Imran Khan: Check yourself before you wreck yourself!

Published: September 30, 2013

Imran Khan was supposed to be an agent of change and hope. His followers have been severely disappointed! PHOTO: AFP

Imran Khan is a dying phenomenon. He seems to be losing the fan base that he had gathered up in the last five to six years. His supporters and voters seem to be losing hope in him and the young generation, especially first-time voters, feel like they have been left in limbo with nowhere else to go.

There was nothing surprising about Imran’s ascent in the political arena. People were tired of the same old faces, the same broken promises and needed a new ideal to latch on to. Consequently, most people followed Imran blindly, without giving any consideration to his political agenda and his views on important national issues. They gave him a ‘prophetical’ status, rallied for him, enrolled in the ‘Tabdeeli Razakar’ program and did what any patriotic Pakistani would have done. However, what the patriots did not realise was that the hype around Imran would soon fizzle out and things would go back to ground zero.

The recent wave of terrorism in the country and constant threats by the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) that they will continue with their activities until negotiations are initiated, is very alarming. This has put the government on a back foot and increasingly it seems that the government will have to hold talks on the militants’ terms, rather than keeping national security as their top priority.

Perhaps Imran and his supporters need to travel back in time and assess when things started falling apart.

Flash back

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) was making waves and both, the young and old were flocking together to join the latest craze that was Imran Khan. He won the hearts of many with his charisma, fiery speeches, promises for a better Pakistan and open challenges to Mian Sahib and Zardari. He ignited political fervour in the rural areas as well as the urban;  in the young as well as the old; in the illiterate as well as the educated.

Attending a PTI jalsa became the thing to do and people did. PTI supporters wreaked havoc on social media too and a word against Imran would bring a barrage of insults your way. Then came May 11, 2013, when people woke up with hope in their eyes and patriotism in their hearts. Pakistani expatriates flew all the way to Pakistan to cast votes in favour of PTI and Imran, hoping for a change. He was claimed to be the only saviour for this nation.

Where did things go wrong?

It is now clear that Imran Khan lacks political foresight and flexibility. His first major mistake was to lock horns with none other than the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM). A little understanding, seat adjustment and alliance with the largest political party in Karachi could have given PTI a chance to establish itself and implement its manifesto which, by the way, was very much in line with the manifesto of MQM.

Imran was over-confident and thoroughly mistaken in assuming that he would be an overnight success in Karachi alone. Rigging or no rigging, PTI failed to cause any considerable dent in the vote bank of MQM, and the following by-elections, under surveillance of the army, gave credence to the fact that PTI was losing its popularity fast in this part of Pakistan.

His second crucial blunder was to team up with the Taliban and support their recent demand for opening up offices for the militants. His main stream followers are mostly educated elite and students, who cannot under any circumstances support this stance; and this is fast causing a slump in his popularity.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK), where PTI enjoys complete control, has seen no improvement and there seems to be no proper road map laid down by the chief minister and his team. Instead, the blood-thirsty Taliban are being given an opportunity to further implement their agendas.

What makes matters worse is that Imran Khan is running the show as a dictator, and even his own party members are not privy to his policies and decisions. Just recently, a statement made by Khan regarding the opening of a Taliban office has been completely disowned by his party member, Asad Umar who claimed that this was a personal wish of the Khan, and does not reflect the party’s official view.

Imran Khan who once rallied against nepotism, is now giving priority to the relatives and friends of main stream PTI leaders over common workers, for different party positions. it seems that PTI has become like any conventional Pakistani political party where affiliations are preferred over merit.

The recent attacks in Peshawer – the church blast, followed by an attack on the employees of the secretariat – speak volumes about the kind of administrative strength PTI has over the affairs of the KPK province right now.

Suggestions for damage control

It is obvious that PTI needs damage control and needs it fast. Instead of crying over rigged cases, Imran needs to focus on good governance in the KPK province, and he needs to re-consider his stance on negotiations with militants. His own supporters are sceptical of his statements and actions, and have very recently started expressing their disappointment in him openly on public forums. One such status on Facebook reads:

“I’m disappointed in Imran Khan’s demand for an office for Taliban. Seems like my vote just went to waste.”

Says it all, doesn’t it?

Do you think Imran Khan has lived up to his promises?

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Arsalan Faruqi

Arsalan Faruqi

An entrepreneur with a degree in computer engineering and an MBA from IBA Karachi. He tweets as @arsalanfaruqi.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.


