‘Re-virginising’ in a tube: ‘Purity’ for sale at Pakistani pharmacies

Published: August 20, 2013

While these topical ointments are being passed off as pleasure enhancing, it is pleasure rooted in patriarchy.

A few months ago, I noticed pharmacies in Karachi were carrying topical cures for lost virginity, “re-virginising” in a tube. These over-the-counter fixes were everywhere – counters in large supermarkets, small pharmacies acting as corner shops – hard to miss once you knew it was out there.

One of the names is hard to forget, ‘B-Virgin’, the package displaying a youthful girl smiling at white flowers. I admit there is the potential for dark humour given the name; instead it just makes me very sad. This is the message we are giving our girls, our women.

“Don’t be true to yourself; instead invest, medicate and fake it so your partner can be satisfied with how pure you are.”

And the purity in question is not an adjustable scale – it is a binary. If intact, you are pure. If not, then tough luck.

While none of these ointments or suppositories can achieve biological ‘re-virginising’ nor are they meant to, they are widely used and marketed as a solution to lost virginity.  Unfortunately  for the women of our culture – not all virgins will bleed. The artificial measures taken might also not produce the desired proof. Not even hymenoplasty.

I first read about Arab women flocking for hymenoplasty, re-connective surgery, two years ago. Around the same time a friend sent me an article on artificial hymens, ‘made in China’, at which point I wondered what measures our women resorted to, if any, since the ‘burden of proof’ lies on us women.

And now I know – in Pakistan we have the ‘B-virgin’ fix available in various packaging. I have heard of worse ‘solutions’: back alley cures and inventive douches but those aren’t available over the counter.

Just think about it, our combined outlook makes a woman feel compelled to alter her physicality to be accepted into a person’s life or family. I suppose this is a conversation most of us are not ready to have with our significant others. And many of our significant others have yet to understand the extremely personal nature of our decisions.

Placing such a price on an intact hymen is an archaic cultural hangover. But change in the next generation’s behaviour happens faster than cultural acceptability.

In other words, we have women out there who made a very personal decision but the taboo is public. The fear of being found out creates such strong cognitive dissonance they would rather fake it. Surely anyone can understand the harsh repercussions on a woman’s own psyche and the relationship they were compelled to start with a lie.

A colleague pointed out; perhaps it is good for a woman to have an ‘option’. Perhaps. I might not fully agree but I can imagine her personal decision coming back to haunt her and the repercussions being a tad more serious than an awkward morning after conversation.

The question still begs to be answered: how long can we hide behind the ‘option’? In the words of one friend,

“You can’t fix an ill with a farce.”


Do you approve or disapprove of re-virginising creams?

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Halima Mansoor

Halima Mansoor

The author is a senior subeditor at the Peshawar desk at The Express Tribune. She tweets as @Hmansoor (twitter.com/Hmansoor).

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Sasha

    Completely agree with every word of that. I’m shocked that there are these creams at pharmacies. Thanks for sharing this.Recommend

  • Muzaffar

    Since you decided to write about a taboo in Pakistan, a few morons are going to question you. Brace yourself :)Recommend

  • Global Nomad

    Penned a very interesting topic!! People will get mad but let them, this is all journalism is about!! pick daring topic!!! Love it!!Recommend

  • Gp65

    The problem is not that a smart marketer markets such a cream but the fact that the society creates a demand for the, I have the same opinion about fairness creams.

    So I appreciated that your blog addressed the right root cause ( social attitudes that place such a high value on intact hymen) rather than simply blaming the ‘evil/exploitative’ marketeer who brought such a product to the market.Recommend

  • Khurram Awan

    There is any cream available in Karachi to reverginize the Virginity of Men as well? Why Virginity is always associated with Women?Recommend

  • Black Widow

    Nothing wrong with the product if it can help a married couple revisit their first night (suhaag raat) ;)Recommend

  • mokh

    I seriously thought that there was nothing left to upset me in this crazy world but this article has succeeded-and its obvious this problem is not confined to this part of the world-what a sick society male dominance has createdRecommend

  • Literate Mullah

    Islam respects privacy. I approve of the cream.Recommend

  • https://twitter.com/AamAwam AamAwam

    Come on! If you are cool enough to do it then you might as well own it. Thats not a good enough reason to use these ointments because society wont approve. Fear of society didnt stop them from giving away the chastity in the first place. Big deal!Recommend

  • Sachaa

    Just wait for all the hate comments from douches who don’t know that, even if a woman has NEVER had sex, it’s still possible that she might never bleed anyway. >_<

