Dr Aafia deserved what she got

Published: September 27, 2010

Dr Aafia has been declared guilty after a trial - why are we questioning her innocence now?

“I am not sad. I am not distressed. They are not torturing me. This is a myth and lie and its being spread among the Muslims.”

These were the words of Dr Aafia Siddiqui after the long awaited verdict was served against her on September 23. She was found guilty and was convicted of multiple charges including an attempt to murder American military personnel in Afghanistan. She has been sentenced with 86 years of imprisonment after which she called for Muslims to resist using violence.

The harsh punishment sparked an anticipated outrage in various sections of the public in different cities of Pakistan. Hundreds of activists demonstrated against the verdict by burning Israeli and American flags and chanting anti-American slogans like “Death for America” and “Down with the US system of justice”.

Leaving aside the fact that Aafia Siddiqui is an American citizen who was tried and convicted by the US judiciary after a thorough judicial process, as expected the Pakistani civil society (the so called protectors of justice), opportunist political parties and media sensationalized the whole issue and teamed up against the US courts simply because the judgment went against their wishes.

I am wondering  how legal professionalism, which demands respect for the judiciary, allowed lawyers to boycott Pakistani courts for a decision taken by the US court and that too for an American citizen.

On what basis could Pakistani lawyers brand the whole US judicial system as a ‘farce’ and criticize American judiciary which is known to be one of the transparent. Those who chant for Aafia Siddiqui are busy twisting facts to play politics on the issue which has actually become a matter of national shame.

We are forcing the international community to perceive Pakistan as not only producers of terrorists but supporters of them as well.

The time has come that instead of venting our nonsensical frustration on America and Jews we should seriously mend our ways. Instead of exporting violence to Afghanistan or any part of the world we must engage in constructive activities which will help the nation to turn into a progressive state.

As Afia’s sister had ‘submitted this case in Allah’s court’ — now the family should accept what Allah has granted them. I see no reason to call for a movement in support of a terrorist who is against the very sanctity of the nation. The United States might have wrongly imposed war in Iraq or be involved in human rights abuses but that doesn’t justify Dr Aafia’s crime which could have led to mass causalities along the 9/11 pattern.

In my opinion, the decision has been served. Now the nation should move on and not indulge in activities that will embarrass Pakistan on an international level. Blaming America for the chaos in Pakistan will not serve any purpose. Their judicial system is very strong, focused and transparent. The decision was what Dr Aafia deserved.

Had Americans wanted to kill her they wouldn’t have brought her to the courts, provide her with legal counsel and allowed the media to cover the trial. We need to realize that America is neither our friend nor foe.

We need not  enter into the debate of whether she was apprehended from Afghanistan or Pakistan. What matters to us is that she’s been proven guilty which is another blot on the face of Pakistan.


Tanzeel Ahmad

A UAE based marketing professional who is interested in politics and cultural issues. He blogs at www.tanzeel.wordpress.com

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Anoop

    Nice one..Recommend

  • ali

    If she is the “Daughte of the Nation” then the title of “Son of the Nation” should go to Faisal Shehzad! Recommend

  • http://syedaabidabokhari.wordpress.com/ The Only Normal Person Here.

    Bold Tanzeel.

    And one thing I would like to add here. Her sister and all the justice postulating mob claim that she was missing for 5 years ( that is from 2003 to 2008) so that speaks volumes of her innocence. What they didn’t know it, her case was reported in New York Times even before 2008 and her abduction was known to the authorities. What missing only was the spice, therefore no “hype.”Recommend

  • Confused

    Thank you. Finally cleared things up. Well done.Recommend

  • Zuhaib

    pretty hard to digest. ours, as a nation, are simply devoid of common sense and have forgotten to use our brains and to analyze the state of affairs with neutral mind set. when non muslim do something against our wish to muslim(s) then we label it as racism and conspiracy theories against muslim and when any suicide bomb blast, target killing or any other ethnic violence erupts with in a country, then we label them terrorist and our ulmas give fatwa that terrorist dont have any religion.

    this give our nation a weird and satisfactory explanation that muslims are the innocent victims and they are being targeted. I just wonder, as a muslim, when will we start looking into our own collars and find those enemies within ourselves who are destroying us only !!Recommend

  • Baju

    A factual , honest and staright forward account of the issue involving Dr Aafia.Recommend

  • Sarah B. Haider

    Objective analysis!Recommend

  • soumya

    I am only bothered about … whether justice was served…. doesnt matter who she is …
    nice articleRecommend

  • Sidrah Moiz Khan

    What a shame to be honest. What’s left in her anyway? US government hasn’t left anything in her. And it’s ironic how US judiciary sentenced her jail for 86 years. Would she really live that long or US judiciary has lost its remaining marbles?Recommend

  • MI


  • basharat

    Thank you Tanzeel , for this nice and comprehensive analysis . It gives me pain that the Government of Pakistan, according to one minisster , the Government spent 20 millions rupess on this case. Functionaries of the government are not master of the exchequer, they are only trustees of these funds; the Government has, in my opinion, committed breach of trust through this profuse expenditure. I fail to understand , why so much hue and cry being made, what are the services that the lady has rendered for Pakistan . With this amount, the government could disburse fifty thousand rupees per family to thirty thousand flood displaced families . On some websites the lady has been shown to have contacts with terrorists. Islami jamat is in fore front in these rallies,theconduct of Jamat Islami is a pointer showing that there is some truth in the internet reports. Recommend

  • ninad

    you should not cut treesRecommend

  • Umer

    Great going Tanzeel.I think what you have written is very bold and the truth which our nation does not want to accept.Our nation has been blinded by our so called fundamentalist leaders who do not believe in logic and facts.They are guided by these groups of liers and cheaters who have used belated topics of Dr Afia and Islamic revolution for their political mileage.With facts like Dr Afia being married to A. Al Balochi, who is nephew to Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (9/11 plotter) who needs no introduction, and who is cousin to Ramzi Yousuf, the allege bomber and terrorist, indicates a lot about her profile, and yet our nation tends to sway away from this matter and does not accept this reality that she was influenced by these people to carry out this idiotic crusade that our today Muslims are into. Recommend

  • Naseem

    Whether good or bad, right or wrong any one individual should not be the focus of our policy or discussions. What is important is to discuss issues. The Americans also well know the emotional weakness of Pakistanis and entangle them with individuals instead of allowing them to thrash out real issues.Recommend

  • Madeeha

    I’d like to clear some points to the writer. It seems the writer did not follow Dr. Aafia’s case properly.

