Main Hoon Shahid Afridi: Pakistani cinema has finally arrived!

Published: August 26, 2013

When I walked out of the cinema after watching Main Hoon Shahid Afridi, I felt proud. PHOTO: Official Facebook page for Main Hoon Shahid Afridi.

Pakistani cinema has finally arrived where it was supposed to. (It was supposed to arrive a decade or two ago but anyway.)

I am not happy when people start comparisons between a multi-billion dollar industry such as Bollywood to a flailing, haphazard, mainly notorious industry such as Lollywood. The comparison is not only unfair, it is silly and, from all rules of economics, a failure to begin with. Pakistani cinema-goers, however, cannot help but compare the two and hence, every time we watch a Bollywood flick, we sigh and go,

Haye, Pakistan main kyun nahee banti hain aisi movies?

(Gosh, why aren’t films like these made in Pakistan?)

When I walked out of the cinema after watching Main Hoon Shahid Afridi, I felt proud. I felt proud to have spent Rs450 to watch something that did not make me want to crawl under the foldable seats (awkward that we saw two girls kiss even before there could have been a makeout session between Humayun Saeed and Mahnoor Baloch – and here I thought that the censor board doesn’t miss much.) I was happy and enamoured with the idea that Pakistanis can do something beyond their repetitive failures at cinema. I hope you’re listening, Shoaib Mansoor, because Khuda Ke Liye was one big fat disappointment.


Humayun Saeed plays Akbar Deen, a small town cricketer who makes it big and gets accused of narcotics and womanising, thus ending his high profile cricket career. The story line shifts to another small town boy with big eyes and big dreams hoping to achieve what Shahid Afridi (and many others like him) did. Their lives collide as the Pepsi Cup approaches and Akbar Deen is asked (emotionally blackmailed) to come out of retirement and coach a group of dirty, uncouth, naive teenagers who love cricket and are giving up everything for it.

The story has multiple arcs and it all comes down to the final of Pepsi Cup where it’s the average Joe versus the gentleman. You have to see it for yourself to experience the emotions that ran high, the joy of watching a high-quality cinematic production (finally, thank you) and a good thumpy, Punjabi soundtrack that brought the audiences the kick they need.


The film was true to the audience and true to the national sentiment associated with cricket. The audiences whooped and cheered as the hero fought and cried and sat motionless as he got beat. Not one cheap leer as Mahnoor Baloch ran on the beach in skimpy shorts (shows our audiences are growing up too, thankfully) and not one sarcastic hoot as the new boy on screen broke into uncontrollable sobs (the tears were real but still need work).


Bravo to the director for knowing the people who will be watching the movie and playing to their emotions, needs and level of understanding; goes to show you that a movie doesn’t have to be a social revolution, sometimes it just has to be a movie. Shoaib Mansoor, this last line was for you – next time try to copy Karan Johar instead of Clint Eastwood.


I especially loved the subtle messages given to the audiences; the cross between the Moulvi and Michael was a wonderful depiction of how tolerance builds nations and becomes our strength. The dialogue was strong, overall acting deserves a round of applause (except for the random chick here and there, wish they’d selected better actresses instead of better-looking actresses) and apart from a few sloppily tied loose ends, the film gets full five stars from me.


Way to go, Pakistan. Pakistani cinema has arrived.

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Mahwash Badar

The author is a clinical psychologist, a mum to two boys and permanently in a state of flux. She tweets @mahwashajaz_ (

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  • shadytree

    So simply put it this way, skin and sex sells. Oh and by the way, “next time try to copy Karan Johar instead of Clint Eastwood” – a big LOL.. So making cheap movies is way to go ? :-/Recommend

  • Bilal

    Khocha bara acha blog likha hai..

    well Done .. tmhare PAPA kae lia hai, or..
    behtareen .. yeh tmhari MAMA kae lia hai..

