Why do the Karachiite-type men fall for Punjabi women?

Published: August 27, 2013

Punjabi women are loud, they love food and do not hide who they are.

I begin with the disclaimer that this blog is not for three kinds of people:

1. Those who have an issue with the sweeping generalisations I am about to make in the spirit of fun, though parts will be definitely based on truth and years of research-based observation.

2. Ladies who are non-Punjabi and take the title as a jibe against themselves, and say to themselves “what does she mean? Don’t men like non-Punjabi women? She doesn’t know what she’s talking about! I know my husband would never be able to do with a Punjabi woman… they’re so loud!”

3. Punjabi women who, well, have ended up with the “non-Karachiite-type” thaith (pure), purely Punjoo men.

Ok so, it just me or do you see it all around you? Out of the inter-provincial, inter-cultural marriages, engagements and other stuff, as a Karachiite I have always seen non-Punjabi men falling for Punjabi women. I, on purpose, used the term “Karachiite-type” men, but to be more specific, we can use the term “Urdu-Speaking” men. So why do Urdu-speaking men keep falling for Punjabi women? Especially considering the fact that many stereo-typical terms are associated with Punjabi women: Loud, tacky, dominating, laraaki (ready to fight), big in size and again, loud.

We seem to forget, generally, the beautiful, slender, groomed and talented Punjabi girls who are quite the norm. It seems like the image that comes to our mind when we say “Punjabi girl” is a large-sized female in a colourful laacha, helping irrigate Pakistan’s agricultural lands by jumping in the fields trying to entertain a disinterested man, or eating a huge paratha dripping with ghee and yelling loud enough to make her lungs fall off on GT Road, screaming,

“Mere naal bakwaas na keeta kar naeen te tera bootha tor diyaan gee”.

(“Don’t talk rubbish with me or I’ll break your face!”)

And yes, she is pretty, even though she is all of the above.

Yet, day after day, the civil, tameezdaar (well-mannered) and wonderfully peace-loving Karachiite (or Urdu-speaking) men fall in love with Punjabi women; and it’s not just them, the other provinces have joined in too, Sindhis, Balochs and Pathans.

The question remains “why”?

A few probable answers I discovered, after careful observation and asking around, are these:

1. Need a change:

“All my life”, said a friend when he was choosing a girl to marry at the ripe old age of 23, “I have seen my mom, sisters, cousins, aunts – so proper. They don’t laugh too loud. They talk in aap janaab. They wear light blues, pastel pinks and beige, and I am like that too, the subtle aap janaab type. So somehow, the idea of a colourful lady in red appeals to me. Who laughs to her heart’s desire and speaks her mind. You know, the phuljharee-type (firecracker-type).”

Phuljharee-type?” I asked him to confirm I had heard correctly.

“Yes yes. the phuljharee, titlee type (the firecracker, butterfly type). For a change you know,” he affirmed.

That’s when I somehow understood it. The firecracker butterfly fun brand actually works for a lot of men. That does not mean other provinces and ethnicities are bereft of phuljharees but maybe it is inbuilt genetic selection that men seem to like the “made in Punjab” variety increasingly.

2. The “khulla dulla ishtyle” (Open-style)

“At least with a Punjabi girl, you don’t spend your life wondering what’s under the cool demeanour,” said another anonymous friend. (And yes, it is best that my informants stay unnamed, lest they face consequences at the hands of the non-Punjoo women in their lives!).

“She is who she is. Ghussay mein ho ya khush, kam az kam pata to chal jaata hai. (If she’s angry or happy, at least we can tell.) You know how we men are, yaar. We are bad mind-readers and women expect us to be just that. At least this way, you know that it is what it is, in your face. Jo hay wo hay (It is what it is). At least she’ll say it and not keep it in her heart for the next decade,” he said.

And that’s one general impression about Punjabis that yes, under the umbrella term “Punjabi” come people who are not afraid to be who they are; plus, they are less formal and more casual. Less takallufaat and formalities, and more of Lath Maar (kicking) stuff.

3. They are lookers:

“For guys, it’s all about looks and Punjabi girls are mostly good looking. For me that is the single most important factor. As it is, I like her to be not stick thin,” said another informant.

Need I say more?

4. They have a lot of fire:

With the package of the whole loud, khulla dulla ishtyle, comes a genuine spirited fieriness; being passionate, being feisty, humorous, hulla gulla (full of life) and fun.