    Kudos on a nice article.Recommend

  • Ali

    Topic is good! But i’m more concerned about those readers who have started searching these creams in market after reading the article. What you guys say?Recommend

  • Hassan bangash

    Why Virginity is always associated with Women and not with the men? I think this is complete injusticeRecommend

  • Hassan bangash

    Why Virginity is always associated with Women not with the men? I think this is complete injusticeRecommend

  • Adnan

    I think you are taking it the wrong way. These creams aren’t supposed to reverse the act for a sin comitted. The purpose of these creams is different.Recommend

  • Fez

    Just like one makes a personal decision to lose or retain virignity, it’s a personal decision to use such a product. What’s the fuss about it? It is ironic that we are treating the former personal decision very cautiously (and rightly so), but feeling compelled to assign our own opinions to the latter. Are we saying that the only explanation to use such product lies in our social setting? What if a girl wants, in her personal capacity, to use it, without any external pressure? What if she just wants to retain her earlier personal decision to herself?

    I think both personal decisions should be treated fairly. Yes do talk about its side-effects on a purely medical grounds. I am sure the product wouldnt be safe in that respect. But do not just rush to name it a practice due to patriarchy. I dont think that so many girls making “that” earlier personal decisions leaves our society very rigidly patriarchial anymore. Recommend

  • http://think-islam.blogspot.com PostMan

    If a woman herself decides to use the cream, I will have to keep mum. If men seem to be the source then I condemn it. As Gp65 said and I concur, to add to it, I absolutely hate skin fairness creams and the Pakistanis ads related to them as I find it downright ugly and racist. Society makes it ugly for them to be brown skinned. On the other hand, various solutions for men in form of sprays and creams are available hideously displayed on khokhas and counters as if all the men behave like Pakistani cricket batsmen who can not make a stand when it matters the most. But people use them too.
    Perhaps the moral is the to be ‘firm’ and take a ‘stand’ where its societal injustice is concerned.Recommend

  • javed iqbal

    Only education can change the system, can change the mindset, Recommend


    IN A SOCIETY LIKE OURS WOMEN ARE FACING MANY PRESSURES, so they ought to be careful in making decessions even about their very private matters bacause in our society people consider it their right to interfare others matter. i pray that every innocent girl may be protected from lust damons who just exploit girls and then distroy their every happiness. Recommend

  • Amna Durrani

    Good article..for changing behaviors and attitudes you must start with talking about it..the article is doing that.kudos for that!!Recommend

  • Parvez

    ……. one lives and learns.
    People rubbing all types of oils and goop on their heads to make hair grow is one thing, but this is simply wacko, not even funny.

  • dancing troy

    Naaahhhh… a heavy conscience and awkward moments in pharmacy are better than ghairat k naam par qatal ya aik rat ki shadi… matlab subah subah divorce. think from the girls point of view, dont be a snob.Recommend

  • Sane

    Just a nasty and absurd blog post, I ever read. There are many other subjects need deliberations. Recommend

  • Anon

    I’m taken aback to see something like this printed in a Pakistani paper. Congratulations E.T. …breaking many barriers (no pun intended)


  • Bob

    Whats wrong in using any cream for whatever purpose. Its a personal decision and a matter of choice. Recommend

  • Samreen Feroz

    Tribune HEADLINE “And the Pakistanis believed it really works”Recommend

  • I am a Khan

    sad to see where the pakistani society is heading to….The day of judgement is near…Recommend

  • Rumormonger

    I approve of this cream. Recommend

  • MAD

    knowing social taboos yes if it works than goodRecommend

  • PHEN00M

    Well there is no issue of use of such creams. Recommend

  • In the know…

    What I am most concerned about is that the “private” decision of any female to have sex outside marriage being taken so casually by all commenting here? Is it ok in your families for women to have full blown sex outside of or before marriage. Honestly speaking, I am an upper-middle class guy, from an educated family, but I am quite sure that if any women in my family are known to be “sleeping around”, even out of absolute love for a single individual, they would be completely ostracized. Its just not the done thing. Even in this day and age, yes.

    Yes, it is a private decision of an individual, a human being. Yes, it is clearly very acceptable to most societies in the West. But I would like to feel that it is still not so in Pakistan. I have said this many times here and I will repeat: we are a nation of conservative people, despite what everyone may think. The vast majority of our nation, maybe even as much as 95% lean towards the conservative or ultra conservative.

