Lootera: A magical ode to true love

Published: July 19, 2013

Do yourself a favour by not missing Lootera on the big screen. PHOTO: PUBLICITY

Lootera is one Bollywood flick that seems to have drawn very strong reactions for people – they either love it or hate it – and both situations are actually understandable!

As per the synopsis, the film is set in the years 1953-54. Pakhi (Sonakshi Sinha) is a young Bengali girl, living with her father, a zamindar, in an aristocratic world. Here enters an archaeologist, Varun (Ranveer Singh), seeking help from the zamindar with a letter from the Archaeological Society of India. With his remarkable knowledge of books, music, and expertise in his own field, Varun impresses the zamindar, sneaking his way into the life of the family and the heart of Pakhi as love between them blossoms. But soon a shocking revelation shatters their world leading them to some unanticipated circumstances.

A part of the film is inspired from O Henry‘s short story “The Last Leaf”. Overall, Lootera is an uplifting story of two lovers – a story of heartbreak, betrayal and ultimate redemption.

It is a simple story that has been told dozens of times on screen. But what makes Lootera stand out from all the other Mills & Boons romantic flicks we have seen is how Motwane has treated the story. Lootera is a movie which shows cinematic brilliance on screen and each frame is immaculately shot. The locale and scenery will absorb you. The direction is a clear winner and the movie moves at an effortless (though sometimes slow) pace.

Silence plays a crucial role in this movie. In real life we often use silence to convey thousands of emotions and this whole movie unfolds in classic moments of silence – eyes, facial expressions, gestures, visuals, surroundings and last but most important, the background score. Silence truly speaks a thousand words in Lootera.

The music of Lootera is another gem – and both the songs and the background score compliment the story to perfection. Top marks to Amit Trivedi for giving us tracks like Shikayatein, Zinda and Ankahee!

Full marks must be given to Sonakshi and Ranveer as both the actors shed away the loud, over-the-top characters of their previous movies and present themselves in a totally new image, establishing the fact that they can act well.

Sonakshi Sinha is the real star of the show. She effortlessly portrays the depths of her character and brings out vivid moods with brilliant skill. She indubitably is a revelation, who (surprisingly) looks pretty nice too.

Ranveer Singh gives a good performance – however I do wish he showed a wider range of expressions that Varun’s character needed.  I also felt that the onscreen chemistry between Ranveer and Sonakshi was a bit ‘thanda’ given the passionate story!

Barun Chanda, Vikrant Massey, Divya Dutta and the brilliant Adil Hussain are perfect for their respective roles.

Do yourself a favour by not missing Lootera on the big screen. But if you have loved Bodyguards or Son of Sardars, Bhatt factory products, or other Salman Khan/Akshay Kumar stuff or if you are excited about SRK‘s Eid release – chances are you would abhor this one so you may not want to go!

Verdict: Vikramaditya Motwane’s Lootera is a visual painting, an ode to love with sheer brilliance and magic woven on celluloid. With a strong narrative and exceptional performances, especially from Sonakshi Sinha, this film can easily claim to be a plush masterpiece. Lootera is a must must watch for those who are seeking good cinema within the mainstream domain.

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Samra Muslim

Samra Muslim

She has been associated with Etihad Airways, Starwood Hotels & Resort and Zindagi Trust in the past and has recently moved to Digital Marketing Strategy with a leading agency based in Karachi. She tweets @samramuslim twitter.com/samramuslim

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  • dj

    Barun Chanda, Vikrant Massey, Divya Dutta and the brilliant Adil Hussain are perfect for their respective roles.???

    So the briliant one was the one who was Muslim??

    all else hindus were just n icing on the cake…Thanks for this statement…two nation theory zindabad..

    pakistan paindabad…….Recommend

  • Parvez

    Thanks for that………….I think I’ll skip this one.

  • jeevan

    I LOVED THIS MOVIE!!!!!Recommend

  • Sana

    Movie in ramadan? Recommend

  • http://lahore ayesha azeem

    Watching a movie in Ramadan would be a sin right??How about watching it when its ain’t Ramadan??


    @ayesha azeem:
    GOOD ONE AYESHA :)Recommend

  • http://www.samramuslim.com Samra Muslim

    @dj: It was just an opinion – you dont need to take it to a two nation theory level frankly – because I had not written it from that perspective as all!!
    @sana: what is wrong with watching movies in Ramzan? Recommend

  • Azeez

    @ayesha azeem: you said it Ayesha….congrats.Recommend

  • Sana

    well Ramadan is the blessed month in which we should make the most of our time. its an opportunity from Allah swt to makeup for all the sins we have committed through out years but people here are often business minded so let me prove it with logic; a bill board of 50 percent off at our fav store will certainly drag our attention all in a while and we wont waste a second in reaching there and to take advantage of that offer before its all gone. Much in a same way, in ramadan, every good deed is multiplied seventy times(not in other months), so if we calculate it,spendnig two hours in watching movie may lessen the chances of availing the sale and if we spend the same time in offering taraveh (20 rakat salah after isha) every surah, every word, every sajdah will be multiplied to seventy, and the outcome will be unlimited and in case we do not avail the offer then we will be losers for sure (total loss huh?)
    Fasting is not all about starving, it means to keep away from the sins. yeah i do agree that we shouldnt follow islam only in ramadan, but if we dont follow islam in the other months, does it make sense to utter it as an excuse to watch movies in ramadan? one wrong doing can not justify another wrong doing!Recommend