    Overall a very good movie, except for some unnecessary songs (especially the second one).
    Loved the acting of maulvi (Hamza Ali Abbasi).Recommend

  • Indian

    I’m definitely interested after reading the blog ! Will this movie be available in India …I love ALL movies about sports …the story sounds a bit like ‘The Replacements’..a soccer film..a film I enjoyed immensely.Recommend

  • Anwar


    This is typical mindset. There is nothing original. It is always a copy and MHSH is a cheap copy of bollywood and fails anyways.
    The movie many times made me want to walk out of the cinema.. however waited till the end just to see if some thing better turns out.
    For me it was a big disappointment.. not sure if it was too much expectations.
    In any case the acting was pathetic.

    I would have spent that money on the next bollywood flick. atleast it doesn’t make me feel that I wasted money.Recommend

  • Supporter

    Go watch Chennai Express boy, you just need masala masala and masala!Recommend

  • AbsoluteIndia

    *Not one cheap leer as Mahnoor Baloch ran on the beach in skimpy shorts (shows our audiences are growing up too, thankfully) *
    That is the problem with pakistani mindset..Why not???If something is shown,it asks for appreciation…appreciation overdue:-)Recommend

  • Safdar

    To the author of this blog:
    Calling Khuda Kay Liye ‘a big disappointment’ shows your ridiculousness as an individual. You actually took the time to compare two completely different films, of different times, different concepts, different genres and the work of two different directors. Khuda Kay Liye was a critical success and was praised by sensible critics and audiences.
    Whether you like Khuda Kay Liye or not is your own choice but if you weren’t impressed by the film, you are either insensible or are writing negatively about the film just to gain attention! Recommend

  • Dr Dang

    Why would you do something that someone else does better ? If i was a Pakistani film maker, the last thing i would do is make a movie that looks & feels like Bollywood.
    Have these guys ever thought about making Documentary films about the numerous problems facing Pakistan these days.
    Now that is something that will sell.
    Best of Luck.Recommend

  • wali

    Dear Ms. Badar

    I haven’t watched the film yet but given the rave reviews, I am already feeling proud of the emerging Pakistani cinema. However, if it wasn’t for films such as ‘Khuda ke liye’ and directors like shohaib Mansoor then today we wouldn’t be discussing films such as this one.
    Everyone is entitled to their opinion however when expressing an opinion on a blog on tribune, it is unfair to take away the credit from individuals without whom Pakistani cinema would still be producing films limited to ‘Anjuman and wadera’ category.
    Let’s try and be a bit less negative in our opinions in order to promote a healthier, more positive Pakistan (and an exciting cinema).
    I hope the film industry continues its progress.

    A hopeful Pakistani. Recommend

  • adeel

    i agree on kkl thing but this shahid afridi thing is too bad a movie. ive seen it and the whole audience was echoing my sentiment. weak script, weak story telling , pathetic casting and performance we cannot call it a movie just because its shown in cinema dude….plz dont exaggerate things that muchRecommend

  • Morbid Isolation

    Moronic to say the least, what an idiotic blog. I have come to understand why this country has no aesthetic sense.Recommend

  • Shoaib Khan

    To be honest, i expeected a lot from this movie (after reading some really positive reviews) but it was a sheer disappointment for me. The script was weak and the acting was below par. But it could have been better. If you go to watch it by keeping in mind that its a Pakistani movie and dont expect much from it, you will like it.
    P.S. Bol and Khuda kay liye were much better than MHSA.Recommend

  • Kiran

    Hope ET will publish this. They never did any of my postings so far.

    Guys, there are so many reasons why pakistani film industry will not survive, even if you have
    good directors too. History proved it with so mnay countries and with so many instances. It’s just not with
    Pak, in other countries too. In world so far only 2 Industries, Holly and Bollywood. No one is even nearer to them.

    If you take Candaian and Europian industry, they never got a break or name so far. It’s just Because Hollywood is too big and language is same english. So, even if they spent millions, they don’t have own entity yet.That’s why their talent is working under Hollywood.

