Murdering 10-year-olds is easy if you are a feudal

Published: July 2, 2013

This is indeed a reflection of the feudal mindset which involves taking tenants as slaves, treating the poor as dirt and disposing them off whenever the need be. PHOTO: FILE

Three years ago, two brothers were beaten to death by a mob in Sialkot. The video went viral on the internet and a lot of human rights activists protested. Justice, although delayed, was eventually served only because the social media took up the cause and forced the mainstream media to attend to the heinous incident.

A similar incident has taken place in Multan, except that this time, the perpetrators of the murders are a powerful feudal lot.

According to ground reports, eight-year-old Javed and 10-year-old Jameel were taken from their parents from a town in Jatoi to work as domestic help in Faheem Bukhari’s house. Bukhari, the feudal overlord in the area along with his wife Hina Gilani took the kids to Multan.

The incident took place earlier in June when Jameel accidentally broke a glass pitcher full of milk. He was instructed to bring the pitcher to Hina, upon her request. However, it seems as though the young boy was unable to fulfill the request of his supposed ‘owner’. He lost the grip of the glass jug and it broke.

Hina Gilani was so enraged over the ‘brazen’ transgression of a domestic servant that she picked up a piece of the broken glass and beat him to a pulp.

In the blistering heat of Multan, the hemorrhage continued but Hina Gilani and her family didn’t provide any medical assistance. When his younger brother Javed saw the critical condition of his brother, he rushed to his ‘owners’; crying and pleading to seek help for Jameel. Naturally irked by the ‘irritating’ kid, Hina beat him as well. The kid ran back and sat by his dying brother on the hot, cement rooftop.

By the next morning, Jameel was dead.

Hina called up her husband, Faheem, and told him about the tragic incident. Once he reached Multan, Jameel’s body was put into Faheem’s car and taken back to the village.

Back at the village, Faheem barred the local imam from viewing or washing Jameel’s body so as to keep the wounds on his body discreet. He instructed another person, Maulvi Shafi, to wash the body instead. However, when Shafi uncovered the boy, he was shocked to see the bruises on the body and the sharp shards of glass in the boy’s skull. He immediately asked for an autopsy but was told to keep quiet. In view of the profuse bleeding from the head, his head had to be dressed even before the burial.

When probed, Faheem claimed that the wound was due to a head sore and that, while his body was being transported, the childs’ head hit the window of the car, which caused it to bleed. According to him, Jameel had died of measles back in Multan.

The devastated father of the child, Hameed, has filed an FIR against Hina Gilani and Faheem, under article 302 and 356. However, the DCO of Multan, Gulzar Shah as well as the Commissioner of the city are distantly related to the perpetuators. This is precisely why Hameed is currently under immense pressure by the authorities to back off.

The question for us, silent nobodies, is: Are we only stirred when we see a graphic video of a person being tortured or murdered? And are the Suo Motu’s limited only to hyper-sensationalised news reports? What about the mainstream media houses, many of which have shied away from even reporting the incident?

Are the atrocities committed in the backwaters of our urbane playgrounds unimportant and insignificant, even when they involve the most inhumane atrocities?

After the Jatoi case, many jumped to the defence of the feudal system, citing how it’s unfair to generalise a single instance over an entire faction. This is the second of the innumerable chain of such incidents, many of which go unreported. And this is indeed a reflection of the feudal mindset which involves taking tenants as slaves, treating the poor as dirt and disposing them off whenever the need be.

For the last five years, we dragged Rehman Malik through the mud on every such case. It is time Chaudhry Nisar, the new Interior Minister of Pakistan, started doing his job and took notice of this terrible tragedy.

It is also time for the chief justice to forego the notions of ‘greater good’ and ensure justice is meted out even to those who hail from the lowest rungs of the society.

Three years ago, it took a video of the atrocities against the boys in Sialkot to awaken the humanity and outrage within us. Will the plight of these boys be ignored in the absence of bloody pictures and graphic details?

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Salman Latif

A blogger who blogs at and tweets @salmanlateef

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  • The Only Normal Person Here.

    Well done Salman Latif. You pointed out the idiosyncrsies of our society really well. Excellent post. Recommend

  • Babar

    Killing an innocent is like killing the whole mankind.Recommend

  • Khurram Awan

    Well the mainstream Media is not following that news any longer and now again we can sense the silence in this case. Recommend

  • Sane

    Killing by Gilani family must be investigated and culprits must be arrested to dispense justice like done for every citizen of Pakistan. If not, abandon police and courts and let this be a jungle where ‘Might is Right’ should be the rule.