  • Sana

    if you can not respect ramadan, kindly dont play an evil role to seduce people to watch movies, this all will go in your accountRecommend

  • Dr Dang

    I saw this movie, I thought it was beautiful. A little slow compared to other movies .
    But not all movies are for everyone.
    Good review.Recommend

  • @samra

    So,what’s ur perspective…………most paki perspective is that they are born arab and they are born from the hands of allah…and they think similar for hindus who were born with the help of their god etc.. and similar for jews and christian…….they think they are purest breed…..I have seen most of articles in this newspaper like earlier 4 months before…we must follow..egypt………….then we must follow turkish model of openness in society…we must follow chinese model of economy….we must follow hollywood system for film industry……………..how nonsense are paki article writer……cant they for once follow what they are and what they have……..Recommend

  • SAL

    @ayesha azeem:
    Sin? New theory?? Recommend

  • Harsh Srivastava

    Quite sad.. Raanjhna and Bhaag Milkha Bhaag are not releasing in Pakistan. Both awesome watch. Recommend

  • http://www.samramuslim.com Samra Muslim

    @@samra: Buddy i dont even know what you are going on about to reply.
    @Harsh Srivastava: Sad about Raanjhna – but we still have news that BMB will release in Pakistan after Eid… so waiting!
    @Sana: Apologies – but religion is a very personal matter. Ramzan or no ramzan – if you dont want to do something, don’t! We completely respect that as your personal choice – but please respect other people’s choice to do that they want to do as well. Watching or not watching a movie EVER – is your personal choice – and with my review I am not forcing you to do anything but giving you an opinion IF you want to watch a movie Recommend

  • abhi

    BTW I hope you know that during sale most of discounted items are the one which are out of fashion and stores just want to get rid of them.Recommend

  • ankit

    bollywood golden era is back with a film like special 26, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, Aashiqui 2,.
    Raanjhanaa, .Kai po che! , Table No. 21 , ABCD (Any Body Can Dance) , Lootera , .Go Goa Gone,Shootout at Wadala , .Jolly LLB , Fukrey , Bombay Talkies , .Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster Returns, .Aurangzeb ,and last but not least D-Day in just 7 months Recommend

  • Rashid

    Movies should not be watched in Ramdan. You should be careful that you go to the right websites. Never go to websites which show women with bare arms land legs or body curves. Women must avoid looking at men and they should also avoid websites which show men in suggestive poses. In Ramadan all our body senses are being tested.Recommend

  • Insaan

    @Sana: Fasting is not all about starving, it means to keep away from the sins. yeah i do agree that we shouldnt follow islam only in ramadan.

    Are you implying eating is a sin? When people go out they look at members of opposite sex (a big sin)? Do Pakistan men stop touching, harassing women in buses, markets and all other crowded places?

    Is watching a movie, TV show a sin? Is it sin to go on Internet with lot of tempting videos?

    At least when people will be watching a movie they will not be committing a sin.

    One person does not have to go any where to commit a sin. He/she can just think about some one he/she likes?Recommend

  • Nasir

    I’m from the US. I know most of you are die hard right wingers or die hard left wingers. In other words, you are either religious bigot or you are secular / moderate bigot. I personally don’t want to debate Ramadhan or Ramazan here.

    However, Ramazan or Ramadhan is one of the sacred months in Muslim calendar year. The fasting month is not just about fasting it is also about to enhance and “notch one step up” from your previous spiritual condition. Perfectly, it is a personal matter it is not enforced, however, it is not a choice either.

    Movies or no movies, let alone you should not blow yourself or kill innocent people in the name of your own doctrine (goes for both religious right and secular / atheist left).

    If someone, wants to watch a movie and use 3 hrs of their time in that that’s between them and Allah / God. However, those who would like to observe should observe it not only by fasting and (praying verbally) and then thinking, Samra is “devil” and Sana is “extremist”.

    In this month, for those who care about Ramadhan, you should also think how you can respect each other’s opinion, and beliefs. Don’t be a bigot and don’t defame Islam by blowing yourself up, killing in the name of Islam, calling infidels (kafirs to each others because they don’t necessarily agree with your version of Islam).

    These are the reflections that you must first observe and practice tolerance before ready to give “fatwas” as in most cases Pakistani people love to do most.Recommend

  • Think again

    @ Author

    What lovely description … am intrigued enough to go see this film.Thank you.Recommend

  • human

    Read those name carefully. Divya dutta is sikh and barun n vikrant are hindus. Atleast use some common sense before making complete idiotic statementRecommend

  • Me

    well the first part of movie was gud but the second part was sooo boring.. and too much slow and i didnt liked the ending as wellRecommend