Will radicals succeed in making India ‘for Hindus only’?

Published: August 12, 2013

Indian Muslim students offer 'Dua' prayers in their class room during the holy month of Ramadan at Madrasatur-Rashaad religious school in Hyderabad on July 17, 2013. PHOTO: AFP.

The Hindu right wing government in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh finally withdrew the order introducing lessons from the religious text Bhagavad Gita in school curriculum. They also wanted to include Hindu religious teachings in the curriculum of Urdu schools from the academic year 2013-14.

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) ruled state came under heavy criticism from Muslim organisations and secular political parties for its attempt to alter the secular character of the constitution.

Members of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) Muslim Personal Law Board blamed the government for the communalisation of the school textbooks and attempting to indoctrinate young minds and sowing the seeds of prejudice among communities. The Congress party also attacked the Hindu right wing party for tampering with the secular spirit of the country.

What the BJP is attempting to do in Madhya Pradesh is not something new.

During its rule in Delhi, between 1998 and 2004, the BJP-led government made serious attempts to change the school text books and rewrite history by appointing communal academicians and historians in some of the important institutions that formulate educational policies. The whole idea was to capture the mind of young people and teach them a history which does not reflect the diversity of India and portray India as a Hindu nation.

In this context they started teaching mythology in history curriculum thereby trying to prove that myths in Ramayana and Mahabharata are history and India has always been a Hindu nation. This way they attempted to show the Muslims and other minorities as others who have never been part of Indian history.

This revivalist worldview is being taught in more than 70,000 private schools run by different Hindu organisations across India. They are reaching out to tribal groups and indoctrinating them with Hindu religious teachings and sowing the seeds of religious animosity in the society.

Let us not forget that in the Gujarat riots of 2002 – where thousands of innocent Muslims were killed by Hindu fanatics – the indoctrinated tribal people played a prominent role. They were part of the fanatic mob that conducted violence against Muslims.

Moreover, the over-15-year rule of the BJP in Gujarat has communalised the state to such an extent that any debate about the country’s plurality receives derision from middle and upper class of society. The western Indian state has become a laboratory of radical Hindus.

Hindu extremists created havoc in the eastern Indian state of Orissa in 2008 where they massacred more than hundred Christians and destroyed many of their houses for not following the Hindu ways of life.

Infiltration into education is part of the larger game plan of converting the nation into a Hindu state and undermining the religious diversity of the nation, and the fountainhead of this project is Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), the ideological godfather of the BJP.

Narendra Modi, a radical Hindu leader and the Chief Minister of Gujarat, who was the architect of the Muslim massacre in 2002, is the product of this school of thought. He is the presumptive prime ministerial candidate of the BJP and poses a very serious danger to plural tradition of the nation. His rise to the national politics forces us to make a choice whether we want to see India as a modern, plural country or a nation intolerant of other cultures and faiths.

Though the chief minister of Madhya Pradesh withdrew his dictat keeping in mind impending assembly elections, it, however, reveals in no uncertain term the wider game plan of the Hindu fanatics to advance the majoritarian agenda and accentuates the deep fault line between different faiths.

This is not a new game plan. They have been at work since 1925, when the whole nation was participating in freedom struggle RSS and its cohorts were busy propagating communal agenda. They cannot escape the blame of building up a situation which finally led to the partition of the country in the name of religion.

Even after Independence in 1947, the organisation continued with its divisive agenda and it led to the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi at the hands of a Hindu zealot – a by-product of the RSS school of thought. Much before Islamic terror became a buzzword, RSS laid the foundation of Hindu terror in modern India. The violence in Gujarat in 2002 against a minority was the extension of that terror.

A few years ago a Hindu fanatic, Aseemanand, confessed the involvement of the Hindu organisations in terror attacks in some of the Muslim dominated areas, like Malegaon in 2006 and 2008, the Samjhauta Express bombings (2007), a bomb blast at a Sufi shrine in Ajmer Sharif (2007), the Mecca Masjid bombing  in Hyderabad (2007), and an attack in a minority area Modasa, Gujarat (2008).

The overwhelming secular and liberal forces in the country need deep introspection. Can they allow the nation to be a playground for rabid communal forces that are out to radicalise society and alter the pluralistic character of the nation?

66 years ago, India made a tryst with destiny and made a pledge to establish a modern, plural and secular democracy; the time has come to redeem that pledge again and reassert its faith in the basic principles governing the nation.

The radicalisation of the main opposition party, the BJP, is a matter of concern. They are making a serious bid to capture power in Delhi next year. If that happens then what the Madhya Pradesh government is attempting to do today the BJP will try to replicate it in other parts of the country.

Should we allow the forces inimical to idea of India to succeed?


