didn’t promote her? Yes people shouldn’t link everything with conspiracies but they shouldn’t jump into bandwagon that were promoted first either.Recommend

  • BOSSizback

    lolz ull be amazed that PTI and Imran khan Despites EDHI ,,,,IK had some issue with him…try googling it!!!!Recommend

  • Dharmesh

    This fool girl doesn’t know she is used by the Western world as a war strategy being planned against Islamic world.Recommend

  • bigsaf

    What developments later on?

    Barely getting into the local Pakistani hospital after being shot in the head by TTP, all the nasty conspiracy theories, and tasteless dismissive ‘drama’ accusation, had taken off from the moment it was first reported.

    I can understand you’re hurt that the author diminished Pak’s geo-political significance by downplaying it, when there is still some.

    But Pakistanis do over exaggerate about their external threats, rather than internal actions and are addicted to conspiracies due to their own helplessness (or hiding their own culpability) in trying to explain most events. Its time right wing conservatives come off it, put things into objective context and realize the paranoia, bias and prejudice that’s developed from its religious nationalist mindset that gets them mocked as ‘denialistan’.

    Terrorism and sectarianism are committed by CIA/RAW/Mossad or ‘foreign hands’, is a common conspiracy theory one hears, and you’re suggesting it’s ‘justified’ and ‘blind liberals’ should not discredit such unfounded and damaging conspiracy theory? If there are conspiracies, and self-sabotage, it usually involves local Pakistanis than anyone else with rare exceptions….Recommend

  • Sarah B. Haider

    The latterRecommend

  • Sarah B. Haider

    Denialistan! That term sums everything up!!Recommend

  • B

    …than reserves of terrorist sponsors.Recommend

  • Hmm …

    Pakistan is the Citadel of Islam … ?

  • 180°

    You got it in reverse …
    The extremist ideology of the nation was fertile ground for the seeds of the Taliban to sprout & thrive.
    The national psyche of ‘we’re too holy & pure’ gave rise to these bearded fundamentalists-and they were actually encouraged in the begining (nurtured as strategic assets to kill impure unbelievers )

  • Umair

    if they r responsible for that why dont we (pak govt) fight with and get rid of the problem? why we support negotiations with agents? if they are agents than carryout operation against them !! not hv dual standardsRecommend

  • Umair

    reserves of coal which we have not extracted since ages right? whats the use of these reserves when u dont want to use it…Recommend

  • Anooop

    Talha, 1.3 Billion Indians, 1.4 Billion Muslims in the world. Only 180 Million Pakistan.

    Among all the above groups its pretty clear who is more violent and regressive.Recommend

  • fady

    Brilliant piece JS. ApplauseRecommend

  • Talha Rizvi

    I’d say you who come here to display your ugly faces.Recommend

  • Gratgy

    You can take a Donkey to water, but you can’t make it drink itRecommend

  • Talha Rizvi

    What about the Delhi rapists? You Indians were busy spreading lies that the underage guy in them was muslim yet surprisingly no apology came when it was proven wrong. What about anti-Christian violence in Orissa? It was many joseph colonies combined. As for Pakistan’s problems we will solve it ourselves we don’t need haters to come rub salt in our wounds.Recommend

  • Syed Owais Mukhtar

    Why are Burgers jealous? It is democracy we can hate anyoneRecommend

  • B

    Not a worthy rebuttal for something,off topic that you started in the first place.
    I suggest you’d read my previous response to you again.
    Best regards.Recommend

  • Bilal

    No offense, but it’s just a bunch of sore losers who hate her just because she has achieved so much in life. I, as a teenager, absolutely adore Malala and I’m sure that she will win the Nobel Prize tomorrow. For all of you crying out there, eat more of it and burn with jealousy! Losers!Recommend

  • Hayat

    thats true. its our mindset. we relate to persia, arab and central asia to distance ourselves from the infidel india. a comprehensive study on the racial stock of pakistanis should be conducted and put on their walls to show them where do they belong!Recommend

  • Mind Hunt

    i think this is a talk less issue because in this age all the intellectuals , all the media , all the agencies all over in the world are in the hands of Zionist , they can paint easily which they want.

    secondly , in Pakistan not a single body saved by the terrorism activities , the targets can b easily hit by the terrorists with fully planing , no one can save properly , so that how could be it possible that Malala saved in a attack , just wounded ?? impossible …this was a pre-plan game …..thats it…!!Recommend

  • Faqir Khan

    Malala case is a typical example of the different levels of mouthpieces for US War for terror and Western Propaganda.

