Delhi gang rape verdict: Is it a crime to be born a girl in India?

Published: September 2, 2013

After the verdict, the family could not contain their grief with the mother saying the court might just as well acquit the rapist. PHOTO: AFP

She came from a small town in Uttar Pradesh, but she had big dreams.

Her father may have been just an airport baggage handler at Delhi’s international airport who earned $200 a month, but he supported his daughter’s ambition and sold his ancestral land to finance her studies.

Having enrolled in a four year Physiotherapy course in Dehradun, she came to Delhi for an internship after finishing her final exams. To supplement her income, she worked nights at a firm and gave tuition to school children. She slept for only three hours because she was in such a hurry to reach for the stars. Her two younger brothers looked up to their brilliant sister who encouraged them to study and promised them a life beyond the downtrodden area where they lived.

Life of Pi” was playing at a shopping mall on that fateful afternoon when she decided to go see it with a male friend. Afterwards, they stopped to admire a sparkling fountain and she called her brother to say she would be home a bit late. When her brother called her cell phone much later, there was no response.

Hours ticked by before all hell broke loose.

After watching the movie, the couple boarded a private bus which was idling nearby.

“Didi, didi come, we are going towards that side”, called a young man from the bus door.

As soon as they settled in their seats, the bus driver and five other men started making lewd remarks.

“What’s going to happen tonight when you reach home?” Snickering and much elbowing ensued.

The taunts continued, so her friend told them off but it did not deter the lascivious men who started locking the bus doors and drawing the curtains at the windows. Frightened but not deterred, she threatened to complain but as she reached for the phone, it was knocked out of her hand. When the friend tried to protect her from the men, they hit him so hard with a stick that they broke his leg. Then they dragged her to a seat near the driver’s cabin and started raping her. One after another like an assembly line of perverts.

The rape continued for over an hour as the bus was driven throughout the city, the curtained windows and closed doors masking the ferocity of the assault. When she fought back they hit her with an iron rod. The young man, who had called out to her from the bus door, rammed the iron rod inside her so hard that he ripped open her intestines.

Her brother’s calls went unheeded as she was savaged by the men who ignored her desperate friend’s plea to spare her as he lay battered and bruised. When they reached near an overpass, the couple’s clothes were torn off and they were thrown out of the moving bus into the chill of a December night. Naked and covered in blood, they lay on the busy road as three-wheeler taxis, motorcycles and cars slowed down to gape and then move on. When police vehicles showed up, they couldn’t decide among themselves which police precinct had jurisdiction. She lay there bleeding with her intestines exposed as they argued.

When she was finally taken to a hospital, the doctors were horrified at the extent of her injuries. They had never come across such a vicious gang rape. Apart from the trauma and wounds, she only had three inches of a six meter long intestine left inside her body. Her family rushed to her bedside, in intensive care as she battled to stay alive. She managed to smile for her traumatised friend who had helped in identifying the off duty bus as well as the attackers, thanking him for standing by her.

The country came to a standstill as protests were held against the violation of the girl christened India’s Braveheart even as she was airlifted to Singapore for treatment of her horrendous internal injuries. She clung to her mother’s hand, sobbing “I’m sorry, sorry…” as her mother wept. For thirteen days she hovered between life and death, but her body had been ravaged too much for the best of medical care. She slipped away, leaving behind her unrealised dreams and ambitions. She was only 23.

Her mother said,

“My daughter is dead but she fought till the very end. She is an inspiration for millions of other women who are fighting against sex crimes.”

After her death, her results in the final examination were published; she had achieved first-class exam results.

And what of the beasts who had crushed her body and soul underfoot like dry autumn leaves?

All six were arrested and, under pressure from an outraged country, put on trial in fast track courts. The driver committed suicide while in jail while four others still await verdicts. The fifth and most brutal attacker, who was six months shy of his 18th birthday at the time of the rape in December 2012, was found guilty and sentenced. The family of the girl had the support of many people when they demanded that considering the atrocity he committed he should be treated as an adult and should face the death penalty.

Just three years

For a crime which savaged a woman and left her fighting for life for 13 days only to die a lingering and painful death, this man was awarded just three years imprisonment in a juvenile home where he will have access to games and television.

The icing on the cake for this “juvenile” is that the judge knocked off eight months for the time he has already spent in a juvenile centre since being arrested. As per his defence lawyer, his conduct will be observed and the sentence could be reduced for “good behaviour”.

According to the Minister of State for Home Affairs, the juvenile accused in the Delhi gang-rape case was given the maximum punishment under the juvenile law. He added that the government functions in accordance with the law and not out of vengeance.

“I understand that a lot of people are disappointed with the verdict of the Juvenile Justice Board. People are demanding a stringent punishment but that can only happen if the laws are changed. Government cannot function with anger; it can only function according to the law.”

That may be according to the government, but surely this verdict sends a message to juvenile delinquents that they can rape and murder and only get three years in a remand home? As it is, misogyny and a rigid patriarchal mindset is deeply ingrained in Indian society which considers rape in such a lackadaisical manner that Chetan Bhagat, one of India’s best-selling authors, had the gall to tweet on the devaluing of currency,

“The Rupee is asking, is there no punishment for my rapists?”

Experts on Child Rights Act say that changing the law or reducing juvenile age from 18 to 16 on the basis of one incident is not correct. Be that as it may, in three years or less, this juvenile will be a part of Indian society, with no one knowing his identity since his name and face have been hidden from the public eye due to his age.

After the verdict, the family could not contain their grief with the mother saying the court might just as well acquit the rapist. The brother, who had hero-worshipped his beloved sister, tried to attack the rapist and had to be held back by the prosecution.

“He should be hanged for the crime he committed,” he said in tears.

Living in a nation where female foetuses are aborted, newborn girls killed after birth leading to a lopsided sex ratio and rapists can roam freely, the father said simply,

“It is a crime to be born a girl in this country.”