    LONG LIVE IKRecommend

  • HASH

    I don’t agree still youngster are with him. Please give him time and he is not alone in power he is dependent on others party. But hope for the best after all he is the best person with clean thoughts.Recommend

  • Ahmed

    Imran Khan is losing popularity yet he is the KPK is maximum in the news. Plus these liberal fascists have no idea what they are talking about. Dialogue is the decision of all parties in all 4 APCs but liberal fascists only see this as IK’s viewRecommend

  • Zahid

    I see a diff in TTP attitude already after Imran Khan suggested that they should be allowed to open an office to pave the way for negotiations. The problem with Pakistan is that its run by corrupt politicians that are not interested in changing Pakistan’s status, instead they want to loot it as much as possible and ASAP.. Imran Kan is the only sincere politicians in Pakistan and Pakistanis are not smart enough to see it.Recommend

  • qazi

    totally disagree IK from ten yrs is against war and ppl knew and voted and secondly kp govt is in better track from RTI law to Education reforms to health and jst look at online FIR or green and clean campaign and i can list many stop writing like loser..and even international community wanted office in DOHA and pak wanted it turkey or saudiaRecommend

  • Asjad Khan

    And troll drone expected…Recommend

  • MHZ

    “You, Writer, you are a part of the #PlotAgainstPeaceTalks and Taliban are the real patriots. They were descended upon us from the Skies so that our miserable lives could have some action in them. We like being blown up in the bomb blasts and you are just a Jewish agent who is trying to hatch conspiracies against peace talks.
    Imran Khan is the last hope for this Country.. ”

    That is pretty much what you are going to get from PTIans on writing such a wonderful article based on facts. :v :DRecommend

  • Faruq Faizi

    This is a national problem, not your fault Mr. Author. You will come across scores of graduates with limited knowledge and foresight who will question the credentials of Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, Dr. Abdul Salam and even you can come across a master degree holder searching for job criticizing Muhammad Ali Jinnah. IK is a legend, a living legend, so you should have at least some accomplishments in your life to have the heart to criticize him. A nobody having an MBA from IBA does not fit the criteria to assess or criticee a legend like IK.Recommend

  • Karwa Sach

    I fail to understand why people blame IK without considering facts…firstly negotiations with taliban was not a decision taken by IK…all the parties signed on the declaration of APC…and negotiations aren’t a single day task…it’s not like you have to walk into a room fill with people and start talking…and it’s the sole responsibility of federal government to initiate and act upon the decision taken by APC… remember it’s called FATA (where all the trouble seems to be)…”Federally Administered” Tribal Area….i condemn the activities done by TTP to the fullest….but no conflict in the history of the world has been resolved by the use of force only….Recommend

  • haroon

    I disagree to almost everything you said.
    1. It was a good decision to lock horns with a violent political party. Almost everyone I know appreciated his principled stance.
    2. I know a lot of people who lived in Karachi and their polling stations were robbed right in front of them, by MQM workers.
    3. In APC it was not Imran Khan but all the political parties of Pakistan who said we should negotiate, and how can you negotiate if you are not ready to even give them a single office?
    4. You said Imran Khan runs party like a dictator and then in the same paragraph you said Asad Umer openly disagreed to his point of view. In what other party do you see a worker challenging the Chairman so publicly?
    5. Not a single member of Imran Khan was given a ticket. Are other leaders bigger than him?Recommend

  • Saira

    Imran Khan is strong willed and holds a strong position I think its the negative blogs and media presentations againt PTI and Imran Khan which is a cause of super negative atmosphere for a PTI supporter.

    Peshawar is under a constant attack for last few years and now is the time to give just one chance to peace talks and if TTP is not willing to live in peace I think our army can show them a good way out of here so they can go and live with people who they are working for.Recommend

  • normal people

    PTI is making huge progress in Pakistan’s political land scape .. coming from a virtually zero to now having a complete hold of the province and inshallah in the coming elections shall be PTI winning all the seats as there has to be made sure that NO fraudulent activites are conducted by the PML-N, MQM, PPP in their respective current (fraudulently-held) constitutencies…Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    Thanks for speaking for us with your generalized statements. (sarcasm)Recommend

  • Aleesha Kainat

    Everybody knew, it wasn’t an overnight change IK was gonna bring…Things haven’t had proceeded as they should’ve been till now, but I believe its still not time yet to give the Final Verdict.Recommend

  • MA

    Here we go ladies and gentlemen!!! another article by Mr. Nobody, who thinks he’s got it all figured out and represents the “Youth”. A wasted effort with lousy criticism, just for the sake of it but no solid solution or way out!!. good luck …you’ll need it!Recommend

  • Hummed Yousaf Baig

    There’s only one thing with which i differ : PTI failed to make a dent in the “VOTE BANK” of MQM.. such a naive person whose writing this blog in the amidst of comfort of his house.. May be u nobody has pointed a rifle on u’r chest and said “Altaf bhai ka jalsa ho raha hai pohonch jao udhr” I’m not a tabdeeli razakar or die hard fan of PTI and yes PTI has lost it’s agenda…but i know this… sitting back ,relaxing and writing a blog with naivety is too easy my friend.Recommend