    The fact that people are still seeking to see blood on the wedding night is absolutely disappointing. At my age, I have attended atleast 20+ weddings of close family members, cousins, etc, but I have never had even heard of such a thing hushed by anyone: not any oldies, or aunts or uncles, or even those kids getting married. I am not sure where the author and others have created this new “fear” for the “downtrodden” of our society.

    For all the LIBERALS here: The right to choose is perfectly inalienable for all human beings, including the right to choose to marry a virgin. Who are you and me to judge such a choice? And if bothers some that such a choice is exercised by the society, please bear with the turpitude of those who are equally disturbed by the choices you make, including the “personal choice” of having sexual relationships outside of marriage. Recommend

  • Nobody

    So much importance on a flexible membrane with no significance whatsoever… some people strive for achievement and innovation and others argue over “virginity” and finding ways to deceive thereby giving said membrane even more undue importance. Sick. If a guy I was with brought up my virginity status he wouldn’t be around me for much longer. Disgusting. Recommend

  • Clarus

    first of all there is no such cream that can get back your virginity. Author should know that these are just tightening creams marketed as “to make you feel virgin again”. Any women’s decision to use these creams or breast enhancement creams is her personal decision/choice just as its an individual’s decision to use products for hairfall or slimming.Recommend

  • Nandita.

    I’d like to think that these men who demand virgin brides are probably nervous about not being able to satisfy a woman with prior sexual experience and hence they demand virginity ? So that a women does not have a bench mark for pleasure ? Ha Ha. Insecure men.Recommend

  • Ali

    Another way to cheat. Shabash Pakistanio. Recommend

  • ModiFied

    @Nandita: Your argument sounds quite logical. However, fact of the matter is that 99% men have no clue of knowing if the woman in question was a virgin or not. On a lighter side, only Jihadis get tempted for virgins and not the sensible guys.Here in west the word ‘virgin” is like a “gali” and not many women will like to be called virgin. Recommend

  • Syed1111

    “On August 20, YouTube’s parent company Google deactivated Press TV’s new account weeks after disabling the channel’s official page,” said Press TV Newsroom Director Hamid Reza Emadi.

    Now there is a reason why Tribune is never banned by Youtube because they have news which are fake & not doing anything good to the society.Recommend

  • http://www.psychology.com Sigmund Frued

    That was a really something stupid to write on. And your writing skills aren’t very good either. I hope you write something more creative next time.Recommend

  • Muhammad

    The blog is more shameful than the subject it covers. Shame on ET for publishing such meaningless blog.Recommend

  • Critical

    As a virgin unmarried male who has no intention of losing before marriage,I would be ok to marry a non-virgin girl if she’s of my type and is sure that her past life wont have any repurcussions in our future..PROVIDED,she admits it before marriage and gives me the choice to accept or reject her…

    I’ve heard rumors that some women are born without hymen and some lose it during heavy exercise or cycling..Rather than suspecting my wife after marriage for not bleeding..It would be better if I know her status before hand..

    Women need to understand they can temporarily hide it by faking physical evidence…But the history remains and humans are best known for spreading rumors…

    Also men need to know that being a virgin before marriage doesnt guarrentee that she may not involve in extra marital affair in the future..

    Regarding the cream,a successful businessman sees profit in every opportunity.Where there is demand,there will be supply Recommend

  • Halima Mansoor



    First of all, many thanks for reading and taking the time to comment.

    While I know these creams are designed for pleasure and certainly not to ‘re-virginse’, the point I was trying to make was how women can and do use these and other measures to cover up their having had sex before marriage. And as you pointed out, using these creams should be a choice they make freely. But in our culture, women are often made to feel impure or incomplete as a bride if they have had sex before — forcing them to hunt out ‘solutions’.

    And (for another article perhaps), the fact remains the most commonly available over the counter pleasure enhancements are meant for men — another mark of patriarchy where sexual pleasure is thought to be desired by men. And women are meant often to be passive receptacles.

    Again, thanks for the feedback. Always appreciated!

    Halima MansoorRecommend

  • http://18175/re-virginising-in-a-tube-purity-for-sale-at-pakistani-pharmacies Ikramullah


  • abhi

    Rightly said. Many readers will be going to nearby pharmacy to find these products now.Recommend

  • Insaan

    @In the know…: but I am quite sure that if any women in my family are known to be “sleeping around”, even out of absolute love for a single individual, they would be completely ostracized. Its just not the done thing. Even in this day and age, yes

    What about men in your family? What happens if men DO something wrong?