Sanjay Kumar

The author is a New Delhi based journalist covering South Asian and international politics.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • anonymous

    Nice to see that India has strong secular character, wish someday Pakistanis realize that secularism (separation of state and religion) is the best possible way to live peaceful in a mixed country/world.Recommend

  • Ravi

    I am sure this will gladden many Pakistani hearts, which wants to believe that India is a Hindu Pakistan. The fact is that India is not, and will never be. Hindus are not Muslims, and the most fanatic Hindu is more liberal than the most liberal mislim. Recommend

  • BlackJack

    If this was article was delivered orally during elections, it would qualify under hate speech.Recommend

  • http://www.facebook.com/britishmuslims Mohammed Abbasi

    Religion should not be used in politics – in any nation, regardless if its Pakistan or India.Recommend

  • Lala Roshanlal

    Oh… Hindus are the problem in India. Remove them by calling them communal, make them feel ashamed of their culture, religion, tradition. Blame everything on them. If they do it good, if the ‘other’ does it, blame it on the ‘intolerance’ of Hindus. And meantime let certain community enjoy legal child marriage under the patronage of courts and under the silence of liberals. And let them also enjoy the motivating speeches by Owaisi.

    The summary of the article. World be a better place without Hindus.Recommend

  • Ifran

    Muslims live a dogs life in India and beaten and murdered on a daily basis. In Sri Lanka they just demolished a mosque. In Egypt muslims are shot in front of television. Thousands of muslims are murdered everyday but the whole world is silent but Allah is watching. Recommend

  • heera

    ” If that happens then what the Madhya Pradesh government is attempting to do today the BJP will try to replicate it in other parts of the country.”
    My goodness…love to witness such glorious event when we would be able to stall our lost glory..Recommend

  • Ali Tanoli

    God bless u Sanjay Kumar for speaking the truth and specially RSS involvement in indian society in 1925, and creation of Pakistan may god bless our great visionary leaders of AIML
    and telling the truth about over 70 Thousand and more Hindu fundamentalist Madrassahs operating in india.Recommend

  • Humaira

    Much as we should condemn religious extremism of any kind, Hindu or Muslim, this author has no clue of subcontinental history.

    Mahabharatha is the longest and perhaps the most extraodinary epic in world and a crowning jewel of subcontinental mythology and story telling. These epic traiditions are native to every subcontinetal culture from Gandhara in the northwest (afghanistan) to Tamil nadu in the south east. Every subcontinental should read it and enjoy it, just the Greek Iliad and Odyssey are part of western education.

    Hinduism was never a religion historically speaking, unlike the Abrahamic faiths. Any culture practiced natively in the subcontinent has been classified “Hinduism” by foreigners who never understood the place. By claiming that no “hinduism” should be taught is just tantamount to saying no indigenous native traditions should be taught in schools. So, it is just absurd.

    As a subcontinental muslim, I have just the same amount of claim to pre-islamic subcontinental culture, which is most of subcontinent culture anyway. And I will give that up when the Greeks give up Iliad, Odyssey, Homer, Aristarchus, and the rest as not being christian enough.Recommend

  • Ali Tanoli

    @Black jack
    Truth is allways hard to digest…. one need plums drink….Recommend

  • Naveen

    Question could have been better framed- Will India go the way of Bangladesh ( since Pakistan seems unachievable in Indian context)?Recommend


    Oh here comes the apologetic brigade!! Ask any forward thinking liberal Hindu what he thinks of India and what it has become.

    While this should not be seen as an Anti Muslim (Islamic) diatribe but why is it that Hindus cant even venture in areas of Jama Masjid, Nizamudin, Okhla and Jamia Nagar in Delhi? Why cant Hindus visit places like Mohammad Ali Road or Nala Sopara in Mumbai? Why cant Hindus visit the old city of Hyderabad?

    Why is it that people like Owaisi are allowed to hold direct hate speeches and not even a single Muslim politician, Ulema or Imam condemns it? Why must it be that Hindus have to always have a meek surrender to the hate speeches by such people?

    This article though thought provoking is merely an attempt to conjure up ‘likes’ and provide fodder for cannon for the already anti – secular, anti – Hindu, anti – India hawks across the border!!

    I was never a BJP supporter but recent acts and incidents have made my views Nationalistic and Patriotic! Sanjay, its time that you start welcoming the NaMo brand my friend. For Pakistani’s reading this… your Tsunami was just a bucket spill over… the real Tsunami in India is arriving in the form of Namo in 2014~! Wait for it! Recommend

  • Water Bottle

    I thought this move was ridiculous when it was first floated. There was nothing wrong in it if the objective is to let children learn the basics of every religion. This is the very nature of any secular education and any proper education anywhere in the world.

    However, this move served no purpose. In a country like India, where people of different religion interact and partcipate, additional turoting on any particular religion at schools is not necessary.

