Singing the national anthem in a tank top: Worthy of abuse?

Published: July 23, 2013

I know that it is ‘only the internet’ and I need to have thicker skin; but some comments make me wonder what my people have become. DESIGN: IMAAN SHEIKH

The true face of people shows on the internet. Online anonymity has something thrilling about it which makes you say whatever you really want to. Unfortunately, some people (even while not being anonymous) say the cruelest, more hateful things on social media.

I tend to always feel a little depressed after going through the comments sections of public posts on Facebook. I know that it is ‘only the internet’ and I need to have thicker skin; still, some things leave me wondering what the people of my country have become.

A few days ago, I stumbled upon a video on Facebook. Around seven girls, dressed in tank tops – and some wearing shorts – sang the national anthem.

It appeared that they were Pakistanis living abroad. From the comments section and a little bit of research, I found out that they were contestants of Miss Pakistan, a pageant held in Canada. This video was a few years old.

I agree that the girls did not conduct themselves very suitably in that while singing the national anthem, they kept giggling; this did annoy me. The national anthem was out of tune and sounded like in a kindergarten morning assembly. However, all of them remembered the words of the national anthem.

This did not leave a bitter taste in my mouth; it was the comments section that did, yet again.

Here are some of the comments:

“B****hes. Sorry but that is the bitter truth”

“In sab ko jungli bhookay kuttoun ke agay chhor dena chahiye”
(They should be left in front of wild, hungry dogs)

“Lakh laanat in pe”
(Curse these girls a million times)

“Is this a s**t contest?”

“They need a secular system, these girls of bayghairat gharaanay (shameless families).”

Most of the comments even declared these girls Indians (I really don’t know by what logic), even going as far as saying that the video was a conspiracy to spoil the image of Pakistan. Ah, the things we deny. But did the girls really deserve to be called prostitutes for what they did?

I can’t say I did not expect anything contrary to what I saw in the swearword-riddled comments. I work in the web section of a newspaper and it requires clearing comments on articles too. Sometimes, we get comments disturbing enough to completely destroy the day.

I am sure most people here have seen a Facebook post or two about Malala Yousufzai. The comments there are always eye-opening. There have been posts comparing her to Arfa Karim, Dr Aafia Siddiqui and even Shahid Afridi (what on earth…?).

Today I saw a picture comparing her to Abdul Sattar Edhi.


The story below the picture was the same.

They went on to call a 16-year-old girl an “enemy of Pakistan and Islam”.

I found this comment under a Malala-Arfa comparison photo:

There’s even a page called “I hate Malala. CIA AGENT wife of Obama”.

Disagree all you want with her; go on to believe she is an American agent; why must you, however, call her cruel names? She is, in the end, only a 16-year-old, that too, from our own country! So are the girls in the national anthem video. Their identity is Pakistan.

What truly makes me sad is how people who claim to be so ‘ghairatmand’ shame others and call them bay-ghairat (without dignity). They go as far as calling them names and cursing their families. They negate all of their own upbringing when they do this. It is the worst kind of online bullying. A famous person is a person in the end, and you can poke mild fun at them or disagree with what they’re doing instead of making yourself look like a fool.

Do you find these girls singing the national anthem:

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Imaan Sheikh

Imaan Sheikh

An graduate with a degree in Mass Communication from the University of Karachi, she enjoys reading, writing and listening to classical psychedelic rock. She blogs at and tweets as @SheikhImaan (

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  • Noman Ansari

    By law, potential Pakistani parents should go through an intelligence test if they are allowed to breed. Recommend

  • Faraz Talat

    Our conundrum is that Pakistanis have no earthly idea of what brings dishonor to their country’s name.

    “Shame” is what is brought to us by an epidemic of honor killings, archaic laws, genocide of minorities, and the fact that so many terrorist attacks globally can be so easily traced back to Pakistan.

    If in our mind, our source of dishonor is a video of a Pakistani girl in a tank-top, then this country needs to take another look at its priorities, and find the answer to its despicable condition within.Recommend

  • ZElahi

    Agreee 100%!!!Recommend

  • Sarah B. Haider

    Spot on!! Pakistanis are truly fond of policing people’s morals.
    I came across this link text
    and this
    and this link textRecommend

  • structure

    @writer i understand that you are upset but the post does not make sense. Online bullying and trolling are two different things. Negative comments are something all Internet users know about. You have compiled a few but have not added any analysis or value. Recommend

  • ahmed

    good one!!!Recommend

  • Nauman

    @Noman Ansari:
    By law, Pakistanis of marrigeable age should go through an intelligence test before they are allowed to marry!Recommend

  • Erum

    This is Pakistan’s shame. The comments on the video – not the video itself.Recommend

  • Ahmed

    There shouldn’t be any Miss Pakistan contest It’s a disgrace to the name of this country. Haya(modesty, shame) has been lost altogether. But why would these seculars care.