  • Muhammad Sohail

    @Hassan bangash:
    Apparently it is a good approach to think out of the box but likely to challenge the laws of nature which God has established with some reasons to ponder !Recommend

  • Muhammad Sohail

    There is no doubt that you must have shared this info having a positive aim behind but unfortunately, considering the social disorder, our society is experiencing; such info is most likely to be mishandled and misused. Touching such sensitive topics without given a proper thought on the current cultural and moral crises will ultimately lead to deepen the crises! Recommend

  • Raj – USA

    A major issue about a minor tissue.Recommend

  • Usman Masood

    :( So its possible that my future “virgin” wife via an arranged marriage, might not be very virgin!!!
    Why must you do this? WHY!Recommend

  • Usman Masood

    My entire life has been a lie…Recommend

  • KachuKuma

    Misleading article. These creams are advertised as tightening creams rather than resorting virginity creams. similar products were advertised on Indian main stream media a while ago.Recommend

  • Two Doors

    And now i know why they say “ignorance is a bliss” …. Recommend

  • http://glenns-busy-corner.blogspot.com/ Glenn Ryall

    Great write up. In Pakistan things like this become a super hit, mainly because of the fact that majority of our population are not educated. This is the reason why you find the Baba’s so successful. Recommend

  • Indi

    @ Critical

    Sensible synopsis.

    @ Insaan


  • choclet

    some weeks back a TV commercial promoting pregnancy test (whatever for??) was running and now this!! the BV cream is wishful thinking like the fairness creams. how effective have they been? Recommend

  • In the know…

    Thank you for bringing that up. They would definitely be severely reprimanded and may even be forced to marry the girl, if she was considered worth marrying. (Things happen out of love. Can’t hold it against any individual). However, it is absolutely true that the reprimand for the male would nowhere be close to how severely the female will be persecuted. That is the reality of our society and I am definitely not going to shy away from the truth!Recommend

  • noni

    @Halima Mansoor:
    so what is your point? Having sex before marriage is not something impure or unethical? Or the person whom she is going to marry is wrong in complaining for such an act of her’s? Or our society, in which virginity is a virtue?
    It is not a matter of medication or any other such measure. It basically relates to values and norms of our society which should be based on either human brain efforts known as “philosophy” or divine revelations called “religion”.
    In first case you can have a voting to declare extra nuptial sex a taboo or virtue. But in second case guidelines are very clear.
    So what to follow religion or philosophy?

    I hope that you will reply. Recommend

  • Ali

    why are you not posting my earlier comments? Please give some reason.Recommend

  • Insaan

    @In the know…:
    They would definitely be severely reprimanded and may even be forced to marry the girl, if she was considered worth marrying. (Things happen out of love. Can’t hold it against any individual). …… That is the reality of our society and I am definitely not going to shy away from the truth!

    You mean a girl can be worth having sex but not worth marryingRecommend

  • Insaan

    @Nandita.: So that a women does not have a bench mark for pleasure ?


  • Clarus

    @Halima Mansoor:

    Every girl on earth regrets losing her virginity to a worthless man be it on east west down south, so point is why lose it at first place and regret later?. If a girl clearly says she is not a virgin prior marriage and the husband is ok with it that’s fine but if she makes her husband and the entire family believe she is “PURE” & PIOUS and in fact which she is not then ethically and morally that is a wrong. Why whenever it comes to marriage only a guys character is scrutinized, why they never investigate about the Girl’s character?. Such double standards exist in our society. Point i’m trying to make here is virgin or not a virgin, be honest about it.

    Indeed its a small tissue but a Big issue.Recommend

  • In the know…

    @Insaan: “You mean a girl can be worth having sex but not worth marrying”

    I personally know a group of 2 – 3 colleagues who befriended the same female colleague over time and had physical relations with her. I cannot expect any one of them wanting to marry the female and bring up a family with her. So, in answer to your question, YES, while it may be ok for some guys to have casual physical relationships with women, they do not consider them candidates for marriage at all. And it the relationship is consensual and without any false promises of permanence, I see that to be their own “choice”.

    Marriage is not equal to authorized / approved sex. It is much more than that.