    However, this move was clearly to appease some Hindu groups with extreme view. This move was counter-productive and stuipid.

    However, to call BJP communal and other parties secular shows the immaturity of the writer. If he had any sense in him to look deeply at every political party, every party in India is communal, including comminists.Recommend

  • Hyderabadi

    I’m not a big fan of the BJP or Narendra Modi but, I would like to see a different government at the central level for a change. After almost 10 years of Congress led UPA government, Growth has been stalled, Inflation is up, Rupee has lost more than 20% of its value, Corruption is at all time high (Common Wealth Games, Coal Gate, 2G scams…) and our security/foreign policy is deplorable.

    I am as much skeptical of the political aspirations of BJP as the author is but, no political party has its hands clean when it comes to religion. You might just be surprised to find what’s buried in the closets of any party that boasts itself to be secular.Recommend

  • Muhammad Ishfaq

    Spot on Sanjay!
    Rising fundamentalism on both sides of the border is really very dangerous for both India and Pakistan. Here we have fanatics in Sind who are forcefully converting Hindu girls to Islam in order to make an advance booking to heaven. While BJP is as you explained; very systematically trying to make India a Hindu nation. Another aspect of the situation is that perhaps fanatics have got so much power only due to the fact that liberals or moderate parties in both India and Pakistan have failed to live up to the expectations of their people. Congress and Communist Party in India and PPP, ANP, MQM have by and large disappointed people. And now sadly even the right of the center parties like PML-N and PTI are also following the same path.
    This leads to popularity of radical parties who gain people’s sympathy by aggressively criticizing the mainstream parties and portraying themselves as the true saviors. They also promise heavy spendings on defense which suits the military establishments of both the countries.
    Let’s hope people of India will, like always, choose their leaders wisely in the next elections.
    Narendra Modi as prime minister of India is just like Mullah Umar as Ameer ul Momineen of Afghanistan.Recommend

  • Fahad Raza

    @BlackJack: but most hate speeches from RSS, VHP, BJP, and Shiv Sena would go unnoticed by you except this eye sore truth. Recommend

  • Yeh Sanjay to MC BC hai

    Hi sanjay ji ,move to pakistanRecommend

  • Gus

    Please make sure we encourage the communcal harmony either through right implementation of policies and also through good articles. One up manship just to please Pakistani audience will not help. Pakistan as a state has no moral rights on these issues when the discrimination is in built in it’s policies. I believe atleast India should be more voacal in Communual harmony. One solution for BJP to be more secular whne Muslims join in large numbers and polarizing it’s policies towards more balanced approach. It is Muslims who boycotting BJP makes it larger demon. Recommend

  • Ali Tanoli

    So blame on Mosques and Islamic Madrassah are false propaganda of west and india.Recommend

  • Sameera

    In a pluralistic society, teaching children different religious texts is not a bad idea.Recommend

  • Ch. Allah Daad

    Choosing and implementing great old Hindu traditions and customs especially those which have been tried and tested in history is one thing but bringing back everything which existed in old days is itself self destructive. It would bring back bring back worst kind of human exploitation and human right breaches. Hope, enlightened Indians will not let it happen.Recommend

  • dj

    Should we allow the forces inimical to idea of India to succeed?

    Should we allow to Pseudo secularist like you to succeed is the real question. why didnt you question the Congress on Shah Bano case when the supreme court of India was subverted for meager political gain? why didnt you question states in India which have started reservation on the basis of religion? Why didnt you question separate personal laws based on different religion. A Hindu keeping 2 wives is is crime but a moslem keeping 4 is a law. Why didnt u question the article 370 which gives the power of Kashmiri buying land in Delhi but not buying rest of Indians buy land in Kashmir? Why didnt u question Samajwadi Party in UP for jeopardizing the court procedures by saying that they do not want to pursue any terrorist cases against muslims in general ? Why didnt you question million of illegal immigration from Bangladesh to India changing the whole demographic face of same constituencies in India. Do u have courage to ask Muslims to not to kill millions of goats on the public roads in India? You are questioning of making Geeta mandatory in MP but how come u didnt question making Urdu mandatory in Kashmir while totally ignoring the original Kashmiri language “SHARDA”. Recommend

  • Naveen

    I have never voted for BJP and perhaps will never vote for it, as it has no significant presence in my state and I do not wish to see Modi as PM as he’s too authoritarian. But I found the entire tone of this article so offensive that I wish to take Mr. Sanjay to Court for inciting communal hatred. He doesn’t even care to make a distinction between a Hindu, as a person following a particular faith and Hindutva as an ideology. Moreover, purpose of writing such articles in Pakistani newspapers where Hindus are anyway having such a tough time that thousands are seeking asylum into India is beyond me.Recommend