    1- She is not an American citizen. She is ONLY a PAKISTANI citizen. Thats why her case is a mis-trial, becuz the alleged crime was commited in Afghanistan & she is a Pak national, so she cannot be taken to US for a trial. This trial should not have taken place in the US at all.

    2- The writer has quoted statement of Dr. Aafia that “I am not sad. I am not distressed. They are not torturing me. This is a myth and lie and its being spread among the Muslims.” What the writer does not know that she said this about MDC (Metropolitan Detention Center) in New York in which she’s being kept right now. But she also said that though she is not being tortured here at MDC, but she was tortured for the past yrs in secret prisons.
    (by the way, did you read that her tooth fell out while she was speaking in court & she said that most of her teeth are not real, as they fell off due to the beatings in secret prisons)

    3- As for her being a terrorist. Didn’t you read in coverage of her trial in Feb, 2010 that the Prosecuters themselves said that there is no evidence of her being involved in any terrorist activity or being involved with Al-qaida or taliban. Thats why there are no terrorism charges against her.

    4- As for this case that she allegedly shot at FBI agents, then you must follow court proceedings again. You will see that there is no physical & forensic evidence against her. And the testimonies of the main witnesses were contradictory to each other.

    5- Detainees who were in Bagram prison saw Dr. Aafia there & have given testimonies abt it. You can see videos on youtube where Binyam Mohamed says he is 100% sure that Dr.
    Aafia is Prisoner 650.Recommend

  • Hamza Baloch

    Stop “assuming” that she was a terrorist, even if she is a terrorist, still she did not get 86 years prisions for this “crime”.

    She got this on “attempt to murder” during when she was in “custidy”…which is also not even fully proved.

    So the punishment of “attempt to murder during cusdity” in 86 years, you call this a good law??Recommend

  • http://ahandfulofdust.wordpress.com/ Mariam

    I wonder if Pakistanis can get your point. We are in a habit of portraying terrorists as our heroes.
    Nice write-up.Recommend

  • banda

    Mr.Tanzeel, You can think this way since she is not your sister.

    I regret that the youth of Pakistan has no clear concepts about their being muslims and their obligations. Not only for this matter of Aafia, but our youth is so trained to just dream of being a third world citizen of America and find them correct in any way possible. I ask, when Aafia’s matter has been brought up by the USA, then why not Adil Munir’s and Tanveer Chisti’s?? Coz they were not well-knowned. Why have we forgotten how they tortured innocent Pakistanis after 9/11? Why is the Hijaab abandoned in non-muslim states?? Why are they not given their basic human rights out there?? Why muslims student abroad have to face racism out there?

    America itself is facing all that is happening in Pakistan from the Jews who have never missed any option of hurting Muslaims. I request the youth to read about the real History of Muslim-Jews wars. I feel shame for the upcoming youth favouring non-muslims for their cunning plots and you can think this way since you are the one ignorant of the REALITIES.
    Ur education and sense has not developed any positivity in your mind, I do not agree to the Ulama’s protests and humiliation of US courts but what we need to realize is that Jews are using America to fight against Muslims. USA itself is being governed by the Jews and if u ever ask the actual Americans, you’ll find them fed up of their own so-called ‘transparent systems’. All we need to do is THINK and learn Muslim History. Recommend

  • Mubarak bhai

    She was not an American citizen. Recommend

  • Naeem Siddiqui, Australia

    Mr Tanzeel Ahmad,

    I am no fan of Dr. Aafia or his bearded supporter who don’t come out on streets when many ‘daughters of Pakistan’ were gang raped, paraded naked in remote villages of Sindh and Punjab by vaderas and chaudreas .

    But believe me US judicial system is not as ‘strong’, ‘focused’ and ‘transparent’ as you are trying to say :)
    And the nature and severity of this sentence smells ‘something’ fishy and has been recognised by US right groups and lawyer community.Recommend

  • misha

    Read aboout Dr.Aafia’s prison snetence in the newspaper…ten i came across your blog…the first thing that caught my eye was the selective quoting you chose to begin your article with…as madeeha commented and i agree why not mention her whole comment…selective quoting to support your blog…hmmm…transparent journalism indeedRecommend

  • Naeem Siddiqui, Australia

    Mr banda,

    Being a muslim, I am shocked and crying to know that a 14 years of minor girl was gang raped and paraded naked in Sindh, where is you ghairat on this?? Recommend

  • Usman

    Tanzeel, your whole effort is just a waste since you didn’t even knew that Dr Aafia was a Pakistani citizen & not a US citizen.
    Shame on those who go out of the way to defend the West ‘coz of their own insecurities & inferiority complex.Recommend

  • A Suhail

    @Banda. First you are using pakistan and muslim interchangeability as if it means the same thing, which it doesn’t. Secondly I was residing in US when 9/11 happened. After two months 10 american citizens from my company got laid off and I survived, was given a hefty bonus and shipped to another state and I am not a citizen of US. Maybe few pakistani’s got abused but majority of Pakistani’s are living happily in US so please don’t call them third grade citizens of a foreign country. Some of these citizens are economic immigrants and some are religious immigrants. We in Pakistan have failed to protect our minorities and failed to provide jobs to the youth therefore we must not complain when the youth move away to greener pastures.
    Regarding Hijab, only three countries have banned or in the process of banning hijab. US and UK has not banned hijab so do not include them in “they”. A french women in bikini or mini skirt is not acceptable roaming around on our streets and in the same way French do not want to see women roaming around in Burqa’s . Lets try to see things from their point of view.
    Just like we all muslims are not terrorist in the same way not all Jews are muslim hating yahoos. They have a population of only 11 million compared to muslims who are 1.2 billion. They are limitations to what even jews can do so we have created more paranoia of jews in our country than what they are capable of doing. Instead of asking the young Pakistani’s( not all muslim country share our hate for jews and american) lets ask them to concentrate on science and related subjects so we can move forward and not relegate to past which some people are very keen for us to do.Recommend

  • S. AK

    Dear Mr. Writer

    You need to get out of US trauma.. Get over wid ur US obsession n face the reality..
    Thts how nations dies wen they hide TRUTH in their so-called Openness..Recommend

  • Junaid Alam

    Denying something what common public believes has become quite the fashion of these days–this article seems one such attempt. Well, so good as far as one denies it with some logic and the factual history; but, what happens here is quite irrational in itself: what we see is a mindset but not a skeptical approach.

    Many “educated” men seem to advocate the “justice” in this sentence. I wonder how do they define it, if they have ever gone through the reports on proceedings of the court that convicted Dr. Aafia. I don’t say she was innocent, for I don’t know the facts. But those who do say that, don’t have the facts either. what is left is only the evidence that could point towards the alleged “crime”… but what to say of those pointless enthusiasts who–despite all the failures of the US court to produce an evidence–believe that “she deserved what she got”..