Maheen Usmani

Maheen Usmani

A freelance writer who has covered subjects ranging from socio-political issues to women's rights to counter terrorism, sports, travel, culture and music. Maheen tweets @MaheenUsmani (

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  • wasim

    Thats why indian’s killed 40 millions girls inside womb…Recommend

  • Jamaluddin

    World’s biggest democracy indeed.Recommend

  • Indian

    Either the constitution should reduce the age of juveniles from 18 to 13 ,which the supreme court didn’t do-or else,they must change the maximum 3 year sentence to minimum 20 years rigorous imprisonment for sexual offences.
    Hanging is a bad idea,as it will increase the motivation to murder rape victims,rather than leaving the girl alive.Recommend

  • Marker

    Okay,no one knows the juveniles name or face,as his identity is protected by the Indian laws,but his prison wardens do say that he prays five times a day.
    There will be rape in every corner of the world-its the legal system that must decide how it chooses to punish the rapist-harsh or lenient.Competent police or not.Quick arrest or not.Recommend

  • IndianRapist

    In India atleast some sort of punishment is given according to law unlike pakistan where u need 6 men witness to prove a rape and womens testimony is half of that of men……I know what ur laws are for women…..and also know about religious rape happening in pakistan….of hindus,christian…u have no right to speak for a society where atleast people stand up against these sort of things unlike pakistan where approach is wait and watch…..

    and @wasim…….I have seen ur movie bol…which tells how GOOD pakistani girls are treated….keep on ur talks…………and bashing…….rather than bringing a solution to such things.Recommend

  • Noor

    @ Wasim
    @ Jamaluddin

    Thank you for your sincere concern for the safety and well being of Indian citizens…very touching.Recommend

  • Bharat

    No country for women Need to change the mindset of men in India through education and bring tougher laws to deal with rape cases. The govt should reduce the age limit from 18 to 16 keeping the big picture in mind. Surely a 17-year-old rapist cannot be allowed to escape with such a mild sentence just because he’s a juvenile. Nonetheless, I’m sure the other three rapists in this case will get a very harsh punishment for their misdeeds. Recommend

  • Antanu-Illegal

    So you mean to say Pakistanis treat their women nice?? No body’s fool here except you..Recommend

  • Indi

    The juvenile 3 year thing is enraging Indians…the law for.that must be changed.
    Im waiting to see what the other 4 Adult rapists are sentenced with…20 years ? More ?Recommend

  • Babloo

    Studies have shown that sexual exploitation and rape of women is more wide spread in so called conservative countries like Pakistan, Afganistan, Arabic countries than in more liberal countries but is severely under reported. Incidence of rape in India , has not increased but media coverage of rape and awareness against it has increased considerably , so much so that now every rape is covered by the media and reported. For Pakistanis to think that rape is more wide spread in India than in Pakistan, is another of self invented Pakistani myths of which there are many.Recommend

  • Nb

    @ Wasim
    @ Jamaluddin

    I guess the pakistani method of rape followed by forcible conversion,is better than the world famous Indian style gangrape.Recommend

  • aqib

    Requirement of 4 witnesses in case of rape (in Islam) is one of the biggest misconceptions flowing around. The requirement of 4 witnesses is- if one wants to accuse a woman of illicit relations…but then how many of us read the Quran to know this fact.Recommend

  • FactCheck

    This menace can be only stopped by public private cooperation. Society needs to step forward to stop this menace. Law Enforcement, corrupt or uncorrupt cannot be in every nook and corner. Jailing and hanging rapists are not going to solve this problem as much public shame to them and their family in their community.

    Remember, India is a honor bound society, rich or poor. Local Governments needs to recruit people in the community to fight this menace and need to train every girl in self defense in schools and community centers to give them a fighting chance when attacked.

    This is a social problem as much as it is a law and order problem. The irony is the rapists already know the consequence when caught but it is not stopping them and increased punishment will only do the same. Instead of killing them, have them wear a sign saying “I am a Rapist” and have them pick up garbage on the streets, where they committed the crime as punishment. Lord knows, there is enough garbage to pickup. Some liberal would say that is inhumane but not any more inhumane than the rape victim.Recommend

  • FactCheck


    Sentence them to 30 years in prison and make them pick up garbage on the street wearing big red sign saying *“I am a Rapist so I am Picking Trash that I am”

    No age limit. If they can rape, that can wear the sign and pick garbage. One committing rape is no child regardless of chronological age.Recommend

  • BlackJack

    Sad that there are many who actually see this tragedy as an opportunity to gloat over the issues that India faces – and I am completely mystified when some even bring in democracy; Certainly says more about them than about India. But yes, it pains me to admit that we have a problem with no solution in sight.Recommend

  • Anshuman Tripathy

    I agree that we need to change our mindset. But what do you achieve by calling us a nation of rapists and Molesters. Also not all of India is as patriarchal as you make it out to be.

    The sex ratio for Girls to boys in Kerala is more than 100%. It is also one of the most educated and literate states in India with a 99% literacy rate. Same goes for the states in the North East of the country. It is only in the northern belt that this sick mentality is prevalent at its worst. This is the reason why girls from the South & North east dont prefer coming to delhi. But this much I agree that the whole country must change its narrow minded thinking and move ahead with the times.

    The reason so many women are abused ,according to me, is the environment in the which the boys of the family are brought up. for eg in Punjab & Haryana, there have been so many cases of dowry deaths & female infanticide. The whole family treats the daughter-in-law like shes trash and this has a profound effect on the psychological make up of the young boys in the family. They think of women a lesser beings and think that they can always have their way with them.

    The Male populace of these places also has the suppport of a extermely mysogynistic clan of local lawmakers known as the Khap Panchayat who pass judgements on the way the society should function in the villages. These judgements almost all the time tend to favour men even if he is at fault. They recenty banned women & girls from wearing jeans and using cell phones in a Haryana village.

    Although I would say most of India is fairly misogynistic and traditional, it is in the north of the country where the problem is at its worst.

    check out a recent documentary from BBC “India- the world’s most dangerous place to be a woman”. It is absolutely enlightening and they mention most of the things that I have mentioned above.Recommend

  • http://Seattle Megan(ex-Indian)

    I’m glad I was adopted by my American foster parents, I feel really lucky but also very concerned for other girls stuck in India, I just hope they can have the same opportunities like we have in America, but I don’t see it happening there.Recommend

  • Peshawer101

    Indians have to accept that the Rape become an acute disease in the Indian society and raise there voice against it. India has the highest incidents of rape and Indians can not deny it cuz the whole world knows it. So please don’t drag Pakistan in it.Recommend