  • ModiFied

    @BRUISED INDIAN: You are writing as much crap as this author. I have been to almost all these places you have mentioned. Anyone can walk through Jama Masjid of Delhi and there is no problem what so ever. Coming to author and his views in article now. he is written what placates the Pakistani readers. Its utterly wrong to blame RSS for India’s division. RSS was hardly a force in undivided India. As far as murder of Gandhi ji is concerned, there are many reasons to that. the guy might have been a RSS member at some stage. After the massacre of 1947, many Hindus thought that Gandhi Ji was too soft towards Muslims. Look at the tragedy. The man who went on fast for the safety of Muslims, is hated in Pakistan by Muslims and was killed by a Hindu fanatic in India. In a way I would call Muslims of the sub-continent also ungrateful towards Gandhi. Hindu nationalism is more of a byproduct of congress appeasement of Muslims for vote bank politics. Muslims of India are much safer than the Muslim of any other nation in the world. Recommend

  • 1984

    Is this article meant to be a satire ??? Look,I wont disagree that India is facing an issue of rising fundamentalism from the majority religion.


  • Babloo

    In Gujrat riots , the number of deaths are like 900 for Muslims and 300 for Hindus. It was a riot started by burning of Hindu pilgrims at Godhra by a muslim mob.Recommend

  • sanjay [email protected]@@ndu

    please visit pakistan once we muslims will show you real secularism Recommend

  • Indi-Pop

    I am NOT a BJP supporter but have to say that this piece is absolute nonsense!Recommend

  • Genesis

    Typical Marxist inspired history spewing liberal.India has had enough of those liberals who are the main cause of distorting its history.Recommend

  • Sane

    I found this article very offensive, full of hate. Needless to say the author has no knowledge abt Indian history and is totally biased against a particular party; not objective in the least. Disgusting blog!Recommend


    Modified: Oh Yeah? Try walking in those dingy alleys of Gali Kababiyaan or Chitli Qabar or Matia Mahal! For people like you eating at Kareems or Jawahar or Kallu Kababs is like a visit to the Walled City… Sheesh!

    Jama Masjid is not Kareems, Okhla is not Jamia Milia Islamia and Mohamed Ali Road is not only Noor Mohammedi Nihari, so give it a rest will you?!!Recommend

  • Asa


    I agree.He is simple reiterating prejudices of Pakistan societyRecommend

  • Qaisrani

    Bro, 1st time you disappointed me by your last paragraph. May be, second thought,help you to overcome sudden rush of blood???Recommend

  • abhi

    It is really strange to see the hue and cry about including some verses of Gita in madarsas. As far as I know madarsa’s are not purely for religious study, they provide all type of knowledge.
    The article is full of rehtoric and very low on substance.Recommend

  • Shahid

    Religion Has already become irrelevant in most of western world and eventually will every where. My only regret is that Congress Accepted the division of India on religious grounds. If Congress would have vetoed Partition it would have never happened. Creating Muslim Leauge was the the foundation of the religious mess Muslims in Subcontinent are in today.There is no place for religion in Politics.Recommend

  • ModiFied

    @Humaira: Your type of Muslims are my role model. I have problem with the “Two Nation Theory ones” and the ones who think all pre-Islamic and non-believers as jahils and kafirs. Recommend

  • http://[email protected]/**/ viv

    ur subconttinental muslim but definately indian muslimRecommend

  • mind control

    Will radicals succeed in making India ‘for Hindus only’?


  • observer

    @Sanjay Kumar

    Let us not forget that in the Gujarat riots of 2002 – where thousands of innocent Muslims were killed by Hindu fanatics

    Can you quote some source for the ‘thousands of innocent Muslims killed‘ please?


  • Amazed

    What a pathetic blog!Recommend

  • Naveen

    That’s a lie. I have been to those areas (except Mumbai one). There are no such restrictions. As for Owaisi, I see his speech as no better or worse than the ones delivered by Praveen Togadia. Both were booked at that time, which I think is how the State should act to such incitations. Communalism of all hues must be condemned including that of this article. Using the words like ‘Islamic terror’ and ‘Hindu terror’ does not make one Secular.Recommend

  • Iqbal

    Just visit India before spouting hate which you have been propagandized into believing.

    Are non-muslims not human, thousands of them are also killed daily but why talk about them ? Recommend


    @Qaisrani: You are one the few people I respect here on this forum… but I really cant be putting up with a meek surrender, not in my own f*in’ country at least! I have been challenged, my country’s fabric has been challenged and my faith and belief (which incidentally I was minding my own damn business and was poked and poked and poked) although however fragile it maybe has been challenged by apologetic Indians.

    I had to give up a seat in College for a Minority (Muslim, Sikh, Christian I don’t know who) member as it was reserved for him / her, did I utter anything then? I didn’t! I went about my way… I didn’t utter a word.. now when its getting too much to handle and swallow I don’t even have the right to stand up for what is rightfully mine?

