DHA: The hub of ‘open-air’ prostitution in Karachi

Published: July 29, 2013

The police turn their backs towards these activities. Either they are ignorant enough not to recognize the prostitution ring, or they are party to this business. PHOTO: AFP

It is said that prostitution is the oldest profession. While prostitution is itself a problem, ignorance of such taboos is a bigger problem.

Since a few years, Khayaban-e-Shujaat in DHA, Phase 5, Karachi has gained a notorious reputation of being the hub of prostitution. The section of the Khayaban specific to this booming business extends between A-street and Khayaban-e-Tanzeem. Another operating area is at the intersection for the main Zamzama Boulevard.

The female sex workers, their pimps, a multitude of auto rickshaws and an ever increasing clientele are a daily affair on this road. From dawn to dusk, the business is in full swing. The clients are mostly domestic help, chauffeurs, cooks, guards, gardeners and especially relatives of VVIP security personnel who visit Karachi from rural areas. Most of them are employed by the residents of DHA.

Vehicles can often be seen parked in deserted nooks and corners along roads going to and fro from this area, serving as a quick replacement for room and bed. In this regard, many complaints have been made to authorities while some objections have been received by security guards or owners of the property where such activities are carried out. Unoccupied bungalows in the street also provide shelter for these activities.

The police turn their backs towards these shenanigans, either because they are ignorant enough not to recognise the prostitution ring, or they are party to this business. My guess is the latter. In any case, they are a waste of resources, as they have failed to respond to the complaints registered by residents. This is also true for the DHA vigilance team, who clear out areas only for these spots to be re-occupied by female sexual workers once the patrolling vehicles move on.

Attempts to curb this thronging business have failed miserably..

While prostitution is common in many commercial areas of DHA, this is a unique ‘open air’ market, where customers can window-shop, stop, stare and haggle over rates before riding on with their escorts.

From a healthcare perspective, there is under-reporting of sexually transmitted diseases in Pakistani female sexual workers, because the topic in itself is a no-go area.

However, according to a study done in 2009, titled ‘Care seeking for Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) symptoms in Pakistan’, over half of the female sexual workers, male sexual workers, transsexuals, intravenous drug abusers and truck drivers who had experienced symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases received treatment for their symptoms. The study also states that approximately one third of them did not report their symptoms to a healthcare unit. Most care is received from private clinics rather than public ones. Genital-related symptoms were the most commonly reported.

Female sexual workers could be the source of STIs like syphilis, chlamydia, gonorrhoea, Herpes Simplex Virus 2 (HSV-2) and Hemophilus Ducreyi. A local study ‘Sexually Transmitted Infections in Pakistan‘ at an STI clinic in Faisalabad concluded the highest number of cases reporting treatment for Syphilis.

Also transmitted sexually are diseases like Hepatitis B and HIV;  unprotected sexual intercourse leads to the spread of these diseases.

As mentioned earlier, prostitution is the oldest profession; no matter how hard we try to curb it, it will pop up someway or the other. Thus, ideally speaking, female sexual workers should be offered health checkups, HIV testing and serology and regularly encouraged to undergo pap smears for Human Papilloma Virus (HPV Serotypes 16 & 18), related to cervical cancer.

Moreover, awareness campaigns for female sexual workers on transmission of STIs should be carried out by organisations. Provisions of condoms and other contraceptive methods should be discussed with them so that they protect themselves as well as their partners.

The health department’s intervention is required to register female sexual workers who are HIV positive and offer them treatment through proper channels. The residents of DHA should also play a part by keeping a check on the activity of their domestic help and chauffeurs, who may be carrying STIs, at risk of infecting their spouses once they visit their hometowns. Also, food handlers, baby sitters and maids should be given adequate information on hygiene and the risks of STIs.

Although prostitution has its accompanying stigma, if it is ignored further it can have devastating consequences on our health and social well-being.


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Jahanzeb Effendi

Dr Jahanzeb Effendi

A young doctor, First Responder and Co-founder of First Response Initiative of Pakistan, FRIP. Training the general public to become first responders. Aspires to be a Cardiac Transplant Surgeon and build Pakistan's first Organ Sharing Network. Believes in writing for change. He tweets as @Jahanzebeffendi (twitter.com/Jahanzebeffendi)

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Tanzeel

    People of DHA should’ve voted for PTI, to resolve all these issues. Oh Wait! they did!Recommend

  • Nadir

    What is the evidence for this statement? “The clients are mostly domestic help, chauffeurs, cooks, guards, gardeners and especially relatives of VVIP security personnel who visit Karachi from rural areas.”