“I’m telling you, the ‘wujood e zann se hai tasweer e kainaat mein rang’ wala shair (in the picture of the universe all the colours are from the female gender)  was written for Punjoo girls,” said one know-it-all, in his second year of a happy engagement with a Punjabi girl, while he himself has ancestors from Lucknow.

My two cents to my friend were: Make sure you know how to handle the fire, before you get scalded.

5. They are such foodies:

And men like food. So in a Punjabi girl, they dream of someone who will be able to share his excitement for puri bhaaji, nihari, gola kabab, kharay masalay ka qeema and biryani. She will also bring into his life the joys of aloo kay parathay, murgh cholay, sarson ka saag and makkai ki roti, and Punjabi pulao. She will understand the cliché that the way to his heart is through his tummy, simply because hey, the way to her heart is also through her tummy.

To each his own. Whatever ethnicity works for you, go for it and rather than the ethnicity, whatever “package deal” works for you, go for it.

This post originally appeared here.

Farahnaz Zahidi

Farahnaz Zahidi

A writer and editor, who has worked as a Features Editor with The Express Tribune. Her focus is human-centric feature stories. She now writes as a freelancer, and works as a media trainer and communications practitioner. She tweets as @FarahnazZahidi (twitter.com/farahnazzahidi?lang=en).

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    Being an Urdu Speaking guy, I agree that Punjabi Girls are cute.
    BUT this a universal fact


  • Indian Punjabi

    I’v fallen for a Pakistani Punjabi girl. God willing I shall marry her. Never seen such an amazing woman, bole toh ekdum jhakaas and mast, ekdum ‘phuljari’.Recommend

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    The description has an eerie similarity to our punjabi girls,who are sardarni’s-even the illustration looks like a gidda ka outfit.Pardon my ignorance,but the punjabi girl described in the blog/picture, is a punjabi muslim girl ?Recommend

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    @Indi, Punjabi girls are same here and there, trust me.Recommend

  • S A Hussain

    Farhanaz: Foodies :People from Dehli , Hyderabad Deccan cook food better than other Urdu Speaking communities and Urdu Speaking generally make better food than other communities… Who would eat sarson ka saag and makai di roti not popular in urban punjab even will they marry a Jutti??

    Lookers: Then undoubtedly they should marry Pashtun or Kashmiri girls. Many punjabis are similar to Urdu Speaking as far as looks are concerned

    Agree with “khula Dhulla Ishtyle” and “fire” element this is what appeals to many… But frankly, having decent values no matter from which community he belongs no groom one would want a wife to be too “khulee dulee” Recommend

  • Fraz

    I think the writer has missed very important point.The Karachi type men are good husband .They are not loud ,treat the opposite sex with due care and so the girls prefer them as life partners.I am from Punjab and there the wife position is not so strong as it is in a urdu speaking house hold.Recommend

  • you have not met burger punjabi girls my friend . they are so different but one thing i agree , she is what she is , no beating about the bush , just straight to the point , like an arrow …..Recommend

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    “the civil, tameezdaar (well-mannered) and wonderfully peace-loving Karachiite (or Urdu-speaking) men” woaaaahhhh!!! where when?? please help me find these men!
    P.S I’ve been living in Karachi for the last 15 years!! Recommend

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    Very interesting article and I liked the picture..

    @ HS

    Thanks.That’s a pleasant surprise.I thought all punjabis are sardars or pundits. This information is new to me.

    @Indian Punjabi

    Yes,they do seem the same.I’ve had lovely Sardar neighbours.Inspite of being a south indian,I love punjabi culture and my husband loves punjabi food.I have lived in Pathankot as a child and my grandfather had sardar friends in Malaysia.Recommend

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    A Punjabi girl is what generally Punjabis are—nice folks!Recommend

  • Hardliner

    Opposites attract…… no doubt about that……….. i have this thing for Sindhi & Gujrati Memon girls….not for the urdu speaking though…….. and all this while i’m a punjabi…….pure punjoo in your words….. :-DRecommend

  • Saad

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  • Asif Yacub

    This article has changed my life. I now understand my urges as an Urdu speaker when I uncomfortably come across loud punjabans.

    My anguish was a quiet one, I hid it from friends and family for fear of excommunication. But I have come to accept myself now.

