He repented, forgive him and bring Mohammad Amir back!

Published: July 2, 2013

"I want to come back with my head held high, with a new spirit and as a role model." says Amir. PHOTO: AFP

At last some good news for Pakistan has come out of an International Cricket Council (ICC) meeting. Interim Chairman Najam Sethi has requested the ICC in their annual meeting in London to consider relaxing conditions of Mohammad Amir’s ban. The fast bowler is serving a five-year ban on spot-fixing currently. Though, Amir will not be allowed to play any matches, he may be able to train and prepare himself for international cricket for when an opportunity arises.  

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) made this plea to the ICC because Amir complied with all of ICC’s conditions of the ban and underwent the educational and rehabilitation program as stipulated. This is the reason Salman Butt and Asif were not part of the plea.

At the time of the crime, Amir was an impressionable young kid who made a mistake. He was also under pressure because of his captain’s role in the act. But he did realise his mistake, pleaded guilty in front of the court and is now serving his dues.

He definitely deserves a second chance. He has been quoted on record saying,

 “I want to come back with my head held high, with a new spirit and as a role model.”

It is questionable whether ICC’s punishment will serve as a deterrent considering the recent incidents of fixing that have come up especially in the Indian Premier League (IPL) but an example was made and a precedence set.

I think in the future, such punishments should be handed out immediately. They should also apply to offences in the domestic circuit to discourage further spot-fixing. For without the fear of a severe punishment, what will stop this menace?

However, once the guilty has repented and abides by the conditions laid down for their rehabilitation, they should be afforded a second chance. Perhaps, in the last year of the punishment some conditions may be relaxed to allow for a smoother transition back into the game.

Before the fixing incident, Amir along with Asif was flaunted as the future of Pakistan bowling. His ability and skill left everyone enthralled and awed especially the opposition batsmen who were bamboozled on multiple occasions.

In his absence, Junaid Khan has tried to fill in the void and there have been other notable performers including Mohammad Irfan. But Amir’s return to the team will be a boost if he is still as good as he used to be in 2010, and this will be ensured if he is permitted to use the training facilities and personnel.

Of course, there is no substitute for match practice, and without the opportunity to play First Class or Club level cricket, Amir cannot possibly regain complete match fitness and practice — but still something is better than nothing.

The interim period should provide him with time to prepare himself and await, subject to eligibility, selection on the team in September 2015!

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Dr Amyn Malyk

Dr Amyn Malik

The author is a PhD student at Emory University Rollins School of Public Health. He is a former Fulbright Scholar who likes to write. He tweets as @amynmalik

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  • Queen

    If we talk about the behavior shown by Salman Butt, Mohammad Asif, and Mohammad Aamir, after the scandal, then it is true that unlike Butt and Asif, Aamir seems to have shown true remorse. There is little hope that the nation will forgive Aamir but for that Aamir will have to work harder to prove to others that he has truly reformed himself. Recommend

  • http://syedaabidabokhari.wordpress.com The Only Normal Person Here.

    If Mohammad Amir was so corrupt at sucha young age, just image what he will be when he turns 30. Recommend

  • Hasan

    Have any of us gotten an opportunity to represent our country on the highest stage and let it down? No.
    Have we ever committed a crime for which we had to go to jail? No.
    Have we let down the integrity of our country, team and profession? No.
    Is any of us acting like we’ll be doing a favour by returning to the team? No.
    So please stop acting like an apologist for a crook and a cheat who had it all and only threw it away because of his greed.Recommend

  • http://www.offline.com GrimmJow

    I thought Pakistan was a hub of fast bowling attack. Why are you bent on bringing someone back, who has clearly tarnished his image & the country that he plays for?