    BTW, I don’t believe the fb comments were appropriate.Recommend

  • Anam

    Spot on.. !!!

    You must read “Not quite sane” by Nadeem Paracha.Recommend

  • ASQ

    they are living in canada i am pretty sure they have more haya in following traffic rules,followng lines,not stealing electricity etc than people over here.Recommend

  • Parvez

    Nicely pointed out.
    What one sees is the proliferation of diseased thought, a sickness that cripples nations. I would take this a bit further and say that this process was started years ago and deliberately engineered through the pulpit and our education system.
    Why ?………..because it cripples nations. To what end ?………… good question.
    Of late ET has been disallowing comments of this nature. I hope this gets printed because its posted with good intent.

  • Naveen

    It would have been wonderful if Pakistanis kept it to themselves. This ‘haay-tauba-Qayamaat aa gayi’ brigade from Pakistan doesn’t even spare us with their ‘Jaraa socho agar yeh tumhaari maa/behen/beti hoti’ type of cliches on youtube and other media sharing platforms. Bollywood’s corruption is the general target with Muslim celebs facing their particular ire. Recommend

  • Nandita.

    Can’t understand this obsession Pakistanis have with clothes.Truly baffling.
    The reason these girls were called ‘Indians’ is because Indian girls do dress liberally. In metros, it’s very common to see people dressed in the clothes these girls had adorned.Fortunately for Indian girls, no one lectures us about morality or gives us an earful about how good Indian girls should be dressed.Recommend

  • Nandita.

    Imaan, what the girls are wearing are NOT tank tops. :-)

    They’re wearing normal sleeveless T-shirts. Recommend

  • Hardliner

    @Noman Ansari:

    After reading your comments and your articles, I couldn’t agree more!Recommend

  • Hardliner


    And I can’t understand this obsession you have of writing a comment on every single news in Pakistan….????Recommend

  • Hardliner

    Despite my salty comments……. i agree that comments over the video were too much despite the fact that I myself do not find the video a representative of Pakistani nation.Recommend

  • Hafsa

    so who is bothering them and why this issue raised…..ruling elite westernized bachiian are roaming freely dude…..not an issue in our ghulamana society….i’m glad they know the national anthem….wish they knew our norms too…!Recommend

  • http://Islamabad Khan

    nothing but hypocrisy….. if one is able to monitor the web activity of these so called “thakedars” of Islam, you will be appalled. Just go to their facebook pages and you will see their activities, which is mostly viewing similar videos/photos and then spewing hatred. Recommend

  • bleh

    also, are u SURE nobody tells u how to dress?
    whatever happened to the Bharti Nari concept?
    what u are saying would exist in the city, but India is NOT just Mumbai, Delhi or Agra.
    India has its share of ‘dharam’ related issues which CANNOT deny. nor can pointing out Pakistan’s shortcomings help sweep it under the rug. Recommend

  • Nandita.


    Yup, I’m obsessed with Pakistan. And jealous too. :-) We, Indians, are not as progressive as you are and that really angers / saddens me and makes me green with jealousy. What to do man ?Recommend

  • GhostRider

    The problem here is simple “I am more holier than thou”. Recommend

  • GhostRider

    stop giving us same old lame Indian lectures. Your “liberals” relate the rape epidemic in India with dressing of women over there.Recommend

  • Anna

    @ Hafsa

    Do you even remember your National Anthem??

    Loved the sarcasm.

    P.S. I am Pakistani. Recommend

  • shadytree

    !st you need to have a look at the rape pandemic that is on you’re side of the border. Later then dwindle on what goes on in your neighbor’s house.Recommend

  • Nandita.