    The author deserves credit. Never shall skinny chaste Urdu speakers doubt themselves again for choosing differently.Recommend

  • Parvez

    Amazing piece of writing. By the time i finished reading the first three points I was sctatching my head………then reading further I said this guy knows his onions……….and I enjoyed the read to the end……….and then the author turns out to be a female and that to the prim-and-proper F.Z………….once again amazing.Recommend

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    after msn, yahoo messenger, facebook, twitter … I am loosing my patience with blogsRecommend

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    This is a hillarious aricle :)..i can relate to it for sure…but i have seen this blog before ..it was dated 2009…Is the author the same person? or was it just copied?Recommend

  • Hasan

    Cool article.
    But let me ask the author seriously, if she liked Punjabi (dada wala paindu :P) men, just per se, would she ever be able to act upon her preference? I doubt it, Ms. Zaidi, I really do; you’d probably wind up with one of your kinfolk/janabfolk or whatever. :P
    Still, it was a fun read. :)Recommend

  • aqib

    Well written and light hearted article. Judging by the number of comments, it did hit a number of raw nerves.Recommend

  • http://UAE excalibur

    you forgot to examine why Punjabi girls wish to marry Karachiites .

    For the simple reason that Punjabi males treat the Punjabi girls very shabbily like chattels ( literally on the jooti ki noke ) and the tyrrany of a Punjabi motherinlaw for a Punjabi daughter in law is famous and well documented

    It is an escape for them into a cultured and sophisticated environment.Recommend

  • Farahnaz Zahidi

    @umar: Yes it’s the same person :) I am an Express Tribune staffer now and ET has the right to replug earlier work of staffers. ThanksRecommend

  • Farahnaz Zahidi

    @Reboot: You can find scores of new topics I have written about on http://chaaidaani.wordpress.com/. This is a replug on popular demand as I am an Express Tribune staffer nowRecommend

  • Falcon

    I think these are some common stereotypes. Based on my observation (and I am from Punjab), Punjabi women and Pathan women generally wield more influence in their homes than the stereotypes would have you believe. P.S. having observed the phenomena cited by the author in other countries and ethnicities, I have come to understand that the underlying issue is that opposite personality types attract each other since they counter-balance each other as a couple.Recommend

  • Naveen

    BTW, BBC is running a much more interesting story on how Karachi-type men or Lahore type women are falling for someone of their own group (including gender).

    PS: I am all for freedom of sexuality, so do not take this as a cheapshot infact it is more of an admiration for the spirit of homosexuals to live their life as they wish, even in some of the most conservative and patriarchal societies.Recommend

  • Deep

    Here I will say an opposite incident,which happened to me, I am half Punjabi and half Bengali but fell in love with a beautiful Pakistani Urdu speaking girl, her politeness and the way of talking attracted me towards her ( I am an Indian).Recommend

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    @S A Hussain:
    Makki ki roti sagg is popular in urban Panjab also my ear broterRecommend

  • umar

    @ Farahnaz zaidi….write a sequel or write something which describes different communities and their interactions. Anywayz welcome to Express Tribune. It’s definitely the best English newspaper in Pakistan.Recommend

  • http://bigsaf.newsvine.com bigsaf

    Please spare a thought on the anguish of every Urdu-speaking mother…of the possibility of her son bringing home a Punjabi bahoo…!
    A little too heavy on the stereotypes, but a fun light hearted read…Recommend

  • Dq

    Being an urdu speaking living in Punjab since birth, this article appears nonsense…over the years the urban population in Pakistan has progressed beyond the point where ethnicity is taken primary or even secondary criteria, more so bc of the fact that one sees a dearth of good matches these days for both boys n girls…Recommend

  • goggi (Lahore)

    The Karachiite husband opens the main door to leave the house for daily shopping as his Delhi-wali wife shouts from the kitchen, “Aji mai nai kaha sun rahe ho Jameel ke abba, bazaar se mera chaliya lana mat bhuliyo, PHIR NA RAAT KO KAHIYO ……………….GHAP GHAP……KARTI HAI”!!!!!!