    Although its good to challenge the dogmatic notions about US injustice, yet it is never prudent to follow a feeling but not facts.Recommend

  • http://habibimuslimah.blogspot.com thanaya

    salaams tanzeel,
    everyone has a right to their opinion… see tanzeel dr.aafia has definitely been involved in some very suspicious activities, and might even deserve this horrible punishment(Allah swt knows best!), but what saddens me is how shes being treated by the US authorities all these years! she is a woman! and that too a muslim woman… she might deserve 86 years of imprisonment, but not the mistreatment shes been receieving all these years…
    i believe you will be able to understand my point inshAllah!Recommend

  • Zahid Zakarya

    If she was a Pakistani Qayani would she still be the ‘daughter of the nation’? Recommend

  • Adeel Ahmed

    Shameful article…
    The writer needs to complete his research before uttering this garbage and filth.

    One only needs to follow her trial to realise how unjust, unfair and downright illegal the whole thing is.Recommend

  • Asad, Sharjah

    Impartial view until the writer himself passed a verdict that she’s a terrorist. Wondering on what basis the guy has made the conclusion. Although, I cannot label her as innocent either.

    But something is fishy out there as the US government has put forward a condition to make her release possible if both countries sign agreements enabling the prisoner exchange between the two countries.Recommend

  • anwar

    I m agree with the thoughts of madeeha, hamza & banda.Please read the fatwa of darul uloom deoband.Enemies of bearded people read this fatwa


    But believe me US judicial system is not as ‘strong’, ‘focused’ and ‘transparent’ as you are trying to say :)
    You can think this way since she is not your sister.If this would happen to your sister then what will be your reaction?Recommend

  • Amanat ali

    we all need US visas. I don’t think so that ” afia deserved what he did”. The case is totally partially handled. The charges on her never proved there was no evidence that she tried to shoot the bloody idiot americans, there was no finger prints of her on the, so called, gun which she picked to kill them. This all drama was made by the US. She was a scientist may be she helped Taliban for somehow. But but one thing her case and her personality is still unfold no one even the americans does not know the reality of the case as said by the American prosecutors. So behave like a pakistani.Recommend

  • Hussnain

    The people who come with an argument to put her in our sister’s place should know that if my sister had done this, i would have sympathy with her as a Brother. May be not as a Pakistani!

    Get a Life..Recommend

  • Aftab Siddiqui

    one question to everyone. Israel fought 2 battles directly with Hammas over abduction of their 2 soldiers. China thrashed Japan over arresting a Captain in disputed territory. US went all the way just for the release of 1 tourist girl caught in Iran. The list is very long and thats how nations react. This is very normal. Those who are claiming that Dr. Afia is an american citizen should read the news when they say on CNN n BBC that Pakistani Doctor sentenced to 86yrs imprisonment. Just a question…Recommend

  • Adil

    hahahaha musharraf ki zabardasti lovers.Recommend

  • Naeem Siddiqui, Australia

    Mr. anwar

    Recently a ‘Daughter of Pakistan’ 14 yrs of girls gang raped in Sind, could you please bring some Fatwa on this as well from darul uloom deoband!!!??

    There are lots of ‘Daughter of Pakistan’ and ‘Sister of Islam’ who are raped, paraded naked in our cities and villages. where is darul uloom deoband on this !!!??

    What is the Fatwa of darul uloom deoband about a 3 yrs old girl raped /murdered and thrown into gutter in Karachi by traffic sargent!!!

    Batter start respecting the sisters in Pakistan and start worrying about them, Dr. Aafia is treated much better by American then lots of women and girls in Pakistan.Recommend

  • Pappu

    I am guessing you are one of those pseudo-liberal journalisits who would write anything that would please the west.

    Clearly you haven’t done any research before writing this blogpost. First, she was not an American citizen. Second, she was not tried for terrorrism of links to Al Qaeda. It was just attempted murder for which the evidences produced were questionable.

    Get your facts right before putting up stuff on this website. I had immense respect for express tribune until i read this crap.Recommend

  • Zoya

    bold, bravo!

    Its time for Pakistanis to wake up and smell the coffee.Recommend


    rite from the core of my heart…nd infact from the hearts of many out there…
    well done tenzeel… Recommend

  • http://www.milk-n-cookies.blogspot.com Cookie

    Dislike! Maybe she said those words but in what state of mind, who knows? And we cannot ignore the information that has surfaced after the investigation by Yvonne Ridley. And why would the American administration deny the existence of prisoner no.650 if they had nothing to hide. Also, our newspapers have, in the past and even in the present, unearthed a lot of ugly information about torture, mistreatment and abuse that Dr.Aafia had to suffer at the hands of American soldiers. This article is just one random opinion. I see no truth in it. Recommend

  • http://www.milk-n-cookies.blogspot.com Cookie

    Compare her before and after pictures, and then tell us she was not subjected to intense torture and abuse in American prisons. Have you forgotten the images that came out of Abu Gharib prison, Gauntanamo Bay and Bagram? There are countless stories of torture that have been entirely ignored by many around the world. And we are not only protesting because Dr.Aafia happens to be a Muslim. She is a human being, a mother, a wife, a sister who is entitled freedom, fairness and just, unbiased trial. Recommend

  • Shahryar Ahmed

    Ms. Khan,

    That’s how it works in the US courts. She has been convicted & sentenced on 7 counts, thus the 86 years for your information.

    It is a normal practice in US law; people have gotten over even 100 years for several crimes they commit.

    A suggestion for the future,please do some research before commenting like most of the uneducated TV anchors & media persons.Recommend

  • K A Sultan

    A sovereign nation’s court has given its verdict. The poor people of Pakistan have spent 20 million dollars on her defense. We must accept the decision.
    There are hundreds of daughters and sisters who have been treated much worse than Aafia in Pakistan. We have not raised our voice for them ….. just because they have not been to MIT or Harvard? Recommend

  • Kashif

    VERY DISSAPPOINTING ARTICLE… .. Why…!!!!! PLEASE GIVE ME ONE EXAMPLE in the Entire USA where any Women (Non Muslim) has been given such Verdict of 86 years.

    Was this a Fair Trial, the Charges that were filed against her was not even on Facts, Are US Marine / Soldiers that weak that a slim / short lady like Afia may over power them and use the M-16 Assault rifle (weight over 17 kg) and shoot them, but Very Funny that she received the bullet How…????

