‘Don’t hate us, know us’, but PTA disagrees: Pakistan’s first gay website banned

Published: September 28, 2013

Screenshot of queerpk.com. PHOTO: FILE

If you’re happy and they know it, then you’re probably not clapping anymore.

However, as your claps fade, you may hear the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority’s (PTA) celebrations begin. They stole the legendary pot of gold at the end of a rainbow and that’s reason enough to pat each other on the back – of course in a strictly heterosexual manner.

Allegedly the gold they found is labelled ‘silence’ and they are guarding this treasure with their lives by refusing to waste golden words on ‘non-issues’ like the Pakistani gay community.

However, we’re not Iran and moderate enlightenment blessed us with a split personality disorder; one side-effect of which is homosexuality. It is, they say, obviously a western evil that is corrupting the society. To top it off, it’s Pakistan compliant and legal just like murder, rape and so forth. However, like all things illegal and impure in the land of the pure, if you don’t speak about it, they’ll hear no evil.

The fact that everyone sees it, throws the ‘trinity’ into disequilibrium. While most look away, there are those who can’t.

This rare breed is a nuisance, often invading the ‘threat-to-our-values’ threshold. They want to speak, hear, talk and change things. A case in point is queerpk.com, the country’s first official website for the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender (LGBT) community that refused to follow the golden rule of silence.

The website was meant to be an online support platform. Their slogan, “Don’t hate us, Know us” was reciprocated by the atrocious psyche of ‘shut up-or-else’.

The saying is, ‘be careful what you wish for’ and they weren’t. Once they were known, they weren’t hated anymore and that’s worse at times. You need effort, energy and the ability to feel in order to hate. However, when you’re numb, you can swat what’s bothering you down and that’s what the PTA did. After all, they had to keep the pristine white purity of the land intact, and this website was just a tad too colourful. So the PTA did what it does best, shoved it under the carpet like it didn’t exist and brought back their golden silence.

Now that they’ve taken care of that, they can go back to more important things like thinking up new words that are immoral and banning websites as they choose. However, this is not the end of it, it seems. Funnily enough, queerpk.com is still accessible on a new domain.

However, what they didn’t realise is that white is only pure because there are several colours that light it up. So every time they do away with a colour, they soil a purity that is beyond their understanding. The light dims just a little bit each time they impose their need for silence. Soon enough- it’ll be all black and last I remember, black isn’t a pure colour either.

If you think this behaviour is ridiculously queer on PTA’s part, un-think. Don’t raise your voice to tell them that what they have is fool’s gold that will be washed away the next time it rains. And then we will see a rainbow.

Do you agree or disagree with PTA's move to block Pakistan's first gay website?

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Amna Iqbal

Amna Iqbal

Publications designer at The Express Tribune, she tweets @amna_iqb (twitter.com/amna_iqb)

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Sane

    So, with support of people like you there would be many other websites in offing like nice-rapist.com.pk, brave-dacoits.com.pk, easy-snatcher.com.pk. In which world you live in. This is Pakistan not any Scandinavian country. The liberty and leverages you plead in not acceptable in this or any Islamic country. If you do not agree need to find some other place. People here have enough sins and ALLAH’s wrath is already on us. We have recently gone through with earthquake (one jolted again today), people are killed for no reasons, we are at internal war, we have economic crisis. What else you are begging for. Read about Sodom and Gomorrah if you never read before.Recommend

  • Anti-Gay

    This is not mental illness this is just fahashi. No wonder why we are experiencing earthquakes everyday. May Allah help us all. AmeenRecommend

  • Azeem Aslam

    I can’t support your voice bcoz it’s immoral and against the principles of nature. So sorry for you Mr. gay loversRecommend

  • farhan

    dont understand this concept of “banning”. if u r not gay u r not going to visit such sites and if u r then u will find some other ways to meet other gay people ..there are billions of such sites and all accessible in pak.. WILL GOVT EVER TELL THESE MULLAHS RUNNING PTA TO STEP DOWN? gay or not.. who the hell is anybody to tell anybody what is moral and what is not!
    P.S. I live in karachi , I am a practicing, proud, straight muslim and i have all the love for the gay community in pakistan.. respect guys!Recommend

  • Zahir

    Living in Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the govt. should do what’s right !Recommend

  • Muhammad

    “I am a practicing” – supporting the gay community and at the same time saying I am practicing,

    contradicting your ownself ?Recommend

  • hehe

    Ironic you say you are straight and then you go about saying that “You have all the love for the gay community in pakistan”.
    Lol moment. Cheers!Recommend