  • http://Delhi Indian Observer


    You seem to be an expert from Pakistan commenting on the wombs of Indian women! I also wonder the source of that grossly exaggerated and preposterous figure of 40 millions! You might have as well said 1 billion and the majority of Pakistanis, who believe the fiction taught to them about their ‘land of the pure’, would have also easily believed you. The truth — and that should be seen through the lenses of intellectual honesty — is that Indian men, particularly (but not always) the uneducated and illiterate ones, see a male child as an asset whereas a girl is seen more as a “burden” (probably because the father may have to pay a dowry and bear the ignonimy of bowing before her in-laws in future, though this reasoning is contested). In short, the attitude boils down to economics. However, the majority of Indians consider a girl born in the family as “Laxmi”, the harbinger of prosperity, according to Hindu religion which has Godesses (contrary to the usual perception of God being male). Having said this, I wonder why Pakistani men do not protest against innocent girls (not just belonging to minorities but also from the main Muslim religious community) who are brutally raped and are confined to a life of degradation. Rape is the worst inhuman treatment of a woman. It has, shamefully, happened in India but India also has strict laws that punish the predators on the basis of a complaint filed by the victim. And this is precisely what has happened. Have you ever wondered why a Pakistani rape victim never dares open her mouth, let alone file a police complaint, whereas in India the victim not only reports the matter to the police but the public (mainly men!!) join her in protesting against this sadistic phenomenon whose frequency has, sadly, increased in recent times? Pakistanis live in a state of bliss — ignorance and prejudice condition this state of mind. Recommend

  • Naveen

    Well that’s one side (layman Vigilantism) of the argument. I am more interested in the other more nuanced side of the argument.

    Hanging a bunch of poor slum teenagers every now and then, awesome as it sounds, will not solve crime problem (almost all studies have shown that certainty rather than severity of Punishment is the key deterrent to crime), nor does it send any message to Juveniles to go around raping (as it is, kids of the poor don’t learn much about law & punishment for specific crimes) nor is such an act morally justifiable when the State and richer sections of society are not only failing to secure decent schools, decent houses and decent livelihood for most (if not all) of the poor Indians but also treat the poor as only a shade better than animals (excluding the pets which get good treatment, till they grow old & boring, ready to be thrown back to the streets to die).

    Oh and BTW Pakistanis are no better in treating their poor, rape laws are anyway far more messed up over there. Recommend

  • Ashmeet Sidhu

    After looking at all the crimes against women, it seems there is no fear for Law in our country.. Unless these rapists are hanged.. It is a crime to be born a girl in India.Recommend

  • Muhammmad Usman

    Indian society needs a batman to solve this issue. End of the story!Recommend

  • SM

    There are many problems with this narrative and I would like to respond to a few. The assumption that India is a uniquely misogynistic country is simply not true. No one is denying that India is a difficult country for a women but that does not mean the country becomes uncivilized in punishing rapists, like what is practiced in some arab countries. Simply put, public hangings are not an option here. Having said that, there are many strong women in position of power and Indians in general do see women as a source of power and as a matriarch. Some of Hindu goddesses are women, like Lakshmi, Parvati, etc. and characters in mythology such as Sita, are both a source of strength and power. No such aspects are true or applicable to any of the Abrahamic religions.
    The issue of female feticide is a cause of concern and I think Media has done an excellent job in highlighting the problem. There are cultural and economic issues in which I wont go into, but only in a free society can such horrible aspects can be discussed in open and solutions found with the help of civil society and government intervention. Also, such things are not very unique to India and many countries and cultures have male preference.
    Finally, the juvenile in the Delhi Rape case has been given the highest quantum of sentence possible. Legal punishment under the rule of law is not about reprisal but a legal punitive measure as pre-agreed by the society by the method of constitution and thus following a body of laws. I am in fact quite proud of India that even with a horrific case, the country has depended on the rule of law rather than public lynching. Any civilized society can only be civilized when it deals with its worst citizens humanly and not by becoming equally cruel to them. The quality of a society can be judged by its ability to give its misguided citizens time and space to change themselves for the betterment, not by publicly hanging them. As it is true in Indian mythology Rishi Valmiki was also a common thief and a robber but he changed himself so much that later on he wrote one of the most important of Indian epics, the Ramayana. India has done well to give the juvenile a second chance, and it it on him now to change and become a better citizen in the years to come. If he cant, at least the society tried. Recommend

  • http://[email protected] manish rohera

    As per UN reports 1/3 of women in this world are abused sexually,physically and mentally every girl must have heard when brother does something adventurous and gets a pat from the family but for her if she is a partner in that deed some elder would warn her “oye ladki jatt he apni had na bhul”.
    Rapes are common in human history women were always the part of treasure that was plundered from the subjugated country as of they were mere objects.
    As per UN reports as much as 40 million fetuses are aborted in India alone and is as rapid in China if not more even occurs in Pakistan to a little less extent.It is always surprising that sometimes the mother want a “male heir” for her family more than the male participant to increase her status in the family(appalling I must say).
    Misogyny is as old as the human history itself an easy example is the language you speak each and every language(at least the most spoken)are misogynistic and the language of the liberals English is more misogynistic than the South-Asian ones.
    Rape of Delhi led to a movement across the country for the crimes against women,but still the crimes against the women are on rise why?the answer is the heterogeneous nature of our society where a few selected have all access to the development and growth story of the nation.
    Does this justify the abuse?no but leads you all to analyze that it’s not the law enforcement that is the solution it’s just an immediate remedy,the real solution is to change the society as it has been since the beginning of the time.Recommend

  • C. Nandkishore

    @ Indian Observer
    I will tell you how to get the figure 40 million. Nature is even. If you consider a large number the number of males and females should be equal. As per the 2011 census taken in India there are 623 million males and 586 million females. So the difference is 37 million. Since nature is even the question arises where have these 37,000,000 females disappeared. Either we killed them in the womb or as soon as they were born. Got it? Please note that this is over a large period. As per 1951 census there were 185 million males and 175 million females. Also please note that this has nothing to do with Pakistan or any comments. Its for you and me to ponder over.Recommend

  • Ali Tanoli

    what a shame is that india became a from untouchables to unwomanables what next……..Recommend

  • Anand

    High on emotion, low in substance. Pretty ordinary. The idea of justice is not uniform across the societies. In certain cultures revenge equals justice, and in some others it doesn’t.Recommend

  • Gaga Lee

    “Is it a crime to be born a girl in India?”

    Aparently, it seems so. But when I think about Rinkle Kumari, Asha, Dr. Lata and others who met similar fate, the question that comes to my mind is, “Is it a crime to be born a Hindu girl in Pakistan?” Recommend

  • http://kolkata antanu

    sad that most indians are trying to justify the grossly perverted act of rape in indiabecause it happens in pakistan is really shamefull.we must admit rape is the biggest curse in our society and make efforts to get rid of it.but our obsession with what is happening in pakistan is blurring our sensibilities.Recommend

  • sakina

    to all those who are making it an india vs pakistan mud slinging competition..lets just grow up, be united and work towards making our respective societies a safer place for women and a better place to live in…i sincerely wish that no other girl has to go through this torture in any part of the world..Recommend

  • Alann

    “Delhi gang rape verdict: Is it a crime to be born a girl in India?”