    It’s same with your Industry too. Bollywood is too big and language is same. You can’t showcase bigger product with good quality than Bollywood in your lifetime even if you ahve talent. It’s all to do with business and economics. So, producers from Pak can invest in Bollywood and Talent of Pak will contnue to work in Bollywood. Goodthing is the talented directors should work in Bollywood and make movies under that brand. It’s not bad. Afterall we have 99% similarities either in language or in tradition. Recommend

  • box office

    ppls r confused .when some one makes movie they always critisize it.when khuda k liye and bol was released they did good business . peoples were critisizing it even molvi sahiban .now mhsa ppls r critising it its wulgar item songs etc.but they like it to see english movies indian movies in which there is no scene in which heroin is wearing full clothes ,no one is pakistan says any thing about it.every one watches indian item songs and some r saying they copied bollywwod ,most of bollywood movies r copies of english, irani movies.even if some movies story is not copied i have seen scenes which r exact copy from english movies.and last one about sport movies ,bollywwod is not one who start it even in 1950,s movies r produced about diff sports all over world u may find thousands of does not mean that no one else can make movie about is popular in pakistan thats why they focused it.dont compare it with other countries .compare it with our own movies and then say that improvment or not…i m 100 percent sure it will be better than gujjar movies and mujra included in it.Recommend

  • Shaheen

    I liked the blog up to the point where you called ‘Khuda K Liye’ a big disappointment. I believe that you love Main Hoon Shahid Afridi not because it was a good movie but because it had cricket in it. Recommend

  • Asif Nawaz

    ‘Copy Karan Johar, Shoaib Mansoor!’ says a ‘Student of the Year’ fan.
    And loses his credibilty!Recommend

  • Anita Jivaro

    The author seems to have a battle with Shoaib Mansoor in her childish rant against him may be she is secretly working for Shaan who had harsh words for Shoaib Mamsoor. The author seems to be in camp for Haymuon Saeed that is obvious to her immature description of the film. For people who would rather spend money watching Bollywood films are proving their brain cells have been fried with cheap masala films that is contributing to violent rape as the Indian male dominance is being threatened by women entering fields that were male oriented and proving Indian women can talk the talk & walk the walk!Recommend

  • Saad

    Mathira was looking hotRecommend

  • Omar

    Smaller countries like Iran and Turkey have successful film industries because they have managed to create their own identity. If Pakistani film industry has to survive and grow, it cannot be a replica of Bollywood!!! Recommend

  • dr hassan

    Yaar movie was good but vulgar songs were not needed in movie
    Ap apne kids ko movie dikha sakteRecommend

  • Dr. Bill

    Dear tell india …. Papa is back in business ….Aap Pogo dekhain Recommend

  • AsifI

    Excuse me but what was wrong with KKL? Since when did Shoaib Mansoor become a symbol for ‘poor’ Pakistani cinema? KKL showed the rest of Pakistan how a film should be made in the 21st century. Both KKL and Bol won several awards around the world and managed to get released in India and has made its place in Pakistani Cinema’s history. I think there is a reason why you are just a blogger and not writing articles for ET.Recommend

  • Pakistan Roxx

    @Anwar: if this movie was not upto your expectations that it was because of you. as you people like indian stuff. Spend money on them and expect pakistan movie to be a blockbuster.Recommend

  • Indi

    @ Kiran

    Only hollywood and bollywood…which world are you in..have you heard of the tamil film industry and Rajnikanth…he brings in more money than Shah Rukh Khan though he’s marathi and is a tamil hero.Very narrow minded view,if you’re Indian.Recommend

  • Ali

    From “Bullshit” Loolywood we have finally arrived at “nonsense” Bollywood.

    It was good that our news channel found inspiration in Al-Jazeera and we as a nation got

    some political consciousness.I wish Pakistani filmmakers look more towards the Iranian cinema

    rather then the Indian cinema.Atleast,people get to know more about our soceity.Recommend

  • tavish

    Its pretty average ,only if you are overcharged with some charitable zeal to support the makers of the film ,you might self infuse entertainment.Be Real, lol :)Recommend

  • talat

    The film was a tad disappointment. You name it ..acting editing dialogues ..everything had something going bad for them. Humayun was ok. More sex appeal of the gals would have done the thing to keep me interested ..but there was nothing to look for. Not even emotionally engagingRecommend

