You are right, Malala’s speech could have been better!

Published: July 15, 2013

Malala's speech could have better if it was delivered by Obama. PHOTO: AFP

It was a privilege to take a few minutes off my life and listen to Malala Yousafzai’s speech at the United Nations– alas, on YouTube. I’ve been away from social media the past few days, but I couldn’t help but take a cursory look at social media to see folks questioning whether Malala’s speech could have been better.

Strangely, I have to swallow my anger and admit: you are right. Malala’s speech could have been better!

It could have been better if this speech was delivered at the UN General Assembly by Barack Hussein Obama, the President of the United States – the single most powerful leader in the world. It would have been better if in attendance weren’t young people from around the world, but the leaders of all of the world’s nations – including Pakistan’s Prime Minister Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif.

It would have been better if the speech was topped off by a UN resolution recognising the threats to the rights of children and their access to education and a firm promise that the world’s countries will not stop until every child’s right to education is respected and they are provided access to it. It could have been better if that resolution was passed unanimously by a vote from every single member state. And it would have been better if the promises in that resolution were kept.

In a world like that, this speech, the one Malala delivered, could and would’ve been better.

But we don’t live in a world like that.

We live in a horrible, terrible world. A world where a teenager, brutally shot in the head for wanting education has to recover from her injuries and despite threats to her life, forget about living a normal life, or celebrating her birthday, adorn herself with the shawl of another woman who was brutally murdered for wanting rights for all and implore the world to act. And her pleas will more likely than not still get ignored.

I agree with you.

This is a travesty.

Screw this speech.

Don’t be proud, don’t be happy, don’t be grateful and do nothing. Because the fact that you cannot admire a human being like Malala really speaks to the fact that you cannot imagine a different world. You are stuck in a place where what happened to Malala and what happens to children like her cannot be averted.

You cannot dream nor can you commit to dreams of a better future like Malala. You are like the leaders of our country; not only are you spineless and unwilling to contribute to change, but you are unable to even recognise those who at least try to make that change possible – even if they don’t have the backing of people of your ilk. That’s why we have to make do with a world where 16-year-olds teach us lessons in courage and personal sacrifice while people like you chime in to undermine her work.

So yes… Malala’s speech could’ve been better.

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Josh Shahryar

Josh Shahryar

A US-based reporter and blogger, covering human rights in South Asia and the larger Middle East. He tweets @JShahryar (

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  • Ayesha

    It was more of a please-everybody-speech :S Recommend

  • Xunera

    So true! I have 200 plus friends on my fb, and not a single one of them, thats right, not a single one supports malala. I am the only one supporting her, and I even feel animosity from my friends for doing so. The cruel things people say about her, makes me wonder if their IQ is 20 or what! The other day I saw a post on facebook saying that malala is part two of the great mukhtaran mai drama exhibiting now in the UNO!!! I cannot even begin to describe how angry that made me. The fact that educated young people living in big cities make fun of a gang rape victim, and a child who got shot for going to school despite all dangers, that is not only infuriating, it is actually very depressing. Talibaan do not live in the mountains, they live right here too, with us. The country with a youth like this, I am sorry but I am very hopeless about Pakistan.Recommend

  • Haq

    Word. It is beyond shameful the way Malala is being maligned in Pakistan. All these terrorist sympathizers calling Malala a CIA agent make me sick. Shameful nation doesn’t deserve heroes.Recommend

  • Aamna Hasan

    The stupid cynics question why didn’t the poor 16 yr old didn’t raise voice against Drones but can’t momentarily appreciate the fact that she raised her voice for EducationRecommend

  • Charlie Chapatti

    Actually Malalas speech could have been better. As much as was impressed by her speech I did feel that instead of typically pandering to a feminist audience the speech should have been more universal in it’s appeal and equally stressed the importance of education for boys as well. Where do most of the Taliban/Salafist types come from but through the brainwashing of Madrassahs because parents cannot afford to send them to school? Who do the Taliban pick up off the streets to fight their cause? Who is speaking for the young boys who never get the chance to even experience a healthy childhood?Recommend

  • al

    Great article. But remember it was a youth conference that is why young people where there.