    All you are doing is stigmatizing an entire class of people. People of DHA should “keep a check of their servants”? Really? The same employers who dont pay their workers on time, higher children as servants, dont give adequate food or clothing, dont give proper holidays, break labour laws, they are the ones who are going to “keep a check”?

    This is a lazy article, which is surprising from a doctor that you are stigmatizing a whole group of people. Or are only poor people hiring prostitutes and what off the “residents of DHA”? You think they are not consumers of the worlds oldest profession?Recommend

  • kanwal

    This is a very serious issue, specially the point about the health of the people involved. These men go on to infect their innocent wives and get away with this. Recommend

  • winston1952

    If you really want to stamp out trafficking, rather than outlaw it why not legalize and regulate it?
    You can get a better idea of a sex worker’s life by watching a documentary on the business “American Courtesans”. This is a film about escorts’ lives made by an escort. The escorts talk as do their families about everything. Many are in it voluntarily and have families and pay taxes. It has been shown in many film festivals including the Women’s International Film Festival and The ECU and won awards.
    ’American Courtesans’ became available on-demand July 12 in over 100 million homes across the US and Canada — including on some of the largest cable systems in the country – Comcast, Time Warner, Recommend

  • Olive

    it’s time to challenge demand, no man has the right – or ‘need’ – to use women’s bodies in this way. Google The Invisible Men project about punters – see their sense of entitlement and callousness towards women. Recommend

  • Zubair

    I do agree with Nasir comments below, Jahanzeb Effendi should have taken a sensible approach while writing this article without blaming only people of one particular class, why not comment on the Elite class.Recommend

  • I am a Khan

    Agreed. This article tries to pass the blame on the servants. The word on the street is that the clients and the prostitutes come from the wealthy ‘actual residents’ of DHA. Sad but that area of karachi has a particularly bad reputation in this regard. Recommend

  • Waseim


    “Moreover, awareness campaigns for female sexual workers on transmission of STIs should be carried out by organisations. Provisions of condoms and other contraceptive methods should be discussed with them so that they protect themselves as well as their partners.”

    SEX EDUCATION for prostitutes and not for other how discriminatory :PRecommend

  • Khurshid

    This is a real article as I live across the spot where these women sell themselves to filthy foul smelling ugly fat men from all over DHA. Police station Staff Darakshan protects them and even they use the commodity themselves Recommend

  • Insaan

    @kanwal: This is a very serious issue, specially the point about the health of the people involved. These men go on to infect their innocent wives and get away with this.

    It is better to make prostitution legal. Require prostitutes to undergo medical examination regularly to prevent spread of STD.Recommend

  • Babo sabo

    It’s a woman’s body. She should be allowed to use it in whichever way she feels is appropriate.Recommend

  • Muhammad Usman

    Stop demonizing sex workers.They are providing a service for which demands exists,if there was no demand there would be no supply.It would be much better to bring them in the tax net.Register all the sex workers,get their NTN’s made and earn income tax from the services they provide.Instead of stigmatizing them and treating thems as outcasts they should be brought into mainstream society.Recommend

  • Ali naqvi

    Why doesn’t FBR register all the brothels and the prostitutes and start taxing them?As it is our tax revenues are miserably low,why not tax prostitution and earn valuable revenue?Our hypocrisy towards prostitutes must end.We all condemn them,abuse them but say nothing about the men who avail the services of the prostitutes.The prostitutes are only providing a service for which a huge demand exists,the government might as well earn some taxation revenue from it.Recommend

  • Fatima

    The title of the article is talking about prostitution very sarcastically and then sympathizing with those involved in it? =/
    It is the oldest profession so what, we should allow it? Besides, even little kids are making love these days and they i suppose have no clue whatsoever about sexually transmitted disease. Sexual Education is important after a certain age and prostitution is illegal and not Islamic and again it’s a responsibility of our STUPID government to eradicate it from our so called ” Islamic Society”.Recommend

  • Pakistani Ostrich

    I agree with your observation.