  • Adnan

    Khuda kay liye was a disappointment? Omg someone kill me now! Recommend

  • Black Widow

    Are you linked with the movie in some way miss author ?? Childish, amateur cinema was at its peak in this movie like any other lollywood junk. The only difference was heavy marketing but even that couldnt save the film. It sank at the box office. The worst part was the attempt to replicate the katrina’s look and costume in “zara zara touch me” song from race. Mahnoor CANNOT dance thats for sure. Her anti ageing creams are not helping her anymore. a granny just shaking her fragile arms and legs while trying so hard to balance herself in those high heels. Recommend

  • Muhammad Ishfaq

    You are deeply mistaken…. Hollywood and Bollywood may be the only thing most Pakistanis and Indians get to see but its wrong to assume that they are the only two successful industries.
    And I don’t know much about Canadian films but Europe has a very strong, vibrating film industries in France, Italy, Germany and UK. In fact many if not most of the film professionals working in Hollywood today first made it big in Europe. Each European country produces movies in its own language… English is perhaps the only thing common in Hollywood and British movies. Similarly, how can we forget Hong Kong… Bruce Lee, Jacki Chan, Jet Lee, Chao Yun Fat and the ace director John Woo all belonged to Hong Kong.
    Today even countries like Iran, Malaysia and Thai Land have strong local film idustries.
    Your arguments for joint production between India and Pakistan do carry weight but despite all the similarities we are two different nations with two different cultures. How can we expect Bollywood to promote our culture and traditions specially in those days when Pakistani and Indian armies are at daggers drawn on LoC.Recommend

  • Gp65

    Had watched KKL way back but there were many things in the movie that i conceptually disagreed with strongly though the music and acting were quite good but overall impression was that it was trying too hard to impress the elites. So wanted to watch a masala Pakistani movie. Asked the local desi theatres (which are 50% owners by Indians and 50% by Pakistanis) if they were planning to show this movie and they said no :(

    Am curious to know what the collections of this movie are. If it is not being distributed in USA, are they at least trying to distribute it in India, UAE etc ?Recommend

  • Lilee

    (@Mahwash Badar)
    And the writer of this blog thinks that bold scenes must be included in Pakistani movies, and only bold scenes can only be the cause of revival of Pakistani cinema???? Recommend

  • Lilee

    and you think that a bold scene between mahnoor and humayoun should have been included in the movie….????Recommend

  • Anoop

    India has, literally, a dozen movie Industries. Just in South India, there are Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada and Telugu film industries. Their respective markets is much, much, much smaller than the entire country of Pakistan.

    YET, they survive and even thrive. For example, Ghajini was an original Tamil movie by the incredible Surya, before Aamir Khan made it in Hindi. Some say, including me, the Tamil version was even better than the Aamir Khan one. Just goes to show the reasons offered by Pakistanis such as low budgets, no enough technical expertise,etc. are just not good enough reasons.

    Indian movie industries are a success in their respective markets because they are utterly Indian. Almost all movie have song and dance, which are an integral part of every Indian state. Telugu music is vastly different that of Bengali.

    Pakistan cannot try to make Indian inspired movies because Indians know their culture and sensibilities more than Pakistanis. Obviously.

    Pakistan has to turn to its spiritual centers in Arabia for inspiration, not India. Pakistan is no India. I hear Iranian movies have won laurels all over the world. Pakistan should look at Iran, a brotherly country, with which it shares a Religion and so many things.

    Take Hindi and mix it with Persian words, what do you get? Urdu!

    Pakistan cannot compete with India in making Bollywood type movies. Only Indians can make such movies. Pakistan should look towards Iran if it needs a viable movie industry.Recommend

  • Pappu

    Guys please give Pakistani cinema a break. Be patient and try to appreciate some entertainment evolving in this terrorism ravaged country. I dont understand why Indians are feeling challenged by this one movie. Some things are watched not because they make much sense but only for entertainment and this is the case with 98% Bollywood movies produced in a year.Recommend

  • Musadiq Khan

    Humayun Saeed and co has done a great job in reviving the cinema. Those who are crying false loves watching the lame Indian movies. you guys never deserve something creative and good. And because of you people our industry will never progress.Recommend