  • http://18619/why-do-the-karachiite-type-men-fall-for-punjabi-women Nazir Hussain

    When I was reading this article, my Punjabi Wife switched off the lights and pulled me to the bedroom.Recommend

  • Rahim

    Nice article =)
    I guess every one should take it light as the writer herself did.
    Our general problem is, we take diversity as a weak point. It should rather be considered as strength and should be enjoyed!Recommend

  • kiran

    alas but true
    Its truely sign of how pathetic punjabi men r…and the reason behind the
    Sohni phuljari punjabi kuris to get a breathe of fresh BIG CITY air and
    Its men taste ;-)
    Many points r tru ..many r exaggerated
    I must add 1 point to it…watever the reason of punjabi girls falling
    Or urdu men dying over…this is 1 of the contributory factor for isloo or
    Punjabi guys falling for kirache ki larki…;-)Recommend

  • A

    thoroughly enjoyed the article. Although being a Punjabi girl I must say that most of the observations are not true abt most of the Pinjabi girlsRecommend

  • Sohail Awan

    Well, nice blog.

    @S A Hussain: Well, it is better to differentiate the food as community wise. Because urdu speaking people have different specialty in cooking, and same as other communities, for example in Pukhtoons and in other communities you will find completely different taste and food and same goes to Punjabi food as well.

    @excalibur: I think you should come out from your box to see the reality. It is completely opposite the way you have seen till now. People who have uneducated background do the Jooti ki Nook wala kaam. And we can see those type of people in every community. And even I know a girl from Urdu Community who is trying hard to find a Punjabi male so that she can have an identity. What would you say here????Recommend

  • uet

    I do not know what she means here by Punjabi women, they come in different creeds.
    Like south Punjabi or Saraiki women are more like Sindhis. Then central and Northern
    Punjab has influence from all over, they are significant number of Urdu speaking muhajirs
    in Punjabi cities,There are Kashmiris etc.
    Though they all speak Punjabi now and by and large culturally looks similar. If it is physical looks then there are differences too , for example Punjabis from northern Punjab look closer to neighboring population in NWFP and Kashmir than south Punjabis. Recommend

  • Concerned Citizen

    I am a product of an Urdu mother and Punjabi dad. The result is schizophrenic identity crisis where one veers from a loudmouth self confident woman to a demure but mundane wreck. This may also account for my fluctuating weight. Could you please tell me where the men come from who like this kind of woman? Recommend

  • ModiFied

    I am pretty sure most of these Karachites must have been fairly rich and well placed. Panjabi girls will marry from any region provided the guy is rich and powerful. Punjabi girls are very practical. Sorry if hurt someone. Recommend

  • gujranwala789

    This is totally rubbish and offensiveRecommend

  • Fiz

    above all they are large hearted (not physically) and good natured. By the way punjabi men are also the same. I think its the effect of waters of punj rivers.Recommend

  • http://uk ukmirpuri

    in the traditional rural culture of mirpur,kotli girls were married off as soon as they reached puberty,usually to cousins, because they were regarded as burden on families meagre resources. since shifting to the uk, they have brought these customs here, which has caused a lot of tensions between parents,daughters and social workers. some girls are rebelling against parents and marrying against their wishes to non-muslim boys hindus, sikhs and even afro-caribean. which is causing a lot of heartache and pain to parents,as well as health problems, high blood pressure,depression etc. some fathers and brothers have resorted to honour killing. one can only appeal to these girls to respect your parents wishes to maintain harmony in the family.Recommend

  • stevenson

    @S A Hussain: You forget that Punjab is in the North West part of the subcontinent which is why Punjabis have different features from Urdu speaking peoples from Bihar ( East India) or Hyderabad (South India) or UP ( Central India). I think most Urdu speaking men like Punjabi women is because they are taught to value fairer skin and taller height. Compared to the majority of Urdu speaking Karachiities, Punjabis are taller and fairer skinned which would explain the obsession of Urdu speaking Karachiities with not only Punjabis but Pashtun women and Kashmiri women too. The article ignores that most Pakistanis are Punjabi since Punjabis make up the majority of Pakistan’s population.Recommend

  • X

    The thing is these days most pakistani girls go for other than pakistani men, usually white men and other with black and indians. if you live abroad you will notice more and more of them do not go with pakistanis.Recommend

  • omer ali

    i agree on one point yes punjabi girlz are foolest on planet…lolRecommend

  • Sana Ch

    Yawning after reading this blogRecommend

  • Ajay

    Very informative article for men who wonder why they fall for certain type of girls. We have Punjabi girls in India too. While you have elaborated 5 specific traits, I will sum up them by saying that most men like mischievous girls- kind of tomboys (girls behaving like boys). A loud mouth, food loving, loud color wearing phooljari is also likely to be one having intellect, projecting confidence and a brilliant smile, all things that men also look for. On the negative side, after initial euphoria, men will have no choice but to submit under the thumb of these phooljaris because such girls also tend to be adventurous in terms of divorce & fights. They are also high-maintenance.

