3 reasons I will watch Coke Studio Season 6

Published: October 7, 2013

This season has what the last season lacked: Gumby and Jaffar Zaidi. PHOTO: PUBLICITY

There are a few things a Pakistani can be proud of and music tops the list. From the eternal Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan to the evergreen Noor Jehan; from the refreshing Nazia Hasan to the quirky Hadiqa Kiani; from the cheery Alamgir to the likes of Ali Azmat, Ali Zafar et al; from the soulful Alan Fakir to the ear soothing Mekaal Hasan Band and Fuzon, we’ve got it all! In fact, anyone would give their Led Zeppelin guitars for the talent Pakistan has.

The newest and the most successful (probably after Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan) addition to the list is Coke Studio. Starting in 2008, it got better and better every year, and so much that Coca-Cola launched it in India and the Middle East also. However, neither of these projects matched the standard set by our very own Pakistani version– although the Indian version is coming close.

The start of October marked the launch of the sixth season with the universal promo releasing a day after. By the looks of it, it promises to be the grandest of all.

Here are three reasons why I will watch it:

1. The comebacks

This season has what the last season lacked: Gumby and Jaffar Zaidi. Gumby’s adaptability to different styles of music was missing in the previous season and Mubashir Amdani somehow failed to bring the rhythm that Zaidi did.

This season, thankfully, the gap will be filled.

Moreover, the comebacks of Ali Azmat and Zeb and Haniya, among others, make this season even more promising.

2. The eclectic set of musicians

Although the house-band comprises some of the best musicians in Pakistan, the addition of foreign musicians in the band will take the season to the next level. Foreign musicians come from as far as Italy, Morocco, Norway, Serbia, Turkey and Nepal.

This season seems to be a true celebration of world music, in addition to being a celebration of Pakistani music.

The new additions from Pakistan are also something to watch out for this season. Personally I can’t wait to see Abrarul Haq’s style infused with the signature style of Coke Studio.

3. The man and his legacy

The reason Coke Studio is thriving today is because of one man’s hard work, Rohail Hyatt. If it hadn’t been for this man’s vision, Pakistan would never have acquired this great musical asset.

As long as Hyatt is behind Coke Studio, I will know that I have something good to look forward to and that is encouragement enough to continue watching it; after all, he is the reason we have Dil Dil Pakistan. That ought to prove his brilliance.

So, regardless of its previous setbacks, if you are a music lover, watch this season of Coke Studio. With so many with so many talented musicians involved, our ears are definitely in for a treat. Come this October 13, tune your TVs into Coke Studio where entertainment is guaranteed!

Uzair Ibrahim

Uzair Ibrahim

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