    I travel and trek extensively.Even during my travels to the remotest hamlets of Kerala / Himachal or uttaranchal I haven’t had a problem for wearing western outfits. No one has ever abused me for being westernized or wearing western outfits. Sure there are men who stare – but they’d do it even if I were in a salwar kameez. How a girl dresses is a personal matter – a random stranger who never walk up to her and lecture her. The Indian public is not as intrusive as Pakistani society seems to be.I’m sure there are families that impose a dress code but in my opinion, the average Indian is way more liberal than the average Pakistani. I see a reverse trend in India. Pakistanis are out to prove how pious they are, young Indians want to be seen as open minded, progressive – while we follow Indian traditions and customs. we are equally willing to adapt to the western way of life. Recommend

  • Nandita.


    I’m sure Pakistan has a rape epidemic as well. The difference is in India, we accept our problems and then try to solve them. The problem with Pakistan is that the question of solving the problem never arises because you guys do not even acknowledge that a problem exists.
    Secondly, what has rape got to do with clothes ? Are you saying Indian girls are raped because of the way they dress ? Do you think a woman wearing a salwar kameez wouldn’t get harassed or raped ? Recommend

  • Khurram Awan

    The comments on facebook not appropriate but i disagree with the Notion that we have made National Anthem into some sacred Religious saying. It is just a National anthem and you can hymn like a song anywhere .Also I can guarantee you just like Quran which is in Arabic and more than 95 percent PAkistanis could not understand it in a similar manner our National Anthem is not understood by more than 70 percent of the population including me because it is in Persian and also for me it is not sacrilege to start worshiping my country and anthem to prove my chauvinism attitude. Recommend

  • Hardliner


    Well then you need to travel more frequent in a Delhi bus….. :-DRecommend

  • Mj

    It’s very probable that severe repression and forced segregation which encourages misogyny and self-hate has led to the development of the attitudes shown in the comments. Recommend

  • http://yahoo Usama Qayyum

    Uncontrolled Secular terrorism is responsible for that for sure .Recommend

  • shadytree

    @ Imaan Sheikh
    What I see in your article is a heightened level of “confirmation bias”. You have a certain pattern of thought or ideals for & against certain elements. What you’re for and what you’re against is your choice on which I wont comment because that your right. But selecting only that specific information that supports your way of thinking “pathetic journalism”. When you need to make a point, make it by being unbiased and impartial.
    Just like these pages against Malala, there are ton of other pages made by westerners that curse Islam, are against theism and talk about raping women who are dressed in a hijab (a picture was posted of a woman who used the american flag as a hijab and the comments against were sickening). But I don’t see you making references about such pages, which is quite questionable.Recommend

  • http://Lahore Fudge

    These facebook comments reflect very well most things wrong with the society.Recommend

  • Umar Nisar

    I can’t see why people (most specifically men) are condemning the act.It’s just lovely.I hope next time they sing with lesser clothes on.Eagerly waiting for the next one.Recommend

  • shehla

    @Hardliner are you suggesting that you know better than Nandita what it is like to be an Indian woman? Do you think Pakistan is better off than India in terms of women’s rights? How dare you speak about rape in such a casual way? Recommend

  • shadytree

    And you know so much about how Pakistani’s don’t solve their problems ? Is it because you did a well carried out research or did you just stare the black box (T.V) and got fed by what it feeds:- Extreme cases that make headline news.
    And women don’t get raped because they are dressed thinly (although it is one of the “many” factors and dressed thinly does help arise the issue of morality even in the most developed countries, dress according to the occasion), it is because deviant minds are present in every society and belonging to different religions who carry out such acts.
    It’s just that when you want to create peace in a society, learn to respect things that people hold close to themselves and care for others. Don’t go firing your siren “freedom of speech” when you are actually not saying something that will matter but something that proves you are nothing but useless matter.Recommend

  • http://yahoo Usama Qayyum

    This usually happens when point 5 percent of burger elite Gora wanna be secular class try to hijack the identity of masses . The dressing is definitely inappropriate those who are singing national anthem and secular please dont come up with that logic now that it their personal matter because its definitely not a personal matter when newspaper and other sources have already published it on net . Secondly Have you ever visited to the western pages on which debates going on about burka Islam and taliban? Westerns have the same opinion about them as these Pakistanis are showing her regarding the posts . Other days seculars were actually roaring for freedom of speech so when it starts hitting them why they are turning back ?

