Dear Imran Khan, where were you when my church was attacked?

Published: September 24, 2013

My dear Imran, you showed many Pakistanis the dream of a Naya Pakistan, where Pakistanis, regardless of their religion, could profess their faith freely. It appears, that was just a fantasy. PHOTO: REUTERS

Dear Khan Sahib,

My name is Fouzia*. Other important facets of my identity are that I am a Christian school teacher, born in Peshawar and I incidentally happen to be a Pakistani.

To a politician, the fact that I am Pakistani should be most the important, yet in a country ravaged by militancy, where religious extremists have usurped the limited secular space, my faith perhaps carries more weight and authenticity.

After this brief introduction, Mr Imran Khan, I want to tell you my story, but I must warn you in the beginning that it is a tale of anguish and pain. I have chosen you for the narration of my story because your party is at the helm of affairs in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa – the capital of which is my beloved Peshawar.

It was the morning of September 22 when I stepped out of my house to attend the Sunday service in the All Saints Church; to remind you this is the church located in the old quarters of the Kohati area and dates back to 1893. Balmy breeze blew that morning, refreshing my soul and spirit.

Indeed, All Saints Church was a piece of beauty and some now say it resembled a mosque because of its minarets, a fort-like entrance and a small dome, over which was erected an iron cross. The architecture of the Church was a testimony to the  emotional attachment of its builders to the architectural uniqueness of this land as well as to their faith.

On that fateful day, as I came out of the church and was conversing with a few of my former students, a loud explosion flung me a few feet away.

Was it the start of an apocalypse? I thought.

As I recovered consciousness and looked around, I saw pieces of human flesh scattered on the ground. A few steps away, I found yellow slippers of a young girl, but if you can bear to read it, her severed foot was still encased in the blood-coated slipper. Was it the slipper of the little girl- dressed in a flowery frock, her face touched by innocence- who was earlier going round in circles outside the church?

In the mayhem surrounding me at that time, the yellow slipper was all I could think about.

As the sounds of pain began emerging from the debris of the church and the sirens of ambulances began to wail, I realised that a bomb had gone off inside the church.

Despite my hairbreadth escape from the clutches of death, it was a day of loss for me. Not only had I lost friends and acquaintances but I had also lost my innocence, that is, my belief in humanity and in the ability of human spirit to transcend the boundaries of class and creed.

Mr Khan, I am writing you this letter to escape the dark shadows cast by this inhuman act. I want to find the courage to reach out to the injured around me and to start the process of healing. At present, I am moving in circles, big and small, like the little girl in the flowery dress before the blast, but cannot find the path out of this circular movement.

I have donated blood to the injured, paid for funeral services of poor members of my community and condoned with the relatives who have lost all in the blast. Still, my heart and soul are filled with a void- it is an emptiness defined by deadly silence.

Mr Khan, amidst the uproar of violence, your silence was most pronounced. Instead of condemning the perpetrators of the bomb blast, you alluded to a conspiracy to derail negotiated settlement of militancy in Pakistan. Here I am quoting your words:

“Isn’t it strange that whenever peace talks are pursued, these attacks take place and I want to point out that there was also a drone strike today.”

After hearing these words on a TV channel, I am left with no choice but to ask you a few questions: Why are you linking the attack on the Christian community with drone strikes? How can a drone attack, targeted by a foreign power be equated with a bomb blast, detonated by militants, infesting the territory of Pakistan?

My dear Imran Khan, you showed many Pakistanis the dream of a Naya Pakistan. I, along with many others thought that, Naya Pakistan would be a place where Pakistanis, regardless of their religion, could profess their faith freely.

Ah, it appears, that was just a beautiful fantasy.

I just want to end my story with these words: By not condemning the terror group, you are encouraging a brigade of narrow minded people in the unbridled pursuit of their lethal agenda that will eventually destroy everything of value in our beloved Pakistan- be it old or Naya.

*Note: This story has been narrated to me by Fouzia (her name has been changed to protect her identity). She is a teacher at a Catholic Missionary School. She shared some parts of her horrid experience with me on the phone while a Peshawar-based friend, who happens to be Fouzia’s pupil, told me rest of her story.