  • Ahmed

    If you would just THINK you would know how this is wrongRecommend

  • Moeed Ali

    its not the first of its kind ….

    heres the website … manjam.com, secretmj.com … cell apps .. grindr.. scruff .. hornet …. gaydar … planet romeo ….

    theres a whole lot to it …. rather making a fuss abt it … do some study on sexual orientation ….Recommend

  • Imran

    The so called liberals of our society. Confused people !!Recommend

  • Wateva

    homosexuality is not something that was banned by ‘some crazy mullahs’ like you liberals love to allege, it is a commandments enshrined in all the major religious doctrine (including scripts) and upuntil 50 years ago was described as a pyschological disease by the American Psychologists Association. Just because the West has opened doors to it, are we also like subservient former colonies suppose to jump onto the bandwagon inorder to prove ourselves to be of the new age?
    I dont even believe it is a natural act in the first place, and even for a second one was to buy the argument that it is a state of being you are innately born with, the same logic could be applied to pedophilia and bestiality. There are psychologists that argue those as natural psychological state of being. Should we be advocating those too? You only end up contradicting yourself.
    Stop trying to copy the west, if you dont like what we have here you can move abroad.Recommend

  • Faraz Talat

    Bold piece.

    I’m not entirely sure how fighting homophobia threatens or invade Pakistani cultural values. Was the website making use of pornographic imagery? Was the website encouraging people to turn gay?

    It was calling for end to the persecution these people face for what their private lives. It was asking for tolerance, which we have none because apparently, “our culture” doesn’t allow it.Recommend

  • Katarina

    Earthquakes has nothing to do with being gay. (Wikipedia: “An earthquake (also known as a quake, tremor or temblor) is the result of a sudden release of energy in theEarth’s crust that creates seismic waves.”. If you are not interested in reading a support site for gay people you do not have to visit that site. But for the people who are gay this could have been an important place to share their thoughts. And the Scandinavian countries are really good places to live ;)Recommend

  • UrbanDecay

    Being gay is anti Islamic and wrong at so many levels. This is no freedom of speech and PTA has made a very sensible decision banning this site. Keep on banning these sites PTA, don’t let this utter shamelessness pollute our values. Homosexuality is just a ‘fatuur’ of one’s own mind. No one is born gay. Put an end to this fahashi before we see movements supporting homosexuality.Recommend

  • Mj

    Dear Author,

    We as a nation are bigoted beyond reason. It’s not enough that if we consider something a sin then try to avoid it on a personal level. No, we have to enforce our morality on others to feel self-righteous.Recommend

  • AQ

    you don’t like it??? then leave Pakistan…Recommend

  • Mj

    Earthquakes are caused by movement of tectonic plates, but of course a misinformed person might ascribe it to other malevolent factors.Recommend

  • Insanity prevails

    first they go against the Law of God and the natural ways of life. When any calamity strikes they look to God for help. Really ?? Freedom is fine but there are laws you need to follow of Allah and of the country as well. So well done PTA. You dont have to be a mullah to know such things. Incest, homosexuality, bestiality is all allowed in some parts of the world and i am pretty sure has its demand in Pakistan too. Why dont you write next article to defend them as well :)Recommend

  • Kappa

    As there is no concept of girl friend in Pakistan, almost every male is indulged in gay or homosexual activity until he is married.Recommend

  • hassan

    Yeah allow this then what …legalize liquor , prostitution , and what ever else ….PTA did great work …kudos to themRecommend

  • stars

    so allah will punish millions of people through natural disasters if pakistan support gays. lolRecommend

  • 1010

    I really do wonder when, or rather if at all, this nation will become rational.
    Just in case some people don’t get what I’m saying, this is in response to the general views and comments I have come across thus far along with the act of banning of the website itself (as well as so many other flawed arguments I have heard regarding other topics) and not in response to the argument presented in the article itself.Recommend

  • Farhan

    Why do esp. the ladies love to write-discuss issues mainly regarding gays & sex?Recommend

  • http://buitems.net/ Luqman Khan

    As I quote you “P.S. I live in karachi , I am a practicing, proud, straight muslim and i
    have all the love for the gay community in pakistan.. respect guys!”

    Hate me or not but what I will tell you will certainly hurt you but I have no intend to do so. There is nothing in Islam like ‘practicing muslim’, ‘straight muslim’ or even ‘proud muslim’. There is only ‘Muslim’ in Islam. Anything more or less than that is not ISLAM! It can be a version of Islam. Like your version of Islam in which you can have love for gay people. But that is just a version my dear. Not Islam.