    On one hand the author stigmatize and entire ‘poor’ class of DHA by stating..

    “The clients are mostly domestic help, chauffeurs, cooks, guards, gardeners and especially relatives of VVIP security personnel who visit Karachi from rural areas. Most of them are employed by the residents of DHA.”

    Then the author goes on to mention in the same paragraph..

    “..Vehicles can often be seen parked in deserted nooks and corners along roads going to and fro from this area, serving as a quick replacement for room and bed..”

    How did the ‘serving’ class get these ‘vehicles’? They are rentals too? Considering what these ‘servants’ get paid, it seems highly unlikely.

    What about very wide spread and easily accessible high class ‘young’ prostitutes used by ‘owners/uncles’ of DHAs in karachi as well as lahore. If any of the readers find my statement hard to believe ask any of the ‘uncles johns’ for the phone numbers. The pretty young escorts get delivered faster than pizza!!Recommend

  • FF

    Karachi has its own Heera Mandi..woohooRecommend

  • SIC

    The said areas pointed out in the article are real.
    The women on Shujjat, A street, and Tanzeem are all residents of Essa Nagri, Korangi, Karachi. There has been a crackdown of them once before, and they were removed for a considerable period of time. The man who backs these women is an employee of the CID. Their madam is an obese, dark skinned, bad mouthed woman who is usually seen keeping a watchful eye over the business.
    The author is correct in a few facts, and really deluded in some.
    It’s true that the police backs the trade, receives Rs. 25k a month from those established in houses, though from these street ones it’s usually a freebee, and/or a 15% share from their profits/earnings.
    The DHA Vigilance, receives a payment as well.
    It’s quite simple, “Demand and supply”, and not all clients are from the lower class as the writer pointed out. Some of them are from the elite who are looking for a cheap night out with their friends.
    Those who wish to close their eyes, have always done so. Does not change a thing.
    The ones on Zamzama will only escort a person in an expensive vehicle. The ones standing outside the banks on the main road are she-males. If anyone requires more proof, just go up to any of these people and ask them yourself, after all this is the only tax free business, backed by the relevant authorities.Recommend

  • fahd

    @tanzeel: Mr. Einstein Pti is not in the government. Oh wait! You should already know that!!!!Recommend

  • https://twitter.com/rectified_guy Ammad Hafeez

    The change is here. PTI has brought the revolution in Defense/Clifton.Recommend

  • Ghazala Ikram

    Ok PTI in government in KPK please stop NATO supplies there so that drone attacks could be stopRecommend

  • Poison

    This article is very biased, targeting only the lower working class while not the elite class of Karachi living in the same areas, you cannot pin point anyone. Those who don’t get salary in time or live hand to mouth, how are they able to pay the rates of prostitution. And if you have done some working, before pointing at a particular group you would have known that in this business there is division on the basis of rates so for elite class there is a separate class of prostitutes. I think one should understand all the ground realities before putting blame on anyone.”THINK BEFORE YOU INK”. Recommend

  • Ch. Allah Daad

    Very informative article, although few points are debatable. e.g. domestic servants, drivers etc. most probably come there to negotiate on the behalf of their employers. Also why government would spend public’s tax money for the health and welfare of sex workers and their clients. The only option left is that government should regularize this industry, collect taxes and spend those taxes for the benefit of industry. Recommend

  • Hasan

    Very true & so very sad. Authorities are sleeping :/Recommend

  • mr.pti

    I was shocked to se prostituties selling sex AT Airport chok Islamabad. Police standing there and doing noting. First time a saw these thing in Pakistab was few years ago when i visited Pakistan on vacation traveled to Lahore when entered Lahore at 8pm u could se girls standing there talking to customers.. I was told by my driver police officers standing there will capture customers take bribe and let them go.

    Pakistan isnt Pakistan i left. I hear my cousines and they tell stories from schools about girls. For me electronic media has played big rule i living in europe is shocked what they show on channels in PakistanRecommend

  • http://blogs.tribune.com.pk/author/430/faraz-talat/ Faraz Talat

    The health department’s intervention is required to register female sexual workers who are HIV positive and offer them treatment through proper channels


    Prostitution is illegal. How do you expect them to put their names on the official register as ‘HIV positive sex workers’ and not get arrested immediately for prostitution?