    Her speech needs to be taken optimistically and know her courage has moved people around the world.Recommend

  • Haq

    @Charlie Chapatti:
    She sort of did address that when she mentioned the incidents with boys getting victimized and how she wished education reached the Taliban and their children too. She also said right off the bat that there are a lot of issues she cares about but this platform requires her to focus on education for girls.Recommend

  • zebi

    There are so many MALALAs dying everyday in Pakistan, in drone attacks or by taliban. But this one only deserved UN Speech. U know why??
    Her hero is Barak Obama. She hates Muslim Women with Burqa and she hates Muslim Men with Beard.
    It is OK if she doesn’t want Burqa to puts on but she should respect Everyone around. This makes her controversial. Recommend

  • Abdul Malik

    @Charlie Chapatti: One stupid fellow questioned her patriotism because Malala did not mention Aafia Siddiqui and drone strikes. One idiot condemns her because she doesn’t wear a burqua and speculates that she hates Muslim men with beards. Such people are one of the main reasons for the state of the country.Recommend

  • Ch. Ahmad

    It is believable that a girl not even known, makes her way to the UN within 8 or 9 months of the attack on her.
    Actually some influential elements are planting her to fulfill their vested interests. Hence, making her a symbol to degrade Pakistan’s attempt to fight against terrorism in the tribal areas.
    Pakistan can only see matters cleared through a dialogue with Talibaan, or else other allies will gather to take their share and impose a war on Pakistan seeking their interests fulfilled.

    Malala should not be taken as a national hero, rather she was a normal school going girl, likewise many attacked day after day in KPK.

    This all should be stopped right there. Recommend

  • Shasan

    What is wrong with people?

    Just because Malala happened to capture the world’s imagination doesn’t mean that there aren’t other unsung heroines. It shouldn’t take away from her heroism either.

    She is the voice for all those thousands who cannot be heard, and with all due respect Ch. Ahmed, this is exactly the reason she should be encouraged and not stopped as you and some others suggest. Recommend

  • Parvez

    Liked what and how you have written this.

  • Fatima Syedain

    Totally agree with every word you said. I am so glad that when Malala said ‘fear died and hope was born’ peoole actually paid attention. She is a light in the darkness that Pakistan has become. Long may this hope live and brighten the future of this country. As to the narrow minded pseudo intellectuals, well they as you said are so deeply cynical that they have no hope of dreaming. Please keep talking in the your voice of reason. Recommend

  • Sana

    yeah it could have been much better ..

    It could have been much better if the people starts understanding that there are lot of people in Pakistan who deserve much more sympathy & media coverage than this media icon malala,
    it could have been much better if abdus sattar eidhi gets the due coverage and popularity on account of his good deeds like malala,
    it could have been much better if we start paying tribute to heroes in their life so that a military hero like MM ALAM wont die without getting the due respect and coverage
    it could have been much better if the other girls with malala who were severely injured also get the same coverage like malala

    yes you r right it could have been much better!Recommend

  • Haroon

    You know the worst part of this column is that it has made me realize that we are living in shameless & spineless world. We should all be shameful for what are we doing, this character assassination has to stop, what if it was the daughter/sister of anyone of us at her place when she was shot, she is just a child & most of all a human being. This hypocrisy has to end, cause if this continues like this we will all end up killing one another o basic human right. Everyone has the right to stand up & say that, Malala is a disgrace to our country, which she is not, what she has said on the given platform is more than what I could have expected any civilized & educated politician. But no one has the guts to stand up and say that the cause of the start of all this torture & injustice in our country is because of the biggest terrorist in the entire world, its like a leech which feeds its own kind on the blood-line of its victim & only leaves it when it has sucked it dry, eventually destroying it for the years to come & all of this done under the deception on National Security, which actually exists for only itself & yet we envy/praise it shamelessly, that’s right its the USA & its a pity that just because of their own National Interest we have created a war within our own country & are too scared to raise our voice on this. Recommend