    No offense intended. Humble apologies for any harsh words.Recommend

  • Progressive

    Newspapers like Tribune & Dawn have been covering NUST dress code saga (which itself was the epitome of misinformation) and now the banning of this website. May I remind you that in this week over 80 died in a church and hundreds have perished in two earthquakes in Baluchistan. Let me also remind you that a basic principle of journalism is to proritise news coverage.
    On the banning of the website- right move by PTA. Stop putting effort in opening a fahash website and instead put your effort in helping the poor and victims of oppression/violence/rape.Recommend

  • http://buitems.net/ Luqman Khan

    I am sorry but your point of view is not very clear. Do you want to say PTA is nearly useless? I might agree to that somehow.
    If you are saying banning Gay website is nothing PTA should do then I don’t agree. There is a code of conduct for PTA if by a miracle they have followed it I have no objections.
    Is that you want to say that Gay community should be accepted in Pakistan socially and legally. I am sorry to tell you the land of pure wasn’t for such people or activities.Recommend

  • Nadir

    homophobes and bigots will spew hatred below.Recommend

  • Khan of Kalabagh

    can the countries who have punishment for just denying HOLOCAUST, will they allow any site from their country running on internet denouncing holocaust?

    its about the values custom tradition and above all the Religion which governs the life of people over here.

    I really commend the steps of PTA.Recommend

  • Naveen

    This kind of stuff is too much to ask from a backward third world country where even the State sees everything from the prism of religion. For the time being, Saving the skin of minority Muslim sects & non-Muslims and women right issues should be the priority. Then higher order debates on secularism should follow. Then perhaps a century or two later, I am sure one can get to the rights LGBT and more fundamentally to the idea of non-interference of State with Individual freedom.Recommend

  • Pathanoo

    Bacha bazi is halal.Recommend

  • pathanoo

    “This is Pakistan not any Scandinavian country.”

    I am sure you will be the first one to run to the ‘Scandinavian country’ if you were given a visa. Thank god Scandinavian country is not pakistan.

    P.S. what about mullah and pashtun bacha bazi?Recommend

  • Dr Fundamentalist

    Such a Naive article..!Recommend

  • Noman Ansari


  • Noman Ansari

    Mr. gay lovers??? hahahahaha… oh god I love the internet.Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    Let’s say for example that a news organization has 500 employees. You expect all 500 to report on the earthquakes? How is that even possible? If it is a 250 word report, you expect each employee to contribute half a word each?Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    Actually, there are at least 50 liquor stores in Defense Karachi, where I have seen most of the customers are police. So those are open, yet a website is causing so many problems?Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    Are you going to supply air fair and visas and expenses? If so, then we will all write articles!Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    “upuntil 50 years ago was described as a pyschological disease by the American Psychologists Association.”

    To be fair, not long ago, slavery was also legal. So you are saying that that was OK also?Recommend

  • Katarina

    You have to keep in mind that love between two consenting adults does not harm anyone. Gay people need support as they are a small and oppressed minority. Why would anyone want to deny their need for support and help?Recommend

  • Shamy

    And movement of tectonic plates are caused by God alone…HE controls EVERYTHING…Genius !Recommend

  • AL

    I know, it’s hilarious isn’t it?! Some people are just so dumb!Recommend

  • salman

    so much for you people to support “gay-ism”, but you shouldn’t get it off your mind that ” some things are better hidden”.Recommend

  • salman

    you are made m”men” to seek “women”, that’s what gender is all about…Recommend

  • TTV
  • farhan

    No prob luqman.. its just a discussion.. everybody has their own opinions.. in reply to other comments i would say that its just about accepting people who are different than us.. we might find people living in south-east asia eating snakes and dogs as their lunch disgusting but we dont have to hate them just because its against our religion or it being purely disgusting.. nobody is forcing anybody to do such things.. religion is a private matter and so is anything that happens between two consenting adults.. who are we to judge.. i believe we should get rid of this so much “hatred” that is in our society. as far as my version of islam is concerned.. well everybody will be answerable to allah on judgement day on their own so why bother getting into this discussion now!Recommend

  • http://www.thetrueperspective.com/ Hamza

    No offence but this is a blog, not a news site. For news you should go to tribune.com.pk


  • incorrect priorities

    what a joke this is – there are other serious issues in this country.