    Its always Good to first do some research and Analysis before writing such articles… act with responsibility.Recommend

  • Shahan

    i want to write something..but i’m in shock because of the stupidity of the article..it is clear that our friend and self proclaimed patriot mr. Tanzeel is not very well informed regarding issues that he writes his articles about. I would suggest Tanzeel that you do your research before writing an article. Also, i think ur work will b more appreciated and will make less people angry if you shed light upon the facts rather than giving you personal opinion in sweeping statements. People would not read your articles because they are interested in your personal opinions, instead, i think they would be more interested in an unbiased article based upon facts. Recommend

  • Kashif

    Further THIS USA declared that Iraq possesses WMD (Weapon of Mass Destruction), we can only see Destruction in IRAQ again Great Contribution of USA, will you believe every thing that USA proves / tries to Proves….. !!!! More than Million Children in Iraq have died due to US sanctions, Israel Massacres in Palestine and Nothing from USA. How can You say that as an Umat and Nation we should move on….. Hello… You are sent in this world for a reason to Live…. at least dont Insult those who are paying heavily ….the price of being muslim and suffering by the Kuffar (non muslims). May Allah have Mercy on Afia and entire Muslim Umat (Amen)Recommend

  • http://blogs.tribune.com.pk shariz

    Well after reading all the comments i dont have no doubt that why we are called terrorists, because the terrorist organizations have so much support here which is a shame.
    @ Anwar:Any fatwah from that deoband intitute against suicide blasts, killing countless muslims in mosques, people in worship places im more interetede to see that rather so called jihad only in afganistan, why cant they see the innocent people in Gaza, Pakistan is suffering only because of these mullas, even one can tell now that all the terrorist organizations are running by those mullas you talking about. Recommend

  • Zuhaib

    Utterly bizarre article with no study no facts mentioned……only rendering his typecast thoughts…..Recommend

  • Madeeha

    I’d like to clear some points to the writer. It seems the writer did not follow Dr. Aafia’s case properly.

    1- She is not an American citizen. She is ONLY a PAKISTANI citizen. Thats why her case is a mis-trial, becuz the alleged crime was commited in Afghanistan & she is a Pak national, so she cannot be taken to US for a trial. This trial should not have taken place in the US at all.

    2- The writer has quoted statement of Dr. Aafia that “I am not sad. I am not distressed. They are not torturing me. This is a myth and lie and its being spread among the Muslims.” What the writer does not know that she said this about MDC (Metropolitan Detention Center) in New York in which she’s being kept right now. But she also said that though she is not being tortured here at MDC, but she was tortured for the past yrs in secret prisons.
    (by the way, did you read that her tooth fell out while she was speaking in court & she said that most of her teeth are not real, as they fell off due to the beatings in secret prisons)

    3- As for her being a terrorist. Didn’t you read in coverage of her trial in Feb, 2010 that the Prosecuters themselves said that there is no evidence of her being involved in any terrorist activity or being involved with Al-qaida or taliban. Thats why there are no terrorism charges against her.

    4- As for this case that she allegedly shot at FBI agents, then you must follow court proceedings again. You will see that there is no physical & forensic evidence against her. And the testimonies of the main witnesses were contradictory to each other.

    5- Detainees who were in Bagram prison saw Dr. Aafia there & have given testimonies abt it. You can see videos on youtube where Binyam Mohamed says he is 100% sure that Dr. Aafia is Prisoner 650.Recommend

  • Madeeha

    My advice to the writer is plz do your homework properly before writing an article in a reputed newspaper. You have only written the US govt side of the story, which has alot of loop holes and accusations against Dr. Aafia without any evidence.
    There is alot of eye witness account which supports the side of story of Dr. Aafia.
    As Dr. Aafia said in court, “You should base your case on FACTS, not on FEAR”.Recommend

  • Ayaz

    Helpful link for gherat brigade;
    The US federal judge said in his verdict that Aafia Siddiqui “acknowledged that she went into hiding in 2003 shortly after a man named Majid Khan was arrested, allegedly a man she offered to help him by setting up a mail box on his behalf in Baltimore, Maryland. Khan is also one of the persons currently detained at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. She stayed for some time with the family of Ammar Al Baluchi whom, as I said I understand she subsequently married and, to my understanding but unsubstantiated, is still married. After Al Baluchi’s arrest by the Pakistani intelligence, Dr Siddiqui apparently moved to Karachi.”

    According to the Judge Berman, Aafia “had claimed that a short time after moving there a man named Abu Lababa issued a Fatwa for her to do biological research in order to develop defenses for her country should Pakistan be attacked by an enemy. And she did this for approximately six months. She then apparently moved to Nazimabad and presumably made trips from there to Afghanistan in search of Al Baluchi.”


  • Think therefore

    OK 86 years is a bit drastic for whatever transpired in detention…. but lets all agree that all is not pristine and angelic with Ms Aafia…. there is certainly a lot more to her than meets the eye…. no muslim should support, abet, condone any sort of violent conflict with any other human being(s)…. if you want to make the world your oyster so to speak you must revive the true mercantile values of Islam…. a commercially competitive islam is more fearsome for these people than a militirised one…Recommend

  • afficer khan

    “An American-born Pakistani, PhD having 144 honorary degrees and certificates in neurology from different institutes of the world.
    The only neurologist in the world have an honorary Ph.D from Harvard.
    Not even a single American matches her qualifications!

    Now she’s lost her memory oz of the physical, psychological and sexual torture that she has been subjected to.
    She is imprisoned with men.
    But we the muslims are dead. plain DEAD……”

    can please anybody verify the facts which i recieved in this SMS? i will be very thankful for authentic references.Recommend

  • Musharraf

    Baravo mr. tanzeel this is the attitude which has brought us to these limits,I am shocked by the ignorance & partialty of your article, it seems you dose idealize American Idealogies
    and values. Well have you ever seen how they portray their women and treat them just take a look in there bars, dance clubs, strips and barothels and by the way do you and Mr Naeem siddiqui from australia know what is the crime rate of Washington D.C. Recommend

  • Naeem Siddiqui


    Could you please tell how we are treating women in Pakistan

    1) gang rap of 14 yo minor, culprits still unpunished, mullah’s silent
    2) rape/murder of 3 yo child, culprit did punished but mullah’s are silent
    3) men put filthy and cheap comments and stare them like dogs when women come and go to schools, college and work
    4) women are murdered in the name of fake ‘Honor’ and ghairat
    5) people ask dawery to the poor parent of girls like bandits.

