Eye To Eye: The music video that won the internet

Published: June 25, 2013

Taher Shah in his newly released video Eye to Eye. PHOTO: SCREENSHOT

Have you ever been in love so madly that you felt like no one has ever loved the same way before? Well, get the fat out of your head because you lose. Someone has loved like you never can… It is a “genyin killasic” (genuine classic) love that you are yet to experience.

This love isn’t the kiss-and-cuddle kind. It is very modern and a lot like Bluetooth technology, because you can feel it transferring from a distance only between two pairs of eyes. This love is Eye To Eye by Taher Shah.

Accessorised like the true diva that he is, Taher Shah – a model, singer, director, producer etcetera by profession – sways side to side in his latest music video singing about eyes – his eyes, your eyes, their eyes, everybody’s eyes. This video has won the internet. He even has some imaginary paparazzi in the video.

“I am such a colossal fan of this never before seen celebrity. Too exclusive” – guy with camera in the middle. PHOTO: SCREEN SHOT

When Basma, a friend of mine, tagged me on Facebook in his video, she had warned me that it was about “genyin killassic” love. Curious as I am, I clicked on it and have religiously watched it every day ever since. Damn you, Basma, for I will never fall in love with anyone else again.

Taher Shah’s Eye to Eye is no gimmick. It isn’t a joke, but a deep message that many of us fail to understand because we are too distracted by Shah’s curly locks and “essential sensational” blue contact lenses, upon which lush eyelashes of an angel flutter.

“Hypnotised yet?” PHOTO: SCREEN SHOT

Well in his late forties (and looking the part), Shah’s swagger is still like that of a man in his twenties – a strapping handsome man at that.

“I got 99 problems but my hair ain’t one.” PHOTO: SCREEN SHOT

His cherubic cheeks glow as he sings to his double dressed in black, who sings back about “fayebluss exciting eyes”. Yup, there is no one else in the video – not a single human, just a magician (x2) and his framed pictures.

Double double, toil and trouble, I heart T Shah and his double. PHOTO: SCREEN SHOT

I am about to crush the dreams of many ladies swooning over Shah – he might not be interested in your kind – not from the looks of his video. It contains some severe I-LOVE-MEN messages too, which I hope to God are untrue, because, hey, who are you going to day dream about then?

You want this but you can’t have none. PHOTO: SCREEN SHOT

The background of the video is very diverse and varies from white furniture to white furniture, which speaks volumes about this man’s love for class.

“Keep your love in the soul, make love with Eye To Eye.”

I don’t know how many people have decided to be abstinent thanks to this message in the video. The man is just too convincing, and if he’s loaded with more silver accessories, he might just cure cancer from the positive energy that he emits!

Here are a few things people have uttered on Twitter in the glory of this half-man-half-angel being:

Many people are considering contacting Taher for adjective lessons because never, in world history, have eyes been defined in so many different “glorious, excellent, stylish, precious” ways:

If you look with your “spectrum eyes” carefully, you will notice that the green screening in the video is fantastic (no sarcasm here).

“Eye to Eye makes epic era love. Lifetime, once in a life. Substantial love is heaven for precise eyes. Spectacular eyes, our eyes – my eyes and your eyes. Eye to Eye… Eye to Eye…”

Are you listening, Shakespeare? No, you’re not, because fortunately, you died before the advent of amazing internet music videos which would have intimidated your poetic skills so much, you would have killed yourself.

Taher feels like a “burtruffly without flower” when he is away from his lover. I don’t think I will ever feel that way and I burn in envy.

You may think you’re cool but you’ll never be Taher Shah in a white suit, blinking profusely, doing his power stance dance, smiling his way into your soul cool. Here is the link to the video for your viewing pleasure:

And now for some truth – I am scarred beyond belief. I wake up and this song rings in my head. Many people on Twitter report that they’ve experienced similar symptoms.

It is easily the most preposterous thing I have ever seen coming from a Pakistani independent artist.

I feel v-eye-olated.