    people don’t have nothing to eat – people scared to take aid in earthquake affected areas because they think they will be shot by local rebels afterwards.

    there is no clothes on human beings

    no life security

    and you are worried about banning a site. no wonder why Pakistan is not progressing in the world. we don’t know our priorities

    also, may ALLAH give HIDAYAT to everyone who is presenting scientific laws of earthquake considering science is beyond ALLAH’s power and will and avoiding the fact what ALLAH has told us that HE orders earth’s tectonic plates to moveRecommend

  • WaffleWolfer

    The comments on here are absolutely insane, but they are an intriguing look into the minds of the superstitious. I wonder how these people explain the violent storms on Jupiter or the hellishly baked surface of Venus. Are the sinful Jovians and Venusians being punished for something? Do they really think there are no earthquakes in uninhabited regions of Earth?Recommend

  • Rational

    Gays by birth should be given equal freedom to live their lives as per natural instincts. Scriptures has nothing to do with this. Just like a disabled person by birth is to be given equal respect and rights.Recommend

  • sumair khan

    dude , this is not saudia but pakistan with democracy, gay rights are legal in other islamic countries like turkey, lebanon, kuwait, jordan. we aren’t only allah’s chosen one. grow up and come to reality.Recommend

  • Wateva

    Yes, quiet a moot point indeed. So i suppose there is hope that those who believe and practice incest, pedophilia and bestiality should wait abit longer until these practices become the legalized norm in the West, and then hopefully we will get to see more of such sanctimonious pieces in ET pleading to us to be accepting of these practices too.
    Obviously for us Third World denizens the acceptable standards are those that must be defined and set by the West, and not something we get to decide what is acceptable in terms of our religious and cultural mores.Recommend

  • Muhammad Saim

    What a waste of writing skills !
    This piece is shameful and disgusting.Recommend

  • Muhammad Saim

    What’s funny here !Recommend

  • Muhammad Saim

    Noman, Please read the comment again. Dont jump to commenting without putting brain to understand the point.Recommend

  • Keen Observer

    you really don’t know that Earthquakes are of the forms of punishment from Allah as mentioned in the Quran and Ahadiths??Recommend

  • AL

    You need to look up the definition of irony, ‘cos that’s not it pal! You can be one thing, but love and respect something else – it’s really not that complicated. Maybe one day, Pakistan will drag itself into the 21st century – unfortunately, it will probably be when the rest of the world is in the 24th century.Recommend

  • AL

    Maybe because they’re more open minded and less repressed than many men?Recommend

  • AL

    But who are you to force your “religious and cultural mores” on anyone else? A private relationship between two consenting adults is really none of your business. I suggest you get over it.Recommend

  • AL

    Yes, let’s not forget Pakistan leads in the world for the most internet searches for gay porn !Recommend

  • AL

    Norman is right. Stories about the earthquakes and the killing of Christians have dominated the news, but the job of a news outlet is to cover a broad spectrum of news, and that includes this story. It’s not the ‘top story’, and is pretty far down the page, so to suggest it’s being prioritised over other things is simply untrue.Recommend

  • A

    Because some folk are backward, hateful, and bigoted; they are stuck in the 13th century, and think they have the right to tell others what to do in their private lives. Crazy isn’t it?Recommend

  • A

    To be fair, some would say incest is already practiced in Pakistan and elsewhere – marrying one’s first cousin.Recommend

  • George

    What is shameful and disgusting about it?Recommend

  • George

    No, homosexuality is not a state of mind or a choice. At no point does a person choose to be gay or straight. If it was a choice, do you really think a person would choose to be gay and enter a world of persecution and bigotry (from people like you)? Think before you write!Recommend

  • George

    People who hold a differing view from you are not confused!Recommend

  • AkiraAkira

    Nothing wrong with homosexuality. People attributing earthquakes to it have been short changed in a science education clearly or are just being deliberately ignorant. Homosexuality is not corrupting Western Society. Living in the West, somewhere liberal and accepting we are rich and peaceful. No problems where I am. No earth quakes either or famine. I’m proud to say we allow people to truly be themselves. The only problem we may face are immigrants who start causing shit and ricking the boat. Insisting they have to force their hateful views on everyone else around them.Recommend

  • George

    A shameful comparison and it shows how little you care for people who don’t fit your ideology.Recommend

  • George

    Gays ARE a victim of oppression and this is the point!Recommend

  • Not so queer
  • Jamal Gulzar

    I don’t know why majority of our society tries to copy the west!
    wake up…. this doesn’t make you cool!
    if homosexuality is forbidden in our religion, there should be no debate on it!