    Is this ‘value’ you are proud of Recommend

  • Hassan

    Being interested in politics and culutral issues is apparently enough to write for a mainstream newspaper, the writer has played fast and loose with the facts of this case. His so called ‘facts’ are anything but facts, what proof does the writer have that Dr Aafia is an american citizen if he knows something we dont he must share it with everyone!!!

    His knowledge of the American Judiciary’s transparency is also something everyone should appreciate, it seems watching too much Boston Legal will give one the illusion of having achieved complete expertise on the American Judicial System.

    We will accept this decision not because she is guilty but because we dont have what it takes to stand upto tyrants be it home grown or International. It is irrelavant that Dr Aafia is innocent or Guilty, she is a Pakistani citizen and if she had terror links she should have been tried in her country not in the US.

    It is sad that our youth is bending over backwards to become liberal intellectuals and in the process ignoring everything which might contradict their enlightened opinions.Recommend

  • Naeem Siddiqui

    Mr Hassan,

    Having the worst human rights track record against women in Pakistan how Pakistan will put her case in front of world community!! People will say first learn to respect your women within your country and then expect others to do the same!

    We are proud of Aafia’s modern education and most of mullahs are against sending women to schools and colleges. have you ever heard the thinking of a person who call himself religious and devoted Muslim about women who go to school college and go for professional work!!!??

    As far as women rights is concern we are deep in S*t and we can’t preach others, first we have to learn how to respect women within Pakistan. Recommend

  • Why am I not surprised!

    @afficer khan: “can please anybody verify the facts which i received in this SMS? i will be very thankful for authentic references.”

    Why don’t you ask the sender of the SMS .. Remind the sender that spreading a rumor is a source of fitna. Also tell the sender that sooner rather than later the fitna started with a lie is bound to get back to the haunt the originator of the lie.Recommend

  • Ghairta mand Musalman

    What we musalmans do with our women is none of your business, we are a ghairat mand nation and we will get our daughter back. Allah u Akbar.Recommend

  • Sahreen

    truly agreed with tanzeel but question arise why she is been kidnapped from here and handed over to US her case could be filed here also and could be conducted in Pakistan we also have court and judiciary here but our Govt. give her to them … instead of that if any US citizen was been kidnapped from there country they must have had make mess in PakistanRecommend

  • banda

    Mr. Naeem Siddiqui,
    How did u feel that I supported the local gang rapes and other evils taking place in our underdeveloped areas? If u go through my comment properly, I insisted on our youth’s mindset who is ignorant of Islam and the motivation of Pakistan’s existence lacking in them. I totally condemn all such social evils in our country. And I strongly disagree with the intellectuals being ignorant of the Muslim history, and favoring the USA directly and the Jews indirectly.Recommend

  • Sam

    @Sidrah Moiz Khan: Sidrah ji these are the facts, i would recommend you to leave this Pakistani media’s hype and actually start searching about the fact regarding this case.Recommend

  • Umair Ahmed Abbasi

    Dear Tanzeel,
    The hardest thing to Chew is that she Is an American Citizen Now i tried to find through different sources both online and offline but in vein. Would you please provide me the source by which you find out that she is holding a duel nationality…Recommend

  • Ghausia

    Wooow, I am loving the “She is not your sister so you can speak like this” comments. So in order to be a humane person sympathetic to the plight of others, you need to be related to them somehow? Well, that explains the anti-Jew sentiments in typical Pakistani mentality.Recommend

  • tat

    Nothing have been proved of her links with terrorist organisations, even not her alleged marriage is proved, and is now being said that it was revealed after 183 times of water shots to Khalid shaikh who after so much torchure say those thin…gs and even the court refused it… now regarding the other case well what do u expect from a women who had been raped or torchured continuously for years to react to the US army… by through flowers on them????
    and what image are u talking about the image is destroyed by the rulers who just for the sake of money sold people… if they had something they should have tried them here in Pakistan…Recommend

  • Waj

    What a stupid, baseless, pro-american article….Recommend

  • Mbz

    Although i think discussing here wont reap anything but tanzeel you really need to check up with everything before you come up with a bold and good for nothing crappy stuff. If you think she deserved what she got then please lemme know what do u think about her kids?? do they deserve anything of that sort? STILL BLOODY MISSING.! i am sorry but this enrages me alot. On the first hand, why the hell was she abducted and taken to Afghanistan?? the case of “attempt to murder” took place after that.! and atleast she was brave enough to stand up for her right as she was tortured interrogated kept naked for no damn reason.! You have no idea what happened in guantanamo and all, u just sit back in your cosy chair and feel whatever u want to, but please dont ashame PAKISTAN further by writing these things.

    PEACE BE TO ALL.!Recommend

  • nadya

    i am glad you brought some important facts regarding dr. afia. yes she is an american citizen and so had to be tried in the US. she was named by khalid shaikh mohammad, the murderer of daniel pearl, as having links with alqaeda. though the charges she has been tried on and accused with are linked to the firing incident on FBI officials. though the 86 years old sentence is not comensurate with her crime, but i guess calling her innocent and to be excused because of being a muslim woman is a bit too much. Recommend

  • jahh

    Mr Tanzeel Ahmed is introduced above as: “A Karachi based marketing professional who is interested politics and cultural issues”.

    After reading this piece, I think Mr Tanzeel should better concentrate on his marketing skills. His pro-claimed interest in “politics and cultural issues” does not merit space on a national daily. Recommend

  • jahh

    @Umair Ahmed Abbasi:
    I sincerely hope, Mr Tanzeel Ahmad, the marketing bread-earner and political-and-cultural-issues hobbist, is able to prove this “fact”, as this is perhaps the crux of his argument.Recommend

  • Naeem Siddiqui, Australia


    Please accept my apology if my post have caused a bitter taste to you. My main argument is that we have very serious social problems in general and especially about women, our Ulema’s have severely distorted the concepts of Islam about women’s right and responsibilities. Have you ever read ‘Bahisti Zever’ do you think it has any thing to do with lives and behaviour of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his companions and their wives !!!!?? Did our Ulema’s ever tried to investigate who wrote this book and at what capacity and authority.

    If one read the concept of women rights and responsibilities in Hinduism he will find it most resembles to ‘Bahisti Zever’ with an additional stamp of Islam. and this book has been declared best book for being best Muslim women!!!!

    For our Ulema a good Muslim women is the one who remain in house, only learn to read (not understand) the Quran, can only go out of house when there is a matter of life and death but only with a meharam. Be loyal to her husband no matter in what condition he keeps them.