  • shahida kazi

    Pakistan had a very good and thriving film industry from the 50s right upto the 90s.we loved the films and the stars and used to watch films regularly even in the presence of Bollywood films in cinemas and on VCRs.But I think it is time we acknowledge that the Industry is dead and the socalled attempts to revive it are being made purely by amateurs and their young and enthusiastic admirers who have no idea what a proper film industry is.Independent films like this can excite the new crowd and can also be shown and encouraged at Festivals.But please try to understand that they cannot be called a revival of the Industry and cannot be compared to offerings from Bollywood or any other established industry.For that we need full fledged studios,modern equipment trained ,technicians and professional actors,directors and screenplay writers.An amateur holding a camera and calling his friends to play different roles cannot do it.Recommend

  • Vishnu Dutta

    Finances and Economy of scale has nothing to do with success and quality of a movie if you have talent. Pakistan seriously lacks talent as simple as that.

    Movies like 3 idiots, kahaani, man from earth etc all are made in peanuts but still they did good. Even Slumdog was nothing as compared to regular hollywood budget.

    I think Lollywood should stop complaining and start producing better quality.Recommend

  • KFC Ka Chicken

    Had you paid less than 500 rupees for your cinema ticket and gone to a second tier cinema.. you would have found out that the audience is very much still there.. How do i know.. because I watched Bol at a similar cinema! Recommend

  • Ahmad Fuad

    Well written blog and MHSA is a must watch movie…Recommend

  • The Only Normal Person Here.

    Well said SafdarRecommend

  • Shahu

    Gosh! there we go again India Vs Pakistan. Indias’ a big brother, why not behave like one? Recommend

  • Faith

    Movie wasnt too bad. it was a good entertainment if you going out with family or friends. I felt good to watch that movie because i saw many families, old aunties coming for 12.00 am show. Atleast it is bringing some business to the country. Atleast you are not spending your money on Salman Khan’s movie and indirectly supporting indian army against you. Ending was weak, scripting was weak, flow of the movie was alright. Javed Sheikh was acted so well. GO!!! Watch This Movie. & Enjoy…. spend your money on your country… Apperciate them to work hard….Recommend

  • Travel_Tart

    Apart from Hollywood and Bollywood, there are other strong film industries, such as:
    Hong Kong based Chinese Film industry (remember Jackie Chan)
    French film industry produces approx 300 films a year and 3rd biggest film industry.
    South Korean film industry.
    There are many other profitable film industries too but these are big enough to rebut the ‘size’ theory. Recommend

  • S Sultan

    haven’t watched it yet …. but jealous neighbors app log copy py kyn apna moo khol rhy ho jab k app log khud koi chez aj tak apni bna nai saky app k pritam da to song utha k lyrics change krna b munasib nai smhajty app k writers puri rat beth k dekhty hain kon c story print krn phir subha uth k nam apna likh lety hain sath…
    A List of Bollywood Movies Copied From Hollywood

    waiting for waar :) Recommend

  • Kiran


    Yes, i do aware of all that. If you see when they say Bollywood produces 2000 movies a year, they are counting all (Tollywood, kollywood , marati, malayali etc etc) too. I know it doesn't makes sense, but somehow it has been shown in International platform like that as apart of Bollywood. Tamil and Telugu movies together will make larger business than Hindi. It's all another BIG topic, if we want to discuss. Even artists like Singers, Musicians are way better than lots of our national singers including these Pak singers. When they see Saregamapa like reality shows, others think that's the whole india. But, south talent is very rare to appear in these shows and we have even greater talent there. I was referring on a world platform these 2(Hollywood n bollywood) names are huge players

  • alisha

    IM PROUD OF THIS FILM!!! as a film lover,and more so as a Pakistani…..pakistani cineam is back and that to with a bang (oops) or should i say a BOOM lol ;) after watching this movie i believe more than ever that we do have immense talent in Pakistan and we dont need to compare ourselves to the cheap version of Hollywood known as Bollywood,we’r the proud Pakistani film industry….heres to a new era in the pakistani entertainment industry ……PAKISTAN ZINDABAD Recommend