    So my advice to men- if after all that education, you want to loose your freedom, by all means go for phooljaris, otherwise try to look for a tomboy girl outside Punjab and try to nurture the missing qualities. The search may be harder but good for life long peace !Recommend

  • S A Hussain

    @ stevenson :Uttar Pardesh translated into English is “Northern Province” for your knowledge and information. God knows who taught/inculcated you to think on such racists lines…I have seen many dark skinned aswell as fair skinned punjabis likewise in the muhajir community you see various shades but you seldom see a Kashmiri or a pashtun with dark skin… I meant if the color of skin was the criteria pathans are generally fairer to punjabis..The boisterous and exorbitant attitude of punjabis what the author described as “khulla dulla style” .attracts a Karachi person having similar leanings. Indians are better when they analyse demographics and divide there country culturally into North and South.

    @ Sohail Awan The urban food in Pakistan ,now expanding its base to rural Pakistan, is mainly inspired by Mughlai/Dehli style of cooking. Pashtun cuisine is liked by Pakistanis but do we eat it everyday ? Can you name a typical punjabi food popular and eaten regularly in rest of Pakistan and even in urban punjab?

    @Kulwant Singh Its not popular with urban punjabis in Pakistan might be true for India sir.

    Punjabis form the majority of Pakistan’s population but with the passage of time Urban Punjab has changed culturally. You cannot compare a jutti/punjaban from Amritsar or Jullandar to a lahoree/pindi kuri. Urban punjabis and Punjabis living in Karachi have changed their lifestyle whereas Karachiites(read urdu speaking) are also different from their ancestors in Lucknow and Dehli.,There is difference of culture and lifestyle in both the communities and there is nothing wrong about it. its a blessing of diversity!Recommend

  • Farahnaz Zahidi

    Thanks Max. Purely Pakistani. Yes, actually I’m half Punjabi & half Sindhi :) @Max: Recommend

  • raja omair

    I don’t know , I am from Punjab , but I don’t like Punjabi girls , I would say a gori girl , some one from the west has more of the same qualities of the Punjabi girl and she is so much better than the Punjabis. Recommend

  • Prabhjyot Singh Madan

    What a article lol. It all depends on the upbringing of a child. Love knows no ethnicity. I am a Punjabi and quite openminded too. It all comes down to fireworks and chemistry between two people and money is a part of it too sometimes. Eh sab Dil da mamla hain. Interethinic marriages have their pro and cons and money is only a short term solution. The meeting of the mind is important too. Btw, being a Punjabi myself, I feel nobody should feel superior to anybody by their looks otherwise what is a difference between a useless Arab and us. Iranian girls are more beautiful that way. My Iranian friend is more at ease sharing things and crying too sometimes rather than talk to anyone else. So, be happy the way we all are with humilty. Rab rakhaRecommend

  • http://karachi Sohail Khan

    I am an Urdu Speaker susar, my bahoo ( daughter in law) is punjabi speaking and fact is that we the both families are going very well despite linguistic difference. Similarly in our closed relatives there are many such marriages which are going very well. Being Pakistanis we should encourage inter-linguistic marriage to bring one pakistani nation.Recommend

  • Saba

    hahaha,lovely work i must say.what a complete article,its fun,tacky,relevant in the best of ways.great to read something wonderful,other than topics regarding economical crises and political issues,in the country.Recommend

  • Lt Col Imtiaz Alam(retd)

    Yes, I am reminded of the very famous song “Blai Blai they tor punjaban di”. Recommend

  • sami

    how? she has written article on 27thRecommend

  • I am a Khan

    I think the main reason for Urdu Speaking Guys falling for Punjabi girls is the fact that urdu speaking families are very fussy when it comes to getting their daughters married. An urdu speaking family is a lot more likely to reject a guy over a small thing, as compared to a punjabi family. punjabis are generally more carefree.