    It sure is not a crime to be born a girl in India, but it surely a crime to give too much attention to rapes in India while sitting in Pakistan and not even caring about so many of the worse cases of rapes that have taken place in last 30 days (and those going on for years) inside Pakistan.
    You like talking about rapes in India, don’t you? Just because it makes your blog a “hit” among Pakistanis? I dare you to write a similar blog about rapes in Pakistan and lets see how many Pakistanis care to even comment on it.
    On one hand, reported rape cases have seen a sudden rise in India. On the other hand, the Indian public is waking up and the Indian Central as well as State Governments are getting shaken up by public outrages.
    Rapists are getting caught and sentenced. “High-profile” crimes and Violence has been incredibly low in multi-religious India compared to Pakistan or any other Islamic country around the world. Justice is being slow but criminals are being thrown in jail.
    How do you compare all this to Pakistan? Or Pakistan has become so hopeless a case that you feel the need to pick negatives in India for some kind of self-satisfaction?
    Atleast India is moving towards becoming Modern Era developed nation, unlike Pakistan which is rapidly moving towards becoming a Bronze Age civilisation…Recommend

  • Lubna Aziz

    The concept of 4 witnesses does not apply to rape in Islam. It is the requirement when a man and woman are accused of a mutually consensual illicit relationship. The law requires the accusing party to either present 4 witnesses or be subjected to 6 months of imprisonment. The reason for this is obviously to curtail the maligning of a person’s character. If you’re wrongly accusing someone, you first need to find 3 other men who are willing to be a part of your sin. That, in itself, will keep a lot of accusations in check. The law only applies for adultery and fornication, not rape! Recommend

  • http://na deep

    Let us not get carried away by all this doom and gloom – rape is a universal crime. And south africans actually envy india for the outrage the rape is causing. There is so much hope amidst the gloom – do not forget that a 16 year old has come out against a much revered godman and her parents have supported her despite them being erstwhile devotees. It takes the courage of these ordinary folks to lift a nation and shake them out of their complacency.
    Rape is not going to end as a crime – we need to make sure the punishments are swift – even if it is three years for a juvenile. Recommend

  • Tung

    The problem with indian society is that it is at cross roads btw western style and its traditional outlook of its majority population. The problem is in trying to westernise too early in its developmental stage. Western societies have taken years to reach where they are right now. Same cannot be done in india. As far as conservative muslim societies. Well atleast we dont have the rape and aids problem as rampant as india has. We respect women who are dressed modestly. Now pakistan might not be the prime example but many muslim countries are. If you compare rape rates of norway and saudi both with almost the same population and literacy level you will find stark differences. The rest is left for you indians to decide. Recommend

  • Shock Horror


    An interesting blog! I think you should have waited before putting pen to paper. I suspect the sentence for the remaining four will really decide whether the individuals are given enough punishment. The judge in the case of this juvenile did not have a choice. He could not have sentenced the accused to a punishment of more than three years!Recommend

  • F

    Why is being a female a crime? Violence visited upon them is a crime. Not putting criminals behind bars is an abdication of leadership by those who aren’t. Accepting it in the typical Indian “chalta hai” attitude is a cultural tragedy. Awareness, tough policing and enforcement are required solutions. But….what is a calamity is that for all this to happen, women have to depend upon elected male politicians – majority of whom have established criminal records, and a police and judiciary that are corrupt to the bone. However, the fight must start. Sisters, mothers, daughters and wives deserve a full and equal seat in every sphere of life. That is a basic human right. Any thing less is criminal. India – like most open societies, cannot realize its full potential unless it brings it’s moral and state powers to address the rights of its women. Recommend

  • Parvez

    This was a terrible crime and rape be it in India or Pakistan will not disappear only by stringent laws and punishment. The solution is through a process that needs to be chalked up by experts to address and reform the wrongs and this would be a long process.
    In my view two points appear to have been missed :
    The incident happened in Dec ’12 and in about 8 months the criminals were caught, tried and punished……… that’s an achievement. The reaction by civil society in Delhi and other cities was worthy of praise because it forced the authorities to act and act fast.

  • Humza

    @Antanu-Illegal: Pakistanis like many 3 rd World countries may not treat their women ideally but the widespread rape of women is more an Indian problem. Why do you think the world labels India as the “rape centre of the world” ? Don’t ignore it but stop it. Unless Indians learn to accept and deal with this truly disturbing issue, simply brushing it under the rug is only encouraging more of the same. All women in the world need to be protected from this behaviour.Recommend

  • Maria

    Women all over the world need protection but sadly nowhere is it more urgently needed than India. I can’t imagine men raping a woman in Pakistan in broad daylight or in public. The male relatives of the woman would make an example of the rapists in short order.Recommend

  • Np

    Sorry, poverty is not an excuse for rape. Your argument of entitlement that unless and until onstage provides roti kapadia makaan bijli Sadat pani and rozgaar to all, the poor can justify raping is absurd.

    The quality of your argument is no different from if US sends killer drones, we will kill poor non combatant civilian Pakistanis.Recommend

  • Np

    Do check the ratio of rape per 100000 people between India and USA. You might be surprised at what you find. Recommend

  • RK

    Misogyny is a problem not just confined to India, but common to the sub-continent. The recent statistics shows that a rape in India occurs every 22 minutes and the statistics for Pakistan is every 2 hour. Anyone while looking at the statistics will say that the number is higher in India which is 5.5 times that of Pakistan. However, the population of India is 6.5 times higher than that of Pakistan which makes the ratio of rape a bit higher in Pakistan. Stop riding in the high horses and acknowledge that misogyny is a problem of the whole sub-continent and this requires a change in the mindset of people and education.Recommend

  • Pradhan

    To all those who passed derogatory statement about India in reference to rapes

    Not a single person in India would say that It is not a problem. Precisely for this any rape happen in India even if it in a distant village, it becomes a national news.

    Now, those Pakistani friends who passed insults should visit link on wikipedia and if you are in right mind then you wouldn’t pass Insults.

