Why Pervez Musharraf is Chitral’s hero

Published: September 1, 2013

Musharraf proved to be a messiah for the people of Chitral as he took unprecedented interest in the construction of Lowari Tunnel project and kick started the work in 2005 PHOTO: REUTERS

Despite the boycott of the 2013 general elections by the All Pakistan Muslim League (APML), the party managed to get two seats (one national and one provincial) from the constituency of Chitral under special permission to contest the elections from its party’s president, Pervez Musharraf.

This victory for the APML in Chitral proved yet another time that the common people never forget leaders who give prime importance to their demands and are keen to serve the people at all costs.

Chitral is a far-flung area in the north of Pakistan with scenic beauty and breath-taking picnic spots located all over the mountainous district. It is blessed with special tourist attractions like the Kalash valley, the Shandur polo festival, Qaqlasht festival, garam chashma (hot spring resorts), and the Baroghil festival. The people of this area are very hospitable and peaceful. Despite being very close to Afghanistan and Dir, not a single incident of terrorism has taken place here over the last 50 years. The literacy rate, too is very encouraging in Chitral; among females, it ranges above 60 per cent.

Yes, Chitral is bestowed with many natural gifts by the Almighty. However, it remains disconnected from the rest of the country for almost six months a year due to heavy snowfall on the Lowari Pass (the only road which connects Chitral to its adjacent district of Dir).

The winter time is difficult for the people of Chitral as the prices of daily commodities rise above the normal level and access to Peshawar becomes nearly impossible. People become stranded here and thousands of people have lost their lives while trying to get through the Lowari pass.

In these difficult times, general Musharraf proved to be a messiah for the people of Chitral as he took unprecedented interest in the construction of Lowari Tunnel project and kick started the work in 2005. Initially the cost of this project was estimated at Rs8 billion. The project was given to a South Korean construction company Sambu JV and finally the work was started in 2005. Within three years the work on a 8.2km tunnel was partially completed and it was a day of celebration in Chitral.

Pervez Musharraf emerged as hero in the eyes of the people because he was the only leader who understood our plight.

However, with the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) coming in to power in 2008, delaying tactics were used by the government and the work on Lowari tunnel project was suddenly stopped. The main reason cited for this was the unavailability of required funds. During the five years of PPP government, all the heavy machinery was removed from the site and a long dispute ensued between the Sambu JV and the PPP government over non-payment of dues to the former. The people of Chitral were dismayed and a general sense of abandonment by the PPP government prevailed among the people of Chitral. They lovingly and longingly remembered their benefactor Pervez Musharraf.

They thought that had Mushharaf been in power, the Lowari tunnel project would have been completed well in time and the road could have been extended to Tajikistan providing a link between Pakistan and Central Asian countries, as envisaged by Musharraf. That’s why due to demand of Chitralis, Musharraf decided to contest elections from Chitral and returned to Pakistan, but a plethora of cases were reopened against him and he was imprisoned.

Even still, the people of Chitral still voted for his nominated candidates, showing that they were still loyal to Musharraf and loved him immensely.

With the indictment of Musharraf in various cases, a general consternation is found among the people of Chitral and they strongly believe that Musharraf will prove to be innocent and eventually all the cases against him would be dropped and he would be set free with honour as deserved by a true leader like him.

The common people of Pakistan are not concerned with these high profile cases and the developments which take place on higher planes. They only need a leader who tries to solve their basic problems of everyday life. History shows that during the rule of military in Pakistan (except one), this country has developed in all respects and socio-economic indicators have performed very well across the country.

What happens inside the corridors of power in Islamabad, or the tussle between various players of the game means nothing to the people. They only need an honest and true leader like Musharraf whose main aim and purpose was to see Pakistan as a developed and responsible country in the comity of nations.

Let’s hope that Pervez Musharraf is cleared of all false charges and returns to mainstream politics to serve the people of Pakistan with honesty and sincerity.