  • lodhi

    Why to compare malala with afia siddiqui?none of her relatives has any link with alqaida?what if she admires Obama?he is admired by most of the people internationally.:-) Recommend

  • Faqir Khan

    I support Malala, I support the right to education for all, I just cannot stand the hypocrisy of West and their puppet ruling elites from Mardan, Peshawar, Ixbd, Pindi, Lhr and Khi and media as they pick and choose, congratulating themselves for something that they have caused. Malala is the good native, she does not criticise the NATO Logistics Contracts, Extension, Western Political Backing and the West, she does not talk about the drone strikes, US War $, she is the perfect candidate for the white man and their puppets in Mardan, Peshawar, Islamabad, Pindi, Lhr and Karachi to relieve them burden and save the Waziristan.

    The current main stream media sponsored narrative is to simply demonize Waziristan through Malalas. Painting them as a savage, beyond negotiating with, beyond engaging with, the only way to deal with this kind of savage is complete millitary control, road block for years, bombing, drone attacks, millitray operations, occupy and complete destruction. Pak Army, US Drones and NATO are bombing to save girls like Malala is the message here.Recommend

  • Hina

    I wanted to like your comment a 1000 times, but unfortunately I can only press it once. I am all with you on your opinion and disappointment with educated illiterates!Recommend

  • Go zardari go

    To those saying why she didn’t raise the drone issue, is that how low this country has sunk. A 16 year old girl is suppose to raise the issue instead of our ever balding leaders. She is not the statesman of the country she is a 16 year old who raised the issue of what was close to her. Pakistanis don’t deserve heroes they only bury them. Recommend

  • Sonz

    It makes me sad and embarrased that I live in a country, where no one can be proud of a fellow countryman/woman for achieving anything good.

    Is it necessary to make a conspiracy theory out of everything? Is it necessary to compare everyone to Dr. Afia when we are not even sure if she is innocent? Does every discussion have to begin and end with drones? Anyone with a even a slightly different or liberal point of view is bad or an american agent? why does everthing have to put Pakistan and Islam in danger? Is our Iman so weak?

    Unfortunately the lack of education that malala spoke of is not just a problem for children, its clearly a problem for pakistani adults as well who may know how to read and write but have no vision and no acceptance!Recommend

  • Jawad

    @haters: digest it and be proud of her

    Our society is an ill society and we should accept it, she is one of like many proud daughter’s of this soil- who stands against all the odds and speak up

    God bless you sister, God bless us allRecommend

  • csmann

    Writer! some of the comments here prove your point.Recommend

  • Ek Pakistani

    Who so ever you are ..I dont even care about that..
    But i would like to share few things about the city ( where MALAL used to live with her family).
    The innocent and impressionable ‪#‎Malala‬ is being misused to portray image of Pakistan as if it a country of barbaric people where girls are chained and denied of education. The world must know that Pakistan’s schools and colleges are full of girls and boys, no discrimination at all. The culture of one tribal belt does not represent Pakistan. By the way, Swat, Malala’s home town,and Hunza valley has the highest literacy rate in Pakistan.

    The world must know that we had women governor in Pakistan (Ra’ana Liaquat Ali Khan) when women in Switzerland were not eligible to cast votes.

    The World in general and USA in particular must know that Pakistan had women opposition leader in the times when fragile and black Miss Rosa Parks was being beaten in the bus in Montgomery, Alabama for sitting on the seat reserved for white people.

    Pakistan had women Prime Minister twice. Pakistan has had Speaker National Assembly and Governor State Bank.

    Recently I was in Quetta, a conservative city, I addressed the students for three days. Halls were packed with girls and boys. No discrimination at all.

    Pakistan is a land of diverse cultures. An incident in one part of Pakistan should not be used to malign and tarnish the image of entire Pakistan. Attack on her is condemnable but the way she is being misused, abused and exploited is more condemnable.

