Pakistan bleeds with Hazara blood, do you even care?

Published: July 1, 2013

How many more dead bodies must they put under the open skies for us to realise what monstrosity has just ripped through us? PHOTO: AFP

“My heart cries tears of blood for the Hazaras… #ShiaGenocide, when will we wake up?… What has Pakistan come to?! Oh God!!… This country does not deserve to be called “PAK-istan”…”

These statements are clichés. They mean nothing. They have no purpose. They’re just uttered to make ourselves feel good about atrocities which we mostly can’t, and usually won’t do anything about.

At least 46 people died yesterday. How many of us cared? 18 people died in Peshawar yesterday. How many of us bothered to find out three kids died in that attack?

How many of us had the apathy to find out that the doctors and rescue teams ran in terror as the terrorists from Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ) allegedly told them they would be murdered if they tried to treat the “kaafir” Shiites who desperately needed treatment?

“I’m going to launch a protest movement on Facebook! Enough is enough!… I’m live tweeting the #HazaraGenocide… This madness needs to stop!…”

Yesterday when David Cameron was standing under the open skies of Islamabad, people were dying in Peshawar. While our leaders were busy making promises to fight terrorism, and eradicate the electricity menace, kids were burning, screaming, dying.

Did a single hair on their heads ruffle? Did they shudder?

Did they feel a cold settling in their guts? Did anyone care enough to go to Peshawar and look the mother of the 6-year-old girl in the eye and tell her,

 “I’ve failed… Forgive me? We’ve all failed, forgive us all…?”

I used to think Pakistan belonged to us. But recently I have realised Karachi belongs to A, Quetta belongs to B, and Lahore belongs to C. Federally Administered Tribal Areas (Fata) belongs to the foreigners, and Islamabad is home to ostriches.

Pakistan is not mine. Even my home is not mine. I am not a Pakistani. None of us are. Or ever were. It was a delusion that took 65 years to wear off, it seems.

Abul Kalam Azad, a fierce opponent of the Pakistan movement had predicted in 1946 what would happen to us. East Pakistan would break, and the west wing of Pakistan which was to be ruled by feudal lords, and uneducated loafers would self destruct.

Abul Kalam Azad said in 1946 this delusional idea of “we’re all Muslims and hence one nation” is false. We are not one nation. We are Sunni, Shiite, Ahmadi, Barelvi, Wahabi, Sufi, Salafi, Hanbali, Ismaili, Alawi, Naqshbani, Uwaiysi, Qadri, Zikri and so on and so forth. And amongst these we are Takfiris, incapable of accepting the faith of another, or living by it.

“Shias are kaafirs, they deserve what they’re getting… Our movement is to get Shias declared as non Muslims under the constitution of Pakistan… Killing Shias is tantamount to killing the enemies of Islam, and that is what Islam tells us….”

It seems such a long time when I was apologising to the Shiites, but even that apology sounds fake, and hollow, and distraught.

Last time the Hazaras took 86 dead bodies and waited in the open cold under the star less night waiting for deliverance which never came. How many more dead bodies must they put under the open skies for us to realise what monstrosity has just ripped through us?

“They say after every fall, there is a rise…. But the bottom feels like an endless pit of sweltering tar that’s pulling us deeper inside….”

Pakistan started dying the day it was born. Our “Islam”, our “Musalmaniyat” was the cancer that started feeding the hate and disgust that we feel toward one another.

Once upon a time it was the Christians and Hindus and Parsis who felt scared. Now we Muslims feel scared of other Muslims. Islam’s neck was held by the throat and squeezed till its eyes popped. As a result Islam was replaced by a vicious form of barbarianism.

When Pakistan started dying, we held candlelit vigils. We made Facebook pages dedicated to the cause of defending our fallen brothers. We promised we’re all Pakistanis. But one by one we kept falling.

When Pakistan started dying we Tweeted nonstop. We shouted, fought, but we lost. When it was our turn to be slaughtered like animals, we cried and we begged for mercy that was never forthcoming.

They came for the Hindus. We didn’t care.

They came for the Christians. We didn’t care.

They came for the Ahmadis. We said Ahmadis deserve this!

They slaughtered Salman Taseer. We garlanded his murderer.

They came for the Shias. We turned a blind eye.

They’re coming for us and there is nothing anybody is doing about it.

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Hamza Malik

Hamza Malik

An MBA candidate at Willamette University by day, blogger hobbyist by night.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Dancing troy

    Hauntingly true…
    Cowards them all…
    Saving there skin and destroying whats left of this country…Recommend

  • http://India Feroz

    You were talking about what Abul Kalam Azad said. Brother, look closer home and see what the great Badshah Khan said at Independence — “You have thrown us to the wolves”, a statement both poignant and prophetic. If he was alive to see what happened to Pashtun lands and people, he would cry.

    The absurdity of the two nation theory is it had nothing to do with Religion. A small section of the population never ever fought for freedom, never ever went to jail, and were enjoying huge entitlements for their loyalty. They feared the worst for having collaborated with the British and foresaw a drying of their tap of entitlements. These leaders knew that Muslims were emotional about their religion and decide to exploit the situation. If the exploitation of people had stopped after two nations were created, things would have been fine. Sadly, the manipulation of people using religion as a tool got worse with each passing day.

    A wiser people would have woken up to the dangers much earlier seeing the drastic fall in %age of minorities, year after year. Everybody was in too deep a slumber to study, analyse and take corrective action. Now the situation is impossible to redeem, even an ordinary blasphemy law, people cannot find the courage to remove from the statute. As a normal human being there is nothing left to say, I am speechless.Recommend

  • Water Bottle

    I will tell you something from a writer’s POV.

    When your premise for a story/novel is not sound, no matter how much you fix the dialogs, the characters, the plot…the story will fail.

    Creation of Pakistan was based upon a LIE. Premise that muslims cannot live with Hindus was a simple white lie. Today, Jinnah is a Hero to Pakistanis. In the next 100 years, if there still remains a Pakistan, then Jinnah will be known as a villain.Recommend

  • Syed Azeem

    Those killed in Peshawar were not Hazara but Shia

    in Quetta it is Shia Genocide not Hazara Genocide
    How could it be an ethnic killing when the very killers of LeJ & SSP are sectarian killers ?