Anis ur Rehman

Anis Ur Rehman

A lecturer in English at the Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University, Chitral Campus who has completed his Masters in English Language and Literature. He tweets @AnisRhman (twitter.com/AnisRhman)

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  • GornmentCallage

    Musharraf was a legend. He got things done. Simple as that. He took his role seriously. Recommend

  • Ra

    We love musharraf. Honest general where pakistan prospered. Look at where its at now. we salute u. Keep your head up. Bring back the army rule. Hang ppl like nawaz and zardari who destroyed pakistan and now filthy rich by stealing from the countryRecommend

  • English teacher

    @Musharraf is hero for the whole nation not just Chitral When he was president i was proud of calling myself pakistani. PPl around the world would tell me you have a lion as a leader. Inshallah i am praying Musharraf takes charge of pak again and make Pak a country where there taliban live in fear, where shia and sunnis live in peace, minorities are respected, FDI pouring in, jobs abundant and the Country on the road to progress. I had hope from Khan but unfortunately he has failed to control and manage his party so i have zero expectations from him. Pakistanis who loved and supported Musharraf voted for Khan ,but now they have realized khan cannot deliver and it is only Musharraf. Recommend

  • Mohammad

    Thank you for writing this! I strongly believe being the true witness of Musharraf government and the previous as well as PPP & Present government.. there is no one like Musharraf. Musharraf is a man of highest caliber, those who know him personally can tell that Musharraf is one of the finest person.

    Although, he has been dragged for politically motivated cases….. like Chitrali people, I believe that Musharraf will be freed very soon. Recommend

  • Mohammad

    Chitrali people are so brave who never forget Musharraf just because of one Tunnel, look at the people of Karachi….. and laugh. Recommend

  • Fahad Zia

    the author should resign from SHAHEED BENAZIR UNIVERSITY from his post as a lecturer in protest for this.. people should do, for once, the right things with their lives.. PPP and bhutto dynasty is a leech on pakistan.. that should be burned off, no matter how much it stings..Recommend

  • immortal_soloist

    Well done Mr.Anis Ur Rehman for writing a wonderful and honest article.

    Indeed Pervez Musharraf is a true leader and indeed all the cases against him
    are simply politicised and false.

    Long live Pervez Musharraf.Recommend

  • Kinzah Raffat

    So true! Musharaf was Pakistan’s messiah….if they couldn’t find any corruption they did this to him….let this be known…we have not forgotten him never will….our faith in him is unshakeable .God bless!Recommend

  • Parvez

    It is good to know that somene appreciates what he did. It’s what he did not do but could and should have done, that he will be remembered for.Recommend

  • Ishrat salim

    The people of Karachi during Gen Musharraf rule under MQM was more peaceful than what is now, if you, care to remember…..Recommend

  • abid mohiuddin

    People of Karachi love Musharraf as much as Cihtral and likely the whole Pakistan .It is just the politics that will turn in favor of Musharraf soon
    I remember Musharraf asked for indiscriminate army action in Karachi and MQM resisted but now they are also calling for the sameRecommend

  • abid mohiuddin

    Musharraf had solutions of all the problems with consensus may it be Kashmir or Indian or even American threat .He dealt with them all and his one mistake was to hand over to Kiyani who seems to be phus general who is playing in the hands of Nawaz and Zardari and cant solve Karachi pproblem

    Let us hope and pray for Musharraf release / We need to really get a good lawyer team from abroad to represent Musharraf and I will be first to donate monety if some lawyers agree to work on it

    Long Live Musharraf !!Recommend

  • Adeel

    After returning to Pakistan and voluntarily appearing before the court system, former President of Pakistan General (r) Pervez Musharraf has created an historic opportunity for the country’s court system, bureaucracy, legislatives, politicians, and the intelligentsia to finally address the critically weak legal system of Pakistan. However, this opportunity will be wasted if the courts and politicians continue to act in a vindictive and incompetent manner.

    The people of Pakistan have lived through four Military regimes which provided them, on one hand, significant economic development while impeding the development of the full democratic system.

    The key, unanswered question is: what propelled the military to take such drastic action against a civil government. Did the army demand power without reason or did the politicians govern the country with such incompetence and corruption that the army had little choice. In the case of Pakistan, the critical question still stands; did the army step in against corrupt politicians that had brought the country to the brink of extinction.

    The judges answering these questions are obligated to analyze the situation and come up with the clear answer of malfunctioning. If politicians caused alarming harm to the country, the people should know the intricacies of it. If the military stepped in, the people must be educated as to why.

    Simply labeling former President Pervez Musharraf as a “usurper” without having any cognizable evidence is improper and surprisingly irresponsible. The democratic societies are watching the episode and I am afraid the people of Pakistan will see it as a conspiracy orchestrated by reinstated Chief Justice, Nawaz Sharif, and a few leading lawyers who are posted in power house.