    The Youngest Microsoft Certified Professional in the world, Arfa Karim, is from Pakistan. The Fastest Women in South Asia, Naseem Hameed, is from Pakistan. Women in Pakistan are flying latest war jets, they are doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs.

    If one section in Pakistan is chained and enslaved, that is, media. Give dollars to the owners of TV Channels and newspapers, they can sell their souls.

    Stop portraying the negative impact of Pakistan..It is a conspiracy to declare Pakistan the most dangerous country of the world .. Recommend

  • sars

    The difference between malala and Dr afia is that one wants an education, the other wasted a top class education by getting involved with the wrong people.Recommend

  • Ek Pakistani

    Sorry i totally dont agree with you .In my view she is part of conspiracy against Pakistan Sorry to say ,, I want to ask two questions.
    Have you ever seen any patient of nSeriously i feel sorry for those who make her hero .. She is not .. have you every visited to neuro department of any hospital ,If you dont than please visit and asked doctors that how much time will be required for recovery .
    What is the literacy rate in Swaat and Hunza Valley ?Recommend

  • Mir

    Guys forget about Afia and whoever…Did any one raise voice against the killing of 14 female students in Quetta?? Where is UN, where is Obama?? Where is the world if not singing song for them then at least a moment of silence for them. Get some life people, were those 14 female students out for fun and working for anti education scheme? Why your little Malla has so much value then lives of 14 girls??
    Those claiming high IQ level doesn’t even know what IQ abbreviation stands for.

  • bangash

    @Ch Ahmed
    If Malala was a Punjabi you would have been idolizing her. Recommend

  • BlackJack

    I found the speech to be very inspiring and well-articulated. I am amazed at this endless capacity for conspiracy theory creation in Pakistan – people who feel that the world would somehow be a better place if Malala just kept her mouth shut. Shame on all of you.Recommend

  • farhan

    if all u malalalala suporters can give ans of some of questions i ll startpraising malalala as all of u do
    1)why her hero is Barak obama why not a pakistani leader lyk IK or any 1 else
    2)why she hates men with beard (sunat e rasool) is she a muslim???
    3)why she hates women with hijaab??? is it against islam? or is it she who is against islam??
    come on folks argue with some sense with some reason… dont be so patriotic that u may even forget your roots..we are muslim first my dear malalalalala singing freindsRecommend

  • http://Germany goggi (Lahore)

    Hear her speech with your eyes and the speakers switched off!………… with a silent mind to perceive the essential!Recommend

  • Raj

    There are very ver important concerns on the way Malala has been portrayed and this is bringing shame for Pakistan day by day not because of the yound kid but the way the whole episode has been handled and Its a shame that Pak media has not respond to it correctly. There are alot of women in Pakistan who has done much more than what Malala has done. Its just that the international media got involved and the issue became over-hyped. I am not saying by any means that Malala is fake or any thing negative on what she has suffered in Pakistan but that does not mean that we forget thousands of women in Pakistan who are suffering even worst of fates just because they don’t have western forces behind them. I am not sure why people think we are proud that she is a pakistani. the point here to mention is: Haven’t anyone thought that Malala is in UK now and this gives a message to the whole world that see Pakistan was unable to save her and she is taking asylum in UK, even though she is right in taking asylum in UK. But what people of pakistan are getting proud of is beyond my imagination. I am sure people’s answer would be she is representing Pakistan at international forum and showing the world that a pakistani girl can fight against terrorists but It is a huge shame that Pak is not a livable place for youth to thrive on the abilities. Unless, pakistani people and govt doesn’t do anything to save their people themselves, these kinds of events will bring shame to the country every now and then, being it Malala, Mukhtaran Mai or Benazir Bhutto. Instead of being proud of what an individual has achieved, please look into a more broader side of the story.Recommend

  • Sane


    Shameful nation doesn’t deserve heroes.