    Please edit your heading

    by calling it Shia killing it wont make you a shia , nor would you be standing for the truth if you fear being attacked by LeJ or ASWJ Recommend

  • Racer

    Thank you for writing this. There will soon come a time when people will be killed for being clean-shaved, then wearing jeans, then driving a car. Eventually the last man left here will blow himself up for no reason at all.Recommend

  • Hamza

    @Syed Azeem:

    The original title of this blog was “Pakistan is dying…”. ET changed the title before publishing. Please view the original version of the blog. Recommend

  • Prabhjyot Singh Madan

    Shia….hazara…whatever, those killed were Pakistanis. On a good day you may have Kahwa with them. Please restore law and order and killing the people of minority sects, it includes the ahmadis too. Minorities are too less in number except rural sindh. Respect your quaid and follow his 11th august taqreer. Rab rakha. Sat Sri akalRecommend

  • Ganapati M

    When religion is used to violently tear apart a country and form another exclusively for the adherents of one particular religion it is inevitable that sooner rather than later violence will be used to determine which variant of the religion ought to the country so formed. In sum the rampant sectarianism on display in Pakistan nowadays is the direct outcome of partition of of Indian Sub-Continent based on the “Two nation Theory”.Recommend

  • Warsi

    There is a reason why press tv is being banned all over the world. Think about it. The same news was reported on presstv. Recommend

  • http://na deep

    The seeds of this inaction by the administration was laid in the early days of Pakistan. Just reading Guha’s book – and apparently while Gandhi and Nehru were proactively trying to protect the muslim minorities in delhi etc – Jinnah and Liaqat ali did not make those visible efforts – and since then the killers have roamed without the fear of capture and punishment.Recommend

  • Muhammad Ishfaq


  • Ahmed

    Pakistan was not created cause Muslims can’t live with hindus. IT was created because Muslims couldn’t live in a state where the fundamentals of Islam could not be followed(i.e. The Shariah) . It’s more than just Namaz, Hajj, Fasting, Zakat. I’m talking about the Islamic state. Do we have that? No.
    Jinnah got us Pakistan for this working on Iqbal’s idea. We will fail him, in fact we have failed him. We are the villians.

    @ Hamza, we are not ‘Ahmadis’ they are something else.Recommend

  • kanwal

    @Syed Azeem
    you managed to pick one of the least improtant points here and wrote a whole para on it! Yes, numerous shias are dying. yes they are all pakistanis. Yes there are dozens of bomb blasts, right and left. But, yes, Hazaras are facing the heat lot more than many. Which means, their plight needs to be highlighted more. And by now, every pakistani respects and grieves for them. Which means you should have paid your tribune or condolences here, not pick something divisive. Recommend

  • Water Bottle


    “Pakistan was not created cause Muslims can’t live with hindus. IT was created because Muslims couldn’t live in a state where the fundamentals of Islam could not be followed(i.e. The Shariah) . It’s more than just Namaz, Hajj, Fasting, Zakat. I’m talking about the Islamic state. Do we have that? No.”

    So you believe that if Sharia is implemented in Pakistan, there will be far less violence.

    Is that what you are saying?Recommend

  • Aamir Muneer

    It’s an irony that someone ‘who cares’ comes up with such emotional rhetorics that simply eases the job of those ‘who kill’. They want you to feel afraid, paralyzed, hopeless, helpless and isolated and you are doing it very well, following what they planted inside your mind. The need of time is a movement of solidarity, to stand together as a nation, to fight haters on the very ideological basis so we could provide our state (read not it ‘government’) with a base to fight and eliminate physically. But it needs more positive energy, more strength and stamina. Turning back to your life after venting your frustration and distributing your despair to a number of readers is easier.Recommend

  • Afghan

    The real fact about Pakistan is this: Punjab is the most clever and foreseeing nation of Pakistan. It knows how to use religion and sects. Knows how to play with Pashtuns and Baloch people. Punjab is the home of all poison that is spreading in Pakistan and Afghanistan. But one day which is near will be the day of great suffering for Punjab! It is inevitable. I don’t want them to suffer but it is must! Forget about religions, sects and ethnicities. Just feel the mothers who lost all! These Lej’s are the continuity of those whose kingdom was altered by Hazrat Muhammat S.A.W. Till this day they are enemy to normal Muslims and spread hate. In some years all Pakistanis will have this cancer of hate. It will spare no one even its creator!
    Pashtuns, Baloch, Muhajirs know your common enemy. Don’t get used. Unite and bring yourselves in the same level to them. Recommend

  • Parvez

    Protesting and writing will create an awareness and possibly, just possibly some one’s conscience may get pricked and some good may happen………….but its a long shot.
    If events are rolled back in reverse and the money is traced it would land back with our so called friendly Muslim Arab countries lead by KSA………….but still the fault of allowing them to use their wealth to destabilise us, lies squarely with us.

  • sherrry

    @ all
    i was expecting the same kind of response underneath this article , typical bashing of quaid ,2 nation theory n pakistan’s basic ideology which is totally irrelevant to pakistan’s current problems.

    pakistan was created for absolutely valid reasons n it was democratically justified , point is that we as a nation failed n failed miserably, we failed our ideology n our quaid .

    @ author
    i have always been extremely optimistic about pakistan n future but seriously man i agree with every word of your article, cant see no hope:(Recommend

  • Muhammad Awais

    What is left to be happened on this soil, People come and blast their vests in a single second, then no one came to investigate the whole case seriously later we hear another blast and this game continues. Tell me where one is safe in this country.Recommend

  • Rashid

    Of course we care! When its the blood of Palestinians, Chechens, Kashmiris, Rohingyas and the assorted lots. I’m sure you can forgive us for not caring just for one particular roup of blood, when we have cared for so many others.Recommend

  • ModiFied

    @ Muhammad Ishfaq “WHAT SHOULD WE DO TO STOP THIS MADNESS????”