    It was not jamate islami or any other religious ALqaida mindset that protested when the school in which malala use to study government announced to declare it on the name of malala but own people . Why malala is given so much hype is beyond my understanding least .We have Arfa karim and many young girls who did extra ordinary well and upraise the name of Pakistan . Yes the last picture in which the comparison has been shown between Eidhi and malal is absolutely spot on and seculars needs to digest it because it is definitely a joke when obama was given Nobel peace prize !. I am sure ET is not going to public my this comment because it exposes them badly Recommend

  • Nandita.


    Sirji, For you information – New Delhi is the fashion capital of India ( my opinion ) Girls dress as liberally as their western counterparts. The DTC buses are swarming with women in western outfits – But you see, a molestor would not discriminate on the basis of clothing. He’d molest anythingRecommend

  • http://yahoo Usama Qayyum

    How dare Endians are giving us lesson about women rights . Recommend

  • TNT

    You guys who like this article and all those with negative comments ,are moreover haters of Pakistan, who only know how to use facebook. You people are the one , who make my heart burn . You dont deserve to be Pakistaniz. And to those who have spend few days or years with GORAS think that they are superior and they have seen world, and Pakistan is totally crap. You guys dont know about ISLAM. You are the one make fun of islam, wearing less clothes does not give you freedom, and if someone stops they say that they are extremists , ” hamara apna islam hai, hum nay apni qabar may jana hai” Recommend

  • Nandita.


    And you know so much about how Pakistani’s don’t solve their problems ?

    Are you implying that you do accept and solve issues ?If that was indeed true, Pakistan wouldn’t be on the verge of collapse today.

    I’m not trying to gloat here about my country, I’m not trying to put Pakistan down – human misery does not give me pleasure. I am commenting here because the attitude of so many pakistanis baffles me. When failure stares you in the face – you need to recognize the problem, accept it and quickly find a way out. It disappointing to see Pakistanis do the exact opposite thing. Recommend

  • http://yahoo Usama Qayyum

    Express tribune is definitely promoting anti islamic and Pakistan mindset . This is not a hidden thing now that not only burger Mom dad Elite but Indians with a fake name and sometimes with a real name use to comment on it and come up with same secular hogwash here . I Listen Endians and Burgers Love Pakistan or leave Pakistan ! .Pakistan is a ideological state and we will never allow few liberal terrorist to hijack its essence . Why the seculars and ‘aman ki asha” is quiet upon latest happening in which Indian foreign affairs department employee himself recorded a statement in court that India is involved behind Bombay attacks ? .i bet you if this is some news about Talibans and Islam express tribune and its paid story writers write blogs for months on that Recommend

  • Mj

    @Usama Qayyum:

    You sound scared now that your isolated conservative echo chamber is getting challenged.Recommend

  • http://yahoo Usama Qayyum

    @mj Oh yes i am definitely Scared of burger writings which is not only limited to express tribune but whole world and involved in forming opinion of the people as People have really voted political parties in elections 2013 which believe on enlighten moderation and anti Taliban approach .LOL !. Recommend

  • usman

    where is the link to the video,i want to see it firstRecommend

  • Anj

    Is very easy to blame India or Pakistan When you are not Connected
    Its very easy to abuse Indians or Pakistanis When you are not related
    ts very easy to comment when you do not face the problems being an Indian or Pakistani

    Ask those divided families who just live with Memories
    Ask those girls married across border who stand in Q’s for days to get visa and want to see their parents

    The World Knows that These 2 countries have so much Potential that if they get together NO one can beat them SO NO ONE WANTS THEM TO HAVE FRIENDLY TERMS and GOOD RELATION

    What Pakistani media shows about India IS NOT REAL and What Indian media shows about PAK is not real.

    I live in both countries and face the reality and I see no difference in Their Culture, Food, Lifstyle, Language AND much more.

    What upsets me most is that Instead of bringing peace the youth Talks like this
    These Girls had guts to put in on Youtube, when Many many among us do this all the time
    Look into yourself how many of you abuse ur own country all the time Sitting behind the Idiot box.
    i have seen Many Paki / Indians blaming their country for so many things in private gatherings.

    Please People Prove that Education has Changed our thinking and Society.
    There is so much to achieve for your Countries then Blame themRecommend

  • mind control


    what u are saying would exist in the city, but India is NOT just Mumbai, Delhi or Agra.