    BUT If I read the life of Hazrat Aysha (RAW), she was an intellectual, she used to observer and gather the actions (Sunnah) and statements (Hadiths) of Prophet (PBUH) and write them. If we open any book of Sunnah and Hadith almost half of the book refers to her! She was a political and religious activist and led several political and religious movements.

    Just compare the life of Hazrat Aysha (RAW) with what our Ulema and Behasti Zever teach us about women!!!

    You are asking youth to learn the true teaching/history of Islam! But tell me how!!! Every week on Friday prayers hundreds and thousands of people gather in mosque to listen Jumma Qhutba what our ulema is teaching people there!! secterian idealogies, conspiracies of Yahood, Hanood and Nasara, atrocities in Kashmir and Palestine …..Recommend

  • Maddy

    Seeing all the above comments make me wonder our nation is so naive or they don’t want to accept the truth or there is something else. Freedom of speech is there but without facts everything is thin air. Well written.. I couldn’t agree more. In addition to your 4th point, the military personnel who gave the testimony of seeing her shot his colleague babbled when cross questioned. Recommend

  • Madeeha

    @afficer khan:

    Corrections done here:
    “An Pakistani national, PhD having 144 honorary degrees and certificates from different institutes of the world.
    The only neurologist in the world have an honorary Ph.D from MIT.
    Not even a single American matches her qualifications!

    Now she’s lost her memory oz of the physical, psychological and sexual torture that she has been subjected to in Bagram, Afghanistan.
    She was imprisoned with men.
    But we the muslims are dead. plain DEAD……”Recommend

  • Madeeha

    Many ppl are arguing abt whether she had a dual nationality or whether she is an American or a Pakistani national.
    Plz see videos on Youtube “Frontline with kamran shahid”.
    In this program, Dr. Fawzia shows Aafia’s Pakistani Passports & says this clearly that she is ONLY a PAKISTANI NATIONAL. She does not have a Green Card.Recommend

  • Sam

    @S. AK:
    I liked ur comment so much..its going as my status tagline.
    “Get over wid ur US obsession n face the reality..
    Thts how nations dies wen they hide TRUTH in their so-called Openness”Recommend

  • Madeeha
  • Ahsan

    “Objective analysis”!

    Tanzeel has quite brazenly written the article with no prior research on the topic. My advice to the tyro is, “At least Google stuff before writing!”. One can have a differing opinion, this is acceptable, but twisting and equivocating facts is an ultimate sin.

    “Their judicial system is very strong, focused and transparent.”
    Really! The transitions in article and many such banal statements(blandishments) inkling an ulterior motive rather than it being an honest opinion. Sorry.

    Other than that, I kind of agree with quite a few things written in the article. Pakistan should get over the issue and concentrate on more concrete problems at hand. Individual problems are usually tossed around for realpolitik. Moreover, as Dr Afia did attack under duress, the American Jury- in its accord- was right to give a harsh verdict! We cannot expect them to listen to the lamentations of Muslims and Pakistanis. They simply won’t understand them, rather they shouldn’t. It’s just like making a buffoon out of ourselves.

    As a muslim, I can only feel sorry for Dr Afia. God bless her and give patience to her family.( “period”) Recommend

  • http://asaddurrani.blogspot.com Asad Durrani

    @Madiha I see you have written your points 2 times and writer didn’t respond. And im sure he won’t reason being he has no answers to your questions. I am disappointed after reading this blog post and especially comments. Anyways nice points. I have copied them and will use them if u grant ur permission, will mentions ur name. May I?Recommend

  • Usman

    The thing which I perceive from your article is that how could you be so sure that she was a terrorist or was indulged in such kind of activities? If your source of info is also situated at the western side then I can easily predict from your pessimistic thinking that either you have been hired by the americans to export such kind of false information or you are living in your own world where the word “Reality” doesn’t even exist.

    Its been proven from the evidences and witnesses that she had been kidnapped from the Karachi and then taken secretly to Afghanistan base where no one knows what kind of interrogation she have went through and how they treated her keeping in mind that she is a women. OK I accept that she was an american but on the other hand she was a Pakistani too for which the Pakistani law should be applied as same as US applied on her but once she disappeared from Karachi not a single moment in my life after then that I heard that she had came back to Pakistan to be interrogated by the Pakistani law. That’s where the conflict starts.

    Last words! take it as a personal note. What you think a women will do if she had been raped and tortured by several soldiers and then a gun is placed just besides to her to check her reaction???Recommend

  • ali abbas


    i too spotted that you repeated your comments twice, to which there is no reply as a matter of fact the author has not replied to any of the comments. I would really like to hear what evidence or research was behind this post. I am not pro-afia I am pro humanity, 86 years of imprisonment are you serious? really? that seems a sane decision? common! not a single piece of evidence and if you can do nothing on individual basis at least speak what is true. This is really sad, i agree that the civil society here in Pakistan does not lives up to its name but as an individual i would support afia in the case. not only because she is a muslim but also because she is a PakistaniRecommend

  • http://www.umairhassan.com Umair Hassan

    Its just sad to read this article and to see that people are favoring the opinion of the author. This change in mindset of the youth scares me. We obviously don’t have anything else left in us except for a little bit of dignity and our cultural values. We are losing grip on these as well.

    Dr. Afia was definitely not as innocent as we Muslims perceive her to be but treating her the way she’s treated is not acceptable either. 86 years of imprisonment, thats ridiculous. What justice do you see in this?

    In one of the comments, a lady mentioned that we don’t have to discuss about Dr. Afia all the time and that there are other issues in our country to handle. This is something I would agree with but the decision against Dr. Afia is a complete government failure and its diplomacy. Would US government let this happen to their citizens?

    I wonder what would have been your opinion had she been your sister !Recommend

  • Alpha

    I sure hope you get your US visa man. You are trying very hard. Recommend

  • http://asaddurrani.wordpress.com Asad Durrani

    @Umair Hassan
    I agree to most of what you said except one thing that we have our dignity. I, having your respect, say that in my opinion the only thing we are missing in ourselves is the dignity. We as a nation do not have character and self respect and these two are dignity for me. If we would have had dignity, we would have not written such an article, we would have not allowed drones in our country, we would have not allowed physical military operation, we would have not had admin who delete an asking comment.

    If my comment is not approved I ask admin where is your dignity and if it gets approved I request admin to please remove these two lines :P :)

    Would like to have your comment on this.Recommend

  • Noor Muhammad

    I would congratulate Tanzeel for writing this blog.

    The support emanating for Ms. Siddiqui is natural but objective analysis would lead to the conclusion where Tanzeel has reached.

    The government of Pakistan spent around 6 million US dollars on the trial of Dr. Affia but could not defend her, for obvious reasons.

