Ramazan tips: Sehri everyday keeps the hunger pangs away!

Published: July 18, 2013

This meal is a good example of protein, complex carbohydrates, fibre, low fat, less spice and fried diet. PHOTO: TANVEER KHADIM

The blessed month of Ramazan is a superb opportunity to practice self-restraint, self-accountability as well as a great chance to shift to lighter meals and find a healthier lifestyle.

To beat the hot and humid weather, it is imperative to have the right choice of food during this holy month. Avoiding high processed, fatty, oily, spicy, fried foods and having lots of fruity drinks is the key to good health.

The pre-dawn meal or Suhoor or Sehri – whatever you may call it – is a vital constituent of Ramazan. Indulging in a healthy Sehri nourishes, hydrates and strengthens the body to cope with the upcoming fast; it also reduces the dreaded hunger pangs! Iftar is the time to replenish your energy level, while Sehri is meant to give you an energetic start.

These days, skipping Sehri is a norm. People generally complain about the lack of sleep or time as an excuse to skip Sehri. Unfortunately, what they don’t realise is that, Sehri is not only good for the mind, body and soul, it is believed that those who partake in Sehri are rewarded with blessings.

On the other hand, by skipping Sehri you actually force your body to rely on the last meal consumed and are more likely to experience dehydration, headaches and weariness. Moreover, it is extremely healthy to have a nutrient intense meal at Sehri to maintain energy levels. The trick is to select the right food.

Think simplicity – start your Sehri by including fruits, whole-grains and protein. Even adding a bowl of yogurt, juice, beans, vegetables and drinking lots of fluids gives you a high energetic charge that will last throughout the day.

Eating dates at Sehri is also a very healthy habit. Adding four to six dates to your meal means you essentially fuel your body with minerals, antioxidants, vitamins, fibre, folate and so on in addition to the nutrients in the meal!

Making Sehri in the morning can be a bit of a task, so what I am going to do is provide you with some easy to make recipes for a balanced and healthy meal for Sehri. This meal will comprise of a milkshake, an omelette with two toasts, a bowl of oatmeal, fruit and dates. Oats are full of nutritional intensity that will fill you up; likewise you will consume fruits, milk and yogurt in a single glass of milkshake. Similarly, you will have a small portion of veggies in the form of an omelette.

Quick and easy to make, this meal is filling, super nutritious and delicious.

Here are the recipes:

Oatmeal with apricots in honey syrup


– Dried apricots chopped 3-4 tbsp

– Almonds chopped 2 tbsp

– Raisins 1-2 tbsp

– Milk ½ cup

– Honey 2 tbsp

– Sugar to taste

– Oats 5 tbsp

– Water 3 cups

– Cinnamon ¼ tsp



In a saucepan, let the water, milk, honey, cinnamon, apricots, almonds, raisins and sugar boil. Now add oats and simmer for two minutes or until desired consistency.

Classic omelette


– Capsicum chopped 2-3 tbsp

– Carrot chopped 2 tbsp

– Scallion chopped 2 tbsp

– Coriander chopped 1 tbsp

– Green chillies chopped 1 tsp

– Cheddar cheese grated 2 tbsp

– Milk 2 tbsp

– Eggs 2

– Salt to taste

– Black pepper 1 tsp

– Oil for frying


In a bowl mix all the ingredients and beat until it turns yellow in colour.

Heat oil in a non-stick sauté pan and add the omelette mixture and spread it all over with the help of a spatula. Cook for one-two minutes.

Next, gently flip one side of the omelette and let it cook for a minute or two – until there is no uncooked mixture left.

Gently transfer the cooked omelette to your plate. Serve with two toasts.

Mango and banana shake


– Banana 1

– Mango 1

– Milk 1 cup

– Yogurt ½ cup

– Lime juice 1-2 teaspoon

– Sugar to taste


In a blender add all the above mentioned ingredients and blend until it’s frothy.

This meal is a good example of protein, complex carbohydrates, fibre, low fat, less spice and fried diet.

Additionally, make sure to consume lots of water/fruity drinks to beat the dehydration.

Enjoy a happy, healthy and peaceful Ramadan! Stay blessed, always!