    We are still waiting murderers of Sahzeb and Hamza to be punished as per law. Let’s see how law acts in case of influentials. Or these are hushed up like many other cases where victims are poor and perpetrators are powerful.Recommend

  • Nishant

    Feudalism is the main root of all evils and problems in Pakistan
    because of this monarchy still existed, and the laws and constitution are powerless
    The current trend of economy requires a service class with industries that are run as corporates
    unfortunately most companies in Pakistan are still family owned businesses, run often by the “maalik” or owner
    These people are extremely powerful and because of this are able to escape the law by either bribing or simply killing those in their way Recommend

  • Mehak

    I deeply wish and pray for the justice to be
    Served. Thanks for bringing this issue up Recommend

  • Rabeeyah

    This is really sad! Where is our country going? We have to stand against this system, it’s about time this system of not punishing the feudal or great powers should be changed. It’s time to stand against injustice. It’s about time to show every person living in this country is same and human. And, heartless people should be punished in a way that others learn from that. Recommend

  • Parvez

    I have to salute you for not allowing this story to die. It came up as a small news item on this ET site and then vanished. I looked for it in the papers and on the TV ……….. and nothing.
    The pregnant silence from our media is disgraceful but more so the sheer apathy shown by our superior judiciary is even more disgraceful. As for our politicians the murder of a child was by one of their own and they will support each other………..murder or no murder.

  • Moiz Omar

    This incident is very horrible! The perpetrators should be arrested and convicted! Feudalism sucks! It should be erased from Pakistan.Recommend

  • Sane


    The bus hostess was immediately arrested on fake allegations by MPA Nighat Sheikh. Later released when investigation proved her innocent. Why not MPA Nighat Sheikh was simultaneously arrested for beating and threatening and lodging fake FIR against the bus hostess.

    Fine example of JUSTICE. HIP HIP HURRAY. LONG LIVE JUSTICE. Isn’t it.Recommend

  • A

    A FIR is the right of the parents of these children, its the responsibility of the State to protect the weak. Why can’t we ask the rulers, interior and law minister of Punjab or the judges to provide this family justice?
    The main reason we see these crimes in Pakistan over and over again is that the people who commit these crimes have no fear of getting a punishment. If an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth was implemented then we would not have so many cases of murder etc on this LAND OF THE PURE. Recommend

  • Anonymous

    The perpetrators belong to a strong feudal family and its common in their families to snatch poor little kids from their Muzairas and Mureeds. I have been meeting such feudal lords in the resent past and have witnessed worse then anyone can ever imagine. They treat their dogs better then their human servants. The food they eat is always a leftover or rotten, the cloths they spare for them are either too rough or very substandard. They are beaten up, poisoned, raped and killed but their parents have no door to knock on.

    Mr Faheem is a lawyer himself and is brother in law of Mr Masood Alam the current MPA from Punjab Assembly from N league. The DCO Multan is not a distant relative he is infect very close to Mr Faheem and his family. I don’t know what would be the fate of victims family, but I know that they would stumble to the mounting pressure from the feudals.

    This country is rotting because of these Feudal’s who govern most of the politics in Pakistan. I don’t know how a common man will ever overcome them. ‘Pakistan I am getting hopeless’.Recommend

  • sab sach heh

    Pakistan and its Muslim public will never change,Why because hypocrisy is so entrenched in this MUSLIM country which is un Islamic .Recommend

  • Tayyaba A

    Horrible! A glass pitcher is more valuable than a human life..The perpetrators should be punished in the similar way so that these repulsive people get to know how does it feel! eye for an eye! Recommend

  • 3rdRockFromTheSun

    I have two little boys a bit younger than these two and it brings tears to my eyes just reading this.
    Feudalism is the scourge of your country; and it needs to be gotten rid of immediately. The ‘Lords’ want to keep their subjects igmorant; so their ‘Lordships’ authority’ cannot be questioned. One of the key reasons democracy hasn’t taken hold in Pakistan is Feudalism – no one can vote / think / do freely if they are not truly free.Recommend