    This is actually the key problem with making the entire sex trade industry illegal: the real problems like trafficking and disease transmission can no longer be prevented by the authorities, as the entire industry disappears underground, off the government’s radar and out of its regulatory hand.Recommend

  • IlmanaFasih

    @Nadir: Couldnt agree more.
    So typical of an elitist mindset, coming out of DHA? If there was no clientele from the residents of DHA, would the business mushroom in the expesive are of Karachi? Common sense, but aint that so common, yeah.Recommend

  • Masood

    IF they are not in the government than they are in opposition …. PTI nver raised uptill now any issue ralted to Problems of Karachi … PTI is only working to defame Altaf hussain MQM .. IF PTI should focus peoples problem including kidnapping for ransom which is the highest in na 250 …. that would be more better for them ….Recommend

  • Ammar

    @ fahd: aren’t they the representative of that area? I think being in the assembly counts for something isn’t it? Recommend

  • MJ

    Easy way to shut down this business is to start distributing condoms on that street. Then all the “ghairatmunds and Momins” of Karachi will rise up and stop this nonsense. Recommend

  • malik

    trying to turn a social issue into a political one ,especially after the other party (PTI) slap on their faces ….

    like as soon as this Other party won …this business was started …!! right .

    so it was OK then … Now its not …

    Get a Life… Recommend

  • IK

    @Tanzeel: Lol really? Like this started after the elections? What do you eat? Recommend

  • just_someone

    Dude, this article is so terrible! Recommend

  • fmkhan213

    sorry but that is too gross to say…!!Recommend

  • really?

    A condom ad was banned for not being in line with Islamic tradition but prostitution can openly continue. Great!Recommend

  • rehman

    Dha or karachi do alag cheezein hain na?Recommend

  • Azubaijan

    Stop blaming PTI for everything. Have some common sense brothers!Recommend

  • http://trango.co/top-ten-linkedin-idiot/ Editor at Trango

    meanwhile, the nation hates on Mathira for trying to educate people on contraceptives while doing absolutely nothing to teach the same to their maids and drivers. Jahil educated elites for the win!Recommend

  • Khan

    DHA has its hand in every pot out there, so why would they forget this profession? Recommend

  • MH

    @ masood as if we dont know who picks up these people from NA 250 for ransom. everyone knows and Im sure even you know who the namaloom afraad are.Recommend

  • MAD

    Why is PTI being debated here and why in blazes is the moderator even okaying such irrelevent comments. have some sense please. Oh and in DHA these girls/ she males can be seen on Main Zamzama boulevard, Khayaban e Hafiz, Khayaban e Muhafiz, main Korangi Road, Two talwar/ teen talwar and pretty much everywhere else. Badr Commercial also has some ill repute for this.Recommend

  • ABKhan


    “People of DHA should’ve voted for PTI, to resolve all these issues. Oh Wait! they did!”

    This is the result of voting MQM several times in the past. Recommend

  • Khan

    Lol. PTI gets one seat in Karachi yet the trolls will blame it for all Karachi problems. That’s nothing but pure bias and hatred.Recommend

  • ptr

    @Muhammad Usman:
    Read the article again and carefully this time’Recommend

  • choclet

    why bring in pti?? when JE starts off with a hackneyed “prostitution being the oldest profession” then i suppose he wasn’t ‘old’ enough to notice that such activities were in full swing on main clifton road, shamsheer and zamzama – patronized by the well off! since the last century!Recommend

  • nasreen

    Translation please!Recommend

  • Adeel

    this industry should be stopped rather than to be facilitated.We can not distribute condoms and other contraceptive products to the prostitutes.Rehabilitation process of the prostitutes should involve complete abstinence from their profession and then health facilities provided. Recommend

  • knowledge

    No PTI, nor government no nothing….everyone change your own life first..
    these are the sign of the end of days, everyone can see around that these and other things are happening in the poor and rich both communities…all of us should pray for forgiveness to Allah…

    [Some major sign of qayamat}:
    1. Illegal sex (Zinah) will become widespread.
    2. Women will be naked in spite of wearing dresses.
    3. The number of women will increase.
    4. Killing will increase.
    5. Time will pass more quickly.
    6. Earthquakes will increase.Recommend