    I am quoting from this same page which says:

    “On 12th July, Council of Islamic Ideology of Pakistan dismissed DNA tests as evidence for rapes, and declared that without witnesses no rapes would be recognized”

    So, In Pakistan even if someone says that she is being raped there is not way it will hold in the Pakistani court of law coz they don’t even approve DNA tests. Recommend

  • Pradhan


    I am glad that you are happy in your foster parents home.
    You should see this table “Rate per 100,000 population“. As per this table in 100,000 population atleast 30 women fall prey to this menace of the society in US and 2 women in India. (There is no data for Pakistan)
    I condemn women atrocities happen anywhere in the world and I also believe that if you can’t respect women then you don’t deserve respect from anybody no matter whose fault it is. Also I consider those people worst then a rapist who want to show off how better they are pointing out the heinous act happened in Delhi last year. Recommend

  • Californian Desi

    Seriously??? …. Rape happens everyday in every country and USA is not exception. I am quite sure you belong to a very safe neighborhoood to make such a naive statement but try visiting a local club and you will see atleast couple of victims who are drugged or drunk and having sex without consent which is legally called “rape”. Difference is social and mindset in dealing with rape. In India rape victims are further victimised by society and media and for them it remains a never ending reminder that they got raped. That said, I wish there is more harsher law for rapist in India to control this menance.
    For few commenters who rejoice on other’s misfortunes, man seriosuly u need to have some psychological evaluation on your thinking. Your hatred for India blinds you so much that you dont even care for human damage in rape case. You just rejoice th count and relish in finger pointing that your country is better than ours. Please if there is more room to stoop lower than this to show India in bad light and satisfy yourself that you are living in better country…., then please do so!Recommend

  • Indi-Pop

    India doesn’t have the highest number of rapes. According to our population it is one of the lowest percentages of the world. It’s just that we have started to report it now and raise a hue and cry about it rather than shove it under the carpet.Recommend

  • angry citizen

    To all Indians and Pakistanis, pervert and criminals are living in both countries, so it’s useless to raise fingers on each other as we know that there is no end to this. such incidences always happend and will keep happening untill we start respecting women and give them the equal rights and protectionRecommend

  • Sara B

    Powerful writing.. really made me shudder with pain. Recommend

  • mind control


    It seems you are confused about two distinct issues,

    A. Gender Discrimination in India.


    B. Juvenile Laws in India.

    Allow me to clarify the issue for you.

    Yes, there are practices and instances that can be termed as Gender Discrimination. However, these are not sanctified by law. For instance a woman’s evidence is not considered to be half of a man’s evidence. And conviction for rape does not require four bearded witnesses. And asking for school education does not get you a bullet in the head. And the President does not accuse that women get raped to obtain foreign visas.

    Coming to the Juvenile Justice part, India like most civilised countries believes that children up to a certain age are unable to distinguish right from wrong and should be treated accordingly. The present case falls under that category. Indian justice system does not believe in beheading 14-15 year old children, even if they belong to the Banu Quraiza tribe.

    Now, tell me how many have been convicted in the Mukhtaran Mai case? And is DNA admissible evidence in cases of rape?Recommend

  • Nadia

    What’s the difference between a misogynist like Chetan Bhagat and defensive Indians on this thread? Why don’t you admit there’s a problem you face instead of running to cover up? Recommend

  • wasim

    At least we don’t kill our daughter’s, when identified a girl in ultrasound….Recommend

  • Aninda Chowdhury

    Indian Penal Code, 1860. Yes, we are indeed in 1860 !!Recommend

  • faizan

    folks, this blog was not written to be one up on india, believe it or not, its an issue facing india time to wisen up instead of moaning. Recommend

  • gp65

    @Aninda Chowdhury: “Indian Penal Code, 1860. Yes, we are indeed in 1860 !!”

    Lady, you need to keep yourself updated. Civil society demanded that this outdated law be changed. Justice SInha was appointed to gather feedback from all stakeholders related to the issue to provide recommendations and the law was amended. A new anti-rape law came into effect on April 3, 2013

  • gp65

    @Indi-Pop: “@Peshawer101:
    India doesn’t have the highest number of rapes. According to our population it is one of the lowest percentages of the world. It’s just that we have started to report it now and raise a hue and cry about it rather than shove it under the carpet.”

    You are 100% correct. HEe are the statistics of rape per 100,000

    @Megan (ex-Indian) – I am glad you are safe in your new home. Every girl deserves that feeling of safety. However if you are stating that there are more rapes in India than US, then that s simply not true. Despite having 4 times the population of USA, number of rapes in India <23000 far fewer than USA (>84000) as per 2010 statistics. Please look at the attachment above.Recommend

  • Naveen


    Poverty is the parent of revolution and crime- Aristotle

    Overcoming poverty is not a task of charity, it is an act of justice. Like Slavery and Apartheid, poverty is not natural. It is man-made and it can be overcome and eradicated by the actions of human beings. Sometimes it falls on a generation to be great. YOU can be that great generation. Let your greatness blossom- Nelson Mandela. Recommend

  • Sebi

    Well wat actually surprises me is that the girl was not only raped, she was actually killed.. how cud possible be that fact ignored?????Recommend

  • Naheed

    Oh for Chrissake! What’s with all these stats being thrown around in comments section. The point is not how many rapes are taking place in India (too many!) as opposed to other places, the point is antiquated laws which allow sick men like this rapist getting off so easily for such a heinous crime. Recommend

  • Zaheer

    Not sure … either Hindustan or “Rapistan” .Recommend

  • Nisha

    Well written. This sick verdict should be amended. Recommend

  • gp65

    @Parvez: Thank you for your informed comment that focuses on the actual problem and the ray of light that civil society and media reaction in this case proved to be not to mention the response time of law enforcement agencies.

    Couple of other points I would like to point out

    1) In the aftermath of the December Delhi gang rape civil society demanded that outdated rape laws be changed. Justice SInha was appointed to gather feedback from all stakeholders related to the issue to provide recommendations and the law was amended. A new anti-rape law came into effect on April 3, 2013

    2) It is important that rape victims and their families are not stigmatized and the blame shifts from the victim to the rapist. This change is beginning to happen as can be seen from the statement of the recent Mumbai gang rape victim – a photo journalist who said that’ Rape is not end of life” She says she wants to rejoin the workforce asap and her parents appear to be putting no pressure on her to leave this risky job and take up a safer desk based assignment. Also note she was raped on August 23 and all 5 rapists have already been arrested.

    3) Parents of a 16 year old reported molestation case against a fake self certified God man whose devotees they had been for 20 years. The police too has moved forward with the arrest without worrying about backlash from this man’s brainwashed followers.