    I’m sure there would be plenty of other good bowlers, just need to find them!Recommend

  • talal

    poor Aamir. Got slipped at the hands of some nasty losers. Those 2 have nothing in comparison with the beauty Aamir offers. What a delight he was to watch. sad. Recommend

  • roadkashehzada

    players are not doctors, engineers or accountants. they r idealized by young kids. i dont want my kid to idealize someone who fixed game while representing his country. people who think amir was young, come on, he was 19 yrs old at that time, not 9 yrs.Recommend

  • Dr Khawar S jamali

    As a member of national team and that too at a young age with whole life ahead its not a secret that Aamir’s Temperament got exposed;Good for cricket.no body thought its necessary to check his domestic record where he must have done a havoc;need not to say he or any one like Asif, Salman should not be allowed on TV programs ;they are symbol of National Disgrace.Recommend

  • http://peddarowdy.wordpress.com Anoop

    The question is: Would you have asked for his pardon if he wasn’t that talented?

    I reckon PCB would have banned him for life, if he wasn’t that talented and you wouldn’t have written this article asking for pardon.

    So, what makes your request opportunistic and not based on principles.

    You are trying to bend the rules of justice so that you will benefit, aren’t you.. Come on, be honest. I dare you..Recommend

  • http://mezaajedeen.blogspot.com Tribune Reader

    For a lot of you, it is easy to say he was 19 and not 9 and should be scrutinized as an adult, it is so easy for you guys coming from the educated affluent idealistic urban middle classes. He came from a poverty stricken back ground in rural Punjab, there is a huge difference in intellect and thinking ability of an educated polished upper middle class 19 year old who reads this paper versus a kid who has barely completed basic education. On top of that so many of you forget how rampant and widespread bullying and harassment is in this culture, and we often so many of us in some way or the other succumb to peer pressure into doing something. Also we have a culture of seniority, u have to repect and obey one’s older and senior to u. If u guys dont believe in that you probably dont respect your parents or elder siblings. I am certain everyone reading this newspaper has succumbed to the worst kind of peer pressure at some point. Every media outlet has reported the amount of coercion that Salman Butt used on Aamir, and also that it is very easy to make people give into greed when you put a 100,000 British pounds in Cold Cash right in front of them as opposed to a promise of that amount. So many people here blasting Aamir here, if u all made a bad decision tremendous under peer pressure, u would all want a second chance. Enough Said.Recommend

  • Vishnu Dutta

    If he is really sorry then he should name all those players who are involved, all those officials who are involved, all those bookies who are involved and most importantly all those matches he fixed.

    He has nobody to blame but himself and PCB.

    Rules should be fair with everyone, if he is allowed then so should be butt and asif.Recommend

  • Nazim

    Just because he is from Punjab ? What about Kaneria ?Recommend

  • Rizvi

    I agree, he should be given another chance, just because he is very young and admitted to his crime straight away. Whereas, Kaneria, Asif and Butt were mature adults and still haven’t admitted to their crime. Butt has, but after lying a lot.Recommend

  • Supporter

    The problem with us is that we consider ourself as we are angels and have not done anything wrong at any stage of life. He committed a mistake or he did it intentionally, he apologized, now what does he deserve? Suppose younger brother of any of you who is calling Amir a cheater commits a crime (theft, fraud or anything). He gets his punishment by the court and he quit all the wrong deeds he did and apologize. Will you guys call your little brother a thug, a thief, a fraud or a criminal for his entire life? If Yes, than Amir should be ban forever! Recommend

  • Supporter

    As far as my knowledge is concerned Butt and Asif are too from Punjab. What say?Recommend

  • hafiz ikramullah wahidi

    asslam o alikum
    he is good bolar but????????????Recommend

  • Nazim

    As far as my knowledge is concerned Butt and Asif are too from Punjab. What say?