    This madness can certainly be stopped provided Pakistani people have the courage and the will. Here is the list;

    Reject two nation theory ( not Pakistan)
    Remove state from the matters of state
    Invite those Hindus and Sikhs who still want to come back to their homeland
    Apologize to Bangladesh

    Can majority of Pakistanis do this? If yes, Pakistan will survive and progress. If not, its bound to continue this way and nothing on Earth can stop this. Recommend

  • YLH (The Original One)

    I cannot stand idly by and allow Pakistani history to be distorted. My original research has conclusively proven that Abul Kalam Azad never uttered the quoted words. This so-called ‘interview’ was a hoax perpetrated by the Congress. Abul Kalam Azad also blamed the Congress and Gandhi for the partition, never the Quaid. I strongly recommend the historical works of Pillaswamy Pooncharamiyya, the most renowned historian of Chikamangaloor North West subdivision to learn the real history of the Quaid’s efforts to keep the nation united and Gandhi, Nehru and Patel’s determination to divide it.

    ET, it is your obligation to let me set the historical record straight. Please publish my post providing the accurate alternative view based on my original research.Recommend

  • leela

    Err… but wasn’t Pakistan created to safeguard the Muslims of the Indian subcontinent and protect Islam as it was in danger from the Hindus? Wasn’t this supposed to be the place where one could freely practice their faith per the guidelines of Islam?

    It is time Pakistanis do a bit of introspection and recognize the problems and take the appropriate corrective action (NO, It is not more Islam).
    It would be better if people practiced their religion for spiritual purposes rather than trying to shove their version of religion down others’ throats.Recommend

  • bigsaf

    Apparently, no, the majority of Sunni conservative Pakistanis don’t care, with many at ease with sharing the same beliefs as the ‘takfiris’ above, and the rest are steeped in other sort of denials, conspiracies, bigotry, religious superstitions and revisionist hyper-nationalism.

    When Pak’s army and politicians themselves prejudicially saw the Hazaras as a ‘fifth column’ for Iran, instead of victims of sectarian hate, while cutting deals with Wahhabi/Salafi/Deoband/Sunni extremist militants such as LeJ activists, it pretty much highlights the ideological crisis and mindset of Pak society all the way up to the state. Recommend

  • Abidi

    This is so moving. We don’t do anything.. We just pray that this doesn’t happen to our own family oblivious to the fact that we are next. And even if we aren’t next, we shouldn’t be home mourning over this anymore. Just updating a tweet or status or making a page on Facebook doesn’t work now. That period is far gone. We should do something. We should take some strong action against it. Recommend

  • Humanity

    @ahmed wrote ‘@ Hamza, we are not ‘Ahmadis’ they are something else.’

    You have diagnosed the contagious diseased that has infected the soul of the nation. The disease is called self-hatred.

    No wonder Pakistan is dying.Recommend

  • Zeb Khan

    Compare the socioeconomic conditions of Muslims living in India to that living in Pakistan. I have been living in USA for the last two years and I have not seen, so far, any Muslim from India studying or working here. It is not that there is none of them in USA but that they are so few that they are rarely seen. They do not have sufficient resource and education to come to USA. I am fully aware of the fact that Muslim societies and areas are informally known as Chotta Pakistan all over the INDIA which definitely shows that Muslims are not being allowed to mingle in Indian society. Despite a population of 120 million, Muslims in India do not enjoy ruling any state/province except for Kashmir where the true ruler is, in fact, Indian army. Muslims are not allowed to buy property in posh areas of Mumbai. I can proudly say that being a Pakistani is an Identity for Muslims. Of course, we are passing through a difficult stage of our history but then every nation of the world has passed through this process of learning.
    I am surprised how the ET team allowed publishing comments relating Jinnah to a Villain. In fact, the ET team is always prepared to censure most of the very reasonable comments but have not exercised its power in this very required case. In fact, as a Pakistani and following the rule of true journalism, it is their duty to stop people from spreading hate and being foul mouthed.
    Mr/Ms. Watter Bottle, I am not against any Indian as I have many of them as close friends here in USA. However, I do want my country men and its founder to be respected. Even if you want to make some comments, do not cross the boundaries of dignity and reason. Recommend

  • GhostRider

    @Water Bottle: Gandhi in the name of Hindu Muslim untiy he stabbed Muslims in the back…go read history book and find out what Congress govt. did to muslims rights when it came to power in 1937. Jinnah was probably the biggest hero of the sub-continent. Whatever our problems are they will on day be solvedRecommend

  • Prabhjyot Singh Madan

    The great eye is watching the land of pak people. Recommend

  • Anoop

    @YLH (The Original One):

    So you decide who is a “real” historian and who is not?

    Whatever paints Jinnah in bad light you try your best to discredit it.

    Take for instance the Historian who writes for ET. You had written an article to rebut him, but he based his column on facts, you cherry picked it.

    As an example here is what you said, “The facts were that on August 14,1947, Dr Khan Sahib had only 18 members in a house of 39. “

    The actual facts were: “However, even without the 12 non-Muslim members being counted, the Congress still had 19 Muslim seats in a house of now 38, exactly 50 per cent, and with the Jamiat members, it had a clear majority. “

    Mr.Bangash further pointed out,“Interestingly, section 51(5) (the section under which the ministry was dismissed) was inserted by Mountbatten on the advice of Jinnah to bring the governors clearly under the thumb of the governor general.” And, also that the Muslim League proved its majority 6 months AFTER the dismissal of the rightful Congress Government by Jinnah.

    Its just a sample of your Hero worshipping, by even distorting facts and figures.

    Your claims are just that “claims”. Nothing more. You say Shorish Kashmiri is a liar and we should be believe you?

    Didn’t Nehru predict doom for Pakistan? Is that so far-fetched to say, that a country whose identity is un-India and based on Communalism will not survive when separated from its parent?

    Many people were predicting doom for Pakistan at the time and so was Azad. What disturbs you is the graphic description of it in Kashmiris Interview of Azad. That would mean Pakistan was a very apparent bad idea, which Jinnah acted on, ignoring sound advice and that you can’t take. Recommend

  • Yuri Kondratyuk

    @Muhammad Ishfaq:


    Dump religion and study science – that’s a start.Recommend

  • Yuri Kondratyuk


    Gandhi in the name of Hindu Muslim untiy he stabbed Muslims in the back

    It was Gandhi who saved muslim lives during the 1947 riots. If you need to hate, at-least get your hatred right.Recommend

  • heera

    I do wonder how low freedom of speech can go in pakistan.ET should be bold enough to listen different views as it portray the ground reality..You cant expect simply a complete silence from other side when you blame Hindus for all your misery..Recommend

  • YLH (The Original One)


    People complaining about the situation in Pakistan should learn about the condition of Muslims in India when the Congress came to power. Urdu, our national language, our pride and source of our Islamic culture, was banned from all public places. A notification was issued mandating all government records must be kept only in the Hindu script of Devnagari. RSS, the militant arm of Congress, started communal riots all over India, killing by conservative estimates between 90,000 to 111,000 Muslims in UP alone within less than six months. The houses of leading Muslims were burnt almost daily, and between 60 to 65 mosques were demolished in just one city of Saharan Pur. From North to South, Muslim youths were rounded up and put into jails en-masse.