  • Gemini

    @Tanzeel: Dude I am 25 years old and I saw first case of street prostitution at the age of 18 when I worked there in DHA phase 6. You still think PTI should be blamed for this :)Recommend

  • naushad

    there is this spot at the POST MALL in Jinnah Super Islamabad. Right after the sunset you will see these girls from all these katchi Abadis standing there and cars thronging there for a quick booking and take away. with a police station also in Jinnah Super, one woders who else is benefitting from the business.Recommend

  • sultan.n

    Simply a matter of DEMAND and SUPPLY dude !! Can’t stop by giving lectures or writing articles.Recommend

  • TTV

    You can eliminate the supply, but not the demand. It’s one of the world’s oldest professions for a reason.Recommend

  • Asad

    @Nadir: Dear Nadir.. I am a victim of the issue.. The check is to maintain that your servant (your employee) is not using the servant quarter (his room provided by his employer) for his friends and colleagues to party with street prostitutes … I found that my servant was using the servant quarter along with his cousin bringing girls for the same usually after 02:00 am when we were all at sleep .. Some cases we are aware of our friends, they found their servants renting their quarters/rooms when the employer is travelling or not at home..

    Wish you were living near by this street.. You would have a better understanding of the article. Recommend

  • Asad

    @Pakistani Ostrich: The drivers dude .. ! Our Drivers … ! Our cars are with our drivers 24/7. Try to understand the context without starting the blame game.. Recommend

  • Nony

    They should manage it, probably a club or Brothel Street would work. However, if anyone would say that it is un-Islamic then let me tell you one thing, this will spread in every single street. Religion has completely failed to address basic human instincts. This happens everywhere and it will keep happening, the choice is yours whether you want it concentrated or scattered. However, blaming only workers and leaving apart those who teach these works the art is unfair. However, nothing is wrong with it, poor as well as rich should have equal rights to do it. Bring in some solutions.Recommend

  • Parvez

    @sultan.n: Its about demand and supply. …….. Great comment, one that makes complete sense.

  • womenrule

    Oh ok while prostitution just goes against feminism, liberal values and ethics .. but ok prostitution on the streets of dha is illegal because it concerns the impoverished classes lol .. bitty the rich can continue going to massage parlors and spas, Thailand and Hong Kong .that’s legitimate right? If the rich do it, its fashion modernism what not .. but if the poor do it, it is maya khan to the rescue lolRecommend

  • Asad

    @womenrule: What should I do if I belong to an Impoverished Class ? Let my driver use my car to enjoy time with prostitutes ? and my Servant to use his servant quarter which is very much inside my property to sleep with prostitutes ? Recommend

  • Imtiaz

    The latter part of the article is more than hinting toward legalization of prostitution. True, it has been around for the longest time but but the more suppressed it is the better, the more ppl know about it the more the problem is going to spread.
    These prostitutes know very well about the dangers they put themselves and others in, this is not the 70s . They are in the business and this is a well known occupational hazard for themRecommend

  • Insaan

    @Asad: Let my driver use my car to enjoy time with prostitutes ? and my Servant to use his servant quarter which is very much inside my property to sleep with prostitutes ?

    If your servant and driver have g/f’s would you let them have fun? Your driver and servant are human beings too. Poor servant can’t even do it after 2 AM. Recommend

  • Masood

    As all over the world muslims are stereotype as terrorist and they have nothing to with terrorism so what in all over Pakistan MQM people are targetd as terrorsit as theyhave nothing to do with the killings in Karachi … no one dares to analyze the dirty game of agency @MH: Recommend

  • MNA

    Thanks for educating me that these ladies are CSW’s ……
    I had always thought they were PTI supporters.