  • Rational

    Movement of tectonic plates is a phenomenon since the creation of earth and the areas prone to earthquakes have been well established for repetitive seismic activity…and every time mostly innocents are killed living in such areas. A believer can never jump the fine line between belief and reality or logic.Recommend

  • Kay

    As per your distorted belief most of the earthquakes should be happening in United States and Scandinavian countries. Why pakistan and Iran??Recommend

  • WaffleWolfer

    The same logic could be applied in reverse. Why does Pakistan waste its time forbidding a gay-interest website when it could be fixing the problems you mentioned?

    And why would you worry about earthquake victims who are in need of aid? Didn’t you just say that their suffering was Allah’s will? Do you oppose your deity’s intentions?Recommend

  • Irfan

    legalizing by some Islamic countries (if), doesn’t mean consent of Allah on this. The important thing is Allah has forbid us from homosexuality.Recommend

  • Muhammad Saim

    There is a basic contradiction in your statement and its a big one. You said you are a ‘practicing’ ‘straight Muslim’ and yet ‘have all the love for the gay community’. Quran condemns homosexuality and a ‘Practicing Muslim’ shall in accordance with Quran condemn this practice. I am not saying you impose your will by force on others but don’t show your ‘love’ to those as well.Recommend

  • Asif

    If today we are going to debate on this and make it acceptable then tomorrow we will be picking another ruling from Quran and making it acceptable … The point for Pakistan is quite simple. Either we become a secular state and be done with it or remain Islamic and be non apologetic about it. Till PTA is working under Islamic Republic of Pakistan they are right in shutting it down.Recommend

  • Saurabh

    Man! for a moment, I actually thought I was in 7th century or something.
    Thank God, I soon realized,reading comments on ET was just my daily shot of some amazing jokes. Kudos to you guys! Love from Bangalore.Recommend

  • Asif

    recognition gives things an entirely different meaning …All politicians are corrupt but its not stated anywhere .. If you document it then you can well imagine what they will do to Pakistan … Got my point?Recommend

  • Baba Ji

    Hated you shall be, Sorry we are NOT for that !!! “Back stabbing” shall we not, society in ours allow !!! -__ as Yoda would put it !!!Recommend

  • Ali

    Hey wise guy, Japan and the West Coast of the US have one of the most seismically active spots in the world. And I am quite sure they have many queers as well. But they don’t blame displeasure of God for their troubles (earthquakes). They look for solutions. We all need to learn to be honest first. A dishonest pretentious Muslim is more harmful to Islam, than any queer. Please, promote honesty before intolerance, and leave some matters to the Higher wisdom.Recommend

  • Lal Masjid

    No such thing as “gay by birth”. No scientific evidence to back up this silly claim. Wikipedia is not an acceptable reference so don’t bother with a link from there, please.Recommend

  • AL

    What are you on about? There’s a ton of scientific evidence. And the fact you base your world view on fairy tales indicates you don’t give much credence to science anyway.

    In any event, if a gay person tells you they didn’t choose to be gay, they were born that way, that’s sufficient proof. Or are you suggesting they’re lying? That they’ve chosen a life of facing bigotry, hatred, discrimination, and persecution just for the fun of it?!Recommend

  • Critical

    What about the earthquakes which happen in moon and Jupiter????

    Maybe God is angry with the gay aliens out thereRecommend

  • maktal

    Every damn thing is moderated on this site. Just to support the secularist bias.Recommend

  • maktal

    The God who can move Tectonic plates can surely turn people’s brain too… and that results in Atheism (Secularism).Recommend

  • maktal

    Gays will not see next century… let alone we think about 24th and onwardsRecommend

  • George

    Well, that’s me convinced.Recommend

  • George

    So you’re saying it’s a choice then? If so, when did you choose to be straight?

    No-one would make the conscious choice to be gay when you cannot have children and you face daily persecution all over the world.Recommend

  • Zahir

    so democracy is your answer? well what if tomorrow democracy legalize alcohol, rape and suicide bombing? grow up and learn to be yourselfRecommend

  • George

    I am happy to tell you, Luqman, that homosexuality is a natural phenomenon which is displayed throughout the animal kingdom. However, it’s only in humanity (mostly by arrogant and ignorant theists) that it is villified and persecuted.