    The Quaid and Pakistan saved Muslims from total destruction. The renowned historian Pillaswamy Pooncharamaiya, a Hindu, has provided moving accounts of those dark days. We have distorted history to whitewash the shenanigans of the Congress and of Gandhi, and now have a habit of complaining over the smallest issues. Recommend

  • ModiFied

    @ Zeb Khan: First of all, don’t forget that the elites among Muslims left India for Pakistan and only the poor and disadvantaged ones were left behind. You have used “Studying in USA” as one criteria to judge the progress of Indian Muslims. Why not use few other indices too ? let us compare sector wise how Indian Muslims fare compare to Pakistani Muslims;

    Politics: Indian Muslims have held all the key ministries in India including home and foreign affairs. Many Muslims have made to the post of president and vice president of India.
    Education: Indian Muslims certainly had starting disadvantage in education as elitist Muslims left them high and dry for Pakistan. However, now you can find them in engineering, medicine, science and everywhere. Dr Abdul kalam, the former president of India headed Missile development program of India and was the scientific advisor also to the Prime Minister.
    Entertainment: There is simply no comparison. Indian Muslims are light years ahead to Muslims from any other country.
    Business: have you heard of Azim Prem Ji ? name me one Muslim from Pakistan or from any other Muslim country who will match him.

    Unlike Pakistan where minorities have hardly any rights, Muslims in India are progressing in every field. As far as becoming Chief Minister of any state is concerned, one can expect that in a democracy. We can also ask you if Hindus have made to any significant political positions in Pakistan? Just wait for another few years. Indian Muslims will beat Pakistani Muslims even in education.

  • Water Bottle

    @Zeb Khan

    “Watter Bottle, I am not against any Indian as I have many of them as close friends here in USA. However, I do want my country men and its founder to be respected. Even if you want to make some comments, do not cross the boundaries of dignity and reason.”

    I did not cross the boundary of dignity. Reason is pretty vast for anyone to cross its boundaries.

    However, I said nothing wrong. No doubt it hurts the sentiments of many (a majority) Pakistanis who have been taught to treat other religions, especially Hindus as enemies. So, I perfectly understand your sentiments.

    Please note however, that history has been repeatedly re-written as and when the perspectives of the people have changed. Zia-Ul-Haq was a Pakistani Hero once upon a time. But today, most people recognize that he was an utter fool who doomed Pakistan. So is the case of Bhutto, who is slowly being recognized as selfish/greedy/arrogant.

    Musharraf was hailed a Hero when he came to power, but the decade after 9/11 slowly proved him to be a bad news for Pakistan.

    In today’s world there is a lot of analysis, there is a powerful media, there is the internet and people get to read different sources. That was not so back in the days of Quaid. If there were, you would have learned by now that Pakistan was never created for muslims but rather for a few rich feudal, who still rule your country. There was never any honest reason behind the creation of Pakistan.Recommend

  • GhostRider

    @moderator: if you moderate the comments atleast make sure the context and grammar remains intact. Jinnah can be tolerated as villian in comments but not Gandhi…shame on youRecommend

  • Water Bottle

    @YLH (Original)

    “Urdu, our national language, our pride and source of our Islamic culture, was banned from all public places.”

    Urdu is the mother tongue of only a small percentage of people in Pakistan. A Punjabi, Sindhi, Baloch, Pathan did not speak Urdu at home.

    Urdu was forced upon a majority of Pakistan, just like Hindi is forced upon most Indians today.

    If you are a Sindhi or a Baloch or a Punjabi, why would you be proud of speaking Urdu? Unless you suffer from massive inferiority complex about your language, your own mother tongue!!

    For Mohajirs, I agree, Urdu is their language. But Mohajirs form a small percentage of Pakistan.

    Also, Urdu is a language born as a result of Islamic rule, where most people, including muslims were subjugated to oppression. If you think muslims were happy/prosperous/progressive during the Mughals, you are wrong.

    So, Urdu, in actuality represents a culture of oppression and not Islamic culture.Recommend

  • heera

    Do we have anything to do with current prevailing situation in Pakistan..Its their problem ,let them deal with it…R we want merger??Not at all…So there is no point bringing Jinnah into discussion..Recommend

  • heera

    @YLH (The Original One): As if Sindhi and Balochis like Urdu as national language..would you care to explain us why bangladesis parted away???Recommend

  • heera

    @YLH (The Original One): And who started calcutta massacre…Riot in UP and Bihar was mere a repercussion..Recommend

  • Komal S

    @Zeb Khan:
    I am always surprised how most Pakistani muslims are concerned about the muslims in India. During 1947 Indian muslims had a choice and stayed with Hindu majority India. None of them have shown any inclination to move to pakistan due to social reasons. As far as the Indian literacy statitics: 2001 survey says 65% vs 59% between Hindus and muslims(still significantly better than 55% literact achieved by Pakistan during Musharraf times). Unooficial 2011 figures say liteacy at 75% vs 67% between Hindus and Muslims. Literacy is higher for Indian muslims as compared to Pakistani and Bangladeshi muslims. As far as the USA diaspora population is concerend last i checked Indian muslims make up 10% of the Indian diapora. Muslims in India as per latest census is around 15%. The mix was closer to 12% just a decade back. Of course as proportion to population Pakistanis in general tend to emigrate more as compared to indians. So it is not fare to compare Pakistani numbers directly to indian muslims. Also it is a good sign that indian muslims do not make a good junk of the diaspora. i.e people are not leaving the country due to discrimination or political reasons. You would see as a %age lot more Shias/Ahmadi move out of Pakistan due to discrimation or similarly for Sri Lankan Tamils from sri lanka.Recommend

  • heera

    @Water Bottle: Hindi may be forced upon you…Pl spare us…Recommend

  • Sara

    We are not just blind…….we cant see, hear….. or even speak.Recommend

  • Water Bottle


    “Hindi may be forced upon you…Pl spare us…”

    Maybe Hindi is your language…Pls spare us…

    For us Hindi represents an era of slavery. A language rife with Arabic and Farsi. A language with a short history. A language with not even a script of its own.Recommend

  • goggi (Lahore)

    Chinese “Lotus feet” was the custom of applying painfully “tight binding” to the feet of young girls to prevent further growth. Women foot binding was very popular because men thought it to be highly attractive. Foot binding became Chinese women’s way of being beautiful, and a way to show that they were worthy of a husband.