    I’ll say it again – though it shouldn’t be taken as an apology or pacification in any form whatsoever: I have a Muslim as a girl friend, I have a Muslim in my family and I have had several Muslims as class mates in school and at work, I love the first two and it proves beyond doubt that I have no personal beef with Muslims at all. I’m just aghast at being belittled by my own people and my own govt., at the slightest attempt to live as per my rules and choices. Is that too much to ask?

    Moderators: Can this go thru if not too much to ask? Thanks! Recommend

  • SM

    How Ironic. Enough Said. Recommend

  • Anand

    Never been a supporter of Hindu right wing ideology in my life. But after reading this author I feel like revisiting my ideoloical moorings! If Hindu rightists are gaining ground in Indian imagination, they should be a lot grateful to pseudo seculars like this author. Recommend

  • BlackJack

    It is possible that you are correct. But partition was the best thing that happened to India; amputation is the logical alternative when the rot is too deep to be cured.Recommend

  • Insaan

    One sided biased reporting. Title is even more misleadingRecommend

  • Anand


    Muslim radicals succeeded in making a country for Muslims named Pakistan, out of a predominantly Hindu land for centuries i.e. undivided India. Why you begrudge Hindus having a country for themselves, that too in their own land after they agreed to Muslims gone away with their own share of the property? How come it is the burden of Hindus and Hindus alone to maintain the religious diversity of India? What is it that the Indian Hindus still owe to the Muslims after giving them their share of the pie? Recommend

  • Sarv

    Non Resident or at best Anglophied culturally non-Indian Jinah and Nehru like people created on British prodding India and Pakistan, and now culturally and spiritually Indians cannot stay within India. Culturally & Spiritually Anglo white Mughal Dalrymple is honored permanent guest like Dawood Gilani alias David Coleman Hadley. This is the India which is being created. The left in India is financially supported by Rome. The arms in Naxal hands are capitalist’s and Kristi provided (may be RECENTLY BY ISI).


  • Noor

    I read Mahabharat in school.Big deal.What’s wrong with it.
    It’s not as if pujas and mantras are taught.
    It’s an interesting story.It affects my personal religious beliefs in no way. People who have a problem,are insecure about their religious beliefs.Recommend

  • Noor

    they should remember that the planet,this world isn’t for muslims alone.
    Live in peace with every human.Recommend

  • Rational Liberal

    Can’t believe so many Indians actually like Modi, and are probably going to vote for the BJP/RSS next year.

    Just compare the comments by Indians on this blog and comments by Pakistanis on a similar blog about Islamic radicalism in Pakistan, most Pakistanis are self-critical and apologetic, whereas most of the Indian commenters here are condoning the actions of Modi and the RSS, because it offends their nationalistic or jingoistic feelings.

    Pakistan might not be a secular state, and isn’t as harmonious as India(relatively speaking), but most Pakistanis vote for non-religious parties either on the center-left or center-right, in the recent elections Islamist parties only won 3% of the popular vote, and in Karachi only 1%.

    So i guess Pakistanis are learning from their past mistakes, whereas Indians are making the same mistakes Pakistanis made in the past.

    This isn’t hate speech, this is free speech that just so happens to be politically incorrect.

    @ET moderators:Post my,comment it isn’t offensive.Recommend

  • Indian

    @ Author

    Good article.If you’re really concerned- publish this article in INDIA !
    Publishing this in Pakistan doesn’t help spread your message in India- Recommend

  • Naresh

    So it is wrong to say Will radicals succeed in making India ‘for Hindus only’?.
    The Question to ask is “WILL THE HINDUS SURVIVE AS A DHARMA – RELIGION?Recommend

  • Parvez

    This being a blog Sanjay Kumar has every right to air his thoughts…….right or wrong.
    To me it seems that he is putting out a warning not to go in a certain direction because it would be bad for India……..nothing wrong in that. The point being missed, I think, is when it comes down to challenging the basics, its the Constitution that counts and its interpretation by the Supreme Court of the country, that matters.

  • suzo

    how indian society thinks? Just go on times of india and see the comment section, they aren’t secular at all. . Most of them are racist, bigots and haters! Recommend

  • awellwisher

    Will radicals succeed in making India ‘for Hindus only’?

    Hmmm…. when the Muslims of India said “we are a different nation and different people” as part of the “two-nation” theory and partitioned India, didn’t they ipso facto make India into a “for Hindus only” country? Never mind the fact that the bad Hindus let a Muslim population larger than Pakistan stay back in India and made their constitution a secular one.


  • kaalchakra

    Fantastic article, Sanjay. Just yesterday, in Saharanpur a mob of Hindu fanatics attacked Muslim shoppers, killing 47 people in cold blood and destroying over 20 houses belonging to Muslims. I haven’t seen ANY news of it in ANY Indian/Hindu newspaper.