    4) According to this url, it appears that there was a 11% increase in rapes in 2012 over 2011. I hardly think that such a dramatic increase is likely in one year. What is much more likely is that as women become more emboldened and their families are more willing to support them instead of worrying about ‘log kya kahenge’, the under reporting of rapes is gradually reducing. I particularly like the sign that says ‘Charitra par charcha nahin, chaahiye suraksha’ i.e. we do not want to discuss the character (of the victim), we want increased security (for women). Recommend

  • yamin khan

    I am in kpk ,pakistan

    Contact no #03458856299
    .I don’t to blame any country or any society even any locality
    But one thing here I must share with my tribune’s readers that from unknown time I am reading the news , columns and comments but this type of pain full story never ever in my whole life I have watch or read.
    I swear, I can’t stopping my tears Recommend

  • B

    @ Naheed

    You’re completely right.
    What’s your opinion of pakistani laws which don’t consider dna evidence in rape cases ?Recommend

  • Pradhan


    All the stats thrown were in response to specific comments and they were all in reply to someone’s comment. So, Please don’t generalize it.
    About the verdict, Of course any sane person would be outraged. You can’t find a single Indian news paper who didn’t condemn it. However, the verdict was for a person who committed the crime at the age of 17, verdict for other accused is not out yet.
    This is a loop hole you can say that was found in rule of law with this crime. No matter how much I hate it I or anybody in India can not punish him going out of the law. Am I satisfied with the verdict ?? Hell No. But I don’t have a choice but to accept it. What is not acceptable is if nothing is done to discourage this sort of act by any 17 yr old.
    From your comment it seems like you are under impression that everybody got the save verdict. Well verdict for just one person came out and for others yet to come. Must add considering their crimes death penalty is a mercy for them.Recommend

  • Naheed

    I think Pakistani laws regarding rape cases suck. But does that mean a Pakistani writer can’t write on this travesty of a judicial verdict in India? Two wrongs don’t make a right, honey. Never have & never will.Recommend

  • Sid

    @gp65: ordinarily i am very much in support of your comments but not today. Perhaps it may be true that there are more rapes in USA as compared to India etc etc. It may also be true that we are reporting more these days, which is indeed a good thing.

    But we must admit a problem to solve it. Would you not love it if there were no rapes in india at all ?

    We must strive towards it.

    @All Indians: lets not compare with anyone. If the Pakistanis feel that their country is safer than india, how does it matter to us.

    What matters is that we make our country as safe as say Swtizerland for our girls.


  • Sane

    This is natural outcome of Indian movies full of vulgarity and violence. Item songs and exposed bodies of women in movies shall deliver more such incidents.Recommend

  • Hasan

    First off let me clarify that I am certainly not ‘happy’ with India having problems, actually I can relate to what they are going through, like Pakistan was labelled a nation of terrorists due to the actions of a minority, India has been called a nation of rapists also for the actions of a minority. So I do feel your pain brothers, I do feel, trust me.

    That being said, there are certain commenters here who need to get off their high horse. Rapes in Pakistan have been thrown around in the media a lot, and much before the recent ones that have been highlighted in Indian media, there was the case of Dr. Shazia and Mukhtar Mai from pre-2005 years I remember. So saying that Pakistani media is restricted and not ‘free’ to publish such stories is utter hogwash.

    Yes the incidence of reporting the rape is low in Pakistan for the same reason as in India, honour. That requires people to change their mindsets, which takes time. It will be done.
    Then the issue of DNA evidence not permitted in Pakistan, well I remember reading an new report on tribune a few months ago that the Sindh provincial assembly has passed a law permitting the use of DNA evidence in rape cases. This too requires change of perceptions and mindset among the people which will come gradually but surely with education.

    Finally to round off, I do not see women being targeted in Pakistan as often and as much as they are in India, in Pakistan pregnancies are not aborted if its a girl and just as a measure of achievement, we have women in our defence forces, even as fighter pilots. This is not to say that we are ‘holier than thou’, LOT of things are wrong in Pakistan but please stop with the mud slinging and provocation. None of us is perfect! Good day!Recommend

  • Aninda Chowdhury

    @ gp65 – Are you a lawyer ? Because I am. Please take some time out of busy schedule and do a proper legal analysis of IPC along with CrPc. You will find certain loopholes which have not been addressed in spite of recommendations from Law Commission of India. Criminal jurisprudence with regard to Juvenile Delinquency was suppose to be revisited way back in the 60s and 70s when the number of juvenile murderers and juvenile rapists increased. In rural India, 15-16 year old village boys raping or molesting young girls were not uncommon. It seems civil society is only concerned when incidents happen in Delhi or Bombay. The govt.should have passed the Sexual Offenders Act way back in the 70s. And, let me tell you, now nothing is going to change with any new law, because, the mindset of the public largely remains the same as earlier. Recommend

  • gp65

    @Sid: “@gp65: ordinarily i am very much in support of your comments but not today. Perhaps it may be true that there are more rapes in USA as compared to India etc etc. It may also be true that we are reporting more these days, which is indeed a good thing.
    we must admit a problem to solve it. Would you not love it if there were no rapes in india at all ?
    We must strive towards it.”

    I agree 100% with you. We cannot solve a problem if we hide from it. My response on the statistics were geared to people who were wrongly stating that the safety is much higher in USA from a rape perspective. Like you, I agree that we cannot be complacent just beause the problem is beigger elsewhere.

    Please see my post that I have written to Parvez. Hopefully that addresses the points you were making.

    @Aninda Chowdhury “@ gp65 – Are you a lawyer ? Because I am”

    I am not a lawyer and the additional information you provided in the second post is interesting. Thank you. It does not however invalidate my statement to you that we are no longer operating under the IPC 1860 as far as rape laws go. All you are saying that revised law does not incorporate all the things you would have liked it to include. I am sure that is true but sometimes a bird in hand is better than 2 in the bush. Getting some improvements in a legislation which can actually be passed is better than some exceptional legislation which will never pass.Recommend

  • Sad but true…..

    No doubt that the Delhi Gang rape was the worst in history of many countries..but law is law..and you have to abide by the book…
    If you will change it once than you will keep on changing it .

    I am not a law expert but if the law doesnt allow under 18 to be tired as adult than you cannot do any thing…e.g if you live in EU …you will not recieve Death penalty. Doesnt matter how huge your sin was…!!!!Recommend

  • Bravo

    So this is India and Indian Law.. Its a slap on girls family and actually this is the slap of the entire Indian Nation. The self claimed biggest growing nation in south east Asia….Recommend

  • B

    @ Naheed

    But the supreme court isn’t reducing the criteria for juvenile age from 18 to 16 as Indians demanded…I feel it should be 12.