Do you think Imran Khan responded appropriately to the Peshawar church attack?

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Sameera Rashid

Sameera Rashid

A research analyst, blogger and a graduate of King's College, London, in public policy.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Anthony

    Waiting for the usual suspects to come and say ‘Tribune why are you anti-PTI’. Because after all, that’s more important than this heart-wrenching story.Recommend

  • ZIA

    Where was Ik when Malala was Attacked, where was IK when Ahmadis were attacked where was IK when Gojra happened
    ohhh I rememeber he was not in power

    No 1 at that time question where is Wali or Shahbaz Sharif or zardariRecommend

  • Silent observer

    For IK there are good terrorist and bad terrorist and they are more important for him. Killing of people happens everyday and does not make any difference to himRecommend

  • muzaffaralisyed

    where was Shahbaz Sharif when Ahamadis were attacked and Gojra incident happened ? where was Zardari when Hindus were migrating to India ?
    I’ll tell you where ? in their castles.Recommend

  • Ameer

    @Anthony: Keep waiting.Recommend

  • ed

    sameera, research analysis needs weighing all options before coming to a conclusion…you need to watch news carefully …..Recommend

  • Bunty

    Honestly…. This piece looks too much biased… Dear writer… Did tha attacker informed IK before doing this…

    This was an unfortunate incident… He is trying to get to the roots of this problem… what do u expect from him… should be block roads… or burning tyres…

    We should try to think and behave mature…Recommend

  • al

    You guys forget that Imran Khan is not a politician. He did condemn, but he was also looking at the larger picture of who could have been behind it. Yes, a sane politician would have outright condemned and later on after many days talked about the underlying causes, reasons, conspiracies. Hes not trained yet as a politician. Give him few years, and he will get the jist of it. Having said that, this was a terrible attack on humanity, and the perpetrators must be PUNISHED.Recommend

  • Not again!!

    there we go! one more IK bashing article……”IK showed dreams of Naya Pakistan”. Sure, but he didn’t win majority of the people’s mandate, did he? so why not just stick to KPK- Why not reserve this Naya Pakistan banter for some other time or perhaps you can write another article to ask the incumbent govt what are they upto? what are their priorities apart from laptop and home schemes and rabid train services….do yourself a favour and write some thing productive….we know you’re hurt of this incident and so are we….don’t think you are the only one who cares about the citizens of Pakistan.Recommend

  • Ali

    IK responded well in situation. He called the attack “inhumane”. But also pointed out a fact that these kind of things happen whenever politicians try to negotiate for peace. If it would be a blast in mosque, no one would have objection on his statement.

    Also I think its inhumane and hypocritical to kill other humans in the name of peace, when peace can be achieved without killing humans.Recommend

  • Ali

    Madam…with utmost of respect for the victims…Imran Khan did express his sorrow by saying ” God is the God of all worlds…not just muslims…… ” so please listen to how he started his speech….every human being condones this attackRecommend

  • Ali

    Correction…Condemn…not condone…sorry for the vocabularyRecommend

  • Gee

    Get ready for trolling by PTI filthy and sick minded supporters! IK has not realized he is in power, a complete fail in other wordsRecommend

  • imran

    It is not due to dialogue that this has happened. it is due to our poor foreign policy and weak decision making all this is happening. The media is busy portraying IK as the culprit. we should make our own decisions. Not the Taliban not US not India.Recommend

  • Asad Kamran Shaikh

    Imran Khan …. The Soft Target.Recommend

  • R Kaiqobad

    He has responded exactly as he has always done..mealy mouthed excuses and conspiracy theories wrapped in platitudes. shame on him and his Insafians, who seem to forget the meaning of the word.Recommend

  • Guest

    Imran Khan should realize that these terrorists, roaming freely and plotting global and domestic terrorist attacks, are a bigger violation of Pakistani sovereignty than a drone firing a missile and taking out these terrorists.Recommend

  • aqib

    Why is ET on a rampage(littany of articles in the blogs/opinion sections) against Imran Khan…Is there no other politician supporting peace talks including our current PM,and ANP/PPP in the AP Conference.Recommend

  • Shah (Berlin)

    Since Afghanistan got invaded min. 100,000 Pakistanis civilians(doesnt matter which religion because they all were innocent humans) lost heir lives due to suicide bombings…and non of the civilians did any thing wrong…
    My point here is rather than bashing each other its time to stay together and firm.