    First; she could be heroine not hero. Second; What shameless deserve?Recommend

  • Farah Khan

    Yes, it could have been better. shoe could have talk about Drone attacks in Pakistan. But on the other hand she has never said she is a patriotic pakistani, she always said she in an ambitions girl. and if our own leaders cannot talk about drone attacks why would she.
    I dont know whether to like her or not i am confuse. in my opinion she is just a 16 years old girl.. Recommend

  • Sane


    Very correctly and truly you said.Recommend

  • Faisal

    Hi all I am not a professional writer but I could not stop myself in expressing what I feel.
    I totally disagree with the writer of above discussed topic. Can anyone co-elate the date and time for this episode of Malala, what we were facing specifically at that time in Pakistan, let me help you all to recall that we were facing the protest against display of movie against OUR BELOVED MUHAMMAD PEACE BE UPON HIM but all of sudden we get this story of Malala on our media and with the help of our media all the world forget the criticality of the Blasphemous film issue instead focused and discuss on Malala even within 24 hours Madonna is dedicating one song to Malala and her efforts.Recommend

  • DG

    The views of 65-70% in the comments show why Pakistan is in such a state.

    If most of the people fail to see the goodness, the righteousness, the courage, the determination to be right, I feel the country is in need of serious corrections and the whole world should be wary of such country.

    Sorry Malala, not only the talibans but your country has failed you and does not deserve you.

    Wish you our best wishes and love !! Inspire us, the rest of the world, throughout your life. Recommend

  • Mehreen Chandan

    Hi All,

    I have been reading your remarks and following the Malala story since her speech. All I have to say is that we have been in the dark for so long that we cannot recognize a burning light, common sense or anything good which comes out of our country.

    A child (one of many millions of brave children in our country) was shot for standing up in what she believes. She wrote, became an activist and almost got killed for what she believes in. She is a hero (one of the many heroes in our country).

    I don’t quite understand some Pakistanis among us are so scathing in their attacks on her. Could it be that she has wisdom and courage beyond her years? Could it be that she has more common sense than most people? Could it be because she is a educated, wise and brave WOMAN? Or could it be that they are just plain jealous that they never got this kind of domestic and international adulation

    How can you character assassinate a 16 year old girl? By calling her an American agent. By calling her secular. By calling her passionate for education.

    I feel sick at how petty and horrible a considerable number of us are. She is our success story, just like Dr. Abdul Salam and Quaid-I-Azam were. We know how many detractors both of them hadRecommend

  • DP


    What are you doing to personally in improve the conditions of childrens outside of your own family in Pakistan or Afghanistan?Recommend

  • Mahsooon

    I can bet all of your mouths would be shut the moment you receive the limelight. Why don’t you all go on in her place and discuss drone attacks and all the pertinent issues? Have you ever tried to even imagine getting a bullet in your HEAD at such a tender age and then recovering and delivering speeches under this much scrutiny? No, never! I wonder why you all were born with this so called heart, it only pumps blood so I suggest you insert a pumping machine instead of abusing this lovely organ. There’s no use of your education without underlying moral values. Our ethics have gone to the sewers along the ability to feel for others so healing with love is out of the question. You all are talking of those kids dying in a similar fashion as if Malala has no sympathy for them. She has it, more than anyone of you because she’s been through it and dealt with it unlike you who’ve been living in luxury and receiving top-class education. You are angry at the bad image of Pakistan being generated as that incident only happened in a PART of Pakistan. But let me tell you folks, KPK is a part of Pakistan, Balochistan is a part of Pakistan, Sindh is and likewise NWP is. So whatever happens in any part afflicts us severely. If Punjab was to face the same situation we’d see how you would all react when the other provinces would protest that it is just an issue going on in a PART of Pakistan! Sitting there with your smartphones in your sanctuaries makes it all too easy for you to pass verdicts. If you have this thing to hate Malala then go to the same area where she resided, live there properly and SEE what actually goes on in a PART. I’m sure you’d be much happier to talk about how TRIVIAL a matter in a part of Pakistan is after living through it!Recommend

  • Pakistani on sale for US visa.