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Imaan Sheikh

Imaan Sheikh

An graduate with a degree in Mass Communication from the University of Karachi, she enjoys reading, writing and listening to classical psychedelic rock. She blogs at www.imaansheikh.wordpress.com and tweets as @SheikhImaan (twitter.com/SheikhImaan)

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  • Sanjay

    Tahir Shah deserves a Grammy. Not only for his talent & how powerful his vocals r but also 4 the amount of inspiration he has put out there.Recommend

  • Sanjay

    Don’t know why people like Taher Shah make fun of themselves…. I think he should release this in 3D.Recommend

  • Anny

    hahaha this is hilarious! my day starts with “your eyes are my eyes, because I love you. Eye to eye…eye to eye” there’s no turning back now :pRecommend

  • NuDge

    I smiled here and there while reading the well written article, yet I literally had to laugh-out-loud at “v-eye-olated” closing.Recommend

  • Safi Ahmed

    Came from office. Ran straight upstairs. Played Eye to Eye. At ease now.Recommend

  • https://twitter.com/still_waila Rizwan Javaid

    What an owsume song, i am listening this since morning. #EyeToEye, I appreciate his effort, One man show, Director, Composer, Singer, Model, Dancer, Producer and Entertainer as well. Thank You Taher Shah you… :) Recommend

  • Danish

    ShaikhIman! You made me enjoy the song without even listening to or watching it. Recommend

  • Rizwan Takkhar

    Yngwie Shah.

    Never forget. Recommend

  • https://www.facebook.com/pages/Win-or-Lose-We-Still-Love-u-Team-Pakistan/182383688454102 Musadiq Khan

    This is pathetic. Rubbish! I do not understand what has happened to our taste!Recommend

  • http://mazharshah.tumblr.com/post/52775341514/web-development-and-software-development Mazhar

    He is very talented guy :) Recommend

  • Ayesha Ahmad

    People had been tweeting about it frantically and I was dying to find out who Taher Shah is and what his new numbers all about. Thanks Imaan for the much needed info. Thoroughly enjoyed it :)Recommend

  • Fahad Hafeez

    Great write up …… count control my self read it from my office desk and have to go outside to laugh aloud :D Recommend

  • Hasan Raza

    WOAAHHHHH!! Let me just catch my breath for a while here!
    Since this is something of epic proportions, this needs proper feedback:

    First things first: “May Allah grant intelligence to people who are filthy rich”
    The song itself is the most amazingly gayest song ever!
    Can someone please explain what ‘genuine classic eyes’ & ‘spectrum eyes’ are!
    The dance moves that this guy has is beyond anything you have ever seen!
    The hair needs no introduction whatsoever! You can’t resist it, it just pulls you towards yourself like some magical magnet!
    His twin brother is actually a little better looking than him.
    I need english accent lessons from this guy!
    Notice how he is looking into the camera all seriously and suddenly smiles, this melts my heart!
    ‘Key-lasik love?’ Seriously?
    I don’t want to live on this planet anymore!

    P.S: Feel free to add anything i’ve missed!Recommend

  • Rakshinda

    Ow! my eyes HURTRecommend

  • Haris Mian

    Grammy is underrated for such a Talent. He surely deserves a Nobel for making us smile! Plus the Lyrics are Jenian Kilassic! Legend is born today!!! Recommend

  • Chunky Lafanga

    @Rizwan Takkhar:

    I would happily donate my guitar to him. He’d be a tour de force (if he isn’t already).Recommend

  • GhostRider

    Ovais Lovely you ve got competition now… “geynin campotition”Recommend

  • Blind_Man_Not

    Haters gona hateRecommend

  • http://Peshawar Khan Gul

    Hey guys let’s do Taher Shah a favour and make this the new Oppa Ganganam Style and One Pound FishRecommend

  • nabeel ahmad

    @ Hasan Raza

    The torture!!! i am still excited to know how this video ends what is the last line he sings. During 28 years of my life, i never experience this much amount of torture to my ears and vilification to music industry in one song. By the way, it does not end at the song alone, i wonder when video producers, director and models(the real one) are going a sign a petition against this horrific attempt to abolish all the listed industries.


  • Fed-up!

    @Hasan Raza: LOL… best analysis yet! :D However you have said nothing about his magnetic stare! :PRecommend

  • Shahryar

    He came, he saw and he conquered..

    We are’ll left behind talking off him!Recommend

  • Fakhar Ul Islam

    Honestly I kinda like the song except for him and the lyrics…!!