  • maestro

    Dear ET and all your associated bloggers – you clearly have an anti-PTI agenda since day 1. You talk about acheivements of PTI in KPK in a 100 days even though IK was bed ridden for 2 months out of those 100 days? Check the official Tehreek-e-Insaaf FB page and you will get DAILY updates on what they have been working on. As for talks with the Taliban, this was a decision taken by ALL political parties at FOUR APCs! So why single out IK?? All he is saying about opening an office for them is so that the APC resolution can be implemented effectively. He clearly said the other day if talks fail, well we have been at war with them for the last 9 years but the situation has only worsened not improved – lets try something different and if it doesnt work, we go back to war! Such biased reporting and sold media. Stick with your employers NS, Zardari, Altaf bhai and co., who have achieved absolutely nothing after multiple stints in power each! Cheers!Recommend

  • Fraz

    Disagree these could be your views please don’t generalise Recommend

  • Asif

    Well you could view Asad’s statement in another way. He expressed his personal opinion and IK expressed his. none was stating party position. I certainly disagree with IK’s suggestion of Taliban office but it also shows political maturity within the party that a lawmaker can express his views freely and differ with his leader. can you even imagine PMLN executive committee ever showing such courage and maturity i.e. someone saying that nawaz is wrong? or zardari is wrong? or Altaf was wrong? no way…..all they have third class chamchays or sycophants within their respective parties who tow their leader’s line no matter whatRecommend

  • Kaku

    Haha. The title is a wish but far from reality.

    We are waiting for the local bodies election. That’s going to be make or break

    As far as kpk administration goes, it has seen change which the province has never seen in history. One has to remember that kpk was rarely mentioned in the past years in the media. This immediate jump into the spotlight has put such a tight monitoring on the government which will be beneficial for the people in the long run. People are empowered, they dont fear their mpas.

    One needs to sense the change in attitude of gov officials. The new PDA chairman pays surprise visits at itwaar bazaars, takes complaints personally, even surprise visits gardeners!! The attitude has changed. People know that they are accountable now.

    A lot has already been achieved. And so much more to be achieved. We should pray for their success.Recommend

  • Aet Peshawar

    imran’s stance is the most logical and he knows the ground realities…..its another matter that these desi liberals don’t understand while sitting in islamabad and lahoreRecommend

  • Aslam

    No need of talks to criminals. They should find another way out. Unless you hit back hard doesn’t matter who they are, anything else is useless. You have an air force who can’t stop drons, and is only good to sing songs and change duties at Mizar-e-Quaid. The govt is dictated by US. US and India , financing terrorists in Pak. You can’t expel Afghanies back to Afghanistan. PTI, PML-N, PPP, MQM they all are the part of one body with different shapes. Don’t expect anything from then. Recommend

  • Ahmed

    Yes, I saw the difference just yesterday myself!! Yet another bomb blast! Now tell me I am blind or just insane to not “see a diff in TTP attitude”. Hopeless comment. Please tell me what difference you noticed?Recommend


    You forgot to mention is earlier political blunder to not take part in Tahir ul Qadri’s protest against corrupt electoral system. Today he is stood elected but embarrased while TUQ enjoys the respect of being the politically savy and responsible leader! another political blunder IK is almost making is the apparent friendly opposition against the ruling party just to protect their interest in retaining the KPK government. IK is embroiled in such a political mess, the rulling brothers will keep him busy in their coordinated attacks in KPK while they continue to enjoy free hand into corruption! IK promised to change Pakistan! changing KPK was not even in the manifesto! he is paving the way for TUQ’s revolution for sure because he may have won votes on the back of TUQ’s popularity but he has lost a lot of respect in return of votes… TUQ however has gained a lot of respect at the expense of IK’s failure to deliver on his promise and his continued political blunders. He cannot give the oppressed nation a loud voice by acting wimpish!Recommend

  • Ahmed

    Great! So Imran Khan is god. He can’t be questioned, he is beyond any valid criticism, just because we the common people don’t have international wickets/persona like Imran Khan. Mr Faizi, if it were that what you say than Imran Khan wouldn’t need to be elected. It is us who elect them and it is us they are answerable to. Go and educate yourself first, it will give you some perspective.

    If educated people start thinking like that then this country is rightly on the path of hopelessness.Recommend

  • Real Ahmed

    liberal and fascists?First learn the meaning of the 2 words you have used. Just because your leader used a few words does not mean you should follow blindly. I agree, KPK is in the news but for all the wrong reasons.Recommend

  • Ahmed

    well saidRecommend

  • Real Ahmed

    And who is ruling KPK? Who is responsible for KPK? PTI and they and only they are responsible for what is happening there.Recommend

  • Ahmed

    sorry to say but you are suggesting an alliance of PTI with MQM but forget about your own article you have writen months ago