    10 years long atleast 25 countries (NATO) tried to defead Taliban but were unsuccessful. Few days ago even a Top Military general was not spared..My point is no one here is spared from the brutal killings of TTP but wht is the solution….
    1) To continue war and embarce more scarfices
    2) Call it a truce for now and end the war so that atleast in the coming years Talibanization will decrease with time…with education etc etc…

    Please also remeber 15 years ago Pakistan was not such a mess…a simple physics rule applies here…Every action as an equal and opposite reaction…dont forget…You attacked a country and they are taking their frustration on innocent people out.

    My condolences to the familes…next time I know it can be mine as we need to think with all options on table…
    Bashing Imran khan or even NS will bring nothing may be u will get ur frustration out but is not a solution……….because next time when they can be targeted …..and Politicians and Army officiers (even their children) have been targetted in the past……..RegardsRecommend

  • Guru

    Did any of them – Wali, Shahbaz or Zardari – promised a ‘naya Pakistan’? It was Imran Khan who said that he was DIFFERENT than these old guards; that these people of the status quo cannot change Pakistan; that these people of the status quo were inefficient and incapable of tackling issues.

    Now, how has Imran Khan proved himself to be any different than them?Recommend

  • Guru

    Did any of them – Wali, Shahbaz or Zardari – promised a ‘naya Pakistan’? It was Imran Khan who said that he was DIFFERENT than these old guards; that these people of the status quo cannot change Pakistan; that these people of the status quo were inefficient and incapable of tackling issues.

    Now, how has Imran Khan proved himself to be any different than them?Recommend

  • Guru

    So Imran turns out to be the same as others.Recommend

  • Guru

    So Imran turns out to be the same as others.Recommend

  • JayMankind

    Imran Khan has emboldened and empowered the terrorists by his apologetic and often supportive narratives. The man might have good intentions but his IQ leaves a lot to be desired.Recommend

  • JayMankind

    Imran Khan has emboldened and empowered the terrorists by his apologetic and often supportive narratives. The man might have good intentions but his IQ leaves a lot to be desired.Recommend

  • Muhammed Usama Aziz

    It has been only 4 months since his party came to power! And you are expecting to him to clear all the issues of past 10 years in 4 months?
    Yo must be kidding man!!Recommend

  • Ruhina

    With all due respect – and the deepest sympathy for what happened, for it could have been me or mine, God forbid.. Imran Khan has not been in power long enough to be the cause of this madness nor to have a prepared solution. Give the man a break for heaven’s sake.. And I agree with the opinion voiced here – he’s not developed into the siyasatdaan the others are yet to know how to make ‘right’ statements.. He’ll wise up to the games soon, unfortunately..Recommend

  • waseemakhtar

    @Sameera, where were you when our mosques were attacked? What kind of a researcher and analyst are you? More mosques have been blown up in this country than churches. In a country where nothing is safe, you are here to personalize a national tragedy? Is this you learned from the King’s College?

    One more thing, why don’t you ask your prime minister where was he when your church was attacked? Why don’t you ask Zardari, Asfandyar Wali, Altaf Hussein, Fazluar Rahman and Munawwar Hussein where they were when you church was attacked?Recommend

  • So What?

