A fool-proof plan to a promotion

Published: September 26, 2010

Getting ahead in your career is about the right attitude

Fresh graduates should remember that getting a promotion is easy but maintaining a new position is not a piece of cake. An oft-quoted line from Spiderman comes to mind whenever I get a promotion: with great power comes great responsibility.

But how do you get that great power?  Follow a few easy tips and get an instant promotions in you organization. I did.

Show your company the love

Any organization you join, you join for a reason. Whatever the reason, the company has given you opportunities in terms of salary and career. In the current economical scenario, when the unemployment rate is 15 per cent, getting a job is difficult. In these conditions if an organization has given you an opportunity, be thankful and show your employer that you appreciate their choosing you from among many other applicants. Show your love for the organization with your attitude and behavior.

Work with passion

It is always your choice to join a company. Companies never force you to join them. They always have alternatives, but when they offer you a job, it’s your choice to accept or reject the offer. After joining the company, you agree to work in the field of your choice. Therefore, you need to be passionate and immerse yourself in work. Learn new things every day related to your field and try to implement them to the current job process. This will make the employer happy that you are more interested in bringing out your own potential and are not just taking home a monthly salary.

Take initiative and go the extra mile

An employee that takes initiative and goes the extra mile can help an organization to grow – and that always pleases employers. But before taking any initiatives, calculate the risk associated with it. Do some research, discuss the issues with your peers in other companies, discuss it with your immediate supervisor (if he is supportive) and then present the idea in-front of your employer.

Taking initiative is always appreciated if the idea is in favor of a company’s growth and profitability. It can build your trust and make the employer feel that you are interested in the growth of the company.  Eventually, growth of a company comes back to you.

Many of you may be thinking that these tasks are not easy. Remember, if you have deep interest in your field of choice, motivation to perform will come automatically. Focus on career development rather than only your salary and perks. If you find a company that can make your career, forget everything and start focusing on your work. Once you become successful in winning the heart of your employer; promotion, handsome salary and all the benefits are waiting for you.

Khurram Zahid

Khurram Zahid

Head of online marketing at a background screening company in Pakistan, Khurram spends most of his time on social networking sites for business - not pleasure

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