    So far, the judges seem to be blatantly biased and vindictive. In case justice is not served, I envision people of Pakistan will come on the streets and take law in their hands which may fuel the efforts of groups proactively pursuing the agenda of weakening Pakistan. Recommend

  • aaaaa

    People mock N league supporters saying ‘aik motorway bana di tau tum log bik gayay.’ Very apt in this situation.

    Perhaps an article by a family member of missing persons is in order. People who are only found when they end up dead in Quetta and other places in Balochistan. Or, you know, when their corpse is found in a drain in Mandi Bahauddin.Recommend

  • GhostRider

    The illiterate horde doesnt deserve a leader like musharraf. We as a nation make choices that are worst for us and waste our vote on the slogan of “shaheed e jamhooriat” or watever PML-N comes up withRecommend

  • Rumormonger

    We as a nation do not deserve Musharraf. We were imposed upon for our sins in the shape of Zardari and now NS.Recommend

  • http://pakistaniforlife.blogspot.com Saad Siddiqui

    Love Musharraf Always !Recommend

  • nilo

    Musharaff did a lot for people of Karachi and he provide funds to MAYORS thats why Karachi people enjoys the time during his era , everybody got cell phones computers and bridges roads big buildings the Mayor of Karachi did lots of work during Musharaff times because Musharaff govt provide funds
    the people of Karachi live calmly and peacefully and even MQM people doesent have problems in Karachi during Musharaff time the Mayor of MQM what ever he did in Karachi is because Musharaff

    MQM and people of Karachi is not like people of Chitral
    MQM didn’t support Musharaff this is KARACHI PEOPLE PAYBACK TIME


  • hassan

    musharraf was not the hero of chitral .. he was indeed the hero of all Pakistan,Recommend

  • Naz Amjad

    He is THE great leader. He will be free from all charges inshaallahRecommend

  • Pakistan

    Musharraf is great!Recommend

  • Nadeem Akbar

    Pervez Musharaff Zindabad.Political parties always put their benefits first but Musharaf always put PAKISTAN FIRST. Love you sir alwaysRecommend

  • Shahid Jalil

    I love & respect from the core of my heart to the great General Pervaiz Musharaf. Recommend

  • http://www.tanzeel.wordpress.com Tanzeel Ahmad

    Love Musharraf.Recommend

  • Saqib

    Nawaz Sharief Zindabad.Recommend

  • Misan

    Musharraf did what he could for the country. He talked to west with no fear. The illitrate politicians and media have agenda of charactser assignation of this great leader which is sponserd by west. Because he never went begging for aid to west like these politicians. Banazir conpsired with US senators and had made them believe that Musharraf will not help them achieve their goal but she can. So there started the pain of Democracy in Pakistan. For an uneducated nation Democracy is not the remedy its a poison instead. The looters will keep coming in power. His time was the best and it was real democracy.Recommend

  • Bakar Ali

    Pervez mushar He is nice manRecommend

  • Yasir Mehmood

    Northern light infantry was used by Musharraf during Kargil as his own private army……it also had many Chitrali soldiers. They were dying in cold mountains and musharraf stopped their supplies afraid from India after his phone call was exposed, just to get in power he sacrificed these men think!.Recommend

  • Humza

    @GhostRider: Musharraf proved that any elected politician is better than a dictator. Most Pakistanis remember Musharraf as a dictator who took over illegally and gave Pakistan all of its current problems. When Musharraf was in power, I was ashamed of the nation. Have you forgotten that in almost a decade of misrule, not 1 mw of energy was added to the national energy grid. Terrorism has its root in his mismanagement as do the problems in Karachi and Baluchistan. Sad that people can’t see the Lowari as a strategic project started by Bhutto which simply became a pet project of a myopic dictator. All of the misery he brought Pakistan cannot be offset by the semi completion of Bhutto’s tunnel project.Recommend

  • Naheed Noor

    My name is Naheed Noor Khokhar, and doing job in rahim yar khan. I like Ex-President of Pakistan Pervaiz Musharaf, he is my leader and hero of Pakistan.Recommend

  • waseem, Norway

    Indeed, Musharaf is a man of honour. We have seen very aggressive economic progress in the rule of Musharaf. He has distributed funds to the smallest political representatives and local govt’s. Yes Musharaf we love your vision. You will survive!Recommend

  • immortal_soloist

    @Yasir Mehmood:

    Shame on you for spreading false information.