    I am an urdu speaking guy and would be happy to marry a punjabi girl, provided her father and brothers do not give me a hard time with their Jatt style! However if I can get a Mahajir Haseena then thats the best ;) Agar Mahajir Haseena naa milay, tou Punjabi Haseena hi milay, koi tou milay…lol

    Fun blog!Recommend

  • Fiz

    @omer ali:
    You might have your own views about it but please do not be abusive.Recommend

  • http://UAE excalibur

    @ sohail awan

    Given the literacy rate in Pakistan and the tyranny of the majority at about 65 % of the population you do the maths by coming out of the box yourself.

    How many Punjabis speak punjabi at home today ? Urdu is the language of choice and culture for almost all.

    The illustration accompanying this post is in direct conflict with its topic. Truth stands out by itself doesn’t it ?Recommend

  • mbf

    Just what I was looking for, Farah. Could not be anymore closer to the true feeling of a Karachi wala for a Punjabi girl. Let me tell you, I hated vegetables & fruits now I love’em, to give you an idea. Warning! Punjab city girls have lost the better part of the balancing habits of the complete package, ha ha. I love; The energy, the smile, the glow, the loudness, the speed of jobs, the enthusiasm, the talking, the gossips, the to-the-point no non-sence approach to most everything. The man must be ready to accept the missing Lucknow traites. Recommend

  • sterry

    @bigsaf: “Please spare a thought on the anguish of every Urdu-speaking mother…of the possibility of her son bringing home a Punjabi bahoo…!”
    I am not shure I understand the concern about an Urdu speaking mother with her son or daughter marrying another ethnic group in Pakistan? Aren’t Punjabis the majority race in Pakistan? If someone has migrated from another place and doesn’t want to intermarry or mix with the majority native people, why live there at all? Wouldn’t it be better to just go back to India if some Urdu speaking mother is so worried about her children marrying a native Punjabi, Kashmiri, Sindi or Pashtun?Recommend

  • Ashok Malhotra

    @goggi (Lahore):
    I and my wife are typical Dilli walay residing in Mumbai. A friend sent us an sms
    from Dilli asking us to read a joke in a Pakistan newspaper. We both exploded in laughter at your hilarious chutkla!

    All the best to you and people of Lahore!Recommend

  • Insaan

    Watch on Internet videos of Nooran sisters……..singers from Nakodar. These Punjabi girls are some thing.Recommend

  • Majid

    Crap! Punjabi women gives a damn to Karachiites. It is same like Pakistani men always get Indian women but in the movies it is shown contrarily. I remember one of the program some years back where a Karachiite boy (good looking but forgot name) takes a women on date in every episode. Once he took a famous Lahore born actress and the end of the day, She just dumped him and other Karachiites.Recommend

  • Meanie

    I can not believe my comment wasn’t published. YOU SUCK ET.Recommend

  • ZN

    Sorry to have missed 2.5 min of my precious time in reading this piece of junk. Very superficial.Recommend

  • Atif

    Its true.totaly agreed to it.Recommend

  • AbsoluteIndia

    @ET:Sorry sorry..Pl dont publish my previous comment..let the conversation go in their own way..Dont publish this comment also…Recommend

  • AbsoluteIndia

    @Et what r you doing…..why have you posted my comment….Recommend

  • Safdar

    Oh, yes. The Karachi waleh are soooooo peace-loving while Punjabis love to fight. Wait, what’s the crime rate in Karachi compared to the crime rate in Lahore again? Yeah. That’s what I thought.

    All in the name of good fun, but this article was stupid and offensive. As a male, it made us seem shallow as well. “The single most important factor” is looks? We are “bad mind-readers?” What a ridiculous article.Recommend

  • ranveer

    “the way to his heart is through his tummy,” ?? I doubt. I think it is from somewhere else and described in film “OMKARA”. lollRecommend

  • Punjaban

    No, Punjabi girls DON’T like Urdu-speaking / Muhajir guys! This is not true. Moreover, Punjabi families do not allow their daughters to marry Mujahirs. Recommend

  • Dani

    After corrupting our minds into giving up our language Punjabi and our identity as Punjabis, they are now taking away our blood. Shame!Recommend

  • billy pilgrim

    Since we are all generalizing I will chip in.