    But he is the best ballar of all time!Recommend

  • Sameer A

    I ve been following the aftermath of the Peshawar blasts, but it was equally unjustifiable the way the media got hold of a few miscreants and flashed their interviews across opnly trying to frame PTI and IK directly fr those blasts. i guess the media channels shld have exercised such restraint rather than trying to plant these paid miscreants in their interviews and instigating ppl against IK and PTI by framing and hurling such baseless accusations, which was totally outrageous. Its an irony that during those 200 blasts in KPK during last 5yrs and the massacre that was carried out, not on a single occasion anyone came out like that and blamed ANP & Co.Now they r jumping up and down. If PTI is resp. fr Sundays blasts their own funny logic, then AN & Co shld accep resp.of the mess that they created in past 5yrs, in the form of 200 attacks, will they do it. i dont think so.This is the follow up of that mess. The media channels shld have tried to cool down public emotions, but what they did is they tried to instigate ppl against IK and PTI, openly thats biased and partial reporting and adding fuel to fire.
    Sameer A – UKRecommend

  • saad

    I am mentally prepared for another blog with the name Dear Imran Khan where were you when I was in my bathroomRecommend

  • Gingo

    Should’ve thought of it before chanting ’90 days 90 days’Recommend

  • raj

    What kind of ridiculous argument is it from you Mr Waseem Akhtar. Instead of supporting with the minorities and condemning the horrendous crime that has been done, you are comparing it with what has happened to mosques and muslims. Utter rubbish and embarrassing. The article is meant for IK that where is his Naya Pakistan slogan which he used to get votes. Why did he linked this heinous act to the drones. Striking down drones is responsibility of govt and he is govt now. Just arguing that church homicide happened because of drone strike is just taking the side of terrorists and not the people of pakistan. There is no option of talking peace at all because you cannot make peace by giving 10k lives .. its better to hunt them and if killed during that, it would be a much better death than this one and thats what this article is all about. Grow up pleaseRecommend

  • Faulitics

    You, Ruhina, are missing the authors point. Imran is not being blamed for failing to prevent this attack. He is being blamed for being an apologist for the Taliban by quoting his words. But you are not alone. Many people here make the same diversionary point.Recommend

  • raj

    The point is not the time he has been in power.. the point here is the utter ridiculous points that he made for his party slogans to win the elections and that backfired too. The thing that needs to be addressed here is you cannot negotiate by giving 10000000000 lives and say we made peace efforts.. instead of going for this kind of peace, he should need to grow up and take the challenge of fight against the enemies. Calling terrorist brother is not gonna help.Recommend

  • oscar

    Dear Imran Khan, where were you when my church was attacked?

    what he could have had done, lolRecommend

  • raj

    No other politician use negotiation crap to this intent like IK did to get votes which actually backfired.Recommend

  • No IK

    Stop making excuses for IK if he has the audacity to mention drones as an equalizer to the church terrorist attack he is a moron!Recommend

  • Usman Masood

    Yes, Lets blame Imran Khan. But lets not ask the people who ruled over Pakistan for more then 30 years namely the PPP and PML-N. This country has been led to this situation by PPP and PML-N. And now all of a sudden after a 100 days of having ruled a province only, Imran Khan is the person we are blaming for our woes.

    Sharam Kero Jahil Awaam.Recommend

  • unbelievable

    Making a clear statement condemning terrorism without implying that the massacre was the USA’s/drones fault doesn’t take hours, days, months or years – just takes guts.Recommend

  • observer

    Dear Imran Khan, where were you when my church was attacked?

    He was having Tea and Pakoras with ‘ innocent victims of Drone attacks’.Recommend

  • Taz

    so all this nation wants is to “condemn” any attacks..just like ANP and PPP been doing i past 5 years. this nation itself just want to be fooled by words. by the way clearly listen to his press conference. n see how quickly he went to the hospital n provided them with full facilities. but no…we want to hear the word “condemn” n then we ll forget abt blast n everything..lolRecommend

  • Moulana

    I don,t agree with the blogger who is somehow can only see Imran Khan as the root cause of all in PK and KPK but since, according to her, people are asking for IK when the church bomb exploded and she blames him and his government for everything, why not also blame Jesus also? Looks like everywhere in PK people are living in peace and prosperity and its only because of PTI that we have all these issues in our country. Madam Sameera stop fooling people and remember that IK is the only hope for PK or very soon you will have to get rid of your PK passport. Would really like to know your thoughts on NS’s visit to London and his response to this tragic event.Recommend