  • khan

    well hes not being allowed somehow cause he has broken the backs of many in the elections….i being from peshawar and i invite anyone to come and see how the PTI is running the province and police is alert, traffic is wellmanaged, the encroachments have been removed, bureacracy has been dealt with strict hands , yesterday i happen to visit raja bazaar etc and i came to know that there isnt any government in pindi ….full of encroachments, all jammedup.. now if bomb is planted in cars etc i would certainly feel that PTI is being targeted to take back from them what the looters have been desiring again….and imran still is loved at KPK nomatter what you ppl say…hes being given a tough time by not allowing him to work on his models,,Recommend

  • Amanat Ali

    Mr Faruqi! Imran Khan is determined and consistent in his resolve to bring peace and In-Shaa-Allah truth will prevail in the end not the false propaganda…. Dear educated youth is following a great man who has the courage to defend his view point, he is not a hypocrite like others who signed APC’s resolution in favor of negotiations and to give peace a chance but on media express contradictory views. The comments on you blog are enough to prove your basic assertion wrong that Khan is a dying phenomenon, we are not following illusions rather Imran Khan the living legend whose principal stance is making him even more admirable and respectable.Recommend

  • Ahmed

    I would term what you wrote above as “urban feudalism”; leader beyond any valid criticism, beyond anything/everything.Recommend

  • ali ahmed

    the greatest mistake of Imran Khan was alliance with Jamat-e-Islami….PML-N refused alliance with J.I…due to its hidden agendaRecommend


    So where was IK when TUQ stood up against this political system? isnt this what Tahir ul Qadri said? you cannot change Pakistan until you change this corrupt electoral / political system? Hold the corrupt responsible but when there is a real time to do something substantial and fight at the root cause…. who will hold IK responsible for shaving shaving the tree of corruption from top rather than attacking it from the roots! everything is disputeable but what is not disputeable is that IK acted cowardly when it was time to face the true JINN of corruption! the corrupt political / electoral system! He is either PRO-STATUS QUO or just politically naive to think he can change from within…. he will soon smell of status-quo himself and it is not late before we start seeing IK’s under the table proxy of another StatuQUO party affiliation exposed. IK is sincere but he is compromised.Recommend


    It is not even an “over a decade” change he will bring.
    winning the rights of people is very far fetched, winning his own right is also far fetched…. IK couldnt / didnt even fight for his votes that were stolen from him by status QUO.
    IK continues to show poor standing in every battle against staus quo, he couldnt build the courage to join Tahir ul Qadri against status QUO, he couldnt build the courage to fight for his stolen votes, he couldnt build the courage to stop drones, he couldnt build the courage to take pre-emptive action against terrorism in KPK, he couldnt build the courage to share with the nation details about his meeting with PM & COAS in respect to drones and terrorism, he is gutless or he is an illusion of hope however in reality just another status QUO smoke screen.Recommend


    this body has grown a new mole and that is called PTI, it smells of status QUO. it isnt a cure neither a pain… just a mole who pops up every now and then…. Pakistan’s body has cancer and needs to root out some tumors to survive, it doesnt need a dentist or a surgeon, it needs a more intense operation and that operation can only come we outright revolution that has the potential to root out all corrupt tumors from this body. Cant expect the doctor to have fake degree holders in his team and expect that he will treat cancer…. he suffers from cancer himself.Recommend


    Party leaders dont have personal opinions, their opinion is the party’s opinion. PTI continues to blame each other when a wrong stateent comes out… stop trying to throw smoke and illude the reality! stand up for yourself atleast and say this is a PTI opinion and explain your reasons for having the opinion… what nonsense is this…. his opinion, her opinion, not party’s opinion… grow up! fight at least one side and show that you have any potential to win something for the people of Pakistan? you are kept busy in KPK while under your oppositional nose billions of dollars of loans are being hoarded, billions of dollars worth of privatisation deals are being signed, unimaginable austerity agreements are being made with IMF, prices are hiking like never before, terrorism victims are doubling in rate and numbers, etc.etc… where is the opposition that PTI promised to be? so lulled by the government in KPK that you will sell Pakistan to keep your KPK…. guess what, no Pakistan no KPK. for crying out loud PTI! deliver your mandate, be the voice you promised to be! make oppositional alliances and strengthen the opposition in numbers and in voice! do walk outs, threten to dissolve the government if voice not heard… make alliances on the opposite side… dont be party in this corruption. not having a majority is not an excuse for not doing something!Recommend


    Dr AQK went and made an alliance with JUI, he may be a neuclear scientist but a truely unclear politician… hero in neuclear science but zero in politial savy!Recommend

  • Yahya

    Imran Khan and his party were definitely living in a fool’s paradise. Its not that easy to completely eliminate the power of the status quo. Fortunately or unfortunately, he has been given power in a terror stricken province with several other issues. Everyone knew that it was going to be tough to clean up the mess. What made matters worse was the fact that he made many unrealistic promises in his jalsa speeches in his race to become the ‘idealist’Recommend