    Human mind develops and expands lifelong because lifelong learning was and is an essential challenge for inventing the future of our societies.

    The minds of religious bigoted people are like the chinese women feet, fixed tightly in a clamp to avoid growth and logical reasoning and such “MIND BINDING” is most popular among all sects of irrational bedouin Islam.

    Thus causes and effects are in the nature of things!Recommend

  • Shuja

    Without reading this blog. I was the sound professor of peace and love and harmoney. But seeing recent killing of Hazara and Shia by this group or groups. But no action done by government. Here is only one way out TIT for TAT action. Else they will not stop. Government is failed on this.Recommend

  • sherrry

    “First of all, don’t forget that the elites among Muslims left India for Pakistan and only the poor and disadvantaged ones were left behind”

    wow , thats enlightening , you can see hoards of elite indian muslims migrating to pakistan on bull carts n tangas in so many videos relating to partition in 1947,

    what you are sayin here is that approx 1 million muslims who migrated to pakistan belonged to elite class???????????? you’re truly modified Recommend

  • np

    “They came for the Hindus. We didn’t care.

    They came for the Christians. We didn’t care.

    They came for the Ahmadis. We said Ahmadis deserve this!

    They slaughtered Salman Taseer. We garlanded his murderer.

    They came for the Shias. We turned a blind eye.

    They’re coming for us and there is nothing anybody is doing about it.”

    YEp sums it up. But you forgot the Bengalis…Recommend

  • heera

    @Water Bottle: did any body ask you to follow Hindi??then how it was enforced upon you??Recommend

  • heera

    Et moderator ,i want my earlier comment to be do it..Recommend

  • Water Bottle


    “did any body ask you to follow Hindi??then how it was enforced upon you??”

    That question proves how ignorant you are of Indian system. Federal government’s policies, Indian education system, central government offices including the defense…the list is endless.

    The first thing you need to do is try and understand India to some extent.Recommend

  • heera

    @Water Bottle: Hindi is indigenous..Its script is Devanagari which draws from sanskrit…An official language of almost 15 states and union territory.. Recommend

  • gp65

    @YLH (The Original One): The fundamental of TNT is that if two people are different they cannot live together. In Pakistan this root idea resulted first in complete decimation of Hindu and Sikh populations. It then led to Bengalis dissociating themselves from Pakistan – the first time in history when majority seceded. Why is it then so difficult to see the Sunni persecution of Shias as an extension of the same original idea?

    You do not have to give up your independent state of Pakistan in order to give up its flawed premise. There is no appetitte in either India, Pakistan or Bangladesh to undo partition. But unless you give up the idea that different people cannot live together in peace, the slide down the slippery slope will continue. Recommend

  • Water Bottle


    “wow , thats enlightening , you can see hoards of elite indian muslims migrating to pakistan on bull carts n tangas in so many videos relating to partition in 1947,”

    Actually, it is true that a big percentage of Indian elite muslims moved to Pakistan in 1947.

    Though a percentage of muslims remained back in India. This, we are talking about the muslims of the Northern India.

    Southern Indian muslims (except for the Hyderabad region) have for centuries remained distinctly different from the northern Indian muslims. So, rich muslims from South India did mostly stayed back.

    However, your proof of the video is nonsense. There are not many videos available of that time. Even those videos do not interview the people who moved.

    Most importantly, even for the rich, Tangas and Bullock carts were the means of travel. Very few who were fortunate to live in the cities in Punjab could afford a train.Recommend

  • heera

    @Water Bottle: What r you talkking man??First you come out of your high horses..It was central govt policy to promote Hindi…It was invaders who diluted hindi with their own persian mix…They also caused damage to script of sindhi language..Funny is that a maharashtrian brahmin took the lead to promote it in hindi belt,..but the same marathis r opposed to it. today.Recommend

  • I am a Khan

    Sad state of affairs. All to do with the fact that even though Pakistan was created in the name of Islam, nothing was done in the country to promote and teach real Islam to the ignorant masses. This resulted in all the devious sects springing up,hate between the sects. This combined with corruption and lack of law and order, has resulted in the predicament Pakistan faces today, of daily mass killings. Its our system and failed governance and corrupt leaders over the last 65 years that has led to this. On the one hand you have organisations like LEJ killing people with immunity and promoting sectarian hate, on the other hand you have girls dancing on TV and pop shows. No one is practicing Islam in a country made to practice Islam. Recommend

  • max mara

    killing and cutting their roots is the only way. who is going to do that is the biggest question because the people who r capable of doing it, r not serious. they somehow support them. ShameRecommend

  • irfan

    @All. I just love this : Tu tu- mein mein, indians & pakistanis fighting with each other, each trying to prove that they are right & others wrong!! Its Wonderful entertainment, got to love this!!!Recommend

  • irfan

    I think government of every country including pakistan & india should come together & prepare a plan to deal with menace of extremism, violence & terrorism.Recommend

  • Naveed

    The state have strength to crush the terrorists but unfortunately they have no clear cut policy. I fear of that day when these extremist become more powerful than the state. This country is unsafe for shia Muslims. They not only targeting Hazara community in Queta, but many areas like Peshawar where target killing of shia prominent people like doctors take place.Recommend

  • Why do Pakistanis obsess about Islam?

    First and foremost, I feel for the people of Pakistan, I feel sad to see so much death and destruction, and I hope that things only improve. As an Indian, I feel good to see that young Pakistani people are questioning the basis on which Pakistan was formed, and want to work towards creating a more just, and egalitarian society. This gives me hope of better ties and prospects in the future.