  • Taz

    the attackers themselves called this attack as a revenge for drones.. n why is it even responsibility of IK?? is he the PM? isnt this a federal issue?? as always, ik is a soft target for everyone, u ppl deserve zardari and nawaz…lolRecommend

  • Zeeshan Sheikh

    The question is, where were you? oh wait, in london right??Recommend

  • siesmann

    condole;it was just a typoRecommend

  • Heran

    You, it seems, have messed up priorities. It was so very humane of the great IK to call the attacks inhumane. Let’s all praise him for that and laud his stupid theories while people die and burn. And it’s interesting how you seem to think that killing people in certain circumstances is OK.Recommend

  • Heran

    If that is how security works than he shouldn’t have blamed and cursed former governments for deteriorating law and order situation because they weren’t informed by the attackers as well. Just listen to yourself.Recommend

  • Heran

    Uh…he PROMISED he’d end it all in 90 days madam. The victims have every right to question him.Recommend

  • waseem

    You missed the larger picture Mr. Raj, of which I am a part too. The
    whole country is united against deploring this heinous crime. We have
    been saying that this was not an attack on a church, it was an attack on
    entire country. But the angle this author has tried to give to this
    tragedy, is as painful as the incident itself. Deaths of innocent people
    cannot be given religious colours. It has become a fashion to deplore
    IK to gain cheap publicity. Why she did not address the prime minister
    who is the chief executive of the country and who had chaired the APC which unanimously decided to hold talks with Taliban.Recommend

  • Thalmis

    I agree with the fact that terrorist violate Pakistani sovereignty in every way possible, but we should not use this violation as an excuse for drone attacks either because not all victimized by these drones are terrorists, they make a lot of unwanted damage as well. Army should be more assertive to tackle these terrorists instead of waiting for drones. If the army does its job properly, IK cannot make excuses about these attacks anymore.Recommend

  • Thalmis

    Also I think its inhumane and hypocritical to kill other humans in the name of peace, when peace can be achieved without killing humans.

    Peace cannot be achieved by complying criminals wishes. If a human approached you with a knife and forced you to sit, wouldn’t you resist and try to disarm him even if it means killing him?Recommend

  • Sareena Niazi

    What the hell is up with this PTI and IK Bashing. Idiots are bashing IK because according to them He is coward not to condemn TTP in Clear words. PPP ANP and MQM has been condemning Taliban in the last 5 years, What good was done as a result of this condemnations? He is a leader of greater stature.He will in sha Allah come up with the policy to eradicate this menace. If anyone is suffering from cancer, cursing the disease would do no good, Proper medication will serve the purpose. People need to wait and see what cards he is going to play.Recommend

  • Adil

    IK was in Islamabad in a CEC meeting and the meeting was abruptly ended and PTI people came to Peshawer as soon as they can. Now tell me did Naya Pakistan include a supersonic aircraft that will transport IK to Peshawer within 10 minutes. I am a Pathan and I have seen the ‘change’. If all the critics could move their lazy asses and for once leave their computers and go for a visit to KPK and then actually give a verdict that would be nice.Recommend

  • Adil

    Come to KPK for a change and sweat those glutes and see the change in 90 days. Its actually there. Bunch of knobs you lot are..Recommend

  • Hidayat Ullah Afridi

    Mr.Imran khan is trying his best for the Pakistani nation rebuilding and restoration,he act 100 % perfect in this occasion, he call it attack on humanity. Recommend

  • saad riaz

    People need to go back to 1974 when government refused to talk to Mukti Bahni and launched the genocide resulting in Mukti Bahni to get full support from our nice Parosi or Hamdard Dost. Starting an operation may cause things to go out of control. Peace negociations should be the first option.Recommend

  • Waqar Ali

    Believe me he is working day and night to bring stability and peace to this land i-e KpK specially don’t blame anyone really it was only to sabotage the peace talks I questioned I am from Peshawar too did you remembered three or five blasts a day in previous government do you want that Peshawar or peaceful and stable Peshawar Miss we are with you I am too Edwardian but please please Five Peace a full chance this time.Recommend

  • Usman

    IK – I believed in him once!