    Sanjay, please, we beg of you, report to us in detail about the tragic incidence. Those who have been hurt need medical assistance, houses that have been destroyed will need to be rebuilt. Unless you bring this out in the open, how can anything be fixed?! Or, is all ‘assistance’ only for the Hindus of Uttarakhand and nothing for Muslims in India?Recommend

  • http://www.pltacademy.com professional

    It is sad but India and Pakistan will never live in Peace :(Recommend

  • Nandita.

    ET, why hasnt my comment been published.i posted it three times and I have said exactly what so many others have – this piece is nonsense. But my comment was trashed and other comments were published.why????Recommend

  • http://www.pltacademy.com professional

    If Muslims read more about Hinduism, it will create more understanding.Recommend

  • Prejudice

    Biased articleRecommend

  • Dp

    If you’re really concerened about India- then publish this article in INDIA so many more can read and understand. Okay bhai ?Recommend

  • Yuri Kondratyuk

    @Mahmood Ghazni:

    To all Indian guests of Pakistani
    newspaper websites: Get lost!


  • Yuri Kondratyuk

    My own gripe about Indian history books is that they carefully gloss over (if not ignore and deny) the atrocities of the muslim rule.
    Taking sides isn’t important, spelling out the (bitter) truth is.Recommend

  • BlackJack

    @Rational Liberal:
    This isn’t hate speech, this is free speech that just so happens to be politically incorrect.

    My friend, this article seeks to create/ accentuate communal tension by spreading falsehood on a forum where bulk of the readers know no better. The entire piece vilifies one particular community as the aggressors and murderers of innocents – this is a hate speech. (Note: Hate speech is but a subset of free speech).Recommend

  • Dp


    Why are you making up stories,brother ? The Indian media is very reactionary and prints everything and ridicules and exposes Indian politicians.Recommend

  • Pradhan

    @Ali Tanoli

    Those 70,000 schools follow a state board curriculum and it is recognized by the Govt. of India. From those shcools highly competent students come out who later on become engineers and doctors.Recommend

  • Dp

    @mind control

    Why brother-what about Indian Sikhs,Parsis,Jains,Jews,Buddhists,Christians,Agnostics etc ..India is not just for Hindus,but all Indians. Nationality and religion have nothing to do with each other.Recommend

  • Indian

    @ Rational Liberal

    Sir,please don’t judge 1.2 billion Indians based on a handful who’re commenting here.
    There are many hindus who’re anti bjp.Recommend

  • Indian

    @ Muhammad Ishfaq

    The most sensible,informed and balanced opinion on this blog… If there are more people who think like you,we will have world peace.
    Reading your comment has reinforced my faith in peace lovers, amidst people who’re crying for war & aggression,to teach each other a lesson.Recommend

  • observer

    The whole idea was to capture the mind of young people and teach them a history which does not reflect the diversity of India and portray India as a Hindu nation.

    I remember reading a story titled ‘Idgah’ in my Hindi literature book.

    And some fables by Aesop, specially the Good Samaritan, in my English literature book

    Now, if reading Bhagwat Gita is negation of diversity and promotion of Hinduism, then perhaps I have been a victim of promotion of Islam and Christianity.

    Or, maybe, diversity does not have any place for Hindus.Recommend

  • Qaisrani

    Still you seem angry but it’s natural some times when someone feels being victimized consistently. Just want to share two observations of mine:
    1) I do not know about quota system in India but here is Pakistan, in 3 out of 4 provinces, quota system is still working while in Punjab, the biggest one, it has been abolished, presumably, to pick the brilliant ones, but it has resulted in mere exploitation of Southern part of Punjab(Saraiki wasaib with Multan at it’s cultural capital) at the hands of Central Punjabis (Lahore and surrounding cities) due to all infrastructure already prevalent in Lahore to exploit this open merit system. All this has resulted in more poverty, more exploitation and growng radicalization in South Punjab. Either provide level playing field to every segment of society or they genuinly need constitutional cover to overcome their deficiencies.

  • Qaisrani

    @ET: why have you censored my 2nd observation?? Recommend

  • Sane


    It was a riot started by burning of Hindu pilgrims at Godhra by a muslim mob.

    Those were BJP people (fanatic Hindus) led by Darinda Modi (Narindara Modi) who were responsible for Godhra incident. This has now proven, so do not try to turn facts otherwise.Recommend

  • Indian

    @ Sane

    They weren’t ‘lead’ by modi. The rioters were the general public.
    Modi failed in his duty as chief minister,to suppress the riots on time,leading to the death of muslims and hindu’s. He’s a tainted man ,who shouldn’t be the PM of a plural society like India.Recommend

  • satya

    This is a complete half researched story.As we all do in our profession just to show our dept of knowledge we share some Hearsay stories to others as if this is something out of a long research.Now to answer some of the points this man has raised.