  • Sajjad Qamar

    Excellent analysis. Finally PTI is showing it’s true colors. I wish they do well because it’s a question of Pakistan but I’m sure they wont because of the political immaturity, senseless arguments, one man show, arrogance, complete disregard to accepting the facts, figures & truth, and last but not least, taking u-turns again and again.
    In short, IK will only bring more harm to country by radicalizing different classes of society which he has already done in the elections. He’s a confused person who’s trying to figure out everything. The biggest crime by him was to show the youth a false dreamy picture and false slogan of change.Recommend

  • Arif

    The day PTI decided to teem up with Jamat-e-Islami in KP, I knew my vote for PTI had gone waste!!!Recommend

  • Trust me

    Compare Imrn with other leaders and then talk. What have other leaders done…………Oh they have looted Pakistan!!!!!! Imran has brought the world cup 1992 to Pakistan , The only Cancer hospital and Namal College. Now tell me what have the other leaders achieved?Recommend

  • keith

    seat adjustment with MQM? ha, ha. well tried MQM supporter. we r not fool. no party need more damage control more then MQM. these r opportunist who use bomb blast to defame others. these bomb blast have occurred no matter what party in power in Peshawar. no party can gurantee tht. I voted pti. and will rate them after 3 year performance in all other departments but not on terrorism. because in past former president is attacked twice with full security in Islamabad, cricket team and food street is attacked in Lahore, several Karachi blast. imran khan is not batman or super hero who can stop these attacks alone. only way to stop these attacks is tht media channels not cover these blast for 3 years. I bet these attacks will reduce or may even stop. when these suicide bombers and ttp knows tht they get no coverage for these attacks.Recommend

  • Parvez

    When IK came on the stage he had a one point agenda ‘ Corruption / Bad Governance ‘ and that resonated well with the masses………the moment he started pontificating on terrorism and harping on the drone attacks we was in water way over his head.
    A good politician when in trouble always steps back and rethinks policy / strategy ( something the Taliban have mastered ) ……….IK and his PTI need to do exactly that.Recommend

  • Capone

    IK is clueless. Don’t you people get it?! HE HAS NO STRATEGY! Drop the false hopes in himRecommend

  • Hasan

    Another half baked analyst with more words than wisdom. Keep practising.Recommend

  • RamPti

    +10000000 for this sir! (y)Recommend

  • moz

    Ok, Imran and PTI supporters are constantly shouting and yelling that Imran’s stance on War on Terror has been vindictaed and even APC accepted PTI’s position. Now it is APC’s fault for launching negotiations with the Taliban. Listen we r not going to be fooled by this non-sense. Either u control terrorism in KPK, or not. In fact if terrorism happens in other parts of country which is then linked back to kpk, then u r even at bigger fault.Recommend

  • moz

    If anybody who is far from reality is the PTI.Recommend

  • Dj

    Bad journalism on ET once again, IK is not the PM and he has the same demands as the PM. Yet you guys are blaming him for everything that goes wrong in the country. Terrorism didn’t start on 11 May 2013, its been going on for over twenty years but its IK who is trying to look for a solution for it. Recommend

  • noman1794

    I think you should check your self and your naive opinion before you wreck your self. PTI is the only true democratic party where you are free to disagree with party chairman without any consequences. Your statement about Imran Khan being dictator shows your ABCD naive mentality because in next statement you contradicted yourself my mentioning Asad Umer. Your knowledge about Imran Khan is so superficial that its pathetic. You are an idiot of epic proportions, please next time do some research before writing an article, and have it proofread by a good English teacher.Recommend

  • J

    Clearly you don`t know the difference between “Power” and “Principle”, he could have easily allied with MQM and become opposition leader but by doing that by joining hands the stance that overall the years taken by PTI against MQM would have been meaningless.
    2. If you expect KPK government to be doing great with in 4 months of their tenure and end incompetency and inefficiency in bureaucracy administration than you must be joking?
    3.What is wrong opening of offices of Taliban… do u know there are 42 recognized Taliban groups not all of them are bad and nor all of them are good at least we must differentiate e those people who have fallen in the prey of Taliban due to circumstances.
    4. IK running show dictator prove it? give us some authentic reference`s so we can at least think of talking about it.. if you are accusing someone then you must prove it.Recommend

  • Shahjahan

    Pathetic write up ! Even India’s roadside writers can do much better ! IK is an honest man and no honest man stands a chance in politics. So instead of blaming him, you should be supporting him because he is not joining hands with other super corrupt power greedy parties ! Actually you people deserved the junkyard politicians you have, that is why you have not supported a honest man trying to do something for the country. To give just one example of the many where IK scores is that he is the only cricketer in the world, to set up a hospital off his own expense. Did any politician in Pak do this or even half of this?Recommend

  • Alamgir Khan

    For Making a good Pakistan, we have to wait till get rid of nepotism and corrupted politicians…
    Time will Come INSHALLAH for a better Pakistan.Recommend