    You can’t blame me, I am a die hard MQM supporter living in the neighbourhood……with y’all Punjabees and Pakhtons. Recommend

  • Pakistani Ostrich

    I was just pointing out the fact that the prostitution is equally if not more pervasive in the upper class residing in DHAs too, the author should be equally offended by that. You being the resident of DHA must be aware of ‘every thing goes’ parties that are thrown in certain areas of DHAs almost nightly, don’t you?
    Here is a thought, people like you are responsible for the prostitution seen on streets of DHAs. As you should not let your drivers,maids,servants et. al. to roam around in cars at wee hours of the night.
    How is that sound?Recommend

  • SM

    I am horrified by the comments of some people; hinting at making something as disgusting, shameful, against the tenets of Islam as prostitution legal? Why are we sleeping, as people claim they witness this everyday why do they not do anything to stop it, today they claim that it is their servants tomorrow it will be their children. It is our responsibility to rise against such horror. Why do we not do something to rehabilitate these women, or to arrange support on the promise that they would not do anything like this in the future or simply admonishing them; or asking them to leave immediately from where they are soliciting. Or simply ask them to beg rather than be prostitutes. Begging is better than selling your soul, religion, faith and peace of mind. Why do we IGNORE rather the PESTER these women into taking their existence off our lands. Recommend

  • Qasim

    Khayan-e-Sujat lol just made it more pubic, I bet everyone who commented is going to keep an eye while cruising around the lanes ;)Recommend

  • TTV

    @womenrule: prostitution just goes against feminism
    How exactly is prostitution against feminism? Feminism advocates for equal rights and freedom for women. Most women get into the business via their own accord. They are exercising their freedom by choosing to provide these services. There’s a vast difference between prostitution and sex-slavery.Recommend

  • http://gujrat RAW is WAR

    world’d oldest profession.Recommend

  • Nony

    You know what those loser nationas which do not contribute anything to this world and its civilisation, keep on bringing the signs for end times just to make their point that this world is going to an end so it’s worthless to do anything positive but yeah do not forget to use all the products which other nations produce. We know when the world will end and that is some million years from now. so stop this stupid disscussion here. You call this knowledge ? I call it surrender and lack of self esteem.Recommend

  • Sara Urooj

    Dear Nadir Who ever dare to write a report always goes for fact finding first. If the writer is a doctor and he is sensitive to the social issues, that means he is a multi talented person. Social issues can be only be raised by the person who is interested to raise their voice for it.Here with this writing i must say that he is concern the source or medium for STDs (sexually transmited disease) and the officials giving their back.he is not stigmatizing a class the area he mentioned is the area for the elite class. and usually the raods are barren from heavey traffic and public. this gives chance to the professions like this to flourish. of course who will miss the chance.Recommend

  • Sara Urooj

    Good work JahanzebRecommend

  • Asad

    @Insaan: I don’t think you are being any “INSAAN” discussing this issue.

    First of all we are not discussing girl friends, we are discussing prostitution here and I am a married person and we are a family of 8 persons living in one house with my bhabi and bhanjis and of course my wife. You are insisting me to allow, in fact provide my place to be used for prostitution for my servants ?? Really??Recommend

  • Asad

    @Pakistani Ostrich:How can you judge that the author is not offended by “nightly parties” and other wrong things happening in the locality ? Here, by this letter he is just providing us (the residents of this locality) a great service to BUST the DHA and POLICE authorities to stop the activities immediately… !

    We are aware of the fact and so we keep an eye on them, this letter is for the awareness of the residents of the locality; will be printed and distributed to each and every house near by. Recommend

  • danny boy

    ok so you are saying prostitution should be legalised right?

    how else would we keep track of the number of prostitutes working and give them a health card?Recommend

  • abdul

    Now this news has come, Lets Pray the Taliban, Lashkar-i-Jhangvi, dont explode on the prostitutes,
    Prostitutes are human and they need to earn and eat, two girls were burnt alive because they were dancing in the rain, 45 sisters died in Bolan Medical Complex suicide bombing, a 11 year old girl was raped for 5 years by her father, 57 shia`s killed in peshawar, …..the list goes on…

    Its a waste of time highlighting prostitution, Recommend

  • Insaan

    Government can create a special zone (area) where these girls can do their business safely. Recommend

  • Racer

    Thanks for the info, bro.Recommend

  • najil

    anyone can judge the state of affairs by just reading the article and the comments. In Urdu its called Himam mein sab nange hain. just try to look inside your collars. And if you care then pray for your kids may not they be dying some miserable death on a street or some where in a mud hole…….. infected by HIV hepatitis and the rest of khabees diseases. In fact one thing is clear from this entire article that no one cares. They think its very pop to talk rather than having any insight to the gravity of this problem. May Allah Almighty protect us and our near and dear ones from this filthy stinking rotten eggs, be it near us or far away from us. AmeenRecommend