    Some are unaware, uninformed, and otherwise well-intended persons who simply do not have the critical skills to ask relevant questions about such “global” propaganda and US war for Terror.

    Some wilfully become stooges, and still others are merely ambitious men and women who hold no particular worldview of their own and whose writings and public speeches are driven by their overriding ambition. No matter what the cause, the end result is the same: they are a voice, a tool, and an agent of a global agenda to enslave the Muslim world. This is not a conspiracy theory. Anyone who has eyes to see can recognise this agenda and see how it is being imposed on the Muslim world.

    Doors of embassy-held parties readily open for them. Free tickets to climb the social ladder are handed out. This is followed by free trips to conferences. And some of them are made members of committees, councils, or boards of organisations of secondary or tertiary importance. These perks and indirect payments serve to integrate these self-styled public voices into the army of intellectuals, politicians, so-called global leaders, media gurus, experts, and pundits—a disparate and heterogeneous lot which has become the most dangerous tool invented by those who are bent on imposing the hegemony of the West in the rest of the world.Recommend

  • Red-Hawk

    (It would be a threat if it was a strong country)
    That is why “they” don’t want to see Pakistan become strong and stable, “they” keep trying to destabilize Pakistan, and whatever is written in above article maybe the assumption of the writer by reading these so called conspiracy theories on social media about Malala, but in actual its not at all the case. These are NOT at all the reasons for the hate of Malala. Infact if you bother to read the comments below these stupid conspiracy theroies you will know that a very few believe in them.Recommend

  • 1234

    “Lost in the delusion of grandeur is how I describe my fellow country-men. US/Israel/India do not care about Pakistan.”.. what a stereotypical statement with complete over generalization.. You make people think ‘conspiracy theorists are this that.. blah blah’.. let me tell you.. don;t you find it quite clear when U.S themselves released a fake picture of Saddam Hussein? What does that show us? What does the ‘fact’ show us that attack on India was not done by Pakistanis.. but as soon as the news came.. the ‘terrorist’ ‘admitted’ that he was a ‘pakistani’ and later on we found that the attacks were from Indians themselves and Pakistan was blamed… Your statement is COMPLETELY stereotypical I repeat.. because it’s not only Pakistani mindset of ‘conspiracies’.. it’s Algeria, Libya, K.S.A mindset.. now we all have a ‘wrong’ mindset? or maybe there is something wrong with the ones that these people with ‘conspiracy mindset’ are talking about? Another thing I want to mention: The ‘War on Terrorism’? Who declares ‘A WAR’ on terrorism when ‘WARS’ are ‘terrorism’ itself?Recommend

  • Dante

    Malala just won the Sakharov prize. Prestigious. We should all take a moment out and feel happy about it. After a while, Pakistan’s name is in the news for good reasons.

    And before we spend time to voice approval or waste time to hate Malala, we should all support her efforts by donating to Maybe not go to a fast-food restaurant and instead donate to support education.Recommend

  • Thalmis

    what was the problem with the comment that was deleted?Recommend

  • MakeorBreaK

    Funny Story…. IF you live in Pakistan or know whats happening in Pakistan then you should know that SHE is not the only victim there are thousands and thousands of other kids who suffer the same, Schools bombed and kids killed so what makes her DIFFERENT from other kids? she got the chance to come into media eyes there is nothing special in Malala from those other kids and as everyone knows MEDIA can MAKE you or BREAK you :)
    Unfortunately our Pakistani Media was OFFICIALLY getting international funding :p
    which was stopped 2/3 months ago by the Supreme Court (now they are getting indirect funding through the advertisement if you live in UK or USA you would have seen irrelevant growing number of advertisement in GEO, Express, ARY and DUNyA TV Channels) :p If you still believe all the stories on the media then its OK once in a while its good to live in a dreamland.Recommend

  • soorajis