  • Aurangzeb

    KKL is one of the best pakistani movie. KKl was critically appreciated all over the word.the author should read what the great actor Naseer ul din Shah said about KKL.Recommend

  • Mehwish B

    I dont care whatever has been written in favour of MHSH in this blog, it might be good but u cant say that KKL was a disappointment.. & SHOAIB MANSOOR the only director with a diff mind setup who knows where do we hve to lift the society up & where we have to stand as a nation. This movie has a theme called CRICKET & cricket with no rishwat & no pubs & stuff like that … i will see cux i want to contribute to our own economy & i would want all paksitanis to watch this movie & promote our own industry cux all AWAAM who can see cheap versioned Bodyguard & Chennai Express, or that poor lame Tees maar khan , should also see thois or any emerging movie from our industry.. i hardly have seen few indian movies in my life & do appraise those movies that have good story & some sense but these (few mentioned above) movies are not even tolerable & i nvr cud see them completely .. :/ SIGH.. In short, BOL & KKL are a different themed story & they were very good. & THIS MHSH is a diff theme with some entertainment & bolly touch in it but pls no comparison to shoaib manssoor. STay Recommend

  • Outerwings

    “Khuda k liyay” was a “big fat disappointment”.. ahem..CHEQUE PLEASE!!Recommend

  • AbsoluteIndia

    Bol and Khuda ke liye r documentary at best.It cant be considered a movie at all.In india too quite often these type of documentary based on social evil r filmed but never released as a movie….Recommend

  • Pappu

    Well done boys/ girls and do not stop here, keep making good family movies we are fed up of Indian masala films. You have to compete with hollywood and not bollywood. I will request zardari and other billionaires in pakistan to invest in Pakistani cinema and sports to give this nation meaningful entertainment. Indian producers are also invited to invest.Recommend


    @alisha: thanks for supporting pakistan film MHSA. I like your comment about pakistani film.
    Simply i say love this movie & love u PAKISTAN.

  • Lallu BIlLI

    oh you must be talking about the mathira nang part to be precise…
    i dnt appreciate tht either ; our society offers better morals , i believe…
    but you mut not disregard the rest ; the goodness of the movie i mean : strongly appreciating , encouraging and proving how powerful our religion is and how ALLAH SW never leaves His good people ; followed by good graphics , nice songs , appreciable dance moves (im not talking about the mathira pole dancing , and mahnoor baloch laying on sand)
    see you need to look at everything else that it has to offer !!!!!!!!!!!!Recommend

  • someone

    :) its good to have ambitions but reality check is needed as well. I don’t think you are any where near to compete with Indian movies so competing with Hollywood is pretty much out of your league. People talk about Pakistan should make moves like Iran does, for those people, I have a question, do you think there is an audience for that kind of movies in Pakistan or in India for that matter? South Asian people needs escapist type of movies.Song, dances and hero fighting with 10 villain.If someone tries to go off track with movies on social causes, he is risking quiet a bit. Having said that, in past few years, the Indian movies have sort of found a formula to make a movie with a good story and realistic characters which has hit the chord with the crowd. Movies like 3 Idiots, Rocket Singh, Wake UP Sid, Bheja Fry, Khosla ka Ghosla etc. have done well despite being low budget movies ( per Indian standards). In the same league I guess is the new Pakistani movie “Zinda Bhag” which in fact might do well. But guys remember, people buying a 500 Rs ticket is not the only crowd , there are million other viewers who need escapism and that is why movies like Chennai Express does well despite being not so “intelligent” movies.Recommend

  • Hassan Ahmed

    Are you serious? Are you in your senses. How can you say such thing about “Khuda Ke Liye” that it was one big fat disappointment. Do you have any personal relations with Humayun Saeed OR Shoaib Mansoor owe you something ???Recommend

  • Hassan Ahmed

    @dr hassan:
    I guess it is a good advice from a doctor :pRecommend

  • mh

    Khuda Ke Liye was a wonderful movie coming out of Pakistan and so was Bol…Is MHSA releasing overseas?Recommend