    Indeed it is not Agra. It is Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Pune, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Chandigarh, Indore, Ahmedabad etc etc. Agra, certainly not.Recommend

  • indi

    nothing suprising there….. poor veena malik was threatened by entire pakistan ……including the general public….imagine if there was sherlyn chopra in pakistan !!! forget sherlyn pakistanis are against co education …..they would not allow couples sit together in mc donald LOLOLOLRecommend

  • Fatima

    Rightful conduct is determined by culture, which places more emphasis on women conduct and guise then any other attribute, she could be a social worker , a great mother, a human rights activist yet if dubatta slips off her shoulder she gets trapped amidst gazes of hatred and disgust. No doubts these young girls should have sung the national anthem with respect . And abut us God have mercy !!!! no doubt we r in such a miserable state of affairs,,,, as nature finds us mud slinging , slander, abusive language, leg pulling and corruption, usurbing the rights of others for minutest of benifits…. . Recommend

  • Mehdi

    @Nandita :

    You reason with people who is willing to introspect. In Pakistani civil dictionary this important word doesn’t exist. But you are doing a great job. But attempts would be futile.Recommend

  • Deepwater


    Love your comments and fully agree with them. However, you are showing a mirror to the blind. Many here have a regressive mentality as you can tell from the comments and the country as a whole finds astounding new ways to move backwards everyday. Recommend

  • shadytr33

    Thanks for bringing awareness to me that Pakistani’s don’t focus on solutions or don’t realize there were problems in the 1st place. I was completely blinded and you have shown me the light. :-/Recommend

  • Kulwant Singh

    U are right in India such things happen when the leaders of Shiv Sena and other like minded people perform religious policemen in Bombay Dehli and other metros.Recommend

  • Unknown

    If they were Candians why they were singing Pakistani National Anthem and in such type of dress? and why Miss Pakistan, why not they contest for Miss Canada?
    Those people who commented on the facebook against the video are wrong but you are also wrong because for you National Anthem have no respectRecommend

  • Sana

    This society is violent and full of hatred, they beat up a man for eating in Ramzan, thinking they were protecting the religion that teaches peace and mutual co-existence. Isn’t it sick? We need to revolutionize education at the primary levels: change this psyche. Recommend

  • http://gujrat Zalim singh

    tank tops?????Recommend

  • Raza

    Totally agreed.Recommend

  • TTV

    Unfortunately, comments such as these aren’t limited to just “un-islamic” videos. I’ve seen several people comment on the “Eye to Eye” video telling Taher Shah to kill himself. I find it disgusting that people would find humor in such grisly comments.

    Also, why has THIS article’s comment section turned into another Pak vs India battleground? India has its set of problems and we have ours. Try to to improve things in your OWN country before pointing fingers at others.

    @Usama Qayyum: Why can’t you people seem to understand that Secular =/= Anti-Islamic. This should be common sense by now, especially considering the fact that you have access to the internet. Recommend

  • abhi

    Though comment are little over the top, the dress code of girls are definately not pakistani.Recommend

  • Muziqmonk

    That is why I don’t go on Facebook and only follow known writers, scholars etc. on Twitter. Pakistani’s suffer from a deep sense of inferiority complex and by posting such comments, they are mostly taking out their own frustrations on others. Another contributing factor is how some of our well known and admired leaders use pedestrian language on talk shows and promote conspiracy theories like its the gospel. Better to just stay away from such filth. Recommend

  • Fazeel Randhawa

    appropriate ya inappropriate k ilawa koi option naen hai?Recommend

  • Emirati

    I agree with everything you have said in all your comments, but the ‘verge of collapse’ part is just plain rude propaganda you have been fed, I mean there have been such articles and reports about ‘Pakistan on the verge of collapse’ as you say it since the start of our existence, but 65 years have passed. We worked hard to build this country and we won’t let your wish of seeing it collapse come true. It’s deeply offensive to someone who’s grandparents sacrificed so much for.

    @Usama Qayyum: It’s us liberals who serve in the armed forces and in the govt., you didn’t make this country.


  • Rubab Tareen

    Dear Imaan Sheikh
    First of all if these girls think that they are Pakistani then they should never go to this kind of competitions. We are Muslims first then Pakistanis. Recommend

  • cosmo

    Most pakistanis are like you, whihc is excatly like being an Ostrich. You guys are talkign as if rape doent happen in Pakistan. The difference between India and Pakistan is that while Indian media and society is more aggressive to bring the rape cases out in public, in Pakistan it is brushed under the carpet.Recommend

  • Hasan


    Sirji, For you information – New Delhi
    is the fashion capital of India ( my
    opinion )

    It’s impossible to take you seriously when you come up with lines like this.

