Let’s do #14ActsForPakistan this August 14!

Published: August 13, 2013

We had to do something to channelise all this positive energy into positive acts. That’s it, acts #14ActsForPakistan, this August 14.

“Check the top trend on Twitter right now guys!” My colleague, Ahsan said pointing towards his laptop.

This was a regular conversation for us as we sipped on our morning teas and chatted about how depressing it was to wake up so early. Perks of being in the Digital Marketing field, you can say. Yes, we take Twitter very seriously.

We also take patriotism very seriously.

You can tell by the green and white décor and the sound of national songs resonating within the walls of our cubicles as August 14 approaches.

Anyway, we huddled around Ahsan’s laptop, peering over each other’s heads to stare at a blue hyperlink. The hashtag that was trending on top was Justin Bieber (JB). No offence to JB fans out there, but wasn’t the public supposed to be talking about nationalism and love for Pakistan at that time?

We as a people have the tendency to curse others for their acts. We judge. We condemn. We lament. We disapprove. But what we hesitate to do is do anything at all.

I don’t blame us, the words ‘change’, ‘revolution’ and ‘peace’ have become too clichéd for us. They have been politicised, abused and patronised.

We decided to start a trend; an Urdu trend. We named it #میراپاکستان. Sparked by only a few tweets from us, it blew up not just in Pakistan but all over the world. Within a matter of hours, it was trending worldwide as the first ever Urdu hashtag. We smiled at the success. Pakistan was not dead, Pakistanis were not dead.

But, at the end of the day, it was just another Twitter trend – words, not actions. We had to do something to channelise all this positive energy into positive acts. That’s when we started the #14ActsForPakistan, for this August 14, to promote doing certain ‘acts’ for Pakistan.

Hand out some candy to the child selling flags on the street. Throw a packet of juice to the random guy stuck in traffic, sweating in the heat and humidity. Gift a nice pair of sunglasses to that traffic policeman at the signal, controlling the boisterous rush of cars.

Give something, do something, for a Pakistani, for Pakistan.

The idea, although simple, received an overwhelming response from the public. It was, once again, a worldwide trend on Twitter with 1,500 contributors and a staggering number of 5,000+ tweets. People were curious, people were amazed.

We encouraged them to form their own groups of friends, take to the streets and do their own version of #14ActsForPakistan this Independence Day. Even our friends from across the border started talking about how they could do something similar for their own country.

The people are not the only ones with us in this venture. We have support from renowned brands and companies pitching in funds and coverage. Radio FM 89 is the Radio Partner and ARY Muzik is the Media Partner. Superpower Motorcycle brand is generously sponsoring the goodies we give away on our road trip across Karachi.

We have our cars, we have our supplies and we have our patriotism ready to hit the roads tomorrow.

We invite you to be a part of this campaign as well!


Sara Muzzammil

An A level student based in Karachi who is interested in art and blogging. She tweets as @saramuzzammil twitter.com/SaraMuzzammil

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • https://twitter.com/AamAwam Ms. Farooqi

    Great effort guys. As amazing as it sounds its gonna look even great when it will be acted upon tomorrow!
    Much love and appreciation Sara, Ahsan, Arsalan and everyone else behind this endeavour. :)Recommend

  • apoorva

    listen to bollywood music….. :)Recommend

  • Nadir

    Start by paying your taxes.Recommend

  • Ali naumani

    Hate any thing made in Pakistan, hate west but make a first in line, wanna go to states for $ because its now run one to hundred Jinnah rupees, run election and become minister but build hotel and homes in London, hate india but love to see pooja in there soap operas Pakistan where no rails runs, where no jobs for Urdu mediam school students……….Recommend

  • https://twitter.com/JazbatiJhaaru JazbatiJhaaru

    Thumbs up!Recommend

  • http://twitter.com/saramuzzammil Sara Muzzammil

    Thanks everyone for appreciating this endeavour.

    I would just like to add that Sohny Sweets and Bakers at Clifton has agreed to sponsor 100 boxes of edible items to be distributed and Coke Pakistan is giving us funds to buy stuff to give out as well. :)Recommend

  • Dr Dang

    Muzzle your Dogs.Recommend

  • gp65

    Great initiative author. Doing something constructive is so much more empowering than moaning and whining. Wish you success. Also happy independence day to you and all Pakistanis.

    From an Indian.

  • Abidi

    This trend would only be successful if some good is done tomorrow which it seems it will. Happy to see there are still some Pakistanis there who don’t want to give up Pakistan yet. Thank you to everyone who initiated and who are supporting the cause. Recommend

  • Muhammad Ishfaq

    @Sara Muzzammil:
    Bravo! Its really heartening to see what you people have started. Keep it up and please do share with us the priceless experience you will gain tomorrow.
    Yup, the most important act is paying your taxes honestly. Recommend

  • Indian

    Nice article,Sara.
    Happy Independance day.Recommend

  • Parvez

    I hate to come across as a ‘wet blanket’ especially as you’ll seem to be so motivated, so energetic. The idea of giving away stuff is great, for it will give you’ll a feel good moment.

    Is it not time for us to do something a little more meaningful and to stand tall and say :
    No this is not the Pakistan that our forefathers fought and died for.
    This, that is thrust at us in the name of religion, is not what our noble religion teaches us. Where is the Unity, Faith and Descipline laid out as the guiding principles by our founding fathers ? ‘.
    ………….for once lets look the problem in the eye and stop fooling ourselves.

  • http://www.pltacademy.com Travel_Tart

    Love your idea.
    When you start working, you stop whining. Recommend

  • Hina

    “Throw a packet of juice” … sometimes the choice of words tells it all … Recommend

  • sherrry

    @Ali naumani:
    so Mr pessimist ! whats your point??
    talking to yourself??Recommend

  • sherrry

    @Sara Muzzammil:

    God bless you. happy independence dayRecommend

  • Noor

    @ Ali Naumani

    Hate less brother.Recommend

  • http://outlook amna arsahad

    Super work Sara!!!! Rightly
    ACTIONS speak LOUDER than WORDS :D Recommend

  • http://outlook amna arsahad

    I started my day with listening National Anthem- standing straight with gratitude at heart!!! its 1 of 14 things i will do!!!! happy Independence day,long live Pakistan!!!!Recommend

  • Danish

    @Sara Muzzammil:
    Thumbs up. MAKE IT BIG. Pakistan is with youRecommend

  • https://twitter.com/Rectified_Guy Ammad Hafeez

    Thumbs Up guysRecommend

  • mhaq

    lets start by consuming less electricity, switch off your acs(trust me you can survive without it too), try telling your servants not to throw garbage in front of others houses, become austere in your daily eating-out plans (bring it down to a monthly plan, you will save the charm of eating out too that way), give more charity, shop only on need basis.Recommend

  • Zog

    Saw an article on some kids planting trees. Why does’nt every one plant 14 trees, or pick up 14 pieces of rubbish….great idea well doneRecommend