    I wish the same amount had been spent to bring to justice the rapists who played with the honor of Dr. Shazia Marri, or the family members who fed Kaina Soomro to dogs in Karachi.

    Our society is raft with the worst kind of hypocrisy. Some get more attention than the other. The liks of Kainat Soomro do not get any support, even from an SHO, because they are not backed by the Jamats and Jamiats. Who does not know that the so-called Jamat-e-Islami turned Afia into a poster girl for its well meaning anti-US propaganda movement. To JI the formula seemed to be, more the suffering – better the opportunity to exploit the situation to gain political grounds.

    Those carrying portraits of Dr. Afia and marching in streets shall look at the lives of millions of women who have not been tortured by USA but still look as fragile as her. You know why? Because they do not get enough to eat. When would the Js and Is rise for the downtrodden people of Pakistan? When would they shun the politics of merciless exploitation of the persona and family members of Dr. Afia?

    I think they will never do it. Because they need issues to live. What else have they contributed in development of the country?

    Great write-up Tanzeel. Even if Dr. Afia is a Pakistani citizen, we need to look at the case objectively. Recommend

  • Khadim Husain

    Following comments of author reflects that he has jumped to write for showing his face to some peoples, otherwise he had no sense what is he saying, even bullying Allah. He is so naïve that has no access to Wikipedia to sort out true face of US justice system soaked in sectarianism, racism and hate.
    He wrote “Aafia Siddiqui is an American citizen”: Shame for jumping to write an article without any research, such kinds of researchers would surely decrease readers of express tribune and such kind of writers are committing cyber crime to tell lie. Aafia is not American Citizen and whole of his story is bogus.
    He wrote that “Opportunist political parties and media sensationalized the whole issue and teamed up against the US courts”, opportunists are those peoples who broadcast rape scenes to western world for collecting dollars. Most secular and moderate Musharraf himself quoted that women get raped for nationality of western countries.
    He wrote “American judiciary which is known to be one of the transparent”: Study Wikipedia for knowledge.
    He wrote “Afia’s sister had ‘submitted this case in Allah’s court’ — now the family should accept what Allah has granted them”: Aafia’s sister has submitted case to Allah means she is asking for Allah’s wrath on liars and fabricators of her case and it also means when ever justice is betrayed than demanding wrath of Allah is faith of all Muslim. Moreover Allah has not sentenced her, corrupt court has sentenced her. So mind your language by writing such hateful words. Author has tried to bully Allah. Shame…
    He wrote “Their judicial system is very strong, focused and transparent. The decision was what Dr Aafia deserved”: In fact author is so naïve that he has no idea how Jewry system is made, in spite of repeated objections some members were not removed. Even in Pakistan if you have mistrust on any judge, anybody can raise objection. So there is no transparency, judgment is based on hate, judge has political abhorrence and defense lawyers were under influence of Ambassador of Pakistan, who wrote 159 page letter to oblige certain interests. Recommend

  • Dr Samad Kazemi

    I wouldn’t disagree to Mr. Noor Muhammad reponse to your article. I guess that there must be something suspicious to this whole Dr. Afia saga. Now probably Faisal Shahzad will get over 100 years possibly next month. We may expect the same kind of reaction from the same section of the society over Faisal Shahzad conviction. But in the meantime lets not be judgemental about the American Judiciary System. Personally I had a great experience of American Judial System on three occasions. One more thing I need to share with you guys that during my 20 years stay in Western hemisphere, i had numerous experiences when I was asked to join/support/donate fundamentalist/extremists groups which were active here since the late 80s almost at every level..Recommend

  • Madeeha

    @Asad Durrani:
    Thanks for appreciating my points. But my name is not important as im a secondary source of information.
    You should research & spread information from primary sources.Recommend

  • Madeeha
  • Usman

    @Tanzeel (Author)
    Man you should stick up with marketing only because writing stuff related to political and cultural issues is not your type of job.Recommend

  • ali abbas


    I agree that there is a lot of hypocrisy amongst ourselves, but you can not do un-justice to one because another did not get it. What type of rule is that? There are numerous such cases which do not get attention and I agree that jamiat is simply doing political scoring but my friend I am not a supporter of Jamiat, think of it from a normal non-political human view point for once. It does not matters if she is a muslim, hindu or what ever, the thing that matters is that she is a Pakistani and for the very least the trial should have been conducted here in Pakistan. Recommend

  • Tariq

    @Tanzeel Ahmed

    “We need not enter into the debate of whether she was apprehended from Afghanistan or Pakistan” I would ask you WHY NOT? You are contradicting yourself, as in one place you believe in professionalism and justice while at the same time you are least bother about the basic question of where should she be tried in the first place?

    The reality is In March 2003, Aafia was arrested by Pakistani agents and at the behest of the traitor Pervez Musharaf, was transferred to Bagram airbase in Afghanistan where she received American hospitality that included physical abuse, torture and rape which she endured for years. At this point, she came to be known as the ‘Grey lady of Bagram’ as her screams and sobs could be heard throughout the night due to rape and torture.
    Her imprisonment was denied by both Pakistani and American agencies until media reports brought her case to the surface, at which point she was conveniently regarded as being involved in terrorism and a fictitious story was mustered against her claiming that she wrestled a rifle off a U.S soldier and attempted to shoot at American soldiers.

    On 7th August 2008 an article in the The News exposed some of the treatment Aafia had been subjected to whilst in American custody.
    one of her kidneys had been removed
    her teeth had been removed
    her nose had been broken, and improperly reset
    her recent gunshot wound had been incompetently dressed, was oozing blood, leaving her clothes soaked with blood.
    In August 11, 2008, a Reuters report stated that she had appeared at her court hearing in a wheelchair, and that her lawyers pleaded with the judge to make sure she received medical care. Elizabeth Fink, one of her lawyers, told the Judge:
    “She has been here, judge, for one week and she has not seen a doctor, even though they (U.S. authorities) know she has been shot.”

    Such accounts would bring tears to anybody with an ounce of Iman in their heart. However, the stark reality is that tears are not going to help sister Aafia. In order to understand this point better, one needs to deeply reflect upon a particular time in history when a Muslim woman was captured by the Romans in a place called Amuriyyah. Not content with only capturing her they tried to dishonour her as well. Frightened and alone she called out the name of the Khaleefah, “[Ya Mu’tasim] Oh Mu’tasim.” A man witnessed this incident and rushed to the Khaleefah informing him of what had happened. When he heard the plight of this woman he responded bravely, “Labbaik [I am here at your call].” It is narrated that he was drinking water from a cup and upon hearing the news that a woman was shouting his name, he immediately put the cup down and commanded to deploy a massive army to retaliate against the Romans.