    Truth is.. The day he made public statements on Ahmadies, that was it for me.. He is no different than any other!

    Another fact is, I know him for the last 20 years and so does he – but I never thought he would turn his back like that.

    On one hand they say to leave it on Allah to decide one’s faith and on the other hand they make such bold statements like these! Felt betrayed :)Recommend


    where was imran khan when i was being bullied in school?
    where was imran knah when i couldnt score straight As in my Olevels
    where was imran khan when i couldnt secure an admission in HArvard
    where was imran khan …………………………..
    and the list goes on!!!
    dear writer lets see who’s being apologetic now :)Recommend

  • Ahmed

    Wasn’t it the same Imran Khan who promised changes in 90 days, no less! Now either we are fools to be expecting this to come true or Mr Khan himself has been kidding! Now let the excuses begin.Recommend

  • Usman

    What a shame – this is typical trolling like we get from other political parties supporters – baseless arguments just because they want to say something regardless there is no meaning to it!

    Time to grow up and act maturely – stop being so massively self-centred!

    DO YOU KNOW what the difference between you and those ppl question IK existence while these casualties took place is?

    You weren’t one of them!

    And that doesn’t give you any right to be judgemental over ones emotion!

    ET – Let this be posted!Recommend

  • raj

    She should have. No doubts about it but why not IK also. He was the one who has been shouting negotiation to get cheap publicity and votes and as his govt is in peshawar, we have all the rights to ask him the question if he is not able to start something now, thank god he lost the elections otherwise what wud have happened to the country then. If he has guts, he wud gone to main talibs and ask them for negotiations not beating around the bush. He is in govt now. but just asking why IK and why not NS. whats in the name… we need to focus on issueRecommend

  • Sceptic

    Last I checked KP was a part of Pakistan…. IK has mandate there… He IS the Govt. there….
    What isn’t there is anything new…Recommend

  • Fappy

    He was begging money from wealthy Christians to run his hospital.Recommend

  • Naseema Perveen Sheen

    imran khan did not respond to the Peshawar attacks, Naya KPK was a fantasy and it ended soon. feeling SADRecommend

  • Dr.X

    This isn’t the Naya Pakistan…. this is the Old Pakistan showing its ugly head that IK is trying to get rid of. You would be naive to assume it’s an easy task.Recommend

  • Parvez

    Very apt and well written. You should have also mentioned words the Chief Minister of KPK uttered at this time, putting his foot into his mouth………….its pathetic to see the PTI clueless and floundering at a time like this.Recommend

  • Abrar R

    Even if he was around the church, he cant sniff bombs … go get a dog .. and a life.Recommend

  • Abrar R

    and terrorism is a provincial subject because? ..Recommend

  • Abrar R

    “triking down drones is responsibility of govt and he is govt now.” .. Exactly. Pat on your back. The air chiefs and army chiefs report directly to KPK CM. very good.Recommend

  • Abrar R

    TTP has denied involvement in teh church bombing .. some other group has accepted for it. Therefore your argument dies before it begins.Recommend

  • Abrar R

    errr .. maybe U and I were following a different campaign. The one I followed had IK campaigning for federal govt and premiership in the center. His promises wrt terrorism have to be seen in that light. He isnt the PM, the one installed is the one who should be asked this question.Recommend

  • Fareed

    Dear Fauzia, I have to tell you something here when you asked Imran Khan as to why he is linking home-bred militancy (Terrorism) to the drone attack; Yes, I tend to agree to Imran’s equation as he sees it in a broader spectrum as in a Bird-Eye perspective and you saw it as a victim of the most barbarious henious crime. to me both are right in your own spheres – however, biblically (Ex 22:20) speaking this is warrented. As a fellow human being my heart goes for all the victims of this attack and the drone attack too – both are innocent people who lost their lives and have inflicted untold misery to their loved ones and left unhealing scars on their body, mind and souls. May God rest them all in peace and may you have lasting peace. Lastly, I pray to the God of Abraham Ismael and Ishaaq to bring lasting peace to your nation and unto you too, Ameen.Recommend