    It is the opposite with me. I was in a relationship with a smokin hot half punjabi half urdu speaking shia histrionic but all the attention seeking and shrieking laughter was too much for me.

    I do like the confidence and the straightforwardness of punjabi women though. Even though they seem a little superficial for my taste.Recommend

  • Insaan

    @ukmirpuri: some fathers and brothers have resorted to honour killing. one can only appeal to these girls to respect your parents wishes to maintain harmony in the family.

    What about Muslim men going after non-Muslim women? Do Muslims kill their sons in the name of honor for sleeping with a kafir woman?

    A woman should be allowed to marry the best man she wants to, why marry her to a Muslim who will treat her like a slave. Recommend

  • Prabhjyot Singh Madan

    Nobody from outside destroyed Punjabi language in west Punjab. It was the punjabis themselves who forsaked their own language and replaced it with Urdu.shahmukhi is dead in Punjab there but Punjabi in gurmukhi script is thriving here in india. We are a small state in india but our culture is intact. West punjabis hate their language and culture and term it as paindoo themselves even if they are in the majority in pakistan. Baba shakarganj and bulley shah , guru Nanak are a common virsa of Punjab and yet everyone seems to be in awe of Arab culture and foreign invaders as their hero. Btw, Punjabi men and women are and should be able to decide to live with whoever they want to be with. If the love is true then both cultures can be taught to children and coexist peacefully. Rab rakhaRecommend

  • http://bigsaf.newsvine.com bigsaf


    It seems you missed the ;) – wink. Sad you took a stereotyped light-hearted comment, meant to play with the article (about Punjabi girls and Urdu speaking boys), of Pakistani (unfortunate that I even have to stress this) Urdu-speaker mother-in-laws’ over-anxious prejudiced preferences (not true to all, but exists, and not exclusive or different than the reality of most other conservative/traditionalist ethnic mother-in-laws’ concerns, but of course you wouldn’t have threatened them with a ‘go back to where you came from’ rant) so personally (failing to realize I was heartily mocking such concerns of a Punjabi in-law) and addressed it in outraged seriousness with divisive bigoted/racist guilt trip offensive leading counter-argumentative questions along the anti-Indian immigrant, muhajir outsider versus so called ‘son of the soil’ natives lines, 60+ years after the fact of partition clearly highlighting a problem in accepting past migrants, or current new generation natives culturally or as national citizens. That kinda kills the mood, along with the explaining.

    If you haven’t heard, a good deal of ethnic folks, be they Punjabis, Baluchis, Urdu speakers, etc, generally do prefer their son-in-law/daughter-in-law to be of their own community most of the time, and this is even true for most loving ‘native’ mothers, regardless of the size of any other ethnic group which has little bearing on their acceptance. Even mixed intermarried couples play on these stereotypes noting their own parents’ opposition. Its a testament to most Pakistanis who are open minded to ethnic or racial diversity in terms of in-laws, or those who regardless of their initial sceptic views eventually come around.

    Hope you understand a little better now. Recommend

  • RizwanKhan

    I like them because of their voluptous figure ;)Recommend

  • The bold!

    Bro, what do you mean by “corrupting our mind”? Knowledge of more than one language corrupts mind? …they are after our blood line? I can just say__ Oh my God! I thought the cavemen was a thing of the past. No wonder why I see so much racial & ethic preferences based crime in Punjab including girls choice for marriage. Maybe after marrying into fresh blood & genes a daughter is only increasing the chances of survival of her father’s genes unknowingly, according to genetic research of long lasting genes. Many nation who never married outside are disappeared & non-existant now. I say please corrupt you mind with education and genes with new blood to live a thousand years, really!Recommend

  • Dani

    @The bold!:
    Go and try to marry Baloch and Pashtun girls to increase ‘the chances of genetic survival.’ They’ll give you a befitting response. (Or rather don’t try, your genes will instantly lose the battle for ‘survival.’)
    Urdu is the national language of my country and I respect it and like it. But I hate the attitude with which Punjabi is looked down upon and Punjabi culture is labeled ‘Paindoo’ culture.
    And please name one civilization that died as a result of marrying inside their own kind. Recommend

  • Rashid


    Come out of the cave you’ve been living for far too long.Recommend

  • Zubair Awan

    I agree with you completely. But, relax! The article is on how ‘Karachite’ guys fall for Punjabi women. Punjabis girls do not go after them. Recommend