  • Faruq Faizi

    He is not beyond criticism, and certainly not a God. But the thing is we don’t have slightest idea of what Dr. AQ KHan did for the country but you will find numerous people criticizing him and saying ‘woh to sayinsdan hi nahi hay yar, bum to kisi or nay banaya tha’. So much so that you will come across people criticizing Jinnah and his role in creation of Pakistan. Do you think they are justified in criticizing Jinnah? No my friend not. I can bet that without goggling the author cannot tell you where is FATA…what parts of FATA are adjacent to Peshawar, Where is Dir, what do the Taliban want out of this fight? but he chose to write a blog on Terrorism and Counter terrorism policy and chose to criticize Khan. If I tell you Steve Jobs was nuts and didn’t know anything about technology and creativity..will you take me seriously?Recommend

  • Pround Insafian

    100 % agree with you. May Allah bless our KhanRecommend

  • Kaleem

    There is no comparison of author’s and IK’s achievements, but the author, being part of democratic society, has every right to criticize. If MBA from IBA does not qualify him to criticize, What else would?Recommend

  • Shams

    Think before you speak Mr Arsalan Faruqi. Do you have any proof regarding these blast been done by the Taliban. Why you are forgetting the reality. why not you speak about India, America, Israil, Russia and foremost Saudi Arabia. See the reality then speak. Post your comments about these nations who are engaged in destabilizing Pakistan.Recommend

  • shams

    You think you are speaking in shadows. Don’t make stupid allegation on Taliban if you don’t have any proof.Recommend

  • Seroesh Saleem Akhtar

    PTI has derailed from it’s manifesto!! Where is the strong opposition? Fed Gov hasn’t been able to appoint top bureaucrats, there’s no foreign policy, there’s no policy against terrorism!! and what does PTI do? such on election rigging? stuck on peace talks without ensuring security?

    How can peace talks work when we cannot ensure security.. America is in a better place to hold peace talks because since 9/11 they didn’t allow any terrorism come their way.. what have we done?

    PTI has gone bonkers.Recommend

  • Tajjee

    Baseless arguments with no substantiation. Above all, PTI would have lost alot more if it had allied with MQM than the support allegedly lost due to stance for peace talks(haven sake this doesnt means pro-taliban by any means)Recommend

  • Tajjee


  • tajjea

    This artifice itself is nothing more than ranting and trolling…Recommend

  • Sad but true

    Please stick to Computer Engineering……

    Let me ask you wht is your solution for Taliban…Like wht do we want..I find Pakistan really a confused country….You have two choices

    1) Either finish the whole race.Which will have collateral damage and massive civilian deaths. Chance are you will silent TTP but other organization will be born.

    2) Or bring them to table and try to negotiate with them. Once neotiations have been done chances are sucide bombing will decrease. US will leave Afghanistan in the coming years so u need to bring the area under control.

    Taliban are extremist and fanatics but if you wll become one you will win nothing.

    Since the attack in Afghanistan Pakistan has lost more than 100,000 civilians. Most of them were killed during sucide bombing. No doubt tht TTP is barbaric..but wht is ur solution.

    The Problem with Pakistanis are tht our agenda changes with our leaders.
    When Lal Masjid took place our people didnt support it. not because they were Terrorists becoz we didnt like Musharraff..Now the same ppl want Army to kill TTP.. ..There has to be a height of Hypocrisy…!!!Recommend

  • wak

    dear you are right this is rip ETRecommend

  • wak

    ET is really a rip site because i not seen the news of mount prices of power and petroleum . they do not let any chance of bashing PTIRecommend

  • moz

    Every person who wishes to have public office, be it Jinnah or AQK, they are not above the law or criticism. If Jinnah is criticized, he is also given a lot of credit.Recommend

  • moz

    “PTI is the only true democratic party”
    Says who?? PTI supporter himself. You actually proved his point about Inqalabis and their attitude towards others. Calling people idiot is not going to win u votes.Recommend

  • aaaaa

    The Prime Minister has not termed these blasts a conspiracy against peace talks. It was not the PM who said the attack against christians wasn’t actually an attack against a religious minority, but against the whole of humanity. It wasn’t the PM who said “It’s just one blast, the world didn’t end.” It wasn’t the PM who said the police are cowards in the aftermath of the jailbreak and didn’t even bother to attend their funerals. PTI has so far failed badly, which is sad. I dind’t vote for them (and thank god for that, considering their performance so far) but I sincerely wanted them to do well as they control an entire province. They didn’t deliver anything on education in the budget despite the ‘education emergency’ they kept talking about. Their CM outright lied when he said that there was no intelligence about the jailbreak. Their information minister is keen to punish police officers who have absolute zero political support, but doesn’t have the courage to condemn the Taliban. All they say is ‘whoever is responsible is condemned…’ like the world doesn’t know who is responsible. Cowards all of them, IK being the biggest. KP doesn’t give second chances. If PTI doesn’t improve and fast, then Maulana Diesel might be right about their chances of finishing their term. And good riddance it will be.Recommend