  • Camheating

    you cant blame to imran khan he is trying but some other powers want to let him down.
    keep safe Our countryRecommend

  • Guest

    Dear sameera, my sympathies are with you and your community but don’t forget that our masjids were also attacked. So you are not alone. We have also heavily suffered. Yes after this incident we should come to some conclusion. But i want to ask you one question. Will army action is enough, considering the porous broader with Afghanistan, to clear these areas and prevent something like this in the future. The answer is a big NO. Go and search, fighting with these people is like hitting your head with a wall. There are interests of other nations in this area and when u go for a some agreement, something really bad happens. Being research scholar, i believe in what IK says, talk to them and this will eliminate the one who are real terrorists.Recommend

  • Malik Hamza

    When khan says that the taliban kill us because of drone attack , he justifies that taliban have done the right thing. I mean what kind of a ridiculous statement . He makes no sense at all.
    Long alive Musharraf atleast he was better then Khan and all other who have come to Power.Recommend

  • muzaffaralisyed

    nope….if he wasn’t different people would have voted for ANP again. Perhaps his way of tackling insurgency passes over your head.Recommend

  • Sane

    IK was not at the site of attack as he did not plan it.Recommend

  • raj

    if that is the case then IK has no right to play with words to get vote bank.. simple as that. If you can’t control army, you shouldnt say anything u can’t do.Recommend

  • raj

    the problem is there are now many factions within taliban pakistan.. so if you are saying IK is right in going for negotiations then i m sorry to say but how will you negotiate with so many factions. if you try to appease one, the other one will hit you back.. so negotiation crap should be stopped and ppl like u shud stop supporting irrational arguments.Recommend

  • Guest

    I am afraid IK has miserably failed the expectation of people of Pakistan who got carried away with his slogan of Naya Pakistan which he failed to deliver. His stock as a leader and PTI is going down each passing day. The fact of the matter is that he had failed to condemned the barbarities of TTP, but chose to defend and legitimised their killings on drone attacks and foreign forces presence in Afghanistan. Even after the mayhem in Peshawar, IK is advocating talks and opening of an office for TTP which is mind boggling as even NS has ruled out talks. This is a sign of cowardice and abject surrender to TTP which would further embolden this outfit to continue their barbarities. Pakistan needs a fearless leader to eliminate militancy but IK doesn’t fit the bill and should leave politics having failed to live up to the ideals and expectation of the people of Pakistan.Recommend

  • Tayyab

    Where were you all Christians when Mosques of Muslims were attacked all over the Pakistan?? No Muslim at that time said any think against Pakistan. It proves christians are less “Pakistanis” than Muslims. THINK ABOUT IT.Recommend

  • saad riaz

    Our nation is so good at forgetting the history… We refused to do the dialogue with Mukti Bahni back in 1970 and opted to use the force resulting a genocide in Bangladesh… Leaving Mukti Bahni to take support from our hamdard aman pasand parosi. We did the same in Balochistan and we know whats going on there.. Things may go out of Hand if the force is being used….I support Imran strategy to dump this trash back in Afghanistan and FATA border with the talks as the first option.Recommend

  • Tahira

    Imran Khan is a total disappointment. I have changed my mind about his qualities since, like other politicians, he started wooing the religious bigots even before elections.Recommend

  • Ruby

    Imran must learn the simple fact that he can not and should not try to please all the people all the time. He must learn to be outspoken against wrongs and supportive on right things. .Recommend


    i understand the misery ppl must have gone through and in the after effects of the blast…. and i firmly believe IK will do everything possible to get justice… but stop blaming him for the attack… the suicide bombers dint text him before blowing themselves up… its been just 90 days and there is no sign of naya pakistan (i know its a very stupid justification) but it doesnt mean naya pakistan will never exist!!!
    give him time okay to rectify faults of the past 65yrs!!!Recommend

  • Mahrukh Khan

    really touched and like you i am also loosing my faith and trust in PTI… you can find Imran Khan or other PTI associates on Tweet more then other wise…Recommend

  • Fas

    Imran khan promised a naya Pakistan. he promised the changes in days but its been months now. His party is the ruling party there. not zardari or nawaz.Recommend

  • hani

    Dear miss Samera …… try not to dived Pakistanis in sects n religion fight…..