    Once again, I detect the same narrow-mindedness in a Liberal [I am assuming that you are liberal minded!] where they are unhappy or uncomfortable with someone else’s “CHOICE” of not wanting to marry someone whom they know of being casual about her physical relationships. That is a CHOICE too, made by another human being, and should be respected by those who consider themselves “PRO-CHOICE” in all matters. Recommend

  • Insaan

    @Critical: PROVIDED,she admits it before marriage and gives me the choice to accept or reject her…

    and how is it going to help you if she told you, she is not a…….. I don’t know what you mean when you say “gives me the choice to accept or reject her…”Recommend

  • Clarus

    eventually Critical will find out if she is or she is not. And how its going to help? Its going to save both the families from any possible trouble. Some families have values and a guy who stayed virgin and waited for that special day will of course be disappointed if he is given something that he doesn’t deserve. Virgin or Not a Virgin, the idea is to be honest about what you are and what you have done.Recommend

  • Critical


    According to my family and relatives,I’m a teetotaler,but I’m a social drinker which I would stop after marriage as I wont be with my friends… They had advertised me to suitable brides as a teetotaler,while I’m in USA and there are many families I know will reject an alliance when they knw that the guy is a drinker…
    Explaining to the girls parents about my binge drinking wont be helpful,but I will surely tell the girl when we talk privately about my ‘bad’ habit and also tell that I will stop after marriage.Its then her call whether he is ok with that or not

    Also,when I initially joined my job,I dated a coworker.It did look serious at that time and to make a long story short,now she is the wife of someone else. I will tell that too. Also,I will tell that no matter what happens,I will never go back to her even if I learn that her husband is mistreating her or dead….

    Some women might not be ok that I had a past(though I never went physical) but some will be ok as long as I’m true to her after marriage…I respect both the decision but I believe that they should be given a choice before marriage rather than eventually knowing it after marriage

    Similarly,I would expect my prospective bride to tell me about her past so that I wont have any psycho ex-boyfriends after me…Recommend

  • Baba Ji

    Any special discount like : buy one get one free ???Recommend

  • Insaan

    @In the know…: I will repeat: we are a nation of conservative people, despite what everyone may think

    In a nutshell you are saying, girls or women from your family can’t do it with a person they are not married under any circumstances………but it is OK for men to do with girls from other families even if they don’t have any intention of marrying them. You seem to be a very religious person.

    You say “I personally know a group of 2 – 3 colleagues who befriended the same female colleague over time and had physical relations with her”. Are you talking about a gori or Pakistani girl?Recommend

  • Daniel

    you cant start off a marriage with such a lie and it will end up doing a lot of damage to the relationship. There will be no trust or respect left between them. As a man who intends to remain virgin until marriage, I would rather prefer an open-minded conversation than ‘tricks’.Recommend

  • Samreen Feroz

    @ Critical

    i Guess honesty and trust are the only pillars that keep a marriage safe and sound. And i feel that if u are honest about ur past u dont regret showing up with the past stains all over you when u get married.

    On a lighter note Contact Aunty Sam for more rishtas;)Recommend

  • In the know…

    @Insaan: I never said that it would be taken in stride if any man in our family is found out to be having sexual relationships outside of marriage. No, not at all. There will be no free rides here (no pun intended) and the taboo will stick for life. What I did say was that the implications / consequences of such a disclosure for a man would be less serious than that for a woman / girl. There can be no shying away from that truth.

    And, I am quite surprised at people being surprised by the levels of “enlightened moderation” that we have achieved in Pakistan. Yes, the instance I mentioned about my colleagues, was from Pakistan, not abroad. The lady was an extremely competent person, and very well known to be casual about her relationships. And no, I am not making this up. And no, this was not a single instance, though it was a bit far out there than the other instances. I am currently working for one of the TOP 5 banks in Pakistan [known to have conservative, middle-class employees] and at least 10% – 15% of the women working here have had a physical relationship with someone in the organization. I can only imagine what that rate would be for MNC banks where the women are much more liberated, independent and “enlightened”.

    That’s why I come back to my very first question: If the right to choose one’s lifestyle is inalienable to a human being, then that right holds true whatever that person’s inclination: ultra conservative or ultra liberal, as long as they do not force it onto others or cause harm to others. In most human societies, unfortunately, such utopian equality does not / cannot exist. We all have our own beliefs and that, automatically, makes everyone else’s differing beliefs “wrong”. Recommend

  • Insaan

    @Critical: I think you and your wife should reformat your memory drive, erase old files start fresh. No need to discuss any thing (in my opinion).

    As long as you control your drinking it should be no problem. If your drinking controls you, you need to work on that. I’ll suggest you to just try to see you can quit drinking easily. Just assume you are getting married in 2 weeks and stop drinking for 2 weeks to test.

    No one is perfect. There is no need talk about any past relationships.