    Sorry kiddo, but a random statement (‘your opinion’) does NOT qualify as an argument. In the opinion of most of the world, for example, Delhi has been confirmed as the rape capital of the planet. See how ‘opinions’ work now? ;)

    It’s hilarious how when distressing news comes out of Pakistan, Hindustanis see it as the country being ‘on the verge of collapse’ (yet again…yaaaawn…) – but when we hear yet another shocking story about the mistreatment of women in Hindustan, all these keyboard commandos start posting messages in celebration about how ‘open’ and ‘tolerant’ they are, because the incident has been widely publicised. I have to agree with most of the other Pakistanis here – we have a huge task ahead of us in cleaning up our society, but we’re not at that point yet where Hindustanis can look down on us.

    And before the mullah brigade tries hijacking my opinion, let me add this also.

    How dare ANY OF YOU insult a group of girls for expressing pride in their country; Pakistan is not yours, nor is it mine, for us to claim ownership over how people should love it. ‘Secular terrorists’ (what?!) are not the ones who have been annihilating civilians in market places and bombing girls’ schools. If you want to insult Pakistan’s ‘burger class’ for being obnoxious, pro-western, pretentious and sheltered, by all means do so – but they are the ones who have to hide in fear when Mumtaz Qadri is celebrated in the streets, or when Shabbaz Bhatti (may Allah SWT give him peace in the afterlife) is gunned down in broad daylight. The religious zealots have no fear when they hold open rallies condemning Pakistan’s minorities; there is no danger of some educated, ‘fashionable’ group of whackos sending a teenage suicide bomber into their ranks to blow them to pieces.

    Pakistan WILL, inshallah, grow strong, day by day, and there WILL be a day when the people who insult Malala will be consigned to the same gutter as the liberal elite who siphon the blood off the poor just to fund their high-level trips to London and Dubai. When the dust has settled, you two groups have the same thing in common – you both have zero respect for the 180 million or so Pakistanis who just want to live in dignity and security.

    Author – great article. Keep up the good work.


  • abc

    @ nandita
    there are many pakistanis out there who want to change their country for better and take responsibility for their actions…your bhaasans are very annoying ..seems like you have “houlier than thou” syndrome just like the majority of the sub-continent people :)Recommend

  • bla

    i wouldnt go on bashing these girls just because they are wearing clothes that i wouldnt wear or consider inappropriate for myself, because that would be morally wrong. Men, especially should refrain from such harsh criticism, they have no right whatsoever. i am pretty sure almost all of these guys have 100’s of friends (girls) on facebook with fake profiles just so that they can get one rare chance of hooking up…despicable!!Recommend

  • Saim

    @Noman Ansari:

    Noman, suggest you take a volunteer “goofy” test !Recommend

  • Saim

    FB is like Gerry Springer show… hate it yet you love to watch, read, write, forward, reply to and broadcast.

    Imaan! I wasn’t aware of such hate comments until you put all together in your blog. Recommend

  • Hardliner

    @Usama Qayyum:

    Can’t agree more……!Recommend

  • Get A Life

    @indi: I think you’re confusing Pakistan with some other country: couples sitting together in McDonald’s is not a problem here.Recommend

  • Hardliner


    Atleast allow me to reply to those comments that are directed to me…….. what wrong did I say in the comment that u didn’t publish? You people are just biased!Recommend

  • shadytree

    So you’re implying that Indians take pride in their rape cases ? Tell me whats good about a woman being raped in the middle of a bus in broad day light by a group of men and no one does anything about it. And then there are foreigners getting raped in India.
    At least here in Pakistan our general public has a sense of morality where they would catch such people and take them to task mob justice which is not exactly the correct form of justice but at least an innocent person’s life and respect would be spared. Recommend

  • Anna
  • Critical Croissant

    Thank you, Iman, for this piece. I have wanted someone to address to this issue for a very long time. I feel horrible for these girls whose countrymen cannot appreciate them, instead they are sl*tshaming them.
    As for Malala, I don’t know what to say. God be with this girl if her own are not.
    Anyway well written and insightful!
    I’ll be waiting for your future posts!!