  • ali

    It started off as an interesting bit of article but ended on a medical note. Sad!Recommend

  • Marvi

    After reading the Title of the article I was really happy that someone actually took the initiative to write about this topic..however I was disappointed when the writer suggested helping these prostitutes regarding sexually transmitted diseases rather than focus more on the main issue here that is eliminating this menace from at least the public eye. Living in zamzama I know how does it feel like..me an my sister can’t even cross the road without people rolling down their car windows n checking us out in an extremely perverted manner..we cannot even go to a shop near my place without my brother tagging along with us..it really angers me..and the sad part is that we have seen a number of police men but they don’t take any action to ask these women to leave.
    An as for servants an the lower class being their sole clientele is concerned..that’s totally biased..I have seen well educated young guys escorting these girls an Rolling down their windows an talking to them. Targeting one particular class was extremely wrong here Recommend

  • A. Khan

    @Tanzeel: That’s a very poor response to a very serious problem.Recommend

  • A. Khan

    The main reason for this is the increase in poverty levels in Pakistan since PPP came into power. This is a really sad state of affairs. People can joke and make caustic remarks about these girls/women but you don’t know the story behind each one. Who was trafficked and who gets a beating if she doesn’t earn the minimum each day ? Sex trafficking or sex slavery should be what the mullahs rail against not the imposition of sharia or drones.

    Problem is always with the demand and poverty ensures a ready supply. It is everyone’s duty as human beings not to use the sex workers as perhaps they are not doing it voluntarily. Always remind yourself, these are always, always … someone’s daughter, sister or even wife.Recommend

  • Siddiqui

    Is PTI is power in Karachi? Do they have administrative portfolios under [email protected]: Recommend

  • sharia

    100% islamic nation. Where are the so called protectors of islam…How come such act going on in our country we are expecting to come under sharia. A girl if goes to study, fatwa given against her, if did rain dance with full clothes , killed in firing , sang a song inside her house, whole family killed…………..what dual standard we arre pursueing.

    Islam protectors, sharia implementors must eradicate these type of crime 1st going with the involvement of all in power…

    such peoples involve in such act must be hit with stone till they die…….

    Allah bless such immoral acts will bring bad fortunes to our nation…..True muslim can never indulge in such act………….. Recommend

  • Rez

    “It is said that prostitution is the oldest profession”

    I think that is more of a say into an expression than a real fact. Murder, too, has existed since the beginning of time…
    I really don’t understand what the problem is then…Recommend

  • Rizwan


    Not a funny troll, try again :)Recommend

  • Em

    Why do you even bother? Recommend

  • Maya

    We know it goes on with people of all backgrounds regardless of class or profession.
    Whether we like it or not, there will always be a market for prostitution. Pakistan is one of the highest users of facebook, skype and pornographic sites. Hence, I’m not really surprised prostitution is booming also. So, it’s logical that we at least regulate this industry at least with a light ‘touch’. Sex education and screening is vital and there should be some kind of STD clinics available for both the sex workers and clients nearby.This is NOT condoning prostitution in any way. It’s merely ‘damage limitation’.Recommend

  • http://karachi javed sheikh

    This is because our society has made Nikkah very difficult/ costly and Zina easy/cheap. Before Islam, prostitution was rampant but after Islam it vanished because Islam managed so as men and women can get into Nikkah very easily so there was no need of Zina. Most wealthy people are living in Karachi, so poors influxing into Karachi and resorting to this profession to eliminate poverty. Moreover, Karachi lacks local administration, people from outside Karachi are holding power and administration in Karachi. This is the real problem of the people of Karachi. Forget Kashmir and Palestine, Karachi’s problem is more serious.Recommend

  • Assad

    Could not agree more. We need to realize that women would not be subjected to this treatment if men guarded their loins and remained within the bounds of marriage or abstinence.
    The self-defeating point about prostitution being the “oldest profession” could be made about any excess. Homosexuality has been around for a very long time, as has been murder, looting and pillaging. At one point in time, you have to stand for what is not appropriate and desist from it. Well lets focus on curtailing the demand and the supply will shrink by itself. For the men, as an Islamic scholar in North America put it, a reminder “check yourself before you wreak yourself!”Recommend