    One thing that always bothers me, however, is the obsession that Pakistanis have in defending Islam. Insaan toh mar hi raha hai, par fikar dekhne waale ko sirf yeh hai ki Islam ko kuchch na ho. What worth is this image of Islam to you, when all it has brought, for the most part is a lot of misery, death and destruction? I’m not interested in denouncing any religion, but one cannot deny the extreme emphasis Islam places on the idea of kaafirs. The results are plain to see – in nearly every muslim country of the world, there is just no room for minorities, and other beliefs or ideas. Pakistan itself was born out of this very ideology – we cannot trust the infidels, we cannot live them. Mind you, we infidel Hindus have welcomed, and will always welcome people of all belief systems and ideas, because we just do not have any notion of what we must or must not do with unbelievers.

    I’m sorry to say, but the day Pakistan decided to part ways with Hindu, Buddhist, Jaini, Sikh and to some extent Sufi (because Sufi traditions are not just native to the subcontinent)- all Indic philosophical heritage, aapne apni tareekh badal di, taqdeer badal di, aur usme tabdeel kar di jo almost har ek Islamiye mulk ki aaj hai.

    Again, it is my personal opinion, and with all due respect, I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. I know for a fact that most people on here are good well meaning people, and they would have been just as thoughtful had they been observers of any religion of the world. Recommend

  • Sridhar

    YLH ‘s idolatry of Jinnah is touching.
    The guy says he has done research to show that Abdum Kalam never said what he said. Some months ago Pakistani media was full of the story of what Abdul Kalam said. Anyone can google and look it up.
    Above link will take u to Azad’s speech at Red fort, Delhi. This must have happened after 1947. He is predicting that the India and Pak will be enemies, spend their scarce resources in arms and will be impoverished. How true! He seems to cry out for the muslims in particular. Jinnah’s brilliant idea left the muslims in India less capable of defending their interests and in the mercy of the hindus. Azad realized that even in 1947.
    Even if the interview with Shourish Kashmiri did not happen, what Azad said in Red fort is prophetic enough!
    It is time for Pakistanis to call a spade a spade. I am glad some are doing this. This may finally liberate them from past hangovers, prejudices. Jinnah was plain wrong in advocating a nationstate on the basis of religion. The result is for all Pakistanis to see. I will not repeat them here. Author has done well to highlight them. Is it not tragic that a homeland for muslims of the subcontinent is fast becoming a burial place instead!Recommend

  • Sridhar

    Gandhiji’s last fast at Birla House ensured that the immigrants from Pakistan did not force into the houses of the muslims. They were housed in refugee tents but govt protected the property of the muslims in Delhi. In contrast, i heard horror stories (one such narrated by Hassan Nissar the host in Merey Mutabiq) where muslims in Pakistan killed hindus, depriving them of their property.
    Ultimately, the decision whether partition of India was wise or not depends on which side of the border you are. If you ask the present generation Indians, they are happy that they don’t have to deal with problems faced by Pakistan today: terror, islamic fundamentalism etc. Once you are on a wrong path, the path leads you to disaster. You do not have to do anything. It was inevitable that a nation based on religion would become a showpiece of religious intolerance to the extent that muslims are killing muslims today in Pakistan.
    In India today, Ahmadiyyas are safe and so are the Shias. As M.J Akbar put it nicely: India is the only country in the developing world where muslims have enjoyed uninterrupted democracy for 50 plus years. Enough said!Recommend

  • Sridhar

    Do you think the muslim elite would be on the bullock cart? They would have used car or flown into Lahore or Karachi.
    As someone already said, the majority of the muslim elite saw a bright future in this new nation called Pakistan and flocked to it in droves. Many of them made their carrier in administration or politics. Those who did not migrate also did well in a secular India. They had it good both ways. It is the poor who suffered. Recommend

  • Kulwant Singh

    @Zeb Khan:
    I will humbly request you to visit India and then comment.A Muslim has been the President of India and at present UP Rastrapati is also a Muwslims few years back a Muslim was Chief Justic of India and there are many IAS and IPS officers from Muslim community and there are many Muslim Ministers in the present cabinet. I am from a small village in Punjab and there were few Muslim families who did not migrate to Pakistan and you can come to our village and ask them if they being discriminated they are having a Mosque to pray and all communities helped in the construction of the same, no one is denied any job on religious grounds,A Muslim retired as Chief of Punjab police two years back and there are many Muslim police officers of lower ranks also.Also tell me can any Sikh or Hindu or Christian can become the President of Pakistan how many officers from other communities are there. As regarding immigrating to USA or other countries many Muslims are there from India and the truth is that no poor Muslim from Pakistan will go to study in USA or Canada or Australia those who have the means go abroad for studies.You must be from a rich family and that is why ur in USA how many poor Pakistanis are there in USA.Recommend

  • junaid

    there are thousands of muslims in my village in UP who only know urdu.No body forced us for Hindi……..Recommend

  • sherrry

    @Water Bottle:
    senseless, whats your point ?
    1 million elite ????? is that what you want to say?????Recommend

  • sherrry

    scroll up to get to the point, i was replying to one of your brothers, we r on same grid, its not just elite that migratedRecommend

  • sherrry

    @Kulwant Singh:

    muslim condition in india is irrelevant here,
    you kill them in gujrat with state’s bakcing ,we feel bad , now you’re saying you dont discriminate them anymore n they have jobs etc, great , we are happy,
    but the point is that muslims of subcontinent were discriminated n that too brutally n if they were not (as per your version of history) they voted for PAKISTAN and that is how pakistan was created, through democracy n power of muslim majority,
    no arab ,turk or afghan warrior came with his army to divide indiaRecommend

  • Virkaul

    @Yuri Kondratyuk: RSS considered Gandhi appeasing Muslims and that was the reason he was assassinated.Recommend

  • zamin

    @Syed Azeem:
    Why you are pushing it towards sectarian division. they are hazaras who are getting killed. why you are so reluctant to call hazaras, hazaras. I am a hazara, yet i am not a hazara in a sense, I am not shia too, not even a muslim now, don’t care about anything Islam says; I openly declare that i am none of those but do they care? No. I might be the next. Today i am typing tomorrow i might be dead. I am not afraid.