    Mr Khan talks about drone attack very logically, as every body knew that some evil forces trained the drone attacks hurt people in such a way that that may use them as targeting more people in Pakistan…..

    from your very this writing me got shocked that….how brutally, you discriminate
    us(Pakistani) in the name of religion…….

    Pakistani christian are our soil brothers & we are 1 n we are with them in this time of need n sufferings

    its your very kind responsibility, to avoid such type of writing which leads us in further division….

    try to understand the main cause of terrorism, think twice before writing about such an issue .Recommend

  • Tahir Khattak

    This is the dilemma of being a Pakistani,a pakistani would be happy if
    some one condemns TTP on media even if practically they support taliban
    cause… All the politicians for past 10 years are condemning TTP
    without trying to resolve the matter, yet our nation never tried to
    question them, now one person wants to find a solution through dialogue,
    and this nation chatter about why he didn’t condemn TTP.Recommend

  • Tahir Khattak

    All the people who have commented in here, tell me how many of you have been to FATA ever, just once, you talk about military operation, operation against whom, where, do you think these taliban are sitting around in wanna bazar waiting for army to come. Your army don’t even know whom they are fighting against, ask a local person from waziristan and he will tell you that all this is due to army itself…..Recommend

  • Tahir Khattak

    Let say Imran condemns this attack, which he did in strongest possible words, than what, lets say army do operation in whole of FATA, dn what they are doing it for 10 years, did they had any success, this terrorism increased rather than wiping out.Recommend

  • Tahir Khattak

    What you can expect from a nation and media who are more interested and concerned about an island that appeared than the hundreds who lost their lives and the thousands who need their attention and helpRecommend

  • Think Before Speake

    What kind of Nation are we….?We are Blaming just one Person for all this sad incident.Christians are not killed in this blast but Pakistani are killed.The author is saying that where were IK that time i know it is very Painful to loose someone u love and care but if IK replies u that where were u when this all happened why u don,t saved your beloved.A Bro(raj) is comparing Ik,s Election Campaign with this Blast.No one trying to know that where from all these weapons and peoples comes and why Govt always fails to arrest any single one of them on the Border.Recommend

  • raj

    The point is these questions are useless unless govt (IK and NS at the moment) try to do something. The impt thing to mention here is IK and NS are both pro-taliban and therefore cannot condemn the attack openly. What IK did was sympathizing with christians and connect the incident with drones. If you are a muslim, you should know that Islam never tell us to take revenge from innocent. IK is the only leader who is sold this speech of drones to get votes. No one else did that and that is why this is just one instance where IK has been criticized. If he is pro-taliban then he should move forward and ask taliban not to do such things. I never compared his election campaign with blast but i did compare what he said in his campaign.. as he is the govt in KPK, he is liable to answerRecommend

  • raj

    We seem to be caught between two options only use of force or immediate peace talk. In between there is such that can be done….condemnation in strongest terms, diluting mass support for extremist ideology through discussion and media campaign, serious efforts to cut supply of arms and finances, pressurizing international supporters to back off, controlling movement across border, improving relations with India to free up resources and creating credible threat of force (Message courtesy: a friend of mine)Recommend

  • Aamir

    He has no power to do anything ask Nawaz Sharif Recommend

  • Chouhan

    why pinpoint only one person?Recommend

  • Guest

    I think Imran Khan could not have done anything to avoid such attack as they have been happening for years now. And our military is in constant war with these so called Taliban but there has been no benefit of that war either. So Imran wants to go the other route, he wants to talk to those people and solve this issue like a man. good luck to him,Recommend