  • MJ

    @Javed – you have a nice theory but most of the “Zina” is committed by married men. Recommend

  • MJ

    @Asad, 100% agree with you, except for you last sentence. You are not quoting an Islamic scholar but an American rapper Ice Cube who had a song “check yourself before you wreck yourself” that he released in the early 90’s.Recommend

  • Ahmad

    The problem is not just refrained to this class , it can be said for the majority of pakistani males aging 20 – 50 , it is mainly beacause of the sexual frustration created inside them by not having sex . If you ask me , the girls and their parents are to be blamed , as there are very less rishtas and girls becoming more and more hard to get in karachi , thanks to the foreign media that controls the mind of these bytches . they have high hopes of getting married to a wealthy Tom Cruise . Girls you should start getting married to good boys and forget about your stupid dreams of getting a wealthy hollywood actor , or ,u have to start giving it to them now , or else who knows , your future husband has syphillis or other stds and he transfers it into you .Recommend

  • MinaKay

    I love how everyone is so quick to judge the author for trying to legalise prostitution. A) this is not his stance and b) legalisation of prostitution will only mean that sex workers will have access to health centres/clinics. The taboo that underpins prostitution clearly doesn’t work as a deterrent or we would not be witnessing such activity in the first place. Refusing to talk about something and pretending it doesn’t exist doesn’t solve any problems. We need to accept this as something rampant in our society and from there on we need to figure out ways to curb the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. And while I don’t agree with identifying a particular class of people as those indulging in such activities. The point the author is making isn’t that it is only those who indulge in this but it is this class of people that are most unaware of STDs. The rich and famous who dabble in this are quite aware of the dark and dangerous consequences of unprotected sex and therefor this awareness and access to health care isn’t as much an issue for them as it is for those belonging to the less fortunate segment of society. Anyhow, my point only is that I’m in consonance with the author and agree that we need to accept this harsh reality and work to exterminate its consequences as opposed to turning a blind eye towards it. Recommend

  • abid

    Dear you highlighted the issue in a well manner. The known history of society or even you just go through the Muslim Societies you would find prostitution in every society. I am always think about it that why Muslim rulers didn’t try to stop it or if they try why it wasn’t vanished.
    I think if we should not control it then we should regularized it and register the sex workers. That may be a suitable option to handle the health issues related to thisRecommend

  • Teach well

    It’s a shame to see the low standard of English language on this website time and time again. The lack of grammatical as well as journalistic conventions is terribly off-putting, and leaves a bad taste in one’s mouth.Recommend

  • Hamid Ur Rahman

    as a medical student i did enjoy the read but being too specific about the locations is not a great idea i suppose… every one has the tendency to do such misadventures if address is knownRecommend

  • babajee

    Murder, is acutually older than prostitution. You can’t stop it. So why not make it legal? Murder is a dangerous profession. The assassin can get caught, injured, tortured or die.. We should have healthcare for the assassin and protection of his family from revenge attacks.

    Cause as per the author “Although prostitution has its accompanying stigma, if it is ignored
    further it can have devastating consequences on our health and social

  • sajjad ali


  • Nadeem

    This is extremely concerning issue. Our society is completely going in the direction of western culture. The wrong usage of internet have made this more worse.
    I believe the parents have an important role in this. Parents should do Nikkah’s as soon as possible. The main reason behind this is the delays in marriage. To overcome this problem parents have to understand the feelings of their children, plus the Govt. need to play their part that is also very important point. Unfortunately we are lacking both in our society. May Allah help us.. Ameen
    “RETURN TO ALLAH before its too late”.Recommend

  • Rebellious

    the point i liked here is
    ‘No matter how hard we try to curb it, it will pop up someway or the other. Thus, ideally speaking, female sexual workers should be offered health checkups, HIV testing and serology and regularly encouraged to undergo pap smears for Human Papilloma Virus (HPV Serotypes 16 & 18), related to cervical cancer”
    But i Pakistan you cant offer these kind of health care facilities to them if you do some of our religious parties will make an issue of it… even liberal people will oppose this because no body cares about there health only they want there body …Recommend

  • izzle

    Makes me wonder how men in these low income jobs manage to pay for hookers. And how cheap exactly hookers come. Recommend