    Hindu’s are in general peace loving and religion for them is purely personal.They never group on religion to challenge anyone.But what they have seen over a period of time a major junk of poor tribal Hindu’s are brainwashed to convert to Christianity in exchange of basic facility in Orissa. Muslim’s by virtue of their population has reduced the hindu’s from nay places in the country.Hence the Hindu’s are slowly acknowledging this growing atrocities towards them because of their image as a peace loving community and in some cases have started reac ting too.In the name of plurality a major community nowhere have been marginalized as Hindu’s here in India. This is the main reason of growing Hindu religion assertiveness.Recommend

  • Ameer


    “The most fanatic hindu is more liberal than the most liberal muslim.”

    Go check a hindu fanatic and a liberal muslim first. Then check the meaning of ‘liberal’ in a dictionary (and the ‘bigot’ while you’re at it) and then please get your own head checked. Something is wrong here.Recommend

  • Sane


    @ Sane
    They weren’t ‘lead’ by modi. The rioters were the general public.
    Modi failed in his duty as chief minister,to suppress the riots on time,leading to the death of muslims and hindu’s. He’s a tainted man ,who shouldn’t be the PM of a plural society like India.

    I honor your commentsRecommend

  • heera

    @Ameer: As if muslims r not present in India…Recommend

  • Ali Tanoli

    What gonna happened to Dalit or untouchable in Hindu india? they are two hundred millions and how they gonna survive will they make seprate country for dalits only? or should they converts to islam or Christianity (then again blacks are not equal to white in west) ???
    Hindu upper caste don’t want them to treat equal and don’t want them to converts either too what should they do every hour in india dalit insulted every day four gets killed every day they get raped no land ownership for them what will happened to them what they do one whole village converted to islam in 1982 in tamil nadu…Recommend

  • kaalchakra

    The Internet is being flooded with gruesome pictures of innocent Muslims in Saharanpur being butchered in cold blood by their Hindu neighbors and there is COMPLETE silence from Hindus and Hindu news outlets in India!! What is going on?! Please someone, do something! Has our blood run so cold?! Has mankind lost all decency? Isn’t anyone afraid of facing Allah any more?Recommend

  • Indian

    @ Sane

    Much appreciated.Thank you.Recommend

  • Genesis

    Read the many namas left behind by the great Mughals and other Islamic kings.Recommend

  • Indian


    Why do you refer to tribals as junk..where is your humanity ?
    Maybe if the well off Hindu’s did something about their poverty and provided them basic facilities,the tribals wouldn’t have converted.and remained hindu.
    Why do hindus object after conversion-where are they when the tribals were in poverty ?
    Indian law allows citizens to follow any religion- so if you object-you’re insulting our nation.
    Next time you feel troubled over conversion,please go serve the poor,before they’re helped by others. Okay ?
    Mind you sir-I’m not saying this because I’m muslim. I’m not.Recommend

  • Indian


    Much appreciated.Thank you.Recommend

  • http://blogs.tribune.com.pk/author/430/faraz-talat/ Faraz Talat

    Good article.

    And as for our Indian friends, your comments disappoint me.

    Yes, it’s loads of fun to watch and even participate, when Pakistani bloggers are discussing Pakistan’s shortcomings. But hear a peep out of someone against India, and it’s rage-city.

    I encourage you to be a little consistent in your positions. If you’re advocating secularism for Pakistan, as I do, you’d do well to not act as apologists for your own political parties when they violate your nation’s secular values.Recommend

  • http://blogs.tribune.com.pk/author/430/faraz-talat/ Faraz Talat


    >”If you’re really concerened about India- then publish this article in INDIA so many more can read and understand. Okay bhai?”

    If Indian bloggers can’t write for Pakistani sites, Indian commenters shouldn’t comment on Pakistani sites either.

    Or maybe we can all just stop beating the drums of jingoism. That’ll be nice too.Recommend

  • http://www.pltacademy.com Travel_Tart

    I am shocked by the comments above.
    Spread love, not hate!Recommend

  • http://tribune.com whitesky

    “The radicalisation of the main opposition party, the BJP, is a matter of concern. They are making a serious bid to capture power in Delhi next year. If that happens then what the Madhya Pradesh government is attempting to do today the BJP will try to replicate it in other parts of the country”
    —- BJP was in power in the past in Delhi at federal level and that was the time when efforts were made to solve the Kashmir issue and concrete steps taken to normalize the trade. If it comes again in power why there is a fake fear in author’s mind . Indians are more worried about the economy and betterment of general people than Pakistan or the Muslims or the religion. Every political parties including the so called congress ( who claim to be the secular and champions of plurality) does play the religious cards to lure the vote banks and in the process appease the Muslims. As the congress apprehends loss of votes its youth wing tried to stop the Dosti bus to gain political mileage. Same is the case with Samajwadi Party. So there will be efforts to polarize the votes . India’s democracy and its secular fabric is quite strong and BJP knows its limit.
    So far as Bhagwat Gita is concerned to be included in the curricula of all Madarrasah text books what is the wrong in it. Why the culture of Indianism and the importance of KARMA be made known / understood. It does not teach anything against any religion.MP govt. should have countered the pressure of all by logic and rationale and if necessary a debate but the vote bank politics( to loose some liberal votes) have its limitations. Recommend