    The people of Chitral aren’t ungrateful.
    They know a leader when they see a leader.

    Talk with facts not with absolutely nonsense.

    And you talk about Kargil without any facts as well.
    Watch this: http://tune.pk/…/Documentary-on-Kargil-by-Media-Team

    just one observation about Clinton’s statement about possibility of a nuclear war. That is not true and we earlier shared an interview of India’s foreign minister of that time, Mr Jaswant Singh. In that, he specifically mentioned that there was no possibility of nuclear war and for that matter an all out conventional war.

    Next time talk with facts not with rumours. Pervez Musharraf is a great man and you should be ashamed of yourself for blaming him for doing the right things.Recommend

  • Mubashar ali

    with due respect my all brothers may you live long with the slogan of Sir Mushraf
    i can,t write abuot that great leader i just say that he were very very hounest and sancere with pakistan and the people of pakistan.
    God please save him.Recommend

  • Dr. Nisar A. Kayani

    This is one of the great works done by President Musharraf.There are many more. Wherever you go you notice the evidence of developments done during his regime.After Ayub Khan Musharraf,s period can be rightly called as second Golden period of Pakistan history.Recommend

  • Shams u rehman

    We should be and we are loyal to Mr general.r. Pervaiz musharaf. The work done my sir musharaf are all admirable we cant forget that if some one is forgeting than we should understand that person is not loyal to chitral, we love sir musharaf and we love our chitral. And thanks to sir Anis nice eford by him. Salam chitralRecommend

  • muhammmad shahid iqbal

    I like perves musharaf very much Recommend

  • Zahoor ul Haq Danish

    Pervez Musharaf might be a ‘hero’ for Chitral, but not for Pakistan. I, being a Chitrali, salute Musharaf for whatever he did for a politically neglected area like Chitral, but my stronger part of being a Pakistani compels me to think a hundred times before I pay tribute to the ex-president. The writer seems to be quite hasty in his judgement to say “What happens inside the corridors of power in Islamabad, or the tussle between various players of the game means nothing to the people. They only need an honest and true leader like Musharraf whose main aim and purpose was to see Pakistan as a developed and responsible country in the comity of nations.” The ‘happening’ inside the power corridors, the ‘tussle’ and the ‘game’ do have an affect in the lives of common people. Let me say the prevailing sense of insecurity, extremism, fear and the rift between civilians and military have their roots in the wrong policies of Musharaf. Who are more affected by all these, the common people or the people behind the power corridors? True many aspects of Musharaf’s leadership were sincere but not all.
    As for the victory of Musharaf’s candidates in Chitral in recent elections my questions from the author are: who these people are and what is their political background? Aren’t they the founders of ‘thikadar mafia and timber mafia’? Weren’t they cunning enough to join Musharaf’s party only after they realized that the tide was unstop-ably turning to his favour?
    Didn’t they exploit, during the election campaigns, the common people’s tender feelings for Musharaf only to serve their vested interests? And didn’t they use everything that is not fair to ‘snatch’ people’s conscience during the elections? Musharaf might be Chitral’s hero but his representatives aren’t.Recommend

  • Omair Hasan

    Everything aside! Just watch for infiltrators from Dir coming in and destroying the peaceful nature of Chitral! Cost benefit of easy access!!!!Recommend

  • Shashi Kant Dubey

    Mr General.R. Pervaiz Musharaf is really a brave man. I salute his courage and ability to deal with such problems like Pakistan is suffering now. Mr. Musharaf is nothing but finally a good ruler and manager. God bless him to overcome all these difficulties. Recommend

  • http://syedaabidabokhari.wordpress.com The Only Normal Person Here

    Sir Musharraf we want you back.Recommend

  • nasir ullah

    Musharaf sir we love uRecommend

  • http://karachi Sohail Khan

    @ Ather: you are very right to say
    “What happens inside the corridors of power in Islamabad, or the tussle between various players of the game means nothing to the people. They only need an honest and true leader like Musharraf whose main aim and purpose was to see Pakistan as a developed and responsible country in the comity of nations”

    Pakistan needs an honest, able and patriot leader like Pervez Musharraf. Alas ! we lost this leader and push him behind in jail. Recommend