  • Ayesha

    Ouch…. I am extremely sorry to say that showing vulgarity and unnecessary skin was not necessary. I believe if you are depicting Pakistani culture, you should at least do a little research while choosing wardrobe for your actors…. Despite being a Pakistani and living in States for last 5 years, I feel much better seeing Cheenai Express that has literally no vulgarity than to watch this piece of sh*t, wanna- be type of movies…. I bet no-one would want to watch this movie with your parents or kids (forget the hoots and appreciation of people) and yet khuda k liay type of movies are no match to vulgar masala movies like MHSH. Recommend

  • Ss

    Either flop or hit, I am proud that our cinema is growing, it’s the beginning so it would take time to make great moviesRecommend

  • Haya

    @Anoop: i do agree with you and thanks, that you truely accepted the ideology behind the existsnce of pakistan that since the begining we are totally diff and that was the reason the muslims of india demanded a seperated country. I am realy grateful to you for your mature and realistic thinking, i hope all indians should understand .Recommend

  • Erum

    I watched Chameli a while back and to me it was a major disappointment, especially with the typical Lollywood style acting etc. So with a lot of trepidation I went to see MHSA, and it just blew me away. this is what what an average person is looking for. With so much depression around i’d rather be entertained than come out brooding. the plot, acting and dialogues were spot on. except for the over the top Mathira item number the movie is incredible. As Pakistanis who pay good money to watch movies like Rowdy Rathore etc., this movie was a feel good movie and as you say the entire theater was rooting and cheering :)) so please people go and watch the movie.Recommend

  • Rabya

    try to copy karan johar?? are you serious? i dont think so..
    at least Pakistani directors have the guts to make thought provoking movies
    that give out a social message, and audience have the guts to accept it..
    between, that billion dollar industry you spoke of has not won a single Oscar
    for any of their movies (slum dog millionaire was not a Bollywood movie)
    …so its not about finances its the intelligent cinema
    that counts!!Recommend

  • zuhaib

    author of this review should develop a taste for classic well directed and novel concepts presented in an articulate manner in the form of khuda k liye instead of bashing such ideas with baseless arguments.. my advice to author, go and watch start plus soap operas and write their reviews…..Recommend

  • Muhammad Ayan Chaudry

    We Don’t Need Movies Because Such a Big Film Industries Is There Bollywood And Movies Are Very Much Classic And Reality Based So In Pakistan We Don’t Need To Create Threat For People Because There Is A Aloots Meanz 99 % Peoples Follows Islam So Be Safe So Called Pakistani Actors Be SafeRecommend

  • Sridhar

    Tamil movie industry is huge. It audiences are not just in Tamil Nadu but in Malaysia, Singapore, Srilanka. Rajnikanth movies run well in Japan.
    Any bollywood movie will pale in comparison to a Rajnikanth movie. Hence the tribute to this versatile actor at the end of the movie Chennai Express.
    Time was when there were great directors like Mehboob Khan (Mother India), Khwaja Abbas (Do Bheega Zameen), Raj Kapoor etc. Good directors and musicians are now from South. Recommend

  • Sridhar

    I agree.
    I have not seen any good musicians lately from Bollywood. The usual names pale in comparison to the likes of maestro Ilaya Raja whose protege A.R. Rehman is.
    S.P. Balasubramanyam (or simply SPB) is to South what Md Rafi was to bollywood. He is still singing!
    I do think imports from Pakistan have made a mark, especially Rahat Fateh Ali whose soulful songs are simply mesmerizing. Recommend

  • saqlain

    strong text
    I watched this film on 03-09-2013, all my friends liked this movie this is a very good movie with entertainment. Love you PakistanRecommend

  • S sultan

    lol bollywood dhinka chika dhinka chika seriously :/ xD there is no sense in your music and movies so keep calm and watch WAAR, MHSA ,KKL, BOLRecommend

  • Raja Muneeb

    i hate cricket But i like Afridi because he is a good player. I don’t care whatever has been written in this blog. i just want to support Pakistani Movie and i Love to watch Pakistani Movies.Recommend

  • hibah

    no movie better than this love this movieRecommend

  • me tigeriffe

    this movie in youtube download Recommend