  • Insaan

    @I am a Khan: If you are a Hindu and your Girl Friend is a Muslim, then understand that she just has a Muslim name!

    A whole lot of young Muslims date non-Muslims in Western countries, but end up marrying their own cousins. Recommend

  • Dp

    @ Faraz Talat

    My dear brother, Pls. reread my comment.
    Im asking the author to spread his concerns by publishing in India. How are Indians to benefit if it’s printed in a Pakistani paper which must be read by a few dozen Indians out if 1.2 billion ?
    And doctor- the few dozens who’re defending the bjp shouldn’t represent 1.2B people… Not every Indian defends saffron parties.
    Happy Independence Day to everyone across the border :)Recommend

  • observer


    **Read the many namas left behind by the great Mughals and other Islamic kings.**

    Oh! You bet, I have. In fact Indian history books are full of them.

    But is that all there is to Indian history? Or, Was there an India before the Islamic invasions, too? And is that not part of history?

    @Sanjay Kumar, wants us to believe there wasn’t any?Recommend

  • Jai

    Ah another jewel from the school of pseudo secularism. I don’t approve of Gita being taught in govt funded schools. And i don’t approve of the Quran being taught in any govt funded school either. For that matter any religion. But the decision by MP govt was to teach Gita in govt funded madarssas which are already teaching the Quran. So why is teaching the Quran secular and teaching the Gita communal? I’d rather see govt funding stopped to the Madrassas. That would be true secularism. To separate govt funding from the promotion of any religion.Recommend

  • Fahad Raza

    @Faraz Talat:
    Good oneRecommend

  • Indi

    @ Faraz Talat

    I agree with you..the Indians here are defensive.I think you can understand that the extra bitterness is from fresh memories of watching the state funeral of the 5 soldiers who died.Maybe that memory made the arguments more acrimonious.
    Happy Independence day to everyone…Recommend

  • Indi

    @ Faraz Talat

    I agree with you…the few Indians on this blog are defensive. But you may understand their minds better if you understand that the memories of the state funerals of the five soldiers are still fresh…maybe those memories are making their arguments more bitter and acrimonious.
    Happy Independence Day …Recommend

  • Milind

    @Faraz Talat – Sorry to disappoint you sir… The ones (including me) taking umbrage to this article are rankled due to the white lies from this author…which paints as if the entire Muslim population here is under siege and threat due to a Hindu course being pushed ahead by the BJP-led Govt.
    You would understand what I mean if you read Humaira’s response above…

    Just teaching a Muslim a few Hindu scriptures doesn’t mean he/she’s under threat from Hindus… Most of us Hindu readers above would not be averse to learn a few verses of Koran promoting tolerance, humility, as well – our faith wouldn’t be threatened. What irks us, is that we Hindus are supposed to carry the burden of secularism, whereas no such demands are made from Muslims here ( who prodded by cynical politicos whine if they perceive an affront on their religion).Recommend

  • BlackJack

    @Faraz Talat:
    Good article.
    And as for our Indian friends, your comments disappoint me.

    This is not a good article – because it is filled with inaccuracies. If the only way that you can prove that my way is wrong is by fudging the facts, then it is difficult to have a discussion. Many Indians in the posts above have described why this blog is of poor quality – it has nothing to do with the writers political leanings but his willingness to distort the truth. And while I support secularism as an ideal for societies and for lawmaking, I find its use in politics and journalism (in India) as a self-serving tool for some to play communal politics and hand out certificates; this article is yet another example. Last, even if the state declares itself as secular, I don’t think that Pakistan can become a secular nation – the two-nation theory runs too deep in your life-blood for civil society to profess secular values.Recommend

  • http://blogs.tribune.com.pk/author/430/faraz-talat/ Faraz Talat


    What facts has he fudged, precisely?

    And even if we can argue over the extent to which India mistreats its Muslim minorities (anyone denying the mistreatment altogether, is evidently part of the problem), can’t we still agree on the fact that BJP’s attempt at pushing Hindu literature in schools was wrong?

    And I say this, exactly as I speak against Pakistan pushing Islamist/Nationalist ideas through school textbooks.Recommend