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Tanveer Khadim

Tanveer Khadim

An avid reader, freelance writer and a blogger, Tanveer is pursuing fashion designing. She has a passion for cooking, attended cookery courses and tweets as @TheFusionDiary (twitter.com/TheFusionDiary)

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  • Maheen

    Oatmeal with apricots in honey syrup looks so tempting.
    You made it very easy. I will try it.
    My family had only one boring recipe of Oats, mixing them in a bowl of hot milk. Recommend

  • Noozly

    Tasty suhur options Good work!Recommend

  • Aliya

    I will cook omelet and shake for my tonight sehri =]Recommend

  • I am Khan

    Yes! I am one of those people who skip sehri for the same reason.. I always feel dull during office time and here you have shared the reason. SEHRI IS COMPULSORY!!!!!!!!!Recommend

  • Hammad

    What a fantastic twist on sehri. I can judge that this style sehri will be a lighter one during fast instead of paratha and saalan.

    Good Sharing!!Recommend

  • Fareeha Kaleem

    Nice work! You stay blessed too :-) Recommend

  • Zubair Ali

    Nice but looks like a lot of food 4 hours after iftari (UK).
    Yes there are many blessings for having sehri. No pain no gain!Recommend

  • Erfan

    Excellent recipes.Recommend

  • ASQ

    no parathas!!!!!!!!Recommend

  • Blah

    @author: what makes you so expert in nutrition and Ramzan?Recommend

  • M A Mujeeb

    I would like to draw the attention of my countrymen that the name of the month is ‘RAMADAN’ and not Ramazan. Ramadan is an Arabic word but the letter “Duad” is incorrectly pronounced in Pakistan as “Zuad”. For example, while reciting the Quran we say “WALADDUALEEN” and not Waladzualeen.

    Unless the word “Ramazan” is an urdu translation of the Arabic word,,in my opinion it should be pronounced and spelled as “RAMADAN”..Recommend

  • Tanzeel

    @M A Mujeeb:
    The Arabic word may be Ramadan but Pakistanis are not Arabs regardless of how much a certain section of our population cough Punjabis cough may believe and tell everyone who would listen that they are, in fact, Arab. Pakistanis don’t speak Arabic, we speak our regional languages along with Urdu and I don’t see why we need to go the wannabe-Arab way of the inferiority complex suffering, more loyal than the king types and use an Arabic word in an Urdu/English/Pushto conversation when a perfectly fine word for it exists in the language being spoken.Recommend

  • The Economist

    In Hinduism its said that one should eat only after sunrise and before sunset because after that the bacteria and microorganisms grow rapidly and insects also start to roam after sunset and this has been proved scientifically Recommend

  • M A Mujeeb

    @Tanzeel: It is not the question of being an Arab or a Pakistani. “Ramadan” is a Quranic word. So while reading the Quranic verse on Ramadan will you read the word Ramadan as Ramzan? I am sure you will read as Ramadan.

    For your information I am a Pakistani.Recommend

  • thedarkshadow

    Where is my Pakistan.
    Where you could say “ADAAB” “KHUDA HAFIZ” AND “RAMAZAN”.
    Where is my Pakistan.
    Where countrymen cared for one another.
    Where is my Pakistan
    Where noone’s attitude was “Holier than thou”
    Have you seen my Pakistan!?Recommend

  • Khan

    Don’t we want to pronounce English words in correct accent?? why not Arabic words in Arabic accent too?Recommend

  • I am Khan

    Being a Muslim, is the ultimate qualification for knowing everything about Ramadan. Are you not sure about yourself and your religion? if yes than why you have asked such a immature question to the author?
    All of us know some basic nutrition information, it is good that nutirtions have been mentioned with the recipes. Whats wrong with it? It is so simple!Recommend

  • usman

    its quite healthy but everyone cann,t afford itRecommend

  • I am a Khan

    I am sick of people whomake an issue out of Ramzan and Ramadan. I personally feel that the correct word and pronunciation is Ramadan. All the people who complain about pronouncing Ramadan in an Arabic way are the ones who try their utmost to make a fake American accent when speaking english. Its the slavery of west mentality which is at work.

    Come close to Quran and Sunnah. Remember that the Quran (Allah’s word) is in Arabic, hence Arabic is a respected language for every Muslim. We have been ruled for 100 years by the Brits, hence we adopted english as our second language and left arabic. If we had not been conquered in 1857, Arabic would have been our 2nd language instead of English. There is no harm in learning many languages, but learning Arabic is even more important so that we can try to understand the Glorious Quran ourselves. ALLAH Haafiz.