    But I’d worn the ladies!! You wont be able to resist this!! Recommend

  • http://www.junaidkhawaja.com Junaid Khawaja

    This song makes me romantic!
    I truly regret if someone felt burn with my comment.Recommend

  • Emmron

    He should do duet with “one pound fish” singer.Recommend

  • unmet46

    Umair Arslan Shah on FB posted this hilarious comment abt this ghastly ‘eye to eye’ being:

    ” kill it .. kill it ….with guns ,
    bullets and alot of missiles….b4 it
    lays eggs ”


  • Mutahir

    Hilariously Sweet ! :DRecommend

  • Asif

    Dear Taher, thanks for presenting a softer image of Pakistan to the whole world! Though I am not sure which one I prefer now…Recommend

  • Waqar eyelover

    Lady! you are my new super hero! I have to admit, I was gagging and cringing when i first played this song. But I have made peace with Tahir’s lovely bootiful eyes. Im hooked now! Eyes for ever…Recommend

  • Abdul Majeed

    Has anyone’s been able to write down complete lyrics yet? Please share link. I want to use it with my students in ‘Poetry 101’ class that I teach at the university.Recommend

  • Hasan Zaidi

    The only way I would appreciate this song is if I was told that this guy used to be blind and got an eye donation. Makes sense then for his appreciation for eyes. Otherwise stay away Recommend

  • Baba Ji

    Seriously ???Recommend

  • Bakhtawar

    THIS MAN <3
    Something so soothing to the ear. And oh to the 'eyes' after all this song talks about 'eye to eye' love.
    Dude. Faby-luss. Literally. Let's take a moment to appreciate the use of all the adjectives.
    Kill-us-icall song.Recommend

  • Maria Fatima

    this is the most pathetic song ever kill me..!!!! i dunt want to live on this planet after realizing our taste of musicRecommend

  • Hasan

    Please Kill it Before it lays eggs.Recommend

  • Amina Rehman

    I have been scarred for life.Recommend

  • Umar

    Whats so adorable in it?
    Pathetic song with Pathetic act

    I’ve started liking kolaveri di and gangnam style after listening to it.Recommend

  • http://twitter.com/bohotsaara Sarah B. Haider

    There are two ways to fame: either be totally awesome, or be totally lame :DRecommend

  • Lol

    I swear this guy haunts me at night, esp. his Splendid eyes! Recommend

  • zoro

    I want to give this guy a hug.. it always bring a smile to my face everytime mentally retarded people comes up with something beautiful like this…what more can I say…this song is otherworldly, keylasic …and dont forget about his spectrum eyes..Recommend

  • Vortex

    The photo captions have me rollin on the floor lol-ing! Brilliant stuff. You have the makings of a great reviewer. I’ll be waiting for movie reviews from you.. :DRecommend

  • http://www.maddimurtaza.com Maddi Murtaza

    Imagine world’s governments ending and a new alliance emerging, the one feared for, for thousands of years. A New World Order, the all seeing eye, the big brother, it is all real. Your worst nightmare has come true. The conspiracy theorists were right all along.

    Democracy is obsolete and the Chairman is always right. You are spoken to through giant screens by the leaders, there is curfew after 10pm and cameras and speakers everywhere. (think V for Vendetta)

    And just to give it some finishing touches, the World Anthem of the Illuminati for this new world order is…. wait for it … EYE 2 EYE!

    You have to recite it in the school assembly, and every national holiday with everyone. It is blasted through rooftop speakers every morning to remind you of the reality of the EYE. The parades and games too.

    Oh! and there is only on TV channel, controlled by the world government and guess what the Soundtrack is? Yup! #EYE2EYERecommend

  • Anupam

    I am from India and this is for the first time i am laughing so heartly after reading Tribune. can’t control d tears, maybe eye to eye effectRecommend

  • Syme

    We have our own justin Beiber now :DRecommend

  • Adil Uddin

    I also wonder how Taher Shah’s family are going to see the latest happenings on Social media due to this song if any of them have got Eyes?Recommend

  • http://twitter.com/TheBogarter TheBogarter

    Legend has it that when he was writing the lyrics on his keyboard, the “I” key was stuck.. But he decided to go on anyways…Recommend

  • Marie

    @Hasan Raza:
    lolz…. You comment makes me laugh out loud more… I will die with laughter !! :DRecommend

  • ME

    Hahaha I just started laughing as I started listening to this song, I mean I never thought about such amazing song, what an idea sir jee?? But what about blind people? Ye to andhon k sath ziadti hai na, you should make another song ‘Blind to blind’ so that we could spit on it.Recommend

  • IbneAdam

    Big size oompa loompa?:ORecommend

  • Harry

    Atif, shafqat & Rahat’s future is in danger now ..!
    RIP Pakistani Music.Recommend