    Critical CroissantRecommend

  • http://yahoo Usama Qayyum

    Seculars and these liberal burgers other day actually criticizing and hitting talibans for not believing on the democracy and Constitution of Pakistan .By the way Seculars how much lawful are you people ? it looks like that you have every problem with the Islamic postulate of Constitution of Islamic republic of Pakistan .Democracy announced Ahmedis as minorities and its also the democracy which wrote in the Constitution clearly that sovereignty belongs to ALLAH and any law conflicting with Quran and Sunnah shall not be passed from the assembly .Why it is difficult for you to digest it ? Recommend

  • http://yahoo Usama Qayyum

    Amazing to see some indians talking too much high about their incredible india and thinks that with the help of hot katrina kaif and sonakshe thumkas .They will be able to hide the poverty effected face of shoodar and barhaman divided incredible India Recommend

  • Irfan

    People in Pakistan has too much extra time …I mean cursing? seriously? just becuase they were wearing tank tops. yeah It was inappropriate, and they should’ve followed the decorum, but nothing allows people to call them, names.
    Totally agree with the point you made about Malala, I’ve telling poeple the same thing. Yes you have your own ideas about how Malala is a CIA agent and blah blah, but at least use appropriate language. I’m really sorry to say but people who use lauguage like this are just reflecting their upbringing.Recommend

  • Hira

    I’m probably borderline liberal, have friends who tend to dress that way, don’t do so myself.

    Now, if I may say, there really is no PROPER way to sing the national anthem.

    However, there is a very PROPER way to represent Pakistan, and this is not it. Can’t tell them not to be dressed like that, because as the article tells us that these were contestants for a beauty pageant, and therefore, it pretty much is self-explanatory WHY they are dressed like that. But nonetheless, I do say that these people are destroying the image of Pakistan. Okay, they are confident. But Pakistan does not stand for this, and neither does Islam. You can be anything but a Muslim (even if you reside in Pakistan) and I will not question your morality – ever. However, if you’re going out to represent my religion and my country, I will question your dressing, your manner of speaking, everything. Because in you, I see a part of me.

    Whether or not the national anthem should be sung in that attire is a useless question, contradictory in itself. Recommend

  • Mehdi


    You are lecturing on patriotism when your pseudo name is “Emirati”. That’s funnyRecommend

  • Mehdi

    @Usama Qayyum:

    Sir, it is a reality and I am neither Indian or Pakistani, but India has earned world’s respect as an economic power house, every major companies want to invest in China and India. Nobody wants to go to Pakistan because it lacks security and proper infrastructure. Govt. is corrupt, people are blind sighted by the faith they follow. Pakistan has plethora of problems that they need to fix, they have more problems than many countries. So when outsider provide you positive criticism then please accept them and act on it.Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    I absolutely agree with what you are saying. People who don’t get what you are saying have issues. Recommend

  • john

    wow what cruelty, what tension, what suppression and oppression does the liberal community has to go through everyday in this intolerant country, right?

    This generation is increasingly worrisome. Writing a blog post on everything their sensitive feelings cant bear. What’s next? A post on how you were walking in the intolerant bigoted streets of the extremist country and was shocked to see a man telling his wife to wear dupatta properly, without even knowing the real story of course?

    Yes. I can see people writing blog about it here.
    What is this generation coming to? Stop making an issue out of everything!!

    Oh and, ‘inappropriate’ option has more votes but less percentage? Guess ET is caught red handed at misrepresenting the majority views to curtail their own liberal agenda.Recommend

  • Np

    The beauty contest is held in Canada for girls of Pakistani descent living outside Pakistan. Pakistan does not hold a beauty contest and since Miss World, Miss Universe etc. only allow contestants who have won the contest in their own country, Pakistani girls cannot contest in such pageants. Hence Miss Pakistan international or some such contests held every year in Canada and the participants are usually Pakistani girls living in USA, Canada, UK etc.Recommend

  • Gp65

    @Get A Life:
    Check with Noman Ansari please. He wrote a blog on the issue on ET. Clearly it was a problem for him.Recommend

  • Hasan


    …if you’re going out to represent my
    religion and my country, I will
    question your dressing, your manner of
    speaking, everything. Because in you,
    I see a part of me.

    And what if these girls hold the same opinion about you, then? What if they don’t like the way you represent Pakistan? Why should your judgement have greater impetus than theirs?