    Whether you think Pakistan is too ‘pure’ for such things is immaterial. Gay people are gaining their voice all over the world and through dialogue they will get the support they deserve, even in Pakistan.Recommend

  • Lal Masjid

    There is scientific “evidence” claiming to say we were once apes. So give me a break. I’m referring to real science here.

    a gay person tells me they didn’t choose to be gay then I would take
    that as face value. A lot of people commit evil deeds, crimes, etc. and
    say we didn’t “choose” this rather we were made to be like this. It’s
    all psychological. Being gay is a mental disorder and should be treated
    as such. It’s just a state of wanting to be “different” in some cases
    and in some cases having a troubled childhood or having been put through
    a ordeal such as rape, etc.. These things can be treated and should be
    treated to bring these people into their natural senses.

    No need
    to justify a wrong. That part of the body they try to penetrate was not
    made by God for that purpose. That’s science if you ask me.Recommend

  • pak_liberal

    How ironic that in Pakistan first they segregate the sexes. Then when these mingle with their groups they also ban homosexuality. What should a person do?

    Being gay is not a disease. It is a natural phenomenon present in 1 out of 20,000 people. Even 69 species of animals have been discovered to have homosexual activities.

    How intolerant, racists, extremists and worse-off HOMOPHOBIC society we have become. Eunuchs have been present in the darbars of kings, princes and sultans. They are only human beings who deserve to be respected and made productive members of society.Recommend

  • incorrect priorities

    WaffleWolfer – there are your answers:

    >> The same logic could be applied in reverse. Why does Pakistan waste its time forbidding a gay-interest website when it could be fixing the problems you mentioned?

    Response: I absolutely agree to your point of fixing issues than banning a site but my dear friend everybody has its own task and PEMRA cannot defend durand line but army – they did what they had to do. The issue is what is the priority of common man in highlighting the issues to the top? The whole question is about the ideology of this country, the foundation for the foundation of this country is Religion i.e. Islam in this case. What has happened in this blog is questioning the ideology which is now beyond question.. I hope I have given enough information here

    >> And why would you worry about earthquake victims who are in need of aid? Didn’t you just say that their suffering was Allah’s will? Do you oppose your deity’s intentions?

    Response: Thanks for raising this. This has been said by ALLAH HIMSELF, that he tests people – individuals and nations through disasters. Now what this means is – ALLAH is not unjust, but ALLAH’s way of providing justice can only be understood by understanding the paradigm. Have you heard, “When bulls fight, crops suffer”. This happens and we all should ask safety from ALLAH to not to include us amongt them. ALLAH rewards the innocents in here after who were destroyed by the disasters. On the other hand ALLAH is testing the entire nation how they act in this time where human beings need help. I hope this clarifies.

    May ALLAH give us HIDAYAT and keep us strong on that path INSHA ALLAHRecommend

  • Faraz Talat

    The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is home to more than just the Muslims.

    You don’t like homosexual behavior? Don’t participate. Let others do what they want. Their personal lives aren’t yours to regulate.Recommend

  • Mc

    and what about those idols? if you found this a joke.Recommend

  • Zeta

    I am a hardcore liberal myself and i don’t like homosexuals and don’t want them to propagate their unnatural way of life. If you are true liberal, you will respect my opinion even if you disagree with it. .Recommend

  • Saeed ur rehman

    I seriously do not get the attitude that we , as muslims, show towards Gays and Lesbians. ”the Holy Quran says that being gay is a crime like sex without marriage”(I’m sorry gay supporters but there is NOT EVEN A SINGLE muslim school of thought which considers being gay as ok). So why all the support from these “muslims” towards gays?This disturbing trend of aping western culture is very troubling. Yes , there are some parts of that society that we should copy, their justice, discipline etc. but when it comes to acts which are clearly against our religion we should not support them. What is next? A website holding contests for making sacrilegious caricatures? We should not be extremists and jihadists but that does not mean that we just cut ourselves off from Islam.Recommend

  • Rational

    To be Gay is purely a natural instinct. Just as a transexual ( heejra) is sexually neither a man nor woman.Recommend

  • Realist

    In democracy, will of majority shall prevail. If gays are not socially accepted, you can not force majority to act against their wills. They can go to a favourable place. As far as expenses are concerned, there is no free coke. People have suffered and struggled alot for what they thought “right” in their opinions. Why pakistani gays desire for something different? In west too, gays relocate and move to countries/ states where gays are recognized. They can adopt the same path too.Recommend

  • Black Widow

    Majority of ET people and the writer specially, feel disconnected from the world and each other due to the blockage of this site.Recommend