  • Harry

    atif, shafqat and rahat’s future is in danger now..!
    end krdia hai is bande ne.Recommend

  • @DKaimkhani

    ahahaha Imaan you are hilarious Recommend

  • Lalaland

    Not a fan of internet bashing. People being super cruel forget that there’s actually a human being involved in this who has to wake up every day knowing he’s going to be subjected to extreme ridicule. If you havent got something nice to say, just dont say anything at all.Recommend

  • Rizwan

    He really should’ve stuck to Urdu: http://yourlisten.com/channel/content/16973854/ankhonheeaankhon_mei?rn=eplru47zhkaoRecommend

  • superbilla

    I want to cut my eyes after watching this video Recommend

  • Saqib Siddiqui

    without you I am like a butterfly without flying?????Recommend

  • Sab33N

    This was the most hilarious thing i have ever seen and then ever read on Tribune .. kudos for writing an awsome piece .. had me laughing like an idiot in the office .. and then i just had to share it with my colleagues !!Recommend

  • Sane

    Recently done research says 36% Pakistanis are mentally sick. This video and admirers of this also come in 36%.Recommend

  • sabat

    he forgot to mention frustrated eyes, painful eyes, blue eyes, brown eyes, angry eyes and other lot of types of eyes….no worries u can include the types of eyes u failed to mention in ur next songs, eye three eyes, eye four eyes etc.Recommend

  • Faisal Zia

    Hey … What Ever the Lyrics say…. !!! Appreciate the confidence in The Eyes of Taher Shah .Recommend

  • Salman

    R.I.P Pakistani Music!!!! Taher Shah will be remembered for murder of our beloved Pakistani Music.Recommend

  • ANweR

    Eye M seemplee lots for wards. This is the seriously, most hilariously bizarre and buffoon act that i’ve ever witnessed in my life. But after studying some some research papers i came to a conclusion that this is an outcome of a serious medical condition that kills a persons conscience. The lyrics are also is an outcome of chemical unbalancement in the mind as I cant connect Keylasical eyes and spectrum eyes. Recommend

  • Salman

    Express Tribune’s stock had reached an epic low as their journo is positvely reviewing the most pathetic song of century. Pak Media show some guts…Recommend

  • Salman

    @ANweR: If Imran Farhat can play for Pakistan cricket then it s not a big deal if people like Taher Shah becomes icon of our prestigious music industry…. #save PakistanRecommend

  • Nick

    well, it’s a sort of hilarious song. Doesn’t sound like an English song, rather it is more a classical Urdu or Hindi song.Recommend

  • Zafar

    Man i just wrote a blog on this, and mailed it etribune and i see u beat me to it. :). Liked it though.Recommend

  • imran

    The article is trying to promote a song which is one of the worst song ever sung by any pakistani singer.Recommend

  • Adeena Tahir

    After watching such videos, i get confused. To appreciate or to oppose? Though he has put a lot of effort in making this and he has made people laugh, it on the other hand is threatening our music. IT has received a lot of fame and it seems as if future Pakistani tunes would sound like this. And that would be nothing but a huge disaster.


  • Moazzam Kamran

    He deserves the Grammy they gave to Chuck Norris !!! Michael Jackson to emerge from his grave and sign up to do a joint concert with this guy. We shall never quote Rumi again Taher all the way !!! Recommend

  • Asad

    Eye to Eye, without you i am like a butterfly ??? feels like i bared 5 mins of extreme torture and
    even the proxy server doesn’t agree to open tahershah.com, surely this is not a website but a parasite, who lays egg.Recommend

  • http://gilgit SJ

    kia cheez he ye i am totally flabbergasted just able to express my feeling through ‘eye to eye’ podium Recommend

  • timy

    i tried to be sane/subtle regarding the guy the song and “the lyrics” :: spectrum eyes :: can someone kill me please or i will beat myself to death with exciting spectrum eyes …..iiieee to iiieeee , iiieee to iieee Recommend

  • Mustaqeem

    hahahhah reading it from my office desk and reading it sounds better than actually listening it :DRecommend

  • Ayaz Ahmed

    Tahir Shah, –> Why you did this to us? Aakhir hamara kasoor kia tha? Kiyu kia tum ney yeh !!!!!