  • Kaukab Ikram Mughal

    Dear Brothers, AOA
    I’ve been serving at Peshawer from 1999 to 2002, during this period, being a communication offr, I’ve seen him very closly. I hve the honour to give him detail history of SANDAK Project, on my research paper on SANDAK project and his own interest he restarted this project with the China. At many occassiions I’ve personally listen to on so many issues, no doubt he is an asset to Pakistan. During this period I,ve never experienced anything negative against him (No need of Sworn upon ALLAH).
    Indeed, Musharaf is a man of honour. We have seen very aggressive economic progress in the rule of Musharaf. He has distributed funds to the smallest political representatives and local govt’s. Yes Musharaf we love your vision. You will survive! IN Shah ALLAHRecommend

  • Shahid Ahmed

    I agree &fully support the comments in favour of president/General Pervez Musharraf,as after our’ great Quaid e Azam & field Marshal Ayub Khan he was the most capable/Sincere leader who actually loved Pakistan & lead it very capably.I pray that he gets out of. the clutches of the evil conspirators against Our country & gets a chance of leading our country out of the present devastated condition brought to this state by rule of a party which has allways conspired to destroy Pakistan.The present rulers are extremely vengeful,selfish & mean & the present judiciary under the leadership of. a person who came back riding on the shoulders of the present ruling party is trying to pay back its debt/Satisfying his personal vendetta by creating cases based on frivolous informations of bought people.Allah is great Insha Allah with majorities prayers they won’t be able to harm him or PakistanRecommend

  • Ayaz Hussain Soomro

    Sir Pervez Musharraf is the only true leader of our country, he is the only hope of the people of Pakistan. we love you Sir, you are a king of our Hearts. Khuda ka Saya ap par Hamesha Rahega…..Recommend

  • usama noor

    Mr General R Pervaiz musharaf you are the only 1 to rule pakistan and pakistani s .

    Sir you got the power to control
    { taliban[ they live in fear], court system, bureaucracy, legislatives, politicians, intelligentsiaj, significant economic development, full democratic system,civilians, military, and foren investment and much more ……
    So please do think how to come on your seat ? still waiting to see you in POWER ,
    sir you are the man of honour, a brave man, a good ruler and manager.
    ALLAH PAK pervaiz musharaf PAR APNA KARAM KERAY
    AMEEN Recommend

  • syed shahab ahmed jan

    we chitrali like musharaf not only due to lawari tunnel but the respect he has given to us infront of whole world….Recommend

  • Sane

    Musharraf was a curse of ALLAH on Pakistanis due to their sins.Recommend

  • Musa

    It feels so great to have seen Musharraf’s grand era of peace and prosperity, Like a brother above stated that he used to feel proud of being a Pakistani and people outside Pakistan used to praise him a true and strong leader who made overseas Pakistanis proud of their identity. what ever he did to Bugti, Laal Masjid and in the end with Cheap justice was right in all the aspects and time has proven that all his acts were correct and were in favor of Pakistan.Recommend

  • http://No lala The Hero

    Pervez Musharaf will again Emerge as a Great Leader in Pakistan Recommend

  • Raza

    Thank you for your article. Musharraf took similar steps for other areas; Karachi’s best period came during his patronage too. Its a travesty that we brought back the same old faces, and that our great leader is going thru this mockery of ‘justice’ and ‘trial’. We reap what we sow; and I’m afraid that Pakistan will suffer accordingly. Recommend

  • http://about.me/goharali Gohar

    Pervez Musharraf is son of the soil and has shed blood for the country. He has served borders of the country in uniform behind the gun and safe guarded national interests on many other frontiers. The nation owes a lot to him and his term in office was undoubtedly the golden era of enlightened development.
    Apart from his services to the people of Chitral in the form of constructing the Lowari Tunnel he mixed up with the people like a commoner. For he did no one else had ever done, dancing to our tunes, made himself part of area part of the people part of the culture. This is perhaps is the distinguishing factor that separates Musharraf from rest of the folk. The contemporary politicians and their ilks lack character that he has, he is the man of steel and stands a class apart in the misty crowd. Recommend

  • saeed

    As a Karachian, I salute people of Chitral for standing up for their leader. I feel ashamed because Karachi remain muted. Also shame on those people of Balouchistan and Punjab who prospered during Musharraf time but still do not speak a word for him.Recommend