  • Shane the man

    well said reply, but unfortunatly many of our fellow pakistanis are people with very convenient and selective short memories while they choose to forgo the act of looking at reason. True progress is actually being made in KPK and that starts on a policy level from the ground upRecommend

  • irresolute

    Totally agree wid u bro…this article made me sickRecommend

  • Chouhan

    Lets get rid of all corrupted people and politicians and start a brand new countryRecommend

  • Babar Jamil

    Those who still think that state affairs of this country are decided and implemented by the political parties and not the establishment need to wake up and smell the coffee !!!
    Wow ! that surely makes me eligible to write a piece of crap and publish it too without any understanding of the political mambo jambo !
    Criticism would have made more sense had the paste governments performances would have been taken into consideration.
    Sir, How can you compare mistakes of 65 years, with the ones made by the PTI government which is not even 1 year old, is beyond my comprehension !
    If only we could just restrict ourselves to do what we are QUALIFIED to, and stop confusing this already confused nation.Recommend

  • Tahira

    Right, he is lost and is making very idiotic statements. I feel Taliban have threatened him in to speaking for them or else—-. Poor IK. Bhaag Imran bhaag before they get you!Recommend

  • zalim singh

    Rebel without a cause- describes Imran.Recommend

  • Fahad

    Much of the comments I read are typical PTI “denialism” phobia! If IK says 2+2=10 they would still defend him so thats that!
    I completely agree with the author, 100%. He gave words to my thoughts. Its like a complete, accurate MRI,CT scan & X-Ray of the blunders our “cricket hero” has committed. IK should not only check but reverse course is in order.Recommend

  • Asif

    One may disagree with IK’s stance on TTP but at least he’s consistent and has been consistent wrt to WOT stance over the past 12 years or so. People who voted for him knew very well his and the party’s position that they were against military action. Talks alone will fail. Force alone will fail (hint: British, Soviet and almost 10 years of military action by the army). I am not against political diplomacy but talks are bound to fail unless there is continued threat of military action against TTP groups who will not renounce arms. IK Imran Khan actually believes that peace talks can resolve problem this long standing issue. Now people are totally hating Imran for his views and I can totally understand where they are coming from. I personally don’t like this “Peace talks” mantra of Imran Khan either but I do not believe he is doing this because he is scared of Taliban or he wants to see talibanization in Pakistan. His point is that we cannot afford to start a civil war in Pakistan that may linger on for more than a decade and will take us 20 years back. The problem with IK is that he’s too outspoken and doesn’t shy away from speaking his mind in public which often lands him in trouble. IK should just focus on his province’s security and let the federal government (FATA is under federal control) deal with the TTP mess. Let NS and PML-N get exposed themselves as I know they have no real plan to deal with the extremist threat. NS will continue to dilly-dally on the issue until his ‘masters’ tell him otherwise.

    Nawaz Sharif being a typical politician doesn’t say much about either military operation or peace talks. He just goes with the flow. If the popular sentiment is to hold peace talks, he will do that and if the military demand operations, he would go along with that (Loves playing safe).

    IK or no IK, PML-N is confused on the issue. Mark my words, there will be no decisive or full-blown military action. PMLN won’t touch LEJ safe havens in Punjab (as it would destabilize the province) and Army will not touch NWA (many in the army still regard Taliban as strategic assets esp. in relation to Afghanistan). In any case both FATA and Punjab-based extremist groups like LEJ fall under PML-N’s jurisdiction. They don’t need IK’s approval to go ahead with operation in either place. Army will use consensus as excuse and politicians would bail them out…Just wait an see! The state itself is confused about what to do with Taliban and the same confusion is seen among the masses (many have sympathies for Taliban because of utmost hatred for USA and they completely believe in theories that USA and India are behind these attacks on Pakistani masses)

    Did the army need consensus to carry out operations in parts of SWA, Orakzai, Khyber, Mohmand, Kurram & Bajaur etc? The agreements in place with Mullah Nazir and Hafiz Gul Bahadur have been inked by the army itself.Recommend

  • tajjee

    Like, you empowered with control of FATA… You dont info ,,Sire.Recommend

  • Naseema Perveen Sheen

    being a rational citizen of the country, I have lost faith in IK. the pole of at the end is a better evidence how much IK has fulfilled what he said.

    Do you think Imran Khan has lived up to his promises?

    No (67%, 557 Votes)

    Yes (33%, 232 Votes)Recommend

  • Ahmed

    Imran Khan maybe a legend but only on the cricket field. He is a nobody but a public servant and answerable to public criticism.