    I ‘m eye-o-fied. Recommend

  • oh my ayee

    yayy v finally r in the league to give competition to Justin Beiber :DRecommend

  • Asad

    How can you do that yo us? Please!!!Recommend

  • Malmstien

    @Rizwan Takkhar:

  • Shamy

    Instead of giving him much hype, i think we should help him and give him a reality check. Enough said.Recommend

  • Sara

    Imaan this is fabyluss work seriously! i couldn’t stop laughing while reading it, the video still has mannyyyyy faby luss things that nobody’s noticed :DRecommend

  • Nawaz Khan

    I think he is perfect husband for Meera, and he would also make her english better. Recommend

  • Zora

    This song is terrible Recommend

  • Dabeer

    WTH guys… eyes to eyes really is a shocker for me. What i dont understand is whether the one who has written the article is playing us with big reviews for the song :PRecommend

  • Sarah Mustafa

    Mayhap, the Ring is real and the Eye of Sauron was never destroyed. It is using a new White Wizard to rule the world…eye to eye!

    RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!!Recommend

  • Dr.anam malik

    what is with this eye to eye!itz giving headache to watch Recommend

  • http://ME ME

    Not even a little effort he left for making this song cheapest, oh my Gosh it seems like he is saying “Yes yes I’m gonna drag you to HELL”
    btw he said ” without you I’m like a butterfly” so please don’t insult butterfly.Recommend

  • Asad

    This song is so ridiculous that its a masterpiece in it self , Bravo We have a new winner in the B Songs categoryRecommend

  • GIndian

    Actually the music is not that horrible as some commentators say. His dance moves are goofy, but the tune is catchy. Applaud this guy for coming up with something original. Recommend

  • citizen

    Cross between micheal bolten and ahmed jahanzaib with long hair and white suitRecommend

  • https://twitter.com/Tehniat08 Tehniat

    Tobah..!!! o__o I should go and die after watching this video!!

    @Hasan Raza: LOL!!!!!Recommend

  • Eneez

    whatt? isn’t that buterfly without fly? That’s what me and my friends have been singing in office all day long today! Shoot!Recommend

  • sahar

    …Talibaan took responsibility of this terrorism,,,,,,,,,Recommend

  • sahar

    Have Talibaan taken responsibility of this terrorism????Recommend

  • https://www.facebook.com/AllPakistanTaherShahLoversAssociation jonny

    Here is the video with original lyrics in subtitle:


  • Sir Ji

    Taher Shah i really love your Urdu version of Eye to Eye, keep up the good work, your voice is great and it needs no further description. If u must , just avoid singing in English, stick to Urdu. Your composition and words are very deep, all the best and yea Haters gonna Hate.Recommend

  • Faraz

    He deserves a Nobel !! Recommend

  • Junaid Bin Khalid

    We are here to praise the greatest beauty human kind has ever set eyes upon
    The legendary wonder Mr.Taher Shah

    This video..
    People this video is epitome of eternal glory and ever lasting success
    Let’s just sing it one more time with rhythm (zara pyar se bolo)…
    Eyeeeeeee toooooo eyeeeeeee…eeeeyyeeeee tooo eeyeeeee..tu tu tu ru tu…eeyeeee ttttooo eyeeeeee…
    Legend Taher Shah has produced some infinitely marvellous piece of human art ever possible
    Singing (if you call it) in that iconic style with those killer swagger moves Taher shah has proved that anyone can sing and still be famous
    What ‘kilas’..what charisma…MashaAllah nazar na lagay
    That white suit with curly long black mane and to top it all those coloured lenses with excessively blinking eyelids..
    The way he ‘RIP’s english language is just a treat to watch
    Moving like a snake,
    And that mole on his right side of mandible..Oh
    Just see his convincing loving manner in which he expresses ‘eye to eye’
    Behold! the mighty music industry is at all time high
    I have no desire left to eye anything after eyeing this
    Going to pierce my eyes with an ‘eyes’-pick
    God bless your eyes and my eyes ‘sensational spectrum eyes’Recommend

  • http://www.simspk.com Aurangzaib

    Well, He has done this to be famous. He knew it that people will hate this song but will also share with others for the fun and laugh. That is what he has done and has been succeeded in his mission. Look at the social media, Google trends.. Eye to eye is everywhere.Recommend

  • ME


  • ME

    Is this the video what they show in torture cells in guantanamobey….Recommend

  • huma

    If we can appreciate “Hips dont lie ” of Shakira than why to say no to Tahir Shah’s Eye to Eye :P Great effort indeed..Recommend