  • Zubia

    It has deeply hurt me to read this. This is awful. I wish Allah does justice and bring upon the woman and her husband a far worse Dunya and Jahannam. I wish Allah gives Reham in all these people’s hearts. How can one human act so inhumanely.Recommend

  • Ammara

    Such atrocious acts have always been a norm among feudal lords. These barbaric perpetrators of such crimes are able to get away with these so easily, which leads to recurrence of such incidents. It is therefore, essential to note that if justice is not served once, it will never be served and innocent victims will continue to fall prey to savage barbarians whom we call feudal lords. Therefore, in our capacities as average citizens, we can still play our part by at least protesting on the social media. As we are all witnesses that social media can be used as an effective channel to protest and get the message across as has been in the cases of Shahzeb khan and Sialkot brothers’ incident.Recommend

  • Ahmad Hammad

    It’s really tragic to read. It’ll be disastrous if the justice isn’t served….Recommend

  • Ali Tanoli

    what is the difference left between us and untouchable hindu society in my opinion worshiping graves its care takers and idle worshipers in india are same. I love wahabi islam in this regard.Recommend

  • Muhammad Awais

    Thanks for Highlighting this heart rending story. This system of having the kids as servants of houses is somehow not to be allowed but if you have a low temper and can treat them in good manners like you treat your own children then it is much appreciated because this is their right. Now Chief Justice should take action against this act.Recommend

  • kanwal

    They will never be tried using anti terror court despite causing enough terror in society. Cj Is sleeping folks. And Chaudhry nisar is chaudhry for a reason. So lets forget them. But i am also amzed at the number of comments here. The burger class who used to comment in hordes on Shahzeb trial is silent now? It did nt happen in Defense i know, but this silence is deafening. Recommend

  • Biplab Bijay.

    @Zubia and all the muslims from the Land of Pure. You can only prey and wait for Allah. I did not know that you guys are so helpless. Where is the anger now which you have shown while burning a blasphemer ? So just keep silent and wait for the judgment day. Cheers.Recommend

  • Biplab Bijay.

    @ Ali Tanoli : Still searching for the difference ? you people from Land of The Pure are pathetic. Earlier I was angry with you guys. Now I am sad. Pity on you.Recommend

  • Cipher

    80% of the crimes in our society are related to Law makers in assembles directly or indirectly.Recommend

  • Faryal

    Very disturbed that such a young child was killed in this barbaric way and that his brother had to witness it. The surviving brother will be scarred for life. Recommend

  • Kulwant Singh

    It is the plight of common man in our countries the poor parents are can not resist the wealthy and influencial people. The similar case was reported in Dehli when a Doctor couple locked their ten years old girl servant and went to Singapore for vacation there was nothing to eat and after many days the peole of the locality reported the the matter to the police the police opned the house and found the girl in a critical codition she was admitted to the hospital and doctor couple arrested on return after the media took up the case.Recommend

  • Parvez

    The incident happened in June and it is now July. No main stream media house has exposed this or splashed it on their TV screens nor sent it to the CJ to at least try and bring it to his attention…………….. this is not only disgraceful but a clear reflection on the moral standards of our media.

  • Shenaniganman

    The father of the poor child has every right to be angry. When you ship a 10 year old off to be a slave, the last thing you expect is for him to be mistreated in any way. Now he has one less paycheck coming in every month. Detestable.Recommend

  • ninel

    The oppressed of this cursed land should rose up and strike down the Feudals. They have nothing to lose but their chains; they have the world to gain !Recommend

  • Naeem

    HINA GILLANi should be punished. No doubt one day she will be punished by Allah. But she should aslo be punished in this world. Come on Chief Justice Sb, what are you afraid of? What about the rose pelting lawyers? Anyone has a conscience? This is the Islam that the West sees as medevial ,unjust, uncouth, rubbish!!!! And i will support them a 100% in eliminating such a feudal system in Pakistan. May Allah give solace to the parrents of this child and I hope the younger brother has also been removed from this family. Recommend

  • Rubab Khan

    This is really awfull . where we are going ?? how can they beat an innocent child ..
    Many cases still pending shamfull …Recommend

  • M

    And as always the powerful will again get away with this inhumane act! Recommend

  • http://. Mahreen

    You will be delighted to know that I have read exact translation of your article in one of Canada’s Urdu newspaper “Urdu Post Canada”, July 4th, 2013 issue. Recommend

  • daniyeh

    agreed!! Recommend