    Every good man/woman in Pakistan is thrown to the dogs by our people case in point Malala, Dr. ABdus Salam. No wonder this country is a hole.Recommend

  • Asma R.

    I ask only one question. Whilst the West bombs Muslim countries and kills innocent people that includes women and children, what is it around Malala that the West is lifting her so high up the sky not forgetting she is a Pakistani!Recommend

  • lara

    Beautifully expressed. I have had a sleepless night thinking over this issue; of how it is humanly possible to condemn one of the few brave souls of our country. Its such a paradox: us Pakistanis rejecting someone who is projecting a rare positive image of our country. People have spent more time criticizing the victim than the perpetrators of the crime committed against her. It is a shame.Recommend

  • annef1

    You got it wrong: you did not “get Malala’s story” (as you say) to distract from the film about Muhammad. No, the following happened: Talibans (or people thinking like them) were understandably angry about the film, but could do nothing, so they directed their anger and frustration towards people they could reach…People who went against their beliefs, and they thought it gave them licence to kill, and this killing was directed at Malala and her friends (she was not alone to be shot at). Muhammad would be appalled at this act! Why and how would the CIA enlist a little girl???? Do you trust they could do it because the other side enlists and brainwashes young kids?
    Think for a minute: what worshipper is more pleasing to God: an informed person who knows the world and chooses God, or a person mired in fear and ignorance who adores God because she/he knows nothing else and is afraid of punishment? Are you so weak and scared in your faith that you think that education and openness will destroy it? Recommend

  • Sane

    After reading Malala…..Malala and Malala with lot of Malal (Sorrow and Grief), I could not understand what she contributed? or what she is aimed to ?Recommend

  • Sharjeel Raza Khan

    @zebi: name me one place where your grand statement can be verified?Recommend

  • Sharjeel Raza Khan

    @Ch. Ahmad: Can you please list the “vested interests” you mentioned?? Conspiracy theorists are the ones that need to be stopped before anything else.Recommend

  • Muhammad Omar Iftikhar

    Why only Malala? Why is Malala Day being observed? Why was she invited to the UN to make a speech? These are questions which I think no one can answer. Why isn’t the same respect being given to all those children who survived drone attacks? This is akin to the Mukhtara Mai incident. Women are being raped in Pakistan but the world only saw Mukhtara Mai. Malala may be an inspiration, but she is a hype and not a reality. She is an illusion to hide the reality, and the reality is that the US and the western troops will keep throwing their drones in the name of freeing Pakistan’s tribal areas from people who attacked Malala and in the name female education. If the UN is so concerned about education, then why only Swat? Why not interior Sindh or Punjab, where girls are a victim of Karo Kari and Vani, where they are killed in the name of honor killing, and where education is a light year away. Recommend

  • Sharjeel Raza Khan

    @Sana: Do two wrongs make a right? Similarly if the wonderful accomplishments of others have gone unnoticed, does this mean this good deed also dies the same way? Think about it.Recommend

  • Sharjeel Raza Khan

    @Mir: This is EXACTLY what Malala is representing….why were those poor girls shot, instead of giving the liberty to go to school !Recommend

  • Awan

    if malala hd met a tragic end.. all the people would be singing in the praise of her.. people are getting jealous of her as she has become a center of attentions of all.. malala is not just one case in our nation.. I knw how my next door girl is denied the right of education.. thr are many malalas living in our country nd dying everyday..!!!Recommend

  • unbelievable

    Speech was just fine and delivery by Malala is far more effective than one given by Obama. Shame that Pakistan didn’t send dignitary to hear speech – says something about new govt.Recommend

  • Abida Qasim

    All these Malala nay Sayers, the ones with rose tinted glasses on who can’t see the educational disparity in our country. Those talking about seeing girls and boys at some convention and deducing that girls and boys have equal opportunities for education in Pakistan. How many of you have a young girl roughly the sand age as Malala working as a maid for minimum wage in your house. And what have you done to provide her with the equal opportunity to gain education.
    instead of wasting time in conspiracy theories about Malala, lamenting the unsung heroes and ignored girls. go do something .Recommend

  • Ahsan R

    Ppl who are criticising Malala, i m sure they dont know her struggle which makes her an extra ordinary kid at such young age, or they dont have their own mind, they are brainwashed, because of their limited Knowledge.