    So, the question is still there! Are they hazaras who are getting killed or Shia’s? As we see their faces and everything else about them; well they look like Hazaras. And you see something else too which is not on their faces; and yes, they are Shias too. So, you don’t like the face and choose to call it Shia genocide. And you stop here.

    Well you can zoom out of your thought sheet a little more!!! You can find the connections. If only you allow yourself. You can see Iran-Saudi proxy war here. The same is there in Syria too; U.S. + West + Arab league + Israel +….. on one side and Russia + China + Iran + ……. on the other side.
    So, This looks like a pretty mess. They (each group) want to dominate a country which has oil and gas and other riches and strategic importance. Well do they care about human lives? No. We have seen it. More than 100 thousand people have been killed in Syria so far, yet both sides are still arming their favorite parties.

    Something here similar is going on in Balochistan. Balochistan has riches; minerals, gas and gold etc. U.S. and China have interests in this region. Gulf including Iran have their own interests. All of them working at a time and making situation more complex. Saudi and Iran fighting their proxy wars want their domination in the region using sectarian line of division. The same question again; do they care about human lives? No! We have seen it, It is more than a decade now. People are continuing to fall and no one cares.

    What is the role of Pakistani state? Where is the national Sovereignty?
    Well Paki state is a failed state and the myth of national Sovereignty has been busted long ago when the U.S. troops hunted down Bin Laden here.

    To our wounded pride: Pakistani rulers are corrupt and so is the state. They are selling this land to whoever giving the higher bid. And the people as the land-bound slaves. Pakistani state is running on black money since the beginning of Afghan-war. The state has a considerable number of muscles (Jihadi) which it trained during Afghan-war and uses it for its interest. LeJ is a state muscle (Jihadi asset) who kill people and claim responsibility. The question again; our question! Do they care about human lives? Never!

    My request from you Sir, Syed Azeem is this: Please accept hazaras as they are. Those stubbed-nosed, narrow-eyed and flat-faced whose dead pictures you see on the news-papers, TV and Internet are Hazaras. Please accept them as they are. Our little world is full of strange faces and diversity. We are one of you and you are one of us. Suffering understands no religion and ethnicity. Pain doesn’t discriminate. Our human feeling indeed has no boundary, no nationality, ethnicity or faith. Accept it or not. We are the 99% now. The 99% has no boundary!!!Recommend

  • Virkaul

    @Water Bottle: Urdu was replaced by English by the British long before India won it’s freedom. Even though Indian government ran a campaign for Hindi to be national language, all official records, etc are maintained in English. India adopted 3 language formula (English, Hindi and regional language) for primary classes to retain local linguistic touch. On the contrary Punjabi is not taught in Punjab, Sindhi in Sindh, Saraiki is dying, Baloch and Pushto are promoted in their native places. Speaking in Urdu is considered elite over native languages.Recommend

  • Adnan

    @Syed Azeem:
    In 2013 more than 230 ethnic Hazara has been killed in Balochistan specially in Quetta But in Other areas of Pakistan maybe only 50 Shia were martyr
    In 2012 more than 130 ethnic Hazara has been killled in Balochistan specially in Quetta But in other areas of Pakistan total Shia is martyr is 350,
    In 2011 more than 90 ethnic Hazara has been killed in Balochistan specially in Quetta But in other areas of Pakistan Shia were killed is 250,

    It’s the ratio of only last three years that it is HAZARA Genocide not Shia Genocide**
    20% of Pakistani population is Shia so why Hazara are the only soft target, why any issue of target killing or bomb blast don’t happen in Punjab apart from one or two incident, Punjab is most populatated areas of Pakistan it has shia population as well. Why any Shia Genocide is not going on in Punjab. It is HAZARA Genocide not Shia Genocide
    The fact which i am talking about is not my personal it is issued by different human right organization of the world including Pakistan, So it all indict that it’s HAZARA Genocide not Shia Genocide!Recommend

  • Milind


    “wow , thats enlightening , you can see hoards of elite indian muslims migrating to pakistan on bull carts n tangas in so many videos relating to partition in 1947,”

    That’s because your engineer Agha Waqar Ahmed was not around to invent the water car.

    @heera – “Funny is that a maharashtrian brahmin took the lead to promote it in hindi belt,..but the same marathis r opposed to it. today.”

    That’s because the North Indians who land up in Maharashtra for yrs, don’t find it fit to learn the local language – Marathi… Any discussion and we’re reminded that it is a national language (when the Gujrat High Court clearly ruled that its not 2-3 yrs back)…
    What’s the point in marathis supporting Hindi, if there’s no reciprocation from the other side.. I’ve explicitly said North Indians, coz Southies do make an effort to learn the local language and fit in. In fact every non-Hindi state (West Bengal, Gujrat, North Eastern and Southern States) are opposed to Hindi overtly or covertly fearing their language would be swamped. Sikhs were opposed to it (Khalistanis threatened to blow up Amritsar radio station, if the Hindi news broadcasts were not replaced with Punjabi).Recommend

  • heera

    @Milind: Did I say that a Punjabi,a Marathi or a Bengali or a malayali or Tamil should learn it.You tell me when Hindi was impose upon others.I m opposed to his view that Hindi is language of Invaders.And yes you r right ,North Indians r very much racist.They ridicule all regional languages and don’t pay any respect to it.I m amazed at your assessment about anti Hindi sentiment in Punjab. Its not actually anti Hindi but actually anti India.You should know that Hindu in Punjab quite frequently use Hindi …You can easily find Punjabis talking in Hindi on streets of Delhi…Have you ever thought that why Sikhs in Pakistani Punjab do not oppose Urdu as their own language…Recommend

  • heera

    Moreover how do you expect that an educated laborer will be able to learn another who r educated or have technical education need not to learn anything other than English. govt jobs r now divided on the basis of language.So argument of Raj thackrey or yours r completely flawed.Recommend

  • I am a Khan

    @Yuri Kondratyuk:

    Science without religion is lame and Religion without science is Blind- Albert Einstein

    Science complements Islam (The only Divine Religion), while Science contradicts all other religions (man made).Recommend