    Personally, I don’t feel comfortable at the thought of the overly privileged, super-western elite representing Pakistan. But I would certainly choose them as ambassadors over the Talibaan, who have gloated over the deaths of tens of thousands of innocent civilians. I would choose them over the chauvinist men who sit in the ladies’ sections of public buses and openly harass defenceless women. I would choose them over the numerous gangs of Pakistanis in Britain who have been convicted of grooming and assaulting girls as young as 10 and 11 years.

    But none of this really matters, because these girls, as far as I can tell, never claimed to be representing anybody’s opinion – all they did was dare to sing the national anthem, very badly. Have our lives become so desperately meaningless that we have to lash out at a bunch of harmless teenagers? Have we become a nation so angry with ourselves that we curse Malala for having survived a bullet to the head? I hope and I pray that the people who comment on FB and ET, wishing death to these people who have the audacity to think differently to them, are just a twisted minority. Surely Pakistan would not have survived this long if all 190,000,000 citizens were this insecure.


  • Lt Col Imtiaz Alam(retd)

    It is not the singing of the National Anthem that is inappropriate bur the indecent Dress which is not in conformity to the Injunctions of Islam. Please read Sura Nisa, Ahzab & Noor along with the Tafseer. The Dress code for both men & women have been clearly specified by our Lord & Maker.
    Just Google it.Recommend

  • http://yahoo Usama Qayyum

    Spot on col saheb ! . Army should not let bunch of western backed burger class to hijack the Islamic essence of the country Recommend

  • Ali S

    The national anthem singing video was silly, the comments even sillier, but what really got me was the hatred that most Pakistani keyboard warriors have for Malala. I mean, okay, you have a right to be jealous of a girl who got what any other smart 16-year-old could only dream of and maybe her father did milk the situation for what it was worth, but how is any of it her fault (in fact, how is it even supposed to be a fault)? Meanwhile, the Taliban who shot her is probably wasting away in some hostile mountain terrain of northern Pakistan with dust in his crack and not much hopes of a future.Recommend

  • nexus

    I agree with your article of how we tend to go overboard with our descriptions. If you donot agree with someone or do not like a particular person, go ahead , voice the issue, but please don’t degrade, throw dirt and label them. Its not any Islamic than those tank top singers. Criticize within boundaries. Recommend

  • mind control

    @Lt Col Imtiaz Alam(retd):

    It is not the singing of the National Anthem that is inappropriate bur the indecent Dress
    Sir Jee,

    It seems you were so busy looking at the video that you lost sight of the text. According to the text,

    A. These girls are from Canada so they are just singing a song and NOT their national anthem i.e. the Canadian one.

    B. Pakistan is also home to quite a few non-Muslims. They are well within their rights to sing the Pakistani national anthem without having to convert to Islam. Therefore, the connection between Islamic dress code and national anthem, even for a Pakistani, is extremely tenuous.

    Better luck next time.Recommend

  • A.H

    seems like the poll is having a ramdan effect :PRecommend

  • mind control

    Appropriate (47%, 290 Votes)
    Inappropriate (53%, 288 Votes)
    Total Voters: 615

    Is this some new kind of Mathematics or what?

    A. 290 votes constitute 47% but 288 votes, i.e. 2 LESS, constitute 53%. HOW?

    B. The Total of 290+288= 578, but the votes show are 615. HOW?Recommend

  • np

    “Appropriate (48%, 304 Votes)
    Inappropriate (52%, 294 Votes)
    Total Voters: 635”

    How can 304 votes be 48% while 294 votes (less votes) be a higher percentage (52%). The total does not add up either. Most likely The appropriate and Total votes are correct. The difference i.e. 331 votes must be for Inappropriate. In that case the percentages too would work out correctly.Recommend

  • cosmo

    The way you have twisted my comment clearly demonstrates your inability to comprehend simple English language. You and your mind is no different than your title “Shady”, shaytree. Only sick mulla’s of Pakistan will think like that and you are one of those. I could barely read though the first line of your comment. I take criticism well, but please keep the crap to yourself.

    Thank youRecommend

  • Think again

    @ Hardliner
    @ Shadytree

    Rape pandemic … Bros, from what you say,it sounds like there are no rapes here …


  • Prabhjyot Singh Madan

    What a Debate. Let the women wear whatever they want and if anyone has any objections, my advise would be keep your mind open and clean of any offensive thoughts. We are human beings and not animals.I am not a burger Liberal because I prefer tandoori chicken with pudina chutney anyday.Recommend