    Below link mite change ur perception:

  • Insaan

    Speech was just fine and delivery by Malala is far more effective than one given by Obama. Shame that Pakistan didn’t send dignitary to hear speech – says something about new govt.

    Malala’s problems are related to Muslims. She should be giving speeches to International Islamic organizations. She did not realize she could be shot in Pakistan. Now she is enjoying good life in UK. I don’t know why she was invited to UN. She should have been invited by Saudi Arabia’s king and given Islamic education there.Recommend

  • Salman

    Malala’s speech for not her own. These were he word of person who wrote this speech for herRecommend

  • Ek Pakistani

    Do you know where she used to live in Pakistam?
    What is the literacy rate of that Area?
    Why she doesnt said anything about drone attacks in her speech?
    and how come she recovered so fast?Recommend

  • Kashif Ajmal Malik

    @Ek Pakistani: OOO O bhai you took the wrong turn. This place is not for you sir and I WONDER how did tribune publish your comment. You got it the rightest way. I wish we could have a chat sometime. Thanks. Recommend

  • Sharjeel Raza Khan

    @Kashif Ajmal Malik:
    @Ek Pakistani:
    (1)Yes she is from Pakistan and this should make us proud instead of painting her as an evil !
    (2) The literacy rate of Pakistan is 20% and this includes people who can only sign their names. Isn’t it sad?? Do you the literacy rate of Sri Lanka is 90%!! Doesn’t this fact put us to shame? Malala is one those rare breeds (along with her other school girls) who made the effort to study in a country where education is last thing on the mind (even governments).
    (3) She wasn’t there to deliver a speech on the atrocities committed by foreign hands to our country. There is a forum for every topic. This was an education platform, for God’s sake she wasn’t addressing the general assembly of the UN ! Plus, how many times has the government’s ambassador to the UN talked about drone in the UN assembly? He gets paid to represent Pakistan. NEVER! You know why? We beg dollars from the same country which shoots us!
    (4) For your info she never recovered early! She had the opportunity to be under the care of the best doctors and medical facilities that money could buy. Despite this, it took her 4 months! Did you know that her face is now contorted? Did you know that the place where the bullet passed her head, does not have a hair patch? I am sure you didn’t know this.
    It’s easier to criticize than to appreciate. This is the sorry state of affairs of our nation.Recommend

  • annef1

    @ Sharzeel Rajah Khan
    You are sooo right. But frankly, I do not think anything you or me or others who think like we do can say will change the mind of the people who are entirely against her: did you notice, once one argument is destroyed, they come up with another.

    Now if they want to compare the likes of Malala to germs bringing illness, they should remember that the way to fight an infection is not by killing the germs one at a time…but by vaccination. A vaccine, which is a weaker version of the germ, will prime your immune system. In effect, the vaccine allows your body to engage with the infection, and the Talibans need to engage with their opponents in order to get stronger, even if it means changing a little. Recommend

  • Kashif Ajmal Malik

    @Sharjeel Raza Khan: I wonder what to wonder in your comment for, boss noting new you have told us but nothing new you have learned as well. Being driver is easy and getting emotional takes not money but understanding the big picture, which with apologies to your nervous system, you are among many who are unable to understand. We had many people who sold their souls for money, and honestly, only a book of a child worth 3 Million is just one truth (Dollars). She has started her journey to become our leader one day and drive many of you crazy for the benefit of others. Take it.Recommend

  • csmann

    Impotent ,emasculate men talk from their safe places
    Malalas fight their enemy for themRecommend

  • Mlk11111

    @Ek Pakistani: I wish more people could think like this…..Recommend