  • heera

    @heera: “uneducated”Recommend

  • abhi

    @Milind and @Water Bottle

    I don’t agree with your comment on Hindi. Hindi is not a foreign language. If just becuase of having influence of arabic or farsi is your yard stick then Marathi has more foreign (arabic and persian) words than Hindi. Hindi is continuation of local languages spoken in India over time and it has similarity with most of the other Indian languages. For most of the native language speakers in India (Marathi, Bengali, Oria etc.) it is easy to learn hindi rather than english so it is a natural connecting language for India. Recommend

  • abhi

    @I am a Khan
    so was Einstine a muslim? or you know science better than Einstine?Recommend

  • abhi

    your fear for north indians is not valid. If I ask you who are north indians, you will find really hard to answer it. Does “north india” include J&K, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, MP, Chattisgarh? Or is it just UP and Bihar (which is not exactly norht anyway)? Recommend

  • Prabhjyot Singh Madan

    Calm down both of you sirs. Punjab is not anti Hindi just pro punjabi. Punjab is not Delhi or haryana. We savour our Indian Punjabi culture that’s all. Don’t bring language into it. Bollywood would suck without Punjabi chit chat in between.we are all Indians and stay Indians. Punjabi is no danger in Punjab, it is a state language and gurmukhi is taught to all, irrespective they want to talk at home or not. It is our punjabiat. Besides, I am all for what the bacchas want to learn, Hindi and English is our lingua franca for all purpose. Though, Punjabi language would make little sense in Bengal and viceversa. Marathi blah blah and rabid Gujarati brothers are not India alone. Live and let live. Rab rakha, sat Sri akal.Recommend

  • sherrry

    irrelevant & below average point scoring, Recommend

  • Sarah

    What Karl Marx said, is true for Pakistan at least,
    “Religion, is the opium of the people”.Recommend

  • suprised

    @Water Bottle:
    Each time i hear someone blaming jinnah for what is happening, surprises me. Am i the only one who remembers her Pakistan history lectures? I remember the stories my grandmother narrated to us and they all were shockers.
    Pakistan and India are not the first countries to separate, and are not the last. So are you going to say that the world is a sad place because, of A B C Ds partitions?
    Jinnah struggled for a PEACEFUL PAKISTAN. Gave up everything for the cause of Pakistan. How dare you suggest that in some time he will be recognized as a villain. I just hope people like U would not be re-writing the history books for future generations.
    WE are the VILLAINS because, WE turned Pakistan into a slaughter house. We are to blame. We are the ones who have failed to provide the people of Balochistan with safety and justice. It is so easy to put a blame on someone who is not around. It is never easy to realize what you are doing wrong. Stop looking across the border. Start looking within the borders of Pakistan and start helping people around you.Recommend

  • Nalwa

    Zeb Khan
    Its time Pakistan lives up to its promise as Homeland for the Muslims of South Asia. Quaid as leader of Indian Muslims failed in his mission to carry all of the Muslims from India to Pakistan. Pakistani Muslims can honor the promise by inviting the Indian Muslims to settle down in Pakistan of which they are the half owner as per the religious foundation of Quaid’s struggle and success. Recommend

  • Mehdi


    95% of ethnic hazaras are shias. Hence it is a shia genocide. In Lahore, head of ophthalmology department Dr. Murtaza Haider along with his 12 year old son was murdered in cold blood because there were Shias. Many Imambarghas have been targeted by salafi terrorist linked to LEJ and Sipha-e Sahaba in Punjab.They are all extremist sunni outfits. You may not term it as genocide, but the civilized world is deeming it to be one. Shias are under attack in Egypt, Syria, Libya, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Afghanistan and Iraq by sunni takfiris. I hope this message is published. Shias in Pakistan are being slaughtered because they are shias and significant population supports the killer in Pakistan.Recommend

  • Yuri Kondratyuk


    no arab ,turk or afghan warrior came with his army to divide india

    They were only interested in a parasitic exploitation utterly lacking in intelligence and vision.Recommend

  • Nawabzada Asad Jawaid

    My Thoughts, Your words! Take a bow Sir!Recommend

  • Milind

    @abhi – This is not a fear of North Indians Sir… I have quite a few North Indian friends and we argue on similar lines without any ill-feeling. To their credit most of the Northies here in Pune, Mumbai are hard-working, the white-collared ones from the middle-class who share the same values as us, who had gotten where they are through their hard work. Its just the language factor that sometimes causes friction. The way Delhi Doordarshan sneaked in Hindi programs (at the cost of Marathi ones), while nobody was watching, left bad memories and suspicions.
    BTW Marathis have whole-heartedly accepted Hindi (u would notice if u’ve been to Maharashtra), so a little bit of noise (in my post above) should be acceptable for dissent.Recommend

  • Anon

    @YLH (The Original One):

    Where did you read your history from man..too absurd to be hilarious … try rereading from outside sources.Recommend

  • I am a Khan


    Einstein was an intelligent man hence he said ‘Science without religion is lame and religion without science is blind’.

    and it has been proven that all other religions contain scientific errors except Islam.


  • abhi

    @I am a khan
    so if Einstein was really intelligent, he would have known that “all other religions contain scientific errors except Islam” and consequently instead of wasting his time on lame science would have converted to Islam.Recommend

  • abhi

    So what is the problem if delhi doordarshan sneaked in some hindi program while nobody was watching? Nobody watched it anyway.

    I know marathis are not anti hindi, I have been living in Maharshtra for some time and actually I find them really welcoming, but sometimes they become touchy. I think the uneven development of India has created some conflict.Recommend

  • Meh

    Once upon time, we released monsters into our neighbouring lands. Today, those monsters look for blood closer to home. We started this war, and now we too must perish in it.Recommend

  • sherrry

    @Yuri Kondratyuk:

    but despite of their lack of intelligence n vision they were more thn good enough for the localsRecommend

  • I am a Khan


    Einstein was intelligent, hence he understood the relationship between Science and the Real Religion. How about you? after the Char Dham natural devastation, are you ready to leave the fake religion and come to the real religion, Islam?Recommend

  • Arun

    @I am a Khan – well, no wonder you are @ [email protected]
    On the same note, keep up the enthusiasm you’ve displayed as its the ‘quintessential’ catalyst to bust the product of the TNT myth!Recommend