    The public that demanded for this was the Indian public.If the court doesn’t agree…maybe only international pressure will bring about a reduction of juvenile age.Now the public is enraged because one juvenile is getting off easier than the other five adults( only four are alive)…will wait for adults sentencing.
    Atleast the Indian cops captured all six accused quickly.Recommend

  • Awais

    Instead of playing blame game it would be much much better if some would try to find the real cause of frustration among people which they release in form of raping someone. Indeed there is a need to enforce laws strictly over rapist irrespective of age. I think the real cause of this frustration are the Indian movies. These movies show such material to society which they couldn’t apply on their real lives (as being pregnant before marriage is a taboo) and result in such kind of incidents. India always tries to compete Bollywood but forgets that the society it owns is 180 degree different than west. Recommend

  • F. Alam

    I can see your passion behind this blog. Very well written! It is indeed a crime to be born a girl in India! Change will come but it will take centuries!
    Many people are criticising you out of love of their country. They don’t know how many times and how often you criticise Pakistan. ‘Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do’.Recommend

  • Parvez

    @gp65: Thanks that was informative.Recommend

  • geeta

    I never liked chetan bhagat and now I know why, the man lacks empathy and sensitivity.Recommend

  • Nobody

    Not the point, but what exactly are “Arabic countries?” Arabic is a language mate. There’s either Arabic speaking, or Middle Eastern countries, or countries with an Arab population, not Arabic countries.

    What a tragedy that everything turns into Pak vs India where people end up fighting to see who treats women more like s*. What’s the prize may I ask? If both countries stopped obsessing over one another and focused on treating it’s citizens, men and women, better maybe they wouldn’t be in the limelight for massive human rights’ violations so often.

    Back to the point, what a joke of a sentence. Utter disgust. Recommend

  • np

    @Bravo: “So this is India and Indian Law.. Its a slap on girls family and actually this is the slap of the entire Indian Nation. The self claimed biggest growing nation in south east Asia….”

    YEs it is. You do realize that this law applies only to minors? For anyone 18 or over, the minimum punishment now is 20 years. I recommend you also check your law – including laws of evidence is rape case to figure out why only 1% of reported cases result in a conviction (even with the outdated law pre- December 2012, the conviction rate in India was 24%).Recommend

  • Nobody

    There are so many things wrong with that nonsensical statement that you spewed out that I’ve decided not to bother correcting it….. change my mind, yes I have.
    Muslim societies don’t have rape rates as high as other nations?????????????? Because Muslims respect women dressed modestly???? First off, you should respect ALL women and people in general, regardless of what he or she is WEARING. Second, what? I didn’t get that memo because I see women in Muslim majority countries as well as other developing nations treated like doggy doodoo. Wake up. Instead of pointing fingers at Indians why don’t you worry about yourself and your nation and let Indians clean up their own mess. Recommend

  • http://18710/delhi-gang-rape-verdict-is-it-a-crime-to-be-born-a-girl-in-india Aziz Basha

    The author is correct. Pakistan is a heaven for girls by religion or by Taliban. To encourage co-education, the Taliban destroyed hundreds of girls’ schools. If rape is reported in Arab countries, the girl will be prosecuted with death penalty or lashing. The bizarre thing is that a Pakistani woman commenting on India where their own women are threatened with death if they vote in elections. Recommend

  • Nobody

    I agree with your point that all women should be protected from this sort of violence irrespective of what country they live in but I disagree that rape is “more of an Indian problem.” The rate of rape in Asian countries, particularly those more conservative in nature is severely skewed because most rapes are never reported. Second, to say rape is NOT as big an issue in Muslim majority countries is a gross misconception and completely inaccurate. The very definition of rape for the average person in some countries is defined entirely by what the woman was wearing, how late she was out, what she was doing and her marital status. To SO MANY people, if the woman was out late or dressed a certain way or partying, she almost deserved it, or at the very least should have expected it. If she married, then it’s ‘what rape? no such thing as rape.’ Apparently some Muslims think getting married is a license for a husband to rape his wife. Mind you this has not to do with the religion itself but some of its followers
    Point being, don’t delude yourself into thinking rape is only India’s problem; rape is EVERYONE’S problem. Recommend

  • Nobody

    I generally tend to agree with your comments, but to say the rape rate is higher in the US than in India isn’t true. Where rapes are reported more, rape rates are naturally higher. India has a higher rape rate than Pakistan because rapes are slowly but surly reported more in India, not to mention population difference. Rape rates are even higher in the US as women may feel more freedom to report the crime (still not as often as they should and can but better than many other countries). Now if you look to Saudi Arabia, it seems (to so many deluded people) that rapes are infrequent when we all know that’s only because a) they are under reported and b) their very definition of rape is quite different I imagine.
    Attaching a stigma to a rape survivor is one of the nastiest parts of sub continental culture and sadly, save for the small percentage of education folk, that is still very much a part of the culture.
    The finger pointing going on under this blog is so petty and childish as everyone on the sub continent ought to understand and come to terms with the fact that neither country is safe for women; neither country treats its women as it should; neither country is doing enough to protect its women (and men) and neither country has much room to point fingers at the other. India has at least begun to make an effort; it’s time Pakistan did the same. Recommend

  • Maryam.Shahbaz

    This is mind-boggling ! Having an epidemic naisance of rape at our hands, whether Pakistani or Indian, women are women everywhere. This story was so overwhelming and catastrophic. I just can’t comprehend the enmosity against each other.Bickering against religion and country laws surely would bear no fruit in the solution of this problem. Rape is a sword which butchers women all around. Every topic shoudn’t necessarily begin and end at the comparison of morality agianst each other. We require focus and intelligent analysis to decrease the brutality against women everywhere. Recommend

  • MJ

    In India rape is used as an institutionalized weapon to subdue the lower caste and the oppressed. It is used by higher caste men to punish and keep in check the poor villagers of lower caste every day. The police uses rape to get confessions out of accused and the army uses it as a psychological weapon on separatists in Chattisgarh, Mizoram, Nagaland, Kashmir and Manipur quiet freely, without any repercussions from the authorities. The reason we did not hear about rapes in India earlier is that they were not reported by the press or the family of the victim. They always happened in India on a very large scale. A few months ago middle class girl, representing the new shining India is raped and killed and the masses are finally and rightfully waking up. The same people who sleep every night peacefully when villages are burnt and women are raped and killed by police and the army. The rape culture has been tolerated for so long in India, and now the people are reaping what they sowed. Recommend