    Dr. AQ Khan, Steve Jobs all were never answerable to public. They were not given any responsibility for them to be answerable to public! Both had their own circles to be answerable to. Now, Imran Khan and PTI are public entity, public has given them a chance to rule, and the public reserves the right to criticize whenever they feel wronged.

    The author has a degree from one of the leading institutes of the country, now if such bright youth is made a subject of such ridicule by people like you just because he chose to express his opinion against the ‘legendary” Imran Khan who is a nobody but a public servant speaks volumes of your feudal mindset. Only in this case, the feudal is better looking and more educated but the mindset remains the same. I hope you read this.Recommend

  • Basim Ahmed

    Coming from virtually zero to now having a complete hold of the province? Really? Lets go back to 2002. PMLQ was formed (VIRTUALLY ZERO), add a few lotas (like the case of PTI) and voila, you had a king party. 2008 election: PMLQ’s fate: ZERO. Secondly, ‘complete hold’ of the province? I mean are you for real? It’s a coalition government when we last checked.Recommend

  • Ahmed

    and when you talk of achievements and Imran Khan is a legend, and if a person has to have a certain “achievement” to have the right to criticize Mr. Khan, what is Mr. Khan’s political achievement? Coming to power is no real achievement, that is just a stepping stone, the real job begins after. Let’s be honest, we don’t know yet how good a politician Imran Khan is! Imran Khan’s cricketing skills are largely irrelevant here, his hero like status has nothing to do with how he or his Government performs and certainly if “can” be criticized.Recommend

  • Ahmed

    not to mention your inferiority complex of your own educational institutes. Just a very wrong comment on many different levels.Recommend

  • gp65

    His stance on terrorism has been unchanged whether you agree with it or not and he has been pushing for negotiations well before the elections. Even his attempted march against drones to NWA which was changed to SWA which he could not go beyond Tank was in line with the same idea. So it is not correcto say that he had only spoken about corruption though it is possible that is what resonated with you. You may also have hoped that once in power Omran will take a more mature stance on terrorism. But it wold be unfair o act surprised at his stance which has been unchanged on this issue.Recommend

  • Faruq Faizi

    The writer is from Karachi and Karachi gave mandate to MQM…so yes he has every right to criticize MQM about whatever is happening in Karachi. Criticizing IK who has a mandate in the other corner of the country and for a matter which I am quite sure the author knows nothing about is just not right. Unfortunately googling certain numbers and writing a blog or op-ed acting like an expert is ow fashion in Pakistan, without any insight on the matter or any research. For example the writer criticized IK for suggesting an office for Taliban, because it was the IN thing. Read today’s newspaper, taliban have said that they have already offices in all major cities of Pakistan.Recommend

  • nazi

    Well..After enough support to him.. I now admit all what you just wrote down..
    Things are really not working..
    and we want reasons to support someone.. supported IK all the time to check what will he do when empowered, but…
    I wish things get well with him and Pakistan.Recommend

  • Ahmed

    Another blatantly wrong comment. This other corner is part of Pakistan too and this is a democracy. Whole Pakistan criticizes MQM, and this is pretty obvious, even people from Punjab and elsewhere. Why? Because instability in one part affects others as well. It does not mean others from outside Karachi cannot criticize the ruling party. If people are dying in Peshawar then we as Pakistanis should raise our voice because it affects the whole country and we all feel the pain, not just you.

    This will be my last comment. We are not really having a very engaging debate here, I feel like I am replying to a school boy, no offence.Recommend

  • Faruq Faizi

    Same here bro..:PRecommend

  • Faulitics

    Yes.everyone knows it was not TTP but RAW who did the bomb blasts. :-). Yes . “Everyone” knows.Recommend

  • Faulitics

    Ah! Now the blasphemy laws cover Imran khan too. So its death to anyone who questions Imran khan. Very good!Recommend

  • Waseem

    And the terrorism is KPK is done from Federally Administrated Tribal Areas so Federal Government is a much bigger problem than KPK and since Army has full control over FATA so the army is the biggest problem. How is that.Recommend

  • Waseem Ahmad

    Ik is no God but the Author is God here because he has done his degree from IBA right Mr. Ahmad. LOLRecommend

  • haider butt

    what u see as the biggest mistake of Imran, i see as his only wise decision. Shaking hands with the devil and being a hypocrite by compromising on ones principles is the worst thing one can do. at least he is brave and strong enough to speak out loud what every pakistani knows to be true; that MQM is a party of thugs, all of whome must be deported ASAP!Recommend

  • umer

    Faizi I really loved the way you commented here:) God knows if i had red this earlier my response would be alike as yours
    and what a hilarious comment made by the author-talking to a school boy- when such a comment itself shows what a juvenile approach the author has……Recommend

  • Zia Akhtar

    Agree with you bro,Imran Khan is not perfect human or politician…neither he could make so much perfect statements but i agree with you to a point that he seems to be very better in intentions for Pakistan and thats what matters!Recommend