    Yes right. But Asif is in further wrong things like Veena Malik, Dubai CHaras scandal, now row in a restuarant.. Butt is too innocent to be believed. Is it fine ?? Recommend

  • http://www.outlookpakistan.com Muhammad Awais

    Youngest ever bowler to have such a talent but what he did, lied 3 years from the nation like Salman Butt and now you are saying he is repenting on his sins what is this drama. All of them disturbed the name of Pakistan Cricket at international level. No second chance.Recommend

  • Supporter

    Wait a sec… Veena Malik was his personal matter, we have no right to say anything on that, especially to stand him guiltyRecommend

  • Nazim

    Wait a sec… Veena Malik was his personal matter, we have no right to say anything on that, especially to stand him guilty

    Then Stop calling players “our ambassadors” when on foreighn trip. Would you kile to have ambassadors like him. Just praise sportsman like Rashid Latif and Basit Ali who ruined thier career but exposed this corrution.Recommend

  • Supporter

    Cricketers are supposed be a good cricketer and should be honest with his country and game. We have nothing to do with whom they hangout with and etc. We criticise our man for not speaking english and other things. Just see them in the ground, they have a personal life too.Recommend

  • Nazim

    @Supporter: Ok then send your ace bowler Asif to dubai for a charity match lets see if he can get entry there Recommend

  • Supporter

    Carrying drugs and Veena Malik both are extremely different cases, do not mergeRecommend

  • Nazim

    @Supporter: Man ther is thing called “Moral uprightness” whic is the hallmark of sportsman. Why you do not compare Asif, Aamir, Salaman with Rashid Latif and Basit Ali ? you will have little to talk about.Recommend

  • Supporter

    Veena is not the issue to criticise him!!!Recommend

  • Nazim

    @Supporter: Veena is not the issue to criticise him!!!
    Man he runs after money and forget his country, he runs after women and forgets the norm of society, he runs after drugs and forgets its illegal. What virtue has left in him ?

    Why you do not simply say that I support Asif with all his dark traits ?? BTW you have not written a single word of praise for true sportsmen and patriot Rashid Latif and Basit Ali.Recommend

  • Supporter

    Keep norms of culture and cricket separate please
    Well, I do not have to praise individuals as all the people who have supported Pakistan are dearest to me. Well, if you think that I do not want to praise Rashid Latif and Basit Ali because they are from Karachi, so, you will be happy to know that I am a Karachiite too. I think about Pakistan not Karachi!Recommend

  • Nazim

    @Supporter: Cricket is called gentlemen’s game (please do not call those three gentlemen) and if you support the struggle of Rashid Latif , Basit Ali, and others like them, then you will be supporting cricket and Paksitan, not just Karachi.Recommend

  • Sheikh Tahseen

    Mohammed Amir has showed a positive behavior towards his career and life also. He abode by all the conditions of his punishment imposed by ICC and PCB. He admitted his mistake at that time when other two were denying of doing so. It means he has courage to accept his mistake and correct it. SO he must be allowed to come back and give him a fair chance to show himself as a role model. Recommend

  • Khawar Saeed Jamali

    I am amazed by these Words”ROLE MODEL”This story is over Once a Thief always a Thief ;For one reason or other he will never disclose his connections and he will be always under pressure so it’s in the best interest of the game and Pakistan cricket never to allow such players back in team . Aamir being young will remain a Slow Poison to the team for a long period.When Wicket Keeper Zulqurnain showed the courage to disclose the criminals nobody supported and the criminals with media connections portrayed a picture as if he is Mad and trying to seek Asylum in UK with fake story.
    The ICC failed miserably and is continuing to do so.
    PCB Should set Teaching Acedemies to build up the mental and psychological Strength of Budding players ; they should be taught about the cricketing Greats like Kardar, Fazal Mahmøod, Mohammad Brothers and so on as ROLE MODELS.
    To conclude Competetive Games like cricket are now physical n equally Mental strength endavour .Recommend

  • shakeel

    everyone deserves a second chance, if our politicians can be blessed with unlimited chances,then why not these poor cricketers,,Recommend

  • Ali

    A person punished for his crime should not be associated with the crime – what was the punishment for?Recommend

  • Sheikh Tahseen

    Role Model: Again i would say that he has been punished and he accepted what he did and again & again he says no one must involve in this sort of acts and he has promised not to do so and showed a positive character. So WHY HE SHOULD NOT BE GIVEN A SECOND CHANCE , HE MUST DESERVE FOR THATRecommend