    Men do it if they get a chance and women think about consequences and may do things that don’t leave any permanent proof.Recommend

  • Insaan

    @In the know…: I am currently working for one of the TOP 5 banks in Pakistan [known to have conservative, middle-class employees] and at least 10% – 15% of the women working here have had a physical relationship with someone in the organization.

    An additional 10%-15% you may not know about. and if 10%-15% are with men outside the organizations (some people try not to get involved with co-workers) it adds up to 30%-45%.Recommend

  • Critical

    My drinking has never been a ‘problem’ and its just the company of friends and the places like Mami and Vegas makes me drink…..When you take them out of equation,I dont even touch alcohol……

    Regarding not discussing the past,I would think that would be unwise because past will always come to haunt you……and the best person to tell about your past is you because rumors always carry some extra masala which can easily touch the nerves…..Recommend

  • Muhammad Sohail

    @Halima Mansoor:

    No doubt that not only male gender has sexual desires but as it is the natural phenomenon that every living being has sexual pleasures irrespective of the gender difference. The fact is, bad is bad no matter who does this. we must discourse the evils of society instead of running mad a race between male and female. Such a debate may likely to incite the female towards the evils or the wrongdoings being in a competition with a male. Moreover, while justifying such sensitive issues; a modern, educated and self declared liberal female would finally come to the conclusion that If male does so then why not the female. And what would be its result is crystal clear!Recommend


    @dancing troy:

  • someone

    @In the know…:
    Do you have the same rule for men in your family if they have sex before marriage?Recommend

  • Ali

    I read the comments Only. and enjoyed the debate more than the “B-VIRGIN”Recommend

  • In the know…

    @someone / @Insaan: The rules are the same, the indignation would also be the same, whether the one having sex before or outside of marriage is a Man or a Woman. Yet, the consequences would be quite different. Imagine the word spreading about a female member of the family has had sex before marriage. There would be a very, very few families in Pakistan who would be completely OK with that. Hence, the reaction of my family would also be in keeping with the social reaction. The matter will either be hushed up or if it does spread far and wide, she would be grounded permanently until such time that she is married off.

    The guy, on the other hand, would most probably be a bread-earner for his family [even if not the primary one] and he will also be severely reprimanded and attempts will be made to see if the guy could marry the very girl he had relations with. If not, (and please don’t ask me why not), the matter will be brushed under the carpet and he will be married off asap. Recommend

  • Pam


    contact Pam ;)Recommend

  • Khan

    If this cream or chines hyems etc helps sisters of all the above opponents they should be obliged for that. and if their sisters or daughter are likely to lose virginity just because a cure is available in market they should educate them properly . Its very funny that how issues are created.Recommend

  • farida

    is there anu cream to make the brains work?Recommend

  • Insaan

    @farida: is there anu cream to make the brains work?

    indirectly, anything that gives one satisfaction helps brain work more efficiently and intelligentlyRecommend

  • Kes

    Oh wowRecommend

  • awellwisher

    These sex products are anti Islamic.Recommend

  • https://twitter.com/Pugnate Noman Ansari


    I feel so sorry for you and your missus. Recommend

  • Critical

    @Noman Ansari:

  • Samreen Feroz

    @Noman Ansari

    Firstly, We should start thinking about what we say to others , or how badly it may or may not affect somebody before uttering it out.

    Secondly, atleast @Critical is honest about his deeds, I haven’t come across many guys who have the guts to accept their mistakes and that also in public, so try encouraging his act of loyalty rather than pushing him down.

    This blog was about rejuvenating Virginity creams, i think they should start making creams named ” mind your own business”Recommend

  • Insaan

    @Samreen Feroz: Secondly, atleast @Critical is honest about his deeds, I haven’t come across many guys who have the guts to accept their mistakes and that also in public, so try encouraging his act of loyalty rather than pushing him down.

    Rather then go thru all nine yards, he should say ” I am a virgin”. This way he did not lie and also did not have to explain every little detail.

    Same thing can be helpful for girls who had friends but did not go all the way. I don’t think it is a good idea to talk about details.

    Important thing is a couple should stay true to each other and help each other grow.Recommend


    Is VIRGINITY an issue in relationship? Is the worth of the women can only be measured by the yardstick as to whether she is VIRGIN or not.

  • Samreen Feroz


    Do u respect you relationships?if NO than i hope Ur future partner or current partner is reading this , if YES you will never hide the trust making and breaking facts of Ur life, that also to your life partner. who will some how some day get to know about your dirty little secret.Recommend