    Another profound example of such competence is the response of Hajjaj ibn Yusuf Ath Thaqafi to the cries of men, women and children who were captured by pirates as a Muslim merchant ship was sailing back from the Indian coast. They were taken inland to Sindh and imprisoned. Hajjaj was the Umayyad governor of Iraq and when reports reached him of this incident, he wrote to Raja Dahir (ruler of the region) demanding that the captives be released and the responsible pirates punished but Dahir refused. This refusal led to warfare as it was the responsibility of the Khilafah to protect its citizens. Hajjaj dispatched an army of 7,000 seasoned cavalrymen under one of the greatest Generals, Muhammed bin Qasim, a man of the tender age of 17. Despite the fact that Hajjaj was well known for his tyranny, he still felt the need to send an entire cavalry to free the prisoners. It makes one wonder how down trodden the Muslim rulers have become, as they do not even utter a word of condemnation or threat at the appalling way sister Aafia has been treated.


  • http://www.umairhassan.com Umair Hassan

    @Asad Durrani:
    Yes, I would agree to your statement that we are missing dignity in ourselves, to some extent. In my view, all the examples you quoted are the result of government failure, their policies and agenda. If I must say, every person in my family possess all the qualities that a respectable citizen of any country should have and I’m sure that everyone here would say the same about his friends & family, including you. So no, we’ve not lost our dignity completely and we are still in a position to get ourselves back on track. All we need is a little bit of guidance and education !Recommend

  • Shabir

    Writer seems biased and his intention is to hide the facts and injustice done to her.He says Aafia was US citizen and Pakistan should not protest against the decision and in the end he declares it a blot on the face of Pakistan.

    “We need not enter into the debate of whether she was apprehended from Afghanistan or Pakistan.”
    Why? because you know she was kidnapped from a sovereign country.Shame on writer.Recommend

  • http://asaddurrani.wordpress.com Asad Durrani

    @Umair Hassan I appreciate your optimistic approach. Let me put a few questions and then we decide whether we have very little of dignity left in ourselves.

    What’s gonna happen in an Examination Hall, having our youth in mind, if the invigilator leaves examination hall for 3-4 minutes?? I have seen that, they make mess. They have no moral obligations here. I have seen my friend doing this who is “5 waqt ka namazi”. Can we call this dignity? What percentage of us is not gonna do the same if they get chance?

    I am a recent graduate software engineer and joined a software house rite after my graduation, what I have seen in my company is that everyone wants to come before their boss not at the rite time. So no self respect, no self limits. We take full pays but tend to avoid word as much as possible. Isn’t it corruption?, the only difference between my corruption and Zardari’s is that I am doing as much as I have authority of and he is doing as much as he has got authority of.

    I have a few more examples if you want :P

    What I think is that our we need character building. We are characterless people busy in blaming each other instead of taking the responsibility :(Recommend

  • khayam

    good work man ur right bravoRecommend

  • Humanity

    @Asad Durrani: Kudos to you, Asad!

    Character is doing the right thing when no one is looking.Recommend

  • Humanity

    @Ghairta mand Musalman: “What we musalmans do with our women is none of your business, . Allah u Akbar.”

    What the msalmans do with are women can be seen the video of the taliban stoning a woman to death in Pakistan.
    we are a ghairat mand nation and we will get our daughter back .. where is the ghairat for the women languishing in the Pakistani jails and paraded naked on the street?

    Any Ghairta mand Musalman, please answer this question. What is so special about Aafia that these other women lack?

    Allah u Akbar.Recommend

  • http://asaddurrani.blogspot.com Asad Durrani

    :) thanks for understanding my point of viewRecommend

  • vick

    Shame on you Tanzeel… Shame on you… you doesnt seem to be real infact… and same is the case with your supporters on this bolg…
    1) Answer for murdering American Soldier:
    If she murdered some american soldier, she should be sent on trial in pakistan as she was Born and Bred in Pakistan (her home country was pakistan)
    2) Taking about American Judiciary decision:
    Give me example of anyother trial of 86 years imporsenment of murdering a single american soldier??????????
    3) Her treatment in American Jails:
    Dont you know she was make maltreated in Amercian Jails (made naked and raped)…. whynot give punshinmet of jailers of americans????…she was physcailly maltreated…??? who is responsible ?…. isnt it extra punishment?

    Shame on you tanzeeelRecommend

  • http://www.adab-arz.co.uk/ A Khokar

    Dear Friends,

    Aafia Siddiqui with her Pakistani origin has also got her dual nationality as US citizen. She was tried in US courts of Justice and is convicted on some 7 different charges pertaining to her alleged involvement in terrorism for which she is awarded 86 years of imprisonment.

    The US Government alleges that Aafia Siddiqui, a mother of three with a biology degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a doctorate in behavioral neuroscience from Brandeis University, near Boston, is married to the nephew of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the man who claims to have organized the September 11 terror attacks in 2001.

    Ms Siddiqui is one of three children of Mohammed Siddiqui, a British-trained Pakistani doctor. She moved to the US from Pakistan in 1990 to live with her brother, an architect, and study. While at university she raised money for charitable Islamic causes such as widows and orphans in Bosnia.
    After completing her doctoral thesis she married a Pakistani anesthesiologist and lived in a flat in Boston that also served as the headquarters of an Islamic charity called the Institute of Islamic Research and Teaching. In 2002 the couples were questioned by the FBI after Ms Siddiqui’s husband allegedly purchased night-vision goggles and body armour on the internet. Within months the couple moved back to Pakistan but soon separated.
    The US alleged that Ms Siddiqui has links to at least two of the 14 high-level al-Qaeda suspects who were moved to Guantanamo in September 2006. American prosecutors said that Ms Siddiqui opened a post office box in Maryland for Majid Khan, a former Baltimore resident now being held at the US detention centre in Guantanamo Bay.

    Ms Siddiqui later married Ali Abd al-Aziz Ali, known as Ammar alBaluchi, a nephew of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and a cousin of Ramzi Yousef, who was convicted of the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Centre in New York.

    Above is the story of Aafia Siddiqui in brief. Although being a female she does deserve a full sympathy of Pakistanis that she has got her origin in Pakistan but sadly she was convicted for various charges that she could not defend herself in the courts and prove her innocence.

    Reportedly under the pressure from Pakistani public and prevalent anti- US perception in the country, Pakistani government spent some 20 million dollars to defend her case but this money is wasted that pleading of her case in the court failed.Recommend