    Btw very nice article on Suhur. Thanks to the author for sharing such tasty recipes.Recommend

  • Tamoor Rindh

    Keep it upRecommend

  • Dr. Muhammad M. Khan

    It is recommended to take lighter suhur to avoid acidity. These recipes are easy to digest and fully nutritious.

    @author keep ’em coming and fantastic job ET*!*Recommend

  • @ The Economist

    Please dont instigate another islam vs hinduism debate … Recommend

  • really?

    whats the big deal with someone saying ramadan or ramazan gosh we need to grow up, seriouslyRecommend

  • Yuri Kondratyuk

    What’s the point in fasting if all you can think of is hunger?!Recommend

  • Spigot !

    This is so tempting :D
    I am totally hungry …AGAIN :DRecommend

  • gujranwala789

    It is written as “Ramadan” in all the international english media such as CNN or BBC, writing it “Ramazan” will cause confusion for international visitors on your website. Are you creating your own english that would not be compatible with the international english spelling for specific words.Recommend

  • True Muslim

    Why make it a issue? At the end of the article Ramadan word is mentioned, International readers can easily understand this term and they can also understand when they will read pre-dawn meal or suhoor.
    I have lot of foreigners in my circle, they all know many things about Islam, they even pronounce Iftari, Sehri or word RAMAZAN in their conversation. They also understand the term Eidi. Look at ourselves, we are making minor things a big problem.

    @Author very good share, Million Likes for your blog!Recommend

  • AR

    This is Pakistan and people here have too much time to debate these things!
    we always play with strong words just to prove these Allah Hafiz or Khuda Hafiz, Ramadan or Ramazan issues. Do these debates will prove us pious muslim? Will He not accept my roza if I call it ramazan? Recommend

  • Insaan

    My family had only one boring recipe of Oats, mixing them in a bowl of hot milk.

    You can add raisins, cashew nuts, almonds (soaked overnight with skin removed)……… a few drops of kewra water.
    You can add some fruit when it is not too hot. Some thing like blue berries, banana, chunks of pineapples.Recommend

  • Insaan

    @The Economist: In Hinduism its said that one should eat only after sunrise and before sunset because after that the bacteria and microorganisms grow rapidly and insects also start to roam after sunset and this has been proved scientifically

    Bacteria and microorganisms grow where?
    Bacteria won’t multiply in the colder temperatures of a refrigerator or freezer, or at temperatures hotter than 141°F. Where they thrive is between 41°F and 140°F, a region known as the “Food Temperature Danger Zone.”

    It is good not to leave food outside for longer periods.

    Insects can be a problem when kitchen is open with no proper lightingRecommend

  • http://www.launchpk.com Tariq Shahzad


    These foods are for rich peoples. A poor and average person never like this food. Because if he arrange this food for sehri then he cannot work whole day. and poor and average person must work hard with roza then this food is not suitable for average person.

    If agree then must reply.

    Tariq ShahzadRecommend

  • john

    so millions starve to death everyday and this author has enough time to write a blog about ……food in a …….country like Pakistan. Ashamed to be #Pakistani.Recommend

  • Khan

    Wrong! who said to you that millions starve to death everyday…..in a…..country like Pakistan? You are ill-informed about Pakistan.
    Your comment shows that you are starving in solidarity with milions of people who are dead due to starve and you have no interest in food Right? Recommend

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    Dear if any body heart with my above comments. then i m sorry.

    Pls forgive me.

    Tariq Shahzad

  • Hasan

    @M A Mujeeb:
    If we start replacing the ‘Zed’ sound’ with the ‘Dee’ sound, things could become a trifle complicated. Maulana Fazl ur Rehman will become Maulana Fadl ur Rehman. And of course we will have to rewrite a lot of our history. The hero of the Oval will become Fadal Mehmood, and many other historical figures will also have to be renamed in our English language books.

    Will Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto become Dhulfiqar Ali Bhutto (DAB instead of ZAB)? Will his son Murtaza become Murtada? Will Bhutto’s president, Fazal Ilahi become Fadal Ilahi? And yes all those named Raza will become Radas. And all the Rizvis will perforce become Ridvis. This could lead to utter chaos with different English language publications using the either/or transliteration.

    Please learn to simplify life, both yours and others. As they say, when in rome…


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    @ The Economist:
    Get out, no one asked you.Recommend

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