  • Mohammad

    @Ishrat salim:

    Man.. what I am trying to say is ..Karachi forget Musharraf.. what Musharraf didn’t give to Karachi…..everything.. and above all peace. Ask Musataf Kamal….. that guy was having money and power to execute the job.. and he did it. Musatafa Kamal is great asset to Pakistan but where is now? and where is that Karachi which Musharraf left? You all Karchities let Musharraf down… few hundred couldn’t turn at the airport… the whole Karachi put Musharraf at shame… and I feel sorry for you all, and for my country of course. Recommend

  • Civil

    He was the best leader Pakistan ever had,Recommend

  • M.A.S

    @Yasir Mehmood:
    Are u sure u are speaking truth……….I heard it was NS who begged Mush to back off the army…………any ways, everybody has the right to speak………….and this is thanks to Musharraf’s giving right of speech.Recommend

  • Mian M Rashid

    I personally feel that General Pervez Musharaf proved himself to be a leader of high caliber who did not allow the raise in the prices of fuel and dollar also remained between Rs 60-61. The prices of essential items of use were within reach of a common man. He also introduced a local Govt system at District and lower level to benefit the people at gross route level. Many ghost Schools were also discovered through proper monitoring. He also tried to launch Adult Education & many adult people also benefited through this program.

    He is over all a good leader and we expect that General Pervez Musharaf should be afforded an opportunity of serving the country as a Great Leader of Pakistan again.Recommend

  • militant

    Despite being very close to Afghanistan and Dir, not a single incident of terrorism has taken place in Chitral over the last 50 [email protected] kindly check the archives of the very same newspaper in which u have written this blog,cross border attacks did occur in Chitral….Recommend

  • Adil Warsi

    Sir Pervez Musharraf is the only true leader of Pakistan, he is the only hope of the people of Pakistan. we love you Gen, you are a king of our Hearts. Khuda Hamesha aap per apna karam karega or aapko tamam jhute ilzamat se bari karwadega INSHALLAH “AAMEEN”Recommend

  • http://nil A.M.Ali

    Respected people of our beloved country Pakistan. AOA
    In my view, & having seen different regimes, from Ayub Khan till now,i think after the Late Qaid e Azam & after shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, the regime of Pervez Musharraf was the best in every respect. He is an honest,intelligent,loyal to country & nation,fair & straightforward leader. His vision & economic policies are badly needed for the progress & prosperity of our country & nation these days.
    regards. Recommend

  • Mian M Rashid

    The period of Rule of GeneralPervez Musharaf was far better as compared to democratically elected Governments. Specially the PPP Govt has done nothing for the people instead whole gang remained involved in corruption and making money. People were expecting a lot from PML N Govt but it seems that they are not capable of giving relief to people and instead they also tend to raise the prices of cost of living for the poor class. General Musharaf is far better than these people and we expect that he will be honourably acquiited from all the cases levelled against him and he will again emerge as a brilliant leader of the country.Recommend

  • Sane

    He is the hero of Lal Masjid and Dera Bugti also.Recommend

  • Ali

    Love you Musharraf, the brave leader…!Recommend

  • arthurzobo

    @Sane. You write under an introverted nameshould be insane!go back and study yhe history of the time when Musharaf was the Presidentif the economic and social indicators and the general feeling of bohemian ship escape you then I suggest you don’t stick your neck out on Bloga just because you want to say something!! Recommend

  • Ali

    long live and serve musharraf!Recommend

  • csmann

    I was very skeptical of Musharraf until I read his book-“in the line of fire”.Other than a little bravado and maybe some self-aggrandizement, I found him to be a brilliant man with vision,tact,and rare ability of perception and firm resolve. Every person in Pakistan ,and even in India, should read his book and reserve their opinion of him till after reading it. He did have many in Pakistan who were his dead enemies-Al-Qaida, TTP ,and their support and apologists in the religious community- because he fought valiantly against them.And it is their propaganda that is being made to have him look like a bad man.The fact that they have managed to kill 50,000 Pakistanis speaks volumes about their attitude towards Pakistan,and its people. Musharraf will make a much better leader in politics than many in power today.Recommend

  • maria aqil

    Musharraf is country’s hero I salute him He will come back inshAllah and these culprits ll be hanged soon inshAllah.Recommend