    Maheen Usmani has again reminded through her article the worst nerve raising brutal beastful acts of barbaric criminals against the young girl student raping her and inserting iron rod in her private part destroying and damaging all the vital pats including intestine.Recently a young woman journalist was gang raped by five criminals in Mumbai .it appears that whole India is full of criminal rapist and women are no where safe in any part of India.Politicians are worst characterless this menace can be controlled is still rapist should be given benefits of age.If minor can kill and rape how can he be given befit of minor? this is mockery of law and justice.Recommend

  • Np

    Pls. name one Indian that justified rape.Recommend

  • jagjit sidhoo

    My advice to my fellow Indian commentators please do not try to defend the indefensible.Things may be good or bad for women in the sub-continent or the rest of the world about that we have second hand information but we know first hand that they are bad in India . Just because they may be equally bad or worse somewhere else does not justify what is bad in India.Recommend

  • awellwisher

    I am with those calling for death penalty for this rapist regardless of his age. However, my understanding is that the courts are limited by laws and had to award the maximum penalty allowable.under the current laws. So, the court can’t be blamed.

    If at all the Indian constitution allows it, the parliament should pass a fresh law that would retroactively award the death penalty for gruesome rape such as this one..Recommend

  • Sudarshan

    Dear Maheen and ET

    Thanks for this blog . Some of these events , recently in india , are beyond shocking .
    As parents , we must do something about this . A friend of mine , has created a mobile
    app called Panic Alert .

    On Pressing the Volume up/down button thrice , SMS’s will go to 5 predefined contacts .
    Along with the location of the victim .
    This is a free app and completely ad free .


  • Karim

    Women are definitely mistreated in India. However, in Pakistan, women are treated much better than in Norway, Finland, or Lesotho.Recommend

  • B

    @ Nobody
    @ Sudarshan

    I finally,read something useful here,after ‘rapistan/bollywood exposure makes men rape’,comments.Recommend

  • Gp65

    First of all, let me tell you that I too enjoy reading your posts and find them quite level headed.
    You make a valid point about under reporting of rapes inIndia. But I still do not believe that under reporting is so severe in India as to account for a 15 fold difference in rapes per 100,000. In other words even if only 1 in 3 rapes is reported in India and 2 go unreported, still USA would have 5 times as many rapes as India on a per 100000 basis and this assumes that all rapes are reported in USA and no under reporting there. My guess is that statutory rapes are severely under reported in India especially when it is by mutual consent. They usually come to light if the girl seeks any pregnancy related services – not otherwise.

    As a woman, I would not trivialize rape or get complacent by pointing to higher numbers elsewhere. Nor is this or should ever be allowed to degenerate into a finger pointing exercise because it is a horrible crime. Those numbers were quoted only in response to someone who claimed to be an ex-Indian who felt safe in US but worried about Indian women in India. As a girl born and raised in Mumbai and now living in the US, I can say that I felt as safe if not safer in Mumbai as in USA and this ignorant condescension on her part was not warranted.

    I agree with you that finger pointing here is pretty childish. This is why I did not respond to ill informed comments from some of your compatriots about how this does not happen in Muslim countries or to modestly dressed women. Rape is not about sex or lust ( for which people can watch porn or to to a brothel) but violence against women and to make it into an Indo-Pak or Hindu-Muslim issue is absurd.

    This is why I am pleased at the growing intolerance for rape in Indian civil society and alsoThe fact that people making this about a woman’s character or dress sense rather than the man’s are increasingly being marginalized.Recommend

  • AbsoluteIndia

    I think this blog is delayed.Author would have raised this issue way long back when changes in rape law was being brought in the parliament.Once there was no change in juvenile law,this verdict was expected.Secondly i see lots of hatred for Indian from some Pakistani commentator..Criticize but positively..No body will debunk the fact that women r no more safe in India..But to say that India is doomed is not correct..People can bring changes…Indians have worked hard to bring lost glory of this nation in past 60 yrs…This small epidemic will also get resolved after collective consciousness and efforts of us Indians.I m sure about it.
    I didnt understand that why did author targeted Chetan bhagat..His view was absolutely perfect to the present context..Mind you ,Rape is not limited to women only but men too r raped and sexually abused..Recommend

  • Gp65


    I enjoy your posts too and agree with most of what you say. I also agree that there is under reporting of rape in India. But even if only 1 out of 3 rapes were reported and 2 were unreported, USA still would have 5 times as many rapes as India on a per 100000 basis since the current ratio is 1:15. This is not grounds for complacense because each rape is one too many. I was simply responding to the condescending remark of a woman who claims to be an ex-Indian and was making unwarranted condescending remarks about women in India.

    I agree that all the finger pointing and making it about Indo-Pak or Hindu-Muslim issues is unwarranted and this is why I steered clear of responding to some ill informed comments from some of your compatriots.

    The silver lining around the dark cloud in India is that increasingly civil society and media are showing intolerance towards rape and dialogue is shifting from the woman’s clothes/conduct/character to the conduct and character of her tormentor.

    The Indian media too has been responsible in not revealing the names of the victims.Recommend

  • Nida

    Unbelievable that you think Chetan Bhagat’s tweet was justified. You are as much a misogynist as he is. Btw, one can write a blog any time they wish.. no time bar in case you were not aware? Recommend

  • Pradhan


    How exactly Chetan Bhagat’s tweet is misogynistic?? I hope you are not just playing to the gallery.

    It can be insensitive for comparing currency devaluation brought to whole country with mental and physical trauma of a victim but how is it shows hatred towards women (misogyny).Recommend

  • AbsoluteIndia

    @Nida: “Btw, one can write a blog any time they wish.. no time bar in case you were not aware?”
    Blog serves no purpose now…
    “Unbelievable that you think Chetan Bhagat’s tweet was justified. You are as much a misogynist as he is”
    Before calling him misogynist,you should understand definition of rape in larger context..Recommend

  • ptr

    4 male witness are required to prove consensual adulterey, but rape doesn’t fall in that category, it falls in the category of taking something by force and it has Islamic punishment up to death. No one follows this laws for good of women is another thing. It’s not Islam it’s us….. Recommend

  • Nida

    If “blog serves no purpose now” why are you reading & commenting on it?
    The world media is writing about this rubbish verdict and delhi gang rape case, but what gets the goat of Indians such as you is how dare a Pakistani female write about this with so much pain and passion. Recommend